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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, February 13, 1914, Image 6

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sfAiisirAMi iu.runr,ic.v
ntniAV, riiiuirutv t, mi i.
iDtelUStlMlllnnlhnJtU Urilmltu tj MiucitO
Mifcty njpilniil In
vnfion. The town
ti'nnnerB of to-
dn rr working
town gunning which takna Into no -
couLt tho tuiat majority of the
Wi.lo who dwUl In tho towim.
Th nw townplannor la n prac- Ing over of cor Ik In iwortr fjuarluni
tlcul d mocrnt. Thla wan the con j In l'nrla and llniiaoM ami (Jhcnt, tlar
tial und Klgnlflcatit thoucht of tho dcu City, near London, and other cliy
Kr.it International Town I'lannlng auburlx In (2riat Ilrltaln, nro oxainplii!
C .. grt held In thin ijunlnt, hlitorlo of tho new but wldtprcnd movement
i.V cf Glunt, Hclglum, In tho I'nlaco I for hotter housing for town nnd coun
of Coni-rcssea of Its beautiful uxposl ! try.
ti n. Town-planning Involvuu hou I Dctter Houtlno Progress In Enoland.
r.-tmlnt; I'lans are futllo unless I Ureal lirltnln, wIhto conditions of
workable. The provision of funds nnd ' lift ant mora nearly similar to tho-
tho dilution and control of oxpndl
turo win discussed. And because
tewn j.iantilnr lakes into account In
its Jaiptst vision the city's suburbs was designed to simplify nnd eli'Hwi
aud the country aide, even fur re I tho (MUtlng proae.duro for nrqulrln.
ni'd, there whs report of farm ' land for housing purpose m and to de
dv.clhnKi nnd farms, of the provision . with Insonltary nruns mill uuli nlthfui
of houus In country as In town. Tho dwellings, to rofjulro landlords to keep
patlund (xperlenees of n dozen na tinted hous in proper repair, nnd U
ti-ns, tli rough olDclnl reprcsantatlvus
from their chief cities, were prosonted.
Conspicuous was tho object lesson
presented In an exhibit by a learned
tt. Andrew's professor, In picture,
chart end model, of tho dimming
plans of townB, from tho clorlllcntlou
of tho Caesar, the church or the ntnto,
CtIIii or Itotno or Washington, lo tho
cood of tho men and women and oven
of tho boys nnd girls, who wuro tbo
Takes Parko to the People.
Wo have built our towns not to lit
us but to tit our nvlghborfl' oyiw.
Cathedral nnd caxtlo and capital, bou
Healthy and
levard and avenuo and park, contraot
sharply with dwelling houbon. ICdln
burch has Prlnco'n Street, most beau
tiful, but ha or had ulso North
Canongato. Varlfl lms tho Champ
Klycces nnd tbo Avonuo do 1' Opera,
nnd nil tho mnirkllng boulevards, but
also tho slduBtrccta of Montmartro and
I ellovlllo. London htiB SU James'
I'ark and Whltechapel, Tho Biuno
was truo of every city yoetorduy and
la truo today, Tho town-plaunoru hopo
for chango tomorrow, l'arke und
broad uvonucB and plana with noblo
tnonuinentB may bo beautiful nnd do
nimble, but If tho upaco which makeu
them posslblo la taken from tho living
rooms of tho pcoplo, they become, to
I'm who bcob beneath, tho surface,
show of tho city, undeslrablo and
LIJcouB. Parka aro a clty'u lungs, Uto
breathing places for ita pcoplo, but
cno may not llvo at his beet if he
breathes only on Sunday afternoons.
So the new town-plan, as tho people,
rrrtlcularly tho llttlo pcoplo, can not
ccrao to tho big parlc far removed,
takes tho park to thorn. Town-plan-nine
and building of towns and coun
try bouses aro taking on a now and
totally different aspect.
Landlordo Subordinated.
In Oroat Britain tho Conecrvatlvo
party, when In power soino twelve,
yoaru ago, passed through rarllameut
tbo Small Dwellings Acquisitions Act.
Tbo Liberals, by tbo Housing and
Town Planning Act of 1909, added to
tbo provisions of tho earlier act tbo
feature of town planning, for tliy first
ftltbt in British legislation.' Franco,
dermany, Belgium and otbor oubstan
Ual countries Jiavo made largo prog
ress, though not always on tho eame
' linos. Speaking generally, tpo now
legislation sanctions loans by states
? aiid, nmnldpalitleo for tbo acQuleltlon
V ro bind for the provision of parks,
V1' Mm Mwelio'of dwellings nnd other
:' W ovvflor of .real cotnto s
Oh"i)t, Helrluin. ' Mibordinatril to tho interest of tha
Towii'plnti community. Tho crowded IioubIuk,
nlnir Is not a which tho nrped of rcnl oflUtu pro
zaodcrn Invert inottni so freuontly brings about In
tlon Ouly the ! small well ni Ihtro town, la tu t
I'Urpwo of thi- lrtnittod under th now tOHii-iilnn-p
1 a 11 n I n K liMjniiiK lcginlatlon. Society ha rlKhtr
changed. Town i which ex on tho rral citato nr-cnti
worn planned jfw ' mutt rMot. Clliro, which wcro for
torday for tho merly built for the power and th"
glory of the areat ' Klory of the ornrlurd, nnd, more lat
and tho enjoy- tcrly, for tho pocket of tha landlord.
tmnt of the few, I nrn lo ho roimtructcd for common,
for nhow or for ' ordinary folki, the cIobh to which most
i of us belong. I.lfe U to bo iiruforrvd
abovo uiaro iiroiwrty.
;ow nil thm can not be brought
I nbout In a day. Tho building of
on othur it ml to i Home took longer, whiituror Ita plan
tally different . ulng or lack of planning required.
lln.. Almottt I'mgreaa, txmarknblo progrccs, liaa
within tho diicado ; bcn tnndo. The Ohcut Congreaa
has dcrelorted the allowed that much hna bmii ncionr
1 pllaht-tl In Imb than m decade. The
1 reconstruction of Vlonmi, tho working
, mtn'a houuoa lu (lormany, tho malt-
In the United mates, contributed th
resulla of Its rociinl oxperlmentul lot?
(elation. Thla legislation, In subKtanci
provide for town planning. Vn"
thltt net 110 llrltlsh towns hnvc
adopted schemos of town planning tc
, xuldo their prowl) i nnd development
, I'arni land to tho amount, of ISO.uim
1 ncroa linn been purohnsed nnd upon i
hnvo bton Installed 13,000 Hinnllhold
era. Ninety per cent of this slatn nc
qulsltlon of hind waH not by ootnpul
hIou but by volut.tary nrroemcnt with
landownors. Nlnetynlght pir cent oi
tho lu',000 HianllholdnrM rant the land
Only two per cent bought It from the
state, tho othera preferring to bn t n
nntn of tho county councils, to whirl
iu entrusted tho local nilnil tilu trailer
Happy Children.
of tho scheme. Nor has thU result
according to Its advocates, depressed
private enterprise Landlords, lm
bund with n spirit of enlightened self
Interest, entered into healthy compe
tltlon with tho ctato, and leased 40,00..
other acres to 3,000 tenuntB. Tlic
Kdieino hail cost tho utato about $15,
000,000. In tho towns, last yenr, -IT.OOi
dilapidated houseu wcro mado lit for
human habitation by tho law'u control
of landlord-), 1,000,000 won loaned for
worklngmcn'a dwellings nd all on thr
baslB of econonilo prices and rents
Private enterprise was hero, too, nji
parcntly Btlmulntod for in two years
tho number of new houses of low val
uatlon and rent, constructed by laud
lords und real OBtuto ownura, under
Btato-approvcd plans, increased by
Stato to Build Laborero' Cotlancc.
Tho British county council is ofton
controlled by landlurdu und other own
em of real estate, who, iu a spirit of
shortsightedness, Beek to keep rentb
high. Waltor Uunclman, tho British
Minister of Agriculture, plans to have
tho Btuto at largo build cottages for
furm-labororo nnd town worklnginen
when necoBsary. Tho stnto, ho CBti
mates, could build cottagea of ado
quato elzo and charactor, at J7C0 each
and rent thorn, without loss, at 75
conts a week. Ho thinks 100,000 such
cottages aro immediately needed.
With each cottago would bo provided
land suincicnt for small farming nud
gardonlng, Houalng 1b rognrdod as u
central evil In tho present situation
nllko of tho farm and tojvn laborer.
Tho insanitary and ill-provided cot
tugo which tho laborer on tho farm
receives in part payment for his labor
from tho fanner or which tho town
workman rents at an exorbitant prlco,
keeps tho farm laborer In cconomlo
subjection or promotes congestion In
tbo towns. Tho Uunclman plan com
mlts Groat Britain to q further step
toward BOlvllli: this liouslnir nrohlem.
Tbo Ghent CongrcsB beard that Great
Britain ctvld employ, if neceunary. I
compuiEory powctn to purchasa land
in considerable blocks, ertetlnn cot-
: tag03, four to an acre, thereon and
mako tho ochemo profitable nt 75
conts a week. This estimate Included,
in addition to $7G0 for tho cost of the
cottage, t-200 for tho land. Aftor duo
, allownnco was ndded for loan charger,
( repairs, insurance, and supervlstou,
me loiai annual cost to bo met was
set down nt $1C0 por group of four,
which works out about 7C cents n
week for each.
Model CottcQo for 62 Cents Weekly.
Tho model wan shown of a cottago
lu Surroy, Kngland, actually built nnd
rented to threo young women earning
their living. This cottago has threo
bedrooms, parlor, kitchen, pantry,
bathroom, cosl-cellnr. A framework
t-f block weather-boarding was ushI
for tho oxturnul walla. Between this
and the plaster Interior is an nlr spacu
which Is said to mako the house varm
and dry and perfectly weal.. .; proof.
It cost, laud included, $C00 ftnd rout
for t! eeota a week.
BelUr housing en the farm may not,
cf lou rue, chi-ck the movement of ep
iiiatlut'. to tho cily. Perhaps It It
n-.-Itlicr necesKflry nor dcsliable to re
lain upon thi sell, under toda)' ton
dltlon, so largo n proportion of thr
population as yesterday. The mor
rural conditions ar Improved, the b-.t
tor tha wiiges and the houalng. tin
higher thn education at tho school
the Ions will the fiirm-lnborer bv satis
rial with tho country iui it Is. He
butter farm conditions, through Hous
Ing Reform and In other ways, brltigi
an increased betterment of all rura-
llfn conditions for those who remnlr
and, with bettor condllluns, fewei
hands nr ntedod. It was not n fat
ury, thotefore, whan tlm Town Plan
nlng Uongro-is heard one opewUer om
phuslsp the need for a mote comforta
blH rural life and for a mora Intensive
A Slum Llfo Stcry.
Over against tho progress of tlx
nfiw attack upon the old slum, nt
shown by tho Ghent Congn r, may be
put a story (old k few ovi Dings bufore
at a IxjikIoii eliib. Mlsa 11., an old
maid with much money and no'lilng te
do, became Interested in slum v.oik
Sho rented rooms in a Jmion olurr
dUtrlct, gave ten nud cake tho Brit
lull climax of afternoon hospitality
to children who enmu and presttntoo
mntcrlal for any garments they woutC
make. Ono llltlo girl wotrled Miss 1!
Kliu looked so poor nud III nnd mis
erable. Finally tho Good Sarnaritnt
decided to Invito tho child to her coun
try homo for a weok'H holiday, nu In
vitntlun ncceptcd with delight. Tho
good woman inndo overy provloion for
her comfoit, a pretty bedroom, toys
und plnymatou und books, food nud
llowerd. Tho child of tho slums could
stand It only four days. Sho wanted
to go back to London tho second day,
sho cried all tho third dny nud neither
food nor fruit nor flowers could tempt
hur on tho fourth. Sho Invented ex
cuses to Indues her bcuofnetor to tuko
her back to her tonmnent dwelling
sho dreamt hor mother was dead, sho
had spralnod her foot, her father had
written that hor baby brother was 111.
Tho truth wan that her small Cockney
soul fairly nlckoncd for tho sights nnd
smells of tho shinm nnd that n ha'pen
ny worth of ohlps eaten from a scrap
of newspaper tanted to hor sweeter
than tv well-cooked omelette nerved In
n china plalu. "They aro nil thu
name," said ho who told tho story us
argument ugnhiat tho now crusada
against tho slum, tov.n-plunnlng for nil
tho peoplo, "they aro nil tbo otune;
you can do nnthing with them dross
thorn, fund thorn, pamper them, It Is
nil tho same, they will fnll back Into
tho gutter nud regard you na an enomy
for trying to lift them out."
"It is not nn effort to lift men from
thu Blums," cpjlotly replied tho St. An
druw's profosHor, "it in nn effort to
abolish tho slum, do that no ono will
bo born therein. For, If thoro iu no
hogwnIlow, ovon tho uwlno cannot re
turn to It."
Heaven, if tho town plans of John
tho Beloved aro realized, In to bo n
slumluBU city not a country-placo a
city lu which tliero will bo nolthcr t.or
row nor crying nor pain, for tho for
mer things of ycatordny will ha,vo
passed away. And this city, near nt
hand on earth, tho zoalous, optimistic
town-planners of Gbont nil see, at
leaBt "In tholr mind's oyo, Horntlo!"
(Copyright, 1314, by Joseph II. Howies.)
Cannot Fix Ago of World.
Tho ngo of tho world Implies flxlnn
tho date of tho creation, nnd scientists
do not nttompt to do that beyond say
ing that it must bo reckoned by mil
lions of years. Many Blbloa aro print
ed with tho year 4004 B. O. in the
margin of tho II rat chapter of Goneflls
Indicating that ns tho duto of the
creation of tho world. It is only with
in comparatively recent times that
Kolonco lms domonstrntcd boyond
doubt that tho world existed millions
of years beforo tho period formerly
assigned ns tho data of tho creation,
and that its occupancy by man covers
a period hundroda of times as long as
that formerly nccoptcd ns tho ago of
tho world ItBolf. Tho prehistoric
period moans tho period antedating
written history. Human records by
means of hieroglyphics which, ns now
known, roach back far beyond tho
period formerly ncccptod ns tho da to
of tho creation of tho world.
Horse's Wonderful Endurance.
To lest tho staying powers of a
thoroughbred horso a Now Jersey man
rodo on animal from Now York to
Chicago. Hq covered tbo first soven
hundred miles in less than twclvo
days of actdal riding. This horso paco
mado tho dlstanca of, seventy-eight
miles in twenty-four hours, carrying
a rider over tho mountains between
Johnstown, Pa, and Pittsburgh.
NKW YOItK, Feb, 10. Points ns
far north ns Montreal ami na far
south nn Philadelphia felt dhitlnct
earthquake shocks of varying iuten
i.lty between 1:31 nnd 1:37 p. in. to
day. Indications were that the entlro
northwestern section of the United
Status was. In tin- zono of tremors. At
no point included In tho first reports,
however, was erloua dnmago done.
In New York State tho tremors
were recorded In New York City, Alb
any, Hlinlrn, Homo, Syracuse an.'.
jther points-. In Canada shocks wort
oil at Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto,
Prosrott, llrorkvlllo mid other plncon.
The seismograph nt tha American
mttMnm of natural history rsoordod
ho rrmxlinum shock of the Oftrth
iuk at Ifli: ir, p. m. The prl!ml
aary tremor wore felt at 1: 3ft: IS,
:ho find, shock nt l:35:2fi. Ro-callrd
r.tflra followed tho maximum shock
mill l:H7:30.
Tho dlrcrdon of tho( dttltirbaiur
.vaa either smith, snntliUMl or cqiilh
oulhwest. Tho word Inrilcuteil that
ho i-untrr of thu iiirko wns romiair
itlvely near and that tha dlaturbtmr
.van not hwavy.
Hovnrnl kulldln-r i Brnoklyn, lr
IihIIiib Borough Hall and tho oour'.-
hou-io, wuro shaken. Tsnanta In No.-
W1,y, r , IU- .cu
Prof James S. Kemp, hend of the
lopHrtment of geology of Columbia
.'ulvotslty, aald the rarlhquuko lu
".lie St. Lawrence Valley probably fal
lowed the Loa-nii fault, whluh hr.s
long liwn known to geologists.
Tho qunko In Northern Now York
no snld, probably was along the line
f Champlnln fault. "A fault" Is the
u-ologlcnl lerni for k fracture or tho
;irih'H strain or displacement of ti e
:i inter rosl: inas-c8. Such woMknacs-
. In tho earth's crm:t aro tho first tn
nffeetod by Hiihtorranwm dlsttirb
ares, At lllnshnmton, .v. v.. tho tromnrs
enuncd n tnvo-ln of a trench lour
uet diiip lu the biu- mont of the
Wllley building and I'oero Purer, n
laboii r, was klllad.
dllllN l. I'i:tl.MI-I..H uktch:;
Tlls Tav Coiiimlssloners Ho Witt
MHt Pri.j.ei ty Wh.m Time PciwIIn. K.,jnU . aomo )f ,,, C01llIllIlw0IJ
CLi:Vi:i.ANI). ()., Ken. lO. Trximn mvo tnl.im tho recent woaknoHs
ommlsnloners John I). Knckler and J,riouly, nnd point to report tha.
.Milium Ague drove to Forost 111,1 u,,, ca,mdlon hsof nmrliot has g-jt.t
his morning to llnd out whothrr t() ,milB,, ,, tml )llffU,0 R., i,0rf.
film I). Boikofollor, who Is now in tnn will ioolvo tomo from Canadt
rnrotown, N. v.. had filled out the thi wnni? iii.v ni. or,.itt r....
Junk lert with him n weolc ngo fr,r
he I! 'i of his poironal proiiorty ttr
Ilti y wcro rofdlvod by the oil klug'H
'leiary, who gitvo them n lo'.ttr
i4iinil by n-irkofollor, In which lit
cknowlmlged rwolpt of tho blank.
!o cnld he Ifml not hnd time to m il r
ils return before lonvlng CIovoImikI,
'ut would do so later.
Tackier nnd Agnaw decided to f;!a
ho Standard baud lime to mului a
voluntary return.
If this linen tint satisfy tho Com
iiIsKlowrH. when rorelvnd, they wl.l
determlno on other action to plate
u duplicate tho several hutidrel
nllllon ilollnni' worth of i;octirItItj
lileh itoekotoller owns.
JOI'LIN, Mo., Tob. 0. -Fred Cold
mlth, yours old, was killed nnJ
our other persons wero hurt serious
ly, when an automobile' in which they
woro riding wuh wrecked by thu burs'.
lug of a tire. Tho enr uolux sixty inlk
nu hour.
Tho injured uro: Paul rrcoiiiau.
Willlnm .Monroe und Jamas und d-i
don Clayton, brothers.
James Clayton is thu uiotU seri
ously hurt.vlllH skull wiw fntcturod,
ono arm was cut and four of hi
teeoth wuro knocked out. Ho may net
re cox or,
(lonlon Clayton suffarod a wrench
ed Hhottldur, n ejmill jush lu his head
und an Injured leg,
Monroe bus a brokon thumb,
brulfscH on his body and a gash In hi t
head. Freeman has bruises and it ID
fnnnid Internal Injuries.
When tho tiro burst tho machine
turned over und was hurled against
an embankment. It thou turned over
Jon Ita side und Ooldsmlth was cnught
uenoiuu, jus bkuii was rructuron, ono
leg wan broken and his body wns cuf
in many places,
The other bpys wpro Jhrown out,
but foil clear of tho machlno. Tin)
car was owned by Freeman, son of it
fouudrymnu, and ho was driving.
All oxcopt Frcohmn nro oi,iplpyaM
of a gnrngo and thoy. had taken ih'
car out for a rldo.
The occidont occurred throo mllur
cast of Joplln,
Bring your legal notlcoa horo!
Itcjiulillc Tells Critic They
Ato Not
City-Brol Men.
In unolher part of this jingo a
Johnson county farmor nttacks tho
agricultural schools of tho country.
Wo beg to call his attention to u fnct
or two.
Tho fnrni-ndvlsor movement Is not
an nttompt to Instruct farmers by
mentis of clty-brod men who hnvo had
four yep.M nt school, of thu first
soven farm advisers uppolntod In
Missouri counties Just sovon all or
them were boys brought up on tho
farm, und cneh one hud had practical
furm experience nftor graduation
Irom school. As to thne more rec
ently olutii(l we have not been In
terim At the head of the orrau
Iwiti m li I). II. Dotiiio. Who cdn
catoij him? Ho Is a ('Diversity man
of coursf, hut tho formers of Mia
souri got htm reudy for hla preienl
position. Ho was kept for four years
going up nud down In tho State, ob
serving and recording the best prac
tice- of Missouri's most onllghtoncd
farmers, Iwforo ho wan permitted to
glvo any advice. .
If tliero Is any moro practical or
ganisation of farmers luivwhoro In
Missouri tliiui the facility of the Agrl-
eulltirnl CollogD nt Colitmhln, The
Uupublic would like thulr ntiiniw und
adrtrestcii. Thia niinsr lms ralnoil
nonrly enough money to pay the
hoard, tuition nnd room rent of
When those hoys roaeh that who
ihoy will ho aa close to tho foil ni n
Mlsmmrl hoy can got, nud thoy will
hato men of tho finest type to tcaeh
It.'tn lo got tho graatost bandit from
tho experience. St. Louis Kcpuhlie,
Kansas City Stock Yards, Feb. 0,
111-1. Four thousand leas cnttlu wow
racRlvud hero Inst week than during
corresponding wook a yaar ngo. The
market do I.ino 1 0 to 25 rents Tues
day, httl on other days It ruled stundy
with come strength nt tho close of
tho week. Periodically huyors clslm
urlcon out of lino with other mar
kets, nnd nttompt to read Just tho rdt
uutlon. but tho short mpply here
uiiikoa market breaks of short dura
tion. Cold weather Is helping the
market, nnd ns predicted at tho cIokc
of Inst week, tho run hero to-dny Ir
moderate. KOtlf) himil. mi, I tirlrim ft fa
that nil tho slntcH mal of Illinois nrc
ticiors to Ik leconed with In Lee.
cm t tin supply ut this time, Pennsyl
vania und Virginia having loaded ui
wllh ehoap Cunudliiu Miockers lust
fnll, nud tho other statos with drouth
cttttln ut Kausiie City last sumnor.
nud they nlsn ndd that Imports of
mont look threutouIiiT. On tho otlie-
hand, supply llgurefl at tho flvu lead
ing wuKtiirn nmrkots lust weok sun
gost scarcity, nud tho light run to
day Ijoum out tho suggestion, lloavj
steers roachud $8.K," to-dny yoarllngn
and holfors worth up to ?0, hulk of
natlvo Hirers $7.75 to $8.50, native
town n.7r, to 7.75, hulls nt about tho
samo range, sugnr mill hIoois $7.05
o $8.11) oil mill steers in tiinrautluo,
division $(5.75 lo 7.05, common
ounrnntlnoa fo lo $n.r,0, stoektin.
and.feodcrs ?0,50 to 5S.?5. Feodors
closed 15 to 25 lower last weok, but
itot'k steers hold their Htrongth. Hogs
tro chnrtlng n course toward tho nine
dollar iiuotntlon, market having made
a nut gain of l cento InBt week, and
5 to 10 hlghor to-day, but thoro Is
Homo Improvement lu wolght nnd
mallty, nvcrngo wolght last work 1 tr
lbs, which Is' still, howovor, 19 lbs.
losa than nvorngo during Bamo week n
year ngo. Top today Is ?8.fiT, bulk of
sales 8. 10 to 1 8.05. -Hlieop nud Inmbh
docllnod 25 cents Inst wcok, mora lu
Eomo rnsoH, with Inmb gnttlng tho
maximum Ions In every case. Quality
wus lacking In tho closing days, also
to-day, which gives the murkot a bad
appearance on paper. Ilucolptx urc
only 0000 lo-dtty, und woro light hero
lu9t weok. Choice lambs nro worth
$7.75 horo to-duy though tho market
was not tested on thorn, owes $5, CO.
Actual sales of yearlings nt 0.C5,
and wothors nt ?5.75 Woro mado to
day. J. A. llickart,
Market Correspondent.
Ashby Koys who has buon at'lto
unwell for somo lime with Btoraach
trouldo wont to Kxcoialor this week
whoro ho will bo for boido tlmo hop
ing that ho will he boiiPMtod ,y the
wator at tho springs.
Tliomas MeUonpugh and family,
who llvo In tho southvostern suburbs
of tho city nro making arrangemcntr
to move .soon to thojr fnrm threo
miles nast of Marsliull bought recent
ly'frpm Mr, Solomon.
I '3WivaJWUViriRi3f
i! mm
Walker H. Baker,
Five miles south of Malta Bend, has chang
ed the date of his
Closing Out Sale
From February 24th to
i on account of conflicting date with a jg
?t neighborhood sale. f
Mr. und Mrs. L. W. Hcnt went lo
tho itcotl farm near NelHou Frlii-.j
for a week nnd Mi to It. II. ikon :
fnuilly rud especially to see the littu
tnindion, It. II. Jr. The grandpar
ents think ho Is n mighty flue hoy.
end tholr statuincnt with roferoncc
t tho matter Is eornbotnted by nil
i'o Imvp p on tho new baby son.
Horses, Moles, Cows,
Farming Implements.
Having tbeided to quit fannint! and movs to town. I will
cell nil my live stoclc, implemsnto and aomo furniture, nt
my fnrm, two miles northvest of Mt. Leonard, i:novn no
the Kiel: Talbot farm on
Friday, Fsbrnary 20th, 1914.
alo Bsjjirn nt 10 a. m. : Lunch on Ground
TEILM3 On iiinoimts over 10, .six ni mtln at 0 per cent filter
!st, or 12 per eu.il off for cash.
, Mt. Leonard, Mo
.;o!i.: I.DKsdor. Cc 3cn, Auctioneers.
Ov3 tl 1
Farming Implementis,
And Numerous Other Avlicles.
Having decided to quitfarminj, we will artll at public
auction, at the farm known as tho Robt. Evans place, 3 4
miloa southwest of Shackelford, nnd three rnilea north of
Crotch ?r, on
Thursday, Feb. 19, 1914.
Salo Begins at 10 a. m. ; Free Lunch nt Noon
Terms Cash. R. NICHOLS,
Cols. C, J. Irvine and Walter Robertcon,
As I have decided co quit farming I will sell
at public auction, at my farm, 4 miles souf.h f
Mt. Leonard, 9 miles north of Sweet Springs, J
miles northeast of Elmwood, Mo., on
Monday, Feb. 23, 1914,
a lot of Mules, Horses JFarmuiglmple
ments an3 HousefiolfJGoods.
See Large Bills, for Particulars
Sale begins at 10 o'clock a, m. sharp
Dinner served at noon by the
qist Church,
Terms made Known on day of sale.
Col. John Lojrsdon & Son, Auctioneers.
Leo..Burfeind, Clerk.
B f S
Marry and Get Ueed to It.
A young lady of my acquaintance
gsts extremely nugry nt times. Sho
Mdll throw kulvoa or nnythlng sho can
sot her hands on. Sho Jumps, klcku
nnd slams things nt a terrific rate.
What can be done 7 Query In Chicago
Cattle rjHogs?
ladies of Elmwood Metho
Q 1 f

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