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Marshall Republican
voiajmb twi:nty-tiiiii:i
khid.vv, ri:imuAiivuo, idm.
NUMtiKit o.
Frances H. Cravens. 20-ycars-old,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Crav
ens, C78 S. English, died at tlio homo
of her parents, Monday, February 10,
at 10:40 p! m. She had been III
Boino tlmo and was competed to quit
high school In hor Junior year and
was taken by hor father to tho tuber
culosis sanltorlum at Mt. Vernon,
Mo., June 2G, 11)12, and remained
their until April of 1913. Bho im
proved rapidly and it was thought ex
pedient to bring her homo and her
Improvement continued but since
Docembor sho has been rapidly de
clining and since last Sunday until
tho time of her death sho was uncon
scious. This death Is an especially sad one
for on January 1-1, 111 in, death took
from tho household tho oldest daugh
ter, Miss Helen Cravens, tho death
being from tho samo disease.
Ilesidcs tho parents, ono sister,
Mien Jacqueline, who It was thought
best to send Bouth with relatives In
Now Orleans and ono brother, Rich
ard Cravens, survive.
Tho funeral took placo from tho
roMdonco Wodncsdny afternoon nt 2
o'clock and tho service was conducted
by Itov. A. It. Karls, pastor of tho M.
H. Church, of which tho deceased was
a member.
Tho servlcos and burial woro largo
ly attondod. Ilurlal was at Rldgu
Tho Itfo Just ended was a beautiful
ono and sho was of a happy genial
Tho family havo tho heart felt sym
pathy of a largo clrclo of friends.
I J. Edwin Dnrgor, son of Mr. and
.Mrs, L. A. Uarger, of Shackelford,
nnd Miss Jessie Eunice Witclier, dau
ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Tato Wltchor,
of IVi mites west of Horndon, wcro
united in marrlago Wednesday oven
Ing, Kebrunry ISth, 101-1, at C:30
o'clock at tho homo of tho bride's par
ents, Ilcv. J. I. Orrlson, pastor of tho
Samuel Itufl, ono of our rampant
Socialists, who moved from Grand
I'nss to Logan, Now Mexico, several
Christian church of St. Joseph, Mo., I years ago, has reversed himself nnd
whs tho officiating minister. mnkes tho following splendid Btate
Tho guests Included tho Immediate I moni.
nolntlves nnd friends of tho family. After ncllatlne for Socialism for n
Tho hrldo's groom was beautiful number of years, no doubt tho posl
and becoming. The groom woro tho tj0M tJmt i now tnu0 will surprlsonnd
conventional black. iiimmtinlni mv Socialist friends, yet
Tho parlor, whoro tho ceremony t cnll oniv f,,ct gorry for nicm f they
as said, was prdltlly enhanced with mnni n following what 1 havo been
ferns, cut flowers and wedding bolls, jjroucht to roallio ns a fantastic will-
Jmmcdlatoly after tho ceremony I
and congratulations, a delicious lun
cheon was served.
Mr. Uargor Is a genial thrifty
young agriculturist with lots of fri
ends, who Join In congratulations and
best wishes.
Tho brldo Is a winning nnd popular
oung lady, who has traits of a genu
ine helpmate.
Mr. and Mrs, Uargor havo Bono to
houso kocplng near Shackolford,
whoro tho groom had a homo In
readiness for his brldo.
Saline county Is "somo pumpkins"
in poultryl Tho vnluo of Ballno
county poultry products for n single
oar approximates $350,000, accord- raltlifut Mold niarslinls.
Ing to tho cstlmato of K. A. Hlght- BUr(1 t0 clnlm lluit tho Itovolutlonnry
kiioo or mo ynrsiiuii rrouuco uom- wnr could havo been won without
John Alton, aged CG years was kill
ed by an incoming C. & A. train Tuos
day afternoon, Tho deceased left hla
homo in tlio neighborhood of (ho But
phor Springs, north of tho city Tucs-I
. , 'A.-rfiSt
day at about 2J30 p. ni. to wniK xo
Marshall, and It Is supposed, ho was
atruck by tho first train, which gets
hero about 3: OS.
Ho was very deaf, and was no
doubt walking on tho trnck to avoid
tho show, nnd did not hoar tho train.
Ills body was first dlscoverad by
Bomo one on an early pnasongor train
this Wednesday morning. It was lying
about 00 foot from tho west end of
tho Salt Fork brldgo about two miles
and n halt miles northeast of Mar
They woro notified at tho station
by soma ono on tho passongor train
that a dead body had boon discover
ed, and tho agent had It brought to
tho city.
Dr. Council bolng absont from tho
city no Inquest has been hold.
Tho funeral took placo Thursday
afternoon from tho homo of a son
on Capitol hill.
Two sons, John, Jr., and Illchard
Allen survtvo tho fathor.
II. E. Evans and Miss I'carl Clem
ontBT both of Murshull, woro united In
marrlago Sunday nt 7:30 p. m. nt tlio
residence of lllram Forrlll on South to bo of vnluo niust ,mvo ft UHOf ,mr.
,L.aiayouo, no mo omciaung jusuco. D0. bu, lt hnB Ilot thon ,. ,i0CB not
creato wealth. Supply and demand
DAVID A. SWIHIir.lt. nro tlio croatoru of wealth. It a mnn
Win, Taylor Into of KausuB City,
died at tho homo of his nlstor-ln-law,
Mrs. Josso W, Ervlno Sunday,, Fobru
nry 1C at 2:15 a. m. Tho doccascd
had been In falling health for a year
past with heart troubto, and with
his wfo and ono child camo to Mar
shall Bevorul months ago, Tho wlto
and Mrs. Josso Ervlno nro sisters,
andihoy havo lioon at tho latter'i
homo slnco their arrival hero.
The funeral servlco took placo frSm
tho Ervlno rosldenco Tuesday at
p. m., and the burial will bo In Ridge
Park cemetery.
Eld. n. T. Wharton will conduct
tho sorvlco.
Other relatives who are hero to at
tend tho funeral. are: Mrs Holing
Oklahoma, a sister of Mrs, Taylor and
Mrs. Ervlne, Mrs, Gibson of Kansas
City, and Mr. John Steelo ot Cordor,
art uuut and undo of tho deceased
Andy Donehoo, agod about 40
years, died at his home in Slater,
Tuesday, February 17, of Ptomaine
poison, caused y eating cove oystors
Jesse Ham, brother ot Dob Ham
ox-chorlff ot Saline county, who also
ato sorno of the samo can ot oysters
has been very ill, but Is thought to bo
a )(ttle bettor. '
Tho deceased and Mr. Ham ato tho
oysters Monday night and In a short
time alter, both woro very ill with tho
poison; Mr, Donehoo dying Tuesday
eywinir.. There la hope thst Mr.
Ham ay rcoyen.
o -tno-wisp. i only ask tnem 10 care
fully study nnd consider seriously
this so called "revolution" without
prcdjudlro, and If thoy scok far en
ough they will comprehend tho ab
surdity and Impacticablllty ot It. In
this brief nrtlclo I can only point out
n tew of tlio many nbsurcd claims ad
vocated by Socialism.
Ono common claim Is that "labor
produces all wealth." To make such
n claim as this would bo tho samo ns
to assort that when tho French army
under Nnpolenn fought tlio allied
armies about twenty times their
number nt Austurlltz and won a bril
liant victory, that It was won by tho
rnnk and fllo, and not owing to tlio
military genius of Nnpoteau and his
Also ns nl)
Lcnnlo Snyder, tho 1 '.-year-old,
son of C. M. Snyder, accidentally shot
himself In tho templo nt tho homo of
his parents, five miles south of Mar
shall about 8:30 Monday morning.
Tho young man had been helping his
fnthor with work on tho farm and
had gono to his room to mnko pre
parations for school. Tho family
hearing the report of tlio gun rushed
to tho room and found Lennlo lying
on tho floor In nn unconscious con
dition, Dr. J. F. Illnnlc, n specialist, ot
Kansas City, was called Monday to
sco Lennlo and In company with Dr.
D. F, Manning went to tho Snyder
homo and tho young man wan taken
on nn early train Tuesday morning to
tho German hospital in Kansas for an
operation. Tho condition of young
Snyder is considered to bo critical.
A lottor from Dr. Illnnlo to U)r.
Manning Wednesday morning said nn
ernooti upon Lennlo Snyder. They
opened tlio skull removing fragments
of bono and opened up a drainage,
but did not proba deeply for tho
bullet, tho ex-ray pictures not bolng
clear, they woro unablo to fully to-
cato It, Tho Doctor said they might
mako another effort lator to find tho
bullet and alsonald that whllo tho
patient was only partially conscious,
his condition wns fair, nnd nddod
that it would bo several days before
tho outcome ot tho cato could bo do-'
This Is something to crow
Washington nnd his faithful compa
triots. Also that tho Panama canal
would have been dug ami finished by
laborer Just ns quickly without the
directing skill of that engineering
genius, (loethnl and so on nd infini
tum. It stands to reason thut labor
David A. Swlshor, of Napton, died ppent his tlmo and labor in making
nt tho Nevada, Mo., asylum, Friday
night, February 20, whoro ho was
tk-kun aboit thrco weoks ago' i.
Tho funeral of A. D. Swlshor,
whoso remains woro brought from
Nevada 'Sunday took placo from tho
rosldenco ot Mrs. Robert Kleor, a
sister of tho decoasod on North Jef
ferson, Monday at 1 p. m.
Tho servlco was conducted by
Rov. D. C. Uolton.
A number ot neighbors and friends
from different parts of tho county
woro hero to attend tho funeral
In addition to thoso present from
Tho burial was in Ridgo Park
comotory, and the pull bearers wcro:
C. Fowler, Ernest Hnrvoy, Henry
Howard of Napton; John E. Wall of
soma nrtlclo ho could not soil then his
labor would he worth nothing.
Another Slogan tho 8on'jlhts have
Is "Oct Insldo tho trusts." (I do not
uphold the trusts mysolf, but will not
tako up space hero how thoy should
bo doalth with.) Yot strango to say
Hint no Soclnllst yot hns been ablo
to glvo a fair, fenslblo and practical
method of how thoy would get Insldo
of tho Trusts. So far I havo boon
nblo to get only thrco mothods that
thoy proposo: For tho government
to buy out tho trusts, by tho govern
inent building compotolng railroads,
factories, etc., and by confiscation
Hut thoy nil moan confiscation ot
course, for ot what uso to buy out tho
trusts and mako tho pcoplo pay tor
them, If tho "despised capitalist" can-
tho county, northpast of Marshall; not ro-Invcst his money. Why build
Norman Chatfca and CharleB Alexan- up competing lines, when could Just
Tho deceased wns tho son of Adam
Swlshor ot this city, and was born
nnd reared In tho county. He was a
highly esteemed citizen and his death
has brought sorrow, not only to tho
wife nnd four chlldron, who survlvo,
fathor, brothers and sisters, but to
many closo frionds, all of whom ex-
as well tako thoso now In usoT Fig
ure lt any way you want to, tho Soci
alists mean confiscation, tho most
glaring anarchy.
Hut siipposa tho trust wore confls
catod, what thon? Would thoy still
bo producers of great wealth? Nix I
Do you supposo for n moment that lt
tho leaders of th6so great Industries
tend sympathy to tho bereaved fam- woro removed and controlled by tho
lly. Mr. Swlshor wub 45 yoars old.
Undertaker Parish Walker had
charge of tho funeral.
Dovy Ann Thomas, about 2 C-y oars-
laborers themselves, (who bolng now
assured ot a Job would soon becomo
lackadaisical In their work, thinking
that Undo Sam Is only responsible to
them for a living and thoy can cast
tho burdon oft tholr shoulders into
his board back,) that tho trusts
nlil ilnnchlnr nt Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P.
JLiS I I. i I , a I ...AM I .1 iri ritl 11 . n ii.i .1 nrt.i n .9
a nomas, oi near jiouHiymu, muui vutu wiu jnuuuvu ua uun
tfu'osttiy, FebrunTy 10, of pneumonia, Nlsc ngalnl You got another guess
at the; home of hor paronts. uurlal coming.
was at Hazel Qrovo cemetery last Poverty may breed social incom
Wednesday. potonce, but the reverse Is also true,
It Is by fighting tho battle of llfo, by
PERCY TURNER. overcoming difficulties that makes
Percy Turned, about 19-years-old, sucocss roal and nn attainment to be
Percy Mnltland, Jester) Hazel 11.
HalnH, Sinter.
Homer Taylor, Frances Ross,
J. A. King, Mnrshall; Hobble Conn
or, Swco', Springs.
J. Edwin Ilarger, Shackolford; Jos
hIo E. Wltchcr, Sweet Springs.
R. B. Evnns nnd Pearl Clements,
J, A. Miller, Smlthston; Dell a recti
of Lamont.
Win. Manning nnd Ethel Mnwhlney,
days our city was divided an to which
wns best coal oil or tallow candles
ibut electricity Is nil tho stylo again.
About tho samo tlmo some one start
ed tho cnrly-to-l:ed movo nnd It be
came general. I.swt Friday morning
nearly every man l:i town nnd somo
women took ur the fad ot Hhovollng
snow and buslr.os.i was neglected.
That same morning It becamo popu
lar to get ono of Leyhe-Downlng's
Road Overseers of Common Rood
Districts, Sallno County, Mo., for
ID 1 -1 :
1. J.' H." Forbes, Sweet Springs, $io suits nnd nearly every mother's
Mo. I son nnd his pa aro wearing new suits
2. W. II. Lynch, Sweet Springs, now. Tho next fad will bo to sub-
Mo. scribe for tho Republican and send n
3. 0 W.' Pauley, Sweet Springs, copy to your friend wo'ro ready for
Mo. I the rush! In tho mcantlmo our far
4. Charles M. "Smith, Sweet Spr- mers arc all at tho public sales,
Ings, Mo.
Raymond Hpry, nfemnloyo of
tho International. Shoo Co., Monday
morning whllo dperatlng a healing'
machlno caught two .fingers ot tho!
left hand In the machine nnd so badly
crushed them that they had to be
taken off.
5. L. S. Kales, Grand Pass, Mo.
C. W. A. Smith, Sweet Springs,
7. V. C. Huff, Marshall, Mo.
8. Leslie Johnson, Houstonln, Mo.
9. A. II, Charles, Nelson, Mo.
10. J, F. Ilulo, Marshall, Mo.
11. Hi U. Jeffreys, Nelson, Mo.
13. Jesse Hcnslck, Slater, Mo.
14. John W. McClaln, Slater, Mo.
15. J. S. Johnson, Miami, Mo.
10. O. L. Jenkins, Miami, Mo.
17, O. II. Smith, Marshall, Mo.
Commissioners ot Special Road DIs
trlcts, 1014:
Arrow Rock:
J. R. Dickson, Sec, Arrow Rock,
Stephen Craig, Arrow Rock, Mo.
C. E. Gibson, Arrow Rock, Mo.
Louis Herring, Sec, Illnckburn, Mo
Amy Lopscr, Illackbum, Mo.
II. C. Torrlll, Illackbum, Mo.
Guu Gllllnm, Sec, Gilliam, Mo.
II. F. Daniel, Gilliam, Mo.
C. O. Richardson, Gilliam, Mo.
Malta Ilcnd:
F. V. Hakor, Sec, Malta Ilcnd. Mo
Louis Ulofser, Malta Ilcnd, Mo.
J. M. Robertson, Malta Ilcnd, Mo
Ed. II. Mitchell, See, Marshall, Mo.
Arthur Hupp, Marshall, Mo.
A. M. Guthrey, Marshall, Mo.
Shnckclford-Mt. Leonard:
Jos. Ilamll, Shnckclford, Mo.
11. A. Rnnsbergcr, Mt. Leonard.
J. N. Deal, Mt. Leonard.
Tho postofflco officials moved tholr
placo ot doing business Saturday
night into their now building and
were ready to deliver mall from Mar
shall's Imposing new federal build
ing Sunday morning.
E. 11. Clawson Is tho custodian of
tho now building with Mr. Hogan as
The actual opening of tho new
quarters has been delayed for so mo
tlmo on nccount ot tho furniture not
arriving ns scheduled.
ostniastcr C. D. Uacon now wears
n smllo that doesn't como off for being
so fortunato as to bo tho first post
master to occupy the now quarters
nnd his able asilstants and the citi
zens ot Marshall feel Just as proud us
he for having tho prlviledgc of using
this splendid structure. i
J. W. Robertson .who has carried I
tho mall from trains for so many I
years, carried thu first sack to tho
tie a- building.
The following names aro now sub
scribers or renewals during the past
1. Oscar J. Dothage, R. 3, Malta
Ilcnd, Mt).
.2. Christ John, R, 1, Mt. Leonard.
3. II. P. Thomas, Iltue Lick.
4. Mrs. Carrie L. Lunbcck, Monto
Vlstn, Colo.
. Mrs. M. O. Nyo, Malta Rend..
('. Aug. Schmidt, R. 3, city.
7. Lester Ordwny, R. 4, city.
8. Jako Mitchell, R. 2, city.
0. Mrs. E. J. llloBser, R. 1, Malta
10. Mrs. Kb. Rozclt, Ottawa, Kas.
1 1. Mrs. Lee Mnrksbury, R. 0, city.
12. J. R. Stotsworth, RIuo Lick.
13. C. D. Masters, Snackelford.
11. Mrs. Flora A. Nye, Miami, R. 3.
15. Wm. F. Flair, R. 1, Dlackburn.
1C. Mrs. Anna Crowder, R. 2,
Sweet Springs.
17. Harry Haycn, R 5, Sweet Spr
ings. IS. Altcn R. Holloway, Grcsham,
19. Ren F. Hall, R. 4, Sweet Spr
ings. 20. H. C. Lnngc, R. 4, Sweet Spr
ings. 21. Mrs. F. S. Zwnlly, Sbrevcport,
W. S. McGrnw, R. l, Napton.
S. C. Mlchencr, Washougal,
John T. Vaughnn, R. 3, Miami.
Mrs. Rrtdlo Daker, Rcdtlcld,
Loron A. Freeman, tho 4 -y enr
ol d son of S. J. nnd Maggie Frcemnn,
died at tho homo of his parents, 4C9
W. Marlon, ot pneumonia, Tuesday
morning about 10 o'clock. Tho little
boy had been 111 about two weeks.
Hurlal took placo at 2 p. m., Wednes
day at Ridge Park.
Mrs. S. E. Wenzol, R. 4, Mar-
27. Columbus Jones, R. G, city.
28. Owen Pile, City. '. .
June Raker of Napton andtF. H.
Ilrockway of Arrow Rock wcro among
tho few from the county, attcndliiit
to business hero Friday.
Richard Urnmblo loft Friday for
Coo u r D'Alouo, Idaho, whoro ho will
work on a ranch.
J. S. WIlKbhV'Scc., Sinter, Mo.
F. E. Skliuior and Geo. Wolfskin of I
Slater, Mo.
Extra Specials
oldost son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Tumor, of noar Houstonia, died Tucs-
deslrod, thus preventing stagnation.
Tho slum muy bo a symptom as woll
day night, Fobruary 10, ot typhoid as a cause; tho. "slum llko" vlllugo
pneumonia. Uurlal took placo last
Thursday at Hazel Grovo cemetery.
Rev. Coffman ot Sweet Springs con
ducted tho sorvlcoB.
J. W. Doles died Tuesday morning istonce of thoso Blums.
hovel in a land ot plenty proves lt. In
fact you can go to such places and it
ypu Boarch without prejudice you
will find its nearly always tho rule
that it Is tho shiftless, ne'er-do-well
famlllos or parsons who causo the ox-
It Is this
at his homo In DIackwater at 9:30
after a llugerlng Illness ot Boveral
weoks. Death was causea uy a
stroke of paralysis followed by an
attack ot pnoumonla. Ho loaves
four daughters to mourn his depar
ture, namely, Mesilames 1L.M. Suth
orland of Kansas City, Fred Zlnn and
Don Doles of near Uearaan and J. D.
Bhlftlessncss that Is the real causo ot
tho existence ot thoso slums, and that
afflicts humanity and will not res
pond to moral suasion. This is the
rock against which Socialism, If lt
over comes, will be wrockod, as it
cannot steer clear of It. Also it may
bo furthor said In passing, that it js
this Incompetence that makes those
Ucker of Lost Springs, Kas. Funeral of this class, who are unablo to mako
and burial Bervlcos were held at Wes- headway in tho world, whine about
ley Chapel near Pilot Grovo Wodnes- "unequal opportunities,1' they cringe
day, Mr. Doles was 70 years of ago from facing the battlo like mon, prp
at tho time of his death. Nolson testing that they, aro not' getting a
i square deal. Like two boys running
n raco, when tho loosor called to his
parent, "Pa, don't let John run so
fast." No matter what condition ot
society we hnvo thcro will always be
vagrunts and shirkers. It is tho
struggle for oxlstcnco that keeps civ
ilization from deteriorating. It Is
tho homoly heroism In competition
with tho world that acts as a ballast
of Progress. Remove this responsi
bility from humanity and civilization
will wane. It Is this complex envir
onment that assists In tho progress of
tho race. Throw dvlllzatlon onto n
footing of commonplnccdnefts and
thero will no longer bo any progress,
but stagnation, nnd labor will then bo
compulsory, under tho stato and car
ried on In a lackadaisical fashion. If
man does not want to learn, ho must
be made to learn, yea by starvation
It need be. This is another rock aga
inst which Socialism will bo wrecked
in dospalr. Assuro labor of a "cer
tain living" and you will breed in
competence and interest In work will
soon wano.
Had I tlmo and spaco I could enu
merate, where Socialism in colonies
both largo and small scales in forty
seven undertakings, running for n
longor or Bhorter period, but which
finally nil failed and abandoned us
Irrational, and Impracticable becnuso
It lead to endless confusion. If wo
woro to attempt to repeat thoso ox
permonts, It 6ecms an unpleasantly!
cortatn to tho writer that we shall on
ly reap confusion and uunecossary
suffering bofore we arrive to tho real
ization that wo must leave Individual
freedom alone lt wo wish to progress.
Let us consider this madness boforo It
tit too Into and reassert ourselves and
correct our defects with common
sense and we will make far moro
rapid and substantial progress than
ever, can bo made by vain and hope
leis socialistic dreaming. Far hotter
to nvall ourselves of tho reforms now
at our disposal than to dream ot tho
hnppsstblo and Impracticable.
Thanking the Logan Leader for
past favors, I beg to rouioln.
.. Your tespectfully,
Logan, N. M",
la Logaa Leader. ' ,
Ono of our bright nliio-ycar-old I
Sunday school boys wns recently nsk-
ed by his older sister to go down
stairs and lock tho door. To reas
sure him sho said "God Is down there,
don't bo afraid." His answer was.
You go, I'll stay up horo with
Jesus." Soon after he saw ono of our
mnll carriers nnd sister go by nnd
thinking thoy wero man and wife,
naked, "weren't they slstors boforo
thoy wero marrlcdt They look so
much alike."
Another Methodist boy, but not so
young needed a dollar pretty badly, a
short tlmo ago, so decided to go to
tho colored womnn who did tho fam
ily washing. Ho got his dollar but
left his watch as security. Imaglno
his surprlso when tho woman called
for tho wash tho next week to find
her wearing tho watch and chain. Ho
mado It-'a point to see that "auntie"
go.t tho wash doublo quick and start
ed off. Ills friends declare ho mani
fests enough sagacity to assure his
becoming a good Democratic candid
During tho recent cold snap J. V.
L. Davis, whoso wlfo was away on a
visit, found ho had forgotten to buy
bread, so rathor than bravo tho cold,
he decided to bake somo, and that on
a heating stovo too. He started to
tell us all about It, but repented In
time. Anyway ho said It wasn't
bread "llko mother usod to bake" ond
If there ard any Btreots mado in his
locality this spring wo wouldn't bo
surprised it Mr. iDavIs doesn't donate I
a few "rocks" for It.
Dr. G. T. Nucklcs hnB also been
batchlng-liv the kbsenco of his wlfo.
Ho saya?lt'B awful lonesomo to cornel
home to a cold, dark houso. Tho
worst fefiJurA hp. says Is In building
fires so much ashes and coal gots on
tho floor!1 ' nJtter got a coal buckot,
Strango what- a lot of imitators
human beluga are. Sevoral months
ago somo child was out on roller
skates. SevorMMays later hundreds
ot them wore bolng used on our
streets. About a week ago ono got !
oat a coal oil lamp and for Boveral
For the rest of this month I will make
the following prices on the articles men
tioned :
$30 solid Mahogany Rocker,r(tapestry upholstered,)
at.. . $24.75
$25 solid Mahogany Rocker, (tapestry up
holatered,) at $21.75
$37.50 solid Mahogany Library Table at. . . $32.50
$12 Mahogany Veneered Round Table at. . $10.00
$52.50 Mahogany Parlor Set, (leather uph.) $45.00
$125 complete Dining Set (early Eng. finish) $85.00
(This set slightly damaged)
These arc all New Goods. I want to move them
before my spring goods come in, hence the big cut.
I am making Close Prices thruout the store the re
mainder of this month. It will pay you to investigate.
See the New Patterns in Spring RUGS, the most
complete line in Marshall.
Furniture Window Shades Linoleums Rugs
Sewing Machines.
Is a protection and guarantee
against alum which is found in
the low priced baking powders.
To be on the safe side 'when buyfag
baking powder, examine the label and
take only a brand shown to be mmm
from Cream of Tartar
... :) i

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