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HtiiMY, runnrAiiY 20, 101 J.
.swinrr hphimis.
Mrs. U. L Ferguson was In Kansas
City last week, laying In hor stock of
spring mllllucry.
Mrs. V. J. Holtzcn and llttlo dau
ghter, Mudullno spent several days of
last week In Sodalla with hoc father,
who Is very much complaining,
though not dangerously ill.
Mr. W. H. Alexander, or Houstonla,
was stricken with paralysln on tho
left side on' Thursday ('veiling of Inst
week nnd continue In h critical, con
dition, though slightly heller at Inst
Mrs. Dr. Funster, of Sodalla,' was
recently tho guest of Mrs. C. M.
Kelley for two nights nnd ono day.
.Mr. Wnler Wchh, of mh Angeles,
California, Is tho guost of his mother,
Mrs. M. K. Forrls. Mr. Wohh form
erly lived In Sweet Spring nnd In re
reiving it cordial welcomu from many
old friends.
Mlse Daisy Smith leaves this wcolc
for a slay of several days in KnusaH
City to see tho play, "Tho Garden of
Allah.". Miss Elizabeth Goggln will
ncocmpany hor.
Mrs. Delia Coram, of Wnrronsburg,
Mrs. F. M. Dulln, of Denver, Colo
ratio, and Miss Urnco Collins, of Hodu
lln, tiro tho guests of MIsh Myrtle
Smith at hor homo on Locust Htrctot.
Tho Ladles Aid Society of tho
Pnisbytorlan rhlirch met on Tuosiluy
afternoon with Mrs. llnttlo Parson
on Lucust street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Bvorott Lynch nro
welcoming n llttlo daUKhtur nt llnlr
country horns. Sho nirtxud on Mon
day, February Kill.
Mrs. Kllza Davis went to lllnclthnrn
on Monday hist to nittmd tho funoril
of Iter slslor-lu-lnw, Miss Martha
Tho revival ssrvlce nt tho llnpthu
rhurnh login on Friday night, (lie
UOth of this month. ISvttugatlst
Montgomery ,i son will ho with llov.
C. L. Fowler tho pastor. Mr. Mont-
gomory Is n fine pronohur and hi win
u splotidhl singer, mid wo will onjoy
n treat, holh in tho good nospol or-
inons, and tho lino singing. I to v. Mi.
I'owlor was hero on Sunday week ond
ronmluod ovr until Monday night.
MIku Mildred llollamy loft Saturday
nfttirnoou for a visit to friends In our
neighboring city of Lexington.
Mrs. Moss or Kaunas citywtw ro
rontly tho guest of hor sister, Mrs,
Mr. Itobort Konnody emtio down
from lllgglnsvlllo onrly In last. Vicok
for n visit or novum! dnju to lliu fam
lly of hla fnthur, Mr. Josoph Kennedy
houth of toun.
Mr. J, Willis Smith raturnicl homo
from Mi n sas city on Wednesday re
porting Mrs. Smith to ho ruccvurliu;
nlowly nt St. Lukii's hospital. Mr,
Hmlth roturuud WoduosdHy afternoon
in order to ho Ihorwhon his brolh
or'n wife, Mrs, (lustlii. Smith was (k
on to tho hospital to untlorgo n mirl
cul operation.
Mr. Kanueth McHntlro, whoso
budding was deutroyed hy flro last
week, Is busily preparing to roopeu In
tho building formerly occupied hy tho
Tlsdalu 'Drug Co., on Lexington Ave,
Mr. McHntlro will rebuild In tho near
future Tho articles stored In hh
flro-proof safe wuro found to bo un
injurod by tho flro, Ills insurance
policy was SI 2,000. ' Ills loss Is cut I
mntcd nt $20,000.
Joo Konncdy, Jr., went last week
to visit bin slMcr, Mrn. Don lllchurd
3ou near .noiboii. joo returned on
Judging from tho number of onion
n,U around Sweet Springs, ono would
inippose tho country would Boon bo
depopulated nnd all tho country poo
plo moved Into tho. towns nnd vitiligos
Thoro wcra about four salon Inst week
nnd several advertised for this weuk
Miss Charm Donham rulurncd
Lexington last Monday, ultor upend
lug n few days with hor mnthor.
Mr, K. W. Dennis is spending n fow
days hero with his wjfo, who la tho
guest of hor mother Mra-M. K. An
dorson. JftiMb
Mrs. Q. L. Daniel and lltilo dniii:
tor,. Mary Lon, wcro In-sldalln ro
several days last week, visiting roln
NKOSHO, Mo Fob. 17. A docld-
cd movo was mado hero today to da-
alup the dnlry Industry in Xowton
rounty. An enthuslastle lncctlng
made up of bankers, . fnriners, busl
trass nnd professional men was ad
dressed hy 13. O. llennolt, state dairy
commissioner, who pointed out that
Wisconsin attributes Its prosperity to
ho wonderful dovuloptnont of the
dairy Industry. Farmers In that ntntii.
wing to the dopletcd condition of tho
II, woro forced several years ago,
it menus of self-preservation, to
dopl dairying.
No section of tho Fulled Stalos,
Aid tho speaker, excels Houtbwpsl
Issourl when II con nm to providing
he ostuntlals nuewwory to success-
ul dairying. A tentative dnlry organ-
ntlott will l,o formed February I!S.
Xooshn bnnltors Imvo expressed a
l!lltiuoM to help farinera purchnse
tiro bred dairy cattlo.
Miss Lnsh Thornton went te
irnnd Puss Inst Mommy for n visit
Hh friends returning homo Wed inn-
.Mr. nnd Mrs. O. A. White after sor
rel worts visit with their con, Mr.
bot Whlto nnd family in Texini, re
turned homo last Tuesday.
Nr. nnd Mr. rising of Wnvorly
era the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. t'hns
Shot for Sunday.
Mr. Alex. Arnold was trnusucllntc
tsinut In Marshall lout Ved'iiMtn
Mr. Will Ponlrk and wf went t
:rnd 1'mh Saturday evening for t.
Kit with Mr. 1'ottlckn moth'ir, Mrs
at u in.
Mrs. Ttiloy anil ran of near l.oxlwi-
on won tlio gnosis or Mrs. Kilay
daughter, Mrs. (ioorgu Humphrey Mid
fnmily Mvurnl iluys tost wusk.
Mrs. Van AiiRltui wun among those
ia'. woru shopplulu Maralmll 1'rl
Horn to Mr. nnd Mrs. r. A. Sluslitr
First Service Sunday 22.
Sorvicea will bo held next Sunday
nt tho building recently purchased
nud ropnlrod by tho Evnngulfcnl Lu
thoran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, nnd
other states. It is tho building' form
erly known as tho mission church on
West Morgan.
llov. K. II. Efilors, professor nt St
Paul Collogo, Concordia, Mo, has
boon callod nn'dlb'nlalnodins .Lulhcr
nu missionary of Marnliull and vlcln
ity. ;
Next Sunday n uorninn nnd nu
English sorvlco will bo hold. Tho Gor
rann sorvlco bcglnn at 10:15 n. in
tho English ut 2:30 p. m.
Tho Luthornn church hns onjoyqd
n greater porcontngo of incroaBo In
recent yonrs than any of tho other
gront church bodies. You nro wel
come, w-dai
ci County McetltiK t'iUCfl
for 1'iorltnhlo llu.ilnexs.
on Saturday February II th, jai l n
Mm. Rufiis Dradshaw aamo in Sun
day ovsiilug for ti visit with relnllrns.
l, ''
v I-'nrhuT'H Mrutins,
l-nrmora msetlug at tho coa:i'.;
ourt homo, Marshall, Mo on rv.'.u:'
day, Fohnmry 21, 1011, 2 (rdmlc.
m. Mr. Paul V. Marls, of Colu:;ib!n
Mo., formorly connoctcd with the
Colorado Collnfo or Aftrlrultiirn V.-lll
awak on tho uuhjocl: "Ooneral l'urut
MnnHgomciit and Farm Advisor Or
SHiilsatlon." Wo uiidorstniul Mr,
Marls is n forcfcful nnd Itilorostlng
1'Uakpr aiidJs nddroos wIII.Imj wdl
or'li ' hsiirluc. Come nnd brine
ulhers wltlFyou. '. '
' t&.MP.M M K It qi A li , CUT I),
Marshall, Mo.
CLI2VBLAND, Feb. IS. --'Jiidor
lock and key nnd studiously guarded!
Iiv ,u'n v,lfliilntl . ti tlffld tiiftrlilnri. ft
spring motor the working model of
uhnt A. C. Hutr.cn, a local liivuutnr,
Rays will rovolutionlzo tho mcchnulunl
powor of tho world, was safo froiii
prying oyos last nlfjlit. Hut?. on was
Una to arrlvo lu New York to closu a
deal In woven llgures grunting Amer
ican rights fur Its mnnufar.turu.
According to Itutzon, ho ulll closu
flit to WcHtliighottso Klectrlo Cum
pany, through George Slurtovnnl.
Kwstorn roproientatlvu, by Monday tut
tho Intost. Tho Invention Is protect
ed by patents In thirty-two countries.
Tho working model of tho spring
motor is n mtnlnturo affair, generat
ing ono horsepower. Sixteen high
powered springs composo tho main
body. Onra started, povcr ftom llf
teen aprlngs is given forth while nl
ternittoly ono Is being rowuund, A
elraplo lever uturts or stops tho inecli
an Utii, Tho mulor, according to iu.
Inventor, will run until such tlino at
tho parts become worn out.
'I urn making no unwnrroiitct1
latins for my Invention," Hold Hut
en, oxhlbltliig his model lor tbu firs,
imo Kflturdny. "It Is tho ruaitlt
Ifteon y oars' hur'd work. It wlTrrc
oltil!iiul.o the Indttslrlal world, l'ow
or In almost any amount irnn bu gen
oratod. Tho amount of imwffr, 'It
poitr-q. drpfaiida un I ho idso or the
A fuw porsons who woro allowed U
Inspuot thu motor today saw It run
nlug nlmosl uulsQlnss, driving it rmu!
lymiuio from which power was tram
mltliMl to twenty olectrlc Hslil tlrtlo
N'o other power thun tho sllvut ipr
Iukm could bo ohuorrod. -
!.".''l!i:uil i.owcr for nsatnr cars
o.-'r'" "I.tM plnuta for private home-
C '..:....' f.y purpose uii to power
f s .'at.trln claimed by tho Invon
t'er for lis discovery.
Jtnt. N. M. Ireland of Knusnn City
pns!ed through Marshall Monday
morning en routo to her homo from
Mluchwnter, whera t.!io attended tilt
funoral of hor stepfather, the Into
John Holes, who died at Dlackwatcr
Inst Tuesday Mrs. H. M. Suthorlln
formorly of Miirshall, hut now of
KnnBas City, a daughter of the do
(ontcd, also at tended tho funeral, but
returned to her homo sovernl days
Will Sluily Lnw.
Homer K, Itlcti son of Judgd KIcJi.
Is mnklug his plans to go to Columbia
next nenHon nnd begin tho study o'
law. Ilomor was it graduate of and
it formor lonelier In the Slater hlg'.i
school. lie Is now teaching In tin.
Miirshall high school hut aciortlln
to present plnns this will ho his av
J oar lu tho school room. Ills sclio',!
work haa been it success. Sinter
Mrs, W. A. Iiverhnrt roturncd to
her homo nt Sodalla after u woek'i
Islt to hor parents, Mr. and Mrs
I. D. llalley.
Losllo W. Cordor, of Wnvorly wnn n
visitor lu Marshall Tiiosduy. Ills ol
friends nro nlwayn glad to seo him
".ml hopo ho will visit Mnrshall often
Mrs. A. T. YnnAnglon of Mnlln
Horn! was in Mnrshall shopping Fri
A Winter Cough.
A ntttbborn, annoying, depromln
cough hangs oti, nicks tho body,
weakens tho lungs, nnd oflon ltmds u
sorlous results. The first doao nt Dr.
Clng's Now Dlscovjury gheu rollo'.
Henry D. SuudurH, of Cavendish, Vt.,
was threalanod with consumption, ni
ter hnvlng puoitmonltt. Ho wrltoa:
'Dr. King's Now Discovery ought t
he In every fnmily; it Is certainly :!"
boat of tilt medicines for coughs, cob!
or lung trouble. Cnod for children
coughs. Money hack If not snllsih"'
Ico COc nnd $1.00. At till dnu
gists. H. K. Huckluu ft Co.. I'lilh
delphln or St. LoiiIh.. Adv.
4llla(ounl' Siipqrlntcndrnl For So
clcly For tho I'rlondlohH VMU
uur i;nurciies.
.Tamos 1), llollninn, who lias hven
coming to Marshall for some time In
ho Interest of tho "Sorloty for, the
Vrlendlww" Is here; Jitro!uV'or!:
oarllor than last year, llo vlaltod tin
lliu Cumberland l'rashytorlnu nnd
Daptlst Siindny sehooN, Sunday mum
Int nud mado talks, then ntte'iJ"
thn jirmichlng sorvlco at tboj.Od:II
Ave. Presbyterian church U lu' n. m
and tho First I'ruabyt'orian aervlen nt
":au p. m. llo mndo lu'lbyi uti Imth
pi scot nnd another Mnndny inorulug
nt thu hlch school asspmbly.
Tho socloty hns allied moro thn::
il.TOO ox-prisonors in Missouri nud
Kansns, und nearly 7r, percent
them mnko good.
Mr. IJollmiiu, who will ho hero for
so vera I days Is iilwuyn n welcome
visitor In Marshall un our peoplo nro
lutorostud In his work.
Claims. Against Kansas City Southern
Oidcrod ItccclvciL
UUTLKit, Mo Fchrunry 1C Tho
Stnto of Missouri scored a victory In
Its milt to recover $ 2,400,000 alleged
overcharges from tlio Kansas City
Southern Hnllway Company to-dty,
when Judgo Chnrlos A. Cnlvtrd In the
Circuit Court hero appointed Jnmca
D, Llndray of Clinton as master to
review claims ngalns thu railroad.
Tho.cnso Is ouo of sovernl filed by
Altornoy (lenernl Hnrkor ugalnat
Mitsouri roads to colluct ovurchr.rgon
pnld hy shippers nnd pauungcrs
wlillo tho Missouri railroad nito tnsos
worn awnltlng declslnn hy tho United
States Suprumo Clurt.
The railroads contended such claim
'lio lid bo adjudicator lu tho I'nlted
Stntos District Court.
.Vow Tluii' CimI, :tundiiy, Jiuiitiir) i
Dally ..
Dally . .
Dully ..
Dally ..
Daily ..
. t:tA
. 0:f-0
, .2:05
, .5:10
I'.-iil Miserable?
Out nf sorts, drprnMml, pain In tho
ni:k-r-llluctrlc liiitcra renowB your
health nnd strength. A guaranteed
Llvor and Kidney remedy. Monoy
back If not sutlstled.' It completely
cured Hobort Madsen, of West Hurt
Ingtou, Iowa, who suffered frusi 1rn
lent liver troublo for elKht motillis.
After four doctors gnvo hlra up, h
took Kloctrlc Hitters und Is now n
null man. (let n bottle tmlny; It wilt
lu tho same fur you. Keep in tho
nouiu for mi uvnr and nuney com
plaints. I'orfuttly sure and depend
blc. Its tosults will surprlsu you.
iOc nnd fl.nfl. II. K. Ilucklon A Co..
Lt,'hlladelphln or St. LouU. Adv.
Mr. Tom IlMscrmler, of near Nap-
ton, passed throuih this nnlghlior-
hood Monday, moving to Mr. Sollies
hot' place, south of Mnrshall.
til'. Dick Williams and son, Wal
lace, wuro In tho enmity sunt Saturday.
Mr. Dawson called on Air. J. O.
Came Sear Lcsicg lib Llfc-Hov He Escaped
wite fr-Trt anf t'."r lotler, dated
,). -h-' to. itoi;: "I prtilsa I'cruna
l n.l 'IrU. Thn people know
Mf'cMt, and lh4 pralJa It also."
th a. kit-'r fi-vfwl "ovrmbcr 22,
ISO?, wo ,uo' lUv. Hobetts: .. "Po
fii.i i.,n.. ino haul: my llfu ten
ytmri -via. AU'. my aiqualntances
kooH- I'.'t. I mi certclnly thankful
! to you tut yiMv ItlnJm si."
In a Inter letter, drtcd January 13,
Vt'.a. ha says: "I shall over In Uio
I luturo. os lit the pif.t, bo ready to
I trk in pralra ut V- runa to all suN
nEV.O. W. ROL'tSTS. r?r"i. i wmve t.iy inin uious euro
l is n! liie nr't ,.r risny oinsrs
:,n,r r ii !u t'.it i-nunty."
Vrt"A a i t ' fit f -i-mher E, 1S11,
i; .:i a U ..r.y, "1 am Still
a.w; t if UOt-g;. A to Pnina, I
' not tcol V.i l I ;.ivo virorils to ex
1rtr.n th f.-.utt I h'lvn lu Its merits.
I (41 th'-l Pntuna has been tho
rvan. tnrouch tlio kind provldcncn
nf OfHl. nf tttolon,rlna' mv tire for
Tlw following
letter was - RVji
cetven r m
lfnsna Co, tioui
llev. i. W. 11 jo
ertn. 1. R. :, W
27. H.'. l .!', . !.
bnmo, ;, Kl r One
'f April "t
T.hich Is 'XaMtv
nine year ago.
Ho nayii; "f Inks
pbasura In In
for.iliig you of
what, your Pe
rur.ft hM dont
for me aftar
tlin-o years at
svff .ri.ic. 1 had t.-tol it- ' . inetts
of viral dfx iirr. rise, tian, f .o
e4lsg, but Ihor failed ami ull hiine
had ifMe. Mr frlcnda. Hint my'.lf
thooiRit I was In tho hut atasM of
:iy daughter bmukt mo. a bo'tfa
of Pruna nnd vUa4 with m,- to U
it. 1 liaJ got so witpk 1 lia-J tost my
R. R. 2. Km 17,
SlUUk.l, AM.
vtiI. and I tnourrtit It no If-. t!kt v ijuotn n still later Wtor, Octobcf
was in May, iwi. i uan to wkiuI. 11J. Ho rays: "I took a. severe
It, aoeordinir t dlrsWlnfia. T wW!,.oi,f ?hri wwks oo. I at once sent
fwr r'run. iiai-e irtn uuiinir ti iwq
to you. and you s&vo mo your kind
at! .'Ico.
"T soon flt bottor, my couzh beann
In j.-lve wiiv, and tltfi :-p.ctfitlcn
Icxvcucd. I have litVeii fji.rtcm u '.
ties. I feel wrli, eat hmrty, sjcf
Mu;tdlr. wolish r. r.rch ca I er 1W.
do cwistdersbla work o-i my far n.
and attend to my other lustM.
My frttnds soom MtonisiMd at my it-
v'i. I am r.iw lir.r. I consider
ti. A 1'eruiut has rarrlud mo over a
loaen years nf lit. I aVway stand
rmty to n'lswer any question In ref
rw ft Parana."
Wt uolo from liln list letter, dated
r.niiar)' . 191!: "Dear Frlondn: I
'.kail this Urlli'. Now Years to ex
prras i.-.y thintta to you for your.
Mmliii-f.. TrJi-tlnir that you may
-i wisn to inona iot yr ;,o , . .n,-,tr..l and happy year, and
adrle? and the lka you hi-vo aet.. ( t i-lno may provo a
me, i iimiii pvwr wvtt.i-
nnd hopt that you may i)oy a too
It nrfll ls otwtrvoil llMt Aor. IV.t'
erla vruld twt yrsrs after ho brn
to un Paruna. hofons ho vrrc no
above Uttir to Tho IVinma Ci, M i
' Vf-'' tit many aa It lias to mo, I
am ours no orer, O. W. Hoberts.
IfarUoIl. Alabama. II. F. D. 2. Uox
l i not
ncoasary for
to this alory.
us to add
The lo
No. 10. Dally IP: 15 n.
No. 22. Dally ......... 12120 p.
No. 1. Dully 7:15 p.
No. 10. Dally 8:30 p.
No. 21. Dally 12.05 a.
Rosulnr utool: Crnlii dully for
Louis loavos Mnrshnll II:. 10 u
Istock ciilppors pi-ami uV- noil
llotillilo Itlottlu-s of Kc.emii.
Quickly cured by Dr. Holison's Kec-
mil a ointment. c. P. Cnldwull, of
New Orleans. La., stntos: "My doc-
Dr. Hobson's
u. ki. Mrnmrv roui.i tini I linns-! and paihoi or theso lettora
.. . . rr . . .... . trm mam iM nvlnrlnif (httf, nnim,n(a
twwtfiniv lMftVf, umt irmiH.Tarr rrii i. , - - r
Iii a later totter to Tho Psruna Cu
dated September SS, 190 Iter. Rob
erts aaya: "I am a grsat Men.t of
Parana. Ily the uso ri Or. Hnrtmvn'a
ad f I mi I am hero to-day. nh! to uo
with my family aud attend to my
cr rnwnviu. wno can doubt tno
clorgymaa's story? Who can doubt
.imt I'aruna savod Ida Ufa?
Rvcry homn should Too provided
with Hit last tuition of tho "Ills of
I Ifr." e nt frc o by tho Peruna Co
Crfumbiitt, Ohio.
Lfite Rnnvt'crgtr. w I'i and dau.ch
tor. Dorothy, camo honia las', ihind.iy
a'u r on extondod ab;neo from tho
city. Mr Hansborgur has had n lu
crative position at Ada, Okla., play-
i ing for n "movlo" and tho wife and
' dnughter linvo been tho guests of Mr.
: and Mrs. James March at Fort Worth
l'ni Mi.uiKt
No. ,12. Mall & Express 10:05 a. m
No. 025 Marshall & Sodalla train
caves Sodalla tit .".:2U n. "i
rlvcs at Mnrshnll nt 8:55 n. in
No, C2C Lonvos MnrHlittlt nt 11:1'
a in., for Sedalln,
Huston Cntnn, wlfo nnd llttlo dau
ghter. Mabel of Nelson rnmo In .Mon
day on tho M, P. for a fow duys vUlt
to Mrs. John DIckRon.
Wwt IWiimii.
No. 31. Mali & Kxprcss. .1:07 p, ni
No. 07. Local Freight. . . 1:05 p. m
S. R. SMITH. Aconi
tor ndvlsod mo to trr
K'zemn SaHo.' I ueod thrco hoses of
plnluanl und thruo cukus ut Dr. llob-j
ion's Durm.i ".uuia Soap. Today I
ha'( net a spot uny where on my body'
nud can say I am cured." It will do
tho sumo for you. Its soothing, heal- j
lux, antiseptic action will rid you ot,
ullfjik'ji humors, blucltlieads, plmpli.
blolflhos, red uusUhtly sores, j
r.ud loavos your akin rloun and hr il
thy. Cot n box today. (,iiarante,d. i
.mi iirugRists, r.oc, or ny man. pro- . T , C 'iL i a
llfnr riihtlllfnl r,i . Plilliwlulnllln A Si ttlW "V. kJtkltl.l U'lU -T7.
. ... . rrr.... - ... ..
Louis,, Adr
Cutnlry mid Artillery to Move.
HAKLK PASS, Tax., Feb. 17. Tl.e
third cavalry trooiw nnd : battery ot
tho third Hold artillery, statluned
horu, woro ordorud bnek to For.
Sam Houston by Con. Tnskut II.
llllsa. Thoy will lunvo nboul Fobru
nry 20, marching overland.
Four troops of tlio third cavalry
nnd a buttery of fluid nrtlllory ai
Laredo will leave nrter February 22,
Murchlng overland to Fort S.,m
Quite on the border and tho lining
ot thu ouibnrgo on arms Is responsible
for tho reduction of thu patrol.
T' xa. Tlioy havo decided to romnlu
In Marshall.
Will O. Hold Is Improving rapidly,
after a wooks absence from Mauclt'a
Jewelry store on account of grip. Ho
'.ad si. o a ne .ere pain in his car, that
"till continues to troublo lilra soma.
Public lit Announcement
Will have a public sa!- at his farm, known as
Francisco farm, three
zniles south of Salt Spring; 5 miles east of Elm-
vood and 4 1-2 nvles northv;e3t of Cretcher, on
ednesday, March 4, 1914,
The King of All LuMitUc.
For constipation, uso Dr. King's
Now Llfo Pills. Paul Mathulkn, of
Huffulo, N. V., says they nro tho
' l.lng ot nil laxatlvos. They nru it
', hissing to nil my rnmlly nnd I always
o.'p a box at homo," Get it box and
'ft well again. Prlco 25c. At drug
Mit or by mail. II. B. Ilucklon &
l Co., Phlhtdolphln or St. Louts. Adv.
is the limely
Business I -
llopic in
We are learning hovj to save motions; how
to do this more easily; how to plan that
Long Distance Bell Telephoning is the most efficient
way for closing put-of-town .deals cjuicidy, getting,
information in a hurry, forcing sales, keeping in touch
It'a efficiency to spenda few, cents
in order to save dollars and time.
patronlzo oyr AdvortUerB.
Tie Misseurr mi hm&. leleplione Co.
t jty (irreM l.ht In Hxrhnngi; foOItl
' I'ctlonU Hulldlnj;. ' 'I .
PKHALIA. Mo 17. Krticst' O.
'o('hhrlg, Superintendent of Construc
tion 'of Public llulldlngs for tho Unl
tod States, Is in Sodalla to confer with
Postmaster Yt. Uoudlug with a
view of enlarging the presont Fed
oral building to meet tho demands of
mcronced business. Tho Sedalln
Ptist Ortlro has been Inadequato for
eovornl years.
. Mayor F. L. Ludomnnn und tho
.F.Innjico Committee of Sodnlla met,
y.'lth Mr. Schurlg tonight and made ,
n proposition to trndu the lot where J
tho city Hall stnmla ror tho pro3cnt
'p.PRt-Oflico building.
It Is probable this deal will bo
made, or n now building conatiirttjl
on co mo other site, na tho fujQltsi),
cntion will not permit moro adamuUo
quartern limn at present.
Auctioneers Cols. John Lostdon, Chas. Irvine and Wal
ter Robertson.
Dinner will sor.'o I by tho Indies of Providence Churcli.
a'" ' 1
' ' ,i ..... & e.-JitWM
. . , . . ,
,MiBn imtiio unuiHoiu is spuuuiuK ' . i
this Weak with hor sister. Mrs. V. H. ttlGm
Downs near Miami, four miles south
east, Mr. Downs held a cnlo at hts
jrm to'day tho ISth.
We erected 9 concrete Silos in Saline county
jlast year and would refer you to any one of
For figures on concrete suos see
Phone 497. Mrhll, Mq
wl If a,HD'vs-

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