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Marshall Republican
MrB. Anna C. Hnrlmi, widow of llio
lata Dr. Ilnrlnn, died nt tho homo of
her son-in-law, J. F. Hicks, oh, the 1.
M. Wnlkor farm, 2 1-2 miles south
of Shackelford nt 8:1G Monday morn
ing, Mny 2r,tli, of blood poison nnd
other complications, Mrs. Ilnrlnn,
who Js 72-ycnrB-oId, has been con
fined to hor bed slnco last October.
Slio has resided In Sullno county for
t lib pant seventeen yearn and has
mndo hor homo with her children.
'Mrs. Harlan wan a dovouto Christian
and has been a member of tho Pros
bytorlan church a groat many yearH.
Sho was a dcSotcd mother and wus
highly esteemed and respected by all
who know hor.
Tho following children Burvlvo:
Mrs. Knto Springer, Chunulo. Kns.:
Mis. Mary Kngllss, Marshall; .Mm. A.
u. Hicks, Shackelford; Mrn. J, F.
Hicks, Shackelford: Mrs. Llzzlo
Akers, Enterprise, Kae nnd ono son,
.). IJ. Harlan or Oklnhoma.
Tho funurol took placo W'cdnos
lay afternoon nt :i::io o'clock at tho
Union church nnd wnH conducted by
uov. drover Grconwuy of Cordcr, an
old friend of tho family, l. M. Wal
ker, mortician, had tho funeral In
.mils. i:m.aiii:th luvkukamp
Mrs. Kllzubctli LoovorKump died
nt tho homo of her youngest son.
Lculs Lovcrkomp, near Sweet springs
J-1 may morning, .May 22. lull. Mra
Lovurknmp wuh born In Germany on
ui toner ir,, t837. From thu old
country oho emigrated with her pnr-
oiiIb nnd settled In tho statu of
Indiana. In 18fiK sho was married
to tho lato Henry Lovorkatnp nnd to
this union nlno children wero born.
In 1887 sho enmo with her husband
to Missouri, settling near Illackhtirn
nnd later near Sweet Springs.
Mrs. Lovurknmp had reached n
gcod ago but was In tho last years
of her llro troubled with paralysis
nnd other Infirmities of old nge.
Tho funoral wns hold In tho I.uth-
erun cliurch In Sweet Springs last
nunclay and servlros wero conducted
by Uov. 0. Ilornthnl. 'Tho remains
wero laid In tho Lutheran cemetery
beoltlo her husband to nwnlt tho
Mrs. Kllzobcth II. Wilson, widow
of tho lato, Josoph Wilson, died at
her country homo In tho suburbs of
Miami Suturduy, May 2a, at 2::io p.
Tho deceased hail been 111 for sonic
tlmo and for suveral weoks past hud
broti In a critical condition and hor
denth wan not unexpected, but for tho
children, who survlvo, tho grlof for
tho dear mothor wus not lessoned on
this uccount.
Hor llfo had bcon dovotod to hor
family and through tho sunsliluo and
fchadows sho had been over faithful In
thu dlscltargo of duty.
Her passing not only tnkcH from
tho homo, ono over rondy to minlator
to tho hnpplncu3 of tho household,
hut on nccount of hor gontlouoso of
chnractor nnd many christian gracos,
Mrs. Wilson wns loved and rovorod
bv nil who know hor. Sho ha iivtd
in tho Miami neighborhood for a
numborof years nnd her death hrou
Kilt sorrow to many neighbors and
fi ll I lid.
Tho funornl took place Sunday af
ternoon nt tho Prosbytorlan church nt
Miami and tho Bervlco wns conducted
hy Dr. A. II. StcphenH of this city. A
Inrgo congregation wns proscnt at tho
Mrs. Wilson, who wns Miss Lizzie
II. Thompson (was bornAprll 4, 18G3
and was married to tho lato Joseph
Wilson, Decombor, 1880. Six chil
dren woro born to tho union four of
whom aro living: Ooorgo, Charles, J,
D. nnd Iicsslu Wilson. Mrs. Flora
Henderson, it will bo remembered,
died Inst August during tho resldenco
of tho family in this city. Suslo was
tho name of tho' other deceased jlau
GMor. Ono mrothor D. I), Thompson
survives and he wus at Mlnnyf to at
tend tho funeral of tho clatur; two
grand children also survlvo, Robort
end Ellzeboth Wilson.
Tho remulna wero laid to rest lu
tho Miami cemetery, bostdo tho litis
bund, who dlod, July 7, 1013, and tho
daughters mentioned abovo.
Miss Aluortn McGlnnls, who tnucl
at Miami last yoar, attended tho fun
eral and assisted in tho music. A
mnchlno was sent to Marshall for Dr
Stophens nnd Miss iMcG-thnls
Pratronlio our advertisers
Out want nds brjng results,
Tho editor tried n cross-country
ttlp Inst Thursday In on auto as n
kind of nn experiment nnd found It
ory pleasant. Chns. Plnor. ono of
,our boys, acted us chauffeur.
Our first stop wuh at H. T. S.nidl
dgo's, about ulna miles Bouthweot of
town. Mr. Sandldgo started wus out
with n liberal chock, llu lias Just
cnmploted a big modern resldenco
arid has greatly Improved his place.
(Irani Weathers, farther on, also
Btivu uh his ronewnl nnd marked up a
year ahead.
Mrs. Pat Duffy had us send the
Itopubllcan u year aa n now subscri
ber. Shu lias n daughter unite sick
at hor home.
Wo mado short slops at J. W.
Dlckorsou's and others to chat but
had n6 occasion to solid them us
they nro trotting tho paper regularly.
At Crctcher wo called In to see
Mrs. Shackolford who, although J7
years old, Is still halo and hearty nnd
enjoying life. Sho Is still nblo to do
hlngs about tho housu.- tier dntiKh
ter, Mrs. Treecc, who Is 73 yearn old,
l'l.s been nn Invalid for threo years
but is much bettor nnd wnu ablo to
Kit up tho day wo called.
Aug. Kuekcr, ono of Itoso Vnlloy's
piomlnent farmers, treated us llbcr
ally In renewing In ndvnnco. Ho Is
a Jolly farmer who Is enjoying the
iai;ors of Ills younger days..
C W. Mlltlebuschcr wan assist
ing bis neighbor, Win. Schroder but
stopped long enough to Imud us a
dollar for renewal. J. I), ici.iinnr
aho handed ns n dollar on HUbscrlp-
Our good friend. Henry Itelnwnlil
always knows an editor's ailment so
mm tho good lady of tho housu pre
pare ti h n good dinner and wo went
our wuy with n lighter heart but u
intlo heavier In wolght. '
8. A. Wagner of tho snmu vlrlnliv
drew n check book on uh and It lilt
tno spot, but wo didn't faint It
simply imitlu us fevl good.
It. J. Tuck of north of Sweet
Springs was our next and last "vie
tlm." Ho Is always "loaded'' with
money, so wo went out of our way to
neu nun nun as usual wont away with
part of his roll. Tho rain coming on,
wo mado for homo,
Kvorythlng looks flno In llln ftrtr.
turn traversed although manv nf ti.n
runners uro taking tho Hessian fly
KonouHiy mid Aug. Kuokor Informed
un thai hu plowed up wonio wheat and
Planled corn on account of tho pest.
COUXTHV jiomk huunh.
Tho homo of Joo Strong, miles
north of Marshall, wiib totally
destroyed by flro nbnut a vi.,
Monday morning. Mr. Strong was
not at homo,at tho tlmo of tho flro
but his wlfu was working on tlm Unru
poarch. Sho, however. ilbl mi
learn that tho homo wnB burning nn.
til Stovo Koolmrt, who wuh passing
tho Strong home, discovered smoko
eemlng through tho sldo windows
and gnvo llio ulurm. A numlmr nt
neighbors wero summonoil but tho
wnzo hud gained such headway Hint
It was lmposslblo to chock its
rnvngos. Tho origin of tin. fir,. i
undetormlncd hut ono thoory Is thut
tho roof cnught on flro frn Ml Ullnrlf.i
coming from tho kitchen stovo. Tho
IOS8 Or tllO homo la Psllrnntrwl .
about $1200. Only JG00 liim.,.
was furrlod.
Atty. Wuyno Hiiynmn Is tho nutlmr.
Ity for a snako story. Ono day this
week tho birds In n cortuln treo nnnr
his homo on tho Spring Park, mado
much n to do that they attracted tho
intention of tho womoivlii thut noluli.
horhood and upon Investigation dis
covered two largo snakes, ono n blue
rucor nnd ono u black anako nn Ihn
treo In mortal combat. Tho ladles
culled Homo neighbor boys to tho ros-
euo, and flnnlly both snakes woro kill
ed nd quiet restored Sweet Springs
Tho Annual Docorutlon Dav mirvir.
os will ho, hold nt Hazol Orovo
church nuar llorndon, Saturday, May
owiii. aii an tiny scrvlco wll bo
held. Dinner on tho grounds nt
noon. All aro cordially invited to
spend tho day nt Hazol Orovot
At tho Recorder's oHlco In this
city, Tuosdny morning. Mr. Isaac II.
I Simmons of Shackelford and Miss'
Maud Akeman of Hwunt Ritrlnim tvnrn
married, Jpatlco Hiram Forrll offl'jl-
EPSON. Mncland. Mav 27 Dun'.
bur 2d ownod by Duryca nn Amer
ican, won tho bg Engliah Derby.
Lester Casubolt. 10-ycars-old. sou
of Mrs. T. S. Mnupln of 1'Jo S. Eng
lish, this city, was drowned In tho
lnko nt th.i fair grounds about 2
o'clock Tuesday aflurnoon, May 201)1.
I.cster had gone to tho lako with a
number of othur boys for n swim nnd
with another boy uttcmplcd to swim
across thu lako and gel about half
way across tho pond when ho gnvo
out and went 'down Into the water.
Hoy Wood, who had accomplished
tho feat of swlmlng from ona bank
to tho other wnu returning and heard
the drowning boy calling for help, ha
went to him nn quickly ns possible
and did everything possible, to rescue
him, but being much stnnller than
CuKobolt ho was unablo to do so. Tho
unforluiiatu victim caught Ills helper
around tho neck as hu camo un tho
second tlmo nnd drugged him under
mid tho third tlmu would htivu drown
ed young Wood by pulling hint down
with him hut hu managed to break
nway from him when ho found there
was no chancu for him to rescue his
Mr. Ilnruard. manager of tho Mis-
nourl i:i jotrlc Light Service, hurried
to thu fair grounds ns hoon us the
news reached tho city with his put
meter hoping that It might hu pos
sible to rextoro llfo, but there Is now
no hope.
Preparations woro mado to recover
the body, but It was not until about 8
body, but It was not until nboul 8
o'clock p. in. that It was found, Thu
lako was dragged and many divers
ii.miIu It'uffcctual nttempts to find tho
rimnlus of tho uiifortunuto hoy.
Km nk Dugglns In diving got hold
of tho body nt ono tlmo but was un
ablo to got nslstmico noon enough
mid had tu rollnqulsh his hold.
John Itedllugur, an employca of
tho shoo factory, after tho closing
hour, G o'clock, Joined tho army of
si'iirchorH at tho lako and with several
largo hookn attached to a long polo he
was successful In finding tho body,
ono of tho hooks having caught It
under tho arm.
Parlo Walker, (ho mortician in
fhargo had tho remains removed to
his undertaking establishment, whero
they wero put In readiness for burlnl.
Then taken to tho Matipln homo, ItlO
South HiirIIhIi Ave., about It p. m.
A short hcrvlco wus held nt tho
he mo hero Thursday morning nt t
o'clock, conducted by Jiv. W. H. Wil
liams, pastor of tho Murahnll First
UaptlHt church. Tho romalns woro
taken to Miami for burial at 2
o'clock. Tho funeral took ilaco
from tho homo of tho grundmothor,
.Mts. Hnnnnh Casobolt. after which
tho body will bo laid In tho Miami
cemetery, bcsldo tho father, tho lato
"urord Casubolt, who died when
Lester was only two yonrs old. Tho
-1, ISOSmud was 10 years old lnni
labt nnmod wis born at Miami, Mnv
In addition to tho mothor nnd nt.ii..
father, T, 8. Muiipln. ono brother.
Milton Casobolt, tho only other child
norn to Mrs. Maupln's first mnrrlniro
survives, ho lu not qulto 18 and tho
brothers havo boon lnseporablo com-
pniiious from childhood. Thrn vn
ago tho brothers Jolnod tho church nt
Provldeuco, a county church west of
-Marsiiaii, which Is near tho country
homo of tho family and on last Run.
day n week ago thoy with tho parents
pui inomselvoa under tho watchful
euro of tho Ilaptlst cliurch In this city.
i.cster hnd n lariro rolntionuiiin n
Miami and as soon ns tho news of tiTn
drowning reached thoro, u number
camo to Mnrshall In machines. Thoy
wero V, M. UurruBs and wlfo, Martin
K'lto and wlfo,sMr. nnd Mrs. Fayotto
Young, w, it, Whooler and Mrs. Hnn.
nnh CaSobolt tho grandmother of tlm
decoasedi Mrs. T. 8. Smith and son,
T. 8., Jr., camo Tuesday night from
ait. Leonard. Othor relatives of bo
county hero wero Mr. nnd Mrs.
M. C. Mnuidii nnd son. Kdcar: Mr.
and Mrs. Jennings Mnunln. dauchtor.
Salllo, and son, Jonnlngs, thoy wero
an- from tho Crotchor neighborhood;
thoro wero Mr. and Mrs. 0lle3 Klaor
and Miss Arzolla Klsor, Mr. nnd Mrs.
M. R. Cooper of Shackolford worn
also hero. A uumbor of thoso rofa
tlvcs accompanied tho remains nnd
tlic family to Miami.
W. II, Smith of noar Hluo Lick.
who was In Marshall Wednesday on
uusiness. said thoy had n flno rain 0
miles south of Marshall thla morning,
TKRKfcON, Mny 27.Tho advance
Of Villa nnd. tno Constitutional forces
upou Zacatecas is well undpr wnyt
it. s. co.mmi:xci:.mi:xt.
Hov. tleo. 11. Combes, paslor of the
Independent! ltoulcvnrd Christian
church of Kansas City delivered tho
commencement address to tho gradu
ating class of tho Marshall high
school In tho auditorium of tho
school nt 8 o'clock Thursday ovenlng.
The class this year Is an exceptional
ly largo ono nnd Is n credit to tho
school. Tho class roct follows:
1. ItiiBsell Hcrryman N'lcholrf.
David Franklin Manning, -
Kdnu Mao McDowell.
Mary Stella Hall.
Klltho Uelwond.
Owen Casper ItnwIlngH,
Pearl Isabellu Dclaphrto.
Colin Augiistlno Hopkins.
'Mnrjorle McCulrc.
Adclo It. Klllngnon.
1 I.
Vlrglnln Anno Ilrown.
Lillian Mao Crank.
Agnes Mlolso Flandcrn.
Hunle Ilrown Fulton
Anna lluth McCormlck .
Margaret Kllzahctli Spotts,
Kdwln Vanco Itailer.
Win. Frederick Illghtshoo.
111. I Dewey Kmest .McFuddun.
20. ThoddoUH W. SIcFmlili.n.
Ituth Satidcrs.
Mary Frances Marshall.
Ollvo Fayo Allen.
Frances Jnno Craig.
Kllrabcth Ann Lacy.
Leila Dorothy Horn.
Wolborn Crulcher.
Hello llarrelt Chaffeo.
Kugenlo Fleming,
(ieorgo Ludwlg.
Ailco Miller.
Mildred Piper.
Mario Samuels.
Florence Snyder.
Kmnm Mildred SparkM.
Uva Viola Wilkinson.
Frod llrnilshaw.
Hobert Lon Ilnllny.
Herman Valentino.
Carroll M. Dels. '
Shelton Iloux.
Ulna Moll Cooper.
Ailco Ituxton Irvine.
Ituth Mario Doll.
Uuth Thcodoclu Huff.
Cecil Francos Isbell.
Virginia Hall.
James Prlco Ashurst.
Kalherlnu IajiiIiio Thoriw.
Viola i:ilr.nboth HarrlsoiC
1 1.
4 1.
Mary K. llodgcB.
Hobcrta Clough. J
Chesloy 11. Yowell. :
Alma Fern Crimes.
Albert Mllstor Cowan.
Curloton Lathrop Hall.
Uowona Huff.
Kathryn Marshall.
Vova Leigh Marshall.
Loulso Sydenstrlckcr.
Alllo Pcechcr.
MAItSIIALI, illtL If O.VOIt i:i
Miss Uthel Helen McCoy, dan
of 1). M. McCoy is honor Htudoiit of
(no graduating class of tlm i.'.n,
Donconesfl Ifosnltal mul 'rmii
School for Nurses, St. JoBoph, Mo.
Miss McCoy koch to i;utiin r-ii
unu 11 and 12 to tnkn Mm
bonrd examination for nurses ..,i
completes hor three-yenr courso nt
f.nBWorth Juno I nth. nfior u i,i..i.
tlpio She expects to spend most of tho
summer at her country homo noar
Attending (iraiul Commaiiilery
Jnmes ' A. Walker, commaridorj
John T. WoIIh, recorder, and Dr.
CIiob. L. Lawless, Junior Warden, as
representatives of Missouri Common
dery No. 30, und F. C. Harnhlll, trea
surer of tho Ornnd Commundory, loft
Monday night to attend tho nnnunl
conclnvo of tho drand Commandery
Knights Tcmplnr of Missouri, In ses
sion In St. Louis. Mr. Welloxpocts
to visit his mothor in Montgomery
county buforo returning homo, nnd
the remainder of tho delegation will
no doubt tako in the St. Louis Pago
ant nf Forest park Thursday and Fri
day, .'
Now iteul KMutu Office.
Tho Alma Realty Co? of Alma, Mo.,
havo oponod u branch office, tu rooms
nbovo tho UanU of Snllno. This com
pany havo dono an oxtcnslvo roal
estate business lu Lafayotta and
Sallno county for n numbor of years
and thought an office In Sullno coun
ty seat would greatly aliMn handling
their business. Mr. A. D. Hrockman,
a member of tho firm has chargo of
tho Marshall office.
L. C. (Jaunt leaves tho 8th of Juao
for California, on a prospecting trip
and will bo gono for uomo time, Mbs
L'dlth Leonard, who vflll inuko nn ex
tended visit to the Taylor families
and Rev. O. S. RtiEgult ami family In
Santa Ana, California, and other frl
onds In tho west, will also leavo on
the 8th for her ttlp.
Tho third annual convention of Ihc
Missouri Hqual Suffrage Association
was held nt Columbia. Mrs. Walter
McNab Miller oflumbla was re
elected president.
Pennsylvania held Uh first general
primary last week. Senator Holes
Pcuroso won tho Itopubllcan nomina
tion for United StatoH Scnntor and
Mnrtlu C. llrumbnugh tho Republican
nomination for Governor. Tho Dem
ocrats nominated Congressman A.
Mitchell Palmer for United States
Senator nnd Vnnco C. McCormlck for
(lovernor. Clifford Plnchot wns noml-
nnted for United Stntca Senator by
tho Progressives and Draper Lewis of
tho University of Pennsylvania for
Journalism Week at Columbia wns
uttonded by representatives from 17
stutes nnd thu nttondnncu of tho 'Mis
souri IMItors showed nn Incrcnso of
2fi over nny former 'year. Interest
ing nnd Instructive uddresscs were
mado. Tho citizens of Columbia gave
tho visitors a hearty wclcomi mid
mntcrlully assisted lu their entertain
ment. Tho Various organizations of
newspaper men and women hold
special meetings In tho Inturost or
theso various socltles. It was pro
nounced hy nil who attended tho best
Journalism Week ever held lu the
University City.
Dr. Aurcllano Urriitlii who was
Huorta'H Minister of the Interior for
three months last year, arrived In
Vera Cruz with his wlfo Monday, hnv
Ing fled from Mexico City. Ho was
guarded by United States soldiers
while den. Funston awaited or'ers
from Washington s to whether ho
should ship him nut of tho city as an
undoalrablo citizen, llo was anxious
to como to tho United Stntes becnuso
he Is not safo any placo In Mexico,
llo appeared In the garments of a
laboring man, nnd did not make his
Identity known until itnfo within tho
Amorlcnn lines. Moxlcans In Vera
Cruz denounced him ns n traitor mid
Coward nnd n crowd gathered In front
of his hotel window. Ho is tho man
who wrote tho Ultimatum given tho
United States 21 hours lu which to
recognize iluertu.
Charles 8. Mellon former president
of the New Haven Uallrood, appeared
beforo tho Interstate Commerco Com
mission for uxamlnntlon as n witness
In tho Investigation of tho Now Hav
en management. Ho declared that
he fnvor a rullroad monoply, controll
ed nnd regulated by tho Government
mid that ouch a mononly would bn
bcuoflclnl to tho public. Ho said
11,000,000 worth of Now Haven
assets mysteriously dlsannoared and
that ho never had tno nudnclty to
ask Morgan whero If went. Ho said
both ho and other directors- wore
nfrnld to put this question to tho
Monoy King. Tammany Hall nolltl-
clans used the Now Haven ns a good
thing, both In getting contracts from
It nnd In getting money to push legls
Intlou desired by It.
Tho United Stntes Revcnuo Cut-
tor Seneca reached Halifax with four
survivors of tho burned steamer
Columbian, picked up in n llfo boat
after they had beon ndrlft In tho open
sea for 13 days and had been 11 of
tho 1C men that originally put out in
the boat die of hunger nnd exposure
When found tho mon had been living
for n week onnothlugbut shoo leathor
All wero In n serious condition nnd
wero pluced In n hospital as soon as
thoy reached Halifax. Thoy had low
ered tho 1 1 bodies of their comrades
Into tho sea. Chief Offlcor Tlerc,
whosffosf aro no bodly frozen thoy
probably will havo to bo amputated,
said that during tho flrttt two days
thoy sighted several steamers, but
wero unablo to attract attention to
thoiiiBolves. When rescued thoy had
drifted 120 miles to tho north and
Woro fur out of tho road of stoam-
ship travel. Tho total death Hat
from the Columbian disaster Is now
Tho Mexlcnn sltuntlnn iliirlnir thn
past week while- flllou with stirring
oventu has not been so accutu und tho
final crisis while Inevitable seams
moro remoto. The Constitutionalist
army continues Us victorious march
to tho City or Mexico. Thoy captured
rarqdon nnd Zrucho nud Villa txe.
cu(od 34 officers who hud deserted
iMndero 10 oaontba. ago to flftht for
Huesfta. Pushing on to Saltlllo tho
rebels found that tho Federal army of
12,000 hnd retired moving back It)
tho direction of tho Capitol. Hucrta
continues to reltorato that ho will not
resign, but tho belief Is general that
If ho docs not retire soon n mob will
assault thu palace and destroy him
and hla family. Tho American army
nt Vera Cruz linn been Innrtlvn rlurlnir
I tho paBt week. Tho city has rcatini
cd Its normal business condition end
Is much cleaner and better governed
than when the natives nro In control.
Tho mediators havo held their f'.rst
conferonco nt Nlngarn Falls, but havo
not mndo public their proceedings
uhtcr than tho statement that noma
progress hnd been mado towards the
c&tnbllshmont of pence.
Indictments against five men, cm
ploycs of tho Carbon Stcol Co., of
Pittsburg on chargo of conspiracy to
defraud tho United States Govern
ment by furnishing Inferior steel for
thcPnnnma canal locks wero roturncd
by the Fedcrnl Grand Jury. It Is al
leged that tho steel Is of such In
ferior quality that tho locks aro In
danger of letting go nt nny time,
cnuslng grent loss of life and proper
ty. It Is alleged that tho ends of the
beams wero tempered highly so that
the Inspectors would bo unsuspicious.
An attempt by Kngllsh Militant
suffrngcltcs to present n petition to
King Gcorgo at Ilucklnghnm Palace
was foiled, but not until n battle hnd
been fought between tho women nnd
tho police. Tho women used clubs
ngulnst tho policemen, many of whom
were thrown from their horses In the
struggle Flnnlly more than thirty
of tho suflrngctte.1 Including Mrs.
Purkhurst mid Miss Sylvia Parkh
hurst woro arrested. King Gcorgo
stood nt thu window of tho palace
and watched tho iitruggle. There
woro ir.OO policemen ngalnst 200
women, but they did not win without
a fight. Several of tho policemen
suffered broken bends. A crowd
Hint looked1 on wns so grent the police
had to use flro hoto to open a path
for tho removal of their prlsloners.
I'tirnblicd by tho.
May 1!7.
Closed Closed
SSJS 88 i
S0-M4 80 94
809i.i 8094
83 K.U S3
May ....
Sept . . ..
80 HI',
71 It
00 1
May ....
July . . . i
Sept ....
Dec ....
709i "
00 Vi
9h M
7 Hi
oo u
Homo Market.
No. 2 Rod wheat ,
No. 2 White corn
No. 2 mlxod corn
.May UTtli.
Hons . . . ,
Turkeys .
(ieeso . . ,
Ducks . .
Packed butter n
About 10 o'clock Tuesday morning
tho cottage. 00 1 North Jefferson,
occupied by D. M. EaBley and family
caught on flro from a defective flue
and was badly damaged beforo the
flames could bo gotten under control
Tho flro company responded prom
ptly and did excellent Bervlco.
Tho boy scouts from tho Eastwood
building wcru among the first to ar
rive at tho sceno of tho flro and Mr.
L'nsley says worked with n will and
rendered great usslstunco.
The greater part of tho household
goods woro gotten out, but some
things wero damaged by tho flro and
wator. Thoy 'wlllfor tho present
bo stored lu thoVTiiYy room that was
not damaged, and tho family will
boartT for awhllo.
Marriage, LIcciim,
lsp.ee II. Simons, Shackolford; Miss
Maud Akeman, Sweet Springs.
Theo Hader, Marshall; Miss Annie
Klelnschmldt, HlgglnsvUlo.
Post Office Hours Decoration Day.
The post offlco will bo open Satur
day, May 30, 1914, from 7 to 11 a. m.
morulug dellvory will be mado by
qlty carriors aa usual. No delivery
will bo mado by rural carriors.
Tho Sulphur Spring school, taught
hy Miss Matallo Dowden closed Fri
day, but tho teacher was on tho sick
list and unable to be'proscnt. We
are glad to learn "that tho young lady
' Is not sorlouoly HI. 1
Whllo returning homo from n '
country trip around llluo Lick Frldny
In an auto, Chas. Piper nnd tho editor
canned n team to run away behind
which wero Huckor Walker, Stanford
Stolsworth, Miss Frances Dlckorsou,
Mrs. IM. Nichols und two lltjlo girls.
Tho team was supposed to ho nuto
safe, but tho spectaclo of mt editor
nnd a red-hended chauffeur was too
much for thu big mule. Ho looked
hnrd sovoral times to mnko sure,
then stood straight up nnd wheeled
around tnklng his mate and part of
tho spring wagon with him. Thero
was n good deal of excitement for a
few mluutos hut fortunately no ono
was hurt nnd nfter nn hour or so
repairs wero mado sufficiently for
tho party to drlvo home.
Moral! Como In nnd pny your
subscription so we won't hnvo to go
out In tbo country mid scare your
amo.vh our liti i:ns.
The following namos nro new nub
scrlhors or renewals during tho pact
1. J. ('. Adams, Maltn Rend.
2. Jos. Plourd, Kansas City.
Mrs. Geo. Klniimuu, .Malta
Gus Wlndmoyor. Malta Ilcnd.
Geo. II. Clhrk, Northgote, Col.
H. T. Sandldn, Shackelford.
Grant Weathers, Sweet J'pgs,
Aug. Kucknr, Sweot Springs
G. W. Mlttlebusher, .Sweet f.
II. T. MityHMil, Kiinmi City.
S. A. Wagner. Swpt Sps i.
.Mm. Alien Duffy, Seet 8.
F. F. Gorstoner, R 3, .Maltn II.
Rufus llnynle. American
Fiilh., Idaho. k
15. JtMoiih Klrbv. City.
8. J. Hvorman. Kansas City.
J. T. McAllister, City.
R. SchmahlonborKcr, R 1 City
Mrs, Marjc W'fnwWTi'ivCUv
Chas. Nlckorson; R 2. M. It.
Roy Mjickler. Bhdckelford.
Julius Helnsler, Glllluci.
F. J. Center. GIIKam.
C. V. Swisher. U 5, Slitter.
O. H. I.olmbrock. (JCIIain.
ran I ShellenborK. Gllllmii
Hov. C. II. Green, Nelson .
Frank Lolmkubler, Slate.'
Tobe Foroe, city.
Mr. and Mrs. J: M. Llndsey. Sr..
ontertalnod at their bonutlful homo
on West Hoyd tho following at din
ner last Sunday: Mr. and Mrs
M Haldwln. 'Mr. and Mrs. .fas. Llnd
soy, Jr.; Mrs. u. K. Kvans and lit
tle eon, K. K Jr.; .Miss Mary Samll-
dge, all of Marshall; Mrs. Mattio
I rasor of Iola. Kns.. slater of Mrs.
Llndsey, Mrs. Ida Wall nnd llttlo
daughter and son, Vulda and Wllber
of lola. Kas. and Mrs. Ixils V. Mas
ters of Sweet Springs, Mo.
Mrs. Llndsoy was ably assisted in
entertaining by hor daughters, iMUs
Ozella Llndsey and Mrs. K. K. Kvans
and Mrs. Jas. Llndsey, Jr.
-Airs. Llndsoy und daughters wero
untiring In their efforts to entertain
their guests and nil ontovmi m id..
fullegt extent tho delicious dinner
spread at noon. , a Guest.
Uncalled Fur I.etlerH.
Romnlnlng nt tho Marihall. 'Mo-
post office, May 27th. 1011. It not
called for In two weoks will bo sent to
tho dead letter offlco at Washington.
u. c:
Ladlos Mrs. W. W. Calhoun. Mr.
Annlo Calhoun. Mrs. :f, H. Danford,
Floreuco MlnkB, Mrs. Harry Ruby.
iioutlomont WHIIe Lvnrh. r.
Moore, U. L. Scholuur, Uox 38.
Sixty Years the Standard

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