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The Marshall republican. (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, May 29, 1914, Image 2

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maiihilUjTj iti:rundioAN
ntiDAV, mAv ao, tou.
t"'"H II 1 1 I 1 1 II Ml I I II II III
Farm For Sale.
1G0 acres, 2 miles from Nelson, 10 acres lit lilnu grass, 10 ueres
in uicudow, :ki stems In whent, 4( ueres In corn, 10 mres In tlmtx-r,
surface somu lirukun, but due boll, 4 room Iiousc, small Itiirti, Rood
outvldo fencing, nliuiiilniircj 1 1 no water, smnll orchard, Price $ .".(.
- :HHH - IM
.Si Li.
Published every Thursday nnd c.ntnr
d In post office at Mnrstinll .Mo,, ts
ccona-cluss innUcr.
Terms: 91.00 1'rr Year In Ailtnntc
J. J. WITT, HOitor.
K. I,. I'llliSTO.V, Mulncs Mnnntfer.
don, 2'J.
Office, bell, 9; llern-
Ht oubllians have no buslnexs In
the Demoiratlc primary this eur. oi
jjiy othw year for that mutter. 1 ho
Dunucrritlc way of runnliiR this louu-
try on a tree trade thiniry has proven
it complete fiillure and It Is time to
make a i htiurc.
Itev. I.. It. Putinnnt n "dry" speak
er In the Illinois campaign, was round
Saturday In a vacant farm house
near ColutnUa, III., after behiK kid
lapped fifty days, lie was nearly
ikad, biliiK ihoroiiKhly bound ilnrlm:
all this time nd with but little to
cat A desperate attempt will be
made to Hud the kidnappers.
This Is what Is known as an off
ur election. Hut a Brent many
congressmen are to be elected and
tliey have tint power over the tariff.
It behooves the friends of protection
to Rot Jinny. If your nulKhhor likes
flic trade, let him vote that way.
but the chauceu lire that he does not.
so K t after hltn to vote for a protec
tion coiiKressmau.
Wo can realize how It Is that there
aru so many Demoiratli: farmers In
Sullne. The averawe farmer Is
hard hit by bard times but Saline
county farmers don't leel the effect
to iulckly us they have more rc-
kU.rtes and the laud makes up large
ly for the hliortcomltiKs. Yet wn be
lieve tlmt the tree-trade Iimhsoii will
bo tukeu to heart this lime and If thcy
contluuit to vole for free-trade wo
v Iss our KuesM.
When the local Itcpubllean couuty
(-ouentloii resolved In favor if the
party kenplni; Itself "rlean of Ktlf
bcukliiK polltlcaus," who do you hup
lobu It had In mind? Surely not Ted
dy the luiniaculHte. I'roKreen. No,
Indeed, wo hud In mind such men as
Senator Stone, who wears hum hIioch
and sucks eitKs (IildliiK the hIioIIh),
and wanted to servo notice to miclt
men In advance, that they are not
wanted In the Uepuhllcau party.
The .Missouri farmer who thinks
the tariff wont hurt him may be sur-
prised to learn that corn Is liclnc
bent from South America to the New
Wk harbor for I "fcc frol(?ht per 100
pounds, which Is much lower than It
can bo sent from here. New York Is
an Important customer too. This
minus somuthliiK when the price of
land Is considered $100 laud nnd
high wukos auulust $10 land with
cheap labor. Hut the farmer never
IIxijh his barn till after tlio horses
uru btob-u, It seems.
Wo huve heard many comments the
pnM week on the ."Harmony meet
ltitf." Some lonslder that peace
moves should have been made from
lM.adiUurters, others that whllu Sa
line county UepubllcaiiH could bo
united, the rest or the country would I
(iuurrel. To this we will say that '
the political power of this country Is!
like ii stream, orlkinntiui; from the ,
pe(, , and If the country com-)
munition do their work properly (
the tjtute and the national i.onvon-,
tlon will cotno out nlrlKht. A
btreum. pure at the sourco will not
become Impure hy mlxInB with slml
lur ulrcums, and even It they pick up
Boine Itupurltfes on the way the out
come will be safe..
TJjoso of our Democratic friends
who nro talking about the " Rood
Itmea" ought to read the tiuunclul
mnrkt't reports. Tlio following head
Iiik was tulen from Sunday's report:
"Ktock farl:et More Cheerful, with
Indications of IJettor Tltnea Almail
teel Trade Kooklngup Klnanelal
$-utltueut More Optimistic (iood
ProraJae from tho Cropa-k-Polltlca
" V,'' ' i ' " :,. T . . . I I.. ri Lit .
-1 jUjjjioa-,J-.Ifo jtiBurunco. l!pllclqs fh-
I 1 11 I I I IHin tie 4 I 11 1 1 1 1
.Mflrtinll, .Mo, J
- t"t - l - l - H - WH - t - M - t - t - l - l - l - l"l - t'
(i ml thf IiicwimmI loaiiM on life In
put unci shows that tin people lit
larxo are sufferliiK us u result. Who
Keli the benefit of nil tills frije-trmlo
llllnlllCSS we can't tell, l.'Xfl'pt It lit!
tl.i fnreUner.
Who Hate Chen llelntlxcM
.IKI"l,i:itSf)N CITY, MO., May 23.
I'lillovvluc are tin; names of stalo
'ollldnls who havo iippolnted a rela-
live or relatlvi" to office, the mime
of the appointee, the relationship,
silry and the character or duties.
i Cornelius Itourb, Secietnry or Statu
Appointed daughter, .Ml-s I'aullni!
Itiacb, to clerkship, salary flttno a
enr; appointed a sister-lu-law, Miss
l.lilu II. Mlllnrd, stenographer,
iil ii r $ 1200 a jenr.
.lohii I'. Cordon, Slate Auditor -Appointed
ulf", Mrs. Omn (lordon, as
uMittnnl publle utility clerk, salary
?lsoo a ear.
Morris (lordon, Supervisor of Hull
iIIiik nnd Loans, sen of the Stale Auditor-
-Appointed wife, Mm. Nell (lor
don. to clerkship, salary $0011 11 year.
I). C. McCIiik. Warden of Mlhoiirf
l'i nltiintlary - Appointed son, Curl
A'cClunu, as commissary otflier, hav
Iiik charue of all supplies, salary
1200 11 year.
Speed Mosby, State Heer Inspector
Aipolutei daiiKliter, Miss I'ra'ices
.Meshy, as stenourapher, salary Jl.'iOO
a year.
.1. T. Mllchnll, Statu Hank Comnils-sinner-
Appointed son, C. Mitchell
the New Model
ait do van the high cost 0
yourtyfwwritlen letters
YOUR Typewriter,
like your telephone,
must become a cost
reducer or you are not
getting nil you pay for.
Ami unless you arc
" Royulised" you are
laying the price of the
loyal without knowing
it k'siih's that of your
old-style imwliiiie'm the
higher cost of your husi
ncss letters.
This wonderful New Royal
Mattcr-Moacl 10 tnkci tlio
"grind" out of typewriting.
The Hoynl inakci It cny for
A V )' itcnodrnphcr to tarn out
MUM-: letters with U-SS
effort, in the lame wotklni'day.
Get the Facta!
Send for tlio "Rnynl men"
In your town a.id nsk for u
Wrila Direct
for our new brochure, "BET-TERSEliVlCE,"atuabcci-Uiii
pAirt.nin.inHri.i f(
3 NcwRoyalMattevfttodcllO.'
9 03 Pine Street
ill St.Xouia, Mo.. II
an stale hank exnmliwr, salary
00(1 a year.
Charles 0. Itovolln, Htatu Insurance
Superintendent Appolntuit brother-In-law,
Triil (J, Crockett, to clerkship,
pnlary Jl.'Joo n year.
Joseph C. Dlllard, State Hotel In-Hltctor-
Appointed wlfo, Mrs, Mar
Ki. elite Dlllaril, us elerk, HUlary $ '. 0 U
u oar.
.In men T. Ilrndshnw, State Ware
hriiMi Commissioner Appointed
dntiRhtcr, Miss Amy Ilrndshnw, as
clerk, Hillary 1 1 Alio a year.
IVirry S. Under, Official Itepurted
Supreme Court. Appointed hoii,
.liilin Itailcr, as tmltiiut reporter,
Knl.'iry Jlfcou a year.
Incob I), Allen, Clerk of the Su
preme Court Appointed con, Wll-
lltiui II. Allen, as assistant elerk,
sulnry I "0(i a year.
In mldlllon three Judgen of (ho Su
preme Court have iippolnted their
sous to positions un MtenoKrapliers at
a salary of $l."ion a year each.
a i.i:tti:u iiiom Kansas citv
Kansas City, .Mo.
Marshall Itepuhllenti
I liae been living In Kttnsns City
fur the punt fourteen months nuiP
Ilk the city lielter each day, hut I
don't thliiK I ruiild exist without the
Alarshalll Kepuhllrau on IiiiiiiIh every
Suturdny, II sure Is a welcome' visitor.
1 am koIiik to itlve you people ti
brief description of the power plant
In which 1 work. The holler room
l doubled decked Willi twenty (20 )
Itnbcock Waler tube hollers" on
each floor six hundred horse, power J
Tlielr oilier hollers, (800) eluht
henilred hnrsu power each, they carry
one hundred olRhty pounds of steam
to the sipmru Inch. Under ihu holler
loom In the basement they havo (8)
elc.hi pumps, ( I) four holler nteam
piinipH, pumping Coo pillions of wa
ler per minute each, they carry a wa
ter presuro from (200) two huiidrod
to (2,Mi) two hundred and lifty
piumls to tho siiuure Inch,
They have one turbine pump tlmt
pumps as much tm two (2) of the
holler steam pumps.
Then they have three hot well pumps
This Is what I mean by u hot well
steam condensed, steam that runs
tuns back to tills well us It Is con
densed in the condenser.
My work Is In tho pump room, 1111-
oiner Ketitiemeu nnd myself takes
I euro ol the pumps. My chief occu-
I'eiiim in pucmUK lucsn pumps,
(team nnd water end. In the online
rctdii they havo three ci) Allls Chal
mers Compound CorolesH enulnes,
live tliouMuutl CiOOO) horse power
They havo one "WostlnK IJousu"
tv. 11 tliousaud 120001 horse
ti rhlue.
Tliey luive one (leneral Klectrle two
Ibnusunil (2000) horse power nnd
iiImi one electric thirteen thousa ml
herei! powur.
Thero are very fw people who can
luuutlne how wonderful this plant Is.
1 remain as over yours for success,
.108. Hi.oi'im,
K. C. Mo.
II Is .suiprli Ihk Hid uniount or old,
r.m matter the simple mUtiire of
buckthorn bark, Rlycerlno, ctc.known
at. Adlcr-l-ka. dralnu rrmn 11,
'Ibis remedy became famous by eur-
k npjie.-iiiiciiis nun actH on IIOTII
the upper and lower bowel no iimr.
oiiKhly tli.it ONH DOSH relieves sour
stnmacli. kiis on the sliiinneli lllld rfin
stlpatlon alinost 1M.M 131)1 ATUI.Y. Wo
are iiiluhty Kind we urn Marshall
npeuts lor Adlor-l-ka. T. II. Fisher,
Jlr. Cecil Jones took tlio followlnt
e.owd to Chouteau Spring in his car
Siimlny nfteruoou: Mo.ur. jfiTinio
Verts, Nylo Nelson, Cm .ell On- nnd
OJ'ver Ault. On the wuv home tbnv
lim' a hreal: down 'ind linn to como
:-om Hlackwater on l:tto town with
Air l.uwls I'otry.
llon't lllilu 'I'heni With a Veil; He
lium) Tliein Wltir the Offline
TIiIh iiri'HCrlptlon for, the rcnioviil
iif freckles wim written liy 'nIiVrimln-
out pliyfllclnu niul Is iiHiuilly no site-
coMfii! In removliiR frcclduH and civ
Iiir a cleur, lienutlfnl complexion that
la 1 i . ,
11 Ik huiii uy nriiKBiis inuinr Kiiar
unteo to rufnnil tlm inonoy If It fnilB.
Don't lildo yoar frecklen nndor a
veil; got an onnco of otlilnu utid ru
niovo thorn, Kven tho flrnt few mi
lillcatlotiH fihoiild kIiow n wonderful
liaproyoinent, koiiio ot tho IIkIUit
freckles viinlBhlni; entirely,
Ilo Huro to nak tho drugKlat for tile
double HtreiiKth othlna; It In tlila that
In uold on tlio money-back K'mruiitco.
(1-17 r,.8&2!l) Adv.
to Kansas City and Back Home, to Attend
Como to this Snlo Opening f)ay June Kirat ilott't
wait, littl come. It's the must important Snlo yon likely
ever nttfiiili'il. Wo pay your round-trip Railroad Faro
wo fjivo you Surety Coupona worth (0 5 per cent on
every 10c pim-lntse wo pavo you one-fourth, ono-third, yea,
and in many cases ono-lialf whnt you would ordinarily
hnvo 1 pay for tlio minm quality tho kiiiiiu styk' the Hatno
Order by
Mail If You
Can't Come
. .MIch ICtlicI Cllcldicr Hpent Hnnilny
uith rrlcndu near l.mnlne.
.Mr. uml Mtk. I'nriiK Matlnlre,
.Mimrti. Will Mullclt, Oncur Vonnxer
lind MIhu'h .Mnry Wlilto uml l.iiiiiui
W'lllhiniH Hpent Himdiiy In Arrow
Hock. Tliey vIhIIoiI the Tavern nnd
ato their Inurli on the haakH of the
Minium rl.
Mr. and Mrx. V. II. fiinnihi. Mr.
Otlio Canaila and mother, Mrx. A. IC.
Cnnnda had Mr. Joe HtnplcH drive,
(hum to tlllllatn In IiIh car Knndny
They Hpent the. day with rrletnU nail
took Miipper with Mr. ami Mm. I.dwIm
llhiclt of near Hhiter.
MIsh HckhIo Cllcliiier-came down
ft cm Manihall Kumltiy inoriiliiK nnd
Npi nt tho day with her Krand-mothcr,
Mrn. Hiitton.
Mis. Mlldrod Smith Stephunu camo
down from Kiuihuh City Saturday
tiiomliiK and vlnltcd with her mother,
.Mrs. Zoluka Smith, over Riinilny,
Mr. I.enter Itanlier!Hr of Murahull
was tanltiK planou In town iMnndiiy,
.Mrx. h. I. Shuck nnd llttlo
ihiiiKhtor, Helen Irvlao, are visiting
relatlvoH In Kansas City. Mrs. V, II.
t'anadu is takluu euro of .Mrs. Shuck'H
baby, Muster David Leo.
Miss Auulo Townsend of Ilha-kwn-
tor spent Sunday In town, with Mrs.
I, J. Staples.
.Mr. and Mrs. John ZiihritiKor camo
over from Pilot (Srovu .Mouiluy and
spent tlio day with Mr. and Mrs, Joo
Whlto. .Miss Mlldrod Wltlto accom
pualed (hum homo nnd will visit for
iiovnral days with them.
'Miss Horn May llowull roturnml
Alouday from a vlsllt with frluiuls In
Mr. uml .Mrs.Mnrlon dlllosplu spent
Sunday tu town with tho hitter's
Krtinil-puronts, Mr, imd Mrs. Jnmrs
Itov, Specra spunt Sunday nlKht In
I lie country with N, I. Thornton and
family,.,, IJo roturncil to his homo In
Arrow Hock Monday afternoon.
MIsh Huby McClelland spent Sun
nily ana Butiay iukm in 1110 country
with illsscs Micllo and Junnlo llu'nlln.
Mrs. Wado JIlRRlnbothnm ls.hif.vluK
n new uaru mutt on nor pi'umisqs,
Mr. nay Rchondaliuyiyi and cousin,
Miss Molllo Hold, of l'cttls county,
camo up unit spout Sunday with
friends end relatives.
J. D, Smith, Jr., roturnod Monday
from u visit with his aunt, Mrs. Suo
Held, of Kansas (jlty.
Mr. und Mrs, It. O. Itaitnell oumo
In Monday afternoon to incut thulr
frlqui), Mrs, Ihurlotto Swift Dowen,
11 wn in 11 1 ii 111 mi tmm 1 1 11 1 iii 1 1 1 1 i h
11 1 mm 1 wt m nrii r mn irri-r"i ir miiiynr imi n niirh n m
Accept With Our Grace
loyalty and business in the past. It is a Sale held each year without
thought of profit to ourselves so that our loyal friends may share in our
profits. It's a Sale to also make the trade-acquaintance of more people,
so we may warm that acquaintance into close business friendships through
Riving good service, good merchandise at the price you are glad to pay.
who camo In on the pnntionrcr n'ld
wilt make them a visit.
The Hoard of Directors of our
xchool mot Wednesday nfterinon end
elected the followluc tcach"rn: I'.oom
one, Miss Katlieilnii Marshall, of
Marshall; room two, Miss J;liel Click
tier, of Nelson; nail room throi, Miss
Irene Sparks, of .Marshall. Tho prin
cipal will lie elected at a ninetl-iR to
bo held In tho near future
Mrs John Mnrr of the Hlduju l'ralrlu
vldulty spnnt .Friday la town tlio
Kuest of Mrs. Jaiuos llurvoy.
Mr. and Mrs Murll Potter ciimn up
.roia lllaekwator Thursdiiy aftoruoon
nnd wore ttaeats of Miss I.nlJna Wil
liams over iiIkIU. Mr, I'ott ir rftiiin
d to his homo Friday ni'j.-nlas, but
Mrs. Potter romulneil for a lonjer
Mrs. Ohu Marr and llttlo ton, Oscar,
cuinu over from Hldgo l'ralrlu Friday
morulut; nnd went out to tno ceme
tery to do koiiio work on their lot.
Vim youin; people and iinlto a nuni-
bor .or visitors utteiuled tho danco
Klvcn ut Snced's Hull Thursday nli'ht.
Tins crowd from Ulnokwuter camo In
Nollco Is hereby kIvcii that Letters
of Administration on tho estate of
wcro Krantcd to the undorsiKnnd, on
ho Kith day of May, 1014, by thu
I'rnbiito Court of Sullno Uiunly, Mis-
All porsonB havni? claims unulnst
jald cstuti; nro reipilred to exhibit
them to mo for allowance, within six
luontlia after the date of said letters,
or they may bo precluded from uny
hcucrit or such estate; and if such
claims ho not exhibited within one
year from tho date of tho lust inser
tion of tho publication of this notice
they shall bo forovor barred.
1st luso'rtlou .May 2':, 4th Juuu'll!,
.votici: ok kixaii Hi:rri,i:.MiCi'j'.
Notlco is herouy ttlven to all credi
tors and- others Interested In tho
estate of Leopold MorlU, duceiised,
that wo, Mary F. 'Morltz and John U,
'Morltz, Kxocutors of said CBtnto, In
tend to innko Final Settlement thoro
af at tho next term of the Probate
Court of Sullno County, Missouri, to
bo holden ut tho Court Houho in Buid
County on tho first Monday of Juno,
First insertion. April 21, 11)11.
Vlfth insertion, May 2a. 1014. j,,, ,, , ,,,,,,, H , , , ,, , , in 11 wiliUHiiiniiii 111 1 1 1 1
Profit -
a Part of Our
This is a Sale for the purpose of Re-paying
This Kale plnc.es liufore you a stock of rjooda worth A
Million Dollars frm which you eau choose your Summer
Clothing, Kuruiture, IloiiHi'TuiniKliiiiM, IttiKgies and Gro
ceries at tho most wonderfully reduced prices you likely
ever Httw. '
You are invited to Coinu to our Annual Prpfit-Shnring
.Sale, Monday, Juno 1st. Sale- lasts one week, hut como
Opening Day.
on tho Homo Sweet Homo strain.
They had been In lloonvllle to attrml
the Commencement rer.i"s.
Mr. (leortio Alexander In Ii.ivIiik his
front perch painted and repaired
this v.cok.
Mrs. V. T. Hhoaih'4 r.nd daughter
Miss (Irncu, were doliitf koiiio Khop
p'.iK hero Friday.
'I ho fnllowltiK hiulncHi men drove
lo Hpecd Siindiiy to tannine some
worjt on tho road thim: Monars. W.
II. Flanders, J. M. tinker, 1.. M. Hay
nio (ins I'otry and 1 1. A. Smltn. They
vert very much pleaimi w'lh I by
'Aork uml hope to bo just us sutcci.s
fill In their attempt to Improvo the
rind on the hunt 311st soutn of town,
ltftlttttttl.t. t. t t 1 t t t t ,t . T-.tif.Ti,1. it f..t..t iT.f ulnTiif nlnl lil Ii I III
nr"l"i"r"l"i"l"l"jl ! "I ! ml i l i l i t l l rri r i n i ri ri i n i rr ri rri i
' 1 - - -s " ' !
' 1 t"
' ' '
" 1 X
4,'- VV 1111
:: ..'t'..
y ::
In'i. .m i. lW i
am, n X
I . .. . , . . : I
IV 'i
' ' 4ff(
our patrons fo4Hieir
Our Annual
Kansas Citv'n
A cross, pcovlsli, listless child, with
coated tongue, polo, doesn't sleep;
eats Bometlincs very little, then uimln
ravenously; stomach sour; breath
fetid; pains In stmunch, with dlarr-'
hea; Krlmls teeth while asleep, and
starts up with terror nil suuKost a
Worm Killer something tlmt oxpols
worms, and almost every child linn
Ilium. Klckapno Worm Killer is
needed, (lot 0 hex today. Start at
once. You von,t'!huvo(to coax, im
Klcltu;ioo Worm Killer Is 11 candy con
ed Ion. Kxpels tho AorpiH, tho causo
or your child's trouble. 'JGc, at your
drtiKKlst. Adv.
Mrs. (loorfjo McCoy has icon on
t.'io sick' list for several dnjs
1 ?!
Wi 'f'tit'liit), fact that fliuoa are bud,

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