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University Missourian. (Columbia, Mo.) 1908-1916, September 18, 1908, Image 1

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Sophomore- Stage Vaudeville ,
on the University I
"Fiat" Men Rally to Brother
ami a Near-Riot
i i!ihiii:n : :
mi mu: i at in) now
rn t i: i .7.'o.'.s.
The lti inlilUn ks illrfoie 'osi.W
li?, lie nlirinl and Will He En
foi ecd.
Town-people made a holiday of the i
, , ,. , c i . w ci.
hazing of hall a dozen fie-hmen bj oph-
""'' ,
omnre- on the University of Missouri
. . , . ,
eaniim- li-t night. Pai-me-s men and i
11 "
their wives were theic.-oiority and Read!
Hall mi-.-, and high -thool hoy- eager
to get pointeis as to the approved Uni-
ver-itv method of 'ehi-chi-ing.''
Thii-e bundled pei-ons were in
crowd that gathered in fiont of the -tops
leading tt the auditoiium of Academic M : j, , t,iay. the tilth of the en
Hall to watih th" a'nateiir vaudeville i lollment peiiod at the I'nivei-itj- of
-tagc-d In the "-op-.- They .lapped Mi-..uii. :!0S m.ne -tude.it- had en-th.-ir
hand- and chicie-d and nmv andltficl than at the end of the fifth daj
ii,. ii ,.ir,.ii..i i -iv. ....,111111 ' la-t je.u.
U the top of the -tep- were the por-
fnim,,- and the -tao maiMjicr-. the Lit-
tei arimd with paddle, 'lho fre-hmen
wue in iM-jrliuee eo-tmne. collaile . with
tin ir -hill- ban;;"';: hi the fa-hion con-
-blued the .oneet thin? ill a -tudeiuV
"-hii,t tail jiar.ide."
Whistlers Make a Hit. I
'The taniou- whi-tlin- quartette,",
amioum.tl the opli with the bij;j;e-t pad-,
, , ., .... i .. i- (l.i r f
nd the tie-hie- wbi-tled. One ot ,
.1 ..II - TTn.n .,
tin in Me "Home. i't. Home, an-
other "I'm fr.iid to Co Home in the
t)iil " uliile tlie ntlier eho-e el.l ic e-
, .. ... ,. , ,.
Kit inn-. I he le-ult broiiL'ht an uproar
of applau-e fiom the audience.
'I hen there wa- .lancinjr by one of the
witini-. who InrKed hi- own music.
'I hi- wa- well ieeeied. in the language
of the pie .mi nt. The eioud liked it o
nun b th.it the "fie-bie" wa- encored.
n, r .. . i , r -iii:,
TIkii. feline he had fiirni-hed his
,, .... . . , ... ,i.
Mini1 ot the nmht - eiiteit.unment. the
, , , i ., . i i i i tt
rod .b uiaiideil that he be lelea-ed. lie,
r.f.ie.l ,i patting admonition to obey
hire.ift.i the nile- piomulpite.l by the
'siph-" and wa- allowed to tait home.
Til., l.ii ii.. niitui , tin.i itm VAniimn
,. , .. .. . , ., , , -ample- of -li-peited butter to W.i-Iini!-
I i.-lmi. n l.in the yaimtlet of the Soph- ' . l , ,
ton. Iln- -amiile wa- from a lan-a-niiiiie-
iiiddle- on the cninpil-. , . ....
City iliuy. I he l.ujier numiiei ot -.im-
"Prat" Men Take a Hand. ' j.I-Z. of oei-wateie.l butter nieixe.l le
On., nun whom the -ophomoros cap- M.iitly i.une fiom Kan-a-. 'Hie adulleia-
timd -ud he ua- a -eeond-jear man. He .; f n,;-, ul,i,l, j -ent to the m.uktt-
objt.t.,1 to beinir paddled. He arpued ,,,, been reionnized foi e.u-. but the
with the -oph-" that he had ".uhaneed teiinj: .,t buttei i- a nient innoxa-
tandiiij" tiom William Jewell College. t;0ii. and the Cowinnieiit i- eitiii!
'Hie -.iplioiiioie- held a eonncil of war -tiiiimni- eHoit- to -top it.
ii'd b-i.b.1 to ".hi i hi" him am way. .
'lb. ii In, tiaternity biothei- rallied
to hi- .ii 1. and for a time a riot -eemed
iiiiiiiiii. in Hie uowil -truirjjle.l baek and
fm th ..,r the .-ampii- for fifteen minutes
and pa-11!.- were u-ed freely. After the
-opli.iin.il.- decided that the now stu-
1. n had Ken piopeil.v hazed, the Ciowd
di-pi i-ed with ..t coiiiinir to fi-ticufl"-.
Fr-in i; to 12 o'clock tonight the fre-h-lii.ii
will lx immune from hazing, the
--1' mini)- laving .leil.ued a turn dur
'iir tint time to allow the tir-t j-ear men
t.i it, nl the -tag -oeial to be given bj-
1 M .. A. in Aeademie Hall.
Automobile Service Abandoned.
t ipt mi Jo-cpli Fnizier ha- di-con-t
mm il ' i- uitomohilc -ervice in Hoone
i 'itii .ntd -, nt hi- automobile'- to t.
I "i- . ntv. to be u-ed theie over an
i-l -ii i ile unite. The -ervice from
t .i-n to Uoiheport wa- abandoned
'i i Mint of lack of patronage and that
froiii e.ilumbii to A-hland b.xiu-e of a
h-puie w ,tli the )liiec'tor- of the load
"v.: tin- imount of toll to le charged.
1 Girl is Revived by Cold Water and
i auners uniy trom .ram
' in the Side.
Iir I'liltc. Tre.
CHICAGO. Sept. IS. Mollie Frank.
12 je-ar- old. while at pl.iy this morn
ing. climbed .in eleetiic light jiolo and
took hold of .i who to see if it wa,
Twentj thie-e hunched volt, of clee
tiieitj, ;il)0 moii th.m are u-cd in legal
execution-, pa ed thiough hor ImmIj",
lint -he was ii'ioil when a woman
dashed a bu.he-t of wild watei over
Her onlj pain is fiom a wound on the
hit -ide- wheie the (inrent lelt hor body.
Woman Tells Police She Gave Fated
Potion Accidentally. Eive Are
V. I'iiIIiiI I'r'.
AX 1)1 KGO. Cal.. Sept. IS. A nui-e
in the coiiutj ho-pital today told tho
j police that -lie hail accidentally given
-iv patient- drinking watei containing
One of the piti.nt- i- dead and the
othei- are line on-c ion-. It is feared
ithe will not reeoer.
Mercury Climbs to 90 Degrees at 2
P- m. Showers Forecasted for
-.... ,
Late Tonight or Tomorrow.
Won't somehodv ph-a-e hae the
.,,",. , ,
weathei? It -tailed out nievk enough
(t (. a uith 1ri t,M.riwlIIM.ler ;..
,.,;,, , ,i(.gm-. lint hy 2 p. m. it had
t limited to '.Ml.
Foiec-a-tei lt.-edci hold- out this
hope: ''Ine-le-asing cloudiness with
! -bowels kite tonight or tomoiiovv. Xot
11'inli change in tt'inpei.it me.'
'I he total at " p. in. wa- I.d'lS.
-" i '' '' '" J- '"
Revenue Agents Have Found Rival
for Oleomargarine.
KAXSAS C1TV. Sept. IS. I'lohibi-
tion Kan-a- i- "ettiiiir too taiuilar with
r- -
i .. ... .. ..... :...!..;.... ....... ii... .i if...
III. II-." Ill II. II. I. Jllillll II.'WI mi. -miL
ment- of .1. I), i:an-. I'mled State- In-
tiinal I!eeniie Asient. on the anah-i-
,ot "-u-iiecttd buttei" pio.luied b -ome
' '
ot the dailie- of that Mate. Xot bein'
..intent to n-e watei a- a leeia?e. .Ml.
Fan- -a- tint -ome of the dailie- aie
now -ellinjr it a- food. The ieenue
ay. nt- find that -ome of the dailie- h.ne
-iii.eeded in m. mill. u tin ill'' butter whiih
will ab-oib tioni .'ii to :M pel lent of wa-
tei one thud of the entile weight-anil
!! elliiiar thi- piotluct at the leular
. ' . . ...
i.uket iate- foi lir-t.Ia butter, wliiiJi
l.ine- fiom 20 to 40 cent- pel p.minl.
an.irdiiiir to the -ea-on of the e.ir.
Iiicirue a"ent- in Kan-a- have M-nt
Student Expires of Pneumonia In
I.loj.l Giinhj. pitcher on the ha -c. hall
team of the I nivcr-itj- of Mi ouri la-t
jiar died today at noon at hi- home in
Uiillicotho. Mo.
Cunbv ua- a lupinbei of the Sigma Chi
frateinitj and one of the be-t known
-tudent- in the I'liiver-itj-. He hid been
ill ot pnetiinoi.il -everal week-.
Columbia Sox to Play Sunday.
The Columbia White So and the
Mexico Athletics will play a game o(
b.i-eball Sunday afternoon at the Fairground-.
The game will lie called at 3
o lock. Thi- i- the line up of the Co
lumbia team: Catcher. Smith; pitcher,
Martin: tir-t ba-e. Shoellej-; -econd
ba-e. Hainnan: -holt stop. P. Shaw:
third base, Ander-on: left field. 0. Shaw ;
' c enter field. Thomas ; right field, Keene.
ZpZ ' f -Kf j
n. 'XvISa h v&s33 9?:ir c
ii tin i ii riiiii in it i. i i -n r, z t.rir1 i j- mil mi . iiinairr m mmm m
JXS- i. 5-. . ( v V AJ l ('' - D I Hi I 1119 i
T. "BHSMffibKriSv .fiSOSfc
1 : t v;m
7 .
r - -f, -
Authorities at Manhattan.
Kan., Guard Against
Possible Violence.
MANHATTAN. Kan., Sept. IS. The
funeial of John Coon-. Jr., the K. S. A.
0. -tudent who was killed here Tuesday
night by M. A. Crow-ton. a rier fi-Jl-eiman.
wa- held thi- uiornin? at 0:30
o'eloik. All bu-ine-s hou-es and banks
weie elo-eil during the funeral services.
Ciow-ton. the -laer. i- eoiuvaled 1
the authoritie-, awaiting arraignment in
the ju-ti.e co.ut at thi- place. He prob-
-.1 .i i ii t i-ii
ablv will not Ik: brought to trial be-
f.ue .Monday, the authoiities here believ
ing it would lie Iie-t not to (all the trial I
until utter the funeral of the dead stu
dent. The -l.ntr i-. .Kcoiding to the au-thoiitie-.
in a -afe place. However, there
in a -ate place
i- no danger now of woleiue by the col
lege -tudents.
Ju-t alter the shooting theie would
have been giave danger had not the com- .,,(1iim.(i iien it wa- learned that
pany of -tudent, who wa, fired upon lin-. ltt icIt-iiL Hill did not have authority to
geied at the depot until the main portion I ,,-,.,. Mlt, without -pecial piovi-ion
of tho-e at the depot had gone to townf lll(1 jiiul(l oi Cmatoi-.
and to their home-. Coon, was a popular J 'ihe Con-titution piovi.U- that ad-
-tudent, una inning and inoHen,ie, and'
hi- death l, mom mil by the stii.lcnt
Wounded Student Recovering.
! I. F. Iininen-cht.e, who received fourjj-'"" the fall at opening convocation,
'ot the -hot of the -econd charge tiled J until it had In-iomo a regular cii-tom.
at the student-, i- in no grave danger.
(Tevi-ton wa-Ijinirin wait for - tn.b - nt -
who might lap on hi, hou-e and it i,
not vet known whether or not the ji.irtj'K'l,l,,,hia
that wa- with John Coon, mole-ted the
hou-e cu not. Two charge, weie fired,
one hitting Coon, in the -i.Ie of the face.
The -t i ond chaige went a-traj, except
the few -hot- that hit Immense line. The
-tilil.-nls who weie the t.uet fur ("rev i--
.-- ,.-.-, .
i ton weie John Coon-, the dead student;
1 I- 1. Immense hue, the wounded boy; j
! Dwight Miller and 11 Sweman.
The leal fact, concerning the killing'
will not be known until the tii.il, but it ,
is now -aid tint Ci.-vi-toM had no pi., j
ivoe-ation whatever for shooting. Kailier
in the evening -tudent- hail i.iiiiic-.I upon i
p ' ' ' I
, the -ide of hi- hou-e, which border- upon (
I the -idevvalk. and he may have loaded his '
-botgun and waited for the tir-t pally '
I of -tudent- th.it chanced to pa-, or
Il.llT.ll 11.IT1I II Ikltll- II.I.il Illlll.ll 1-IIHU..I
i ' i ri"
on l lie Hou-e.
Win n thi- olliier, arre-ted him the
-l.ivei wa- awaiting for anj- other of
feii.h i that migut cli.uu c to come by.
I'ntil they were -me tint the slaver
ol Cooiis wa- locked up the other 'tit-
dent- would not pa the hou-e.
Relatives of Candidates Have Meal
at University Club.
Th.ie was a Kill Cowherd dinner etf
. ,.,;.. i. ...! ..i,,:, .a.., ... .i.
V K t t l MJ IKIII 'ti 11-41(1 Vllttlll-1 (l llli;
Cniver-ity Dining Club in Lathrop Hall
la-t night.
At the same table were David R. Pall,
of Montgomerj-. Mo., a nephew of the de
feated candidate for the Democratic gu
bernatorial nomination, and 15. K. Cow
herd, a di-tant eou-in of the -lie ee fill
IJoth are -tudent- of the Univer-ity of
Major General, Accused of
Slaying Wife, Thows Self
Before Taain.
By United Prcs.
U)NIK)N, Sept. IS. Unable to bear
the -tec ii-at ioii that he had murdered
hi- wife. .Maior Oeneial Cluile- K.lwanl
Luaid thii morning threw hint-elf hefoie i
a ti.iin and wa- ground to pieces.
Mr-. Ltiard wa- -hot Aug. 24
-he wa-5 retuining fiom the link
of a
unit .lub with her liii-b.mil.
In a farewell note to a fiiend. M.ijoi
Ceiieial Ltiard 'aid he could no longei
'mi ,Iic in of being point...l to a-
The Candidates From Panama and
Vermont Disappointed.
Seial foi mer Unier-ity of Mi---ouii
-tudent-. who came heie e-toida
to le.vive a.U.uued degree-, weie di--
x.,mt., degiee- -hall be confeiied
mlv I
I ,, ti. JL. Convocation. Special per
-- ii. il. ii li. ...1
nil ion had U-en granted bv the l.o.u.l
I . , , , . . ,,
... 1 l.-lllilll. il".-e ii n-iii- i iiii-.. ii. i
j "'. Committee on advanced degiee- .11.1
'not learn thi- until too late to notiiy
-fwiiil c-andidate, who had -tarted for
Vei mont
One candidate came fiom
and one from Panama. Airangement
wire made ulieuliy each candi.laie will
have the privilege, pertaining to Uie-e
jdegiee- ami the diplomas will lie given
! IH'Xt June.
Beported She Will Wed William
Spencer, A Philadelphia Lawyer.
n.r I nllp.1 Pre"!'!.
x.;- YOKK, Sept. IS. Mi-. Alfred
(;w wn,e V.uider'hilt, who r.-. cntlv ob-
,.,;,'...,, aIl iteiIociitory deci.-e of divoice
today applied to the Supreme Couit toi
.. 1
-i iin.ii ciecii
is leporte.l that she will wed v il
Speneer, a Philadelphia lawjer.
son of the v iev president of the l'enn
sjlvania Railroad sjsteni.
Mr-. Vandeibilt airivnl from Huiope
Salesman Ends Life at Mother-in
Law's House.
j:y rntiwi itp-.
i ST. I.'R'IS, Sept. IS. I. '.. Frindt.
a sale-man. 2.'. jear-old. -hot and kilb,I
him-elf this morning in the In-eii.eiit of
I hi- mother-in-law'- home.
His wife had letu-ed hi- re j at.-d attempt-
at rt'coiK iliation. Thcv weie mai
li.d in Januirj and -epaiate.l in Julv.
She said he failed to -ujtpoit In r.
Thoc irij be no hmc of Ihf Uni
leisity Missourinn tomorrow, S'ltur
day being a school holiday.
! Prospects Brightest in Its
History, President W. B.
Peeler Declares.
V,. ttr i rr u r
I l uuiif; U111CU 1C A OKI OI
1 Tlie"LaI)oratorv"Siileof
Life Work.
Mephe'i- ("olhjje i- entering upon a
jimi of the liri'hte-t pro-ptit in the
hi-toi of the in-titutioi.. Iie-idnt
William 15. Feeler deflated in hi- ad
die of welcome lief ore the a emlilaj;e
in S'appinutoii Auditoiium thi- moi nitiir.
t the oieiiin! ttitniH-.itniii:
"I-i-t eai wa- iiiii lianner Near.'
1 I'le-ideiit I'eeh'i -aid, " anil the tro--
ipeit hefoie u- i- brighter than it ha-
eer been in the hi-toi of thi- tolhge.
"Our building- hae bin tlni-hed and
an- now fully equipped foi u-e and
throughout the iu-titutiou idial i-oudi-
tion- pieail. Xot only h.ne we a well-
.-.piippi.l oiIiiniI but we h.ne a " H-
cijuipped faculty and well equipped stu
- .... i
dent- to make u-e of the-e iuiu-ii.il
.i.Uaiitage-. In all the je.u i- one of
iiuu-iial mid llatteiin-r inoini-e.
The iiogram a- rendcri.l proed wry
iuteie-ting to the large amlienie and
tho-e who took part weie generou-ly
applauded. After the reading of the
Twenty-fourth P-alin and pr.ner by
the Rev. M. Ij. Thoma-, Jli-s Hale, of
the depaitinent of nm-if, cintributid
a piano olo, 'Wedding Day," by CJrieg.
Mi Hale'- leiiditiou of thi- ditliiult
number won murniur- of prai-e from the
Dr. Lhamon Speaks.
Dr. W. J. I.hamon, dean of the liible
I ollfge ot the Lhii-tian clniieli. -jkiKc
i" a ihcerful and eneouraging manner
jpartkularly to the joung women of the
Icolh-ge. and -ought to impre-s upon
'them the priwleges they aie about to
enjoy in taking up their work.
"Von joung women who are here foi
the piirpo-e of -tudy in thi- college are ,
-eleited and joil -hoiihl applet ia to the
f.ut that j on are hereby prep.uing jour-
-i he- for leader-hip in later life. You
aie to he the queen- of the school- j
room now, and jou will be the queen- i
in the variou- ollice, to which women
aie called, of which there are some
tbou-and. You will bring queenliness
, . , .
I into jour home-, a, l.oU intended
women -liould.
"There i, a laboratorv- side to all of
'jour woik. Thi- mean, the hard labor
i which i, nece arj- for a complete knowl-
!ed-e of our -Indies. Do not ,hirk the
driid-'erv of the laboratorv part. He-
come queen, -o that wherever you go
c, . . .
..... ....I.. .1.:.:. -"
Willi ifCL i.niivv ii..-. v, iv,..
, signoiina Dora Comba, of the vocal
department, -aim
The Hoi n," hv Fie;
ier. atconipanied by T. Carl Whitmer,
din c tor of the school of mu-ie. The
Signorina's voice i, a rich contralto of
velvet smoothne-s and of pleasing op
eratic .nialitv. Her selection a Horded
t,ier U"I,1'' opportunity to display her
tab m to advantage.
i K. W. Stephen, paid a liiuli tribute
to Dr. I. II. Jc e. who sat in a place
of honor on the platform. Mr. Steph
ens di-do-ed a "conlidcnli.il see ret" of
the two.
Tribute to Dr. Jesse.
"Dr. .Ic-s-e, who lias none more in.."
anv othei man in the hi-toiv of Mi
. . . .. , . . , .. i ,, i...
souri tor educational inti re-t- and who
. ... .. .
li.w been irowneil With W) 11 earned
honor." he -aid. "admit ted to me la-t
night, that after thiity je-ar-' speaking
he i
he foi
se-aied to death' when he
an audience. I am the
Despite his eonfe
ed "flight."' MV.
st.-pliPii-.' addle
was foic. -fill and in
"In this town jm are in the gn-ate-t
eduational center in ail Mi ouii." Mr.
vt-iih.-ii- said to the v g women be-fore
him. " and I want to eongratul ite joii
irl- that joii are line where joit have
opIMirtunitj- for the mo-t nilturc.l ad
vantagi-. There aie ."..011(1 students in
Columbia and 2."i0 te-.ieher-. 'Hiere- i-(I'-nutlniicl
on llilrit I'asp )
IN ST. JOSEPH FIREa", nothing of .-i-cial interest in tliat
upward plunge-. Ju-t as he had done
Swift Packing Plant at St. Joseph time after time In-fore, he guidiil his
Damaged $60,000. qu.-e r-l.mkmg craft aloft at an angle ,'i
gentle that it de-troved anv impre-,ion
III I liltnl ITf-s. . . " "
--T. JOKl'H. -MO.. Sept. IS. Fire ,f M..it si-d.
thi- morning can-id MiI.IIi( damage'- to Around the air path the big machine
the mid stoiage building of the Swift ,pwl and croe-d the starting jioint. The
Packing plant.
Forlj" fireni.-n and eniplov.e-- of tin
plant, including General Manager O. W.
Waller, weie oven ome hy h'-at. All are
out of danger except Alexander Ma-on.
a fin-man, and Ge-orge Wea-ton.
Fund Is Started to Reimburse
Aeronaut For Damage to
Craft In Accident Near
Daring Dayton, O., Men in
Front Rank oi'Xavigators
of the Skv.
Hr Uiiiteil Tri-.
WASHIXtnoX, I). C. Set. IS.
While hi- brother Wilbur wa- ieteiiu
plaudit- in Franee for the marbu-aihieement-
of the Wright aeiopkine.
OrilIe Wii-ilit lay in a iiopil.il heio
teaifulU maimul a- the le-ult of the
I ,,,,. 0f 1,: air ,r.lft liftv le,t to the
ground while in
Mer. Wright "-
full llinht omt Fort
(onijuiiioii, Lieut.
Thoma- Selridge, wa- fatally hurt in
the fall. He died at S o'clock la-t niyht,
three hours after the accident.
Orwlle Wright wa- re-tin;; faiily well
this morning and the ph-ieians look
for his recovery. Hi, lett hip wa, frae
tuied and several bone- on the right
-ide were broken. Lieut. SelfridgeS
-kull was fractured at the ba-e.
Many here are in f.ior of raising a
Kipular siib-cription for the aeronaut,
-iinilar to that raicd in (.Vrmaiiy re
cently after Count Zeppelin's air-hip ex
ploded while in flight.
Aeroplane is Wrecked.
The aeroplane the man bird which
amaed the world and repre-.-nt.-d the
-olution of the gieat piobhm of aerial
navigation and e-tabli-bed new le. oid
in ev.-rv w.iv i- .1 -b.in. !.-.-. taierl.-d.
That cqui-ite care and tlioiighttnl
piccaiition ili-plavcd by Wiight, where
by he tested every lever, tautened every
wiie, adjll-tcd the plane- and tritd hi
motor before a-ceii-iou-. proved ju-t in
stiilicicnt to detect a Haw in his new
piopeller, designed for greatei speed ali'l
' . , . .
tiled tod
IV, tor the lir-t time.
I While eightj- or iiinetj- feet in air,
'when whiiling the i ircuit of the paiade
i-.'iouiicl- th" fourth time thi- evening.
a pieqieller blade snapiieil f-hort olL
The machine wa- at the far end of the
tiial course. The -pettatoi-, a quarter
mile di-taiit, -aw the blade waver to
the ground more swiftly, bat not unlike
the fall of a feather of a bird in flight.
For a second the aircraft kept on.
Then it hesitated. Then- were two siie-
cc ive swoop, downward. At alioiit hftj
feet elevation it dived. It .r.ishi.l to
tenth head foremo-t, a term that applies
-in.e the foiwaid guiding plane-. whi Ii
directed the ciatt up or down, -ugu'i-t,
when in Uight, the he-ad and back of
an eagle.
Propeller Blade Broken.
Xot a -ingle pa it of the machine i-
-ullieie ntlv int.iet to furnish a piool ot
the real eau-e of the i-ita-trophe. The
prop.-llei, of the ma. bine did not touch
'the "loiind, but one blade wa- puk.U
no broken alino-l siiuarclv olf. It l-
me "cue i.ii niiiiiii-ii hi mi- ' " "-
- '
pe-rt- and e ntbii-ia-t- who w.ie wat. li-
I .
ii ... .i :..:.... .f i... ........I mi. i.
in-' th' lligiit that thi- blade broke while
the liiachilie wa- ill the air; that tin,
cau-i.l a sudden weiing from the
coui-e, a e-oii-i-.pi. -nt tilting, and that the
niaihiiii' wa- driven -traight tovv.ud the
giound h the en.-rgv of the otln r whiil
ing bl.nle. P.nt the-e expl.m ition- mil-t
lie ii-garihil a- nothing but men- gin '
until Orvilb- Wright -hall be -tn.iu
enough to t.ll hcu the ace id. nt i.-ally
It was 14 minute, after ." o'ebnk when
Orvilb- Wiight. with Lieutenant Silf
ridge tightly we.lge.1 lie-ide him, gra-ped
the stieiing b-vc-r of the a. roplane and
pulled the trigger vontiolling the ma
chine r that -hot the e-.iiiv.is contrivain e
along the monorail. To the spectator,
who had -..ii Wright make flight after
tli!it within the l.i-t two weeks there
chugging of the motor, almost drowned
the noie of clapping hand-. On it th-vv,
and the whirring blade-, of the two pro-pi-lb-r-
-ei'ined to bill a tli ji.iitt an revoir
to the ujward-ga7ing throng as the -econd
lap was begun.

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