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State Veterinarian Luckey
Says Alfalfa May Be
Human Food.
Since Dobbin Is Too Big For
Domestic Pet, Wliat's to
Become of Him ?
)i 1). 1". I.utkcy. State leterinarian.
i- authnriti for tin1 statement that
.ilt.tlt.i ha- nio-t of tlio nut ri the qiiali
in-. ii milk, .mil tli.it it inai in tinu
. ciiii. to Ik- him1 .1-. liuiiian food. Dr.
I.tukci doc-n't say positiiely it will.
:iiinl ion. lmt lit' points out oniinoiisli
that it tiui.
llu- potential elicit of this on the
breakfast food industry may he di
mi til alter a feu ga-ps. as affecting
a nunparatiiely limited territory. Bat
tle ( reek ean turn it-, attention to some
thing cl-e.
l'.ut what is to beeome of the horse!
Man s, ems h tf rmiiied to take all means
of an honest liiing away from him.
Xo longer docs the "King Kit-hard of
l.tiiidtuitown' cry. "an'orsf. an'orse. my
kingdom for an'orse!" He calmly hails
a pi ing taiial and is whirled to his
destination bi the silent fortes of elec
tric in.
'Hie po-t hor-e has heen super-eiled
hi the ttlcgraph and telephone. The
farm hor-e is fast disappearing and in
his plate powerful engines are ued.
Kien the old family hor-e has lieen
diiien to a quiet old aye by the dashing
No Use As A Pet.
The hoi-e is too large for a domeslie
pet and i iistom has forhidden him as
food You -ai. "Put him out to pas
tille."' Alas mi friend, nra.i must ileni
him eirii that, since science has Ii--..-red
that hay is a desirable human
loud. Xo not the "baltil hai" of the
l". 1). Club, not the tinder shoots ol
-pring ailed "gitciis." but ial alfalfa
hai s(IOi it will be put up in dainti
little bales and sold as a li "cnie sub
siitnte lor that bluish white liipiitl whith
tlu milkman, i n-Injr his linger-, tails
milk." In the near futuie we will
iitit half our morning similiters dis
1iub.d bi the iheery i ry of "milk." but
ii -tead a mice from a passing airship
will in.piiie whelhel we tale for all
Ala- for tin hoi-e and hi- men
in igli.
sinre he n oik no longer we want his
Major McNeeley, U. of M. Alumnus,
Won't Be Adjutant-General
.John 1). McXcclcy. an attorney of St.
.Io-eph and a major in the Mi oiiri Na
tional guard, has Wen ollen-d the po
sition of adjutant general to sue. eed
lames A. DeArmoiid. the present in
lumbint. Major MeXeelei tliilinul the
plate and is now exerting all of his
inllu.me toward- haling Coicrnor elect
lladley appoint Captain W. D- Stepp f,f
McXcele -aid that to accept the ap
pointment would require his moling to
.lefTcr-on Oil. He -aid he did not want
to giie up his law praitice.
Major McXecley is a graduate of tlie
Cniier-ity of Missouri class of lsi7.
lieneral i)eArniond al-o is a Mi-ouri
Thomas J. Irving, of Centralis, Dies
From Old Injuries.
Thomas .1. Iriing. a pione-r iilien
of Boone omit i, ag.d S2 xear-. died
at his home at Ccntralia Montlay morn
in- from injurie- receiied oier a e.u
iV7o ill a railroad wretk at Thonip-on.
The fiigine in thi- iireek was Wa
bash Xo. 17 which ha- a re.or.1 as a
man-killer and wl.i.h is the terror ol
all siiper-titious railroad men.
The .hath of Mr. Triing -well- the
li-t of 47'- to the twenty mark. Mr.
Iriing has b,en prominent in public lite
here for inanj J ears.
Glass Workers Demand Increase.
pr Vnlte.1 rrc. .
CI.KVKI-X1). I)o- 1,,-" "
Gla-sworkers' Union has sent a demand
lo the manufacturers for a 23 per cent
increase in wages, In-ginning Dec. !'
The men served an ultimatum that un
less the demand is granted a stnke will
1 called. Kiery window glas, factory
in the country is affected.
Dr. D. F. Luckey
Dean J. C. Jones Represents
Southeast Columbia at
Council Meeting.
Dr. .1. C. .lone-, dean of the College
of Arts and Stienee of the Uniier-ity
of Missouri, reported last night to the
regular meeting of the City Count il
that 2.HHI had lieen niised by citizens
toward the construction of two sfweis
in the southeast part of town. The
council oideietl that the money lie de
posited in the city treasury for put
ting in an aseptic tank and sowers in
that part of Columbia.
Regarding the damage to the prop
erty of O. 15. Dor-ev as the result of
treet-paiing on College Aienue. the
Street Commissioner loporteil that the
city should grade the parking on Col
lege aicmte, that the sidewalks should
be lowered in accordance with the ree-
ommenilatiou ol me uiy i.iignieei.
that Mr. Dorset's driieway 1h made
conform to the lowered sidewalk and
that the Engineer submit estimates for
the tost of thc-e iliange-.
The sum of 2.-22ri 27 wa- appropriat
ed from the Watt r and Light fund for
expenses. An ordinance was pas-ed as
sessing special taxes on piopcrti abut
ting Porter street for 10-t of giadiug.
paling, etc.. on the corporation liue ti
llitt street.
But Tonight It Will Probably Rain and
Tomorrow Snow Says
Todai is the hottest Dei. H for nine
teen liars.
Dee. Hi, ISS'.t. the maximum tempera
ture was 70 degree-, only two degrees
higher than the temperature at the
-ame time thi- afternoon. The tein-N-iatiire
at fl o'tltK-k this moining was
4(i degrees: by -2 p. m. it had i limbed t
(IS degree-. Onte more the people mop
pul their sweating brows and welcomed
the shade of the old apple trie. How
eier, the hot peiiod was destined to be
of short duratio'i, for tomoirow. tin
forecaster s.ijs. the ut at her will 1m
something like this:
"Uain and coolei tonight. Thin-day
now" and colder."'
Judge Garth Slightly Improved.
Judge W. AV. Carth. who was strick
en suddenly with soiioiw illness j ester
day morning at his home. 100 llitt
street, was repotted slightly improied
this morning by his phi-ician. Dr.
lames Gordon. Dr. Cordon tletliiinl to
tell the nature of Judge Caith's ill
Student Has Appendicitis.
It. C. Palmer, a Sophomore in the
Kngineering Department of the Uniier
siti of Missouri, was taken suddenlx
ill with apptudititis icstcrdai after
noon anil was operattd m at the l'ai
ker Memorial iio-jiital last night. Ib
is now re-ting well anil i- thought to
Ik- out of danger.
! Greene County Club's Christmas.
' The Gitene I mint Hub of the Uni
iiersity of Mi mri will attend in a
'hotly the annual reti-ption aiien bi the
'alumni as-otiatiim of the 'JpringfieM
High Sihool to the Senior ilas-. The
Ireteption will be giien during the
khri-tma- holidai- -o that the fireene
i Count v Club will 1k able to attend.
J The Uniier-iti Mi ourian telephone
i numbers are: department office 377;
news room, 274; business office, 714.
Book Agent For Ginn &
Cox is Arraigned at
Supt. Anderson Says He Was
Offered $200 to Take
Certain Textbook.
:AI.LAT1V. Mo.. Dee. 111. -The trial
ol Samiiil T. Iturnttt. Illinois state
agent for Ciun iV Compani. publishers
of sthool textbooks, ehargcil with an
attempt to bribe Professor John L. And
erson, suptrinttiidcnt of schools at Gal
latin and a mcmlier of the tounty text
lmok tommission.. was tailed jester
tlai morning. A jui.i is being impan
eled. Missouii is iiiten-steil in the tase.
and Oklahoma and Kansas are watch
ing it closely, judging from the numer
ous inquiries whiih haie lieen let tiled
here -iute the indiitineiit ot Burnett
by the Daiiess county giand jury, and
his subsetpieiit arrest in Kansas City
on October 21. Xot only the prominence
of the persons toncerned in the case giie
it State notoriety, but also, the fait
that the cae is the outgrowth of the
book war of 1007, and the wholesale
charges of bribery whiih originated.
Purchasing Power Shifted.
I'reiious to the iear 1005 the power
to thoose textliooks for Use in the public
schools of the -tate was iniesti-d in a
State Commis-ion. which had the sum
of jjsi.OOO.OOO at its disposal for text
book contract-. In l!ll7 this power
was taken away trom the State com
mission and was ;iien to tounty torn
missions. Tln-e iiiunty commissions
had the powci to make tiie-ear inn
tratts with book loncenis for supiliing
the schools under their jurisdiction.
Immediately after the pas-age of this
ait. Mi-soiiri biname the battle ground
of sioies of publishing houses, which
were represent oil by alwiit .r00 book
agents. These agents swarmed here
from all oier the Unitul States in an
elToit to land the fC.OOO.OOO plum.
The agents tranled in l'ulman iar.
smoked twenty-liie cent tigars and were
liberal '-.ith thi ir money. Sinh a lib
uality in the use and di-play of wealth
-non led to numerous rumors fiom all
iiarts of the State of attempts at brib-
ling memlK-r- of these tounty eoinmis-
Burnett From Illinois.
I Samud T. Burnett was mii! bi hi
jioinpaiiy from Illinois, and is said to
hue been at tin- in his campaign in
Daiii loiuity. When the commis
sion had let the lontratts for the text
books. Trofessor Anderson, a graduate
of the Uniiersiti of Missouri went be
fore the grand jurors of th county
with C. T. Shreckengaust of Winston,
another member of the commission, ami
the result was an indictment against
Burnett. It charges that Burnwtt pro
posed that Professor Anderson accept
s2MI in t ash as a bribe to obtain the
ii tuition of two textbooks published
by Ginn & Company, which were al-n-adi
in u-e in the county schools.
I'rof. And.-i-on declares he r"fu-ed 1 ie
otter and the othei nicniljoi-. of the
loinnii ion refii-etl to u-tain the pulili-tatioii-.
Sime hi- arie-t Burnett ha- lieen
working for Ginn & Compiny in Illinois.
He had furnished a bond of $1000 for
his appearance at the trial. Burnett ha
prepared to light the ia-c bitterl.i.
All-Seniors Elect Committee to Prepare
a "Stunt."
.It a m vtintr of the All Senior Cla
of the Uniur-ity of Missouri la-t
night a comniiltee of two memliers
trom i.iih departmuit was appointitl
to make preparations for the Uninr
siti Christmas tree next Tui-daj eien-
1) V. Giait-s was elettul ihairman.
Ali-ses I.t-la Htm at and Irene Scrutth
fit Id were tlioeii to represent the
oung women: William St am and
I L. Winan-, the Kngineers; J. E.
Moore and J. II. Smith, the Ata
dimic stud-nts: I.e-lie Gn-vii and liar
rv (;. Hunt, the Lawier-, and F. D.
Jliichev and Mill in Mo-s the Farmer-.
The tommittee will meet tonight to
consider a "-unt."
Pike County Club to Meet.
The Bike Omii'y Club will meet to
night at S o"cltH.k at lH South Xinth
State Board Recommends Two
New Buildings and More
Farm Land.
Asks $20,000 For Veterinary
Building, Same for Soil
The State Hoard of Agrit lilt lire, at
it-i forty-lifth annual nut-ting last
night, ri-touimc nihil appropriations to
taling $l:!200(i. In p.ut its retom
mendatious follow :
"We retomiiit-ud that the Legislature
appropriate ?I."i.00(l for equipping the
new Agrit ultural building with stien
tilie ajiparatiis and fiirnitun-.
"We reiomineiid an appropriation ot
$20,000 for a new leterinary building,
and that an additional sum of slu.000
lie set aside foi the eriition of an
experiment bam and sheds tor the in
lestigat ion of contagious disease- and
especially the iniestigation of hog i ho!
"In addition, we ritoinmeinl tint si,
000 be set aside annually for the pup
thase of animals, for u-e in tin- iniisti
gation of hog cholera.
"We rccommind that the Board ot
Curators ask for not le-s than .--20 000.
for teh work in the Soil Suriei Depart
ment for the next two iear.
Additional Farm Land.
"We request the Board of Cuiatois
to ask for an appropriation of .s2u.ooo
for work in the stuili of nop mta
tions. work in 'drainage . epi rinient-.
and for a new state farm on whiih to
conduct the-e experiments.
"We also de-ire .-?:?.00l) to proiide a
suitable building for the stmh ot plant
propagation and ciop rotation.
"We recommend that $5,000 be set
aside for the hortit ultural department
to conduct experiments in the feitilia
1 1 ion of fruit-bearing orchards, and that
in additional .-si.OOO lie giien the tie
'artment for the iniestigation ot the
I San Jo-e -cale. and work in entomol
"We leeommend that ."i.00(l be ail in
for work in the animal husbandry tie
partment, and that an additional 10.
000 be set aside for a suitable build
ing to hou-e this department.
$ i g.ooo for New Barns.
"We further recommend that s7,oou
be set aside for a hor-e ban. and "12.
000 for a new dairy bam.
"We al-o leeommend that that .'i"i.-
1 000 be set aside for the erection tit a
suitable building for a home eionnmics
I Hi-solutions were pa ed unaiiimou-li
by the board, that the State Board ot
Agriculture appoint a standing tom
mittee. who-e duty it shall be to work
for legislation for M-tontlarj schools,
and ioiir-es of study, for teathing As
rit lilt lire. Home Eioiiomii-s. and othu
industrial studies; that an approprii
tion 1m- askeil for to proiide for an
immigration agricultural board, to as
.sist in bringing desirable immigrants
'into the state, and in del eloping the
great natural resources; that the work
of the dairy board of itistrtu tiou lie s.-p
laratcd from the police ami food in-pet-jtion
work, and tli.i tthi- iii-truitiou lie
'put in the hands of the Board of Ay
iriculture; that the precedent of filing
Utate aid for road improiemeiit should
Ik- continueil. and that the ImanI
'should urge an appropriation if not
I less than ?.i00.000 to 1k u-etl for Jiei
jmanent road work, on the itnidition
that the counties furnish an iipia! am
i Betoinmtiiilaliolis by Dr. I). I". lank
'ey, state icterinarian. were tiiiaiiimoti
tly adopted by the lmard. a- follow-:
I The authorizing of a board that mai
place an in-pector at the public -tik
i j arils for the purjuise of preienting
jthe remoial of tli-ea-tsl animal- there
j from.
That proii-ion be made for the ttpli
table di-tribiition of cattle that max
be affected with foot di-ea r tub-r-
culosis, and that the same lie hi Id for
,part indeniniti. a i- now prat tit ed in
'the ta-e- of hor invited with glan
j That a uniform law In- pa id m
I aiding all citizen- to proiide by ordi
nance for city meat in-pection and tin-.rep'-aling
of conflicting law-.
j Officers Elected.
! 11. .1. Water-, of Columbia, ua-
electetl pre-idnit. John Dterwt-ttr. t
Butler, lice-president; Giorge 1! Klli-.
of Columbia, -eeretary: W. I Xel-on.
(Continmil on Fourth fast".)
9 w3m
-e&ir ',iE'
V ,i J.t'V'J
" i.s:i;'T5H'-Ss.be
mm V
! nw. i T.ujt -:
i4 ', .-rit:: i ,.
Dr. W. L. Hoiv.iRi)
Christian Associations of the
University Announce
All interesting series of -ixteen talks
almut pre-cut day problems has lieen
planned by the Christian associations
of the Uniiersity of Missouri, to lie de
iiitretl Thur-dais at 4 p. m. in the V.
W. C. A. room on the second Moor of
Atademic Hall.
The subjtits. dates and speakers
weie annoiiiiteil today as follows:
Dee. 17 The Social Problems of To
ilav. Dr. C. A. Elluood.
Jan. 7 Social Bttti-rnient in Missou
ri. Dr. A. (). Loiejoi.
Jan. II The Call of Hii-imss for
Men and Women of Char.it ter. Mr. A.
J. r.lliott. of Chicago.
l'tb. I Jap in I.t adin the Orient
Whither ! Miss Theotlo-ia Wale- and
Mr. Toda Clio.
IMi. 11 -Modern I'hilo-ophy and
Christian Thinking. Dr. J. W. Hml-on.
Feb. H How May Xew -paper- Pro
nmte Social Betterment. Mr. Walttr
Feb. 2."i ( liina Hemodiliiig Her Cii
ilizatiou. Sr. James Ware, of Shang
hai. China.
Mar. 4 Social l'mblt-m of Ameiiia.
1)1. T. J. Bilev.
Mar. 11 -The llt-Iation of the l'hisi
tian to the Public and the Public to the
Physician. Dr. A. W. McAlestcr.
Mar. 1 The l'o-itiie Value ot
Doubt. Dr. C. M. Shaipe.
Mir. L'. The Outlook tor Christian
( ii ilizatiou in South Anit-riia. Mr. -.
Pern Wil-on.
Ajiril 1 Does Aieerican J-aw Em
bodi the Spirit of Jcsiis Dr. W. W.
April 8 The Position of the Eduia
tor in the Promotion of Social I'plift.
Dr. A. lio-s Hill.
April 1.1 The Political Outlook in
llu ia. Dr. 1-idor l.oeb.
April il -The Cliuiih Outlook in
Bussia. Hev. M. A. Hart.
Ajiril 2!) Hon Far Do the Teathings
of StHiatt-s. Confuiius. P.uddha and Mo
hammed Agree with The crmoli on the
Mount Dr. W. J. I.h.iiiion.
Prof. Van Tyne Declares Quakers Had
Overtime Practice.
ItAV CITY. Dec. Id. -Addn ing the
loia1 Cniier-ity of Mithig.ui Alumni
Association Prof. C. II. Van Tine, head
of the department of Ann rit an History
at Ann Arlxir. dularitl that the L'ni
it-rsiti of Ptiuisiliania football plaiers
who ilefeatetl Alithigan at Ann Arbor
had not Im en attinding ila-es up to
the time of the game, while the Miihi
j:an jdajers had comparatiieli little
time for prattite owing to the aiadun
ie reipiiri-nieiits at Ann Arlmr. Prof.
Van Tim- -aid scleral proft or took
Capt. Shult7 in hand indiiidualli and
by giiing him extra hour- brought hi
work up to the rupiinil -tamlanl.
W.irinh lulogizing President Angt-ll,
Vrof. Van Tine -aid that it might lie
only a matter of a few month- liefore
the iciicrable lieatl of the Cniier-iti
of Michigan would risign.
Toda Cho Will Speak.
Toda Clio, a S. nior Acatb mic sttidi lit
in the Uniiersity of Mi-ouri. will
-M-ak on "Student Life in Japan" to
morrow morning at 10 oilock at tlie
a-embly of the Tiachers Colli gf High
I -
I i I
i ) t v i ,-.'esjear
World Declares President
Cannot Muzzle It, and
Defies Him to Bring Suit
For Libel Against It.
Newspaper Says It Considers
Special Message a
Br United Preaa.
XKW YORK, Dec. K!. The Xew
ork World tmlay replies editorially to
the attack of President Uoo-eielt in
his sjM-cial nies-age to Congress yester
day. Tlie attack was called forth by
an editorial of the World concerning
the Panama canal scandal. The reply
today is as follows:
"Mr. Hoo-eiek is mistaken. He can
not muzzle the World.
"While no amount of billing-gate on
his part can alter our determination to
treat him with judicial impartiality
and scrupulous fairness, we repeat
what we haie already said that the
Con-ire of the United States should
make a thorough inie-tigation of the
whole Panama transaction, that the
full truth may be known to the Am
erican jK-opIe.
'"It is a most extraordinary circum
stance that Mr. Hooseielt him-clf ditl
not demand -uch an inquiry. All his
protestations of outraged lirtue, all his
torrents of imprecation and denuncia
tion, with the amazing assertion that
there is nothing whateier in which this
goieriimeiit is interested to iniestigate
alioiit this transaction.'
Calls Attack Compliment.
"The World fully appreciates the
compliment paid to it by Mr. lfnos,.
iclt in making it the subject of a spe
cial messaize to the Congress of the I'ni--ted
States. In the whole history of
American Ooit rniiieiit no other Presi
dent has eier paid siuh a tribute to the
power and inlliieuie of a ftarlcss. inde
pendent newspaper.
"The World likewi-e apprct iatcs the
important e and sngiiifUaiiif of Air.
llooseielt's statement when he declares
to Congress that the proprietor of the
World 'should lie pro-ccuteil for libel
by the govtrnmeiital authorities.' and
that "the Attorney Ctneral has under
coiisider.it ion the form under whiih the
proceedings against Mr. Pulitzer -hall
lie brought.'
Doctrine of Lcse Majesty.
"This is the tirst time a President
eier a ertcd the doctrine of I.e-e Maj
esty, or proposed, in the ab.cme of spe
cific legislation, the criminal prosecu
tion by goiernmtnt of .litizeiis who
criticised the minim t of thegoieriiment
or the tonduit of iniliiidiials. who may
haie had bu-im-ss dealings with the
goi eminent.
"Viither the King of Creat Britain
nor the Ccrman Emjieror would letiture
to arrogate suih power to himself.
John Adam's attempt to enforce the so
dition law dcstroicd the Fitlerali-t par
ty in A merit a. Yet Air. Hoosciclt, in
the ab-cnie of law. olhtially proposes
to u-e all the pouer of the greatest
goi eminent on earth to cripple the free
dom of the pres-t on the pretext that
the goii-rnmint it-elf has lieen lilieltil
- and he is the goi eminent.
"If the World has liU-Ietl anjliody
we hope it will lie punished, but we do
not inti ml to lie intimidated by Mr.
Booseielt's threats, or by Mr. Itoo-e-iclt's
denunciation, or by Mr. Itoo-e-ii-lt's
Roosevelt Libel on Congress.
"Mr. Boo-ei elt's seething indignation
about the World's 'Iilit-1 upon the Uni
ted States Coiernmint' is an cxqiii-ite
indictment, indeed, turning a it does
from a President who less than a week
ago ol!itial!y insinuated in hi- mi age
that the Congress of the United States
was compo-ul of scoundrtls, who
amended an appropriation bill because
Congre!inn did not theuiselies wish
to In- inie-tigatiil by Secret-Sen ice
"Xo other liiing man cut so grossly
liliele-d the United States as does this
President, who lie-mirches Congre-s,
bulldozes Judges, as-ails the integrity
of courts, -landers priiate citizens, and
who has shown him-elf the mo-t reck
less, unscrupulous demagogue whom
the Ann rit an jnople eier trusted with
gnat power and authority.
'So far as the World is concerned.
(Conunned on Femrtn Pe.)

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