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Alumni Will Celebrate Rollins
Day in Many Missouri
Cities Tonight.
He Favors Undergraduates'
Effort to Promote Self-
Texas Cattlemen Dragged
From Jail by 1()0 Men At
Ada. Oklahoma.
J. H. Letcher of Salt Lake
Writes of Portrait Which
Was Burned.
I urn - vidiiev ltolliiis a- born
Apnl 1''. I"1!-. at HicLmond. Ky..
.iinl dn 1 in Columbia. January !.
Iss, He won tin- title major in the
l.l.nk Hawk war of 1 . In 1S')4
In lini-hed the law eoiu-e in Tr.m--Ivania
Cuivei-ity. at Lexington.
lw.. and bean practice in Colum
bia lie wa- elected to the legi-laliue
in Is. ! and sin -ceded in pa iujr a
lull u. at in-, and Iocatinj,' the state
i:uivci-itv. He ran twice for !ov
tiinir on the Whiy ticket, but .i
(liiiatel i n.urow iiiai;:iit-. In
l-wi and lSt'ii he was sent to C'oii
it . Although a larire -l.nc-duwr
he voted for the thirteenth
.iiixiiilniiiit abolishinjr s.laoi. He
abl -.-loiid-d Senator .Mori ill in
obtaining Horn (unfiles, the -.-rant
.! land that bicame the louudation
.I the A-iit ulttir.il College.
In li 7- the emalors pa cd a It'--
ilution ('.cclaiinj; that "lames X
llollin- ha i.umd the honoiable till.-
I'alci I'liiMi-itatis .Mis-oinieii--i-."
K'.l'lli- I).l baiKlliets will be held bv
.i'iiimiii a oiialioiis of the l"niver-it.
, Mis-oiui in main 31is-ouii cities to-
i-Ji. Apiil l1' is the niiii tv--ev. nth
inaivei-aiv ot th' birth of Majir
linns s. l'oliin-. the "rather of the
1 niv. i-iiv of 3Ii--oiui."
I'l.-id-ul Albeit l!o-s Hill is in Jop-
"( i.ir the baii(li( t to be held at the
t .Minor hotel. .Indue II. W. Ilinton dt-
,-nt.d tor lan-.is t it y this iiKnniiiL to
'.. pi.-.-ul at the (elebiation time to -
ni-Jil. Major T. T. ( litleuden. Wil
liam s. (.iwii.'id and l'obcit 15. Cald
will hac ihiljic ot the Iianiiet.
Ill'Ili- -I. I!. Coo.lliih. Ceiiel.ll II. II.
( iwdei and II. t'oniad aie the olh-
i si.'.ikei-.
Di. .1. (. .loi.o. dcin of the 'ollee
'i Ait and .s ieni e. and Mi, .lones
and Mi Kv.i John-ton. a i-taut pio
Ti oi of Latin, will attend the baii(iiet
i the M. I.ouis Aliiinni As-oiiation.
V. i ape Ciiaideau. a musical pioiam
ill be follow (! b a 1iaiKiiet in the
'rail "I the Mate Voinial School. W'al-
' : Williams, dean of the School of
loiunalisiu. will speak at the banquet.
Dean Waters to Hannibal.
H.-niv .1. Waieis. dean of the Colic-.-
"i A-'ii-ultnie. is in Hannibal to deliver
an addle. In ton- the hi-Ji -chool. An
iiiloimal itteptioil will lollow foi the
'h'i -. I 1 students and foim-r tn-
I -it, of mi I'nmisity of Mi omi.
1 mi I.nth-r Al. Defoe will speak at
nillkoMie. Di. H. Ik Alm-tidt will af
' ml the banquet at 3lexiio. Dr. W.
V (h.uteis -peaks at Spiiii-itii-hl.
"-.M.lldiv nidit : ba-KpK t wa held
i I 'ih cm bv sit foini-r stul-nt-j
i..i i- th Dr. I-idr.r Loeb. ad
. , , .. .... ....... I
!' ii in ol tin "-eliooi oi i.diicauoi
"I'd. the piiuiipal addross. Dr. I.oeb )
AIM ii- ii;i . ill .IV ill." ... ... . . .-
' i ni'.n today.
Kts Portrait Burned,
ii i lettii to the I'liiwi-ity "Mi-
.. .11 t J I... Cl 1 ,...; . ...I...
-. nil. .lenuM 11. iLet(l-ir of Salt
i .f' c I i.i'i. Jells iii a life-sie poi tiait I ( iei man com
", I mi.- s l.'ullin- jiaiute.l by ''IW-cx.uim. Ham.
.. . . . 1 . , .!. !.,.. I
I n I 1 i . 1 1 1 1 .iit-i lire-cum ii ." me i.--...'.
! I uiatoi- b (itieu- of r.oone ioiui-1
iii Is.'.. In the tin- whiih binned i
..i 1 I n:ci-itv buil.liiiL' the liiclme I th
oid a bu-t by Caidmr weie ile-tioved.
I no aie o'llv a tew p'lotopaph ( opie- i
' -Ik joitiait extent. '
I i- iii eiitatio'i eeicmonie
I iclillllellielliellt week. l7'k
I lie i
' -- ill li-iialt ol lie nonor- .i- ,,
i1. bv William 1". -witIer. Ilu-por-i
ii an excellent likciie . was aiiept-
1 A -1. oiiant. an arti-t in behalf
i- l.o.ud of t'uiator-. l'-v -pecial
m itmn AI.ior iJolliiis made an ad
- -ii whiih he -aid:
I in "l.ililiid to know that the poor 1
- .- which I have ei.dcavoied
Ii h. caii-e of iducltion -Hid civiii ,
w" '
i'i 11 ,f appnviated n mv
. . . . 11
1 en monii
1 main with mt : lwa-
"1 in.iiv. and all the more
.a t. in:;.. I1e1.11:--. they 1
in in the pre-enec o! mv
-.".it ' ",
i.iv e tv-
1 re!-anl it as a hiirh honor indeed I
tin- i.urtrait. exe, nted bv my I
1...1 and hft-lonp fiier.d. Oeor-.'e C. !
1 ii aain. is to find a permanent jdace
Hid with the approval of thi- honor-
Ristine and Alexander Are
Elected Members From
Law School.
Carl I.. Iti-tine and !. A. Alexander
have been elected by the students ot
the School of I-aw to the student sen
ate of the University of 3Iissouii. The
other departments will elect mcinbcis
tonifjht or tomonow niht.
The object of the M-nate i- to pio
mote student sclf-f-oveiiiinent. The
body will be compo-ed of reprc-cnta
tive- from the diH"erent departments
or-'.inied aloiur the lines of the student
senates at Vale and li.uvaid univer
sities. .Tust what poweis the or:;aiua
tion will have has not vet been decided,
but it is expected it will do much ot
the woik now Itciii-r done by the dis
cipline tomii'ittic of the t.uillty. The
movement of the students to establish
a student '-enate has been appiovcd by
l'lcsident Hill and membeis of the fac
ulty. Societtes Started Movement.
The movement anion;; the students to
eh ct a repiesentativc student oij.'ani
at ion was -laitcil li seeral oiietie-.
They woiked out plan- and jncsi-ntid
them to l'lcsident Hill, who expieed
"hi- nppioval of -uch an or-Miiiation.
Miily juuioi- :inii seniors :(e eliLlkh
to uieliibclship. The ilectioiis will take
jikue in April of each jur. and t In
tel in of olliie will be one car. The
new membeis will woik with the old
senate fiom Apiil to .lime, but will not
take ollice until the follow in" Septem
The Schools of Law and L.iineei inr.
the College of Alts and s( iem e and the I
CoII.'-ji- of Apieiiltim will be 1 1 pi (-sent
ed ill the senate bv two -indents each.
The s(hoiils of Mi'dii inc. -Idiu n.ili-m '
and Kducation will b ieiue-(Ut(d bv ,
nator (ach. I
Approved by Dr. Hill.
Dl. A. I'o-s Hill, j.i.-sideiit of the I
univei-ity. -aid: "I he.utilv appiovej
of the movement to ni-Miiie a student
-( nate. The admiiiistialiou of the uni- i
vei-ity ha- been oii-ideiin the i Ii.mi:
inu of the lilies in onhr that students
mi-iht be lepre-elited on the (li-cipline '
(ommitlee. but if a student senate is
or-aiiicd that will not be ncreaix. !
. i
I he senate would do awa with a meat
(hal of the woik of the di-iililue ( om
miltee. The (li-(ipline loniniittee then
would act as a -oit of touit ol ap
p. al-. The stndi-nt senite should nave
r duties than tho-e lel.itin lo (lis
, i iplinc. whiih
onlv : sin.ili item
Kansas Loses in Argument
on Question of Ship
Kan-.is -ulb led defial at the hai'd
of 3lissomi ih bat. i- for tin -ixth
line out of tin. Situid.iv iii-ilil. b.-fon-
a -mall audiinci- in the aiiditoiiuin ot
the L"niver-ilv of Mio'iii. I . I!. Stone
an-1 A. II. Ii-kaddim wen the 3Iioini
(lebatei-. while 31. . Locke and L. II.
cd th, l niV( r-itv ol
ipie-tion wa-: Ib'-ohed. that
lnit(d State- .1ioiiI(1 eiiioiuap'l
nieidiant maiiue bv sidi-idie- audi
boiuities." Kan-a- uphold the allirma
ti(. and 3Iionri the negative.
1(. .-tliimative -iient inmli time in
plovillj.' the illellicielicy of tin
. .
lth..ii-.'h 3li-ouii iiad admitted
i III. II III.-.
jmint. The jud-e- -aid tin- wa-
an impoitant tactor in the du i-ion
aaiii-t Kan-as. '
The deiision for 3Ii-ouii for iinani-j
it..r ihe deliite. the debalei-.
iudjie- members of the ilebatimr -ijuad
tlij ;mit,.(1 ,I(.,t, as-embl.-d in the
. . ( -. ,. rotim ft.r iifri-liiiipnt-. j
The ind-'e- of the debate were: .Jud-ie ,
-'- --- - ---
The jlldjje, of the debate were: .Iude ,
- Iiltii V. Spent ei. of St. Loiii-: -T. .1. 1
. . .
. ... . . ,
Ti-.'ert. of Central Colic-.,-. Fajetti. 3Io.. !
. Ciiultir. of tho
Xormal ,ih(il.
War- i
roiisbur-.' State
To Talk on Etchings.
reihni'iue. Under-tandiii'i and
Appreiiatiou 01 Etchings'
will be the 1
-ubjei't of a di-cu-ion toniht at
oMoik in the 3!ueiim of CIa-iial Ar-chaeolo-V
by Dr. .Inlin I'ickaid. Dr. W".
;. l'.rown and Prof. -L ". Ankmey, Jr.
. I The House of Mrs. Bert Casev
at 1001 Locust Destroyed
This Morning.
Negro Discovered Flames and
Awakened the Woman
Rescue of Daughter.
3h-. licit t a-e.v baielv had tune t -
save hei-elf and her tiiiee.vi ai-old
(l.m-:htei. Mil-;.!, alter the had been
(ii-iovi leu ill tier iiome ai tool i.o.-u-i i
-tiiil at " oVIoik this nioinin-.'. All
ol her ilothiii" ami fuiuituie wen i
bill iii (1. The fialile house va de-
stiovid. i
3li-. ( .i-ey wa- awakeihd by Illia-(
Xoilis. a iicv-io. who s.iw the lire a- he I
wa- roiii'i lo woik in the iiei"hboihood. '
iXoiii- laiiiiul on hi r wiiiilow. Kuuiiiii-; ,
lo the door, -he wa- env loiinl in a
1 i
timid of -moke fiom the middle of th"
hon-e. when- the (in- had staite.I. Th-n
Mis. 'a-,,v. ,h.,,ki-r only of the child. I
i.in back into the loom. She leliuiic.l
with little Mil-:a in her amis and -art-
ed into the wi-t pait of the hou-e to
ai on-. Thom.i 1 X.ithan Maxell.
looiiici-. lint the h.-.it ,.' beeome -"
inteii-e that -he wa- ((impelled to dc '
... i. ......... .....i .. .i
"' ('--.--' '" " .u"ii.i- iin- ioiiiih i.
" (all"'-.' to iiiem Horn te nstnet.
The tin- depaiiment wa- tailed, but
'"- win-tie (oui.l not i.e mi lr l.irt By I'nIM i':ts
"" -. The men had tiouble with uXTA.TIXOI'LII. April 1!. De-
"' h.hant near the hnu-e and won- j,-,,. lll(. , t tlMt telerapli serviie
lorced to stnn- ,i,e J,o-e n.mi one two;tl u m, ,, ,.,. ri..tnnI. iit,j,.
blocks a way. 'new, i, l-inc i...it...t tnmi tl,..r.. .mil
""-- l ",.v - nnalile to -ave any ,
""" ''" l-t Iiinir cxiept the ni-.-ht drc-
' '- The loomei, fairied out
'"'"' "w" trunk- and one owned by
j she woie. The looin-l-
t "'" "" trunk, and one owned by
-Mr- Ca,.-. but this was prarticaliy
11. r . . 1 ... .1 .. .. ....
-x,r""- '-' liu-li.ind departed xe-
Iteiday for Kaiisa, City. The house i
I owned bv 3Irs. C. J. Collier, who lives,
next door at luS Soutli Tenth street.
-t wa -,,.,,,1 f(,r -..,, . COnteiit,
for .the -ame amount. Tin can of the
in. i, not known.
The Haudolph county -tiidents will
hold a nieetin-.' in room AA. Academic
hall, at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.
. ---... .,,..,-. .--... ............
A. sVHR '' mtfWf&Bm
James S. Roliins, K.yiiiek of iiik L'mvfusitv.
III above i ut is a reproduction ol
a pho'oiaph of the iclebiatcd
lile--ie pui 1 1 ail of
.lames iiliif
I.'cllin-. paiutdl bv the "Mimiii ar
lisl. Imn'i. V. Itiuham. and pnsented
to ihe I'o.inl of 'I'liratois li litieiis ol
lfoone i mint in li7.'.
Ill the liit whiih de-troV(d the old
u.iiei-it biiildiuir this painting and a
bust by Caiducr vveie lost. I nl a lew
ilioti-;rai!i!( - (opies ot the portiait
aie extant. The nit was - tu to tie
l":iieiit Mis-ouiian by .lei i old 1!.
Lett In r. ileik of the I'liited ."slates
(ouils at Silt Lake (in. Utah. Jlr.
I.ctclur is an alumnus ot the Tiiiveisi
tv ot Mi ouii. bavin-.'
n.:iH it t Iiii .
lie- of S V.. ill Is.!: II. -
Ii7i;. and
I.I.. !!. Is7.-..
rPllP Vf:irllPr Riirp;iu Piwlift,
Cold Weather in This
Act oi din! in the weather foieta-t
tln-ie will be frost in tiii- vicinitv to-
iiif-ht. It will be lair and moler to
..:..i.f -r.... .i :n i i.. ..i i.
.... " ' . .
wuii li-in-; tempi i at lire, t o'timlxa was
..,,,' , . i
vi-itnl bv thillideistiiinis e-teldav audi
la-t iiif-ht. The rainfall 'wa- .4Si,,ih. I
''"l Il,-"t u"' ""'"," - - ""-"
'J'" tmiperatui.-s tor today K.IIovv :
4" H a. m. .. Ar,
S a. in Ar, 1-2 moon) Hi
' 4ii I p. m. . J7
1" - "- 47 2 p. m. . 4!l
,, . . j, 'hi inn. IJotli were
Teleeraph Operators at Adana Said to
Have Been Murdered.
j, i--tat-d that neail. all the teleiaph
.....ratoi- have b. . 11 killed. It 1-
thou-ht ihe ma-acic- aie -till in pio;.'
r.. tlir.m--lii.iit th.. .ii-nin
r,. throughout tti-
. ..... ... .... .
Di. lmil(r 3Iathew
ditor of "The
W'orld Todav." will addn the State
Library A,-oii.iti'Hi. at it- annual
'mietinj; whiih will be held in Columbia
in Ottoln-r. Dr. .Matlu-w, wa- invited
by II. . .S'Veranee. pre-ident of the
as.oiiatioii. ar.d ancptid wh-n lie vi--ited
the LTniver.itv of 3Ii..ouri la-t
Carl Knight. Horse Trader,
Stabbed After a Quarrel '
Over Wrestling.
' Jollll and Abraham aUblett
Charged With the Crime
Condition Dangerous.
(... Kni.iJ. a hor-e tiaibr. who al-o
,!,., ,!,- ,. .,i,nt town, wa- stabbed
i'i the back Situid.'. iii-lit in liht
mar th- in-iiii lanch car at Walnut
and Ki"hth inci. The knife p-'iie-
tiatnl hi- hit Imi. and lie i- in a d.ui-
-.ii.ti- londitioll al hi- home m the
( ai lb aildition while wa- taken iiniiie
'diatdv allei leieivin-' tieatnidit at the
il'.uk-r Memoiial Iio.pit.il. -bilui and
Abraham -.nbh-tt aie held at tl unt.v
Mail, awaitiiii; a tiielimiiiarv Ik.iiiii-.'.
; . . i- ;.,
I nev a)e ai .iisid ol attackmi; lui-:lil.
K-' i,'"! -V'-"" "''' 'K'-y
" , . .,.,.
j .
. Mtn w- , t (I1
, , . I,.tn.l .. ii.l "is-iii -. h. Ifoth .l"'m
j ( t, ,,,..,,,.. s,l,.tt w.-r- eita'.'( d in
'.,' '. th K)I;ht u!l(I t. ...lin -
anivid. .lo'ni sublett. iiouiver. -aid
ihat he was trvin-j to pull hi- brother
lelnl ov el a Wle-llltl-: lll.lti ll. In Ille
an.-t.d bv I'atr.dni.in Mit.h.II. mid
' taken to ih . it v j.,il. Att.-rwaid ih.-
w.ie taken to th- "untv jail. Two l.t-
tie. of whi-ky and a bloo.h knit- vv. r -
f,,nd in their pockets. '
. j,,,,, .,.! .br.iham Snblett. and th-ir
.1 1....11 ..r.. in the -lii.otiii'' and
llllir iri"un 1 - "' ( ...,.-- ,
uttiiii: Ii"ht with a wild v.ct -how
whiih wa. in
oliiiubia la-t Au.ll-t.
tine -how man wa, stabb-d and oth-r-
wen- injured.
Knight'- tamiiy 1, 1:1 de-tituK ,r"
de-tituW (ir-
fiim.tame.. lie ia -ix -iimh ciiikii-".
and hi. wie i- ill with (on-umption.
I A -nb-cription wa- taken for th-m in
' the fhiin In- e-teid.iv.
Thi- -tabbin-.' i- the third oie in
Columbia in the la-t three da-.
Second Columbia Team Won.
The ,t c oml baball team of Colum
bia defeated the A-hland team j-.ter-lav
bv a .(ore of !" to 10.
Deputy Sheriff Is Assaulted
i When He Refuses to Give
Up Prisoners.
Hr I'nl'pil Irc-.
ADA. Okla.. April 1!). A mob of 100
men lvmhed .1. 1,. AIHI.t. 15. K. lirovvn.
Ii-s-e W. Alhn and doe Allen, million
aile cattlemen nt Cinnliiii T.. li..n.
I .
this luornin-.'. The exiitement today is
' int n-e.
'I In hiob eiitenil the jail at '5 oVUhI.
this inorninir and demanded the pris
oners. L'poll the reflls.il of the deputy
sheiill" to -uriemler the men. he was
assaulted and the pri-oncis were diag--.'((1
out despite his protest-.
The cattlemen were held for the
murder of I'liited States 3Iar-h.il A. A.
Kobbitt. lVbiuarv J7.
Bullet Enters Seat Behind
Former Governor On
Train in Indiana.
Ily I'liilcil Prc-e.
FIXDI.IIV. Ohio. April 111. .1. 1'rank
llanly. foimer j-ovenior of Indiana,
baiely i-siapul assassination near 31 nu
nc, hid., Satinday. A bullet entered
the seat directly Ix-hiiid the one in
whiih .Mr. Manly was shunt: on a I-ikc--hore
train while it was passing
thiou-.'h the -mall town of Orestes,
near .Mimic-'.
It is thought the shot was intended
for Manly on aciount of the part he
took in -.'ettin-; local option for India
na. He was oiii-; from Indianapolis
to Cleveland.
31 r. Ilanlv Ii-L-tmeil at the University
of .Missouii ten davs a-.'o.
n. D. Thurmond of Fulton, Named by
Governor Hadley.
.ILITKKSO.V CITY. April 1!). Hov
el nor Hadley approved today Senator
, .Majoi's bill i-stabli-hin-; the Thirty-
i fonith iudiiial i iiejiit. (oniix.sed of the
iioiintics ot llooiie and l-illauav. and
i lew mimil-s i.uer aiipoiuiiit .x. i.
'Ihiuniond of Fulton, jud--- ol the new
i in nit for a term expirin-; .lanuary 1,
l'.ill. Mr. '1 liiirmoiid ol l'lilton. and X.
T. Centrv ol ( oliiiiibia. were the only
I'l-pulilican landidate-. The latter is
one of the lawver- appointed on Ihe
revision i oiiimi ion and was a i-taiiL
attorney -;:':icr.i I imilcr Covernor Il.nl
l. until la-t fall.
.Mr. Thiirnioiid -erved ii- the oiifcd
n.tle aimv ai-d repii-ciili d J'aliaway
(oiiuty in the hoii-e .cveral tiiiK. as a
Democrat, lb- lett that patty, however,
in li'.'i!.
The name of II. W. Ilinton of Colum
bia, a Demoiiat. was pn ontcd al-o.
I Members of Freshmen and Junior
Teams Entcrtamed by Captain,
I m; i.y,. i'rai-.' ami 3li- Lvda
Dalton. laptain- of th- junior and
fie-hm.-ii ba-ketball turn-. ri-i-liv(-
jlv. .ue a limit r part.v for their lir-t
! team, vcterdav at IC-ad hall. The ta-
bb w..- d.d.ratcd with red and white
i .... . .i -ri
(arnaiioti-. iik uani. oior-. t n..-e
it n vvu.-: .Mi-- i.Ia.iv- rai-.. .mi-h
, i dive s.epard. Mi- Lola a-tileo. .Mi-.
I H.-b n Wvnkooj.. Mi-- hm i s lniiull.
! ii-s lldna Anibr-oii. .Mis, Lvda Dal-
(ton. 3Ii- Lucy Dii-kin-.n. -Mi- Faith
ItoiiK-y. 3Ii X.-II S.hult. 3Ii-s Lil-
. Han Kitter. .Mi-s M(dli- Colouiu, and
lutiita Fink.
, Notice of Countv Fair Translated into
1 Many Languages.
To advi-rti lh ir annual county fair
I th- .indent, in th- C!l(j.c of Ajrriciil
1 ture of the I'liiver-ity c.f 3Ii--uti will
! publi-h their notiie of tie- "-tunt" in
all the Ian-.ua-.'-. in which it '-an In
I written bv tin facultv of fon-i".n lan-
;:iia?- and th- iik mber. of th- Co
!iioiolitan club.
The county fair will Im- next Thur-s-dav
on the .late farm.
lCVntinur.1 rn Third Tagc.)

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