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Combine of Landladies in
Columbia Started then
So Price of Board is Back to
the Old Schedule Prunes
Still Served
This is the story of a trust that
failed and all because somebody went
and told
Sixteen Columbia landladies sixteen
planned the combination Everything
would have been just lovely for the
trust magnates and the price of board
in Columbia would be twenty five per
cent higher in Columbia IF
The sixteen landladies who keep some
of the most desirable boarding and
rooming houes near the University of
Missouri campus met in August and
made their plans Rooms that rented
for 10 a month last year were to be
increased in price to 12 and 14
Board that cost 350 a week was to bp
advanced to 425
The trusts have increased the cost
of living reasoned the landladies We
must increase the price of board
Nay Says Mrs J D Winn
A written agreement was prepared in
which the signers bound themselves to
adhere to the established rates All
of the sixteen signed the agreement
except one She said the rates were too
high This was Mrs J D Winn of
803 Elm street
Still the trust might have been suc
cessful if the news of it hadnt leaked
out The fifteen who remained faithful
went ahead with their plans They de
cided to require roomers to sign a lease
for one semester Circulars were to be
printed and sent to other landladies
urging them to come into the combine
This would not be a boarding house
story unless a Landladys Daughter
finired in it A few days after the
agreement was signed by the loyal fif
teen the L D remarked innocently to
a summer school student at the table
over the prunes
Began to Knock Prunes
Mammas gone to the meeting to see
about raising the price of board
That was the beginning of the end
The student happened to be a reporter
He investigated the trust and sent the
story to the St Louis and Kansas City
newspapers Students in the summer
school talked of forming an organiza
tion to retaliate
Prunes must be eliminated said
Ditto rhubarb added another
And hash must bear the pure food
label said a third
One of the leaders of the landladies
whose name has been published in the
newspaper dispatches began to receive
letters from various parts of the State
The writers said uncomplimentary
things about the trust It wasnt very
long after that until the landladies de
cided they were disgusted with the
whole affair The trust was busted
Some Former Attempts
The attempt to form a boarding
house combination in Columbia last
summer was not the first that has been
made In two previous years prices
have been raised by agreement among
the landladies These original trusts
were successful because they were kept
secret The Landladys Daughter didnt
tell the reporter
Of course the landladies didnt make
any formal announcement that they had
abandoned their plans But in the list
of approved boarding houses prepared
by the Y M C A and the University
only two houses are listed as charging
more than 4 a week for board
Shower Baths and Billiards for Those In
the Clubhouse
The new Y M C A building at the
corner of Eighth and Elm streets has
been completed and furnished It is now
open for the use of students of the
University of Missouri John R Moore
is the new secretary
The building is designed as a students
building It has shower baths billiard
hall reading and lounging rooms and an
The forty dormitory rooms have been
furnished and rented to students for the
school year
Prof Jonas Viles Returns
Dr Jonas Viles professor of American
history who has been in the Southwest
on a years leave of absence for his
health has returned and will have
charge of his classes again this year
Eleven Instructors and Nineteen Assist
ants Have Been Chosen
Dr Albert Ross Hill president of the
Univeristy of Missouri announced today
the additions to the faculty made for
the session which will open Monday
Captain Herschel Tupes of the United
States Army is professor of military
science and tactics and commandant of
cadets in the Military School
Spurgeon Bell is assistant professor of
Eleven instructors have been elected
It H Emberson rural education Charles
Arnold journalism Dr A L Olmstead
ancient history William T Crofj so
ciology Miss Ella V Dobbs manral
training Dr W II Pyle experimental
psychology E M Justin shop work 1
Warshaw Spanish Dr Ernest Litin
A L Phillips English Miss Banche
Trilling womens gymnasium
There are nineteen new assstants
Frank Barton history Gloria Carr
physiology It J Carr II E McNatt
and It E Hundertman dairy hus
bandry Lawson Lowry anatomy Char
lotte Corder Greek Herman J Norton
mens gymnasium Noble Garrison
physics Maurice Hicklin Latin L O
Kunkel botany G E Linden mens
gymnasium Walter S Monroe mathe
matics Miss Nellc Ncsbit home eco
nomics Maurice V lowell surveying
F D Shoemaker political science Clar
ence R Stone history Daisy Young
zoology A T Weiss experimental psy
Robert H Gray is accountant
Corridor of Academic Hall Will
Decorated With Pictures
While in the East the Presidents Wife
Underwent an Operation
Mrs A Ross Hill wife of the presi
dent of the University of Missouri is
ill at the presidents home on the cam
pus Mrs Hill underwent an operation
in a hospital in New York a few weeks
ago Accompanied by Dr Hill she re
turned to Columbia yesterday Her con
diton is not dangerous and she is said
to be recovering rapidly
Dr W P Cutler and Wife are Making
the Trip Overland
Dr W P Cutler state dairy and food
commissioner will live in the residence
in Westwood recently vacated by S J
Conley Dr and Mrs Cutler are driving
from Kansas City in a buggy They are
expected to arrive here Monday Dr
Cutler iB inspecting dairies and grocery
stores along the route
More than C00 worth of pictures
views of the campus and University
buildings which were made for exhibi
tion at the Jamestown exhibition are
to fee hung in the lower corridors of
Academic hall All of the boxes the
big bulletin board and other cases are to
be removed to the rear of the hall The
walls will be tinted in some light color
and the entire corridors redecorated
The pictures were made for the James
town exposition but through delay in
freighting did not reach Norfolk in time
for the celebration They were con
signed to J Ed Crumbaugh superin
tendent of Missouris exhibit at worlds
fair He believed the pictures had been
lost About two months after the close
of the fair Mr Crumbaugh received
word from the collector of the port at
Jamestown that the pictures were on
the wharf there He ordered them re
turned to Columbia and through some
mistake they were lost after reaching
Columbia This summer while a force
of men were cleaning out the basement
of the old agricultural building the box
of pictures were found They are ex
cellent views of the campus and Uni
versity buildings Each is about two
by three feet in size and are framed in
oak frames They will be hung as soon
as the workmen finish decorating the
walls and get the bulletin boards re
First Football Game of the 1909 Season
In the East
The first football game of the 1909
season will be played at Carlisle Penn
sylvania this afternoon between the
Carlisle Indians and the East End Ath
letic Club of Steelton Jfennsyivania
The next game is scheduled for next
Wednesday between the Carlisle In
dians and the Lebanon Valley College
at Carlisle
The football season does not really
open however until next Saturday Sep
tember 25 For that day more than
twenty games are scheduled between
colleges in the East and West Most of
the games will be practice contests
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September iS 1909 Our Six Columns DID Help
AT H 0
Big Increase in Attendance
Predicted by Dr Isidor
The 3000 enrollment mark will be
reached this year that is the opinion of
Dr Isidor Loeb chairman of the com
mittee on entrance at the University of
Missouri The greatest relative increase
according to Dr Loeb is in the School
of Agriculture the College of Arts and
Science course and the School of Jour
Relatively speaking more students
have been admitted up to the present
time this year than had been admitted
last year Agriculture and the Arts
and Science courses lead with Journal
ism a good third Two days before the
opening last year only six students had
been admitted in Journalism while up to
today thirty have been admitted The
Schools of Medicine Law and Education
also show an increase In the School
of Education there are of course no
Freshmen but the large increase of up
per classmen has pleased me
Dr Loeb said the total enrollment
last year was 2800 and while preferring
to be conservative in his estimates he
was confident that the University could
soon boast of a 3000 enrollment
On Friday and Saturday Dr Loebs
office is in room 40 Academic Hall At
11 oclock today a long line was waiting
at the door
Dr Albert Ross Hill president of the
University of Missouri returned yester
day from the East He was in Massa
chusetts consulting with the state public
school commissioner about the selection
of a supervisor He also had a con
ference about the Carnagie Foundation
Fund for the aid of retired college and
university professors
Prof Gagers Father Is III
Dr C Stuart Gager head of the de
partment of botany in the University
of Missouri departed Wednesday for
Green New York to visit his father who
is dangerously ill During his absence
of at least three weaks Dr G M Reed
will have charge of the department
Driver to Coach Central High
W L Driver is coaching Central High
school football team in Kansas City
He was end on the football team at the
University of Missouri as long as the
rules would let him play
Association Formed by Jour
nalism Students to
Publish Paper
The University Missourian is publish
ed this year in its own printing plant
The printing plant occupies the entire
lower floor of the University Missourian
building at 1105 Broadway formerly
Entertainment hall
The plant is complete with a Mer
genthaler linotype machine a Campbell
two revolution printing press and a com
plete assortment of type It is the
property of the University Missourian
Association an organization to which
each student in the School of Journalism
of the University of Missouri is eligible
It is managed by the University Mis
sourian Board a corporation composed
of nine members elected each year by
the students in journalism at the Uni
The University Missourian will be the
same 111 character as last year save
that it will be possibly more of a local
paper due to the fact that it has no
connection with the University The
size of the paper will range from four
to eight pages as the conditions merit
It will remain a six column page The
paper will chose its stories from the
news collected by the students in the
School of Journalism The School of
Journalism in training for journalism
sends reporters on asignmentse as on a
regular newspaper but after the sto
ries are written its work ceases It
has no connection with the production
of the newspaper The student rather
than have his story destroyed or thrown
awav may give it to the editor of the
University Missourian and if suitable
it will be printed
News will be covered in Columbia com
pletely and also in the University of
Missouri as was done last year More
attention will also be paid to the adver
tising and circulation departments of the
prper than last year for the same rea
son The Missourian will be the only
publication completely covering both
local and University news It will be
published each school day throughout
the year
The work of installing the plant has
not been completed and only a part of
the work on this issue was done at
the Missourian plant The linotype and
press work was done at the E W
Stephens printing plant
I he University Missourian gives
all the news of the University and
Columbia every school day for
one year 2 Dont miss an issue
Subscribe Now
Rules That the New Students
Must Follow
For the benefit of new students the
University Missourian gives hen the
routine to be followed in enrolling
Fir t sati fy the requirements for en
trance This should be done before pay
ing entrance fee Apply o the com
mittee on entrance of which Dr Tsii r
Loeb Room 40 Academic hall is chair
man This committee determines wheth
er the student has enough units for
entrance or whether he must take the
special entrance examination If you
hold a certificate from an accredited
school it should be presented to the com
Students whoc certificates have been
accepted or who have passed the en
trance examinations win receive en
trance cards When the student has
procured his card be should go to the
treasurers office Room 1 Academic hall
uiid pay Hie entrance fee
The next step is to register at the
office of J G Babb secretary of the
University At Mr Babbs office the
student will receive a study card on
which he should write the names of the
studies he desires to take in the course
selected by him
This card then should be presented to
the dean of the department with which
the course falls If approved by the
dean the new student has then com
plied with all necessary requirements
Special students Those who desire to
become a special student must make all
arrangements with the dean of the de
partment which he wishes to enter
Such students must be more than 21
years old
Dr Young Ends the Custom of Painting
Freshmen Red
No hazing at the School of Mines and
Metallurgy at Rolla thus far this year
In fact the freshmen there have received
a very mild reception all because Dr
L E Young director of the school re
ceived dozens of letters last summer
from club women of various states ad
vising him how to deal with hazers
Last year the treatment administered
to newcomers was particularly severe
Hazing stories from Rolla telling how
the freshmen were taken miles out into
the country and lost were printed all
over the country Others had their
hands and faces painted red
When school opened last Wednesday
Dr Young called a meeting of the soph
omore class to discuss hazing He read
some of the letters Their contents
caused much levity among the students
Even Dr Young was compelled to smile
when he came to one letter from an
indignant woman who declared that if
she were in the directors place every
upper classman who touched a fresh
man would go to the penitentiary She
closed her letter by critcising Dr Young
for not having practiced her methods be
Most of the letters came from New
York California Louisiana and Mon
William Torode the Groom Preferred
a Justice of Peace
William Torode 27 years old who
married Miss Delia Wyatt 15 years old
last Wednesday does not believe in con
sulting the bride as to who shall per
form the wedding ceremony He came
to the office of the county recorder
accompanied by his sweetheart and her
An inquisitive person asked if he had
a preacher to perform the ceremony He
replied that he favored a justice of the
A preacher will do just as well as
a justice was some ones comment
This seemed to nettle the bridegroom
I dont well I am going to mar
ried by a justice
The bridal party went to the office of
Justice James T Stockton and were
married They live near Harrisburg
Fatal Accident to the Engineer
Grand River
First Practice Will Be Started
by W W Roper the
New Coach
Four Old Players Ristine
Burruss Doyle Hackney
Here Prospects
Goodman Bell who was graduated
from the School of Engineering at the
University of Missouri last June was
drowned while at work near a trestle
over the Grand river near Brownington
Misouri August 29 He was riprapping
the bank to keep the current from cut
ting the land away While swimming
to his work he was overcome by cramps
Mr Bell had worked five weeks for
the St Louis and San Francisco rail
road He was 22 years old His home
was near Independence Missouri
The Denver News announces that the
University of Denver has established a
department of Journalism The dean
is J L Gartland
Football practice at the University
of Missouri will begin Monday afternoon
W W Roper the new coach has writ
ten that he will arrive that day but it
is not known at what hour No recep
tion has been plannod but Captain Carl
Ristine and many of the students will
meet the various trains
With students arriving on every train
the chief topic of conversation in Co
lumbia is the football prospects Capt
Ristine was the first man to arrive He
traveled for William Woods College at
Fulton last summer and spent most of
his time talking to women and their
daughters about the advantages of a
girls boarding school He says he is
ready and eager for the season to open
so that he can get down to -hard work
The Gridiron Cleaned
Rollins Field has been cleaned and the
gridiron measured for the opening day
The goal posts were set in place this
week New equipment has been bought
and the old equipment repaired so that
the department has more and better
equipment than ever before in the opin
ion of Dr W J Monilaw who coached
the Tigers three years
Practice must begin Monday after
noon says G S Lowman who will as
sist Roper in coaching the team The
game comes eleven days later and this
gives very little time to practice before
the game with Monmouth College Fri
day October 1
Football men are coming in slowly
Four had arrived this morning Besides
Ristine Pete Burruss of Joplin Doyle
a Freshman player last year and T D
Hackney are here They say they will
be in the practice from the beginning
The loss of Gilchrist and Alexander
who will not return to school has weak
ened the team some P Roberts re
mained for the summer school to remove
his conditions but so far has not made
himself eligible to play Puny Bluck
the 220 pound line man also has a con
dition left over from last semester He
took work this summer and made a
grade but it was not the work in which
he failed last semester The same course
was not offered in the summer session
and he was unable to take that work
An effort will be made to have Bluck
made eligible by the rules committee as
he is able to advance with his class
Bluck May Not Play
If Bluck is kept from playing it
virtually means that a man must be a
full sophomore full senior or full junior
before he is eligible to play in athletic
contests said a football enthusiast who
lives here If a man entered the uni
versity the second semester he would
never be regular although he passed in
every subject
Students feel much encouraged over
the report that Nixon will return to
school He is one of the best tackles
Missouri has ever had He has another
year he can play with the Tigers He
returns to Missouri to be with his
brother who is just entering the Uni
versity Whether II S Gove will play
depends upon his acceptance of a place
in the engineering faculty which will
make him ineligible
The vacancies on the team will have
to be filled by new men from last years
freshmen and other players few of whom
know football Roper will have to de
velop new men and teach them football
in ten days in order to get ready for
Monmouth which will not be a practice
game There is little doubt but what
the team will lie lighter than last year
Driver Graves Tarkio Crain Miller
Gilchrist Alexander Anderson Ca
rothers and Ewing who will not return
Gove if he plays Barnes Rogers and
Anderson are the material out of which
tackles must be made Doyle and Rob
erts will probably land a place some
where in the line The Anderson twins
brothers of n W Easy Anderson are
heavy men and will be out for line po
sitions Ristine seems to have little
opposition for center which place he
held down last year Miller Burruss
Pixley Long and Idler will probably
try for ends
The back field offers a problem
Wilder and Deatherage are the only ones
expected to return to try for the posi
tions there
The kind of play Roper will intro
duce here and teach the Tigers is not

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