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An KwimiiMtairyliy in Ihf clnwilof
tutirmili iii in iht I iin rin nf MN uuri
K IMIm lint-
Juiii E
Miiiairniir KIilur
UTIci JIlSSiiFIJIAX itnunxi
1IU Iriiiuiy
jit Hi- lit foluiiili
fiil Wi tint il num r
t Sp
i Mi
Iiiviriilil in Admin- lty Mill or OirriT
Xlniil ymt
University Calendar
Nember IS Prof Charles F Kent
Ill I of Yale Iniversity at assemblv
January il to February
Mid year
If the Tigers were over confident
after their victory over Iowa to
weeks ago they have recovered
now Persons who saw the game
with Washing
ton Saturday
charge the
Tigers with a
lack of aggres
siveness This
was due to
over confidence
The Tigers expected to meet a
team their inferiors They met
team almost their equal The root
ers are with the Tigers but they
want them to work just a little
bit harder Kansas now hss n
advantage as far as comparative
scores go Lets fight our oppo
nents so hard they will know they
are defeated
A movement has been started for a
new state song It was originated
during Tafts trip down the Mississippi
river anil is last gaming
The state has been without a song
a patriotic spirit in Missouri which
will increase with the advent of the
state song
Columbia people dry in August
says a headline Following this the
statement is made that one express
firm handled 940 pieces of beer and
whisky Which indicates that Colum
bia people were far from being dry
in Augu sL
At last the rat has become an in
dispensable article of miladys ap
parel To be without such hair beau
ti tiers is to be classed with the conn
try maid of the plain gingham frock
Recently one hundred girls of Chris
tian College attended a Halloween
ball ratless and in country style
Therein lies the proof of the unde
sirability of the rat
In order to retain proper social Ir
standing women must wear rats
This fact is recognized and decreed
without a rat Vet the country
girl still goes ratless and still wears
the simple gown She is unsophisti
cated and unaware of the decrees of
fashion and society Ignorance of
IWIVKKSITY Mi MiriiiAX xsmiciatiux such matters is bliss
I Inc I I
IIiir V Kiium lri iilfiit
Ki mi SHTftnrv
Hiimas M Huii kk
J I Iou kii F W CimKi
K I iiiiiim It F IHktt
J v William- A IIaiivky
Since when has the rat become
j so indispensable Certainly the so-
ciety bell of fifty years ago was not
familiar with the modern rat Hut
how society has progressed Now a And reading a sport page in JihuK
a- ratless
The society woman of -
tlu Tiiltli Mini liniiiff it niiin
The St Louis minister who Hayed
his co workers at a meeting of Meth
odist Episcopal ministers because they
did not preach sermons of two hours
in length is championing a lost lause
He is rushing carelessly where wise
The Seventh Column
Coach Ropers Hunch
With due apologies
Princeton coach Koper may his teams
win out
Sat at home one night when the lights
went out
And spied in the doorway of his room
The angel of rugby bathed in the moon
ball is distinctly an in- Old Jold
novation This custom has giownl
i along with equally indispensable i
Our winninir streak had made Coach i
j day should look not to Europe but What is the dope
AvlFixi lATIs v to her own country sister for its head
Adllll nil iii1inillllritiiill to Pliiiiint nn wlmt IikiIiIi 1 d With U look
ment which it deserves a Arc we 01 top
1 11 1 1 uili w t iw ii- -I Nay not so
as sot t as
iNivii iTY
i oiiiiii m i i Sme Eastern cities the
Hen led he 1st ot the Missouri
j sion of rats- has been urged It Vl1y taI1s
1 the movement receives the encourage 1
1 liure low
woiianheod will be materially in lici i - u mki ii
November K Football Missouri vs i ti easetl 1 think ou jest
Drake at Columbia j j Hut anyhow write that 1 did my It t
November IC Seuinas MacManus EMPLOY ENGINEERS j Tl0 Wrote and hiked The
Irish writer and lecturer in T tiction the city council should next night
to tonsider the ligiit problem is to
When we
tiling to do first of all is to iind tin
trouble The only persons who un 1
derstand eleitric light plants are ex- i
pert engineers
is not
is defect in either management or
equipment or both they want to know
The citizens of Columbia have a
right to know what is wrong with
their property before they are sub
jetted to further expense
After expert engineers have ex
light I
PervertcJ Proverbs
e who laughs last is so
The Octopus
want to know the reason Wlietner it Youd better see the Kansas game
catching on
Necessity is the allinity of the or
I eu i igui
I The hook worm gets the million
The citizens of Columbia have a dollar appropriations
great deal of money invested in their Birds of a feather Hock to the mil-
municiiial liirhiimr nbinr It simps
giving them value received am
While the priie is two dollars
For soon theyll make the rooter pa
For every time he hollers
plained what is wrong none will oh 1 Et tu Hobo
ject to a further expenditure to itn i Wandering Waggles kin 1
prove the lights i lev l lm to oat- l v u pro
Pa what is a monologue
A monologue son replied Hen
peck is a conversation between your
mother and myself
lllU T kir ln I
ipproval vs siiii 1 iil cuuiii 111
throughout the state A SIimmi prize IS0 t0 the message he has to d
awaits the composer of a suitable one 1 livM It llla v - fSht but he is not
1 diplomatic In these day
but it is to be hoped that it will not j 01lslle ss ai1 hurry the thirty minute
continue to be without one much seni1 1ls hecoine the most popular
longer A song which is melodious j a liaK takel1 rl hecayse it iiis
and expressive will meet with j yxaty not the needs but the wants
diate popularity The song will bring 1 tlle I10tul congregation If this
Missourians closer together it wiil
increase interest in the welfare of the
state and it will develop a greater
state pride The singing of Amer
ica arouses national patriotism why
shouldnt a state song arouse state
patriotism It undoubtedly will Pa
triotism is here It only awaits the
inspiration A state song will furnish
If the river investigation has j
St Louis preacher wishes m 11 to hear
the message and presumably he does
he must consider carefully the mas
culine Sunday morning temper
To the average hard working man
the Sunday morning sleep is an in
herent right and the Sabbath dinner
a well earned luxury
A two hour sermon would mean
three hours spent in and preparing
for church Take three precious
plished nothing more it has furthered I llours 0It o1 a Sunday morning and
either the sleep or the dinner is in
terfered with The St Louis minister
does not see the question in this light
His brethren have been there before
him and know these obstacles It is
difficult enough to pursuade mere man
that church going isnt within wo
mans sphere without lengthening the
j The two hour sermon is not an
provement Try the half hour route
and if your message suffers in const-
ouence perhaps it wasnt so worthy
worth more than talking at him for
two hours In the first case he will
come back for more In the second
I Lady Wlmt was your work
j Waggles I wuz aNorth Pole
I erer but Peary and Cook froze me
Mi1111 i111
lllllstein Head on tip toe when he mm nn I iui1 1 olumlii in-
Tliiiim tliMritT liii iliiiiiiiiiiaiiv
1 i 1 1 -
detlnes that the Sunday dinners o -iii 1111 ill nt I- irnt l mil
I A Socialist Protests
To ttic lMitur ft tin- fnivTity MN
a minor one and that these men may I
Braymcr High School
The students read the Missourian
with much interest and would be very
much disappointed to have it stopped
Hotter bold Excelsior Springs High School
Trenton High School
The Iniversity Missourian is
- lvl
imi1o 1 tlij fit iv snri c itoner siiiikc 101 ine iim in
iiirinn i it
ill I tu I- v Ill
tlRARD Kan Nov V 1 111 vers itv
- rec ei v it
Yours truly
Very truly
Walther College St Louis
Your publication is received
Sikeston High School
We receive tu University Missour
ian regularly It is read with much
inteivs and highly appreciated Were
it stoppetl we should miss it verv
I much
We have a bunch of youngsters
iiut h interested in football They
tane great delight in reading of the
Tigers suet ess
have done it without due considers
Carrollton High School
tion Hut it is time that this sort of J
is a welcome
direct insult of two million of as pure j itr all1 we sllmlI not liI
and loyal men and women as there
are in America should stop and stop
short It would be as pertinent for
them to discuss Would Democrats
If Successful Murder the Preachers-
or Do Republicans Foster the Whita
Slave Traffic Socialism means Hom
ing but industrial democracy and it is
time that scholars living in a country
that is supposed to be favorable to
democracy and teachers who draw
out it It certainly keeps us posted on
their income from a socialized j New London High School
tion should quit insulting the whole j We have been receiving your paper
American people by talking against I regularly I have about five or si
further democracy and extended so
Associate Editor Appeal to Reason
Miss Mabel Cook who has been in
the Parker Memorial Hospital since
last Thursday ill with malaria was
sufficiently recovered yesterday to be I
as you thought at first Talking for able to go to her home in Piattsburg
thirty minutes to a man surely is She was aicompanied home by 1
the university affairs affairs
which we are greatly interested
On acount of the lack of a reading
room our student body as a whole
do not get to read it but the news
is circulated by those who do Yes we
should appreciate its continuance
Yours sincerely
boys who read it Two in the senior
class are especially interested because
they are expecting to come to the uni
versity next year I think the Mis
sourian one of the best advertisements
that the university has I expect to
bring a bunch to high school meet
next spring and 1 know they will read
your paper with more and more inter
est as the time draws near
Yours respectfully
i liali1 niiilrr till
i iw fniinwinir letters have been re-
US - O
- C l
ceived from high school principals
i rirtt inn lu iii- liiiw t
lir liiu urn till
Thnv litnv tlir tiitt
Fvitv Vfiiini furiiiii ut ck ht
Iliiint -it sin raw unnls to tin- line
Wiiitt ikN IioiiIiI left at i ltlier tin- MiP miri
PniK Imp Tin- ollitc or
lu in Aciiilrmir thill
All unlit in mlviim i
FOR KENT Kooms suitable for l
housekeeping in a modern house j
Apply iu the morning 10 to 12 or 1
And to the presence in his room lie i Our high school has been receiving j evening 1 to G 1111 Locust Street
I the Daily Missourian i ne suiueais
the vision raised I all enjoy reading it and are very pain 1 kuum Nice lurinslied room lor rent
otic to Old Mizzou for one person S per month at Dr
I v
Iimas sincerely x vnuwn s ui Maryland jlace
WANTED Four men Tor pleasant re
munerative work part or all of the i
time One man makes loOU per week 3
i t i imruintr two twini i i
working t hours por day Live mu
oi i ioved more tiian anyining oi e on 0111
reading tables We want it Hurrah ient s ci easily pay their way through
school with this proposition 1 L
Missniiii rnirii itii Saturday Address postal to Williams
torium i take tonight at the special meetiii Ir Jtsain again there was no I is read with pleasure by both faculty
Fort Smith Ark High School
W roMiv vimr tumor tlio I-
ami students We should like ver
i i v tii h tii I mill h to have it continued
v i 1 i I v iiii1 ii iiin engineers to examine ti nlv v
ooinber ii tiutv
ll Clee Club minstrels 01 the ti mis joins
November l President A Ross j llu 11l1 ilil light plant and tell the AllIi 1YoIll m s slouti tlJ Tigers led C MORRISON
Hill at assembly subject The Mean- I people of Columbia what is wrong it seems
ing and Method of Science I with the lhdits I Butler High School
ularly We certainly would like
have yon continue sending it
Yours truly
o 1
Cameron High School
Hill room 2 U11A ISroadway
1 HE CHOWN EACNDRY will give you
good service We call for washing
Tuesday afternoon and return same bv
FOR RENT A large well lighted room
on second floor Impure 07 College
or phone 51 r Red
FOR RENT Furnished room with or
without board for one or two
November 2 112 m to November lf Headlines in Fridays Iniversity 1 The University Missourian is read 1 dents at 1002 University Ave Phone
j a 111 Uianksgiving holidavs
tU Va
November 2r Fooball Jlissmrri - I
vs Kansas at Kansas Citv i slt WL s to a Jiml when we
Dei ember and -1 Operetta Te trouble with the law we go to
Toy Shop Kings Daughters for five a lawyer 1
liosnitiil lied money
December 22 4 p 111 to January 1
S a 111 Christmas holidavs
Something is wrong with our
trie lighting system The logical
MisMiiirian read
To Kan as City
2 to See Pig Came
Thats lio bucks gone already
Higher education certainly costs
by our pupils with great interest espe 1 757 Red
oialy by the boys We receive it
FOR RENT Elegant rooms in modern
house except heat 107 North Eighth
modern one block west of
demic Hall 12 South Fifth
1 ue 1 nnersny Missourian comes
to our reading table It is always a STENOGRAPHIC WORK University
welcome visitor and is read by a ma- student has afternoons open for a
jority of our pupils We should regret kinds of stenographic work Address
it very much if you should strike our M C A
school from your mailing list
LOST Watch fob round gold Uni
versity seal on one side a mono
gram on the other containing the let
ters II O S Finder please leave with
H O Severance University librarv
anil as regularly read by our FOR RENT Five
senior 1 lass and also by the members
of the fatuity We find it very inter-
esting and fully appreciate your send
ing it
Sincerely i t0Ip J1 N1 Eront room new molern
ARTHUR O LEUTHEUSSER hose- Also board for 30 12oG
tine rooms jn
second tloor in new modern house
new furniture Convenient to Uni
versity 20 South Sixth Street
Walnut St phone tiJ2 green
LOST A small round A pin Lib-
il reward for return to Missourian
WANTED Room mate for student
of agriculture Large front room
with grate new house modern 201
South Uth Phone 1117
FOR SALE U I dub meal permit
Cheap if taen at once John
s Phone 2 tJlack
ol strenu i prolessors ought to have greater re- the irishman girls at Reatl Hall
speit for themselves ami the social
1 Hopkins High School
j fhe paper bus readied us regularly
j Our teachers and students like tne
i Missouri anil it would be mis H
us if we id lint
Notes of Society
About ii weie present at the re-
eption given by the junior girls to
t i 1 11 iiwt tiut iiti i iii - -
v iiv imi i IHMlllVill JSll ii
ed public schools they serve than T V K nm our in lancing Refr
h o the great state of low
0 discuss suth a heme as XVIH J
iV yaI to mr Wn
Socialism Destroy the Home which J
they were advertised to do in
I C tf 111 1-
he evening was spent
eshments were
The New Sophomore
1 recognize that the incident is Few college stories have been writ
I l H I X V I 1 I
j ten which present the real life and 1
I the true spirit of a college James
Snelley Hamilton however in a book
called The New Sophomore which
is fresh lrom the press has sue j
ceeded admirably in giving an i
sion of college life as it really exists
The story is of a young man named
Ridgeway Rill who comes to Tresham
College as a sophomore from another
college Heing a newcomer he is at
first taken for a freshman but dis
closes the fact that he is a sophomore
after outwitting some hazers Hill is
liked by all his classmates and makes
many friends He is given the name
Old Slouch on account of his tend
ency to imitate Sherlock Holmes in
ferreting out plots and secrets
It had always been the custom at
Tresham College for the even and odd
year men to fight for the possession of
a goddess Sabrina a small bronze
statue The story tells how the even
year class which had held this god
dess for years comes near losing it
Rill the hero of the story comes to
tne rescue however and carries the
goddess away in safety The book
1 1
K D LEE enus with a banquet scene in which
j he goddess and Rill are the centers
Lexington High School of attraction
1 m 1ISSnaii meets
her father Miss Cook is a junior in a reception The book is well written and the
the Craduate Department in the Lexington High School characters accurately and truthfully
- 111 on our reading represented It would i
tnv l Ifirin i comif Ltl u rnltlr til 1 i 1
v M w tu
- -- Jiuiii 111111 cm uuii 111 iiiiv fn ir
will stay away Collw of Airricultiin of th hy students and Tf wii uv n 1 ao 1er
x -- mi nwur uivie siiown It Iocs soom
Weather Bureau Costs 81000000 7 Mk CnSr il a it t - ever that the author sometimes g
nurnk wili every way and it does too mud
f a
The Inited States Weather Rurean prominence to the less
0 FIora aI l mainain mertst j
osts sinuoonn a vear an emplov f aracters of the storv
00 men in dieient parts of the coum T rZJ - V m ctar I
who send various reports about lnZu r J mly m an lat Kgestion of the main i
the weather in their locality to Wash- oping uieme is too long delayed Xeverthe i
ington twice each day The bureaus ah xi ZT V toserv the aer alld t is a real live college
forecasts are now sent to more than abel
- - o on a domestic nier in -
- o oiii is SHOCKetl oy Hie 1 ilfiiHliiil fmmu
-- nv ui u means iurniture stiop Touching Pathetic
of rural ddiverv r i - I
meje mention of attending a ball
Cheap Manchester Cuardian
snouiu occasion offer 1 with lessons of vi t i
Very truly yours from its leading characters
H M LITTLE t Applet
Co New York Illus
Inncipal trated 2T j i o
Unexcelled in Dry Clean
ing of Mens and
Womens Fine Garments
Portierres Imported
Rugs etc
715 Locust Sir
722 North TaL Street
We solicit your patrcipc
Corre 1 rndeic
- St Louis Mo
Ha3 never lost a patron because of
unsatisfactory work
turned withhi forty erght hours
Student Agent
Columbia Fantatorium
Ladies and gents clothci pressed by
the month First class work on
teed S1C0 per month
807 BROADWAY Phone 296 Red
Work called or and deliered
Transfer and Storage Co
R P SCURLOCK - Manager
Pine 117 Hours 8 to 5
Dr R MRobinson
Over Pecks Drug Store
Successor to I l Bridger
The Window Cleaner
t f McCarthy
Gas Fitting and Steam Hi
lltuNi J lIAt K
mi Mill u AWAIT our Ho
Imuiiaii anl upccially
fmillu1 IVlinul fnjh
crs Within Hvu Uoet of tha Statu Univnitr
11excfllnliaralty Tloniiili course fiwllfiit
JHliiiliiKMit fiPTEENTit VrAR Sfl nli librarr
rtHi s ft r Ijoj s anil Kirlsti nurktbeirnT
rite tnlav for iarti uiiis aiiirss
QQIII asIfylrrM Ciliiinlii3Io j
100 per pound
The Heidelberg
Home of pure fresh candies
J A Long Son
Everything in the
Bakery and ConfectiDnery Line
Watch for our new college brand breid
Regular dinner - - - 25 cents
Home of E Z Shaves
Modern Bath Rooms
174 Broadway Phone 288 Black
With a Bon Bon dish FREE
Ask for it

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