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Gathering in Cooper County
Next Week Only One
Ever Held
Visitors Will See How Corn
Yield Was Increased
85 Bushels
The first meeting in the world to
demonstrate the beneficial results of
proper farm management will be held
on a farm near Pleasant Green in
Cooper county September 13 It will
be held under the direction of the
College of Agriculture of the Univer
sity of Missouri
The meeting will be held on one of
the demonstration farms which are
conducted over the state by the Col
lege of Agriculture The work is un
der the direction of the department
of farm management which is the
first to be established at any univer
sity in the country D H Doane is
head of the new department
The purpose of the meeting is to
show the farmers of Missouri and ad
joining states that better results can
be obtained from their farms by a
more intelligent management of them
The farm on which the meeting will
bo held has been under the direction
of the state a little more than a year
Corn was grown on this Jarm last
year which yielded eighty five bush
els to the acre The average in the
county is about 30 bushels to the acre
This crop was sold as seed corn for
from 330 to 3 a bushel Here are
some of the things on the farm this
Soy Beans With 140 Pods
A crop of rape waist high on which
hogs have been feeding this sum
A field of soy beans which average
140 pods to the plant will be harvested
this year This is a new crop in the
state and considered of about an equal
feeding value with oil meal which
has been selling for 33 a ton
The oats crop on the farm this year
will make fifty bushels to the acre
and it is said there is not a head of
smut in the field The oats arc ex
pected to sell for CO cents a bushel
Dean F D Mum ford of the College
of Agriculture and V J Spillman
head of the department of farm man
agement in the United States De
partment of Agriculture will speak
at the meeting next Thursday Other
speakers will be Professor Doane V
L Nelson secretary of the State
Board of Agriculture and Miss Uena
Bailey also of the state board
Coming From Other Statss Too
In the morning the time will be
given over to these speakers Pro
fessor Doane will show maps and
charts to explain the condition of the
farm and what was being grown on
it when the College of Agriculture
took over the management In the
afternoon the visitors will be taken
through the fields and shown the grow
ing crops and they will be told just
what steps have been taken on the
farm in the last year
Professor Doane already has receiv
ed many letters from farmers in Mis
souri and adjoining states saying they
will be at the demonstration meeting
Pleasant Green is on the Missouri
Kansas and Texas railroad The vis
itors will be met at the trains and
taken to the farm There their meals
will be free and after the meeting
they will be taken back to the sta
College and School in Fulton Dedi
cated by Masons
FULTON Mo September 9 The
biggestevent in Masonic circles of
Central Missouri in years occurred
yesterday when the corner stones of
the new main building of Westmin
ster College and the West School
building were laid under the auspices
of that organization
It was an exact parallel of an event
almost fifty years ago the corner
stones of the main buildings of West
minster College and the Missouri
School for the Deaf having been laid
with Masonic honors on July 4 1S33
From Oklahoma to School Here
Mrs G Kunkel and son Gideon S
Kunkel of Anadarko Okla arrived
in Columbia this morning Mr Kunk
el came here to enter the department
of electrical engineering at the Uni
versity of Missouri
Cooler Tonight and Tomorrow the
Weather Forecast Says
The weather forecast for Columbia
and vicinity is Generally fair and
continued cooler tonight and tomor
The temperatures today were
7 a m 3G 11 a m G3
S a m 57 12 noon C3
9 a m 60 1 p m 67
10 a in 61 2 p m 6
No Two of Electrically Regulated
Clocks Give Same Hour
The electrically regulated clocks in
the county court house do not keep
the same time Should a person be
lieve all the clocks in the building
he would soon think that times chang
ed rapidly Some of them run too
fast and others too slow while others
do not run at all
A record of tne different hours of
the day as shown by the different
clocks would lead a person to be
lieve that the court house was a fast
place At 1113 oclock yesterday the
clock in the upper hall said it was
G23 oclock A few seconds later the
clock in the recorders office said it
was 1033 oclock and the circuit
court room clock recorded 1116
The county clerks clock was a lit
tle in the lead of the circuit court
rooms recording 1120 oclock In
several of the rooms were clocks that
had given up the race but the leader
of the whole force the clock in the
upper hall recorded 440 oclock
Columbia Is Busy Getting
Ready to Receive
Columbia is undergoing a rejuvena
tion The spring cleaning that came
earlier in the year to the other cities
has reached the University community
in Columbia The reason for the late
ness of the cleaning process may be
given in a word students It is their
arrival in Columbia that causes the
painters negro scrubwomen grass cut
ters and furniture men to get busy
Everything they will make use of in
the coming school year is being re
touched The university opens one
week from next Monday
Most noticeable in the rejuvenating
process is the painting of the houses
The freshly painted houses in the res
idence section of the town can be
counted almost in dozens The house
holders who have returned from their
summer vacations have ordered the
painters to renew the outside and at
the same time have engaged two or
three negroes who scrub and remove
the accumulated dirt of one year from
the inside of the house
An advance agent for each frater
nity house generally comes to Colum
bia a few weeks before the univer
sity opens and directs the clean up
The weeds are cut and the interior
renovated after three months of idle
ness Nearly every Greek letter house
will have a coat of fresh paint when
the fall term opens
Transfer wagons have been booked
two weeks ahead for those landladies
who are moving furniture from one
house to another those that have come
to Columbia with their sons and
daughters to attend the university
The university is not behind in the
fall cleaning Carpenters have been
busy in the girls gymnasium the
painters have for the last six weeks
been painting in Academic Hall and
the University High School building
The campus is being trimmed of
its ragged edges and the broken
places in the concrete walks are be
ing repaired
An English View of Us
How utterly different is the way
the Americans view efficiency and in
efficiency They go for efficiency we
for character We lately heard of a
manager of a company in the states
who was tried and convicted for pecu
lating a large sum of money which
should have gone to the shareholders
He was sent to prison and his Eng
lish friends with whom he had been
very popular thought they had seen
the last of him But he was no soon
er out of prison than the company in
stantly took him on again at an en
hanced salary- The English were
amazed confounded but it was ex
plained to them that t throw away
the services of such a clever extreme
ly efficient man would have been ar
rant folly He is now on the best of
terms with the company and socially
is quite one of the most popular men
of his city Here we often overlook
even ostracise a man because he is
capable in the states a capable man
is not ostracised even if a scoundrel
London Saturday Review
Knox County Won the First
Prize at Show You
About 15000 Persons At
tended Home Coming
Day at Moberly
Special mention was given the ex
hibit of Boone county by the commit
tee on awards at the Show You Con
gress at Moberly yesterday afternoon
The committee called special atten
tion to the industrial display madefy
Boone county and to the exhibit of
one days milk of Missouri Chief Jo
sephine The prize for the best coun
ty exhibit was given to Knox county
Knox county nad ten tents of exhibits
many of thtSn specially prepared ag
ricultural exhibits of individuals
Yesterday was Home Coming Day
at the congress Fully fifteen thou
sand persons thronged the streets
viewing the exhibits Dr W P Cut
ler made the principal address in the
morning The theme of Dr Cutlers
talk was that the farmers of Missouri
should take their sons in partnership
in running the farm instead of mak
ing them feel that they were hired
hands or simply working for their
For Better University Support
In the afternoon Congressman
Champ Clark delivered an address up
on why Missouri is the best state in
which to live Mr Clark told of the
commercial industrial agricultural
and mineral advantages of Missouri
He said that Missouri has always been
wrongly represented by historians and
that the true history of the state had
never published Mr Clark made an
appeal for aid in erecting a monument
to Daniel Boone He also made a
strong appeal for better support of the
states educational institutions and
told of the necessity for better sup 4
port for the University of Missouri
Governor Hadley arrived at 3 oclock
and was driven at the head of a pa
rade down the long line of tents in
which were the exhibits The Gov
ernor showed much interest in all of
the exhibits and especially the milk
of Chief Josephine Following his
speech last night he went with Dr
Cutler especially to see che milk ex
hibit of the famous Missouri cow
Hadley on A Greater University
Governor Hadley spoke on A Great
er Missouri Tho governor told the
respects in which Missouri was al
ready great He gave long lists of
interesting comparative statistics
showing the wealth of the agricultural
and mineral production of the state
as compared with the leading produc
tions of neighboring states He ad
vocated more scientific methods of
farming the drainage of the 3 mil
lion acres of swamp land in eoutheast
Missouri bstter roads and better so
cial conditions He made a special
plea also for better support of the
University and of all the institutions
of learning
It is probable that the exhibits will
be held over one day longer than was
planned and the congress continued
over tomorrow Today the speeches
will be devoted to education Dean
Walter Williams will speak upon the
University of Missouri
American Womans Joke on Londoners
A story is being told in London to
the effect that a well known Ameri
can society favorite recently played
a practical poke upon the other guests
at the country house she was visiting
One evening she contrived to get into
the rooms of the guests before the
dressing gong sounded She then
greased the inside handles of all the
Innocent of what had been done
each guest pushed the door to as he
or she went in When the dinner
gong sounded the few in the secret
walked up and down the corridor out
side the bedrooms listening to the
struggles that were going on inside
each door and to the language used
by some of the men as they vainly
strove to get out Prime Minister
Asquith it is said was one of the vic
tims of this joke London Letter to
the New York Sun
No Justice in This
Cook Yez cant expect me to stay
here for 60 a month
Master And why not pray
Cook Me work for only G0 whin
yez do be after payin your wife 125
alimony Life
Yield of Corn Would be
Doubled in Few Years
Says SMJordan
Normal Increase Would Pro
duce Money Enough to
Build New Capitol
Special to the Missourian
CLINTON Mo Sept 9 If the
farmers of Henry county as well as
any other county in the state would
heed the advice of the College of Ag
riculture and the bulletins of the
State Board of Agriculture the corn
production could be doubled within a
few years was the statement of S M
Jordan the Missouri Corn Man in
a speech before 3000 people here
yesterday The corn yield of Henry
county averaged 24 bushels he said
hue if the more modern plans of agri
culture were carried out this pro
duction could be increased to 40 bush
els per acre
The amount of money that this in
crease in yield would bring to the
farmers of Henry county would be
sufficient in four years to build the
new state capitol or would be enough
to support the University of Missouri
four years with its present allow
ance considered or enough to sup
port both the College of Agriculture
and the Board of Agriculture the next
eighteen years
Should Exceed State Average
He said that last year Henry coun
ty grew about 117000 acres of corn
and that the average yield was 24
bushels per acre That he said was
3 4 10 bushels below tho state aver
age Had they grown as mucn as
the state average they would have
about 33 -bushels per acre or a total
of 397800 more than before He said
that the county should exceed the
state average and grow at least 49
bushels per acre
Should tho county average 40 bush
els to the acre the increase would be
1S72000 bushels and at 60 cents a
bushel this output would amount to
1123200 The county could build
the state capitol in four years and
have money left
in discussing the causes for low
yields of the state he said that not
3 per cent of the farmers gather and
care for their seed corn as they know
it should be cared for He said that
a few days ago he asked for the per
sons present who cared for their corn
as they knew it should be done and
only five raised their hands He said
that this was about the ratio over
the state
Farmers Should Study More
He said that the farmers do not
study their methods as recommended
by agricultural bulletins and papers
Not 1 per cent of the farmers of the
state read the bulletins issued from
the College of Agriculture and the
State Board of Agriculture he said
and the bulletins are prepared espec
ially for them Many of thsm take
no farm paper at all he said
The foundation of tho whole trou
ble is he said that when we were
children the very part of our educa
tion that is needed worst was neg
lected The evils of bad farming
can be remedied just in proportion
as we take up the teaching of agri
culture among the cnildren now
Many farmers see no philosophy
in farnrng and the average one never
will unless he be taught and where
can he be taught except at school
Miss Opal Snellings and Melvin Moss
Married in Columbia
Miss Opal Snellings a junior in the
School of Education at the University
of Missouri last year and Melvin
Moss of Denison Texas who was
graduated from the College of Agri
culture here in 1909 were married at
430 oclock Wednesday afternoon at
the home of the brides father W P
Snellings three miles northwest of
Columbia They were married by Rev
James Jenkins
The couple left that nght for Deni
son where they will live Mr Moss
holds a government position on a dairy
demonstration farm at that place
Is Recovering From Operation
Mrs Anna Hopper or 421 North
Ninth street underwent an operation
at the Parker Memorial Hospital early
this morning She is progressing fa
Twenty Two From There Will Attend
University This Year
Twenty two students from Webb
City will be enrolled ab the Univer
sity of Missouri this fall according
to a Joplin newspaper They will
leave next week to enter school here
The list of students expected follows
Lynn McBride Edgar Stewart
Thomas Parker Orland Inman Roy
Purkhiser James Tyree Tracey Rob
erson Albert Chenoweth Marvin
Spracklin John Fahrman Burch Mc
Collum Charles Ball Clarence Lively
Queen Bishko Ruth Triplett Ermina
Eells Lilian Wilbur Bessie Bucker
idge Christine McBride Alma Steele
Marguerite Roberson Helen Herrod
Class Work in University High School
Will Not Begin Next Monday
Tho University High School will
open for the fall term September 20
instead of September 12 as stated in
the University Missourian yesterday
All the classes will be held in the
University High School building at
Tenth and Cherry streets
Football Fans Went to Train
to Meet Coach Were
Some of the football fans in Col
umbia had a premonition that Big
Bill Hollenbach was duo to arrive
today and at the 140 Wabash train
this afternoon several students and
football followers were disappointed
when he failed to appear The new
football coach is expected to arrive
at any time now and with a football
game scheduled three weeks from to
morrow it is thought that the hours
until the Tigers trainer will reach
Columbia are numbered
Should he arrive before the next
meeting of the Board of Curators he
will be the biggest man on the job
All the members of this yeaWs squad
will not be here for about two weeks
but the coach is expected to be here
early and get the lay of the ground
Grass on Rollins Field Was Cut To
day Coach Is Coming
The first gun of the football sea
son at the University of Missouri was
a lawnmower The grass on Rollins
Field is being cut and raked off the
field today
Followers of the Tiger team have
been listening closely the last few
weeks for the sound of some gun
but there has been no one in Colum
bia to fire it in fact there is no
member of the athletic department
here now whose position would justify
his firing even a toy pistol
Big Bill Hollenbach the new
coach is somewhere And ne will ar
rive in Columbia some time A letter
from Dr J C Hollenbach brother
of the coach said Big Bill is in the
West but said it was not known when
he would come to Columbia
Except two assistants in the gym
nasium and the Janitor Jim Wash
ington the University has no regular
athletic department Since the clos
ing of school last June the remainder
of the athletic faculty have resigned
Those who have left the University
are Dr Clark W Hetherington di
rector of athletics Dr W J Monilaw
general manager of athletics and coach
of the track team Guy S Lowman
assistant football coach and coach of
baseball and basketball and Menta L
Crouch assistant track coach
M U Graduate Here Today
F C Donnell of St Louis a grad
uate of the University of Missouri is
in Columbia today visiting friends
Marriage License Issued
A marriage license was granted this
morning to Thomas I Stevenson and
riattie Irwin both of Centralia
Yes sir boasted the hotel proprie
tor that dogs the best rat catching
dog in the country Even as he
spoke two big rats scurried across
the office floor The dog merely
wrinkled his nose
Rat dog scoffed the traveling
man Look at that will you
Huh snorted the landlord He
knows them But just you let a
strange rat come in here once St
Louis Star
Ha said a newspaper mans son
I know why editors call themselves
Sos the man that doesnt like the
article will think there are too many
for him to tackle St Louia Star
Boone County Medical Scr
cicty Plans for Reception
White Plague Is Cause of
One Death in Five in
The Boone County Medical Society
arranged for the reception of the car
containing exhibits of the causes ef
fects and cures for tuberculosis
which will arrive in Columbia at noon
tomorrow at a meeting yesterday In
the office of Dr James Gordon The
following report was issued for pub
lication telling of the reception plann
ed by the society and asking that the
citizens of the town and county visit
the car
The Boone County Medical Society
met yesterday in the office of Dr
James Gordon the president and up
on a motion the president appointed
Dr J E Thornton Dr Guy L Noyes
and Dr E E Evans a committee on
arrangements and reception for the
car containing the tuberculosis exhibit
which will be in Columbia tomorrow
Dr Gustave Tuckermann who accom
panies the car and who is the official
lecturer will be the guest of the Med
ical Society while here
Stereoptlcon Lecture
As has been stated before the car
will arrive here about noon Saturday
over the Missouri Kansas and Texas
railroad and will be ready at once
to receive the citizens of Le town
and county About 730 oclock Dr
Tuckermann will give a stereoptlcon
lecture If the weather is good the
lecture will be given on Broadway
somewhere between Eighth street and
the E W Stephens Publishing com
pany If the weather Is not suitable
for outside work the lecture will be
given in the auditorium at the Uni
versity of Missouri
Dr A W KampschmldL recorder
of vital statistics for this district says
that out of ninety seven death in
umbia and Columbia township since
February 1 1910 eighteen were from1
tuberculosis or about one in every
five Suppose in Columbia and Col
umbia township you had had eighteen
deaths from diphtheria in this short
space of time Not a public school
in the township would be open and
the attendance at the University of
Missouri would be seriously impaired
if not prohibited until tho conditions
should bo remedied
Would Conserve Health
Intelligent hearty and unanimous
co operation of the people an ttio
health officers would work a miracle
in the prevention of all contagious dfs
eases We believe that conservation
of health is a nations richest asBet
Therefore we urge the people to visit
this exhibit
Dr Woodson Moss member of the
Board of Directors
German Students Know Our Tariff
Approach tho average American
young man of from 18 to 26 years ou
his countrys greatest economic ques
tion the tariff and watch him dodge
the issue The chances are he will
avoid a discussion at all hazards be
cause he doesnt know the first prin
ciples of the tariff question
Not so with a party of twenty eight
students of the University of Com
merce Cologne Germany who are
touring the American continent ac
companied by several Instructors in
the institution and in charge of J W
Coupland traveling agent tourist de
partment Hamburg American Line
Ncw York These students are rep
resentative young men of Germany
who are making the trip for educa
tional purposes Incidentally they
are studying the tariff in the land of
its nativity and nearly everyone Is
conversant with its salient features
and the effectlt has upon trade with
their native country Generally speak
ing tncy consider the lines too lightly
drawn with respect to their own coun
The Itinerary of the party cototi
8707 miles extends from coast to
coast and into Canada and will be
completed Friday September 9 in
New York the point from which they
started Los Angeles Express
Secretary J G Babb III
J G Babb secretary of the Uni
versity of Missouri was unable to be
in his office today on account of rheu
matic trouble

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