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2000 SHOP KB
Rousing Mass Meeting Held
on Night of the Tigers
Songs and Speeches Express
Hooters Confidence in
Football Team
AH the latent and unspent energy
and enthusiasm of 2000 Tiger rooters
was turned loose last night Some
of it had lain dormant all season and
with that which had been awakened
since the last outburst of Friday it
was released and cheer after cheer
was given for the Tigers on the night
of their departure
It was the last football mass meet
ing of the year and it was an hour
or more of cheer and song and laugh
ter and expressions of confidence It
was as if as many as 2000 warriors
were themselves preparing for battle
The meeting was divided into three
parts The big auditorium was packed
a quarter of an hour before the for
mal opening There was music by the
band and an outburst of cheering and
then James S Summers a graduate
of the University of Missouri on be
half of the Kansas City Y M C A
sent here as a representative or that
organization made a short speech in
viting the Tiger rooters to be guests
of the big association in the city
Wednesday night and all day Thurs
day He said that this invitation had
not been extended in this way before
because of a lack of facilities of the
But now he declared the associa
tion is in its handsome new building
and we have ample room and ample
facilities for receiving you We have
more than 200 homes at your disposal
where you may stay at night if you so
desire and at a cost of more than 200
we are going to serve luncheon at noon
for 25 cents and dinner at night for
50 cents in the association building
to the students of the University of
Missouri You are cordially invited to
be with us
Mr Summers told the Tiger rooters
all bent on knowing of the situation
among the friends in the city of the
two schools that University of Kan
sas alumni in Kansas City were pain
fully silent They met a bitter de
feat last year and they are going back
this year he said in even stronger
You will have to go one farther
than you did last year he continued
they have not only the determination
to win as they had last year but a
determination as well to avenge last
years defeat
The throng of Tiger rooters was
turned out and led by the band they
paraded through the streets past the
gymnasium and on to Rollins field
Here they burned in effigy a spy from
the Jayhawk camp The funeral ser
vice was pronounced by Orville Zim
merman president of the all senior
At the conclusion of this ceremony
there was a rush for the auditorium
They crowded into the building and
there their gaze met a large picture of
the coach standing by the president of
the University
This was thrown upon a screen and
the audience cheered every minute the
picture was in view The picture of
a real tiger head was given as great
an applause Then followed the
speeches The captain or the Tigers
talked for a few minutes He said he
believed his men would fight as hard
as their strength permitted He asked
that every Tiger rooter do as much
A G Alexander a former Tiger was
called on for a talk He called out in
clear tones these words
Will the Tigers Win
The response came back as if from
every throat
They will
His speech was short
The coach was next
I can not tell you ho said how
I appreciate this support We have had
many happy experiences here togeth
er Of course we have all made mis
takes I have made mistakes the
team has made mistakes and I dont
know but that you have made mis
A game like this Kansas game is
no ordinary affair even in football A
great game such as this is is a won
derful inspiration and we feel it we
see the expression of it here tonight
I cannot tell you what its outcome
will he Football games are not al
ways won by the teams that under
stand the technique of football best
r 5
Weather Will Be Cooler Tomorrow
the Forecast Says
The weather forecast for Columbia
and vicinity is Partly cloudy with
showers late tonight or Wednesday
Warmer tonight cooler Wednesday
Tha temperatures
7 a m 31 11 a m 45
S a m 33 12 noon 50
U a m 35 i p m 55
10 a m J2 2 p m
It depends as much on the determina
tion to fight so long as there is hope
and you have a part in that fight
The men have never been in better
physical condition all year but they
are lighter by about ten pounds to a
man than the men they are to meet
and that is a great handicap for a foot
ball team But every bit of this
weight and every bit of this strength
will be put into play
That was enough It was all the
2000 rooters wanted the coach to say
and they expressed their pleasure and
satisfaction in their applause
T A Gibson assistant coach road
a number of poems on the game which
brought much laughter He had Kan
sas beaten and humiliated in every
line and of course it pleased Mr Gib
son read these in a droll Irish way and
the clever arrangement of the verses
and the laughable form of delivery
aroused more real fun and sent the
serious but ever shouting rooter out
with even a little more merriment in
his cheer
The Tigers were drawn to the train
in a large dray wagon by the men
who had been shouting and were yet
to shout for them They wanted a
part even in the carrying of the men
to tire station The crowd followed
in series of long lines which extended
from curb to curb and all the way
they sang At the station the Tigers
were boosted on to the Pullman and
with the singing of Old Missouri
when every head was bared they were
drawn away They will rest until
Thursday morning the day of the
game in Excelsior Springs and at
noon on Thursday they will go into
Kansas City
This Arrangement- Made to
Allow Students to Catch
Kansas City Trains
There will be no classes in the Uni
versity of Missouri tomorrow Pres
ident A Ross Hillt made the announce
ment at assembly this morning This
action was taken because the Wabash
railroad had set the hours of depar
ture for its special trains to Kansas
City at 1030 and 1040 and no other
arrangements could be made
President Hill emphasized the fact
that class would start promptly at 8
oclock Monday morning
Thanksgiving day had been painted
at noon today It will require about
500 yellow megaphones and seventy
five or eighty black ones to carry out
the color scheme proposed at mass
meeting last Friday to make a black
M on an old gold oackground
formed by tho megaphones
H B Sennott yell leader and
Charles Barkshire an assistant yell
leader were on the campus in front ani j
of the Engineering building yesterday
and today painting the megaphones
brought to them Fifteen had been
painted black and about eighty had
been painted yellow at noon
Thompson and Fitch Will Go to Ex
eclsior Springs Tomorrow
Proctor Thompson center and Rus
sell Fitch guard of the University cllt
of Missouri football team will leave j
and rubbers
President Hill to Kansas City
Jack State Farm Celebrity
Lavs Down Life for Sake j
of Vet Students
Shrewd Animal Knew Autop
sy Was No Personal Gain
II is Picture Taken
Jack is dead Alter a varied career
on three legs he has given up his life
in the interest of science Jack was
only a mule and a crippled one at that
For more than a year his left hind
loot did not touch the ground He
had a broken stifle joint Hut life was
just as sweet to him as it he had four
good legs He cculd kick as hard
and enjoyed life just as well as it he
had two hind fet with which to kick
the unwary lrcsliinan in vet labor
Only throe days ago when hard
pressed he jumped over a stone wall
five feet high He was the most ac
tive mule on three legs that Missouri
could boast of For a year ho has
caused aspiiing veterinary students to
scratch their heads and wonder what
could he the matter with his game
leg t was a puzzling problem At
last it was decided that lack must
lay down his life in order that science
might bo the wiser
Thursday morning was the time
chosen for the elucidation of Jacks
crippled condition So he was caught
Two husky and valiant vet students
ran the gauntlet of his flying heel and
succeeded in placing a halur on the
protesting mule Four ounces of chlo
roiorm were required to put the old
mule in a condition rendering prox
imity to him safe With a long drawn
out sigh he finally closed his eyes
He was operated on and found to
bo a hopeless case So it was de
cided to kill him When Jack came
to he was assisted to his feet The
serious expression in his eyes changed
to on of despair when he saw thoj
gravo faces of the surgeons about
But his seivice to science had not
yet ended He must have his picture
taken in order that the exact posi
tion in which he stood could he noted
He was then led away to be shot
He is to be dissected and the trou
ble located and deseiibed fully Poor
Jack will never know just what was
the matter with him Pictures of the
injured joint of the muscles and the
position which they were drawn into
will be taken and studied The cai
cass will he kept in the veterinary
laboratory for some time and studied
by the students in that department
Team Will Compete in Intercollegiate
Contest November 24 and 25
Tho intercollegiate rifle match at
Kansas City will be held after all It
Many More Needed to Form Black Was tirt set for November 24 and 2
M on Old Gold Background I Then it wps indefinitely postponed
Fewer than 100 megaphones to be j because of lack of entries but later
used by rooters at Kansas City I arrangements weie made to hold it at
the time first set Teams from Mis
souri Kansas Arkansas Nebraska
Oklahoma and Iowa will compete
The Missouri team will leave Colum
bia tomorrow morning Those who
will go are J 1C Stowers captain
M W Lowcnberg coach J M Haw
thorn spotter and the team com
posed or D W Johnson W W Bur
den C E Sexton I Y 15 Kurtz
V Hudson
Trouble When Crowd Attempted to
Get in Playhouse
After the parade of students to the
Wabash depot last night a crowd com
posed partly of students and partly of
young townspeople tried to rush the
Star theatei
No arrests were made
Columbia tomorrow morning to join W L Knippenberns Son Dead
Excelsior in Frcndcndalls department store j j
Dinner For Stay-at-Homes to Be
Served at Y M C A Building
At least liO students will stay in
Columbia Thanksgiving day That
number had signed up for tho Thanks
givimi dinner at the Y M C A build
ing by 10 oclock this morning All
applications for seats at this dinner
must be in 7 oclock tonight The
management expects more than 200 in
The dinner is to he in the auditor
ium and will start at 1230 so as to
finish before reports of the Missouri
Kansas game come in The associa
tion has arranged for a running ac
count of the game to be sent to the
building from the field at Kansas City
Tho menu for the dinner fallows
Roast Turkey and Chicken
Mashed Potatoes Peas
Scalloped Oysters
Mince Pie Fruit Pumpkin Pie
Ico Cream and Cake
Chestnuts well roasted in chafing
dishes at the tables while the dinner
is being served At each table there
will he two hostesses
Everett Bobbitt on Trial
Hoone county circuit court
spent this morning in hearing the case
against Everett Hobbitt Babbit t is
Several small fights I being tried on a charge of arson the
One student was slightly lease having been brought here on a
change of venue from Howard county
Enoch Bobbitt father of the defend-
iant is serving a sentence of ten years
tne Tiger squad before tha game with I Leighton Adonis Knippenberg 3 jn tne stat0 penitentiary upon a con-
Kansas Owing to a shortage or funds years old died at oclock yesterday t jctjon on tjie panic charge
the athletic committee refused to per afternoon Tho child was the son ofi
mit Coach Hollenback totake more W L Knippenberg who is employed Journalists Speech Copied
than twenty four nfen to The current issue of the Western
Springs besides coaches
trainers Brain fever was the cause of the boys i Publisher contains an address
death H9 will be buried
oclock tomorrow afternoon
President A Rcss Hill left at 430 j Dr Fredenhagen to Speak Tonight
oclock this afternoon for Kansas City j Dr E A Fredenhagen will address
He will attend a meeting of the Board the ministerial students on Prison
of Curators at the Baltimore hotel
there at 9 oclock tomorrow morning
and will see the Kansas game Thanks
giving Day
Reform and Assistance of Discharged
Criminals at 7 oclock tonight The
meeting will be in the Philokurian
room of Lowry hall
at 230ered by Charles D Morris of the St
Joseph Gazette before the School of
Journalism of the University of Mis
Tickets for U D C Waiters
Nino of the twelve waiters at the
University Dining Club have received
railroad tickets to Kansas City from
the students at their tables
- ---- -3 ifc
inJrBS Ki S3IS5t3KiS
Alumni of Two Universities Adopt
Resolutions Against New Ruling
The Kansas City alumni of both tha
University of Missouri and the Uni
versity of Kansas are making efforts
to keep the annual football game be-
Nilieteeil HeligionsRepresent ltween the two universities in Kansas
Cd in List Given bv 2 281 uotn rsamKUH nave auonicu
Students ruline bv the Missouri Conference
Methodist Leads With 571
Christian Presbyterian
Baptist Follow
Among the 2281 students in Jhe
University of Missouri there are five
Mormons two who preier the Mormon
church two Quakers thirteen Chris
tian Scientists and six who prefer
the Christian Science church One
student is a Materialist one says he
prelers the Catholic church another
prefers an church and four stu
dents say they preier all ol them
There are niov members of the
Methodist church than of any other
while more students who are not
church members say they prefer the
Christian church Of the 22S1 stu
dents in the University 2S4 hao no
preference 2S7 have a preference and
1733 aie members of some church
Of those who arc members of a church
twenty three prefer some other church
Nineteen denominations aro repre
sented which are composed of forty
five brandies of the various religions
Following are statistics of member
ship and preference of church ex
pressed bj students
The Methodist church has 371 mem
bers and is preferred by 121 Chris
tian 319 members preterred by HJ
Presbyterian 241 members preterred
by 04 Uaptist 23i members pre
ferred by S9 Episcopal 102 members
preferred by IS Catholic 71 mem
bers preferred by S Congregational
0 members preferred by 7 Jewish
IS members preferred by 7 Unitar
ian 3 member preferred by 12 Lu
theran 21 members preferred by 1
Evangelical 12 members Swedenbor
glan 1 member prefencd by 1 New
Thought 1 membei preferred by 1
Menonite 1 member
Two students are members of the
Brethren church One is a member
ot the United Society of Practical
Christianity two belong to the He
brew Orthodox church one to the Re
formed Church of Christ one is a
Christian Socialist 1 Memoralist 1
Danish Lutheran and 1 is an Kvangel
ical Associate Or these two pre
ferred any Prostentant church
The 70 students who were here in
the summer session aro not included
in this list
whereby the game must be played on
the grounds of one ot the universities
The Kansas City alumni of the Uni
versity of Missouri held their annual
election yesterday at the Kansas City
Athletic Club Kimbrough Stone was
chosen president Other officers
elected were John A Kurtz vice
president 1 n Davis secretary J
V Holmes treasurer
The alumni adopted a resolution
that all those occupying seals in the
Missouri alumni section at Thursdays
game wear yellow chrysanthemums
and that the rooters club of the Uni
versity ltirnish a yell leader for that
The officers of the alumni were in
structed to confer with the athletic
managers of both unuivorsities in an
effort to show the advantages of eon-
tinning the annual Thanksgiving
games in Kansas City
Time For Removal of Water Color
Paintings Extended
The Fourth Annual Exhibit of Water-color
paintings will continue until
December 12 The scheduled time for
closing was yesterday but because of
a change in the itinerary of the ex
hibit which involves the omission of
another city from its -schedule the
Art Lovers Guild has been able to
retain tho pictures
That the Free Days have tended
to popularize the exhibit in causing
students to visit the art museum wiio
would not otherwise done so is the
opinion of Dr John Pickard
Many persons came who had never
Hes a By Product of Our Society Dr
Fredenhagen Says
Tho Criminal was the subject of
an address at assembly this morning
b Dr E A Fredenhagen founder of
the Society for tho Friendless
Dr Fredenhagen believes that crime
is the crux of allNhe great problems
ol today It is what makes the racial
situation a pioblem and it the real
evit ol the liquor traffic
However the criminal does not tlii
fer much from the rest ot us as a rule
according to Dr Fredenhagen He
has about the same aims and ends
but his means are different lie is a
little weaker and much more tempted
y T fr
Dr Gordon Doesnt Know
Where the Funds Would
Come from
Another- Committeeman Says
Additional Officers Are
Not Necessary
Two members of the city council
committee on police think more patrol
men cannot be employed because the
citys revenues are too limited
Dr James Gordon says that he
thinks additional men on the force are
desirable especially at night but that
he is unable to sec where the money
is to come from The city council
finds difficulty in meeting its bills
even with the present force
T J Hatton thinks that the revenue
available does not justify even a sec
ond man on the day force He says
also that he does not think additional
policemen necessary even if the city
bad the money to pay them He
thinks that on account of the large
area covered by the residence sec
tions an extra half dozen men could
not give the city a clean record in the
way of keeping down petty stealing
and hold ups
A Busy Day in the Office of the Boone
County Recorder
Yesterday was an unusually good
day for marriage licenses in the of
fice of the Boone county recorder
four being granted here Lester S
Yarrington of Columbia and Miss
been inside the archeological museum fie Kanatzarof Centralia each 24
before he said this moraine Onite i years old received the first one An-
as much interest was evinced in the
statuary as in the pictures No lec
tures will be given in the art museum
during Thanksgiving The exhibit will
be open Thursday afternoon from 2
to G oclock
other was issued to Charles L Bly of
Bartlesville Okla and Miss Lucy G
Carpenter of Centralia respectively 3G
and 2S years old S D Roberts or
Sturgeon and Miss Lenor Brown of
Randolph county said -they were 46
anil 33 years old -when the third li
cense of the busy day was issued to
them A negro couple procured a li
cense but did not know how old they
Today another man from Oklahoma
got a license to marry a Boone county
girl He is Ira Sexton or Tulsa and
will marry Miss Lucinda Ulry He is
21 years old and Miss Ulry is only
IB HeV father gave his consent to
the marriage
Scarlatina Break6 Out Among Pupils
Will Open Monday
The University Elementary School
closed yesterday on account of the
scarlatina which has broken out
The criminal is a by product of so- among the pupils The first to be-
ciety he says and this is an age
when the by products are utilized and
often prove of great value The ob
ject oi the Society for the Friendless
is to reform the criminal and thus re
claim him to society
Twenty fivo Men Will Get Expenses
to Kansas City
The All American squad com
posed of twenty five men pickefl from
the class teams and the scrubs has
been selected by Coaches Jones and
Oibson The following compose the
squad Magee Herzog Beavers Dex
ter E L Anderson Edwards More
land Pixlee Fitch Band W H Wood
ward Proctor Thompson Allison 1
R Anderson Armour Barton Blees
Lake Collins II B Bentley Gladding
Wilson Groves Spurgeon and Wig
These men will be sent to Kansas
Cily to see the game at the expense
of tltc athletic association as a reward
for ther work against the Varsity all
season I welve men were selected
from tho freshmen team and thirteen
from tho scrubs
Was First Man to Suggest Louisiana
Purchase Exposition
Special to tho Missourian
ST LOUIS Mo Nov 22 Pierre
Climiteau a lineal descendant of one
of the founders of St Louis died early
this morniru of organic heart trouble
He was tho first man to suggest the
Louisana Purchase Exposition
Prof W H Pommer Is Better
Prof W II Pommer who is ill with
appendicitis in the Parker Memorial
hospital continues to improve He
Is not yet able to sit up
come ill were Frances Hunt or 804
Conley avenue and Catherine Mum
ford daughter of Dean Mumrord of
the College or Agriculture Both are
light cases
Tho school wnsv thoroughly Tumi
gated Saturday and Sunday and the
teachers expect to resume work Mon
day as by that time the rover will
have developed in any who have been
exposed The school was closed by
the advice or Dr Woodson Moss
Play By the German Club
A comedy Er 1st Nicht EiferBuech
tig was presented last night by Der
Deutsche Klub iii tho womens par
lois Academic hall -T W Irion as
Doctor Hohendorf Miss Louise Stlpp
as Fran Hohendorr A L Saeger as
Ilerr Baumann her uncle and A H
noiio as nermann tne servant com
posed the cast
Talked For Good Roads
Curtis Hill state highway engineer
returned yesterday morning from Sul
livan and Adair countjes where he
hctured before the farmers institutes
of those counties in the interests of
good roads He also did some road
surveying jn Sullivan county
Nov 22 The market quotations
today as furnished by tho Davi3
and Dlminitt Live Stock Commis
sion company are
Cattle r3000 10 cents higher
top Gr0
Hogs G000 l cents lower top
Sheep 00 strong top G21

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