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An EvenlnrDailybr the Students hi the School of
Journalism at the University of Missouri
Managing Editor
Eapje Peabkin IYesident
Vaughn Bryant Secretary
Francis Stewart Treasurer
Iabbv D Ouy James G May
David E Dexter Tklm n Tallfv
Entered at the Iostofli at Columbia Mo as
second class mail matter
Invariably in Advance Br Mail or Carrier
By carrier per year 400
By mail per year 5300
Two asterisks after reading notices
ate they are paid ad ertislnc
Address all communications to
Columbia Mo
A few years ago there were sev
eral places near the University which
added greatly to the beauty of Colum
bia These places had large grounds
with the houses set well lmk tiom
the streets
If an Old firad say ol were
to come back to Columbia Instead ol
these fine old places what would he
see He might he able to discoer
the house he had known moved owr
on a little corner of the great yard
of which it had been the center or
he might find it switched off on a side
street and converted into a boarding
house and he would find the yard cut
into stingy looking little blocks with
small fairly goodlooking cottages
crowded onto them
The houses which are being built at
present are not bad looking but thev
face narrow streets lined with nar
row sidewalks and the houses have
little eight foot lawns and no back
yards vvhatevei
That sort of cutting up the town
makes for a greater population but
it is certainly spoiling the beauty ol
what has been for ears one ot the
most beautiful towns in Missouri
The football fatalities of the season
just closed numbered fourteen ac
cording to the St Louis Republic
Last vear the number killed in this
sport was twenty three or nine more
than the present year Forty have
been seriously injured this year
against sixty four last year The new
rules are given credit for the decrease
in deaths and it seems rightly Nev
ertheless whatever the cause is that
lessens the death roll it seems an
appalling thing that this number of
young men some of them mere lads
should be killed through sport
Human beings will get what they
strive after no matter whether they
have to pay for it with their life Foot
ball is no exception to the rule It
is one means of killing off the human
race recently automobiling and avia
tion are coming into the field as rivals
and doing their share From the
standpoint of those who have been be
reaved the question arises Why play
football at all when there is a possi
bility of the plajers being killed
Death confronts us in every walk of
life and for this reason we might well
say abstain from many or our voca
tions Take a broad view of the mat
ter and consider football as a recrea
tion of the humn race along with oth
ers that take an accidental death toll
In all -walks of life death will be In
proportion to the good received from
recreation of mind and body the fa
talities are no greater than the aver
age from other causes
A great step in the progress of the
world will be the establishment ot
world peace This is looked forward
to by sociologists and others who have
a grasp ot the status of mankind in
the future as a result of present activ
ities The economist Fees in war de
struction and loss from the tremen
dous waste occasioned by hostilities
War undoes the work of many years
of prosperity and in some cases crip
ples permanently
How to avoid this blight is the ques
tion The great principle advanced
by those who are striving for the
ination of war is arbitration Repre
sentatives of nations that have a quar
rel will meet the matter will be dis
cussed with the end in view of ar
riving at a decision that will settle
the disputes In other words a court
will try nations instead of individuals
This status is not an unrealizable
Utopia for at the last Hague Confer
ence steps were taken to bring about
such a condition Richard Rartholdt
representative ol St Louis in Con
gress who spoke in the University au
ditorium said that since lSir the year
of Waterloo two hundred and sixty in
ternational disputes had been settled
bj arbitration
In tim of peace prepare lor war
is a maxim that we have often heaid
but it is evident that preparation for
war is a big step toward actual war
To arrive at peace bv means ol arbi
trations there should be no piepara
tion for hostilities
Kansas University has students
i ram eighteen states The School of
Journalism one department at the
University of Missouri has student5
from eighteen states Other depart
ments increase the number of ttates
represented at Missouri to forty two
In the last jcar 3S04 persons were
killed and S2U74 were injured in
railroad accidents It risking ones
life made one a hero it would now
be time to put all the traveling sales
men on pedestals
In the Univeisity Missouiian of
Sunday November 27th appealed a
original an article on The Functions
of the Newspaper The article
should have been credited to the Bir
mingham Ala News
If you carry more work than you
have time tor do not waste your val
uable minutes telling your triends
about it
Fortunately for the livestock judg
ing team the umpire was not an army
officer from Leavenworth Kansas
Those New Bulletin Boards
To the Editor of the University MiEsosrfan
Taking the bulletin boards out of
Academic Hall and substituting bill
boards at public places on the cam
pus was a wise move The designers
of these new creations are to be com
mended for their tasteful appearance
They have been carefully placed too
They can be seen from any place on
the campus and from Broadway and
from any angle He who runs may
read Their color also comes in for
praise The economy of their use is
woith more than passing mention
They will serve well for wind
breaks and snow guards as for bill
hoards a seasonable suggestion
It would be possible to make these
bill boards pay for the lumber and
construction by letting out space to
Columbia theaters and picture shows
C et the point that when the architect
had made one and seen that it was
good he proceeded to make fourteen
Why not If one looks good fourteen
look fourteen times as good Simply
a matter of calculation It is hoped
that others will be built lor the en
trances to Law Observatory and the
dome of Academic hall
Probably no attempt at beautifying
the campus has brought greater re
sults for the money expended since
the coming of the buck brush the La
dies Home Journal to the contrary not
withstanding STUDENT
Let Us Not Be Quitters
Tii the Editor ot the University Missourian
We thought that we were going
to decide the supremacy between the
two schools for athletic honors last
Thanksgiving Day Officially the bat
tle wasnt won by either side al
though we won by rights and we will
have to win in the rest of the years
sports to prove our supremacy over
Kansas So now its up to the Tiger
basketball team the Tiger track team
the Tiger debating team and the Ti
ger track team the Tiger debating
team and the Tiger baseball team to
put one over on K U and show them
that they are not in a class with our
Of course- we were mightlyv unlucky
to be beaten out of the game by an
official when we should have won
but we can show that were not quit
ters and well win every contest
against them for the 1010 11 season
Dont take off your beat Kansas but
tons yet Keep wearing them and it
will be an inspiration to the plavers
who represent Old Mizzou in other
We have the material and we will
have an all around coach in Brewer
and theres no reason why we
shouldnt win every game scheduled
against the Jayhavvkers
Oliver Goldsmith
Outside the wind howled and the
drifting snow bit spitefully at the lit
tle latticed window Within the
Wayfarers Inn all was warmth The
candles had been snuffed the supper
dishes cleared away and ale brought
in The landlord and the stranger
had drawn their chairs to a table he
fore the fireside Great mugs ot ale
sat bdfore them and now and then
witli a satisfied smack of plea ure
they swallowed great draughts ot the
beverage Few were out a night
like thi The flickering flames leaped
and danced casting fantastic shadows
rover the low gabled celing from
whose rafters dried vegetables hung
in profuse hunches
The cairier froi London
news that Goldsmith has been dead
these three weeks ventured the
portly keeper of liie inn by way of
hospitalitv I am but from London
replied the man of travels slovvlv
raising his stien to his lips and
drinking deeply did but leave his
bedsde We had known each other
lor yars It was in Switzerland 1
lirst met him 1 had stopped at the
close of a hard days toil oer moun
tain ruggishncs tor a bit of supper
While the guests were eating a
slender little man with limbs ill knit
his ugly features marred by po
marks sat in a comer and played
upon a broken flute His music wffc
good and when we had finished I
slipped a coin into his hand that he
might eat The net morning we tool
the road together our paths lay in
the same direction He was with me
into Italy
I liked the man and one night a
we lay by the roadside I asked from
whence he might come My tiiend
ahlp touched him deeply and he told
me ol his early life It seems he was
born in ii eland about the 2Sth year
cf this eghteenth century at a little
village called Iallas As a boy he
was sent to a country school house
where he acquired a passion for rhym
ing Irish verses and learned a little
ancient language At the age of sev
enteen he had started in to make his
way through Triiitv College at Dub
lin by doing menial services for the
other scholars Here he was put
down for a dunce and spent a life ot
poverty and low dissipaton but at
last succeeded in getting a degree ot
He was now twenty one years ot
lgs and spnt his time at home loaf
ing about and trving his hand jit
vat ions profession He wanted to
enter the ministry became a private
tutor and afterwards decided he would
go to the colonies in Ameiica His
folks gave If m ample funds for the
journey but on the way he lingered
in Cork at a gambling den and lost all
his mone Next he studied law but
gave this up toi medicine After
3ome work along this line ho finally
found himself without the knowledge
ot a doctor standing in the world with
only the clothes on his back and an
aid flute on which he had often wailsd
away the dreary hours ol nights of
hunger With hs flute he set out to
make his way and it was so I tound
him in Switzerland
The speaker ceased drained his long
handled cup and pushed it silently to
ward his host The keeper rose and
taking the vessel wobbled to the cask
in a far corner filled the empty mug
and setting it before the narrator
seated himself again before the cheery
We next met in Dover continued
the man taking up the threads of his
story He was friendless and his
music would no longer call forth the
daily bread He turned his hand to
various trades pounded drugs and de
lived medicine and begged his exist
ence with a band ot worthless va
gi ants I went on to London to ply
my trade as type setter He followed
with a band of strolling actors who
soon broke up Again Goldsmith was
without means and wanting to do
what I could for the luckless fellow
I found odd jobs that he might busy
himself with around the shop He
liked the work and soon became a
writers hack renting a dirty little
garret where he spent his hours of
labor He had novy found what he
could do I see by yon book shelf
you are a man of some learning Gold
smith now wrote articles for our re
views our magazines and discussed
the leading questions in the city news
papers He wrote very lively little
storis for youngsters and humor
ously sketched pictures of London
Society Doubtless you have read
many of them The publishers saw
he was a valuable man and his wages
increased so that he was able to hire
himself better quarters
Often I have set his books to type
and stopped to laugh at the humor
ous strain yet beneath it all lay a
thread of sadness He had suffered
too much to be utterly abandoned in
his joy When you are next in Lon
don buy yourself a copy of his Vicar
of Wakefield and in your span mo
ments read his Deserted Village and
if it should be that you stay for the
night go to the Kings theater and
see She Stoops to Conquer From
the floor to the gallery the walls are
shaken with laughter From this
novel poem and dramatic work his
name will be known long after that
of the king has passed away Yet
you may think from this that my
friend was an oracle Not so for he
was ignorant and stubborn and was
considered an idiot among his ac
While of good nature till it an
enemy crossed his path he attacked
him vigorous with his pen and with
that he was no fool And he has
done much to gain that liberty which
all honest printers want He did not
1 ar the royal displeasure but wrote
learlessly what he thought and other
wi iters are now following his exam-
I pie
The rest of my tale is sad Gold
smith had now become rich and spent
his earnings rashly He drank strong
ly wore line clothes held big leasts
and courted London beauties He
gave freely to the poor a elas of
which he had so lately been a part
The lust of the cards still called and
through gambling he became so en
tangled in debt that worrv brought on
a lever He would have no doctor
for he stoutly maintained that his
knowledge of medicine would bring a
cure The treatment he gave himself
only made him worse and I finally
called in real doctors to see what
might be done They were puzzled
He was weak and restless and they
could not find the trouble Many a
night I have set and dozed while he
walked his bedroom floor He could
not sleep and soon his dissipated body
fen a victim to the gnawing of his
troubled soul
The blazing logs had died to smoul
dering embers The landlord lay back
in his chair snoring with wheezy
breathing For a time the printer sat
quietly gazing abstractedly at the
smoking heaps on the spacious
hearth Presently he stirred with a
lingering sigh picked up his cup and
drank from the foamy brim Then
he rose wrapped his cloak about him
walked across the creaky floor to the
door and placed his hand on the dang
ling latch A whirl ot snow -swept
across the darkened room the door
closed behind him and he was gone
At Other Colleges
The enrollment ot Northwestern
University is -HOG this year
Wisconsin Universit may have to
abandon debating because ot lack of
Nine hundred students have been
vaccinated at Michigan on account of
p small pox scare
Juniors at Stanford wear plug hats
The committee in charge is called
the plug ugly committee
Freshmen and sophomores at Co
lumbia University undergo regular
practice for their cane spree
Kansas State Agricultural College
will ask for new agricultural and phys
ics buildings next year These build
ings will cost 21000
Artesian wells at the Yale gymna
sium will supply the Carnegie swim
ming pool with 30000 gallons of wa
ter an hour
Basketball was abolished at the last
meeting of the Depaw University ath
letic committee on account of having
no place to play
The senior class at Princeton has
just held its elections for commence
ment and class appointments The
chief official is called the master of
A farmers ball was recently given
at California University Boots and
overalls were torn and the details
including music and decorations were
in rural style
Kansas University has a precedent
that the yell leader if successful shall
keep the position through his college
course and invent the color schemes
for the games
In order to find room on Franklin
Field to practice their Rugby game
without interfering with the American
game the Rugby enthusiasts at Penn
sylvania got up at 7 oclock and prac
Michigan University has 1250 names
en its Y M C A membership list
and 400 more are expected This
institution is confident of having the
largest student association in the
The Father of the Automobile is
the subject of an interesting special
article in the December Scrap Book
He lives in Rochester New York His
name is George B Selden
Home made sausage and spare rib
at Hetzlers
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Fatima iou get a pen
nant coupon 25 of
uhich secure a hand
some fell college ptn
nant 1 2x32 selec
tion of 100
Fatima Cigarettes are
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quality on the south by
individuality on the east
by mildness and on the west
by value In all the world
no smoke just like em
They compass much of
the earth giving much pleas
ure and satisfaction every
College men say theyre
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