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Eabie Pearson President
Vaughn Hbyyst Svcretnrr
FBANCI8 Stewart Treasurer
Harby D Out Iames O May
David E Dexter Tbvjian TallsV
An Evening Dally by the Students in the bonooiof
Journalism at the University of Missouri
J E Chaexoff
Managing IMitor
Entered at the Postofuce at Columbia Mo as
econd cla3 mail matter
Invariably In Advance By Mall or Carrier
By carrier per year 400
By mail per year
Two asterisks after reading notices Indi
cate they are paid advertising
Address all communications to
Jolumlila Mo
The oincial returns of tlit election
give cause for congratulation to all
friends of the University ot Missouri
Ot the eleven amendments proposed
to the state constitution the Univer
sity mill tax amendment received the
third highest vote heing exceeded
only by the vote for prohibition and
the vote for a new capitol Outride
St Louis the University ainendnisnt
was second only to prohibition
The counties in which the Eleventh
Amendment was carried were widely
separated Atchison in the extreme
northwest Pemiscot in the extreme
southeast Jasper in tho southwest
Platte and Jackson on the western
border These and the other coun
ties in which the amendment was car
ried or in which it received a large
vote were counties in which organized
work by newspapers alumni students
and citizens proved effective In
otier counties and to a degiee in
these the result of this work was
neutralized to a large extent by the
campaign against prohibition which
overwhelmed all the amendments in
the effort to defeat a single one
When it s considered that the cam
paign for the Eleventh Amendment
was of brif duration and was ham
pered by lack of funds that it was a
campaign to induce the people or an
entire state to add nearly twenty per
cent to their state tax for the Uni
versity that such a proposition had
never been submitted before and that
it was complicated by other amend
ments the great vote in its favor is
abundant cause for rejoicing
Tho official returns give icasouable
assurance that under favorablo con
ditions and with continuedly united
and enthusiastic support a campaign
for adequate fixed and permanent sup
port for the University of Missouri
will succeed
The two electric railtoads that aic
planning to operate in Central Mis
souri could not take a better step
than to consolidate and point their
efforts towards one combined and up-to-date
interurban system The two
roads have been before the people of
Central Missouri for several year and
from appearances neither is much far
ther advanced than when they started
True they have plans for the ob
taining of capital and the probable
routes the roads will traverse are lo
cated but the cars are not yet run
ning and the people still have no as
surance that they will Both roads
lack money and because both are
straining every effort to get sufficient
funds from the people neither one
has been very successful
Persons who have the money to in
vest will not put it into either road
until they are certain that the one
they choose will be the better paying
investment They are afraid that one
would be driven from success by the
other They are correct in their at
titude the railroad ptomoters should
have sounder promises to make
The best plan to obtain general ap
proval and undivided support is to
merge The roads are more certain
to be built and they are more certain
to prosper after they are in operation
With only one enterprise in which to
interest probable investors the money
can be raised more quickl and more
of it will be obtained
There is no real necessity for two
roads running through practically the
same territory when one road could
do the woik and handle the business
The chances are that with two roads
operating with similar rates and
through the same field neither would
make running expenses While the
field of Central Missouri is open for
a great interurban trade one properly
equipped and financed road could til
the place
- -
In the interest of Columbia the an
nual football game between Kansas
and Missouri should be pla sd in Co
lumbia rather than in Kansas City
To play the game here means to ad
veitise Columbia as well as the Uni
versity of Missouri which is located at
Columbia It means bringing back
to Columbia old graduates of the Uni
versity whose intsiest in the town and
the University will thus be retained
and increased It means keeping at
home the fifteen or twenty thousand
dollars which now goes annually lrom
Columbia to Kansas City
If the Kansas Missouri football game
is only for advertising purposes and
the gate receipts the change will be
found advantage The town of
Columbia and the University of Mis
souri will be better advertised by a
gains at Columbia than bj one at Kan
sas Cit The gate recefpts need not
be materially le s while the expenses
o the game will of course be smaller
Keally however the game is not al
together tor gate receipts and
Using its reason for existenc K
that it is a college game for college
men As a college game it should
be played on college grounds lt
should not be maintained for the ben
efit of the spectator The Univer
sity should not be in the circus bus
In John H Ctirran until rcecSUo
te state immigiatiou commission r
of Missouri the state had a hotistci
of the type thai does things He was
a promoter of the later school While
Missouri alieady is great stale he
undoubtedly lulped advance its fame
and in his position he never let a
chance to aid it pass
iils position was somewhat similai
to a press agents We was Missouris
Publicity man and it was he who saw
that Missouri received its share ol
the good tilings of the world Mr
Cuiian has carried on campaigns for
tli2 improving ot the fanners realm
in the state and he has laid the foun
dation for a greater activity in agri
culture in the future
His work in the promotion of land
congresses and gatherings of the
states business men has brought
about the beginning of what will be
geatcr results Missouri as a whole
is more alive today to the possibili
ties of progress than it has ever been
before and this booster has played a
gral part in the work
The movement to establish a com
pany of boy scouts in Columbia is
one that should have the approval and
assistance of every parent The boys
will go on cross country hiker on
camping trips and will be taught to
know and love the outdoors They
will learn to sketch rough maps of
the country they travel over and to
study nature
These things together with moral
and religious teaching will insure Co
lumbia a generation of men The fact
that the boy scout movement has
been tried and found worthy in many
of the great cities or the United States
and Engiand should be sufficient to
icconmiend it to the lathers and moth
ers of Columbia
Cole county did not return the com
pliment While Boone county voted
for the new capitol 3314 to 2230 Cole
county voted against the University
amendment 960 to 21GS Cole gave
120S majority against the University
and Boone 1084 majority for the new
That nearly 200000 citizens of this
state voted for a three mill tax for
the University of Missouri shows that
the Xew Missouri has almost arrived
While the attempted rushing of the
nickelodeon by students one night last
week is to be condemned the students
are not the only guilty ones
The Boy Scouts Movement
The modern boy welcomes the or
ganization known as the Boy Scouts
which was begun in England in 1007
by Lieutenant General Sir Baden-Powell
Since a great many boys live in
crowded cities the charm and romance
ot a free and ope life lffts been taken
from them They cannot roam at vill
the fields and forests as did their fa
thers consequently they ara nor as
familiar with the things of nature The
average city bred bey dees noL know
how to thilt for iiimsef and he does
not know much about helping -the
other fellow
Msn have seen this and several
attempts hae bcii ado to help the
boys that arc craving and needing the
things that this Boy Scouts movement
jeenis destined to gr e thm Ban
jlearu anil Ernest Thompson Seton
friends of iios made ehorts along
this line but it remained for the Bo
Scouts tc succeed
At the time of the segejf Mafeking
in the Boer War Sir Baden Powell
gatheied a troop ot boys around him
and taught them to carry dispatches
and act as general assistants to the
men in regular set ice The plan was
successful and the boys were helpful
On his mum to England he found
that his idea was being seized upon
by the people of that country and that
already a movement was on foot to
form some kind of hoys organization
There must be a leader and it was tit
ting that Baden Powell the author of
several books for boj s the hero of
several wars and the idol ol all Brit
ain should be chosen for this place
The movement gew and today Baden
Powell is no lieutenant Ceneral in
the Kings ai my for he is giving all
his time to tho Boy Scouts
Though semi military at Mafeking
the organisation is thoroughly a peace
uovement now Its intent is to train
boys to be keen eyed alert observant
ind capable and to teach them how
to care for themselves and for others
t hopes to develop for the best pos
ible good the boys that are so rap
dly growing into manhood
Seeing that it was successful in
England and ether countries Mr Se
on and others set about to interest
he people of thi country in the move
ment The succeed d and already
tpwatds of ldooi bos have taken
he scouts oath and new patrols are
being formed in nearly every state
Any boy between ages of twelve
nd eighteen can join the Boy Scouts
For one month he is on probation as
a tenderfoot in wh ch time he must
paster a few simple tests
In taking the oath one promises
o do hi duty to God and his country
Lo help others at all times and to
jbey the scout law The motto is Be
Prepared and the boys arc expected
lo be in the proper frame of mind
tnd body to meet any emergency that
may arise
Any one who is interested and of
In and Of Missouri
Sedalia claim- to have had its first
snowstorm of the season
The only woman minister in Cen
tral Missouri Mis2 Lucy Curtis has
resigned her pastorate of the First
Methodist church of Sedalia
Kansas City is to have a cracker
less Fourth next ear an ordinance
to that effect having been passed The
dealers announce that they will not
contest it or seek to avade its provis
The Frisco railroad has adopted the
novel plan of advertising Texas lands
Uy displaying a number of orange
tiees in tho St Louis building The
trees are laden with ripening fruit
They came from the Brownville coun
Thiity states are represented at the
nineteenth annual poultry show for
Missouri which is being held this
week in Kansas City Thesnrplus poul
try product of Missouri last year
amounted to 4G000000 an increase
of one milliondollars over the previous
year and of thirteen millions over
the record of four years previously
There are not many business firms
in the Central West which have a
record of four score years of commer
cial life The jewelry house of Mer
mod Taccard King or St Louis
has achieved this distinction and this
month celebrates the eighty second
year since its foundation by Louis
A company for the manufacture of
candy has been organized in St Louis
with a capital of 5300000 As indicat
ing the enormous business transacted
in the manufacture of candy in St
Louis this ono firm expects to turn
otu a product to the value of 5SO0OOO
to 1000000 annually St Louis has
already eight large candy factories
employing more than 200 persons and
the annual production is approximately
S0000fl0 pounds valued at S5000
good character may organize a patro
or troop getUng his authority from
headquarters 124 East Twenty eighth
street New York A patrol consists
of fiom six to eight boys and three
patrols make a troop There are local
olllcers councils and committees Each
patrol may have a name and secret
A scout must pass certain tests and
these are divided into classes or de
grees The higher a scout goes tlte
harder and more complicated are the
tests A scout must be loyal to his
country his officers his parents and
ins employers He must try to help
somebody every day and a scout must
rot be a snob Courtesy without re
ward is the duty of every scout and
obedience is one ofttie first principles
For acts or bravery scouts are re
warded by the organization
There is nothing sectarian or relig
ious about the movement though it
means to teach every boy all it can
about ethics and virtue and it means
to do this by showing them that these
are marks of manhood A scout must
not complain or whine and his honor
is to be trusted at all times
A scout must learn to do some sim
ple and useful things He must learn
something about signaling bandaging
building fires and cooking He must
know how to tie knots read tho com
pass and he must have an elemen
tary knowledge of tome telegraphic
The scout movement is self-supporting
and the scout law srys A scout
is thrifty Every member must pay
two cents a week into the treasury
If he wishes it and can pay for it he
may get a uniform A full outfit con
sists of a soft hat blue flannel shirt
knickerbockers stockings stout shoes
knapsack canteen a knife a whistle
and a staff marked off in feet and
The scout idea is that every boy
sliall have a part in the work Troops
will take expeditions into the country
sometimes remaining out seeral days
Through fields and forests these boys
will hike and the streams will be
lavorite resorts They will pitch
camp out in the woods from which
place they will scamper olf to do some
trailing signaling with smoke or by
semaphore or to do anything else that
is real wholesome fun At night they
will sit around the bg camp fire play
games and tell stories The
I master will- always accompany them
on such trips
England has taken the Boy Scout
movement seriously and so has
Franco Germany Spain Chile Argen
tina and many other countries The
United States was last lo take hold
But since it has the organization is
growing rapidly East West North
and South the people are facing the
movement with a determination to
make it further successful
The Liberty Academy of Medicine
an organization of physicians of the
town has adopted a resolution to
prescribe no more whisky or other
alcohol beveiages for any one except
their own patients whom they are
visiting at the time for actual sickness
I his is equivalent to placing the lid
on drug store liquor sales in the dry
Kansas City is to have free Sun
day concerts as another ot the many
attractions which go to make that city
a good place in which to live The
concerts will be held at Convention
hall It is the intention to afford
a wholesome Sunday afternoons pleas
ure to those who might otherwise
do much worse said one of the pro
moters of the plan
The year 1910 will show Kansas City
to occupy the twentieth place in pop
ulation among the cities of the United
States with a rank of sixth in bank
clearings In the latter respect the
record of Kansas City is larger in
proportion to population than any
other city in the Union excepting two
New York and Boston Fourteen
cities each with a larger population
Ithan Kansas City have smaller bank
Sour Grapes
Miss Woodbe who lost Your hus
band is evidently a bigamist You
should apply for a divorce at once
Mrs Gothim who won Why what
do you mean
Miss Woodbe Well he has been
telling it around that he had married
both beauty and brains Chicago
A Willing Witness
Did his actions have an air of ver
isimilitude the lawyer asked the wit
What was that sir
I say did his conduct wear an air
of verisimilitude
Oh replied the witness Sure
He was verisimilitudin all round the
place Saturday Evening Post
I wish to announce to my
patrons that I have moved
my Bus Carriage and Livery
office from No 9 North J 0th
St to No 15 N 10th Street
When you need me telephone
151 quick service
i -
is Essential to Comfort
Wo are selling the kind of coal that is conducive to com
fort Illinois Lump and Screened Coal burns to asm
no clinkers no dirt and a good hot
fire all time Prompt Delivery
Phone 88 black
Whittle Hockaday Coal Co
e Thanksgiving Gifts and All
oH the Latest Novelties See
The Jeweler at Perms Drug Store
City Lot For
Buy50c worth of groceries of Henry Wise
and get a chance on a city lot FREE
Our groceries are the best and always the
Do You Want It
Are You a Member of the
Ladies and Gents
Ladies can get their Suits Skirts and
Cloaks Pressed Gents can get their
Suits Full Dress Suits and Overcoats
Pressed Membership fee 100 a
month Payable in advance Work
called for and delivered to all parts of
the city
St Louis French Dry Cleaning C
No 31 arrives
Xoa arrives
No 37 arrives
No 3J arrives
Train Vn fi f nii c i
So so departs
140 pm XoU2ilenarta JS
250 pm XoJS departs lSVm
1050vtii No Mdenafta iIn
7X0ri 9j00pm
Train No 32 makes connectioni
ai dbell tocal Ann

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