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Reunion Oration Won Second
Bride- for Colored Gym
nasium Janitor
Negro Philosopher and Poli
tician Says Matrimony
Not a Failure
James Porter Washington tho ne
gro janitor at the Rothwell Gym
nasium is to be married again He
will wed Gertrude Tasker of near
Montgomery City Mo Sunday He
will leave for Montgomery City to
Jim is kown to practically every
student or the University of Missouri
Ho has been in the employ or the
University ten years and has been
tho janitor at the Rothwell Gymna
sium since it was built
No matrimony is not a failure
said Jim this morning I am lone
some now Jim is going to be
married too because it is cheaper
I cant take care or my two child
ren he said because I am at work
all day long I have hired a nigger
to take care of them and have to pay
him 3 a week Tho children arent
as well cared for as if my wife were
doing It either
Jim is as well known as any
negro in Columbia Ho is a political
speaker as well as a janitor Ho is
an ardent supporter of the Republican
party and in the last election he cam
paigned for prohibition and for the
mill tax amendment Ho made
speeches over Boono and adjoining
counties He is considered a good
speaker for a negro
He Pulled Some Votes
On the day of the November elec
tion Jim stood at one of the Co
lumbia polling places and told many
negroes to vote the Republican ticket
and for the tenth and eleventh amend
ments Ho was successful too in
swinging the negro vote I dont
know anything about the eleventh
amendment many a negro would
say as ho cast his vote but Im go
ing to vote for it cause Jim said to
It was one of his speeches that won
him the wife he is to wed Sunday
It was at a negro Old Settlers Re
union at Montgomery City Jim
made the principal speech of the
meeting Gertrude Tasker was
pleased with Jims oratory and
camo up to speak to him alter ho had
finished Jim took a fancy to her
and the courtship followed
Another Poem Soon
The other day Jim announced to
his friends that he was to be married
again Ho was careful to tell all tho
students who frequented the gym
nasium that they might give him a
little present Jim dont beg but
ho says that in vkw of tho fact that
it is Christmas and ho Is to bo mar
ried the bovs as he calls tho stu
dents might help out a little on
tho expenses of his wedding
Jim hasnt written a poem about
his marriage yet but those who know
him say ho will do so soon Ho has
written poems on every occasion
worthy of one in the past The death
of his first wife Columbia voting dry
Christmas helping tho poor and
many other noteworthy events have
been the subject of his poems
Was Former Student Here and a Phi
Beta Kappa
Word was received yesterday by W
O Bek alumni recorder that William
Sherman Johnson a former student
of Ithe University or Missouri died at
Tuscumbia Mof Sunday morning
The cause of his death is not known
Mr Johnson was considered a bril
liant student while in tho University
taking part in many branches of stu
dent activities besides making Phi
Beta Kappa He was graduated from
the College of Arts and Science in
Sending for Horticulture Reports
Requests from librarians at Yale
Harvard Brown and other Eastern
universities have been received by Dr
W L Howard secretary of the State
Board of Horticulture for tho annual
report of that board These annual
eports aro sent to 5000 persons
thoughout the state besides others
who ask for them
Prediction Is for Rising Temperature
Tonight and Saturday
The weather forecast for Columbia
and vicinity is Generally fair to
night aud Saturday Rising tempera
The temperatures today were
a- m 17 n a m 30
s a- m 20 12 noon t32
a m 23 1 p m 34
n a m 2T 2 p in 35
Present County Court Will Be
lieved Next Monday
Tho county court of Boono county
is holding its last session at the court
house this week It is winding up un
finished matters so that the new court
which comes in next Monday may
have as nearly a clear sheet as is
The court today devoted most of
tho time to road matters After a
short session tomorrow tho present
judges will have finished their work
At 9 oclock Monday morning the
new judges will be sworn in and the
first session of the 1911 court will
conveno immediately
Tho present judges are Judge C
C Turner presiding judge Judge
John S Bedford judge of the south
ern district Judo S N Woods
judge of the northern district
The judges elect who will be sworn
in are Judge W T Johnson presid
ing judge Judge Benjamin Tate
judge of the northern district Judge
J T Rowland judge of tho southern
Dean of the College of Agriculture Re
ceives Copy of Page Editorial
As a Christmas card from Arthur
Brisbane editor of the Hearst news
papers Dean F B Mumford of the
College of Agriculture received a
full page editorial from tho Now York
American on Tho Greatest Lovo in
the World written by Mr Brisbane
Mr Brisbane who visited tho Col
lege of Agriculture and tho State
Farm some tlmo ago was greatly im
pressed by the work done by the
school and wroto several editorials
on thatsubject
Mr Mumford recently sent Mr
Brisbane a report of premiums won
by the College of Agriculture at the
International Stock Show at Chicago
Mr Brisbane wroto to him asking tor
more details of the1 work presumably
to mako an editorial subject of it
Three Members of Sigma Nu Frater
nity at Indianapolis
Tho Sigma Nu fraternity at the Uni
versity of -Missouri has sent three of
its members to represent this chapter
at a three day national biennial con
vention of the fraternity that is being
held at Indianapolis Ind thi3 week
The members from this chapter are
J H Windsor U S Bragg and J M
Blairt Mr Windsor is a member of
the committee on new chapters
Members representing sixty active
chapters of tho Sigma Nu fraternity
in tho leading colleges and univer
sities of the United States and many
alumni members aro in attendance
A dance will be given tonight by the
members attending the convention at
Funeral of Former Columbian Held
Here This Afternoon
Tho funeral of C Marvin Dinwiddie
who died of pneumonia in St Louis
yesterday was held hero at 3 oclock
this afternoon Tho services were
conducted at his mothers home at
Ninth and Church streets
Mr Dinwiddie was 40 years old and
was a former resident of Columbia
At the time of his death he was a
traveling salesman for a St Louis
rug house He is survived by his
mother Mrs H A Dinwiddie two
sisters Mrs Laura Wright and Mrs
Agness Raum and a brother H R
Dinwiddie of the firm of Kreutz and
Program Given Last Night for Stu
dents in Columbia the Holidays
Two hundred students of the Uni
versity of Missouri who are spending
the holidays in Columbia attended
the Christmas party at Uie Y M C
A building last night Candy pulling
corn poping and old fashioned games
were features of the entertainment
There was also a program In the au
ditorium John R Scott gavo a read
ing Sanlinn Ho played on a Chinese
musical instrument and S T Chang
gave an account of Chinese Christ
mas customs
- islets SW- h s
Our Court Procedure a Joke
to Them Judge Lawson
Tells Jurists
Britons Show Humor Easily
Hastened at Mention of
Our Principles
Judgo John D Lawson dean of the
School of Law at the University of
Missouri is authority for the state
ment that the English sense of humor
however it may bo lacking in other
professions is highly developed in
the law courts of that country At
leat the jurists of that country
seemed to find much amusement in
his explanation of American legal
procedure when ho was there last
summer he told the American Politi
cal Science Association which met at
tho Southern Hotel in St Louis yes
Judge Lawson was one of tho two
named on a special committee of the
American Institute of Criminal Law
and Criminology which was sent to
England last summer to study the
differences in procedure in criminal
cases between American and English
jurists Edwin R Keedy professor
of law of Northwestern University
of Chicago was the other member of
tho special committee These men
spent much time with tho London
law courts Tho institute is endeav
oring u eliminato many of the techni
calities from American legal pro
Think American Law a Joke
One of tho first things they asked
me Dean Lawson said was the
name of the btato in which tho Su
premo Court had reversed a case be
cause tho was left out of tho indict
1 had to confess that it was my
own state They laughed heartily
and seemed to think the thing a great
joke How they asked could such a
reversal bo justified
I explained that our constitution
provides certain methods of pro
cedure and that one of them is that
a criminal indictment must specify
that tho offense was against the
peaco and dignity of THE state
I suppose one of them remarked
that if your constitution provided
that tho court must have a tin roof
the case would be reversed if it were
tried in a ciurt with a Unto root
And he laughed more heartily than
over One of tho judges observed-
that ho would have hanged tho man
who copied that indictment
America Far Behind England
England is seventy five years
ahead of us in criminal and civil pro
cedure It has been that long since
the English courts abolished tho old
technicalities which sprang up in the
days when belicr in witchcraft was
just dying out
Judgo Lawson told of this incident
in discussing a paper read by Edward
J McDermott of Louisville vice-president
of the Kentucky Bar Association
on the delays duo to technicalities
tt ntmiiinl nrac Ho fnifl
111 U1VII UUU ii 111J1HLI laac aau buu i
it was time for the United States to i
States Most Successful
culturists Members of
Exhibits in Mens and Roys
Classes Arriving Daily
300 Listed
Th Missouri Farm Management
Association which was organized
Farmers Week at the University of
Missouri last year with seventy five
charter members now has more than
200 members composed of tho most
successful tarmers in tho state
Thursday January 12 will bo Farm
Management Day at tho University
of Missouri and prominent speakers
from several states will address the
Tho association works in co-operation
with the College of Agriculture
in ndvUing tanners throughout Mis
souri as to the management of their
farms Among the practical farm
managers and men who aro doing
farm management work in colleges
who will make talks to the visitors
aro F B Mumford dean of the Col
lego of Agriculture W J Spillman
head of the farm management bureau
at Washington D C a former stu
dent of the University of Missouri
G F Warren a noted author on farm
management from Cornell Univer
sity Arnold Martin an agriculturist
who has made a reputation by his
management of a 20 acre farm in Ne
braska and D H Doano and O R
Johnson of tho College of Agricul
ture here
300 Entries in Corn Show
Another part or the program of
Farmers Week that is interesting
the farmers of the state is the corn
show conducted by tho State Corn
Growers Association About 300 en
tries have been made and 2200 in
premiums will bo given to those show
ing the host grades of coin Tho
mens and boys classes of -corn ex
hibits will ho arranged in five sec
tions and a complete set of prizes
will bo awarded in each section con
sisting or ten prizes each for tho
yellow and white varieties
The corn will be judged by tho
professors of agronomy of tho Col
lego or Agriculture and the awards
placed on the exhibits tho first day
ot tho show January 10
Wo intend to make this years
show the greatest ever held in Mis
souri said C B Hutchison secre
tary of tho State Corn Growers As
sociation this morning Tho farm
ers and their sons are taking great
interest in tho show and exhibits arc
coming in from all over the state
Junior Farmers to Meet
Tho junior organization of the
State Corn Growers Association was
formed in 190fi and much interest has
been manifested by the young farm
ers oi the stato in corn growing ever
since AEide from the regular prem
iums to be given to the boys for per
iod corn a special premium of 100
in gold will bo divided into four
prizes for boys who grow the largest
amount ot corn on one
G Montgomery
acre or
LAMAmt o flirt TTivreirv nl
wake up as Germany and Lngland Bl w
o lbraska C G Williams or tho depart-
invention with legal backwardness
he said that the courts today move
as slowly a did the travelers in ox
carts and canal boats or olden times
Technical rules should be made
simple and flexible he said to allow
the court without the delay of sec
ond trials or appelate procedure to
determine cases on the substantial
principles of the law
ment or agronomy of the Ohio Experi
ment Station and S M Jordan the
Missouri corn man will he among
tho speakers who will address the
corn growers of the state
After Signature They Will Be Taken
to Jefferson City
The bonds through which the city
let Columbia will get 55125000 with
whica to build a new water and light
i plant aro at the city clerks office for
Improvements Beng Made in Eng- s turo TIey wi bc slgned by
neering Mechanical Laboratory i maVor ef
A new system of drainage is being bi and 1ohn s Bicknell city clerk
installed in the mechanical aboraj After the signatures have been at-
tory in tho Engineering muiuing tacned thc bonds will bo taken to
There havo always been wet places jjeu erson city Tuesday and filed for
in the laboratory and too much steam record
wasted by leaking valves
cf siy
The new
svstem will eliminate both thc damp-
ness and the loss ot steam
There are about 300 feet or drain
age pipes which will all run into two
large pipes Under the old drainage
system tho pipes were on the cement
floor a great obstruction to work
They will be level with the surface
of thc floor now
The work is being done by six stu
dents under tho direction of O Edgar
The total cost will be about 500
Dr W L Howard Will Address
Pomological Society in February
Dr W L Howard secretary of thc
Stato Board of Horticulture has ac
cepted an invitation from tho Ameri
can Promological Society to address
its thirty second biennial meeting
which will bo held in Tampa Fla
February 9 10 and U He will speak
on orchard heating
wfcA 1
Favors Missourl Kansa Game in Kan
sas City but Not Thanksgiving
Governor Herbert S Hartley says
he is in favor of the Missouri Kansas
football game being played in Kansas
City but ho says ho does not think
tho gamq should bo playcd on Thanks
Governor Hadley believes that
Thanksgiving Day should he observed
according to the original idea and
that it should not be a day for general
hilarity He thinks tho day should
bo consented to homo life and by
members fjf families to each other
and ho sa that the attendance at
football gaffes by thousands of stu
dents or tHoniniversities and others
tends to prevent tho proper obser
vance of Thanksgiving according to a
Kansas City paper
Tho Missouri Valley Conference
meets in Des Moines la January 6
Tho Tnost extensive indoor track
prograi ever planned at the Univer
sity of Missouri will be carried out
this year according to Harry Tidd
assistant track coach An inter sport
relay and inter traternity events will
bo new features this year
Track work will begin in earnest
Tuesday said Coach Tidd this after
noon All tho men did not come out
before Christmas and most of those
who were out did not work hard
There will bo plenty or hard work
from now on
A heavy track schedule this spring
makes it imperative that Missouri
havo a trong well balanced team it
wo hope to win anything Kansas
will bo stronger than ever this year
and wo will have to work to dereat
them ir Minnesota or somo other
big school is scheduled the work will
bobardcr still rj -
The first indoor track meet will he
held two weeks from tomorrow in
tho Rothwell Gymnasium There will
bo meets almost every Saturday the
rest of the season There will be an
inler department and an inter class
meet before the out door season be
Coach T E Jones will devoto all
his tlmo to track work from now on
and Coach Chester L Brewer will
coach tho basketball team alone Mr
Jones la planning to have an inter-
sport relay and an inter fraternity re
lay in somo meet this spring The
inter sport relay will bo among the
baseball basketball track and foot
ball squads ir a man cdmpctes in
more thnn ono sport he can represent
Tho football squad can pick their
teanr from Nee Edwards- Idlei
Shuck Miller Curtis and other fast
men Tho basketball team will have
Parkor Cohen Prather Perkins
Hackney and others The baseball
men can choose from among Bcsheer
Nee Klein Saunders Alexander
Hall and others
There aro twelvo fraternities in
school and each will be asked to com
pete in the relay Many or the men
on the track team arc fraternity men
and will represent their fraternity
in the relay Thomas Wilder Hus
ton Estes Kirksoy and Mills arc
some of the men taking track work
Indoor work will begin Tuesday for
all the men except the broad jumpers
Coach Jones does not believe in broad
jumping indoors and will therefore
not issue a call for them until the
outdoor season begins
Six More From the College of Agri
culture Are on the Press
Twenty three bulletins have been
issued by tho Experiment Station of
the College of Agriculture of the Uni
versity or Missouri in 1910 Or these
bulletins ten are regular circular
bulletins or the College or Agricul
ture three or research work and ten
are regular reports on experiments
done at the cxpeiment station
These bulleUns have been sent to
aTrmers and others interested in agri
culture throughout Missouri and parts
of other states Six new bulletins
ae heing prepared for tho press
Lloyd R Killam Returns
Lloyd It Killam associato secre
tary of the Y M C A returned lat
night from Ellsberry Mo where ho
spent Christmas with his father
Governing Boards Will Con-
siderSporisdn General at
DesMoines Meeting
Training Table and Exclusion
of Coachjes Iroin Field to
Tho 1911 track baseball and foot
ball schedules will bo mado out Jan
uary G at Des Moines when the
at which time a plan ol action prob ldents of the colleges in tho Missouri
ably will be presented and the Valley Conference tho faculty repre
tion finally settled
jsentatlveaand tho athletic managers
meet In reality there will bo
trniTAii Til PflMDCTL threo scpajmo meetings tho
I Hill II III I II I III I I II i dents managers and faculty
RelayTeams of Greek Letter
Societies to Have
Indoor Race
sontatives holding separate sessions
Besldearinakjng out the athletic
schedules for ho coming year each
Intercollegiate splt will be taken up
separately and regulations for each
will bo discussed Ono regulaUon
that will come up in regard to foot
ball will bo a ptgposition to have all
football fields enclosed and all but
a few persons excluded from the side
lines even thecoaches being required
to bo off the field This is to pre
vent tho coaching from the sido lines
which is nearly always present in
some form although it may not he
The question of where tho Missouri
Kansas football game is to be played
probably will como up at tho con
ference although it may not bo de
cided It probably will bo scheduled
for the Saturday before Thanksgiving
and tho place of tho game left un
decided according to i Chester L
Brewer director of athletics at the
University of Missouri There may
ho an effort to revive tho training
table made at this meeting
I think the training tnble is killed
in tho Missouri Valley said Coach
Brewer this morning There may be
an effort to revivo it at Des Moines
hut- think it can bo success-
ful Most or tho -athletic men iJCft
iu favor of it however Tho greatest
valuo of a training table is to havo -
a feeling of confidence and comrade
ship with eacii other Tho way Mis
souri did last fall was In perfect ac
cordance with tho regulations of tho
Missouri Valley Conference and tho
men got all the benefit of a training
table A boarding houso seldom has
a super abundance of too rich food
and delicacies
Coacli Brewer thinks- tho rule or
the Missouri Valley Conrerenco pro
hibiting protessional coaches unless-
they are members of tho faculty of
tho school a good one Ho says it
makes for more sportsinanllko ath
A coach who is employed for three
months only seldom has tho welfare
of tho collego greatly at heart hot
says What ho cires most about
is winning games This Improves his
reputation I think there will bo
more healthful athletics now In tho
Missouri Valley with less of the win
at any cost spirit
Interior of Academic Hall Re tinted
and Other Changes Made
Except for the installing of the
electric light bulbs which are to re
place tho present chandeliers tho
ork of decorating Academic Hall
is completed for the present Tho
walls of tho lower floor and tho
columns on all the floors have been
re painted
AH tho bulletin boards that form
erly were scattered through the halla
are assembled now near tho entrance
of the auditorium The object was
both to improve the looks of the cor
ridors and to put notices where they
will be read by all the students
There probably will- be other im
provements soon J S Ankeney
head of the department of theory and
practice of art was in charge of tho
If No Remonstrances Are Filed Order
Probably Will Be Made
Papers establishing a paving grado
on Sixth street between Conley ave
nuo and Walnut street are on file
in the office or tho city clerk ir
there aro no remonstrances before
the mooting of tho city council next
Tuesday night it is probable that the
city will then order thc paving to
begin Tho papers give tho grado a
distance of 290 root If ordered the
paving will be of brick
X2 fe

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