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Jkn ETtnine Daily ly the Student- in the School
if Jounmlkm at the TJiiivcrit ol Missouri
J E Chaexoff
Manasinsr Editor
IXlVrnslIVMtSSOUEIAX assocutiiiv lvc
Iaele Pkarwv 1resMrm
Vavch BEYATcrtary
Fbanci SriAfrr Tiwirtinr
David K DiatTEit Ticus Talley
oprirE ISsoiriH mouth jrnriT i wisr
Kntfrcdut the IonoUiw of Columbia Mo
mail matter
By carrier l by mail tin- ar
Al1rsnll communications to
CiilumbLi Mn
The figures showing tlio increase
of divorces in Iloono county are but
part or a general tendency all over
tho United States In 1SS0 the percentage-
of divorces in 100000 popula
tion was 3S whereas in lOflfl it was
TJ Since ltioo the percentage has
increased When the Roman Catholic
population is subtracted there is one
divorce for every six marriages
Tho worst part or the figures is the
alarming increase they show with no
prospect or abating Every year shows
more divorces in proportion to mar
riages Tho reason is that divorces
can bo obtained on the slightest pre
texts Already in many states it has
becomo so easy toget a divoice that
people do not stop to consider
whether they are suited to each other
before they marry hut rush into mat
rimony regardless of whether they are
congenial to each other or not
Tho justification usually ottered for
divorce is incompatibility This can
often bo avoided by a reasonable dis
play of forbearance Olten divorce
proceedings starl from silly quarrels
which a littlo patience and forboar
tnco would smooth over If divorces
were not so easy to obtain families
would be lorced to use more religious
forbearance and the divorce evil
which is seriously threatening the
American home would be a thing of
the past
A Vale professor lecturing at St
Louis advanced the theory that the
high cost of living is due to an in
crease of gold and not tho tarilT
This will relievo many people from
misapprehension because it has
zstbew the opinion that it was due
rather to the decrease in the purchas
ing power of gold But why mention
that just after Christmas
During tho first week in January
Columbia will be the host or fifteen
hundred farmers and it is the duty
of tho citizens to see that this city
acquits itself nobly This year the
students of the University of Missouri
will have returned from their vaca
tion and the difficulty of obtaining
lodgings for the guests will bo in
creased Because of this fact the
citizens should exert greater effort to
seo that the farmers are properly
lodged and their visit here made one
of entertainment and pleasure Co
lumbia must make good
Tho convention formerly was held
in various towns over tho state and
now theso towns are watching closely
every meeting so that they may seize
upon tho least indication that would
show Columbia is unable to treat the
farmors right For this reason un
usual effort must bo put forward to
prove that this is the best place to
hold the convention and Columbia can
take care of them The proper spirit
has been shown by the Commercial
Club in taking hold of the work this
early and endeavoring to reserve all
vacant rooms in tho city for that
Every citizen or Columbia can also
help If you havo a vacant room or
can provide housing for the guests let
tho Commercial Club know You must
do this It is your duty to the city
This convention must be retained by
tho city of Columbia because this is
the logical place for it to be held
This city is centrally located the
University of Missouri and the Col
lege of Agriculture are here the Co
lumbia Commercial Club exerts everv
effort to entertain visitors and the
people delight in a chance to show the
farmers of tho state what Columbia
Mo really is No other town in the
state has these advantages to offer
Moreover this year several other
organizations will meeuhere Farmers
Week which will makejt all the more
difficult to attend to the wants of all
Nevertheless Columbia must see that
all of them go away with a favorable
impression of the city and there is
only one way for this to be accom
plished It must be done by united
effort and the greater this effort is
the more honor will fall on this city
Nothing is accomplished by lagging
behind fiet up into the harness
Help tho farmers and they in turn
will -help Columbia fiet busy
A womans club of Trenton X 1
has piepared a bill to be introduced
at the coining session of the state
legislature urovinding that when a
man is married in that state ho shall
wear a thumb ring Such a bill would
never pass in Utah
News that the city council intends
to open bids for the site for the new
water and light power house sounds
good from the standpoint of tire tax
payers of Columbia who are anxiously
awaiting the installation of a new
water and light system The bids tor
property will be opened at the coun
cils next meeting January and un
less some complication arises the
site will be chosen About twenty
live tracts of laud have been recom
mended to the council and mauy of
them doubtless are suitable
No time should be lost in the selec
tion of a site and the beginning of the
erection ol the new plant After the
actual work on construction of the
building begins Columbia will have
o wait eight or ten months heloro
the new service is ready A year at
the least is the time required to get
the new system in good running order
a long time it seems to some tax
payers for the money they voted to
he spent
Wall on the pluui probably will
begin soon after the first of next year
provided the site is obtained and the
preliminary anangements are satis
factory If a site is chosen that is
near the piesent plant less time will
bo required as tho present wells
could bo utilized Tho plant probably
will bo located in tho ninth part of
Columbia near the Wabash railroad
as shipping facilities and water con
nections are better there
It wouldnt be out ot place ir Co
lumbia had a clean up day before
Farmers Week
Is there a public conscience There
is but it fails to predominate in the
bodies or all men when they walk into
the ptesence or a tax assessor or go
before some board of equalization to
determine the amounts of their taxes
Every tax assessor will testify to the
fact that they are rare persons who
will come up and make honest state
ments about the amounts of their tax
able property
Ask a man why he does nnl give
in his property according to its value
and you will be promptly told that he
does not simply because other men
perjuic themselves to escape taxation
If we may judge by the actions of
propei ty owners in matters of taxa
tion then perjury has ceased to he a
crime and has become one of the
cardinal virtues
Of course it is unjust to have one
man pay taxes on ihe full amount of
his property while his neighbor goes
unmolested though he pays on only
a small part of his entire amount of
taxable property Then you ask
Where is the remedy
The remedy is with the people
Every man should make an earnest
effort to abide by the law giving in
his proper at as nearly Its real
valuo as 1h is able If every man will
do this and it is something that
every man can do then there will be
sufficient revenue in the city county
and state treasuries If every owner
of taxable property would be honest
enough to do this there would soon
he enough money to make all neces
sary civic improvements and advance
ment along all lines would be made
Then too tho rate of taxation would
soon be lowered
This is a question thai is demand
ing much attention at this time and
every man will do well to consult his
own conscience and seo if he is justi
fied in perjuring himseir Tor a grain
of gold
- - J
In College and After
President Lowell in an article In
the December number of the Harvard
Graduates Magazine undertakes to
use as a basis for judgment on the
oft discussed question of the relation
between college student rank and af
ter success certain statistics of the
standing attained by Harvard A ns
in their subsequent studies in the
Hnrvard schools of law and medicine
Two classifications are involved the
one according to the nature ol the
studies chiefly pursued by the student
while at college the other according
to the rank attained by hiiu upon his
graduation as A It Under each of
theso clasilii ations the question i
asked what percentage of students of
i given type took then
degree cum laude And this is Presi
dent Lowell summing up
The conclusions to be drawn from
the whole matter are thso Tiini it
make comparativelj littlo diffciiu c
to what subject a man devote him
self in college but it makes iii im
mense difference how good a scholar
he is and that the men vbo des
tined to take the highest rink in the
law and medical schools are marKediy
better scholars both in the propitia
tory schools and in college than their
fellows In intellectual power as in
other tilings the hn is father to
tha man
i tho river justify
tics aro themselves conclusive but
also because the conclusion might well
have been regaided as established as
a result ot common observation on
tho part or practically everybody en
titled to an opinion It mav be as
President Lowell sas that there is
a popular prejudice in favor ol Jhe
opposite view the view that a poor
student at college is as likely as a
good ono to be a success in profes
sional work but like the similar
prejudice to the effect that precocious
children are likely to bo stupid or
commonplace adults and tiiai the
children of men ol genius are not
likely to be much more giltrd than
those of ordinal y persons it has
never tested on any respectable basis
of tact but has on tho contrary been
iu manifest contiadiction to facts ob
vious to any intelligent -and unpreju
diced observer
To tho popular prejudice on this
last head Galtons Hereditary Gen
ius may be regarded as having given
tin coup do grace nearly half a cen
tury ago and the figures adduced by
President Lowell should go far toward
removing suchinisapprehension as
may exist on the subject o the rela
tion between a creditable record ot
scholarship at college and a like rec
ord in proressional studies Thus the
figures show that of men who simply
got a plain degree at college only fid
per cent succeded in getting a cum
laude at the law school while this
success was attained by 227 per cent
of those who at college had gradu
ated cum laude by 32 per cent ol
thoso who had won a magna cum
laude and by fil7 per cent of the
minima cum laude men As the statis
tics cover twenty years and moie
than a thousand men this is a pretty
conclusive caso ol concomitant aria
Concerning the lir t of President
Lowells conclusions on the other
hand there is considerable reason loi
hesitation both as to the conclusive
ness of the statistics and as to the
true significance or tho conclusion it
self The four great divisions under
which tho men are classified according
to the studies to which they wore
chiefly devoted are languago and lit
erature natural science history and
political science and pholosophy and
mathematics Now to begin with
President Lowell himseir rules out
the lourth ol these divisions because
tho whole number ot students under
it in the law school was only nineteen
and in tho medical school only eight
There remain then at best only tho
other three groups as a basis for the
conclusion that it makes littlo or no
difference what studies a man may
have pursued at college so far as
regafds his success in his professional
course But an extremely important
objection must bo entered against this
conclusion namely that each of these
large groups includes an enormous
range and that studies chosen with
in the group may bo of the most
diametrically opposite character as
regards mental discipline In language
and literature it may make all the
difierenco in tho world whether one
takes Greek or English in natural
science whether the choice is physics
or geology in history and political
science whether it is political econo
my or modern history In a word
the classification is too looso to be
made the basis of any conlident con
clusion as to the indifference of choice
of subjects New York Evening Post
In and Of Missouri
The largest county in Missouri has
the same name as the largest state
in the United States and the county
seat of the county has the same name
as the largest city of the largest state
This ils Texas county the county seat
of which is Houston This county is
also important because it has one of
the most unique industries in the
state the raising of ginseng This
herb has a market in China where its
roots sell tor 7 a pound It is used
by the Cninese to prevent all kinds
or illness
Senator M L Daniels of Saline
county claims to have a millstone in
hs possession that is over IDA tyears
old Tho stono was lound near Gill
luan in that county It came out of
an old treadmill which was operated
on a small creek near thete by a
Spaniard about lSlfi Oxen furnished
the motive power This mill was the
first one ever run in Saline county
and it is supposed that Uie Spaniard
ground meal for tho Indians at the
old mill long before any white settlers
came to that section of the state
A successful and permanent sys
tem of fi eight carrying on the Mis
souri Uiver beginning with a line
between St Louis and Kansas City
is the plan of the Missouri Uiver Nav
From the second ot these conclu
sions that it does make a gtoat
whether a young man has or
has not been a good student at col
lege there is no room for dissent
mil Mii iirtr iitiK lwipniwri tlin 1ltis i
igation Company which has its head
quarters at St Louis Tho first boat
was launched at New Orleans Meient
1 and will he put into service on the
river soon The boats will bn im
proved as to type and capacity from
time to time as the impioveiiicnts in
The first wedding ceremony ever
performed in the state penitenliaiy
took place last week when Governor
Hadley paroled Charles Ileachainp at
the solicitation of his bride-to-be iji1
Mrs Ituth Itlteh or Kennett Mo be
came Mrs Beachanip They were en
gaged to bo married two yonrh ago
hon Hcachamp was sent to prison
In all probability Col Theodore
Roosevelt would exclaim Delighted
il he ever ysited the home ot I E
Stahl a young fanner who lives near
Bltnceton jn Cooper county Mr and
Mrs Stahl are the parents ol thiee
sets of twins two girls ami lour
What is considered the best mated
and highest priced team of carriage
horses in Howard county is owned
by Dr H K livens The horses
wero recently purchased by Dr livens
fromE F Swinney of Kansas City
for 1000
Jacob Mnildov ol Calloway county
who is sri years old is considered the
father of the mule industry in Mis
souri It is said that he has bought
and sold more Missouri mules than
any other man in tho state lie
started buying mules before the Civil
War and has kept it ill to the present
day A h
Removal Notice
I wish to announce that I have
moved my office to rooms 0 and 7 in
tho New Miller lluildltig corner
Eighth and Ilroadway
Dr W A Norris
I wish to announce that I am now
located in rooms 1 and t in the New
Miller nuildiug coiner Eighth and
Dr 1 K Thornton
Trustees Sale
Whereas Squire Owen Thorp and
Jllic Belle Thorp his wife by their
eed of trust dated August 10th 10
nd recorded in Hook 10i at Page 2i
f the Heed of Trust Records of Iloono
ounty Missouri conveyed to the
erslgned Trustee the following de-
crihed real estate situated in the
ounty of lloonc and State of Missouri
o wit Lois Number Eighty Five
Eighty Six and Eighty Seven in Hloek
Number Five in Mikels Subdivision
of Lois Number SI 84 SH 88 and the
West hair or lots SG and 87 in Jarths
Addition to the City or Columbia
vhich deed of trust was given to se-
ureto Joseph W Crane tho payment
f a note for tho sum of One Hundred
Jollars duo one year after date and
caring interest at the rate of eight
icr cent pernnnum as in said deed
ally described and set forth
And Whereas default has been made
n tho payment of said noto accord-
ng to the terms or said note and said
cod ot trust
Now Thorororc I the undersigned
Trustee at the request or tho legal
holder or said note will on Friday the
30th day or December 1310 at the
front door of the Court house in the
City of Columbia Iloone county Mis
souri between the hours of nine
oclock In the forenoon and five oclock
n the afternoon of said day offer said
bovo described real estate for sale at
public auction to the highest bidder for
cash in hand according to tho terms
of said deed of trust
First insertion December Cth
- fe
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