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Boone County Court Should
Pay $13,000 For Improve
ments, He Claims.
ThirtyTeams and 75 Men
Now Working On Colum
bia District Roads.
In the Columbia Special Koad Dis
trict there are about 100 miles of road
to be maintained and kept in repair."
Mild J. A. Hudson, chairman of the
commissioners of the Columbia Spe-.r0r the Columbia Special oRad Dis
cial Koad District. 'One or two cul- trict consists, of Mr. Hudson, Mr. Con
x oris sometimes a good deal more. I lev and 1.. I.. Dodd. J. 15. Dean is the
bae to be made in cell mile of road. I r:,,i engineer.
The smallest culverts cost about $1.".;
others run up as high as $loo. Those ,.,,.,. v i;ysv MCA.IXE
howeer which exceed $100 in cost
nre supposed to be paid for by the
idiiiity. 'inure are a number sr.ch to
i - .1 I ...:1. t L.if tll-lt tlll -
lie uuiu auu i . " ".
.,011- County Court has not done one
"iii'ig toward paying for them. 1 do
not beli-e the Count;.- Court has
acted at all fairly in this road matter.
side from the -100,uOO we receixed
lor road making from th- bond issue,
.iliout $i::.tiiiO was raised in taxes in
this load district. The iSoone County
C-urt was s.ippo.-ed to turn oer that
i, one tor road making in the d. strict
: which it was raised. The commis
'lOiierb claimed t sis district was at
! at entitled to rjn.w.u or Sm.'ioo ot it
'loweer the County Court onl of
i.rcd s'.idO of it. The commissioners
relused to accept this and have
. flight the matter up in the state
.-i.,. i erne Court.
"'Why don't you build jour roads
like Columbia? That's what traelers
along the Cross State Highway will
jsk the people in other road districts
h n th highway is finished. That'
irsioncrs have set their minds on
ba'.ing the best sort or road possible
lor Columbia's part of the highway
and we will have it. too.
"This business of road building and
maintenance is by no means a simple
y-k." said Mr. Hrdson. "To anjone
who has not had experience it mav
mm easy enough to build a road. Itut
th great question is, 'What kind of
a road should be built?' There are
a hundred and one different opinions
oi this subject. The best engineers
ard contractors disagree. As far as
I know there is only one place in the
I nded States where some definite
Plan of road making lias been a.lopted.
That is
Wayne County, .Mich.,
where the roads are made of concr?te.
These are beautiful roads but the ce-,
.rent has to be of just the proper com-
.nr-f:n.. n 1, ,. .i.li. ...til ifiintlilik t
I'l.Mi.ui. u. me .u.iu ... u... ....... ..
nils is one oi a long cuain
of circumstances which has
the commissioners in getting to work'
on the highwav. We want to be sure
... ... . I
of having the best road when we start
to build and we can't be sure if w
ji.mp into making it in a hurry
Aside from their taxes, proi
,,rt !
ro:ui ,
owners along the Clark Lane
which runs from .Moore's Station due
east from Columbia, hae raised ?jni)ii
for improving this road. There has
liesn some opposition, on the part of
other residents of the district to the
improving of this road. It is true
that one of the road commissioners.
S- K
Conlev owns several tracks of
land a
long this road however the fact
that there are coal mines situated
along it, and that it is a much more
direct route to Columbia for resi
dents in that part of the district, war
rants its improvement.
"We hae a good start on making
the road' now. We started about two
montbs ago with two gangs of men.
We now have five gangs, in all about
seventy-live men working. We have
about thirty teams working beside our
traction engine. When the commis
sioners first began work on this roau
lirr!initirM tlmi' lopiriiiH tn let coll-
tn-cts for the building of all the hard
surface roads. The lowest bids we
received howeer were more than
I" ice the amount we figured it would
cos. to do the thing ourselves. We
ir,i,i i. i... ..in,, nnd after
-' UU V 111 HIV llll-l U" -.. .--.
I'l'.ving a traction engine a rock
crLher. roller and nicies, we figure
il,,. ,,. ...ii, ... ic ,l,nn hnlf what
'i would had we let it to some OOH"
U'e have apportioned about $13.000 ,
have for the building
,1. IL 01 me ii.mnvav v...il-.i iu
income 01 me 1 imeisiiy anu wiiu "c clmvs inirrli-isiiK now Inn shoes "i- ,
.!,,..l. tlio r-nlm.il.i-i .listri.-t is nr. nir .... . . i snows, purciMSHlj, new Kill SIIOLS, n '
,0 be the best piece of road on l""'V?r?,ZZ:, ?iinp h,r 8irl """ BaUn frC7erS f'r
i.i.w-n Pvi.rvoiii. u-hn tn..Is .,0-ib.i .--". ... ......... lce cream ror presents, anu buying an v
l.tgliwaj. LierjoiiL wlio traeis aio.i, . ., , H ,ip:1rtment a little ..,., ,..... .. ,., ... . .. c. ......
uu road will talk about it. The coin-' , ,. . .. ,. .,., Ju . .
Gf the inone we
Forecast Sajs C'oliinibiu Will Enjoy
Fair Weather.
The government weather forecast
for Columbia until 7 o'clock tomorrow
night is: "Fair and somewhat warmer
I louigui. auu Tomorrow. me lemper-
, at
11 a. in Ci
12 (noon) 04
1 . in G.'i
2 p. in CG
10 a. in.
of the State Hjghway through the Co
lu.nbia Special Hoad District. We
think this will he adequate however
vi will not do much on the highway
I this fall except to prevent washouts.
V.V will keep our force working on
the other roads of th edistrict just as
far into the winter as it is possible
to work."
The hoard of road commissioners
j..jrsj SVI,. tl;o .Missouri Allium -
1t Toda.
Tl,.. Mimiri Minimi for October is
t a. m :!;
s a. in ri
!t a. in 33
. fuU q( ,IItcr0St.the money in its she just couldn't rc -
ing news tor both alliums and under-
graduate, teacher ami stmieiii. i-or
the lawvers there is a complete bios-
raphy of Dean Ilinton. from the time
he was a youngster to the present. An
article much on this line is a short
biography of Homer Croy. an '07 grad -
uate and now Kditor of the Leslie -
.luilge periodicals.
in ,.S muca as u.e.e ..B j.. i-
ed in the Missourian an article of the
sale of the one time college play,
"Hundred Dollar Hill." the article by
Vaughn Bryant, the playwright, is
tiinelv. This short sketch gives the
author's troubles in producing the gone. And after tyinjc Miss Washing
play and the difficulties he had with ton, colored, up in many conversa
the University authorities. tional knots, tound that she had stolen
I The article and table by Isidor Loli
.... . .
;..... ," ".T :
III! 1 lllll I I II I lllll.l I rlllll'illlllll ill .lll-
"- .-. i - iiiiiiiiMMlntil lit
i tr v nil is in ! in i -1 1 1 1 1 i i - i in
those who have an idea of the yearly
iven. Several good pictures are
printed of those whom athletics ha. -e
'.,,,,,, ,
nut 111 the local hall of fame and
that always-good picture of Nichol
son. captain of tiie crack team. The
plan for the r"iinion of the "M" men
at the Nebraska game is given in full
and a cordial invitation is extended
to all who have ever won a letter. At
the dinner to be given to those men
on the night of the game "M" certifi-
cates will be given to all present
This fiistnm will l.e enntimied for all
This custom will he
time after this year.
. ... ....w... -.... ., w .......-.. .
This will give
I the men something besides their
' sweater and will be a thine thev can
-.. nfter ... ,,. coii0!I
A new plan for organizing the old
. is sni:sost(,(i n nominations!
. . .....,,, at iar0 !in( jV !iny
one n the cIass and sent ,,, , le
,. sper.-lnrv nf the al
-.. ,., , rinted in the next
sue of the magazine. Then the voters
Tlion the vntnrq
,, , . ,. nn tho iiniints m.d
""" ...v... ....
send them to the secretary of the
alumni. The results of the election
will he printed in the folilowing issue.
In this way officers may be elected
In this wav officers mav be elected
without a meeting of the class, and
the business of the class is transacted
nuich easier than it could he in any
n1)u,r way
3Iiss (Jiiick Yisiting Here.
.Miss Edith Quick who has been in
Los Angeles, Calif., for the past two
ycars. is here visiting friends. She1
wiH leave for her home in Prairie Mill
jn a few ,jayS- From there she will
return to California.
.Man land Place Paling Done.
The work of paving .Maryland Place
is about completed. The cement grout
filer has been put on and as soon as'
the debris is cleared away, the street
wll he ready for travel.
Tliere Will Re No AssemM- Tlmrsda
No assembly will be held next
- Thursdav because that day has been
selected as University Day at the state
fair '" So'JaIla
Daughter for 3Ir. and 3Irs. Eiiiherson.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. R. H. Kmberson Saturday. The
lwliJ' has been named I ranees r.nza-
; "
To At!eil Hie niaie rair.
.. .... t l.i.. .nn ctqtn laruriii.
a ent to Sedaiia yesterday to at-
,' . . .. ..
tend the state fair.
D?an r. U. .IUII1-
ford also is in 'attendance at the fair.
1 I'l ITU III llir Itllllllllll iriUklVI ! 1. m- 1.h lilVt ln .mlv m
This Negro Girl Had a Grand
't" r r t
Time On Contents ot
Stolen Purse.
Her Beau Got a Five-Dollar
Gold Piece Ice Cream
For Others.
New tan shoes for herself.
Fie-cent shows and circus.
Gallon freezers of ice cream for
Candy and popcorn.
Load of wood "for an old lady".
Fie-dolIar gold piece for her beau.
It was certainly a grand time that
Sina Washington, a 17-year old negro
girl had on money she now confesses
. .he stole from her employer a fewK
days ago
Sina has a generous nature,
ii . 11. n . ,. hmIi '
anu wncn sue lounu me i. .!.- ...,
sist taKing it so sue couiu uu su....-
( ....i, - .".. ,. 7 , ,
I s a ?" - llle "'s biie uiu mi ..u.
I friends-and herself, according to her
own confession.
, Mrs. H. G. Kohlbusch, 1C West
, Broadway, hired Sina for a house-girl
'not long ago, thinking she would
J surely be truthful and honest if not
ut ouumuo.., . ... """"""', about ?100.000. without the plumbing
though, she round that all Washing- and wirinR wllich Js bGin ,Ione b
tons are not alike. When she w-'nlJiie University Its size is V feet bv
; to get a small article out of her purse .,.,s feet practic-llv all f 't ! r
'which she had hidden away, she IT ' ' '' .U" JinV'
found about S40 or $.10. possibly more.
the money.
'l'I.. n.a.n.. ...nr !. . .rV f llilll (1
I "IL ,:lu"lv waB u"vl" "lK,,J l""" "
J I week ago. Not a penny will be recov-
, crC(,f for the KJrl sont it takinc. m
the wiId west show
. t 1 fill
ist show was here. She
squ. pvprv Sini sillt treited heri i'i 1 1 , " ., t-
bau exer single signt. treated "erlnK, which is being done by the I'm-
r.i 1, ... 1 1 c?i. . . .
iii"iiua iu va.tuv .t.iu ifuiictj...
was een so flush that she gave her
beau a five-dollar gold piece.
Part of the money was the two-
year savings of Mrs. Kohlbusch's
daughter. .Mabel. She had worked
hard playing in a music store and
giving private lessons on the piano,
, Like her mother she trusted the girl
! llOf'n.lKO lior 1l:mw v;.s WnQliini'tnn
, . . "
'....i i.n..i. i. ..... -t. :i
:lllft lhnm-ht thn ninnor enfo Qlin is
. .
sure that it is gone forever.
When accused of the theft Sina
Washington at first declared she was
"Honest. I didn't do it," she cried.
"' hlo ,a fall dead right here in myi
tracks if I took your money."
A fnw niiiuitnc lotni limi'ncni clnk
to tne - i The Methodist and the Presbyterian i ""'""" "- " , """ """ ' '
lumni.i A f0tt' nlin,1-'s later however, she Cnurcncs of Columbia each have em-' ers,t' ,ies in the consent of tne Fac-,son is planned. The Glee Clutr ofli
jxt is- adniie(l that she took fifty cents out ! .,oved a stU(ont of the University of' " Committee on Student Activities, cers are: President. H. S. Finlayson;
"' l"e I",rse. l.Ul you call lane IIUU
"' "- i""- " -' -' - l,,rtl
0,lt f "' week's wages," she said'
, cno,"K i.''-
When told she would be taken to
,he courthouse and arrested is she did
""v """". ."-, u u... B..u u.u
"ol i"-eoy coniess. aue sa.ci sue am
rtrnt ciinndili- -ii fno .-... r.ni.1 .l. n A A
not care for she had IiCen """iin the Y. M. C. A. Building.
hefore and "they didn't prove one. Rsh LimbalIRh who is
Remocrats Will Also Work Against
Single Tax.
The Democratic County Central
Committee is planning the most thor-
ough political organization the county
has ever had. Iu an effort to bring
. out eve
every oter, a chairman is being,
- appointed in each school district.
There are about one hundred districts
in the county. Each local chairman'
will be responsible for all the voters)
in his district, and will be in close
'c'- with the chairman of the cen-
tral committee. The committee also
w, work in conjunction with the
Aml-SiiiBle Tax League and will see
tint itifliifinnik Sc lin ! -. !. rt m-k
l""' """"-- - .....(,... ,uulK
every man to vote against the tax.
Including the Slimmer Session the En
rollment is i:i7.
There is an increase of 239 students
enrolled for the summer and regular!
sessions of the University this year j
nvor thn onmllmont nf hist vnir !
""-" "- " -" " .--
n.. .... ...
. nnro ro -'.-. snifionrs oninrnn tin'
for the present session. Including
.. ,. ... i ...
me ium Mi.i.it.e. r-fft&.uii ine total i
New Physics and Chemistry
r .
Structures not to he Finish-
ed until February.
Total Cost of Both "will be
S160,000 Cut Stone
From Indiana.
Shortage of cars and consequent
delay in getting material here proba
bly will cause the construction of the
new Physics and Chemistry Buildings
to extend beyond the time called for
in the contracts. ti,om to tllese recitals.
J. W. Wilson and Son, builders of ' "As all the old students know, Col
the Physics Building, were delayed by j umbia in the winter time is not the
the lack of cut stone. On account of! most cheerful place in the world, and
the demand for frnipht ira thn -nil those who nttondod thnso reritnls Inst
comimnies have I10t been able
.to brim? th stnne fmm Indintm fnot
iiuii-,.!. OIUUI l lit (Jill CI t UUIILI aUlUiij
frit tlir Plmmictfi- Tu I1I l ,. ,l
l,aycd ,n . J, lron. ' 0lvevcr"
both buildi mav , ,lll!shcd b
opening of the second semester.
Specifications for both buildings are
about the same. Twenty to twenty-
two inch stone walls, brick partitions.
re-inforced concrete doors and ceil -
ings, and slate roofs are called for in
The Physics I'uilding will cost
.... ,,. '
i granitoid. The only wood will be
I used around the windows and doors.
I The last story is now being com-
j pleted. About thirty men are em
i ployed in the construction work.
, naa ... . . .
,no -ea"stry Ruilding is C7 feet
1V 17c rPOt in siyo 1 ik th Pi,viV
nulldlns. it will be practically fire-1
iroof. The wooden partitions can
:i, but they hold no weight and
.ould not affect the rest of the struc
ture. Completed as far as the con
tract calls for. the building will cost '
i:ii ono i.pSi,if.s tin. iinmiiit nn.i :.-
versity. On account of the lack of
money me structure win oe leu ior
the time being in the rough. No plus-
tering finishing will be done. The
( workmen now are working on the sec-
ond story.
Both buildings will have two floors
and a basement. The rough stone for
both is obtained from quarries around
' Pnlliml.in Altnitt 1 TOO mrr.1i nf slnno
, .. ...-..-.,.., .
' will li licnri in tho Plivsins rtnilflinj
' . ........... .... ......
....u i.u.m ii uiu v...e....iry miiiuiiig.
! It. Lniibaiigli and A. W. Wolf Will Aid
Methodist and I'reslij terians.
The MethodIst and the Presbyterian
. nissouri to assist the nastors of the'
.,. , .,k, , t of.i
.1U1V..1. ... ..U....., ......... ...... "... ,
dents of the University. These young
i men work in connection with the Y.
; M c A and aro members of the Y. '
c A canjnet Tnev have offices
Ar . . Thov h
by the Methodist Church, is a gradu-
late of the Cape Girardeau State Nor- Geil of Oregon, Mo., caused by injur
I mal School. While he was a student ies received in a game between Ore-
I there he was secretary of the Y. M.
f. A on vear ue aSo represented
' that scy,00i 'n the oratorical contest
.of the state normals two years. He
won the contest last year. He also
represented Missouri in the interstate
normal oratorical contest, which met
at Kansas State Normal, last year. He,
is a student in the College of Arts and
Science here and will later take the
law course. J Lots and Old Residence. i
The Presbyterian Church has em- i A ot sa,e wag ,ie(j yesterday in the;
nloved A. W. Wolf, a graduate of ParkFvfer addition by H. II. Tandy. There!
College, of Parkville, Mo. Mr. Wolfja"e twenty-one "lots in the addition
was employed last year as assistant
of the Rev. Clelland B. McAfee, pastor
of one of the largest Presbvterian
churches of New York City. He is a
! student in the School of Medicine. '
Each of these young men give half,
'of their time to the work to the
church and half to their school work.
Curtis Hill to Springfield.
Curtis Hill, state highway engineer,
left Sunday for a week's stay in the
southwestern part of the state. He
will Iolivfr nn nddrcSS at a road
I .. . -. : ,., 11. ulcn will
pintint. nr 7s.ir...ii..t?iu. lit i" .....
j attend a special meeting at Munford.
...i :.!., ii- i,fnr the neo-
vnere a iiuu3i.u. v.... (
pie for the building of a new road.
Program for the Coming Year Has
, Iieen Arranged,
I The faculty of Stephens College has
sent out the following program of the
series of recitals this winter. These
'recita,s are to be 8iven at S:ir,oclock
I Monday evenings in the college audi-
I torium. The dates follow: October
14, piano recital by Mr. Gauntlett: Oc
tober 21. song recital by Mr. Lawless;
October 2S, violin recital by Miss Hib
bard; November 11. pianoforte recital
by Miss Hudson; November 25, ex
pression recital by .Miss Crawford;
December 9, pianoforte recital by Mr.
These recitals are given free and
all the students of the University are
invited to attend. The program for
the second semester will be an
nounce later.
James M. Wood, president of Steph-
jens College, has sent out cards to the
i students of the University inviting
- year know that they helped pass a
cold winter." he savs. "The series of
' i0 ;,.. . ,"..i.i... , , ,i...
.muia ,iju aic wiuiuui woi ij mi.
ctnrlotit nnil nm o-Ii-ti -inct tn niLri
iifc in Columbia more enjoyable to the
people who attend them."
Pamphlet Soul to F.wrj Person Un
1 rolled in I'm ctmIj.
Information regarding conduct of
students, their class work, and other
, , "". .,
,fes"ed l'v t,1P l n,-'rslJ' smCK ,he
OI'en!ni; of scno0'- A C0I'-V of ,he
' look ,ias' ,,oen 1,laileu to -'ach of the
' -I(!0 students of the University.
The issue explains that in the gov-1
eminent of the University, the presi
dent and faculty rely chiefly upon the
sense of duty of the students. They
.are directly under the supervision of
'the University when on the campus
and are responsible for their conduct
ihe!ever they may be. Regular at
tendance at classes is demanded in
the interest of the University.
The requirements regarding work
in military science and physical train
ing are explained. All men students
are required to have one year of
train,n ,n nillltary scicnc
, ,,. tu. .. nf .
tile nrst two jears or me
science during
r school
work. All women students are re-
MIlred , take two vcars piivsicai
'Ti,o stnt....,.nts ronrb .ni.spn.es
; from scno0, classcs and from CollIII1.
bja are lositive- u is necessary to
oxcuse( uv the Dean of the Kac-
.(v ulHer which a student is regis-
tcr"OJj order to leave town. For
. ... ., . j
ausences or elliier oi me two uj;s
.. ,. .
, ,receainjr or succeeuing any regular
i10iiuays there is a maximum penalty
' of six hours negative credit hours and
la minimum of one hour.
I There are rules regarding the use
of the University name in connection
with school organizations and puhli -
ications" l'se r the nanle of ,he l'ni -
. . ..nt.. lm In ttin. nnncnnt rtf tV Torr
Brother of Former 31. I'. Student Fa-
tall t Iniiired at St. .foseiih.
I An agitation against the playing of
I ..
I football has been started in north
employed western part of the state. The move-
ment came after the death of lingo
gon high school and St. Joseph high
school. Geil was a brother of Adolph
j Geil a junior in the School of Engi-
neering at the University last year.
I Geil was 17 years old. He played
tackle and was
captain of his team.
j n, j, xamh Had Sale of Twentj-two
,,esi(ies t)le 0i,j Fyfer residence. Thejlicers are: vice-president. L. . lem-
prope-ty was recently
lots by Mr. Tandy.
divided into
Dr. .1. S. Ankenej Slight!) III.
)r. J. S. Ankeney of the art deps
Dr. J. b. Aimeney oi cue an ue,.a. t-
ment of the University of Missouri.!
has been confined to his home the
last two days on account of illness
He expects to attend his classes to
morrow. Fine for lhertepilnir -Mark.
Wordy Sales, a negro, was fined $1
and costs in police court yesterday
morning. Wordy overstepped the mark
while soliciting baggage at the depot.
That Much of the Grain Mar-
i i r
keted in Boone County
Last Year.
But Increased Acreage Brings
Total Crop up to Over
production. A quarter of a million bushels of
wheat were marketed in Boone
County last year, is the opinion of J.
M. Ilaker, superintendent of the Boone
County Milling and Elevator Company.
"While the acreage last year was
larger, the yield per acre was less.
The yield as a whole was about the
same as other years."' says Mr. Baker.
One hundred thousand bushels of
wheat were marketed in Columbia ac
cording to .Mr. Baker. Some of this,
howevei, was shipped in from outside
the county. About twenty thousand
bushels were brought in over the
Missouri, Kansas and Texas from the
bottom lands. Considerable wheat was
also marketed at Ashland and Roche
port, where there are mills. There
is an elevator at Rocheport.
"Red Cross. Fultzo and Fultzo-.Med-iterranean
are the varieties of wheat
grown mostly in Boone County," says
Mr. Baker. "It is found that the red
tort winter wheat is better for all pur
poses. It is generally worth more
on the St. Louis market than the hard
wheat, although there are times when
the reverse is true. The average
yield in this county is from 13 to 20
bushels an acre. Last year a good
many acres of wheat were not har
vested on account of the poor quality.
This brought down the average yield
obout S or .t bushels.
.Much wheat is being sown this fall
in Boone County and some believe
that the number of acres planted will
exceed that of previous years.
. Connection ow Willi Music De
partment of rnhorsitj.
The Glee Club of this year will be
a student organization. This means
that the members themselves will
choose their director, and that the
club will have no connection with the
music department of the University.
There will he an advisory board, com
posed of three faculty men. appointed
by the President, and a student elect
ed by the club.
Dr. W. C. Curtis, and H. F. Major
at present are on the board, and there
will be another member of the facul
ty and a student selected. As soon as
a room for rehearsal is obtained, and
a director decided upon, there will
be a tryout for new men. No trip
was taken last year, because of a debt
1 left over from previous years, but this
;as been paid, and a trip for this sea
n If. i.lnnnnil TTia fllctf fMiiV rtffl,
secretary. Irvin Morris;
librarian, C.
C. Toomey.
tlnraniatinn Which Onned Rocheport
Road to Re Dissoheil.
The Columbia and Rocheport Turn
pike Company, which formerly owned
the toll road from Columbia to Roche
port. will be formally dissolved at
this term of the Boone County Circuit
(0urt. The road has been in opera-
tion since about ISfiO, and was one of
the last toll roads to be found in the
Last spring the road was opened as
a free road when it became a part of
the Cross-State Highway. The com
pany has relinquished to the county
all claim of ownership to the road.
Simons Senior Medic President.
R. R- Simons was elected president
of the senior class of the School of
.Medicine Friday night. The other of-
ple'fn: secretary-treasurer. W. Bon-
, ner James; sergeant at arms. II. Les
lie Kearney,
West Broadway Maj Re Pated.
c Counc has discussed the
feasibility of paving West Broadway
. from thc cm of U)c present ,,avinK to
the city limits. Concrete paving with
a tar top is the kind of paving pro
posed. I
Council Will Meet Tonight.
The City Council will meet tonight.
Street paving with concrete will be
one of the matters up for consideration.
ifeak.A. L.

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