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An Ereninit Dally by the Students In ttie
School of Journalism at the University
of Miioourl.
M.inaging Eilltor.
l"olvrUy MIfcoarln Atmoriatlon, Inc.
.1. IIAUK1SOX HltoVt'N. President.
KOIti:i:T S. MANX, Serretary.
J.i Dies :. May
Ward A. Xeff
Kex It. M.icec
l'aul J. Thompson
II. J. M-K.iy
V. II ll.tll
OtUcr: Down Malm In Virginia Iltilldlnc
Tnterefl at tlir Po-totfiee of Columbia, Mo,
as scooiiil-tla-,- mail matter.
I'.y i-arrit-r or mall $J a je.ir.
Addre all communication1 to
Columbia. Missouri.
Football is gaining i" faor. Per
haps never before has the opening of
a season brought so many candidates
on the gri .irons at the great univer
sities. At Purdue l'niersity Io0 men
are out for the regular team; at Ne
braska, SO: at Kansas, l."; at .Mis
souri, !.".; at Ames. 40; at Iowa, 40:
at Northwestern, :0; at Illinois. 4."..
Everywhere the early prospects are
for excellent teams.
A few years ago the talk of abolish
ing football was strong. Columbia,
California and Lcland Stanford uni
versities gave up the game. The last
two hae resumed the game in a mild
form and Columbia will soon again
play the regular game.
A set of proposed amendments to
the state marriage and divorce laws
will be presented to the General As
sembly of .Missouri this winter by W.
W. Wright, divorce proctor of Kansas
City. He says that the present laws
are too lax. It is interesting that out
of his practical experience .Mr. Wright
has come to nearly the same conclu
sions as several sociology professors
who are sometimes called theoretical.
The amendments include the estab
lishment of a court of domestic rela
tions, physical certification before
marriage, six months' publication of
marriage banns and prohibition of
marriage by certain classes. A di
vorce when granted is not to be final
for a year, and the defendant is not!
to be allowed to remarry during the
life of the plaintiff.
The adoption of these suggestions
would undoubtedly be a forward step
for Missouri, but their immediate ef
fect would be that the persons they
seek to reach would merely go across
the state line for their marriage or
It would seem that this is one sub
ject which must be treated by the na
tional government if any thorough
end is to be accomplished.
Figures may not lie but there are
times when they can produce some
very erroneous impressions. A good
example is contained in a statement
issued recently by the Bureau of Ed
ucation in Washington, D. C. regard
ing the ph.vsical condition of school
children in this country.
The statement contains figures
gathered by Dr. T. M. Wood, profes
sor of physical education in Columbia
University, lie claims that fifteen of
the twenty million school children
"Need attention for physical defects".
We are ld to assume a deplorable
condition of health is the rule among
these children.
We are willing to accept the find
ings of the examination without
doubt. We know it's true that the
perfect ph steal specimen has yet to
be discovered. In making the test a
high standard was used. The slight
est deviation from this standard
meant an imperfection in the child.
And the examinations were made
chiefly of children of the city. School
children of the country seldom need
a doctor's care.
Statistics show our children are in
creasing in height and in weight, and
that the mortality rate is decreasing
every year. There's certainly no de
terioration among them. We refuse
to be alarmed at Professor Wood's
We can't all measure up to a stan
dard of ph.vsical perfection. Some of
us must be fat, some tall and slen
der, but that's no hindrance to suc
cess. Ollie James, the Democratic
congressman from Kentucky, is so
ponderous he shakes the floor of the
House as he lumbers to his seat.
President Taft occupies more than
the average man's space in the White
House automobile. Governor Wilson i
is tall and lanky. Dut none of them
are incapacitated.
From Other Colleges
There are 1239 freshmen students
at the Tnixersity of California. Last
year there were 1001.
Cornell is to replace Dartmouth on
Harvard's track schedule next year,
according to plans at Cambridge.
Out of the seenty-six counties in
Oklahoma all but eight are repre-
sented at the University of Oklahoma
this year.
The inter-fraternity schedule at
California University lias been almost freshman advisers. Each senior will stenographer witn two years expen
completed. The sem-final round is receive reports on the school work ence- Can iNC Kood references. Ad-
now being played.
Five old men are back in school
ind are out for basketball at the Uni-
versity of California,
already begun practice
The team has
"Pete" Heil. quarterback on the K.
U. football team last year, will coach
the Topeka High School team this
fall. He has all of last years' play-
ers on his team except one and ex-
pects to win the interscholastic cham
pionship of the .Missouri Valley.
Bleacher Rallies are held on the
athletic field at California I mversity.
These give the freshmen a chance to
learns the yells before the first game.
They also are used to give tryouts to
the yell leaders before they are given
the positions for the entire season.
A Woodrovv Wilson Club has been
organized at the Kansas State Agri
cultural College. It has 12.1 members.
Governor Wilson is to speak at Man
hattan, where the school is located.
October 8. The club is making plans
for a big demonstration.
Denver University has been given
a telescope for its astronomical ob
servatory. It was willed to the school
y .......... c. , ui .-.una. v.u.u.,
a young man interested in astronomy
who died this summer.
The Daily Kansnn prints an an-
nouncement that it will eliminate the
"confidential favor" from its business
policy and give all advertisers the
same advertising rates.
Baker University has cancelled its
football game with the Universitv of
Kansas. It was to have been plaved
at Lawrence October 12. This leaves
the .layhavvkers with only seven
At the University of Southern Cali
fornia the hazinir of th freshman
class consists of making them swoon
off the bleachers to get them clean
for the fall football games. This fall
sitv university girls sang sornrs
while the first year students did the
Mrs. Arthur Ryerson. a Titanic sur-
vivor. has given a .$.".,000 scholarship
to Yale Universitv. Mrs. Rve-son's
son was killed in an accid:it last
April and her husband was killed in
the Titanic disaster.
President David Starr Jordan of
Stanford U. is faching a course in
"International Conciliation." It is
thought to be the first course given
in anv educational institution pre-
senting the advantages of world peace
and the progress made toward it.
Harvey Sconce. fonsiden-d bv
Coach Huff the greatest halfback ever
at the Universitv of Illinois, is plan-
ning to enter school again this fall
and trv out for the team. He has
been out of school twelve years. He
is now :.! years old and has a family.
He lives on a farm and achieved na
tional fame recently by his discovery
of ccblrss corn.
Bequests amounting to $S0O.00U
have been annnimeert lv- ., rnrnr,..l
SmOP thf cur
jt -roDfVl!
tion of Yale University. One estate
alone will yield more than $400,000
for the school.
Harvard and Pennsylvania are plan
ning to "bury the hatchet" and will
' soon raeet eacn other in athletic con
tests. So far have they gone that the uls "" "
University of Pennsylvania athletic ! Sun
authorities have informed Cornell
that hereafter she can play Penn only j
once in two years in football.
West Virginia Wesleyan College is
building a $30,000 gymnasium. It will
be one of the finest in the country at
a small school.
Stanford U. has adopted the plan of
having all the university notices
posted on outdoor bulletin boards, just
as is done at the University of Mis-
At California U. this year twenty
seniors have been chosen to act as
done by the first year students under
his care.
Oklahoma U. likes the student ac-
tivity ticket plan so well that it has
been adopted again for another vear.
a -. tieirnt mimit. n Cf,t ..!.!
' ties. According to announcements at
... . .
Norman, the biggest athletic event of
the year is the .Missouri-Oklahoma
football game.
The Stanford board of control has
appropriated enough money to com
plete the improvements in the athletic
,rj"'"K house
'helan. former mayor of
James I).
San Francisco, spoke recently to the
Woodrovv Wilson Club of the Univer-
sity of California.
The students at Columbia Univer
sity sympathizing with the Progres
sive Party have organized a Progres
sive Club and have made plans to
have Theodore Roosevelt and Gover
nor Johnson speak to them.
Brown University is planning to cel
ebrate its 1.10th anniversary in Octo
ber, 1!ML
The freshman class at Baker Uni -
versity organized this year and de-
feated the sophomores
They awaited
the second vear men as thev came out
of chapel exercises and when the
sophomores tried to tear down the
freshman colors from a tree-top. they
were beaten off by the first year men.
Arnroximatelr H'O students have
enrolled in the Pulitzer School of
Journalism at Columbia Universitv.
The Western ConW-Mi'-e will a"nin
be known as the "Big Nine" instead
of the "Big Eight". Ohio Stat" Uni
versitv has rere'itlv joined the f".
ferenoe and it now n' P'd all t'i"
big schools of the Middle H'"st oi
of the .Mississipni five- w't'i tV on
cr option, the Uiiiters'f of MiehinH'i
The Wolverine 'heel droiined out
Fevir:l years :." because of t'i"
"trincent rnls jimm.., hv the oon-
Terence on the football teams
The Cornell Diilv Sun and the Daily
Princetonian are the only coile-re da!-
lies in the United Slates which are
members of the Associated Press. The
Sun was elected to membership this
fall and reoives eioh iiitrht a servle"
of from SOiiii to t."ii!0 words,
When South Dakota defeated Min-
nesota in football Saturday by a score
of 10 to o it broke two records, it
was not only the !irst time th?
Gophers had b?on beaten by the l)a-
kota eleven, but the first time they
had even been scored upon,
Franklin Field. Philad'luhia. th-
athletic grounds of Pennsylvania Uni-
versity, will now seat ::o,ori pewle.
Extensive improvements and addi-
tion were made this summer,
Chancellor Strong of Kansas an
nounced in the onening convocation of
the year at Lawrence that h? was in
favor of continuing football, baseball.
basketball, track and other forms of
athletics. "Physical development
should receive attention only second
.n.mf.l - l, ...I,.
.., ..v. ...u.
Practical Philosophy.
"De man dat reaches foh de biggest
of everything," said Phlosopher Sam,
"alius gets left." j
"All right," replied Erastus Pinkley,
"I'll take de worst of it. You kin hab I
dis small cucumber an I'll take de1
!,, .......... .!.. V... Vnflr tVrtinf
Willis Did you go to Europe tins
Gillis No, I stayed here; simply
quadrupled all my tips and spent an
hour each day trying to order a meal
from a deaf-and-dumb waiter. Town
Want Column
FOR RENT Nice clean comfortable (
rooms for men at 20.". College Ave
Phone SIS Red. (tf)
dress J- -Missounan. (U.-U
FOR RENT-One-half room. Good
location. Fine room; three windows.
. co South Ninth street.
FOR RENT Nine-room modern
house- corner f Stewart Road and
YtTsrtnnf1 ncAmm fw $n linn vnstntlt
"'" ""'"' '"' " '"-1 """"'
Inquire at 110 X. Sth St., or phone
3S6 Green, or 91 Red. W. E. Farley.
FOR RENT One furnished room,
convenient location, 207 College Ave.
FOUND Plain gold cuff button,
oval shape. Owner can have same by
calling at .Missourian office and pay
ing for this ad.
FOR RENT Room and Board fori,
young men at 722 Missouri Ave. Price)1
reasonable. Mrs. Draffen. dCt
ROOM AND HOARD for young men
at 722 Missouri Ave. Price reason
able. Mrs. Draffen (dCt)
ROOMS FOR ROYS Large rooms
with or without board. Newly fur-
nished. Call on Mrs. Cooper, 1110
' Uaquin Street.' (T.F.S.)
TO RENT Four large rooms for
S'rI- Modern house. Mrs. Virgil
Crump, Sufi Missouri Ave., Phone 525
Columbia, IVnsscuri
October 1, 1912.
7 a. m.
. r- a,-,-: .., a.
3ft -n A- 4" I . F S
y- -"i V.. .rW " er '- :,r-
r &L 6fXs '"t "Mr . J JL
Olscryatlons taken at 8 a. m.. 75th meridian time. Air pressure reduced tp sea level. Isobars (continuous lines) oass tnrmieh Dolnts
or eiual air pressure. Isotherms (dolled lines) pass tbrousn points of equal temperature; draVnonly for xero freezing 9lP and luuP
O dear; Q partly cloudy: cloudy: rain: snow; (g) report mlsslnj. Arrows fly with the wind. FIt figures lowest tem
perature past 12 hours: second, precipitation of.oi inch or more for past 24 hours: third, maximum wind velocity "'
" e
The highest temj.eratur? in Columbia yesterday was fii and the lowest last night was IIG. A ears ago ycb
terday the highest was 7S and the lowest was .IS; rainfall, o.U. Forecast until 7 p. m. tomorrovV:
For .MiMnri: Fair tonight and Wednesday; r.sing temperature.
I nw'' v J,,ni"!l',;a:S ,f' ;VL;ry Ut" er u ? the CUf and South Atlantic states, and in the St.
i-awrence alley and in the Lake re-inn in n, -.-.,. n , ir . . .
the upper par' of Missouri most of the Vnr hor iwl- , V
stormv uL, f th. M, J " ?Lt.h!".KoC.Ky MUnta,n sta,cs
Ti.o rrnno.m,.( , .. ,
- - --- w -.w.umii'iim ilui
.,...:.. .u .. . ...
- ..v, hi .(UMiiiLilL ill til iIIIIHIl'11'r'r
uii....H me hum ,ii, nours, with southerly winds.
Scoop Serves 'Em Hot,
Co-Op. Talk No. 13.
You Are
It is now you
pin, now
University. It is students here
who know what the pin means.
True, it will carry a big connotation
when you leave, and you will want
it with you. But here, here in the
University, throughout your senior year,
is the time you will want it most. It
is at the Co-Op, the one with the safety
clasp, the one you cannot lose.
Get it today.
Payne's Orchestra
will furnish your evening's
entertainment with good
classy music
M. A. PAYNE, Mgr.
Phone 361-Rcd. 512 S.5th St.
For a Quick. Clean Shave
Sanitary earlier Shop
Eleven South Ninth.
S. Department of Agriculture.
ii I ii' r-i" ti -i c?nn n it. ... a -. . r .
i - :1f. . -1UX.
. --.- llfaVt!. V"" "W
-I - 9 W-iP
E? 3a
auJM: l"1- 'reczitig
tlPnceiiKn in,li,..i l . -.
.-... c ...u.ta.e in.u lair aild war I
a Senior
need your senior
vou are in
We've nearly starved
to death since louve
teen away ! ! ! ! !
108 S. Ninth. Phone 221-B
a"U C' weatner I'vaus. in
and " Canada the weather is
.. ..
po.nt save in a few localities.
mer weather will prevail in Columbia
Viaiiar-iit ra.Li., mi1 .

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