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Going Out
Coining In?
In your economy of clothes
buying which do you consider most
what you pay out or what you get
for your money?
Tailored Clothes (considering both what you
pay and what you get) are'the most inexpen
sive clothes you can wear.
Only one suit from each pattern at the Fashion
Shop never two suits alike. You choose from
the bolts of cloth; we cut and fit it to you, and
take every stitch in the making right here in our
own work rooms.
Ask your best dressed friends who their tailor is.
Where Clotbn re Tailored
R.A Emitter
1011 Broadwir
Handbook Printed and Distributed
Again This Year. ' The Broofleld Gazette introduces a
The third edition of the "Handbook new subscriber to its readrs in the
of the Library" is being distributed following manner: "J. A. Crawford,
to patrons of the University library, who with his family remoed from
One thousand copies haie been Iowa to his farm north of town,
printed. It contains a list of the li- which was bought by him from the
brary officials and of the publications Rex Burch estate, in company with
of the library. It tells the hours James Burch, made this office a
which the library is open, and ex- pleasant call Tuesday and enrolled
plains the system of cataloging and himself among the Gazette readers,
arrangement of the books. In it are Mr. Crawford is a very pleasant gen
descriptions of the loan and stack de- tleman."
partment. and the various departmen-
tal libraries. Directions for the use The editor of the ISrookfield Gazette
Stl the reading room and aids to the must feel unusually prosperous at
finding of specific information con- present. Witness the following
cerning certain things, as well as a tribute to Nature, which recently ap-
list of the bound periodicles and rules peared in the Gazette: "A ride in
governing their use are to be found the country around Urooklield is
in the section called "Reading Room". I worth taking. The farmers are do
The library rules are the same ex-1 'ng good work on their piece of road,
cept for the rule governing the draw- and let it be known there isn't a pret
ing of reference and reserve books tier piece of property in any country
and bound periodicals. Instead of the of high-priced lands in Illinois, Iowa
limit of return being 8:0." o'clock it or Ohio than can be found here, and
is now S:1."j o'clock in the morning. the cattle upon the many hills-woods
A new rule has been added which in the distance decked in their beau
reads: Resene books may be re- tiful autumn tints, churches and
stricted to one-hour books (the reci- school houses stand proudly inviting
tation period) at the request of any the transient to visit them. The auto
instructor, who will notify his class and driing team snort and prance
of the time limit. Failure to return as the-v Iass on the paved and well
the book to the desk at the close of worked roads crops are dandy
Permanent Organization of Rooters Is
Planned at University.
A movement was started Friday
night at the student's mass meeting
to form an organized body to he the
official rooting club. The name of the
organization will be the Old Guard.
"The poor showing that the 'Fight
ing Five Hundred,' a temporary or
ganization from Kansas, made at the
Horticulture ' Department Collects
Strange Trees for Class Work.
Trees growing back of Read Hall
produce apples of the type grown in
Europe and Asia in the earliest of
times, when civilization was just
starting. They are grown to be used
in laboratory work in showing stu
dents the different types of apples.
and how our present prize winning
the hour period will subject the bor
rower to a fine of 23 cents an hour.
I frost came just right 'trees in apple
orchard with fruit are bending
down.' "
Prof. Kempster to Queen Citj.
Prof. H. L. Kempster of the poultry UNIVERSITY (JETS PRIZE FRUIT
department departed Friday for Queen
City, where he will deliver two lec
tures on poultry before the Farmers'
Missourian wants pay.
to 5n.
Phone them
At Reasonable Prices.
10S S. 9th Street
For fine
Also Suits and Overcoats
to measure.
10th and Broadway.
Premium "Winners From State Fair to
Be Exhibited Farmer.' Week-
Ashleigh P. Boles, secretary of the
State Board of Horticulture,-obtained
last week at the Missouri State Fair
about forty first and second premium
plates of different varieties of apples.
He got also five specimens each of
100 other varieties, and the first pre
mium plates of all the varieties of
years. About 1300 specimens of fruit
were obtained.
Each specimen is wrapped in double
sheet paper. The collection will be
, kept in storage until Farmers' Week
) in January, when it will be put on
j exhibition. Later the fruit judging
class under the direction of W. L.
Howard, professor of horticulture,
, will make a study of the collection
Thanksgiving game last year Is proof ( Ben Davis and Maiden Blush evolved
enough that Missouri needs a perma-1 from these extremely small species,
nent organized body of rooters," said ( One tree Is 8 years old and is bear
E. L. Breckner, president of the stu-!ing fruit for the first time this year
dent body. i Its apples are not much larger than
The Old Guard will be a permanent a large marble,
organization whose duty will be to In recent years the department of
fight for the Tigers. This is the first horticulture has collected in all parts
permanent organized rooters club that 0I tne world as many species of ap-
has ever been established in the Unl- P'es as can be found. These have
versity. It is the idea of Mr. Breck- been planted in a plot of ground and
ner. He intends to give every student are bearing this year. The apples our
a chance to fight for his school. pilgrim fathers brought to this coun-
Buttons will be sold to those who try were small. Though coming from
wish to be members of the new organ- the orchards of England they were
ization. These buttons will be han- not highly developed. In 1817 the
died through Mr. Breckner. They will first named varieties of apples grown
be sold for ten cents each and no one 'n the United States were published,
will be given a commission for selling And 95 per cent of these were of
them. Mr. Breckner said that the European origin, having been grown
buttons will be here by Friday and in the old world. By growing the
he intends that every student shall seeds of these varieties and picking
have one before the Ames game next the finest fruit every year, by selec-
Saturday. This will be the first meet- tion, we have produced our present
ing of the Old Guard. apple of such large size. In this
The money that comes from the sale country today 93 per cent of our ap-
of the buttons will be used for cov- pics are of American origin.
ering the expenses of the mass meet- The records of the State Horticul
ings and to send the members of the ture Society show that fifty years ago
band to Kansas. There will be no the seeds recommended to apple grow
other buttons this year. The Old ers here were half new England va
Guard button will be the official but- rieties. Now the commercial varie
ton of the rooters. ties recommended to the apple grow-
The plan has the endorsement of ers f this state are mostly all Mis
Prof. C. I Brewer and Robert Lake- souri varieties.
nan. yell leader. The committee has According to Prof. J. C. Whitten, we
decided that the Old Guard will use could take our present wild apple
the north bleachers. This will be for that grows in the woods and in a
men alone so they can be close to- few decades evolve from It as good
gether and the yell leaders can devote apples as we have today.
their entire attention to the men as
At Lawrence a special section will
be reserved for the Old Guard. It is Tne Printing of Half Million Folders
the plan of Mr. Breckner to have spe- ls Being Done Here.
cial cars for the club on the trip to 0ne 0I the largest job printing or-
Lawrence. These will bear large ders contracted in Columbia in a
banners, he thinks, will do much to ,on time' il ls sa,d. is that of the
adertise the school as well as to beat Missouri Anti-Single Tax League,
Kansas. which is having one-half million fold-
J. C. Whitten made a short talk be- ers Published. The printing com-
fore the students at last night's meet- Pan" which has the contract is now
ing. He pointed out the fact that
Missourian were going to meet Mis
sourian on the football field Saturday
doing the work on a small press
which makes only a single impression
at the rate of 1,500 an hour. On this
which would mean that the real test I,ress 5t would take the company
of the Tigers' strength would he approximately 333 hours or fourteen
shown. The student speaker was days runninK both day and night to
George Wilson of the School of Law. comPlete the printing part of the or-
Mr. Wilsnn stinkn nf flin w1rinl..., der.
in organized rooting. He said that A imrt of tne folders have already
Missouri would not fall down in her been Printed on this press, but a
attendance at Lawrence in November ,arSer Press ls l be put in service,
but would show Kansas the real Mis- 0n the latter the cora"an' will be
souri way of doing things. Mr. Wil- able to nrint four impressions at
son spoke of the "Fighting Five Hun- on,ce' increaslnS the rate of printing
dred" from Kansas dwindling to th fr?m 1r,0 an hour to 6-000 an hour.
Columbia Orchestra
H. E. KEIM, Mgr.
Music for All Occassions.
, Sorghum rrom State Farm to Be
Canned and Sold to Merchants.
There will be sorghum molasses
t barrels of it on the State Farm next
' week. Five acres of cane was raised
on the farm this year and this will
make more molasses than the depart-
ment of horticulture needs. Accord
, ing to J. T. Howard who has charge
i of the work, it would take too long
! to grind all the cane in the small mill
' on the farm. That which is not used
on the farm will be sold or made up
i on shares by some one.
' The molasses will be canned in gal
lon buckets and sold at wholesale
Local merchants have agreed to take
i all the department makes.
For a Quick. Clean Shave
Barber Sip
Eleven South Ninth.
I Pay
ne's Orchestra
will furnish your evening's
entertainment with good
classy music
M. A. PAYNE, Mgr.
Phone 361-Red. 512 S.5th St.
1 1 athfinder for American Automobile
Association Reaches Columbia.
I A. L. Westgard, pathfinder for the
I American Automobile Association,
I was expected to arrive in Co
lumbia last night Mr. Westgard
is making his third transconti
nental trip for the association
this year. He has one more trip to
make before selecting a route for an
ocean-to-ocean highway.
The Association will spend 10 mil
lion dollars on the route which he
selects. Through Missouri he is now
following the Old Trails Route and ls
now five days ahead of his schedule.
The prospects are bright now for the
midland route going through Colum
bia and Missouri, it is said.
"Timorous Twenty-two" at Missouri
last Thanksgiving.
"Bobby" Lakenan spent some time
in giving the entire student body a
practice in yelling. The athletic com
mittee and the Ad Club distributed
Harrlsburg Brintrs Suit Against Poul
try Men in Circuit Court.
The Missouri hen is in the limelight
small books which contained the Mis- a?ain' This time she nas caused such
souri yells and songs,
them were finished in
Only 800 of
time for the
disturbance as to kindle the wrath of
all Harrisburg, and it isn't the hen's
fault, either.
The town of Harrisburg has brought
suit in the circuit court against Mor
gan Brothers, dealers in poultry and
Missouri Old Trails' Association Will I,roduce. on the charge of leaving
Help Orean-to-Ocean Proiect. dea chickens on their premises. The
The Missouri Old Trails Road As- Putrefying condition of the fowls, it is
sociation. through its board of direc
tors, has voted to affiliate with the
National Old Trails Road Ocean to
Ocean Highway Association, of which
Judge J. M. Lowe of Kansas City is
president. These resolutions of affili
ation have been adopted:
"Whereas, on the 18th and 19th of roast
last April there was formed at Kan- Spring.
said, became a nuisance to the public.
The case is now being heard in the
Boone County Circuit Court.
Why Rent Typewriter?
Own One.
Boy standard machine, $25 to 550.
Jh or monthly payments Cheap
JfthanrentiaK. Rebuilt Underwoods,
""Vers. Smiths, Remingtons.
L. H. Rirp. Hral.1 u. No loth.
L ---., ...., "TV --
11 55 and subscribe for Missourian
Poultry Association to Meet Here.
The Missouri State Poultry Associa
tion will hold its annual meeting at
Columbia the second week in January.
This meeting will bring a large num
ber of poultrymen from all parts of
the state, and will give them the op
potunity to attend the Farmers' Week
at the College of Agriculture, which
will be held at the same time.
Wren's pharmacy in the Virginia
Building is handy for you. We have
most any thing you want adr.
Cass County Club Entertains.
Eighteen members of the Cass
County Club had a marshmallow
Tuesday night at Rollins
Part of the time was taken
sas City. Mo., an organization called un in discussing the work of the club
The National Old Trails Road Ocean for tne coming school year. An effort
to Ocean Highway Association," which w111 be made t0 increase the enroll-
has for its purpose the linking to- ment trom Cass County in the Short
gether in one continuous line the old Course n Agriculture. The club has
P-addock's or Washington Road, the twenty-five members.
Cumberland or National Road, the
Boon's Lick Road, and the Santa Fe
Trail, and from Santa Fe, New Mex
ico, to the Pacific "on the most his- '
toric and scenic route," and now
known as "The Old Trails Road," and CASH PAIBFor Egyptian luxury
to build or rebuild the same as one silk Inserts. Walter Jungle, 1316
continuous and great National High- Walnut. 598 Green.
wav from Ocean to Ocean.
Therefore, be it Resolved, by the LOST. White Croquet bag. Black
Board of Directors of the Missouri pUrse III 'which was a twin diamond
Old Trails Road Association, that the rinz and rinir with lone ereen stone.
Want Column
The points of wear -are all strongly
reinforced in
Four additional threads of strong Sea
Island cotton protect the toes and heels
from the vigorous use the youngsters give
their hosiery knit double strength at knees
and soles makes them wear and wear.
Then especial care is given the aDDear-
ance. Hygienic fast dyes only are used.
No crocking.
Highest grade material and the workman-
snip of 2300 expert stocking makers.
We cany many styles School, romp
ana dress.
Please ask for
iB & Tank i Jr. Wit So
Your Wrinkled,
Dusty Clothes
can be quickly cleaned and pressed at
Work called for and Delivered.
Phone 736. Virginia Building.
JWe will be
pleased to have
th us.
you open your account wi
fi.oo starts an account. We pay 3 on Time deposits.
Northwest Corner 8th and Broadway.
Geo. B. Dorsey, Pres. Ira T. G. Stone, Cashier
W. E. Farley. Vice-Pres. J. W. Sapp, Asst Cashier
Westminster Laundry
O. C. McCullough, Agt.
Albert Thornton, 102 S. Second, or
phone 626 Black. (dlOt)
ROOM AND BOARD for young men
at 722 Missouri Ave. Price reason
able. Mrs. Draffen (d6t)
Reward'ftr return to Missourian office.
FOR RENT Room one block from
University; modern except heat 210
S. 10th. (d6t)
Association will most heartily affili
ate and cooperate with said National
Old Trails Road Ocean to Ocean
Highway Association to the end that
the mutual purpose of our great pro
ject may be carried into speedy and
effectual consummation.
"Resolved, second, that in affiliating LOST A bunch of keys. Have name
with the National Old Trails Organi- 0f Earl King on ring. Return to
zation, we in no sense abandon our Wren's Pharmacy in Virginia Bldg.
own organization or change in any
way the purposes of its existence, but FOR RENT Two well furnished
only desire to add our strength In the rooms for quiet persons. 804 Hill
accomplishment of a mutual and pa- crest. (d6t)
triotic undertaking."
WANTED A position as janitor by
Music at the Grill tonight from 6:30 a first class experienced workman.
to S o'clock. (Adv.) Can furnish good reference. Apply to
FOR RENT Nine-room modern
house, corner of Stewart Road and
Westwood avenue, for $30 per month.
Inquire at 110 N. 8th St, or phone
386 Green, or 394 Red. W. E. Farley.
FOUND Plain gold cuff button.
oval shape. Owner can have same by
calling at Missourian office and pay
ing for this ad.
FOR RENT Room and Board for
young men at 722 Missouri Ave-. Price
reasonable. Mrs. Draffen. dGt
ROOMS FOR BOYS Large rooms
with or without board. Newly fur
nished. Call on Mrs. Cooper, 1110
Paquin Street (TJ.S.)
stenographer with two years experi
ence. Can give good references. Ad
dress X. Missourian. (d3t)
FOR RENT Two third floor rooms
for men. Rent reasonable. Call at
1318 Anthony Street (wk)
fl You can eat your
meals at any hour of
the twenty-four here.
We. are always open
and ready to serve hot
meals just any time.
No. 11 N. 8th St.
Just a few steps north
of Broadway.
We make a specialty of
short orders.
a. J!m

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