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.CUT ,1 Hi
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' ?
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No Panicles or Speeches Here
on Kve of National
Only Those Who Intend to
Live Here May Cast Bal
lots in Columbia.
The political bleachers were silent
today. No yoll loader danced in fran
tic effort to put spirit into the contest
ants. No great mass meetings will be
held u-nicht lor tomorrows battle.
pr-edi:ig the eonilict there is no
band plaUng 5a Columbia, no lorch
liuli u'ra.ie. nothing whatever to re
n t'i nearness of the close of a
l-nncratic 'atimaini praeti-.,'-!
Fati Hay night with the
or messages from Woodrow
and Eilio-t W. Major at the
,i"r. Tin message from Gov
. ' . n-3 re?d a' the same
.!! i. t the nation. Onemcer
! : 'rotressivw a Leiden Hall
" a the only iwlltlcal gather
(' Inled for today.
;! assi-ranees cr victory
: ,v the 1iadoiiarters of each
i Pror r"shes claim that a
:s sw "rig the country
r. , '
in -'
cair ' '
for Mor
carr- mi:..
It. The Oemocnrs sniie
of the certainty of their
1-nst forty-five states. The
RetuiMir.-ns say
will .-; r'lv be a
that the Taft vote
"If 1 ran judce by the straw ballot
ing." said F. M. Naysmith. secretary
of the Uoone County Progressive Com- '
Ki't". "and I would rather judge by'
that than bv the betting. Roosevelt
will surely be elected."
"It seems to me that about every-'
body is agre!." said Searcy Pollard,
serretiirv of the Doene County Homo-
cratic Committee. "Wilson will be
elected. Poosevelt will run second." ,
The failure of the different parties
to irwt!e transportation for all thei
students to go home to vote has j
caused many to think seriously of vot- j
in in Columbia. E. C. Anderson.
proeftiting attornev of Iloone County, !(o!onel (Ireen Clay of Mexico, .Mo., j
has had several come to him and ask ' EablMied Fund in Son's Memory
for advice about their voting. CoIonel Grccn Clav of Mexico. Mo.. I
Mr Anderson tells them that it is ' who established at "the University of
...... .,1 ,. . .. . . , ,. omi...
all a matter of their intention. If Missouri the Rhodes Cla Scholar-1
........... , . . . . ,
thev have come to uoiumuia wwi muiiiii. a sum 01 5.1,111111. m mtuwij " 1
intention of making this their home.
and have been here sixty days and in
the state one year, then they are en- was formerly employed in the Ameri
titled to vote here. It has been held can diplomatic service. He was sec
according to Mr. Anderson, that a , retnr- of the American legation at
student does not lose or gain a resi- Florence. Italy, and also at St. Peters
dence through being a student.; hurg. under his uncle Cassius M. Clay,
Though a student has been in Colum- ambassador to Italy and Russia. A
bia four years he still may go back , complication of ailments caused his
to his home and ote, be it in this or, death.
any other state. ! Colonel Clay was for many years
Tenmorarv absence to go to school ' prominent in the Democratic party
or for anv other purpose doe not in Missouri. He served in the state
change a "residence, though that ab- senate from 19 to IS91 and in 1902
senc mav be four years, or any ' filled the unexpired term in the Mis
Ifngti, or time. Mr. Anderson tells ' souri Legislature of his son. Rhodes.
the stmlonts that if thev have con-
sricntiorslv intended to make this
their bom- thev are entitled to vote
here, but if they have been here with
onlv th purpose of going to school,
thev are not entitled to vote.
Renin's of the election will be re
ceived i- telegraph in Columbia to
Gflrro niaht. The University Mis-seur'-r-
will receive them by special
u'ro v the University auditorium and
Rash tlK results on a screen.
Exei-nft.e !':in! .Makes IntminlnienN
..-.! Mm- Oilier P.tis;ne-. ;
r. , ,- ,-i- .,. -
F. I Kemp and G. F. Kline were
. ' . , . . . ,
appn ired student assistants in inc.
.: f
thai : .sneering at a meeting of ,
the F... i.i!w Itnar.l of the t"unerify
yeat.'d.i.. The resignation of L- E.
Morn,i!i. ;isistaut chemist at the Ag-ricul-:r.!l
Experiment Station, was ac
cept, -d. ,r. Morgan resigned to ac
cept a -.ositioii with Swith and C0111
Iianv. .-n Worth. Tex.
Rean F. R Muniford re;iorted that
exhibits iwrr given last year by the
CoIIe?. of Agriculture at county fairs
in the following places: Marshall.
Carthag.-. Runceton. Independence.
Harrisotnille. California. Maysville.
Washinp'on. Rutler and Sullivan.
C R Rollins was unable to attend
the meetinir because of the illness of
his brother in St. Louis. Dr. J. C. , Saturday night in honor of W. W. ( of Missouri. J. A. Fleming, is candi
Parrish of Vandalia and Charles E. Rurden, Cadet Colonel of 1911-12 and date for surveyor for Rates County.
Yeater of ed'tli-i the other members , C. E. Sexton, Cadet .Major of the class Mr. Fltming was graduated from the
of the Roard were present. of 1910-11. i School of Engineering in 1909.
It Will He Cooler Tonight and Tues
day, However. I
The United States Weather Bureau j
says that the weather will continue
fair tonight and Tuesday but the tem
perature will decrease. The temper
atures for today are as follows:
T a. m 49 11 a. m CI
S a.
9 a.
10 a.
m .".2 12 (noon) CS
m r.5 1 p. m C3
in .")S 2 p. in G5
U. S. Marine Hand in the University
Auditorium at S:15 p. m.
Xational, state and county election.
I nivcrsity holiday.
Election returns and other enter
tainment in the University Audito
rium. First bulletins about 7::!0 p. in.
Short course classes start.
All of these men are under twenty-
S. rosiTJON FOR- -MISS HAII.EYone. as the voters will not come until
after tomorrow. Not much of an en-
Intctor 'i: College of 'Trie it It lire Is ' rollment is expected after today until
Appointed f Ceil era 1 Place.
' .lUss Ilena ISailey, a member of the
J farnltv of the College of Agriculture
at the University of Missouri, has
been appoin'ej t.. a posIMph in the
Departmen' of Agriculture at Wash-
ington. Miss Railey is one of the fnv
young women to work thir way
through c?ll"
She p----ii!:wJ in the work of man-
agement of farm homes and after her
graduation became a lwtrror for the
Sftite F-ard of Asrr'culMire. She af
terward tool; a jiosltinn with tlif farm
manautuicnt do'Tr'n.ent of th- ! ni-e-si:
and travelled over the Ftate
tt-?fhlng th'- housewives Inw to light
eii'tbeir w.rk and bow to make thei1
hnrncs snnitarv a'ld attractive.
CMORUOW will be a holldav at
will be no issue of the Univertitv Missourian tomorrow after
noon hut instead there will be issued an extra edition Wednesday-
morning giving the results of Tuesday's election Xational. State
and Cnrnty. The Missovrian has leased a special telegraph wire
and will receive the results from every state as soon as the otes
are counted.
Tomorrow night election bulletins will be furnished by the Uni
versity Missourian in the University Auditorium. These bulletins
over the special u.'re 'v?!l begin to come by C o'clock or shortly after
and will be thrown on a screenlintil i o'clock in the morning. A
charge of ten cents for admission will In charged to help defray the
cost of telegratih service, the music and the auditorium. The nrisic
will be furnished bv Keim's orchestra.
hjs son Rhodes, died at his home ir
Mexico Friday morning.
Colonel C!lay
"who died that year.
He was" born in
Kentucky. February 11, IS?.::, and came
to Mexico in 1?S0. He was a gradu
ate of Vale. Resides a widow and a
ton. Cassius. living in Mexico, a
daughter, .Mrs. J. W. JCevly of Musko
g"o, Okla.. survives.
: Her Engagement to Robert Rail Announced.-
-Former Students
The "Ugagomenf of Miss Marjorie
M.-icArthur of St. Louis, a sophomore
' in the College of Arts and Science last
year, and Rbert Edward Rail. Jr.. o'
Uau.s ntv. a junior in the same eoi-
lege lat vcar has been announce.
- -
M:ss MaeArt ntr is a member of tne
- ' - '' -IU ,,,..,
Ka'i'ia Alpha Theta sorority. Mr. Rail
''"' . "
nitv and is now employed as an
trator on the Kansas City Star.
("ill Council .Meet Tomorrow.
The fact that tomorrow is election
day will not prevent the City Council
from holding its regular meeting in
the evening, according to Mayor W.
S. St. Clair. Sealed bids for the pav-
ing of Sexton road from Garth avenue :
to the city limits will be opened. ,
Military Honor Soeietj tines Hunojict. j
The honorary military fraternity ,
held a banquet at the Virginia Grill
Voters Not Expected to Ar
rive Until Wednesday
iSIGN 85 BY 10 A. M.
Begun in 1896, Total Enroll
ment Has Now Reached
At 10 o'clock this morning eighty
five men had been enrolled for the
short course offered by the College of
Agriculture. Class work begins Wed
nesday morning.
Wednesday morning. Last
year the
enrollment was l'l" for the first term.
Among the entries so far are a man
frcm Colorado, one from Illinois, and
one from Old Meirr. CI. W. Hough-
ten. the man from OKI Mexico, went
to school in the East last year. He
said ho had hoard much noout the
College of Agriculture, and had some
friends here so he decided to rome.
He expects to ont?r up us a regular
student next year. All sections of
Missouri are represented.
The short course in Agricvltun1 vas
P-st o'Tered in 1S!)iI. inre that time
l.r,T2 students from Missoiir" hnv
taken the work. The only connMe
tlat :nc never ?eit any students are
Douglas. Mississippi. Ozark, Stone and
the Un'vrsitv of Missouri. Thero
Taney. Uoone County, the home of
the University, has furnished one
The course started sixteen years
a" as ,a onc-wlntcr's term, compris-
'"g twelve weeks of work. In 1909 it
was expanded to a two-year term of
' .
fourteen weeks each year. This is
what is offered now.
Columbia Men Say It Means Better
Schools Throughout State.
To the Voters of Roone County:
Nothing can be more important to our
people than a fixed and liberal income
for the State University. Agricultural
College and jmblic schools. On to
morrow, a number of constitutional
amendments will be voted on at the
general election, and. while we are all
opposed to the single tax amendment,
it is hoped that every one will vote
in favor of the Xinth amendment
which, if adopted, will prove to the
greatest value to all of our schools.
Kspeeially should the citizens of Co
lumbia and Rootle County give thN
proposition a solid vote: therefore we
trust that every voter will remember
to scratch "Xo" and vote "Yes" on
the Xinth amendment, which is the
last one on the ballot.
A. CI. Sjieneer. S. C. Hunt. P.. C.
Hunt, T. C. Scruccs. Edgar A. Rem
lev. .1. P. Seelev. C. IS. Rowling. C. P..
Miller. Fount Rothwell. S. F. ronl
.Ino. X. Relcher, William Hirth. .1. A.
Hudson. I. A. Rarth. .1. II Cole, W. C
Knight. .las. C. Srhwabe. Ira T. G.
gtone R XoweIl, E. 15.
S. M. Myers.
Dean Williams to SjienJ; in Chicago.
The Xational Conference of Teach
ers of Journalism will be held in Chi
cago Saturday, November "0. Dean
Walter Williams of the School of
Journalism of the University of Mis
souri is on the program.
Curators to Meet November 21.
The Roard of Curators of the Uni
vcrsitv will meet in Kansas City Xo-
vnmber 21. The Executive Roard of
tIL. University will convene' at the
same time.
Alumnus Running for Sunt- or.
A former student of the University
IT. S. Marine Band Always
Ends Program with "Star
Spangled Bar.ner."
Miss Mary Louise Sherier
The Soloist With the
Government Plavers.
I Those attending the concert of the
' United States Marine Hand in the
Auditorium tonight will have an op
, portunity of hearing "The Star Span
, gled Ilanner" played as it ought to be
played. It is the custom of govern
ment hands to end every concert wlMi
the national air. This is especially
impressive, it is said, when played by
;1 President's band.
she prctrraai is divided in'o fvi
'r's. There w'U hi a clar:nr,t sj't
"Oct Puritan!" played by Jae ".m '
Vanpoiuke. in the 1'rst pan of th
' prouram. In part two. Miss .Mary
l.rise Sherier, so.'irano soloist, wilt
S?g "Jo A's tu rin ne nt'enoiiOTi' ''
from Cariifn. The band will alsi play
aE om of the numbers a waltz by the
leader. Lieutenant William H. Santel
mann. The concert begins at S:lf.
Dr. W. P. Cutler Derr!es J.ePers from
Women Vi'Jio WMi Jo We.!.
Vo ihn t::ne of "For rvr heart
there is a heart that beats. Go forth
and find to forth and find", already
about 100 letters have come in to Dr.
W. P. Cutler of Columbia in answer to
the publication through him of a let
ter from a young governmental offi
cial in the Philippines. This letter,
from Fort William McKinlev. said
tl'.Te were at least .".000 young Amer
icans, in tin- customs, internal row
nue and other branches, all with sal
aries of $2,000 or more, who wanted
meriean girls for wives. The writer
had seen Doctor Cutler's statement
, about the need of Missouri farmers
for wives, and that so many wo-'nen
, had offered their services as to swamp
;him. He promised an outlet for the
: extra supply of would-be helpmeets,
and this batch of 100 is the first re
turns, with dozens more arriving on
every mail.
1 The story was copied by papers
throughout the United States.
One young woman writes on very
I pink note jiapcr, and scarcely knows
how to express herself. Taking no
chances on that, however, she en
closes a tinted photograph, that all
her statements may be bourn out.
She demands "A good Yankee" along
with other things. Another states
that "her hat is in the ring," that the
fpet that "the chances for young la
dies matrimonially inclined are five
thousand strong in the Philippine
Islands," appeals to her very much.
A young widow, -'stout healthv and
jolly," is tired of silicic harness. One
yellow sheet tells the sad tale of a
correspondence with a "cable-snlicer.
in Manila,"' who met a young lady
over there and another romance wns
nipped in the bud. The writer is will
ing to lie consoled by a man from the
Philippines. One who has a little
money b'it no life companion, has de
cided that life is not worth living
without a better half. Most of the
men or Xew York are a dissipated and
worthless lot and not fit to hitch up
to. Flu believes. "I would not mind
living in the woods as long as ba--!-ness
prevailed." she says, "and the
closer one lives to nature, th" Inn
pier one can exist." She will s"nd
photo upon request.
An unmated person of the weaker
sex who indulges in gilt-edged miner
tends in the qiiorv, "Are young 'un
derscored! men the only ones in the
Philippines who are wifeless?" Sh
frankly owns up to 1". years and any
nice man over !0 will do for her. One
IT year old girl misread the article
in the pa.uer. She understands that
there-are young men in Columbia who
are in need of wives. She will take
any "Good Man. but no Loafer or
Rum." -
W. A. Rankin Married.
Walter A. Rankin of Tarkio. Mo., a
student in the short course in agri
culture here two years ago. was mar-,
ried to Miss Mary Katharine Gelvin (
of Mainland. Mo., last week. Mr.;
Rankin is a relative of the late David
Rankin of Tarkio. I
Delate:! by Illness, -Miss MiirrNun
HiiNlenx to I'reaeber After Itceotcry
Clyde Stewart of Columbia and Misal
1 Mildren Morrison of Fulton returned
to the Morrison home Friday niaiit a
Mr .and .Mrs. Stewart. A formal wed
ding had been postponed owing to the
illness of .Miss Morrison. Fittinp
swiit action to tne bride s speedv re
covery, the couple sought the Rev
Eugene F. Wolcott without the knowl
edge of the bride's parents.
The wedding was to have been held
Uinrp tt:m tliroo -ooV rn Ati nlnli-
orate church affair had been planned
and more than three hundred guests
;;ad been invited, but before the ap
pointed time, the bride-to-be was
sfricken with appendicitis and the
ceremony had to be postponed until
she oorld recover from an operation.
The bride is a daughter of Prof. .1. !
P. Morrison, assistant si'perititenden' '
of the Missouri School for the Deaf.
The groom is a son or Judge- J. A.
'tewyrt of Columbia.
The young couple ;rp stavln- in
"niton a iiresent, !,i't probably v.-i!1
live in Chillicothe later.
I nlfilill!! Nrl!-P
II Ol liihUJUA SiLuiUk'l)
Co-OppfitM-ie Store i!i Teen
Without a Manager Since
Nov. 1.
J. S. Maddox, manager of the Uni-.-ersltv
Co-operative Store, has re
signed. His jiosftion was v-jeated .fa
vmber 1 and has not vot Ivn fified.
Mr. Maddox has be:i out of the e'tv
several days and no statement could
le obtained from him. Others in tne
'ore declined to discuss the matter
this morning.
Dr. John Piekird. president of the
lioaru 01 uircciurs ui uiu v-u-uiviaiti;
-tore, did nor deny this morning that
the resignation of Mr. Maddox had
been accepted, but he declined to dis
cuss the matter. He said that he
would have a statement for publica
tion tomorrow.
Mr. Maddox was appointed manager."""3 "" '"""" " . '
, - 1 1 ing toward greater co-operation,
or the store three years ago? suceeeil- I '"" "
ing C. L Garey. who afterward was '. The meeting will be held at n
e of the organizers of the Missouri
Mr. Maddox came to the Uni -
of Missouri from the Univer -
sity of Illinois, where he was manager
of the co-operative store. He is a
graduate of the University of Mis
I Will Lend Parade of Man Elected Day ; Center. Mrs. L. W. St. Clair Moss:
After Concert Here. Charity Organization Society. Mrs.
The United States Marine Rand ofjP.inghnm Rollins: Industrial School,
Washington, which will give a con- Mrs. R. R. Price: Christian College
cert in the University Auditorium af ' Alumnae. Mrs. J. S. Rranham: Steph
, S:l." o'clock tonight is the PI1S college Alumnae. Miss Laura .Mat
band which will lead the inaugural thews; Collegiate Alumnae. Mrs. N.T.
parade of the next President to be! Gentry; Rautist Missionary Society,
elected Tuesday. I Mrs. J. G. P.abb: Methodist Missionary
This band is not onlv the foremost , Society. Mrs. F. F. Stephens; Presby
military band in the United States but j terian Missionary Society. .Mrs. .Mar
ranks with the best of such musical j shall (Ionian: Christian Missionary
organizations in the world. It is Society. Mrs. J. N. Ratterton: Chris
composed of fifv musicians led by tian Science Church. Mrs. F. E. Poor:
William II. Santlemann. Among its , p,aptist Young Women's Missionary
members are musical artists of wide Society. Mrs. Will Guitar: Episcopal
reputation. Of these is Peter Lewin, , c.uttd, .Mrs. F. P. Miller; Kate Gordon
called the greatest xylophone player circle. Mrs. Walter Williams: Marga
in the world. ret Klwang Circle, Mrs. T. C. Wilson:
The band is at present making a American Woman's League. Mrs. J. R.
seven weeks' tour of the country vis- cole; Fastern Star. Mrs. J. A. Gibson':
iting cities in almost every state b- K,.iif(cns. Mrs. Ren F. Raker; Lady
tween the Ohio River and the Pai ilie Maei abees. -Mrs. A. It. Way.Iand:
Coast. It is ten years sine the Ma- Uoyal Neighbors. .Mrs. George Shep
rine Rand was permitted to go as far .lr,j. Household Science Club. Mrs. W.
west as the Rocky Mountains and 3. Williams.
fullv twenty years since it Ins played
on the Pacific Coast. CU.ICO DRESSES A'P'SOCfVI.
The program at the concert to-1 , ,-
night will be varied so as to suit
any taste. Popular mus'c as well as
classic will be played. In accordance
with the custom of the hand to in
clude in its concerts vocal musi' by
some gifted soloist. Miss Marv Sher
lo?.'of Washington, a soprano, will
sing at this concert.
Former Columbia Metltodi-t Pallor
(.'iw Up Work Heeau-e of Health.
The Rev. J. II. Jackson, who was
pastor of the Me-hodir Church of
Columbia from ! to lv- recently
roir?np(l the pastorate of the Meth
odist Church .of .Mexico. Mo., to which
'.ir was assigned at the last session of .Itininr and Senior Clrl- Hold Elee
the Missouri conference. lion- There.
He will go to Martinsville. W. Va.. The senior and junior classes of
where he lived for several years. Mr. Stephens College elected officers Sat
..ickson has been in ill health. ' nrday. Tbos.- named are;
Seniors-President. Reatrice Rrown:
Hi"h School Football Game. vice-president. Alice Wilhite: ffn-
The Columbia High School foot ball ' tary and treasurer. Anbnia Chapman;
team will plav the team of the I. X L. historian. Ina Estes.
.-M..1. inline Piol.l tomorrow after-' Juniors President. Jeannette Mor-
nnnn at :?:30 o'clock. An admission
fee of twenty-five cents will be
Civic League, A Confedera
tion of Feminine Clubs,
to Outline Plans.
b)ralitV and Health of the
Community to Receive
Special Attention.
To plair for g
every movement
greater Columbia
ving assistance in
for a better and
the Woman's Civic
1 League will hold a meeting tomorrow
, a:crnoon at tne .t.".ons Motel. A
! permanent organization will be
j formed anil the work for the winter
: 0..tin ,
The Woman's Civic League is aeon-
federation of all the women's organi-
' "" '" rcI'-'-n,1'ia- While one of if
hm ;s mnttal helpfulness, its gna
purpose is lo lead and co-o'erate in
iT'cvcmenTs for the citj's improve
ment and advancement. The le.True
wns orcaniTCd last spring. Ps o iff
are; President. Mrs. (. W. Gren:
v"--iresiVnt, Mrs. J. J. Phillips:
secretary. Mrs. Mas Merer; treasure-.
Mir a Margaret Sampson.
Last summer the league conduced
an linpectf'-n of t.e moving "ictnre
shows in Columbia and aL'o condnrt
"i! a "swat the fiv" campaign. The
morality and the health of the com
munity will receive the special atten
tion of the organization, according to
its offcers. The league has already
petitioned the mavor and the City
councj for tn(,
re-establishment of
the curfew in Columbia.
At the last meeting it was decided
to have all the delegates from the sev
eral organizations tell briefly tomor
row of the work which their organiza-
:n.. l.ncn ..bninnil f-ir tlirt vnn T lltJtV-
fo'clofn-. l.ie member.- ot te.e ..oa.u
,or mrectors. an "i wno .n.ui- .-ai. -.."-..
jto be present, are as follows:
n. A. !?.. Mrs. J. C. Whittcn: Fort
nightly Club, Mrs. A. Ross Hill: Tues
day Club. Mrs. A. II. Shepard: Daugh
ters of the Confederacy. .Mrs S. II.
Levy: P. K. O.. Mrs. I- I). Sliobe: W.
C. T. V.. Mrs. J. W. Schwabe: V. W.
C A . Mrs. W. W. Cliarters: Social
'Pine Fi'iitlier" Will He Itarreil at
Epv.orth League Part.
The Kpworth Lea; : of the Method
ist Church will give a social in the
basement of the church Friday even
ing. Those who afend will have to
observe the following ruls:
jTule 1. Kvry man who appears in
a "boib-d shir"' will he aW',t to a
fine. Rule 2. Everv woman who does
not weir a calico dress and apron will
have to pav a fine Rule :;.- All jew
e!rv ri"d other such artifcialities pro
ris; vice-president. Eula Rutherford:
secretary. Emma Smith; treasurer,
Sue Smith.

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