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1 1
Widow Is Sick, but Keeps
Working to Support
Little Ones.
Several Parents Will Not
Have Their Boys and
Girls Adopted.
Ucut eight children in Columbia t
are neglected to such etent that their
parents should give them for adop
tion. Son'.' of these have been known .
to the Char.'y Organization Society '
for some nine The number is tes
timated b'- Mrs. C. V. Greene, a di
rector of the society.
One widowed mother is sick and
has three email children to support.
One of the children, a small baby, is
also ill. One of the other children is
- -md the other S years old. The
other, who is never very strong, has
T be
been earning about SI...0 a week. Hen
work keeps her away from home all i
day. The children are left in the
care of a sister-in-law who says she
is not well enough to clean the home ,
or the children. The mother is too ,
tired at night to do this work. sojMiss Winifred rerrect, h.m-
both home and children are in a state! nnvr in His Store.
nf nnrlcnnliness not likely to foster
good health.
The Charity organization Society
has been trying to persuade this
woman that it will be best for the
familv to una nomes ior uie cuuuiuu. ;
The society has insisted that it is not ,
,i, . i . i.nin tvin fim r
, iL- . ..'
tocPlner, oecause in ine pai i
rears the aid given her has not tended
toward a better home. I
Just as she was convinced and
homes had been found for two of the
.viu.n i. int.rfori.nr-K nf tieich-
bors caused the woman to change her
mind. Last night the Rev. rmup
Jamieson. district superintendent of
. - J
Last night the Rev. Philip
jauiu's-uu, uibuiu oui.v...... --
the Missouri Children's Home Socle-
tr. visited the family but was unable
to convince the mother that the cnu-
dren snouia ne given iur .iuui'".
Hie u depending on me support u,
Hospital service for the sick baby
was offe-ed by the society but refus
ed boc-ause the woman mistrusted
this k'nd of re'ief. She was afraid of
a hospital.
While the ame conditions do not
ovist in thf other homes similar cir-
ninis-nnres mak" it linpossioie ior
the children to receive the proper
homo treatment. In one case the
father will .'lormit the children to be
placed in Columbia homes and adopt
ed if the familv- and children are
Mr Jamieson will visit all of these
families and offer to find homes for
the children if the parents will con
sent to this. The Missouri Children's
Home Societv doei not place a child
in a home unless the familv is recom
mended bv the local committee ap
pointed to aid the society. Prof. C.
A. Ellvood and Dr. Woodson Moss
are on the committee for Columbia.
K. P. fiilchrM a Brilliant, Vcnatilf
I'lajer I.at Tvto Y'ear.
K. P Gilchrist, who has been sar-
ring for the Xavy football team tne
las' tn voars is a former Tiger.
"Gillie" played halfback for the
Tin-re V Ho went to RoIIa to
Win tb- V.t'1 season but return"-! to
the Tic rs in the latter part of the
season, ili; ing at tackle.
His frst vear with the Navy was at
quan -r'ack. but this year he has
been sh'fted to end. He is a brilliant
vers?til player. Charles P.rickiey
the Harvard star, in commenting on
the r".n Army-Navy game, saia
that tv- work of th Navy ends was
the bos- ho had soon this season. Cil
chri has one more year at Annap
olis. ronlim; tournament hegins
Four Teams Entered in Contest at
the Y. 31. V. A. Hej-.
For 'oanis are placing in a tour-
nam-p- a' the Y. M. C. A. bowline
allev Eight contests of three games
each ull be played and the team
winninc the highest number will be
given a medal of silver or bronze.
J. C Harris, D. I- Houghtlin. P. A.
WHsn- and James A. Tesson are
Fiv. camos havo been played, and
the score for each team is: Harris
US. Houchtlin 122. Wilson 123. Tes
on us
Weather Forecast Does 'ot Promise
llisintr Temperature Until Tomorrow.
The weather forecast for Columbia
is: "Fair tonight and Saturday; con
tinued cold; rising temperature Sat
urday afternoon." The temperatures
7 a. m.
S a. m.
9 a. m.
10 a. m.
11 a. m 27
12 (noon) 28
1 p. m 29
2 p. m 30
Social Science Club on "Ta Reform
in Missouri"; discussion led by Dean
Isidor I.oeb; 24 Academic Hall, 7:30
p. m.
Meeting 'of the Ad Club; 33'Aca-
domic Hall, 7 p. m.
School Selects Graduate of
School of Journalism.
"... ...
Krnest M. Todd, wiio was grauuateu
.,. ..,., - t i:.. -.
irum me i-cnuui ui .juuiiiuiisw. iai
year, has been appointed coach of
basketball, baseball and track at me
Columbia High Softool. Mr. Todd is
now taking work in the College ot
Agriculture. He has taken part in
athletics while in the University and
was a member of the tiasKetuau
Is the Bride.
A. Fredendall and Miss Winifred E. '
.1. ricucuuau .11111 .niso """ "
Perfect were married last night by
the Eev. S. S. Keith at his residence,
1401 Windsor street. The bride has
- !;. o. . ,..... " ..- .
1401 Windsor street. The bride has (
n:if r:mr?p nr inn niiniiierv uciau-
,f .-n !, -orinnrtnii otnrA sincp
"." i" "- i.. .. .
Mr. Fredendall got the marriage 11-,
cense about .":::0 o'clock last night and
the wedding was at 8 o'clock.
After the wedding .Mrs. Fredendall.
called up .Airs. F. D. Alton, 327 Xorth
mum sireei. 10 lc.i ..er ,- ...
married. Mrs. Fredendall has been
It .. f ItAn'ci VtntlCO Ctnot. I
Ninth street, to tell her she had been
- i
ooaromg ai .Mrs. aho.. . -'
sue came 5o loiumma .. ,.....
Mer nome waS m o..! -. "-"
removal o: trartace was dis
Columbia 3Ian to Leave for Land of
Sun aid Fruit.
J. Henry Koch real estate dealer, I
is going to Florida next week. The '
wintprs of Missouri are too cold for
biln gQ be ays, and he is going to
Palm Beach where the sun snines
warm in winter as well as in sum
mer. Although Mr. Koch has lived in
Missouri all his life, the last ten years
in Columbia, he says he can't stand
the below-zero weather common here
last winter. He doesn't claim to be
a weather prophet, but says it will
be cold again this winter despite the
fact that the wild geese are lincerine
in the north. So just as soon as ho
can sell his furniture he will depart
for the sunny south.
Mr. Koch is going to Florida, pri
marily to fish, eat oranges and keep
warm. He has boon there before and
says fishing is fine. Fishermen there
n-itnli cnlt water fish by the car loads
alonR Inc coast wiien the wind blows
.rizht. However. thn- use a seine. Mr
Koch wn fisU wj,i, pole and line in
the iniand lakes and in the bays. Ho
wi.. talc xlr0P empty trunks along
and ,)rin h031 back full of orange
when he comes back to Columbia next
spring. He owns land in Florida.
With him will go his wife and fam
ily. After a few weeks in Florida
they intend to rent them a nous.
When spring opens and the weather
sets fine in Missouri again, Mr. Koch
will come lack home, but not a day
"I'll tell you. that Ia?t winter was
too much for me." said Mr. Koch to
dav. "I am going somewhere where
I can keep warm. And Florida is the
placo for that, I wish you could
go along."
And the visitor wished so, too.
'.rlal Science CIti! to Hear Dr. I.oeb.
Tov Reform in Missouri' will bo
disclosed at tho Social Science Club
The discussion will be op-
one-! bv Pr. Isidor i.oeo. -" "
orb's" talk. The meeting will be at
..,... .-.. rnrm i cndomic
,:ro oc.oia ... . -
Some Hit Too Hani.
come studonts at the University are
doctoring sore knuckles.. The class
in boxing be-an yesterday and the
bri'isod fists come from the use of
the striking pad.
Mrs. J. G. Babb Tells How
Virginia Avenue Solved
the Tree Problem.
Fortnightly Club Outlines
the Needs to Make
City Beautiful.
That Columbia is badly in the need
cf street commisbion to look after the
! trimming of trees, the parkings and
ll.u.l.lll.n Ul n-, t !. r." j
the general condition of the streets. '
. ,.., ;: M, T r. riMiii.
, . .... . ,
fharman.of the city beautiful com-
li5 lill- UilUllUli VI .. ... v.. ....... ,
niiMin of the Civic League. Injury
-- --
of trees can be expected when their
trimming is left to the ordinary em-
ployees of the water ana. ngni uepart
meat, was Mrs. Iiabb's opinion.
. On Virginia aenue, where Mrs.
! liatb lives, the tree problem has been
I avoided by running the light and tel
ephone wires down the alleys. This
ought to be done everywhere it is
, nossible. .Airs. Uabb declared. By do-
' ' " .
lB ,1,1, In, .hat Bro,v 1.11 can , M
wires likewise noles nainted a va-
wires. LiKLWise poies paiiutu
xr VZm L!! of rte Fort-
'nishtlv nnh M Pabb read a naner I
inn tlio Tioortnrf imnpnvnmnnTR fn mnKO
tue citv beautiful. The club dis-'
tue CUV bCaillllul. 1 nc CIUO uis-'
cllssej the need of having a touch of
,.eautv nut to the district around the '
Wabash station. This, it thinks, ,
ueauiy put to iiie uistnui aiuuuu mi.-
Wabash station. This, it thinks, ,
.. .1,1 .sf.. .1, eiiini- .iiiph tho
. . , ,. :. .1
siranger gets wiien hu cumn imu uic
j city for the first time.
. ,. . . .,.- -,.., .i.;t .i..
L.iKewise ine cjuo iiuims uwi u 1.-
moval of the iron pile on the lot
across the street south of the court-
across the street south of th court-
houie would be a desirable thing. It
advocates that the city buy this lot '
u nto a I)Iavground for
. a I)Iavground for
There is a bill-board nnl-
cnuaren. inerii is ;i uiu-nurn uui-
, Columbia, according to the
ror,n,gnt,y chlb. It declares much
of ,he bean. of the town ib nlarred
l,y this means of advertising.
cussed by the club. The city makes
no provision for garbage lemoval
from the residence districts. With
the families that burn gas garbage
accumulates, and this does not tend
to make Columb'n any more beauti
ful, is the belief of the club.
The Columbia Civic League intends
to bring the problems of making Col
umbia beautiful before all the wo
men's clubs of the city. It will en
deavor to interest everyone in the
Utiioush Competition I- ('looed, 3Ian-
.. c-i:.t vi Y
1IMTiii .-iin i iiur iii.
Although there is no longer anv
contest for a state song, no loncer
any committee, no longer any prize,
manuscripts continue to come in to
Prof. W. II. Pommor. who was chair
man of the committee.
The contest is a closed incident, so
far as the state is concerned, in spite
of the fact that no prize was awarded,
yet the public refuses to accept it as
such, and a dozen or more manu
scripts have already ben submitted
since the decision was announced,
and Professor Pommer sees no pros
neets of n discontinuance.
About throe weeks ago the commit-
tee announced that, in its opinion, no
music submitted fulfilled the re'iuiro
inents of the contest: therefore the
prize could not be awarded. Honor
able mention was given to four men
and. a sum of money, about ST.". to
each, for the trouble they had taken.
Honorable mention and $.".00 was
civen to Mrs. L. C. Hull for words
she had written.
This story of the result appeared in
a number of papers under such head
lines as. "Missouri Still Songless
S as. "Missouri Still Songless
people apparently inferred that
state was still in the market.
the state was still in the market.
Professor Pommer says he does not
i-n- wnnt rn rtn with the manu -
srrj,,ts and wishes people would not
submit any more, ne nas m. ii: i
0 his opinion of them, although
n, nf riio lnttors nccomnanying
ru.. -. ""-- :aih
tnem mar.e sui.i a rnuKi. ...vv. ...
committee is u m.i-'-i .........
there is nothing to do but destroy the
songs submitted
Ad Club 3Irets Tonicht.
The Ad Club will meet tonight in
Room 33 Academic Hall at 7 o'clock.
nrvrn to nrnnrorirriOZAKK coxmTioxs ,i,s subject!
dutch iu ncrncoLni
Ames Man Is Chosen to
Committee of National
Collegiate Association.
Place for Holding Spring!
Track Meet Will also
Be Decided Here.
The faculty representatives of the
:hools in the Missouri Valley Confer-'
ri Valley Confer-'
W Hover or the
vt. in...i.r ui iuc
ence chose Prof
- - i
Iowa State College, conference repre-
' -" ,
sentativa on the executive committee
. , vi,inni pni
of the .National CO.
which will meet
Friday. December
matters taken up this morning were
of a routine nature.
The place of holding the conference
meet and the admission of the Kansas
Sta'e Agricultural College to the Con-
ference will be decided at the present j0 savs raucn 0f it is poorly irri
session. , gated as a result of the topography of
nu rn..,.lt.. .niirncniit'itti'DB In jit- . tho nmintrr nnd much Of the land Un-
tendance are Prof. D. W. .Morehouse.
t-. i, i-i, ..-;.,-. Pmf a w Ttnvpiv
- - ;
.aniy,i'niversHy or .mis.-u.
p R.-CIapp, University of Xe-'
"ntstai: Prof. C. A. Waldo ajid Prof,
F- Ewerhardt. Washington Univer-
Prof. W. G. Manly is president of
1 rui. . u. ."; '- i"
the conference. Prof. P. O. Ciapp is
secretary and Prof. F. H. Ewerhardt
is treasurer.
scunoij " . - -
is treasurer.
Th& ronrMPnmiivps were 111c sucaw
, t, un run t in-hpnn todav.
01 riraiuum mi. . -
They will attend a dinner at the Mr-
ilnia fir 11 toniCht.
r - n.
' ' ' " ,B " ronfer-
'etics in the Missouri al lev corner
'etics in the Missouri va itj ""'"
ence arranged this basketball scn.a-
"lo for Missouri at their meeting at
the Athens Hotel m "'""" h ,, -'
Jar-jarv 11 Washburn at Columbia.
v .. t 4 mna n r'lllim hill T
the Athens Hotel this morning
rz . -- ..,..'
Januarv 1; ana i,.Ani ..- -
January 2 ana .:... .va" - --
Columb.a; teoruarj u a..- ... ..--.-
. ,.. r.ninmin TTplipnnrv 10 and
. t-.i...,.,. io i.-on-
"n'"" " ... ,.
sas Aggies at Manhattan; Fcbruarj 14
11 nnC IT TTlfST fCU 1111 1, !
and 1.-,. Kansas at Lawrence r c.u
an- ?i and 22: Washington at fet
, - ,.nt,. -,t
I oris; Febn-ary 2. and 2,. Kansas at
Columbia inference
Tim Missouri allev Conference
will be divided into two sections: the
. ., .i.n -ilissniiri.
northern ana me uu..-..-
vvasningion u -...
southern division; Ames, u. ""
v....i., in Hip northern. Each team
w, 1(!ay four games vvitheac oft
other two members of its division and
me winners ui n. i -
play each other for the. valley cham-
, e 41m twn
divisions win
A motion was passed to recommend
to the Conference of Faculty Repre
sentatives that the basketball offi
cials be chosen by the athletic direc
tors of the schools. Heretofore it has
been the custom to have the officials
chosen bv the faculty representatives
from an approved list compiled by the
nthletic diroctors. Part or me inui-
. . .: list nf
ing was spent in apuiuw ..
nioMt fftv applicants
Those present at the meeting were:
C L. Brewer and O. F. Field of Mis
souri: Francis M. Cayou of Washing
ton: W. O. Hamilton and A. St. Lexer
Mnsco of Kansas: C. O. Steinm o.
.' r. -!, nf nrako-
I Griffith of DraKe.
braska: John
r-.... a i numnn of the Kansas
u"J -' "-" ... T
V.1.VUC n - --
.i...t iviiiiinis nf mes: .
Driver of Washburn
"Phog" Allen
of Warrensburg.
The following Laseball games have
been scheduled: April 2.". and 20, Kan
sas at Lawrence; April 22. Warrens
burg at Warrensburg: April 2J and
21. Kansas Aggies at Manhattan: May
'; and "i. Kansas at. Columbia: Mav
Io and 20. Kansas Aggies at Columbia
Four games also have been scheduled
with Ames, two here and two at Ames.
-rim tnRt four football games of the
vear have been arranged for: Novem-
- at Xovember S.
Columbia: November 13.
"ra Tnllis. vovembei
. ;. November
, "a"
.orfer fiilvin a Dewiit Warden.
porter Cilvin, formerly oi
JonC. C"ii'n othetate 'p'eniten-
deput . . -
tiary by Elliott A. .v.ajor. ."--
e'h.. held 'the position sev-
, - - '"
Heavy Snow, Delay Wabash. nd the conversation at 'tore of the University of Missouri, has
Wabash trains have not made con gj conducted exclu.;ijeen appointed secretary to the Khe
ctlons at Centralia for three da, s( these meetings ar j Aricultura, society of Egv-pt.
. ,.-....!.
onator h:no in the Eas.isively in German.
Prof. J. A. Fenrason to Talk on
i . . ... . .
unities or Jiiouri roresi i.anuo. t
, Missouri needs a stae forester who
. could determine what lands in the .
j Ozark forest regions aru too poor for
the growing of other than rorest AllSSOUH lOlintV L-Olirt Uttl
crops, according to Prof. .1. A. Fergu-1 i . Jn' MMn.r
son of the forestry department of the '
University. He will deliver a lecture '
on the present conditions and future
possibilities of the Ozark forest re
gions before the Scientific Association
in the physics lecture room tomorrow
Professor Ferguson, who has made I
1 a study or the Ozark country, points
!ont that nro.it tracts of land are be-
ing openeu up in me iorest rsi;;iii u
jand companies and proclaimed a
good agricultural land and availabl
ing opened up in the forest region by
as '
good agricultural land and available
for the raising of orchard crops. The
which pur-j
. , ,,, , ., , , ,.q enmo
i." . , . . ...:
of the country will be no more. This
bristling with stumps, sparsely
covered with oak of poor quality, the
evils of lumber operations, and re
leitedly burned over, is being offered
! to settlers.
' derlaid with hardpan and ground un-
Ft fnr rrnn-rnisincr. He believes it IS
( M .
..lassmuuuuu wl .ls u .. -
suggests that a map of the region.,
with a thorough classification of the ,
land according to purposes for which
n be usea snoula ue nj,,uu.
" j
,.. of Nations Dne to Keeplnei
'Success of Nations Ine to Keeplnei
. .. , -n.. vn.tMimApr
Sabbath, Says Dean Montgomery
Sabbatn? when the Hebrews'
tin inner nnu friM wiiriu uccu nti-i'
i ...IJ tnin Ironn.
" .t c
were nomadic trices, mere wcic oc-j
metic peoples who were far in ad-
civilization and who
yance Qf tnem ,n clvi,ization and who
gabbath( a3 0Id records and
show These peopIes were
the Babylonians and Assyrians.
, - Montgomer;
-v.i" "
Dean cornena .viouieumcw
c A meeting yesterday afternoon.
tnat hc ebrews ve the
Day a religious and ethical
meaning The way it nas oeen ki.
can.nB nation,
tne fabric f thing8
- s .
iieir.anas me hee.wxs i "-
5"m Montgomery illustrated from
saouai.i ib .win .." -
u a day
of rest, goou acis. auu
said the institution
r.v from a crude iaca lnnereiu .mu
-i. .ml r1rtialrnol
n ce - in(ivid.
h how to ob.
" ""- - - ,.;
..... .,.:,,
c Jus
uav always rc-iin-mui-n"-.
that the Sabbath was made for man.
rather than man made for the Sab-
Five to Wear Football Suits for Lat
Time Stindav.
ti, i.t tiinp trobabIy. the 1012
lljli Hl ."" "
1 Igers win im
. iii ..... nn iimir fnnrnriii suits.
wn be Sllnd3y afternoon
when they will meet at the Hoiourn
studio to pose for the annual football
To five of the men, Le Mire, Knobel.
Hastings. Mills and Pilee. who are
seniors, it will mean mai u..s ....
. .
j. tne iasi muc i""-.. i
Ti?er uniforms as members oi a .u.s
souri team. Trainer T. E. Jones will
have his picture made with the Tigers
for the last time unless he comes
lark for he is to leave the la'ter
part of this month for his new posi
tion with the University of Wisconsin
Detnanil for Ple Cna-es Increa-ed
ProdncUon of Cob-Piie torn.
Th iiroduction of cob-'i'o corn in
Missouri is increasing. This is not
due alone to the value of the corn it
vields but to tho value of the cobs.
They are used to make cob-pipes.
There is a factor' at Union, Mo.,
which has a larce output.
They Talk in (.'erman.
Textbook German is boing supple-
' ...a t... .nnirnrstinnal German at
nented bv conversational Herman at
Columbia High School. -
. F iiarmnn ii:itr ui (.au..M ..
. . ....i. .o n.-nt- Wprinosdnv-
C1UU ii.....! . ' -
fiftomnnn. All me ousii.csa
Here Next Week.
Improvement o f Highways
Will be Subject of Talks
That Will Be Given.
Emmett C. Anderson, prosecuting
attQrney of Boone County and .Mayor
v o c f'l.iir will vrairami! the
V. S. St. Clair will welcome the
n-eaibers of the Missouri Association
i r- ... t...i ...i.i,i. ...in ..,... i
Judges will discuss is the improve
aient of highways in the state.
After luncheon the members of the
oraanization will visit, the state in
stitutions here. At the afternoon ses
sion D. H. Doane. assistant professor
of farm management, will lecture on
Farm Advisers for Missouri Coun-
tiS .
At the night session the question of
good roads will be discussed and of
i'cers for the ensuing year will be
?he yissQUTi Association of County
Engineers was organized in January
thig year at Jefferson clty. The ob-
,. f thp. assocation. as stated in
.' -
the constitution, is a closer acquaint
ance between the members. The as
sociation is composed of members and
pmhrs of the countv courts
ror"ler ra D hlishway cngl-
- '
neers in ine siaie.
Addres Last x!eht by George Julian
"American art is only 20 years old.
i yet it now ranks ahead of all other
countries." said George Julian Zolnay
last night in his lecture on "The De
velopment of American Art."
'Especially is this true of American
,.... he said, "beginning even
with the work of Rogers, the earliest
great sculptor of this country, who
reflected the spirit of the MS and was
a true interpreter of his own time and
Mr. Zolnay pointed out that Ameri
can sculptors have advantages over
foreigners in that their work is better
received by their countrymen and they
have more range of subjects. Besides,
one of them does as much work in a
veir as a foreign sculptor usually does
in a lifetime, he says. American art
ists have healthy minds, originality,
sincerity and strength. They produce
bold works with the daring of abso
lute conviction.
Mr. Zolnay's recent works were
, shown and interpreted, especially the
New Bedford monument upon which
ihe author is still rn. and .
SIII1UU1II. 3ni-
about which there has been so much
Mr. Zolnay said in regard to "at
mosphore" that it Is a thing that any
true artist can get at home. Up makes
his own atmosphere. Several Ameri
cans who have lived abroad have lost
thoir ability to represent American
idas. They have not the American
atmosphere, he said. He also pointed
out the difference between a monu
mental work one that is to bo for all
etornitv and work that is purely doco
ra'ive. At the conclusion of the lecture. Dr.
John Pickard announced that the
scale reproduction of the Lacb-de
statue would be presented to the Uni
versity art department.
Cive Paier i FranV Cfesin-.'. Wlwl"
Rclmr Sued for 1,000. v
E. G. Davis, the new coroner, per
formed his first oTcial duty today
when he served a writ on Frank Gie
sing of Hartsburg. defendant in a
At a partition salo or property be
longing to the Giesing estate the sher
iff sold land to Frank Giesing for
$7,000. Giosing failed to pay for tho
land, it is said, and it was resold for
nnlv Sfi.000. Now. the other heirs are
suing Frank Glesin
tional S1.C00.
for the aurti-
uona. i.vw.
Prince" Salem.
- --
George J
Salem of Cairo, Egypt.
graduate of the Colleee of Agricul-

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