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An KrnInK laily by thr Stndrnts In the
.Srliiml of Juurnallom at llir I'nlrrrHlty
of MKMiurl.
HAltllV l. lil'V
M.iuukIiik IMltur.
L'lilitToIiy AIIiirinii .VssocI itiun ( Inc.j
J. H.irrl-xii llrown. iri".ident ; Kuln-ri
S. .Mmiiii, Swret.irj ; .Linn's .. .May. W.inl
A. .Nfir, 1'iiiil J. 'i'lniiiiiMii. II. .1. .McKay.
V. ):. II.iII. T. S. lluilsou, liau II.
too regularly for that When asked
as to his grasp of the field before a
run he said: "I ordinarily take a
quick glance over the whole field be
fore starting on a big run, and gen
erally have a pretty good Idea of the
location of the opposing players.
Steam and side-stepping are regu-
l,.-J i !. tl.A Inti.Mnnl o1j-1ai.
III Virginia lil.ls.. K.rnii SMIr- I ieu lu sun mu iu,wuUUi ...
Tliorpe has announced that he will
quit athletics because he dislikes the
notoriety. If he does, America will
lose one of the greatest, If not the
greatest, athletes ever produced.
! Thorpe is a real native American, too.
KnKTi-il at tlic I'olullire "f CoIuiiiM.i
;1 M?.Unl-cl.rS lll.lii Itl.ltltT.
TWO lMI.-ir.i a vat Iiy Carrier or .Mail.
AMrtsi :ill t ointuiiuicntiuiis t
umvi:i:sitv jnssoritiAX.
Culuiiilii.i, .MUoliri
Early Christinas shopping is a gift
that costs nothing and is one that
pleases the shop girl, the delivery boy
and the bookkeeper. Christmas pres
ents are not measured by their money
value but by the willingness that
causes them to be sent aud the pleas
ure that they give.
Thousands of shop girls and deliv
ery boys are forced to work over time
near the holidays. It is all caused by
the habit that persons have of waiting
until the last few days to do their
holiday buying. ICarly shopping would
gladden the hearts of these young
people who are forced to work for
;i living.
To them a lull in business just be
fore Christmas would be a gift. It
would mean rest for them and they
would be able to enjoy the one holi
dav that all surelv should hae.
There is too much convention in
life today, according to a number of
modern writers. This fact is best il
lustrated in our customs regarding
courtship. The mau has all the ini
tiative in the matter, and the woman
is supposed to sit passively by and
wait for the man to come and often
the one who does woo her is not her
choice. Still she must marry him or
become an "old maid".
Is it possible that it would be a bet
ter condition if the woman could meet
the man at least half way? Would it
not be more natural for her to be able
to show her honest feelings in the
matter, Instead of sitting by and act
ing an indifference she does not feel?
'It is pointed out that many young
persons marry knowing very little of
each other. The conditions of the
courtship are artificial and unnatural.
The two in love never think of having
a serious conversation regarding the
more serious aspects of future life to
gether but spend their time in pleasure-seeking,
believing that once they
are married, things will come out all
right. But alas, too often they find
that such is not so and much sorrow
and regret is the result
Maud Churton IJraby, author of
"Modern Marriage and How to Bear
It," a book which is one of the "best
sellers" in England at the present
time, has opened up the whole ques
tion for animated public discussion.
It Is, however, unnecessary to advo
cate such radical means as she ad
vises a pre-marital honeymoon, mar
riage on approval, or at least love at
first sight; but it is becoming recog
nized that the rights of the woman in
the case have been sadly neglected and
that she has been held down and
hedged in by a lot of useless restrictions.
Jim Thorpe, the remarkable Sac
and Fox Carlisle Indian, is the great
est athlete of modern times. He is
great in any branch of athletics. On
the football gridiron, on the baseball
diamond or on the cinder track, he
excels his fellow man. Just now we
are too much wrapped up in his foot
ball brilliancy to look back to his
work on the diamond and on the
It was only a few weeks ago that
Thorpe carried the ball through the
entire West Point eleven for a touch
down. New York football critics say
that this run will undoubtedly go
down in football history as one of
the most spectacular ever made. Out
of nine games played this season,
Thorpe has repeated this perform
ance in seven of them. In the game
with Dickinson College Thorpe re
covered a bad pass six yards back of
his own goal line and ran through
the entire team for a touchdown.
Some have attributed his great
runs to luck but he has repeated them
Week I a Hnyr One for Girls at
Christian. j
The Eta I'psilon Gamma sorority1
initiated new members this week. !
They are: Misses Ituth Jennings of
Moberly, Albert Knappenberger of
Brunswick, Elizabeth Plunkett of
Kansas City, Helen Cockrell of Platte
City. Mildred Thayer of Kansas City,
Julia Bowling of Columbia, Zelma
Chaplain of Poplar Bluff, Julia Jen
kins of Marysville, Ky.. Frances Fal
lis of Kansas City, Callic Joe Doug
lass of Xaslmlle, Tenn., Marguerite
Brinkley of Sweet Springs, Mame
Griffith of California, and Deema
Barton of Springfield.
Mrs. Blaisdell and her daughter,'
Miss Ava Blaidell, have moved to the
Beta Sigma Omicron chapter house
on the campus. I
The art history class and other stu
dents attended the Zolnay lecture in
the rnhersity auditorium Thursday
James B. Bollman talked at chapel
Tuesday morning on the "Prison Ite
form Movement.' j
Mrs. Brown of Eufaula, Okla., who
was the guest of her daughter, sang .
at the Y. W. C. A. services Sunday
Miss Ellen Simmons of Pleasant
Hill is visiting Miss Lucille Ford.
Miss Alberta Knappenberger of
Brunswick will leave in a few days
to attend the wedding of her sister.
Miss Agnes Shackleford, daughter
of Congressman Shackleford of Jef
ferson City, will visit Miss Betty j
Lloyd this week. Miss Shackleford J
was graduated with the class of 1909.
The Dolly Madison Club banquet (
has been postponed until after the
Christian College will dismiss for ;
the holidays December 18. I
Dean Josephine Pearson has added
a complete set of maps to her his
tory department.
Miss Ruth Muscatt of Mexico is
spending the week at Christian Col
lege as the guest of Iva Irwin.
Miss Helen Palmer has returned to
her home In Fort Scott, Kan., after a
visit of several days with her sister,
Harriet Palmer.
Miss Harriet Palmer spent two
days visiting at Hardin College,
The college of music will give a
OlUULiil i) icliuii ill o.iu u viu.n. ivu-
day night.
Dr. Woodson Moss has recovered
from a recent illness.
Miss Sutton, director of athletics,
organized a basketball team Wednes
day night. The seniors will play the
juniors soon.
Miss Emilc Gehring, soprana, as
sisted by Paul Van Katwijk, gave a
leuuai i ucauu) iii&iii. i
Miss Harriet Jean Kappe gave a
dinner after the recital Tuesday night.
Misses Elizabeth Davis, Davilla Gil
lum, and Kathryn Davidson took part
on the program.
"Penny Auction" was given by the
Y. W. C. A. last night.
The Eta Upsilon Gamma sorority
entertained with a reception at their
chapter house Monday night.
rendition of a song," she says. "You
must give the "entire entertainment,
and the people expect so much. But
they are so kind, these Americans.
I love them."
At rehearsals Mme. Gadski merely
sings, leaving all acting to inspira
tion when she appears before the
"I couldn't swing my arms about
and march up and down the stage in
a street gown", she said; "it would!
be too ridiculous."
Mme. Gadski's father was Polish.
She was born in Germany and claims
Berlin as her home, but speaks Eng
lish with just enough accent to be
On the street she dresses simply
but her stage costumes are rich and
it is estimated that her jewels are
worth $r00,000.
Wednesday, Gadski
Business Men of Columbia Make
Apiienl for Guild.
The business men of Columbia
have issued an appeal for the support f WglgQ
of the Art Lovers' Guild which has
La Vallier
Missotirian 'phone number is 55.
been bringing selections of paintings
and art of note to Columbia. I
These have signed the appeal: N. ,
T. Centry, A. W. McAlester, George'
B. Ellis, R. B. Price, Ira T. G. Stone,
W. E. Smith, II. H. Banks, Claud
Wheeler, E. W. Stephens, W. B. Al
len, C. B. Miller, S. H. Levy, T. S.
Gordon, W. B. Nowell, L. G. Courts,
Omar D. Gray, W. Hunter Price, S.
F. Conley, J. A. Hudson, Berry Mc
Alester. F. G. Xifong, S. C. Hunt, W.
A. Bright and William Hirth. '
Second Special Candy Sale
Private lessons in dancing, "Bos
ton" etc. Address X Missourian.
Cot your seat
for Gadski
night? Co-Op
Christmas is for us all, our
father and mother and father
and mother's fathers and moth
er and sons and daughters' sons
and daughters. That is why we
have selected gifts for most
every age and taste.
Fiction The latest best novels are
here. Then for the old masters, vol
umes from Everyman's Library will be appreci
ated. We bave also' some delightful gift books
for old and young.
Magazines -A magazine is a gift
liked alike by little people and grown
ups. We give you reduced rates, much reduced
when you order two or 'more. You can send
each magazine in the club to a different
Jewelry It is representative of the
University. Our new watch fobs with
suede leather ribbons are ones you will like.
Seal spoons, seal scarf pins and seal pins make
gifts 100 per cent acceptable.
Watch this store for the coming week.
See our new lines of pennants, pillows,
stationery, brass goods.
C0 0P
comprises all that is rare, all
that is artistic and beautiful.
Our collection on display
in the window embraces
many beautiful gift sugges
tions. You will do well to
inspect it.
La Valliers set with
pearls, diamonds,
fancy stones and
with many combi
nations of jewels.
Every one solid gold.
$3.50 to $75
Toilet Scls
Our bread, pies, cakes,
and everything we sell is baked in
our own sanitary shop home
made in fact
The University Din
ing Club and Cafeteria use our
20 N. 9th - 882-Red
The Busy Bee
Corner gth and Broadway.
Commences Today and
cuntinues until Christmas.
All our 6oc Milk Chocolate Maraschi
no Cherry Chocolates at. per A t
pound .... tUG
AH our best unlk filled chocolates...
Chocolate walnut, pecan and almond
tops, with vanilla, lemon, strawberry,
pineapple, orange, cherry, iHat.li!
raspberry, maple, banana" j r
flavors at, per pound - - ZOC
All our 30c coating chocolates, all
flavors, nugat chocolates, peanut
chocolates, date chocolates, caramel
and crisp chocolates at, per f A
pound .... faUC
All our 25c and 40c peanut candv,
cocoanut, taffy, stuffed dates, but
terscotch, cocoanut cherry kisses,
sugar peanut, cocoanut balls, choco
late almond caramels., cocoanut
marshmallows. sauerkraut, Mexican
kisses, I rencli nugat Straw
berry uugat at, per pound
All 15c taffy candy, all inli
flavors, for .... lUClD.
Spepial prices
pounds or more.
for orders of ic
LIVERY-for all occasions.
E. a DAVIS & SON ?
. Illb.
The Perfect Christmas Gift
JVhen yon give a diamond, You know
it will be appreciated
7 will never wear out or grow shabby,
but will always remain a brilliant reminder of you.
JVe have t hem as low as $10,
and from there on up. to $250. Fine
blue and white stones in Tiffany settings. They are set in
all kinds of jewelry, including
Ring? Cufflinks Lavaliers
Stick pins Bar pins Brooches
9 South Ninth
On your way down town
But It Is -More Difficult Than Opera
. Singing.
Mme. Johanna Gadski, who will
sing at the Auditorium December 11
under the auspices of Phi Mu Alpha,
says that she likes concert work, al
though it is so hard.
"Unlike in an opera, you don't have
an orchestra to cover up any little
defects that might come up in the
GtJiti Sihks in 1,'nkeisitj Auditotium
Dec. 11.
is a chilli that is hot after you
have been out in the cold.
and our chilli is the kind
you will like,
it hasn't that 'lunch room
taste, for we make it ourselves.
and it's served in a way
you will like.
It'i a Step from The Cimpus
The Columbia Theater
Monday December 9
Cecil Lean .and Florence Holbrook
The Greatest of All Musical Comedies
Prices: 50, 75, 1.00. 1.50
Seats on sale, Friday December 6
You Could Hardly Blame The City Editor
By "HOP"
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which X vvh.1. now I g pooK MOTHCR MH&TSOmHatCumcS I V, W&i.CNC-rDtUE.PMK.HOlBS KIU'V ftiM 1 EXCTC( MHfcBWUJO .UllplllfigL-) ?'
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ifc'?! ft) ?) SQ , lJ&sfcr? ife VAgfujM- bus HHK WHOT

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