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' Din
n Col!
'ess of i
I or
)nc Hundred and Seventy-
Five Signed Up by
10 O'clock.
lotels Filled and Commer
cial Club Finds Rooms
for the Visitors.
! p
One hundred and seventy-five had
registered for Farmers' Week at the
University of Missouri at 10 o'clock
this morning. At that hour persons
were still calling at the registrar's
office and receiving their badges.
The registration represented fifty
jre counties. St. Louis County with
eight had the largest delegation out
ilde of Boone County. Edgar O.
il Welch of Chllllcothe. Livingston
jfl.'vutntv was Hip first nerson to reels-
" attendance this year will sur-
liat of any other year, said
v L. Xelhon. who is in charge of the
ill registration. "We have no special
ill hoars for registering but the far
mers stop and sign their names as
they pass from the different sessions.
Many more will register today."
The Commercial Club assisted 130
tamers in finding rooms this niorn-
"The hotels are full and the rooms
the residences arc being taken
pldly." said Turner S. Gordon, Bec
oming, "but I think we will be able
tarv of the Commercial Club this
;o arrange accommodations for all."
The following persons had regis
tered by 10 o clock this morning:
'" V Newton, Lcwistown; P. J.
McKinley. St. Charles: Mr. and Mrs.
William Kice. Smithllle; C. A. Le-j
Clair, Mrs. I). II. Doane, Harold Ma
han. Columbia; B. P. Smoot, Miss
Clara Smoot, Centralla; Ellis Taylor,
Clark; W. A. Jordan, Harvey Jordan,
Shelbina; V. It. Campbell, J. E. Joy,
St. Louis; G. E. Rider, Henrietta;
C. II. Allen, Albany; E. G. Bennett,
John Parker; Carthage; S. D.
Cromer, Columbia; II. B. Hatfield,
Uraymer: It. L. Smith, Fulton; Henry
Beckman, McKittrick; G. M. Dye,
Paris; T. S. Jones, Mollno; T. E.
Atkins, McBaine; A. C. Schaeffer, J.
M. Price, LeMonte; Ramon Carroll.
Louisiana: J. W. Bell, Rocheport; S.
T. Sampson, Columbia; C. W. Barnes,
Marston, C. H. Eckles, Columbia; E.
G. Latham, Latham; J. T. Dewey,
Keytcsvlllc: T. B. Milne. Forbes; E.
IR. Hamilton, Columbia; Arvan
iBates, NIargua; E. S. Seymour,
'Spurgcon; W. H. Bates, Xiangua; C.
E. Bbt-rt, Glasgow; Cyrus Jarman, C.
IE. X; -jan. Pittsville; E. W. Ahr-
Forecast Sajs, That It Will Be Warm-
er, Too.
According to the weather bureau,
we may expect to slip around over
Icy sidewalks for a few days yet.
This is the forecast: "Mostly
cloudy with sleet or light snow late
tonight or Wednesday. Warmer.
Lowest temperature tonight about
24." The temperatures today:
7 a.m 13 11
a.m 17
a.m 22
13 11!
a.m 27
(noon) 31
p.m 3"
li.ni 38
Poultry From Other States
Sent to Annual Boone
County Exhibition.
seph Baumgartner, Columbia; W. L.
Meyer, Aux Vasse; J. B. Gentry,
Huglisville; S. D. Hensley, Jackson;
G. W. Roberts, Rocheport; J. .J. Sad
ler, Clinton.
R. L. Price. McKittrick; George R.
Green, Smith ton; Chandler Spitzer
and George Xoolnger, Kirksville; S.
Good, Linneus; T. S. Moor, Paris;
J. T. Conner, Kirksville; W. P.
Boinkley, Linneus; C. H. Davis,
Paris; Miss Laura Burroughs, Col
umbia; Mrs. T. J. Lowry, Huntsville;
H. C. Jones, Hughesvllle: E. J.
Bayer, Chesterfield; Dr. S. D. Henry,
Excelsior Springs; G. T. Smith, Wes
ton; L. A. Ferguson, T. C. Reed, Col
umbia; W. L. Mcllroy, Louisiana;
H. J. Brinkoff. Cape Girardeau; Al
bert Illcrs, Jackson; Carl Wallace,
Jackson; Urlln Salmon, Pattonsburg;
Mrs. M. T. Harvey, Kirksville; M. R.
Kelley, Columbia; W. H. Morcland,
Ashland: J. E. Xalze, Pattonsburg;
Frank White, Clinton; I. J. Vogelge
sang, Gallatin; W. F. Howden, Skid
more; E. F. Gerhass, Meadville; E.
X. Maupin, Lentner; P. M. Brandt,
Columbia; J. E. Piepmeier, Appleton
City; C. E. Alford. Columbia. R. L.
Alford. Vandalia; C. C. Hazard. J. E.
Sutherland, Harrisburg.
.1. T. Rowland. Woodlandville: J.
W. Rush, Eugene; C. F. Chapin, Ap
pleton City; P. M. Ritchie, Eugene;
Mrs. C. A. Chapin, Appleton City; II.
Reynolds. Pattonsburc: O. R. .Tnlm-
son, Columbia; J. Y. Bruce, Frank
ford; Mrs. L. D. Henderson, Colum
bia; W. V. Ingcls, Appleton City:
H. L. Davis, Hume; O. O. Reynolds,
Pattonsburg; F. H. Marsh, Centralia;
Fred Slindt. Eugene; II. L. Llbbey.
Centralia; George Weller, McFall;
Grant Harmon, Maysviile; E. G.
Crockett, Mexico; G. W. Kiderlin,
McKittrick: S. Sheldon, Columbia;
Peter Rasmussen, Emden; G. E. Av
ery, H. F. Avery, Hale; J. X. Keyton,
J. H. White, Clark; H. R. Avery.
Hale; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Russell,
Columbia; Ben B. Cutrright, Centra
lia; C. M. Mc Williams, Jackson; P.
P. Lewis, Columbia; G. R. Kelley.
Blackwatcr; L. B.y Ogden, Maryvllle;
M. T. Atkinson. 'Billlngsvllle; Min
ford Daughtery, Carthage; J. E.
Whitscn, Boonville; F. A. Adams,
Officers Say Number of Birds
Exhibited Is Larger Than
in Former Years.
Speakers at Opening Session
Pay Tribute to College
of Agriculture.
mann, W. II. Lagemann, Chamois; J.
M. Rice, Holden; W. T. Flourney,
ftr!r.,'lll a. V O Tq.nlicnn Cm'.
nour; Mrs. II. Clay Jones, Hughcs
mlle; P. E. Dorner, Carrollton.
t'Frcd Hey, Wllliamsville; J. L. Car
penter, Molino; Mrs. Halladay, SU
Louis; Howard Morris, South Grecn
fild; A. White. Jr., Palmyra; C. L.
White, Aurora; P. R. Rabeman, Jef
ferson Barracks: C. X. Canaday,
Carrollton; J. T. Gross. DeWitt;
Miss Edna Warner. P. F. Warner,
Lowry City; L. S. Haring, Gillian;
D. B. Long, William Roppel, Wells
ville; E. C. O'Xeal, Paris; Charles
Fritz, Winona; OIlie Davis, Wells
ylllc; J. J. Drury, Festus; Thomas
fjkmer, Diehlstadt; R. O. Demuth,
Lebanon; Miss Pearl Nickerson,
Bethany; O. J. Drury, Bloomsdale;
Steven Ohmer, Diehlstadt; Elliott
Drury, Bloomsdale; Ross Mchols,
Lcwistown; W. H. Phipps, Indepen
dence' ". J. Ajtcs, Bowling Green;
VjgUn. Smith, Jerome Smith, Slater;
William Wordcn. Hannibal; Albert
Johannaler, Marthasville; C. C.
Bridges, Slater.
F. II. Crowell, Butler; J. A. Smith,
Lawson; H. H. Wilson, Hallsville;
Z. J. Smith, Fulton; Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Suhrc, McKittrick; Elmer
Clark, Sweet Springs; Fred Walter,
3t. Louis; H. L. Hall, California; J.
E. Mitchell, Elmer; F. B. Horing. St.
Louis; A. L. Kimlcr. Peers; Harri
son Boether. Rock Port; John Albers,
5t. Louis; W. II. Austin, Eldora; C.
r. Pittrick, Brazlto; W. C. Thomas,
3oonville; C. T. Turner. Withers
Mills; Edgar O. Welch, Chllllcothe;
5ilas Steele, DeKalb; O. F. Hedge
lick, McBaine; D. W. Bouldln,
-lughcsville; E. J. Meyer. Aux
v'asse; ". C. Portwood, Hallsville;
jeorgeV Sly. Rock Port; Frank
joyd. Aux Vasse; John Hanbold,
.larston; Louis Morton, Jackson; Jo-
To Hare Editorial Board to Pass on
All Matter Turned in.
J. G. Babb, Jr., was elected chair
man of the Writers' Club of the Uni
versity of Missouri at a meeting of
the organization last night The
other officers elected are: Vice-
c.iairman, I nomas Barclay; secre
tary. Miss Luetic Sheppard; treas
urer, Harry K. Poindexter. The con
stitution was adopted with a few
It was decided to elect an editorial
board of five members to pass on all
matter turned In for publication.
This board Is to elect its own editor-in-chief
and to choose its faculty ad
viser. A new board will be elected
at the last meeting of each semester.
At the next meeting the board for
next semstcr will be elected.
Xo contributions by non-members
will be accepted. 'The club has now
seventy-two members. The club
will meet again at 7 o'clock Wednes
day night in Room 24, Academic Hall.
The editorial board and business
manager will be elected.
There are 500 fowls being shown
in Columbia today at the eighth an
nual exhibition of the Boone County
Poultry Association. Entries have
been received from neighboring
states but the fpwls are chiefly from
Boone County and Central and
.Northern Missouri. The exhibit is in
the Anderson Building at Eighth and
Cherry streets.
The show will last through the
week. Thr state branch of the
American Poultry Association also
began a meeting in Columbia today
and has offered several prizes for
"In the seven years that I have
been secretary of the association
there have not been so many entries
before," said Mis-s Elizabeth Hodge
today. "We have a large number of
entries, many from distant points,
and a complete show of poultry of
all kinds. Many special prizes will
be awarded. A guessing contest will
be held each night and prizes
L. A. Wright of Columbia, a mem
ber of the association, says the show
is one of the most complete ever held
and that there are several varieties
of birds on exhibition that have
never been shown here before.
Included in the chicken exhibit are
Black Langshan and Light Brahmas
of the Asiatic variety. The American
variety includes Barred Rocks,
White Buff Rocks, White Wyandottes,
Rhode Island Reds, Partridge Ply
mouth Rocks. Of the English variety
there are White and Buff Orpingtons
The Mediterranean class includes
Black Minorcas, White, Buff and
Brown Leghorns. The bantam class
includes the Black-Tailed Japanese,
Single Plume, White and Black
Cochin Bantams.
There are mammoth bronze and
bourbon red turkeys, one weighing
45 pounds. There are White Emden,
White Pekin, Indian Runner, Musko
gee, Wild Mallard and Buff Orping
ton ducks. ,
The woi'k of judging was begun
Others on Program Are Dr.
Hill, Dean Mumford,
and N. T. Gentry.
Stranger From Chamois, Mo,
Been in Xeiada Asylum.
A man who gave his name as E. C.
Keisker and said he had once been
in the asylum at Xevada, Mo., was
held at police headquarters this
morning. He came here on the
morning train over the M. K. and T.
Railroad. In answer to questions by
J. L. Whitesides, he said that his home
was near Chamois, Mo. He said that
he had been away from the asylum
four years.
Keisker carried a small red-backed
memorandum book in which were
several names and addresses. One
was the name of a man in Chamois
who Keisker said was his brother.
Keisker's actions led the police
judge to hold him for examination by
Dr. J. E. Thornton.
Speaker's Wife Has Xot Returned
From Trip to Panama.
T. C. Wilson, secretary of the
State Board of Agriculture, received
a letter from Speaker Champ Clark
at Washington this morning stying
that Mrs. Clark was still in Panama
and would not return in time to at
tend Farmers' Week at all. Mrs.
Clark had agreed to come to Judge
hams and to make some talks. She
was to have talked on "My Trip to
Panama" tonight.
Speaker Clark expressed regret
that Mrs. Clark could not attend and
said that It would "bea-Nlisappoint-
ment to per, too.
Case Against Missouri Store for $1300
Damages Put Off Till April.
The case of the Co-operative Store
against the Missouri Store, a suit for
$1300 damages, was continued today
by the Circuit Court to the April
term. The suit is over an amount
which the Co-operative Store says is
due it on textbooks.
H. C. Frasier was awarded $130
damages against the Wabash Rail
road. The will of M. E. Hultz was
examined and ordered probated.
Slater Man Marries Columbia Girl.
A marriage license was Issued yes
terday to Samuel Calrl Lay of Slater
and Miss Millie Sargent of Columbia.
The bride was under age and her
father, G. W. Sargent, gave his con
sent. The couple were married by
the Rev. A. W. Pasley.
Two Divorces Granted.
Lulu May Chick was given a di
vorce this morning from George W.
Chick. A decree for the plaintiff was
entered In the divorce suit W. O.
Maupin against Martha Maupin.
The improved conditions in farm life
and the work of the annual Farmers'
Week were the topics discussed last
night at the opening session of the
eighth annual Farmers' Week. Every
speaker on the program spoke of the
remarkable advance made in farming
conditions in the last few years and
all attributed much of this advance
to the interest shown by farmers in
the College or Agriculture and to this
annual meeting that the farmers are
now here to attend.
After the University of Missouri
band had played, T. C. Wilson, secre
tary of the State Board of Agriculture,
called on the Rev. W. W. Elwang to
give the invocation. Mr. Wilson then,
in a short address of welcome, briefly
sketched the history of the annual
Farmers' Week from its beginning
eight years ago.
Welcome fiy X. T. Gentry.
X. T. Gentry, president of the Co
lumbia Commercial Club, offered the
address of welcome on behalf of that
organization. Mr. Gentry, addressing
the farmers, said: "You are a pro
gressive farming people here in .Mis
souri, your presence here shows -t.
You are not satisfied with conditions
in farm life as they are today, and
as they have been in the past, and you
are here to get information to take
back to your homes. It is evident
that your interest In improvements is
increasing because each jear more and
more of you come to this annual meet
ing." Mr. Gentry expressed a desire to get
the farmers more interested in the
University Itself. He said that the in
stitution did not belong to a few but
to the whole state and to the farmers
assembled before him. He added that
he hoped the increased interest of the
farmers would have an influence on
the future appropriations of the State
Legislature in the interest of the Uni
versity. W. S. St. Clair, mayor of Columbia,
who was introduced next, said in a
jesting way that he had been wanting
to get an opportunity to talk to the
farmers of Missouri and ask them why
they charged such high prices for their
products that the people of the towns
could only have butter, meat and eggs
two or three times a week.
Why They Come Here.
"If you farmers will tell me this,"
he said, "I will consider Farmers'
Week a success." Continuing, in a
more serious manner, he said: "You
farmers have come here for business.
You have come here to learn that
which will enable you to go home and
be better farmers and make yourselves
better homes."
F. B. Mumford, dean of the College
of Agriculture opened his welcoming
address on behalf of the College of
Agriculture with an invitation to all
the farmers to make the agricultural
buildings and equipment a convenience
during their stay in Columbia. "The
farmers are an inspiration," he said.
"for the carrying forward of the work
of the agricultural college."
Dean Mumford expressed pleasure
at seeing so many famlUhr faces at the
opening meeting this year., "This," he
said, "is an indication that Farmers
Week is accomplishing something and
that the farmers are learning some
thing that makes them want to come
back again."
I A brief outline of the week's program
.was given by Dean Mumford. He ex
plained that different phases or farm
life would be demonstrated at the
same time in order that the farmer
could elect to see only that which he
was most interested in. In other
years when the program was given
so that one event followed directly
after the other, some of the visitors
were at all times seeing something
that they did not care for.
Dr. Hill Tells of Progress.
President A. Ross Hill then sketched
briefly the advancement in the way of
equipment and in more modern meth
ods of instruction that have been made
In the College of Agriculture. He
mentioned the new buildings the Ag
ricultural Building, the Veterinary
Building, the dairy barn, the poultry
plant and the new Agricultural Chem-
pleted, all or which have been built
in his administration. All or these
buildings have been added as a pari
or the College or Agriculture. He al
so mentioned new courses added, such
as preventive medicine, siiort winter
courses in farm work for men and
home economics for women, and the
systematizing of the work of Farmers'
P. P. Lewis of the State Board ol
Agriculture then spoke of the progress
on the .Missouri farms today. "We
farmers amount to more today than
ever before," he said- "We are coming
to be more and more appreciated.
People generally have more respect
for the calling than they did former
ly." The Agricultural Schools.
Mr. Lewis attributed the changed
conditions largely to the work done
by the College of Agriculture. The
right way to live, he said, is being
shown the farmer by the Agricultural
schools and the farmer is profiting by
fc. L. Xewlon and F. T. Munson,
both members of the State Board of
Agriculture, gave responses to the
addresses or welcome. Both spoke of
the growing Interest in Improved con
ditions in farm life. Each compli
mented the work of Farmers' Week
and the interest of the people in the
College of Agriculture.
Awards Are on Amount of
Excess Credit Gained
by Student.
Higher for Making'Over 22
Per Cent Extra Hours,
Lower for 16 to 22.
Said to Be From Seed Found in Cliff
Dwellers Caics.
William F. Lange, a student in the
College" or Agriculture, has a dozen
curious beans said to be the product
or ancient seed found among the
caves oT the cliff-dwellers in Ari
zona. The beans were sent to him
by .Malcolm Ferguson, secretary or the '
Chamber of Commerce, Preston, Ariz.,
a menu of Langes father.
-Mr. Langc has interested Dr. .1. C.
Whitten, professor of horticulture,
who has written to .Mr. Ferguson for
more details concerning the beans.
"The beans are not unlike other
beans, and although I have never seen
exactly this bean before, I am famil
iar with a number or eear-relatod
families to any one of which it might
belong," said Doctor Whiten. "For
that matter it is possible to produce
almost any varieiy of bean by cross
ing. Thhe longevity of seeds is al
ways an interesting question.
"Is it really possible to preserve
the vitality of seeds through any great
length of time? Such preservation
depends, of course, on the complete ex
clusion of (air and moisture1 from the
seed. Covering the seed with mer
cury has proved to be one excellent
method, and by like experiment the
vitality or wheat grains has been pre
served Tor forty years.
"Recently In Columbia old clover
seed that had been buried in the
ground for seventeen years were
brought to life. This seed was tested
and actually germinated, although
the resultant plants were of a rath'
er weak characted.
"Time and again we get stories or
vital seeds taken from old Egyptian
ruins. Xot one of these stories has
ever held good. As a matter of fact
such seeds when exposed to the air
fall away to nothing. In general wo
measure the longevity of seeds not
by centuries but by decades, so that
I shall be especially tntprpsted in any
report I may get from Mr. Ferguson."
Peritonitis Fatal to Daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. R. Rice.
Doretha, the 9-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Rice, living on
West Broadway, died at the Parker
Memorial Hospital last night She
was taken to the hospital yester
day by the ramlly physician. Dr. M.
D. Lewis. She was operated on yes
terday atternoon by Dr. F. G. Xtfong
ror peritonitis.
The runeral will be held from the
Methodist Church at 2 o'clock tomor
row afternoon. The services will be
conducted by the pastor, the Rev. C.
W. Tadlock.
Had Lived Here Six Years Father
Doesn't Know Yet;
William Rumans died at his home
here this afternoon at 3 o'clock. He
leaves a wife, Mary Elizabeth, a rath
er, and one son, Robert. Robert Rum
and lives in Cinclnnatti. He was noti
fied this afternoon of his father's
death. It Is not known where William
Rumans father is now and he does
not know of the death. Mr. Rumans
and his wife moved here six years
istry Building that now is almost com- ago.
The honor lists for the year 1911-12
have been prepared by the faculty.
Those who have made over 22 per
cent excess credit on the work of the
session are given "High Honors;"
those who have made from 1C per
cent to 22 per cent are given "Hon
ors". (1) before a name indicates
that the student was enrolled in the
first semester only; (2) that the stu
dent was enrolled in the second se
mester only.
SEXIORS High Honors: Mildred
Maxwell Bell, Estella Fay Cratty,
Anna Christine McBrlde, Olive Mans
field Xelson, Edna Earl Ralston, John
Shapley, Gaylord Clark Swindle
Honors:. Rodney Babcock, Eva
Louise Brendell, George Paul Comer,
Eva Steele Darnell, Ellen Louise
Goebel. Wilhelmina Heimberg. Rock
well Cresap Journey, William Walter
Merrymon, John Henzie Pattrick,
Curtis Burnam Rollins, Jr., Paul
Dudley Sanford, Jeanne Louise Stipp.
JUXIORS Hiifh Honors: Elmer I..
Breckncr, L. Fay Knight, Malvina
Lindsay, Xellie Henelia Schultze, Ken
neth Craddock Sears. Josephine Dun-
lap Sutton. Honors: Katherine
Barnes, Kathryn Eleanor Baum
Blanche Foss Bowdle, .Wendell Berry,
Winfred Wcedon Hawkins, James
Adelbert Mc.Millen, Lucy Burgess
Mocro. Fern Helen Rusk, .Margaret
Easton Smith, Alma Steele.
Pauline Gracia Beery, Helen Eliza
beth Cook, (1) Mary Morrow Derby,
Mabel Louise Hurst, Ida Adele Jewetr,
Frances White. Honors. Frank
Reid Chambers, Selwynn DeWitt Col
lins, Louise Coots, Lulu Currin, Harry
Benjamin Erkman, Hettiy Morgtc
Johnson, Lummle Lynch, (1) Ralph
Alan McCanse, Mattie Florence Ren
ford, Zay Rowena Rusk, (2) Lillian
Shapley, Murrell Howard Thortnon,
George Washington Williams.
FRESHMAX High Honors: Alvin
John Accola. Guy Vernon Head.
Dorothy Kaucher, Carthrae Menette '
Laffoon, Margaret Branson McEIroy,
(2) Carolyn G. Tarr, (2) Martha Trim
ble. Honors: Fawntine Marie Elmore,
Lawrence Rice Golladay, Dean Leo
pard, Lucy Salome Love, (2) James
Boggs Music, Guy B. McArthur.
Libuse Soukup, Lydia Stefanski.
Josiah Reel Streeter, Mildred Taven
ner, Horace Weltmer.
Award Arts and Science Honors.
Department honors are awarded on
the following basis: 1. That the
student shall have taken in the de
partment during the session not les3
than six hours (if the work Is of un
der classman rank), or not less than
six hours or two courses (if the
course is of upper classman rank).
2. That the student shall have in
the aggregate an excess credit of 20
per cent upon the work done in the
department during the session. 3.
But the amount of work done in thr
department beyond the minimum stat
ed in 1 may be considered to afreet
a lack or excess credit.
Department honors in the College
or Arts and Science ror the session
or 1911-1912 have been awarded as
Shapley, upper class. LATIX John
Shapley, Mattie Florence Redford, up
per class; Leota Versen, Ida Adele
Jewett, .Margaret Bronson McEIroy,
under class.
EXGLISH Kenneth Craddock
Scars, Frances Howe Miller, Lyndon
Burke Phlfer, Luclle Shcpard, I Fay
Knight, Ida Adele Jewett, Walter
Roos. unner class; Charles Edward
Kane, Fannie Jeannette Frank, Alvin
John Accola, Harold Clark McLaugh
lin, Herschel Myers Colbert, under
GERMAN' Arnlm Louis Saeger,
Septlma Schembrc, Eva Louise Bren
dell, upper class; Ida Adele Jewett,
L. Fay Knight, Josephine Dunlap Sut
ton, Alvin John Accola. Xellie Marie
Caylord, Mabel Louise Hurst, Viola
Begey, .Mildred Maxwell Bell, Gladys
Hiner Lee, Lydia Stefanski, under
Howard Montgomery Katherine Barnes
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