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University Missourian. (Columbia, Mo.) 1908-1916, January 28, 1913, Image 2

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IhlteK Bltor.
CetTerrfty Ml)Bri AMoetatlo (tee.)
"J. HarrUoti Brows, PrMideat;' Rgfeert
S, Mnn. Secretary: Jams G. Hay, want
A. KeC, Paal J. Tboapaon, H. J. MeKaj
W. E. Hall, T. 8. Hadaon, Iraa
OBce: la TlrglaU Balldlag. Down Stain.
Entered at the PoatoaV of Colombia, Mo,
''as second-clsM mil autter.
Two Dollars a Tear by Carrier or Mall.
Echoes ifYisterday. ,
Fire Tsars lit. , ' V
Ths Cnamsralsl CIA west after
the'Pythiaa' House aad the encamp
ment Mr tke Missouri National Guards
for Columbia.
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AddreM all commnaications to
ColBBbta, Missouri.
Every University student had a
friend back home who should be in
achool. To get this friend to come to
Columbia should be his aim. Noth
ing advertises or builds up the Uni
versity so well as personal work.
In two weeks the second semester
will open. Students can enter then
as well as at the beginning of the fall
term. A letter to an old chum, tell
ing of the benefits and pleasures that
one finds here, might bring a new stu
dent It's worth while to fry it
Tea Tears Age.
The Glee Club announced, its regu
lar concert before its tour, which
was scheduled to begin February 2.
The club had fourteen members.
The Horticultural Building was an
nounced to open this week. The Dai
ry Building had opened the week before.
The City Council has made another
advance toward settling the insurance
and fire question in Columbia. Im
mediately after the rate was lowered
the fire committee was instructed to
buy more hose and to investigate the
cost of a new automobile fire-wagon.
Recent fires here have shown that
the city is poorly protected. When a
fire occurs at night, it usually means
destruction for the house. The
horses are almost gone as far as
running is concerned. The active
members of the fire department do not
live near the fire wagon.
A town the size and standing of Co
lumbla is entitled to modern protec
tion. The council will see that it ia
Twenty Tears Age.
The law students indorsed an arti
cle written by one of' the seniors
against compulsory chapel attendance.
A similar article had been written
two years before.
Work oa the Chemistry Building
was to begin soon.
The foundation for the Zoology
Building was being laid. The Man
ual Arts Building was near comple
tion. The State Board of Agriculture met
and opposed the segregation of the
College of Agriculture from the Uni
versity. There was talk of giving D. It
Francis a place in the cabinet under
President Cleveland.
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Tonhim&miimcn Weeks' 'CofcelJel?
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Home Care of the Sickt
Thirty Tears Age.
A bill was Introduced in the Mis
souri House creating free scholar
ships in the University.
Senator Bryant's bill, appropriating
1100,000 to the University for the pur
pose of enlarging, repairing and fur
nishing the "main edifice," was
Governor Wilson will be elected
President on Lincoln's birthday, Feb
ruary 12. This will be the second
Wednesday of next month, the time
set by law for the counting of the elec
toral votes at the joint meeting of the
two houses of Congress.
January 13, the electors met in their
states and cast their votes. Under
the law, three certificates of the vote
in each state were made out One
was sent by registered mail to the
presiding officer of the United States
Senate. Another copy was sent to
him by special messenger and the
third certificate in each state was de
posited with the United States district
court of the district in which the
electors met This would be sent in
by special messenger if both the other
certificates were lost
Rhode Island's messenger arrived at
the Senate first with the man from
North Carolina only a minute behind
Utah and Vermont voted for Taft
These states cast their vote for Dr.
Nicholas Murray Butler, president of
Columbia University, for vice-president
When the vote is canvassed in Con
gress next month everyone knows
now that Wilson will receive 435 elec
toral votes, 266 being enough 'to
Fifty Tears Age.
Columbia papers told of the high
cost of living in Richmond. These
were wholesale prices: Turkeys, 58
cents a pound; tea, $15 a pound; salt
45 cents a pound; coffee, $3.75 a
The Joplin News Herald wonders
why little people always want to be
most important ,
Missouri newspapers are clogged al
most as much with parcel post Jokes
as is the new division of the post
office with packages.
"Marguerite' will soon be the
friend of everyone. Particularly will
she be the men's friend. Boys who
want to smoke "on the quiet" will
keep her hid under the woodshed.
She will be in the kitchen of almost
every home In the land. In the coun
try one caa find "Marguerite'' ia al
most every room in the house. And
the college boys they will like
"Marguerite more than anyone.
When they want to smoke and haven't
a light they will ask for "Marguer
ite". Old-time matches are to go, you
know, and "Marguerite" is the name
of the bow ones.
Cera Cefc Ffre Heads Xteseurl Shew.
Missouri is featuring the corn cob
pipe at the fifth National Cora Expo
sition, which Is being held in Colum
bia, S, C. T R. Douglass and J. C.
Hackleman of the agronomy depart
ment are wKh the exhibit ,at this
exaeaklea. Nearly every phase ef
agriculture Is betag shown..
The Maryville Tribune remarks that
when the suffragists get things com
ing their way the society reporters
will get the big diplomatic positions.
Chlllicothe is campaigning -against
billboards and may eliminate them
from the town. The people of Chllli
cothe have the civic artistic temperament
From the frequency with which the
name Atchison, Kan., appears in the
papers through the 'state, one would
infer that Atchison was "some" town,
unless the reader remembered that all
those press notices as a rule are Jokes.
The Kirksvllle Daily Express says
there are forty-three houses in town
which are occupied only at night as
was found in getting out a new city
directory. That is the best time to
occupy houses.
Heg Cholera Bulletin by Ceanaway.
Dr. J. W. Connaway, head of the
veterinary department of the Univer
sity of Missouri, will soon publish a
bulletin on hog cholera.
for your
. t
it Of the Campus on Kitttk
With a determination to carry back
to the farm as many new ideas as
possible a class of girl stadenurbe
gaa work the first of the year la
home economics. The course will last
but seven weeks hence mast be, above
all, practical. This, after all, ia the
test of Its value. Will the students
be able to put Into actual practice
what they leara during their stay
Let us step into the laboratory
class-room in the basement of the
Gordon Hotel Building and see what
the class is doing. The subject is the
old story of cookery. Before long
tables, forming a quadrangle, girls in
trim white aprons stand. In front of
each one is a gas plate, utensils for
cooking, baking powder and other es
sentials. Around the room are ranged
different kinds of stoves. A study it
these, with the comparative values
of fuel, forms one modification which
illustrates the changing attitude to
wards cooking. In the top of the
stove a bole has been made to allow
the insertion of a thermometer for the
purpose of testing the temperature of
the oven.
A Flreless Ceeker There.
On one side of the room is a fire
less cooking box, on another a recent
invention in the form of a combina
tion stove and flreless cooker. It
has two burners for starting the
food and several ovens for continuing
the cooking process by the conserva
tion of heat The aim is economy in
the use of fuel and reduction of labor.
Instead of giving definite recipes.
Miss Louise Stanley seeks to make
her students independent of them by
teaching general combining propor
tions and the principles underlying
the combinations of food constitu
ents. The lesson was upon batter
cakes of various kinds. By experi
mentation the correct proportion -f
flour, milk, eggs and fat was found
for griddle-cakes, muffins, popovers
and waffles; the mystery was ex
plained as to why popovers rise with
out baking powder; the use of the
rising agency, as baking powder, was
studied. It waa found by weighing
the different kinds of flours that there
is great difference in their weights,
hence the quantity used must vary.
While developing these facta and
working out accurate recipes, each
student was busily preparing one of Miseourian
the different breakfast foods and as I them.
"s '
the corn and Graham musus were
takes from the ovea, or the tempting
cakes from the skillet, they were
compared, criticised and eatea.
FreMeau far Stair.
What are the comparative ...values
of food-stuffs? What ceastitatea a
welITbalanced meal? How caa food
values be maintained at diffsreat cost
apportioned to income? The selec
tion and cooking of meats; a more
general use of vegetables with a
knowledge of their peculiar food val
ues. These are a few of the sub
jects to be considered.
In another class-room a group" of
girls was found beginning the con
struction of a hat One' girl ex
pressed a lively Interest in this work,
declaring that it would be of the
utmost value to her and that she ex
pected to be able to trim hats for
her mother and sisters. She expects
to make a winter and a summer hat
to design the pattern herself, to con
struct wire and buckram frames, td
cover and finish them with velvet,
nets and straws, to make and put on
trimmings and especially to learn to
make bows of ribbon and velvet which
can always be used to trim hats simp
ly and artistically.
In the sewing class an apron- was
already partly made. Next a suit of
underwear will be drafted and fitted
and a shirt-waist suit designed and
Learning- te Care fer Slek.
Not the least important of all the
lessons given will be those on the
home care of the sick. The practical
details will deal with the aick room,
bathing of the patient preparation of
food and co-operation with the doc
tor; also the care of persons in con
tagious diseases and the prevention
of the spread of the disease, together
with the isolation of .the patient, and
disinfection. Talks will also be giv
en on pneumonia, tuberculosis and
typhoid fever, showing the importance
of a knowledge o( nursing.
As a result of such training, what
was before drudgery will present new
and interesting aspects, and time,
strength and energy will be saved -by
the knowledge of how to use to bet
ter advantage the resources offered
in the home.
E. J.
; a ui.Wtr t -4 hifrle!
were 'oatla aWa th WMiaJUw
in a canoe, Between Braaaoa.MO ana
Beaver. Arl TUUmg shooting
frog were the sports that attracted
thesa to the little frequents country!
Oa the 'shore a typical iahabltant
of the region was -sitting oa a log,
chewing tobacco. They pat la, and
attempted conversation.
"I suppose," said the University
maa, "that yoa have lots of frog-legs
to eat dowa here."
"Frog-legs!" The speaker missed
a regular chaw. "Naw. I never ate
any of them things, bat I got a fool
brother dowa ia Texas that ate some
They had fried potatoes every day,
world without end.
"These potatoes are Just like col
lege spirit" remarked the optimistic
suffering boarder.
"They're the 'rah-rah' sort'
Send the Mlssourian home to your
folks. They will appreciate it
Make every
count, uet .
student suppli
'semesfier narvr
.. j.--oj
examinations on
way to classes
Library or beti
classes. The
is in Academic
You can buy
with no loss of
Trained e:
salespeople to w
Why not let them know
vacant room through a
want ad? ''
The Bible College of Missi
offers the following courses for the second Semester, for which
versity grants credits:
History of the Hebrew People, 3 hrs. Tues. Thura. Sat 8 a. m.
Another Section will be arranged if the demand Is sufficient!
Hebrew Language, 3 hrs. Time to be arranged.
Bible as Literature. i .
Christian Ethics, 2 hrs. Tues. Thnrs. 12 ra. '
(Another Section will be arranged if the demand is sufflci
Comparative Religion, 2 hrs. Sec. I Tues. Thura, 8 a. re
I Sec n Tues. Thurs. 11 a. ra.
Social Teaching, of JeWs. 2 taI WaCJsk
Introduction to Religious Education, 2 hrs. (Credit only ia School i
cation;, Kecitauon bouts to oe arranged. a
For further information call for Bible College Catalogue, or"
Acting :
classifieds pay read
"Worth While1
Have you attended our
Silk and Dress goods sale?
Hundreds have to-day.
Hundreds will tomorrow
Come tomorrow and
see our rare bargains in all,
short lengths.
!2 Price
50c SUk Poplins - - 33c
57.25 Crepe De Chine pat
terns - . - .75
510.00 Foulard patterns - 6.95
$2.00 Charmeuse, per yard 1.48
51.00 Taffeta Silk - 69c
100 remnants in 3 and 8 yard
lengths at half price. Both ia silk
and Dress Goods.
Sale continues Wednes
day and Thursday.
Are you aware of the
rare offers made in our
ready-to-wear department
Wednesday and
One Lot 56.00, 57.00, 58.00
Lingerie Dresses
One lot S7.00, 58.00 Whke
Rep Dresses
One lot Red, Blue and Green
Norfolk Jackets 52.90
Any Suit in the house 59.75,
514.75 519.75.
Any Dress,Sflk, Velvet, Valour,
Serge or Corduroy in the house
57.50, 512.5016.50.
Alterations Free.
Our only object is to reduce our stock before" our buyer
goes to the market.
Classified Want
The cost of Missourian want ads is but a half cent a wet
day. They bring greater results in proportion to costs
any other form of .advertising. Phone your wants
FOR RENT Two first class rooms
at 70S Missouri avenue (dt)
TO RENT Furnished rooms at 506
South Sixth street Phoae 379 black.
TO RENT Several desirable roosts
to men. 1 Watson Place, phoae 257
green. (tf)
TO RENT To a single
Front room ia modern house, steam
heat, close to University. Call 214
black. (46t)
TO RENT Room with hot water
heat 307 College. Phone 515 red.
TO RENT Nice south room oa
second floor. Table boarders wanted.
Apply at 907 Lowry. Phoae 521
black. i (46t
TO RENT Three rooms for girls.
Modern conveniences. 90f Lowry,
phone 245 red. (d5t)
TO RENT Comfortable room, one
half block from University. $16 a
month. 25 Allen Place, phoae 1125
red. (jet)
TO RENT Several pleasant
steam heat; new house. 714
souri avenue; phoae 546 whits.
TO RENT Large room, $16 per
month. 605 B. 6th. Phoae 492
black, jet
ENJOY your meals. TaMe
Mrs. Wright's 34 ' a week.
Conley Ave.
TO RENT A south
gle bed, m g. 4th.
Phase. 46t B.
FOR SALE Two best lots in I
tosv rroatlBg Worley street
owned by non-resident Will
at bargain. L. M. Defoe or
Price, Jr.
FOR SALE Good cord woo
quantity. L. p. Stephens,
FOR SALE Pit hull tor
Priace- Burke strain. Best all
dogkaowa. Affectionate and :
Watch dog. Doa't yoa want
See Dr. Cutler. Phoae 767
DESK wanted; if yoa havsi
ond hand desk for sale, phone!
M. Liager at 223.
STAT BACK makes the
stay back and keeps the hair j
A harmless compound coat
chemicals or oil. Sead 25c
Jar. Stay Back Company,
street Chicago, 111.
LOST A K. A. pia set ,'
with diamond poiaU. Finder.'
to 806 Missouri or phoae
and receive reward.
McClaia tt Hughes, 806 Wains
highest arieea for seeoad-s
Work gaaraateed. Call at
ku sea bj
mssssv- Osses m
DANCING Lesson given
M6 Cssdsr. 441 waK.
asrth. of
Joyef gMdta,
at the Roll
- Or "HObb-1
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K ' , H-ywi all to rseatrs your Mlsssur- I jffr . ' .LslK -sWPBVjBl a ft&ps& " ix ' f ' "?fflRi , Tt
m&: toaVar-lsii-s-i5. . j T7Z " . ! ., :. ' ", " ' 7J &. HV,

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