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jn i:rnlnc Iall" hy llir Minimi In tlic
hrliool wf JournalUm at tlie Unltrrhlty
f .MUMiurl.
JIMiltV I. :nr
MannKlii IMitur.
CiihtThltr .Missourian Aswclatlou (Inc.)
J. II.irrNnti Itronn. President: Klort
S. M'iim, Swrct.iry; .I.iiihs :. Jluy. Want
A. Xf.l, Paul J. 'J Immpsoii. II. J. McKay,
U". i:. Hall. T. S. HuiN'iii, Ivau II.
Officv: In Virginia liullillns. Iown Stair.
its exports In the next five years.
Then, possibly, in the future ocean
vessels will make their way up to St.
Louis and make it the greatest trade
center of the western world.
lltitereil at the IVstolHw of CoIuiiiMa. Mo,
as fojiiil-ckis.- null matter.
Tvo hollar 11 Year by Carrier or .Mall.
AMrt"is nil ciiiuiitiitiliiitioiiH to
r.ivi:i:snv .mi.mii;i:i.x.
(..IiiuiI.Ij. Mi
Gradual Reforms Arc Changing the Old Com
mon Law Under Which a Wife Was
Merely Her Husband's Chattel.
is not acknowledged before an officer
is not legal. Before that time the hus
band could convey the right to his
wife's land, without her consent or
acknowledgment, and her land might
also be sold for his debts.
At present, all real or personal prop-
ever, that property purchased by th
wife after her marriage is paid for
with her husband's money, unless tin
contrary can be proved.
WiiVs Rents Are Her Omi.
ine rents and Income irem the
wife's property are her own. The hu.
band can not release a tenant from
Ziml.alM a Jew, Not Russian. , ,1,e&e tinies' Ily the 1,,,ase ls "sualb ishe owncd or carned waS llis I,roI0rt'
meant tne ngni to oie. uim-r icbui
Editor the Missourian: In your is
sue Of Jaiiuarv 11!. vnn ennkn nf Rfrom
Zimi.niist -, .. ,-.. -n..CL.i" . in are not usually included in the ex
--. -U..H .... t,vfc lIICiUlt tiUIIlI-
Ifct, the "colleague and fellow-countryman
of Mlscha Elman." This stato-
ment needs correction on the score
that both these musicians arc sprung
, from a race that Russia recognizes
only in the most dastardly, medieval
I fashion. They are both .lews. Of
course, it perhaps lends more glamor.
..,...,.. i r i ,i..i i. . ... i. . - i
J,M'""" ' uiiBinu ui-si in ji.au io to tne average ear to say Russian rath-
erty belonging to a woman at marri
age or gained afterward by gift (in- obligation to pay rent on his uife'i
... .... it. f i... ... .. . . f. .. . . .
W'e hear much of woman s rights t property, 11 ioitoweu mai everjuimg ciuuing weuumg gins;, uequesi or lanti. However, a wiies lanu maybe
inheritance, or purchased with her levied upon for any debt or liability
separate money, or due as the wages of her husband, created for access,
of her separate labor, with all income ' ries for the wife and family,
increase and profits thereof, remain If a man should desert his wife, or
her separate property under her sole from, drunkenness, worthlcssness or
control, and not liable to be taken by other cause fail to make sufficient pro.
any process of law for her husband's vision for her support, the courts mar
debts. The husband can not convert authorize her to sell real cstae or
mw.M.M: i.M'UKMi:.
Inspiration to nent dress and ap-i
ertv sjstem was brought from Eng-
prcsslon. J land into most of the United States.
Hut an inquisitive mind would nat-1 in general it is considered in force
urally wonder what are the legal ' to the extent to which the legislatures
rights of women in other directions 0i the individual states have not nulli-
than that of suffrage. What property lied it by according to the women of , his wife's personal property to his own personal property. If he deserts his
rights lias she? How does the law those states positive privileges. I "sc without her consent given in writ-' wife, or refuses or neglects to pro-
Changes Since L'nrly Rajs.
ing. .Money or oilier personal proper- vide for her, the courts may also order S
differentiate between the property
rights of women and of men? Does a Dr. lsidor I.oeb, in an article on the ty is not transferred to the husband support for her and her children paV
married woman hate the same right legal property relations of married by his use. possession or care thereof, for out of his property, and can ci
The presumption of the law is, how-, (Continued on page 3.)
woman. So is all effort to converse than Jew. but the truth remains to "er ow" nrl'cr,.v !IS a ms'e wo parties, says or tne common lau : u
well to display manly attributes and''"" Htwla deserves .!o credit what- B,a" ,,as? u , , W:1S ada',cd to a rntio s,a,e of 8r0C,!f ?' J
ailfv worth. That h wltr t!,n' ever lor thcir accomplishment. On Tllese art 'mentions that arc being wliero personal property was of little
. f u. h4 i.s wij , the contrarv, one is stronglv impress-' Iisc,,SS0(1 rocentIy- A number of wo- consequence. With the increasing
woffloa ktudents of the lulveraity of,' W,ntlie fPeling against them '"en's clubs in various stales are mal:- importance of the latter, the hardships
SliseeBri are indfepeiisnble. fnhcn one knows the great amount of lng a &t,,lIv ,,r t!lc liUVS of ,,icir (nvn of the system made themse'les mani-1
Wlhot the elevating feminine con-, red-tape they had to undergo to es-btates '" t''al, to women and child- rest, and remedial measures became
bin. we mea would descend Into j ! ,uc pawiwrt restrictions ilirectcd! ntL A national woman's magazine necessary."
n , ,, i it, ti I against them as Jews. ' !t puhliBhlnij a scries of articles on in .Missouri reforms in the laws in
mnaet sains ami jjm irousorx.j Jt Jg fact o worl(rs detriment j ,ho siiljvct. in which the laws of the regard to women were begun in 1SCG.
OHr faces would go unrazored for ex-. tJlat ,Il0 gcnIus of tll0 ,eu. Jn ,jlsja I different states are compared. And since that time, the husband has pos-
toHdftl fieriods. The b.:iitii InBucnces not allowed freedom a race which I a Rr"at "ian" Ix"Oplc hae been aston- sffsed no power to sell or convey his
Of oar class roouib would be lacking, has numbered, In its oppression, men isilc1 ori rPa,,"" of omt-' Iaw's which vife's land, and any sale or contract
rfcB ouatins aonld ! traversed onlv,like Kubenstein. Antokolskv. .Mver-! IlHo opinion has outgrown, but j,, him in relation to her land in
" - " i . I .... .. ....." - ...!
beer. Kizet. Heine .Mendelssohn ' v-"10" ar1, iI"i '"' statute dooks. which she does not join, and winch I
The JIN-iuiri Law. . ,
In Missouri the property rights of
women compare favorably with those '
in other states of the I nion, accord-
ing to Judge John D. I.awson. "All
legislation on the subject is getting '
farther and farther away from the
old common law," said Judge Lawson, '
"and Missouri's progress along this
line ranks with the other states which
radual reforms in their i
ty retiga-loofcins males in bizarre at- j"'?' 1,,m' Heinp- -'"lelssohn.
. , , , , ,1 Spinoza. Disraeli, l.ombroso, amidst
j.u. jv mm Hor..c ueur tmu -c ., i,,gs 0lcrs
The Bible College of Missouri
offers the following courses for the second Semester, for which the Uni
ersity grants credits:
History of the Hebrew People, .", hrs. Tues. Thurs. Sat. S a. rn.
(Another Section will be arranged if the demand is sufficient)
Hebrew Language, 3 hrs. Time to be arranged.
Bible as Literature. 2 hrs.
Sec. I Wed. Kri. 3 a. m.
I Sec. II Wed. Fri. 12 in.
Oar rwUerslty women make college fame,
life worth while. They give us the ,
almost equal
benefit of their gracious influence.'
Tliey add charm to our social life. ' '
They are good conijmnions.
fHrnlsli needed inspiration
And they,
ntmviHM: kit Tin:
Bmk on Comcr-ation. '
j A striking and lorceful exposure of
the looseners in conersation so com-
tmong people of the United are making
1!(1MMII ' ln!1
Slnleia tc vnn.ln ... .. n .. i i. ..-. i.. ;. . ... .
. ...,.Jt , 4l ,n-,, DuuK, V.UH- is in regard 10 women.
Pti.-. .l-k.. . &. T . 1 u. u. . . .
xr Ull, , w uiifi iiewsiiwr, ersat ion-What to Say and How to I nder the English common
iasa is iiscslBg. He Is seldom seen In j y I." by Mary Greer Conklin. She married woman ceased to possess
tke offices he ornamented so gro-! dca,s crisply with her subject and property or any kind the moment she
tecqadr. He Is being supplanted ly! "oil"8 out the neo'1 of a c!oser erv- was married. All her money, lands
new tone of uhioh th mnoi;, ' aDCe f ,he nicetIcs tllat to maks or jewels became her liubL-aml's. If
aewiMe-or bca the "-, conversatioa a delight and charm. he deserted her but still remained
staves, well-dressed, college-tralsed ; Miss Conklin names the Frencfc as within the state, her nronertv was
ymag maa is an example. Schools the most cultivated conversationalists t-till his. If she inherited money after jjj
of Journalism are aiaina the trasst-, in the world and their devotion U she was married, the monev belonced
w . . ,, -
It was not so long ago that the vis!
listening as most notable. The habit U her husband. If she worked and
of listening, she states, is one of th? made money, after her marriage, the
most Important tenets of rool eonvor. n.nnm iminnnui to ..- i,..ci.,.i
tor to the average metropolitan news-jaatloB and one of the amenities e sread as he pleased. These and other
palter o.T.ce was shocked by the ap-( Americans are prone to disregard. ' firovislons of the common la- arose
liearaace of the workers. CIlppiBBjCu,,Iate(, Irisl"n rank next to the because of the fundamental principle
Ids way threagh cloods of tobacco! Frencn as Pllshel conversation- ( of the common law. that a married wo-
noke. he saw through the maxe 0&1-' 'l!!" 'B t&e P!b!oB f tW PuaKent lr'an couId na Pierry. lKcati
t,vi.. .. . . icrlUc I she was property herself. Since she
tookta Agares woraJng at desks. A rap at tho tete-a-tete style of con- n considered her imsl.an,r i..:
iajr panea oora cob pipes, wafted es- versatloa Indulged In so generally by
paadtag circles of smoke about the American and English people is a
city room and mutilated copy with f,Bre f tbo bTOfc The Frenc!' an
. il .. .. .. t . commended for their freedom rrou
stubby blue pcacits. They had ornate ' h. .. . . . '
inis fanlt and for thtir proi..,iti:(
hfrsutes aal were qneerly dressed. It: with which private chats are nii.pel
aeemed as If "artistic characters de- j la the bud at their dinner parti-?.
scribed fa fiction stories sat before
I0m. It was the day of the Bohe
mias newspaper maa.
Tws passing type was distinctive,
If the odd aad peculiar contribute to
distinction. Ho allowed his hair to ' W,,B vrybody as "the greatest bore
grow long and cultivated a stubby ! B Jfociety."
ii . . i. .i . ..... I Tn su'hor reaches the conclusion
beard to mip a trlntiffiilar tiftvt ain ...... ..--w
I that the aim of conversation is nleas-
ure; that like a game of whist It U
for vour
I Christian Ethics, 2 hrs. Tues. Thurs. 12 in.
(Another Section will be arranged if the demand is sufficient)
Comparative Religion. 2
hrs. fSec. I Tues. Thurs. S a. p
1'Sec. II Tues. Thurs. II a.
Social Teachings of Jesus, 2 hrs. cc- WciL Fri- s a- m-
bee. II Wed. Fri. 10 a. m.
Introduction to Beligious Educatiou. 2 hrs. (Credit only in School of Edu
cation). Bccitation hours to be arranged.
For further information call for Bible College Catalogue, or see.
Acting Dean.
Classified Want' Ad sv
j The cost of Missouri want ads is but a half cent a word a
f day. They bring greater results in proportion fn ,,-. tu '
1 .1 r f . . ... .-.i iii.uj
5 am oiner iorm or advertising, 'hone your uanN m &
TO BE. NT-Fraternity Chapter phone, with case, lrou a- Z
house Bum especially for a fratern- just been redded and a . " rin"
,HJ. Has all conveniences. Located pnt on. M. HlcWin. ,.hon 7! ulGt
s one block from the University.' '
The author names politeness In con
versation as another American Mce."
Americans, through lack of courage'.!
take np n discussion, aro apt to agre-
with everything addressed to them.
Fh names the person who agrees
-yia .- . -
P19. ' n""WWiiiM iaf'Mff1BlTi7Tnri
i niintin. tr
' "" lu 3IIii(Kl.LA.E0rS
TO BENT-In new brick residence ' J' .? l W f oun5
a large front room on second iloor; j ?,-?, ??'! wmln:u' " V'',I' "'
, nicely furnished; privilege of sleep-j' "'" CeBt o-. (dot)
ing m atue jr preferred; heat and
hot water guaranteed. 60 s. ,"th St.,'
TO REiVT Large double room for
girls, Ul Hitt.
Cloney Laundry Co.
the Dorn-
(dtit) JicCIain & Hughos, soo Walnut. Also
ills extending side- hhrtters. lie was
Shuffling in dress and devoid of all
ncntncEs. According to custom, tra
dition and ilefinltioH, he was a booee-
flglitcr and led a slipshod cx:atencc.
Ills ability to write and edit made
Ids connection with the office pay roll
Uitt the newspaper owners came to
demand well-dressed men of gentle-
jnaaly appearance. Schools of jonr-j
a matter of giving and taking, of fol- J
lowing the rules, reciprocal. She be
lieves all persons should strive to de
velop their iowcrs of conversation,
strive Tor facility, to correct their
e Ideal faults, develop thcir indiwd
uality and give it full sway. Sh
mafces a plea for observance or tV
Misrrc-stions for conxersatlonal cultivi-
Ition set forth in the boo!;. (Funk f-
acnalls Company, x.w York and
London: 7." tnts net
Industry is the
price which the gods
mark on their choic
est prizes.
To produce tobac
co like
Tn tit-vt t r niguesi prices for second-hand goodi
.v. ,-wu,. .1.4. n (iT-h. firitnrTirtt4.A.T
722 IMissoari Ave.
(d!2t) , phone COO red.
Call at o ace or
nnlisni, with the School of Journalism
Cf iltrt Tlllatv r iSaaAiml tt tlin
; , -. (nu:iii;i:iinii!i!iiiuii,iii i;ri!i!i!i!i:iii;i
icau, were rcnuy to supply tne need.
Tlielr graduates, carefully trained in j
newspaper work, are putting final rout j E
to the Ilohcmian.
tor jour
Ec:.?A. j0m? ci i
S "lWMoun W7r
its Off the Campus on Xinth '
TillllllilllllllKI.I.I I'l.l l.l'l II!. I I rr.iilT'
St. Louis has wonderful opportuni
ties to extend its trade into the marts
of the world. The opening of the
Panama Canal in the fall will make
possible the expansion of Its com
merce to rich territories heretofore
It will have accessibility to the west
ccast of South America. It will have
cheaper rates to our ports on the
Pacific coast. It will have enhanced
advantages over France and Germany.
And this because it will have use
or the Mississippi River as an outlet
to the sea. The "fourteen foot chan
nel" for the river is a possibility of
the far-away future. So St. Louis
ians have decided to make use of
the channel of the river as it is.
Steel barges and towhoats will solve
the problem of getting goods
down the river to the New Orleans
port. Of course there will be the ex
pense of changing there. Rut with
this handicap St. Louis should double
ll"!', uwj fray cert.
KlvrJ rttutrJfor
rrj g bSjr w
I TO RENT Five large rooms on
lirst floor, furnished or unfurnished. FRATERXITY and for ny meni
AIso five rooms upstairs for young l'er;s can not ll hetttr i ' t, buy
men or man and wife. Phone SIS red. t,loir ''R, pins, rincs and no. lties
(d.".t) i ,,lrect lr.om the oldest and most n-
. ; Unble manufacturer in the West
j TO REXT Two first class rooms 1?0 i;rtHm Jewelrj- Company, Utd
l at TOS Mlssniiri nvnnno t.Mt t Walnut Street. Kansao Pliv II..
(dCt) ; Wal,lllt street. Kansas City, ji0., gjjj
i save you money on your order. ,nt;0
TO REXT To men, two large, well
heated rooms. COO South Oth street.
(d t)
ild .)
te f
2'Cnnec titt3
farg tcith
requires skill, dili
gence and infinite
watchfulness. Choic
est Burley leaf is care
fully aged until no
trace or harshness re
mains. The result is
a smoke of satisfying
smoothness and de
lightful richness.
Jiouoi aluminum steel body, three wall,
guaranteed not to rust. Th t.f
TO REXT Xice southeast room. Ina"e at Palmer and Johnson's. (d6t)
11 Missouri avenue. Phone 0S2 !
rou SALE
FOR SAM-: Two best lots in Smith
ton, fronting Worley street. Lots
, owned by non-resident. Will be sold
, at bargain. L. M. Defoe or R. R.
' Price. Jr.
FOR SALE Pit bull terrier nuns.
Prince Burke strain. Best all around I
; dog known. Affectionate and reliable.
' Watch dog. Don't you want a pal?
I See Dr. Cutler. Phone 7C7 black.
j FOR SALE Good cord wood In any
j quantity. L. p. Stephens, phone 691
'"s uaiueu. j. t Miller's second
hand store, Xinth and Walnut. Call
and see the bargains, or phono 70S
mack. (d6t)
Crt.' rr r....
"" un. Ui iiJijux for your
glasses, omco second Iloor New
uaitar BIdg.
tiif cfn
DAXCIXG Lessons given nrivatelr.
ouo v.oniey. i is white. (d24)
GO SKATING at the Roller
''h"i uuunsszon 2.ic; half b(l
norm of Wabash Station. Oh,
joy of gliding around the hall! '
When In Doubt Play Trumps, Eh, Scoop?
By "HOP"
( C0U.t -0J-rtLLMr SW.-WMtTHCR.ThL'
T:&jf CW.H0T 1
wn.iwiu.i sv7 -a -' ' r.r.-rx.:nu:r 1 bphi auhtv( jom r3n-y 0H tmaia nra w line.
,U0CK " S 1SM .: 7'ZFZZlJZr'- I owiMt n twat vao -T5T H Vou so ch.m od .s
5k. . - Xk. MM)' "' - -vr-i wr r m Mclr. v-,,0 -r... ... I T'W. BS Mucn--niaT.IJUST Ai GSEEjf Tn Ufo
1 -- - - - j i ii. c b. i J3.t . rj m mi - u &j vu jrn i a un 1 i ii v - i i -- . . i - -.,.-
! f-- lj cr ESEsn f zy lupp td vour twewta J ; S MAlCs T JV HW K'r ME- ;
I 't'J-mTV-ifrit.

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