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University Missourian. (Columbia, Mo.) 1908-1916, February 05, 1913, Image 2

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UNIVERSITY MISSOURIAN. h,"or,d- T,le' sasard about ic.ooo,-!
000 acres of timber, containing fully
4.000.000,100.000 feet, or one-fifth of
the nation':, supply, and keep the loss
es down to an amount so infinitesimal
that it cannot be expressed practical
ly in percentage. Inspired by the or
ganizations on tile raclfic Coast, sev-'
eral concerns in the lake states and
Vew England have organized on the
same line.
UnlriTflty Mlss.)iiri.in Asswiatloa (Im)
J. IlarrNou Ilroun. rrtl-tit ; I!lert
S. M.uiii, Si-cri't.iry; Jnincs :. Jl.iy. Waril
A. Ni-IT. I'.iul J. 'I'll. mil-.. p. II. J. .McKay.
. K. Hull. T. S. Ilu.!.ii, Man II.
Ofliiv: Iii VlrslnlJ liiillilins. iKiuii Stair-..
A Sketch of the Man Who Is Said to Have
More Friends Among College Students
Than Anv Other Person.
I.'nterol at tt.- I'itl!lu of CIuin!iI.i, Mo,
as mi-hiii-i1,ins mill matter.
Tmii I)olIiir :i Your by C.irrler or il.ill.
Christian Colle-re Publication Out.
Tiie -sixty-fifth annual catalog of
Christian College lias just been Is
jsued, containing the announcements
jfor the coining year, the calendar,
j faculty, pictures and descriptions of
the buildings, and the courses of-
f fered. The catalog is well gotten up, j
ion soft-tinted paper, with attractive
A big. tall, overgrown farmer boy , is impressively large. He has a (printing and good pictures.
from a large Western farm appeared ' strong, athletic build. Next his eyes j vieW8 of mi,ic College, the churches
on the campus of Northwestern lni- .. . . " -w ; anu- tlie jjoone Lounty coun nouse.
ijimi'. innii:ii. ? iiiii.iiiii.-iiv; u la. lit: is , .....I ..nn..nn ..I. ;..,. ...
,r.... -t Pvnnelnn 111 ,l,ln il, ... - s we as suvflill Dttura ri"t, uu
The owners of timber lands in the tcrM, aI 'ans,nn' IU- m,r,nS Ulc only about ?,Z years old. but he appears J Wea of thc urroumiings of Colutn
West particularly have come to real- 0"e"i,,fr i;,JS a,,0,,t fif,cen years aj'-' ,m,lh ol,!t'r for I,is ,iair is onl' a ' Ma are included.
iMrt"- all 'tiiHimiiiiralJuns t,
I'Viri'ltkllTV Itww'iUTHf V
i.'ii'imiii.;."iiis.iiri lagpinent of the
ize that proper protection and man-
lie was older than the average fresh- reminiscence. However, lie is not in I
man because he had spent several thi least offended if vou s;iealc to him
nations forest re- venrs tmintiinu over clods turned tin nf it nml !, win toll vm mo 1h rniic
" " - " -"" ' ,,v- -
i .sources are an economic necessity, by his-plow. Hut he was, just as green his head that it began to fall out in
(II l"il!U'S M'XT STIT I Since they liave taken the lead them- :,K :,I1J' "O'er freshman ' liis sophomore year at college.
om.. da'v n Iar-e ' stone bui'ldinc ,"'hw- k ''cessary for the "l lun'Wd wl,h ,,,ra a ' of ' lVanl.!.. a Chunu-tmMir.
.om. ,ia a Iar-t stone building, graduation from a "prep" school and He is prompt to answer diiestinns.
Hh b,.utifui vines entwining th..1"ouri,I,,onl l0 w,rree co,,1I,ulM,ry he had a thirst for knowledge, so the lie is siarilingly frank. An editor has
fc'Utely pillars which will Kard its ea- reR",:l,,- I'ncle Sam fully realizes authorities let him In. He already said of him. ho is "as sympathetic and
trance, will stand at on- ol the promi-1 ",n' a 't',, llloy wi" bo "l t,,e saving knew a lot about cows and hogs, some- kind as a father, as steadfast and true
of his valuable and Indispensable ""nR about toil feriilitv and crop as a fraternity brother, as much an
rotation, but he wanted to team more admirer and believer in college sports
and be a good farmer. He soon tie- as tlio I'niversitv coaches, and as ron-
aptar th- wor1. "City Library."
('. II. Titus Ri-siiriis- as Captain.
C. IS. Titus lias resigned as captain
of Company C! of the diversity
JWBt sim-t corners of (!oInmbla.
Atov Its elegantly carved front will i vrooll,!Ie-
it the corner stoue at the base will
Iks the simple iBsrriptfoH. -Ham by
the rcoilc of Columbia.- j
1h aaother block of the city II1
Vfc'irpoin t.s
: cided, however, that lie did not want siientious an upholder of moral and
j to try to raise better corn nil his life, Christian living as vour motiier." lie
" " ' hut would ratlier try to work for bet- is characterized by his masculine mes-
l.cfs help Our OM .Sdiiit-. i t'r morals among men. especially col- s-age. his fearlessness, his mimess and
ICtlitor the A!i..fourian: A week of M0?"0 Ilu- liis frankness, lie is said to have
.department htunts at commencement! He lived at a small club house and i more Dersonal friends anions college fc
slniitl aaother new buildins equally sounds vv.ll, docs it not. and would, w:'s '"c steward, lie bought all the men than anv other man. S
as attractive In its architecture and no dmibt help the sen'ors to entertain provisions, hired the help and saw that i "Dad" Klliott made the All-Western
As substantial in its construction.
'o city la Missouri, outside of St.
their relatives and friends who come '" rules of the house i.-ere enforced, football team the J ear he won his
to sc tli.-ni graduated. After the fond IIis fatherly interest brought hint a nickname. He was also a star and 3
ixircnts lniil in..tiftfwl tlia .1..... ..r nlcknriniii ntnnti" hiu nlnl. rr.i,,wi .. f..t..:t.. ;.. ..ti.n nti ,i.i...:nM
I.oni8. will be able to claim a bettor. Aca(!rlllIc ., aud ,,., vs,.0l n,Icf A ,,, S(ar. .., wom ,, ath,eUpB.. Il0 P:1VS ..,,
tti. lintl fl.ni, fTtiM.il.t. I ,-. . ,.,. ... . . ..... ..........' ' J
wV ...... w.n lumminu. jo.sejiuiiie. iiieir promi guide would '''' "'at wasn t an. He wanted to cau.se I wanted to know all about men
These are Columbia's next great) ave his hand and a. "Step this way Ij,ovv "H about men, and lie went into and you get to know men pretty well
atejte toward becoming a real city. 'o the dinners Calr." or perhaps to a athletics in order to know more that way. Of course there arc other
- j St. I'.tfs parade. And presto, there about them, lie was as serious and reasons, too."
; would tie tne lair, or the parade, ready earnest in ins play. m his friends He is a fraternity man. He lias liv
! tor inspection. A continuous week of ncrc not much surprised even if the led several years in traternitv houses.
igayety, in truth: rest of the world was. when in his "I believe in fraternities." lie savs.
Hut would the fair and the parade i-cphonio
Tin: cam. or Tin: tihi.i?
Man can never break the homo ties.
The makers depend
on their good qual
ities to sell you
another bearing thc
same label.
$1.50 up
C laclU VeaWnly !i Company, M.-iLcrs
for vour
hand Books.
( o.or
A n n o u n c e m cnts
We have been authorzed 'o an
nounce that Y. M. Dinwiddie 4s a can
didate for re-nomination lor cay at
torney. We have been authorized to an
nounce that I). W. 15. (I)oc Kurt. Jr
is a candidate for city attornv
I'honc riii for the Missourlan wasJLI
au department.
tlmt bind hint in youth. I"wn after :
has maue hi.s fortune in a ccrrniu lo-itind the other stunts produce them- tonchdovv
calitv and has Kiirniiinde.1 himself ' olu"!' without effort? All the seniors -,c:,r- "
with fri..l wi.n n.i,nt, ..,,,1 rn.! I "'u "" -aiunng on tlic sidelines "'. "' otner was seventy. The achievements as are fraternity
i.i,n . Ttttt n i.n ti i w'i0 "eir pa-pahs and ma-malls, and next morniiiR the papers called their but the groat trouble Is that too manv
....... ...i. iiiui M ''"" J'l.liu, J-l. Ii(..,. Iil'inv of tll. ..tlw. ..!...., llpril "MtiI " mi. I til-it I.. Hi. ......,. l,..t .1... i
' .' ' "'- i..,l-i 1 lUS.L-A VH.1 -" " " ....... .....I ...... .., n,.- ...i.i.i; lil.ll U.WIL 4IIU HI
re year lie made the only two "but I also believe there is a good deal 1 r r yt n s TTf tl 4- t si r
nis made by his team that , in tli-m that needs cleaning up. Xo f .11 1 I J tt ii 111 I ill
ne was a run of sixty-live men on earth are so proud of their l'l'J J J VKSVl' F F lV 1 1' V JL JL VVJ
The cost of Missourian want ads is hut a half cent a word
r" at snrfos ntnl nro tint
eluded and now d-sorted-a thousand remain in Columbia later than their "'ousands of college men friends or willing by hard work and good morals ' dllV. TIlC'V hrillir trreater results ill proportion to COSt than
...:ln .. .. .in ii .. i.i i. Inc. .. .....:..: m , ,. .. I imi:.... 1... 1.1 .. . .. I n;-i ii
iiiiiuh au.i.v sun uiins 10 mm. ne "c .iiiiiiiaiiiui .- jiaKing tiu scliool " ' ''""'i iwiow mm totiay. to pjiy tile price.
Must go hack at once. jJ'car a week shorter would merely
It I. i ihnw in- oau,, t,-t .ii!,oec t,,al "1,,cl1 'I ork and turn
him back Thc roof has fallen in mid
"Dad" Klliott is a large man. lie
C. J I. K.
anv other form of advertising.
e your wants to .50.
llio plaster! uu in many siots has left
iho walls. Could there lie nny attrac-
Uoh there? .Wither is It the hills or!01' s-,,'s become tiresome both for
Urn lalley, nroniul It. The hills are i " ' n-"-"0" Hc spectators?
imt toots and the valleys broad aiu, who uas av t,me ,n that
stretches of plain faras laud. There of the car?
an so laudacaiios there for tho ar-J No, the place for the stunts is right
ttsfs pad. Yet there h a longins to! vbere ,hey arc now scattered
m the old home agai.: a loosing to "'roUR 'tthe ",,rlBR mol,tk-
. . . , a " they break op the vernal lassi
So back over haunts and live over, ,,, ,.,'..,
j ,. .aun niAauun iur everyone
thO ClIliTpfltc -JVitn tit l.mcn l..f ... 1.
sooner. The propositio,, to ' compel "l V Iik "iC,"r sI,0W":
them , s,,v I L w ' ,. L. " KJ ",a-v carJs if ' k to Play cards:
Mnrovnu ,., "7:T"t j,,st l0:,f if " lain loafiii
- -,. . -. .. , "uutu iiUi l IIUll- WI'I'S
bulletin to offer additional evidence
and to prove, if possible, beyond fur
ther doubt that this is true."
rPllt ctn I ...in... I.. f.A .1... .. t
' "" oiuiuiwiu ia iiuiii niu opening 1
liOAK!) AM K003I liable uianufactiirer In the West
TO RENT Furnished room, 1'nd The Green Jewelry Company, 1101
door lrom campus, $S. r(.". Conley Walnut street, Kansas Citj. Mo., will,
phone US white. (tf) fie yon money on your onh r. (dot)
TO HK.T Fraternity Chapter
imragraphs of a hulletin on bovine 1'ouse. Hnilt especially for a fratern-
Ilas all conveniences. Located,
from tlie
good night's sleep and cold bath will
send you off to the inquisitorial cliam
i .... .. j.i. .i. . ...
,,m. ,'. " -' ''MtulK.icuIosis by nr. Samuel Sheldon.,-
" """ " m anj Uate veterinarian or Missouri. one block
exam than the mere jumble of facts ' , jii,n ,r
timr tim ,,v,,,n,.w ,.: :.: ,m. .. I The bulletin gives Instances of hu- I 'one 4tJ
One does not. hav0 to search farlma" ,nfectIon from HcasctI animals
,. ... .. . ... .. . ,ar bv lnoMiIntlnn umi i- Mt! ,.,, HK.NT In new brick residence
Z r.f0? aTU and drinkine 7 f ZLZ. a 'a room on second floor;
mi- iitjiuii.iii who siuiiien inr into tne .
WAXTiCD Two competent young
men as traveling salesmen.
C. Hill, Central Hotel.
Cloney Laundry Co.
h v
J f
i :
"ri' ''-iaVL-
thc Dorn-
Sain his childhood days. Ah yes,
'tis memory that pulls him back to the
battlefield of his boyhood.
ia the University. If they were to
tome ail at once, aad for the benefit
t.f visitors, they would become not
' Mi ImTa ClifA t.u a
Mas lias other yesterdays, toe, .7 -" "u',la uul raere suaws- nnl
-t.t,. t mieht " ,e,l ba B'n hired
-v- . .... .. 0..us . R-i" professionals.
K'ernlng houis. and then faileil tn ,
wake up until the examination was eattle ,hc d,fferent for tuber
all over. SEXIOR. !tu,06iB ia cattle, how these tests are
applied and directions for eradiea-
i isou or tne disease are treated at
What the symptoms are in ' "'.if Z''1 McClaln A Hughes, So'd Wal'nut." Also
different tests, fnr t.,lur- ' " '" '"'v- " lc":u, "wii auu i,ti,c, ,, , ,,.. Bn.
"ov- .ivf, iu CWUI1U-I1UIIIJ gOOU3. -
Vork guaranteed. Call at oTice or
phone COO red.
hot water guaranteed.
COG S. 5th St. I
'i'Iiie 5?hv ni.mriw.
i.ftftA ItlA Vlenilpln... . .t.f..l. I In
-.u..v, ... ..luowuiiau, tUIJIK II U
The chance would at a ehanie that the noor stm!nt '.vim!
epna hiiu as those which center, once destroy the character of the en- has desired to make E's and S's has.
arHBBa me nomc ine struggle witu : -TiBininpiiis anu rob the lower class- round It impossible to study in the
philosophy, science and Greek, the r8 of "er"' important part of their library, L.-catise of the girls.
scftool lire. Girls who hnvo not rocfiv...!
I length.
TO RECT Large double room for
girls, 111 Ilitt (dCt)
CELTIC LIT!! i'lVKI' I0(;1A.1I
cheers of friends from the side-lines I
Papers Read h) 3Jember :it Tuestlav ,
f lab .Meelinir. " ,
. SWITCHES Transformations, pom
padours, and all kinds of h. ir uork
TO RCNT-Room. for young men. ' ?J mbings Call and Ce
72" Missouri Ave. (dI2t) I "" . , r! V' T '" '',,c
' . Hairdressing Parlors, i'hone .17
iin. ...
T.r.,. .- . . . i ' uswrii. or anvininir in in u.u ,n-ti.t.
, but lea-, e o any fellow finds it hard to con-' of Celtic Literature an.t Villi.,,,, t. lul1 v.u i wo ocst lots in bmith- .,, , 7
they arc, 'cent rate his mind because of shy !.r Yeats." i i,inh i. ,.i..i .,.. ,on- fronting Worlcy street. Lots ' ' ' '" " . S .."r sr"lf'':,lty
iich tarn- glances ami. frequent rappings on the that the work r tho trt-i, r..i..,H ownc" b-v non-resident. Will be sold Y'l ...;...,": ..',. ... btrCet'
M. .able and other ways to attract alien- .and story-tellers dates since the - Lt?a- -' oe R. 'ColauZaVo ,d
ill. which these wiin fn.ntls nr.. n,nv ..;.... f n. ,.... ' 1'nce. Jr. ' v " iu.ii;
. .. lllIl;. tJl lllt. .-j,,, c'enitirv. wnn, irii.ii i
i r
amid Uio taxing of pennants, the tie- , , , r " acrtmcMs ,,ro"r tram,"5 a,", ". J,t nt "Celtic Literature" was the topic at
ainia uio saving or penann.s. the tie- jt,,n In a gUmt flt commenccment if rhance hcll oy tIle K v Gra(, w!iel,ttj!e Ineetjn of ,e Tue(av c,
dslons that make for character and they nish. or let such students as re- he raid wc had pretty co-eds, have;terday afternoon. Mrs. A. J. Estes
mnnttaam thA t,14H-mlltl-ianll .1nm4a n-afn III f'nllltlltilo ift.An.,. ....t. -n l.,u.nll... 'A.. Knf.l f. .!. . r l i ' '
-r. ... .uuu-n..a-aii ivu.iB.., --.-..,. ...i. l.,,1 oucn t.jj- n;i) vutu ui iw iiaai iuw uays. - rcau a paper on The Recent Revival
difficulties and achievements make an " ' '"""'8 as mey see nt,
.r-i .n,..ri, .-, ,i. ,t...t f l, our lIMiincnt stunts as
lest tiiey he dettrocd by mi
hiu tiiiivi- jnnri. 11117 uiiimiiiuiv uui pcring.
Iiiui hack to the battlefield of his .
young manhood. .'itnic ami I'xntu Week. "sin
Coming lmck to renew memories of ':i,or tho Jlissourian: Twice -Vow is a fellow to be blamed for
days 1 swltrier Hall, to hear again raC" ? ,lnUorsi,-v c,jn,1"c,s a l!,1f!"f -May a fellow can go home
,, grand sweep.-takes coniietition for and write the sad story, "Why I
(he old bell ring in Switzler tower, to SRldM. The student who has done Flunked." Is this Kreat wrong to go
stand in the shade of the columns. little but attend classes all semester on during the second semester or will
is given a last chance to redeem him- the proper authorities take this matter
self, while his more conscientious fel- "P a,"l try to rectify thc mistakes the
low is called upon to make good or ' U Grad made when he put the fool-
Icse the results of his industry. ih notion into our co-eds heads that
Are you in training for your event? ,J'- were pretty? s.
Or were you up last night until your j
tired eyes saw only a blurry mass on KOVIXK DISEASE TO .MANKIND
the printed pages before you? .
TO KENT To men, two large, well ,
heated rooms.
COO South 9lh street.
(d t)
WANTED Every student organiza
tion In tlie University to sm- us a
chance at their printing. Programs,
Letterheads. Envelopes. Placards,
Yes, they are coming back; not as one
big army, but one today and another
tomorrow, just as memory lies draw
And we will be coming back, too;
Fomc of us in a year. For others it
may he twenty years. Rut we will
come back.
Already we hear the call of thc
I octry is an older product. She spoke
then of Yeats as the representative
man or letters of Ireland, because his
works show their national traits, and
because lie lias been their leader in
recent thought.
"The Work of Lady Gregory, Mr.
Yeats' Co-Worker' was presented by'
Mrs. Walter Robinson.
FOR SALE Pit bull terrier pups.
Prince Uurke strain. Best all around
dog known. Affectionate and reliable.
Watch dog. Don't you want a pal?
Sec Dr. Cutler. Phone 707 black.
FOR SALE Good cord wood In any
quantity. L. P. Stephens, phone C91
The welfare of every community in
the United States is concerned in thc
preservation of the forests. The con
stant decrease of timber supply and
more particularly the great destruc
tion of forests by lire have presented
a national problem of vast Impor
tance. Forest protective associations, form
ed among the large lumber concerns
of the West, are giving wonderful
assistance to tlie United States For
estry Department. A dozen Pacific
Coast forest protective organizations
extending from Montana to California j
constitute the Western Forestry and
Conservation Association. Organized j
as symmetrically as a city lire de-
partment, constantly experimenting
and improving method and equipment,
they have evolved the most efficient
forest fire service on a large scale that
exists in this country, if not in the
What would you think of a football ThN Hulletin Supports Theory of Tin
player who would stay up until ?. bcn-ular TraiiniNsiiiii.
o'clock memorizing half a dozen new "Of all the diseases which affect
plays, tlie night before an important humanity, tuberculosis is the most
game? He would lose all his "pep," fatal. It has been conservatively es
you say. Don't you need your vigor timated that each year there are
and clear-headedness about you as 1,005,000 deaths from this disease
much as tlie football player? throughout tlie world, representing
Suppose you try It differently to-' 3.000 each day, two for each minute,
night. Throw down your books and The conclusion has been reached that
seek some recreation to take your .bovine tuberculosis is readily trans
mind off your studies. Go to a pic-lmittcd to man. We propose in this
P''-'-'".''""...,.,m .......,.l 110 Slf" tt8
;:! '
for your
just been repadded and new springs
put on. M. Hicklin, phone 271. (dCt)
fust Off the Campus on Ninth E
Ti mmii!i!iii!i!i;iiiiiiiiiimiiiiiimm
LOST Rctween Stephens College
and Hays Dry Goods Store, a silver
mesh bag, with ?2 hill and some small
change. Finder return to Stephens
College and receive reward. (d2t)
FRATERNITY and Sorority mem
bers can not do better if they buy
their badges, pins, rings and novelties
direct from the oldest and most rc-
remodeling our store and it Involves '
the necessary expenditure or a great
deal of money. To secure it quickly
we are sacrificing our stock of diam-
onds. t. carat, blue white, regelar
I nrieo lnfi el,. ..:.. -r .. ... .
. v.v, o.i.u imc 91.1. ,,-n, carau
commercial, regular price $22, sale
price $15. carat, finest white, reg
ular price $ I.;, sale price :K. carat,
finest white, regular price $10, sale
price $:.!. piUs i-ci carat, finest
white, regular price sr.0, sale price $Xi.
ADAMS JEWELRY CO, across from
New York Store. (d2t)
glasses. Office second floor New
Guitar Bldg.
DANCING Lessons given privately.
505 Conley. 448 white. (d24)
s -
ey u
d ,
GO SKATING at the Roller Rink
tonight admission 25c;
north of Wabash Station.
Joy of gliding around the hall!
u iioncr Kins
:; half blooagfci til
itlon. Oh, ttiSJMW
the h.i1I Isf
REP0RT" It Was A Sore Point With Her Husband By HQp I
JOW VOU 00 OUT -0"tHtirf THE. TS0 SGiS THE. IAW WHOV 1 Wr- -n- . -S. , -'IssV
t HIT THtJ. vDY F0C J IVE. Hj. MS i CW df- ? LVS" "! ) f' DR.6- Mbut t"rwucrA iF. (
0&B A CWUPFEvrti- tTAXe. rVWtoSOCiii. ?,,' C0nkTM . Bvir 1" VOOR. w.C COOU) Tl5cHMEr' I (" A? 'aLi
viwNou-THai-TO MF-nEHrVweMEoiBrSSJ pwTH yiS&U tjS'-t-'T ST AA P'-K'' -aai
ifKWOttHE V -Z13 p, 0T UjfiV ,7 jJF'U.iNve. Kjm (0) '' H
Sar F -IJfcJ yjr - Lt4
' d i

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