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Special Features Offered In Forestry
Other Departments Open.
The announcements of the Summer
Session of the University now being j
sent out show a number of new fea
tures for the coming summer.
During this session special courses
in the economical and sociological
aspects of the country church and
school will be given. These courses
will be non-sectarian. They will be
presented from the viewpoint of the
country pastor and the county super
intendent. A special feature of the work this
summer will be the forestry camp on
the University forest in the Ozark
Mountains. Students will be pro
vided with tents and cots but will be
required to furnish their own bedding
and personal outfits. The rural
teacher will find Instruction offered
in all important courses required for
a certificate to teach in any grade of
any county or for a state certificate.
Three elementary courses in jour
nalism will be offered this summer
for the first time. The University
Missourian will be published once a
week by the students in these courses.
A psychological clinic for the study
of backward and "bad" children will
be conducted this summer. Physical
and mental examinations will be made.
Courses in engineering will be of
fered for the first time. In addition
to these special features of the sum
mer session, regular courses in other
departments will be offered.
Held Here
Former Student Publishes
Articles That Newspaper
Wouldn't Accept.
I'ret entire Medicine Exam Tomorrow
The preventive medicine examina
tion will be held at 11 o'clock tomor
row morning in the auditorium of the
Agricultural Building.
Charles Grandpierre Lauds
South America in a
"Limited Edition."
Missourian classifieds pay
Special Sale
Wednesday and Thursday
February 5th and 6th.
$6.25 quality at $5.00 $7.95 quality at $6.50
6.75 " 5.50 8.50 " 6.95
7.25 " 5.75 9.50 " 7.75
7.50 " 5.95
Amana Blankets are Better
These Prices for Wednesday and Thursday Only
The first step toward anew HO.MK is the selection
of a lot. It is a thousand times more satisfactory to have
tins lot located in a strictly HOME community, where the
lots are large and beautiful, and where the personality of
the community is satisfactory to yon.
In practically every city throughout the country the
better class of people have gone out into exclusive com
munities and built their HOME. Why not in Columbia?
Why not you?
If you are interested in building a HOME, let me
know about it, and I will give you prices and terms that
will be of interest to you.
Lot$ in Westmount and Westwood are not only
better, but they are decidedly cheaper, especially when
you take the size of the lot and the location into consideration.
Let's talk it over.
J. A. Stewart
Exchange National Bank Bldg.
Rothwell Gymnasium
Two Nights
Wednesday and Thursday
On account of examination
week there will be no prelim
inary games and the Varsity
game will be called promptly
at 7:30 finishing before 8:45.
We now have 400 reserved Seats on Sale at Co-Op
and Missouri Store.
Comparing the United States In very
unfavorable terms with South Amer
ica, and aiming to point out the de
lusion which the people of this coun
try have that their nation Is superior
of all other nations is the reason
which the author of a book, "The Oth
er Americans" gives for its publica
tion. The author of this unusual book
Is Chas Grandpierre, world traveler,
writer and former student of the Uni
Some months ago Grandpierre was
sent to South America by a paper of
this country to write articles about
that country, but the reports which
he sent back here were so radical and
more a criticism of this country than
anything else that the paper refused
to print them. As a consequence of
the papers' refusal to accept the
articles, Grandpierre, once a printe!
employed on the Columbia Herald,
published them in the form of a book.
while on his return to this country.
This book is probably the first book
ever printed on board ship while at
sea. Only two hundred copies were
printed. They were given away but
arc not allowed to be sold. Prof. M.
F. Miller has received a copy.
The book describes practically ev
ery form of human endeavor in South
America and compares them with
those of this country, mostly unfav
orably to this country. There are
discussions on cities, racial character
istics, architecture, education, amuse
ments, government and the last chap
ter is on the Monroe Doctrine as
South Americans think we try to use
Here is what he says about Buenos
"Buenos Aires has more and larger
dailies than Xew York, the finest news
paper building and the most luxurious
club house In the world; the most ex
pensive dock system on this hemis
phere; four banks with more paid in
capital and greater reserves than any
four in the United States, and its peo
ple wear more damonds than are in
any other city in the world."
The book states that chewing gum
is an unknown article to South Amer
"A Yankee, the people of this coun
try are spoken of as Yankees, who
chews it there is regarded as crazy or
afflicted with a nervous ailment," he
says. ".Motion picture theatres some
times have this sign: 'No North
American Films Are Shown Here.'
Films from this country are not re
garded as of high enough stancarc.
A Yankee who started a store in one
of the cities advertised articles with
prices similar to 59 ' cents and the
people refused to trade with him be
cause they thought he was a liar.
Hobble skirts are worn considerably
by the women there as these costumes
are more suited to the graceful walk
of the South American woman than
to the walk of the northern woman."
Women of Argentine, according to
the book, are far more cultured and
refined than those of North America
and their standard of education is
high. They do not believe In woman
suffrage and hold an exalted position
in the home.
"There is no necessity for prohibi
tion in that country as the people do
not drink to excess," he says. How
ever they have a strong prejudice
against pure water and invariably di
lute it with some alcoholic drink.
They believe their people are more
robust than those of the north on that
Education is of a much higher stand
ard. It requires a greater prepara
tion to enter a university there and
the requirements to obtain a profes
sional degree are greater.
First Practice Will Be
Xext Week.
The first baseball practice of the
season will start next week. It will
be held in the gymnasium if the
weather conditions do not permit out
side practice. A meeting for the
pitchers and catchers was held in
the gymnasium last night.
Practically all of last year's squad
will try out for the team this year.
Coach O. F. Field says that the fresh
man material is promising this season.
"Wo want all the baseball players
to come out this year," he said.
"Plenty of good men never try out for
the team mainly because they don't be
lieve they have a chance. All the
men will get a fair try-out as soon
as the weather permits outside prac
C. L. Angerer has decided to stay
here the next semester and he will
add strength to the team. He is con
sidered the best pitcher in the Mis
souri Valley Conference. Hall, Moh-
Icr, Graham, Lansing and Delano will
try out for catchers. Delano is prom
ising material and the question of his
eligibility will be settled this se
mester. Angerer, Helm, Helmreich of
last year's team and Capp of the
freshman squad will try out for pitch
ers. The infield candidates are Brain-
ard, Hornback, McCue, Carter, Hous
ton, Wheat, I.yle. Woolsey, Barclay
and Palfreyman. The outfield candi
dates arc Captain Taylor, Gray,
Dickinson, and Helmreich. Helm
reich will alternate as pitcher and
outfielder. T. E. D. Hackney, assist
ant coach, will have charge of the
men during Coach Field's absence
with the basketball team.
The schedule so far completed is
Westminster, April 10, and Ames
April IS, ID here: Warrensburg at
Warrcnsburg, April 22; Kansas Ag
gies at Manhattan, April 23 and 24;
Kansas at Lawrence, April 23 and 2C;
Drurj" liere. May 3; Oklahoma here.
May 12 and 13; Arnes at Ames, May
IC and 17; Kansas Aggies here. May
10 and 20, and Kansas here. May 23
and 21. '
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E Tonight at 7 0 Basketball with Washington
KL LiavM
Now, this is
straight .
All this week you can get
.for your
Just OJ the Campus on A7
An After Dinner Desert.
A sweet morsel after dinner gives one a feeling of
satisfaction. Our milk-filled and milk-coated choc
olates would make a pleasing aftermath to your din
ner and they arc fresh from our candy kitchen.
Moscow Brothers
The College Inn,
916 Broadway.
Columbia Candy
8th and Walnut.
Brief Local News
J. F. Barnham left for Wilson,
C, today to visit friends.
.Mrs. H. B. Brown returned to Halls
viile today after isiting friends here.
Miss Lena Shannon went to Van-
dalia today to visit friends.
J. H. Moss left for Mexico today to
attend the funeral of A. J. Winscott.
.Miss Leona Ford and Miss Myrtle
Lee Curran of Christian College left
for Kansas City today.
Mrs. Emma Ann Freeman and Miss
Hattie Freeman returned to Hallsville
Mr. and .Mrs. S. C. rainier returned
to St. Louis today after visiting their
son here.
Tailors to tneti-
IHnner for Short Course Students.
A dinner for short course students
will be given February 8. Dean F. B.
Mumford of the College of Agricul
ture will be toastraaster. The speak
ers are the Rev. Matthew B. McNutt,
specialist on rural churches, the Rev.
Henry S. Sweets, traveling represen
tative of the Presbyterian assembly
and Dean W. W. Charters of the
School of Education. A reception for
the students and faculty will be given
at 5:30 o'clock. The dinner will be
gin promptly at 6 o'clock.
$35 and $37.50
Now $27.50
Newspapers and Magaziw
The leading Kansas City and Chicago papers may be
found here at the earliest moment.
Any leading magazine may be purchased at any time.
Our news service is prompt and it will suit yourcon-
enience. Subscriptions taken for any newspaper or
Phone 302
And in this Fashion Shop sale
you do not get a suit already six
months out of style. We tailor
it now, right up to the minute (or
a little ahead.)
The Fashion Shop
R. A. Ehinger
mTtn-Elntn Btoaduay
S H Sf
R o s s e J ,
Knight &
Fraternity and Sorority Jewell
All kinds of Badges, Rings, Pins and
Manufactured to your order by the oldest, most
reliable Jewelry Manufacturer in the west.
The Green Jewelry Manufacturing Compi
1 104 Walnut St., Kansas City, Missouri.
We employ no expensive salesman nrrHrprf,!,, a
- - - - uuwiMiu ntauv(.)uuiiv i
Each Package
Has One
Every Sweetheart
Wants Omcr-
Them Year Eyes
Won't Behave
Just the switch you have been
looking for can now be had at the
Elite Halrdressing Parlors, 3rd floor
Exchange Nat'l Bank Bldg. (adv)
Where to room
And where to eat is
Now answered
Through classified
Do you read them?
Surely you do.
What's Their Flavor Like!
Well, they've got all the spice and'f
sparkle of Turkish tobacco. '
And all the smoothness and mellow
ness of Virginia. Oh, hang! That doesn't
begin to. tell it they've got the ZU
BELDA FLAVOR. And there is only
one way to find out what that's like.
liZuBEijm- the
m- muawMrmr? coi
ft' WJaWWnW Aft

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