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"We're Helping the Kiddies
Enjoy Their Recreation,"
Says J. L. Meriam.
Among Them Are Experi
ments, Tinkering, Blue
Printing and Athletics.
The Rron-ui who remembers his
love for scrap books or the desire to
t.ike the old clock apart "to see the
whefls go round" will sympathize with
the introduction of play activities In
to the curriculum of the Universitj
Elementary School. The first three
grades have had the jilay hours in
their curriculum for some time, but
th introductioji of the pla activities
into the regular course of the grade
above the third is a recent thing. Doc
tor J. 1.. Meriam believes that play
has a plate in the child's school life
purely because of the pleasuie de
rived from it by the child.
The by-products which come from
those activities aie," he says, "the
things of which grown people toi.
often think. Their place is admitted,
but pla activities are primarily for
the fun there is in them. Organiza
tion and aid by the teacher in chars
are nierelv an effort to direct the
fluid and help him to play with more
Five Classes of Plaj.
The play activities are divided into
live classes physical experiments,
tinkering or mechanics, collecting,
blue-printing and athletics. In the
class in physical experiments, both
girls and boys gather around a teach
er, who explains the mvsteries of
clocks, telephones, electric bells and
other machines. The results may b?
shown in such things as a boat driven
by the spring of a large clock.
The classes in "tinkering," as Doc
tor Jleriam calls it, interest them
selves in the repairing of tilings
around the nous, an occupation dear
to many boys and girls.
Blue-printing is another example of
doing for pure fun, as the prints are
seldom of any value other than that
of entertainment.
Cartoons, advertisements, stamps,
designs for handwork, quotations, his
torical pictures and textile samples
are among the materials used by the
class which chooses collecting for
one of its play activities. Many fath
ers and mothers will remember how
much better their scrap books might
have been had there been someone
who was not too busy to advise just
how to paste in this stamp or how to
arrange the advertisements.
Some .Muthevvsoiis in Making.
"Athletic activities, particularly
baseball, are developing some rem
pitchers among th? boys," says Doctor
Meriam. "Hut better than that, from
the standpoint of the teacher, is the
feeling between th older and the
younger of dependence upon each
other for a good time." The girls, too.
have their games, and are learning
th-ir leston of good sportmanship.
Not more than four hours a week
are devoted to play activities, and
theie is latitude of choice to allow
any child to find the thing he is in
terested in. The purpose of all the
lin-s of woik is to introduce into the
child's school life the various activi
ties in which he is normallv interest
ed and to teach him to play better and
with mere enjojment.
Isaac Kdvvard Xorris of Hartford
City, Ind., is a week-end guest of Dr.
and Mrs. Woodson Moss. Dinner
guests on Sunday to meet Mr. Norris
were Mr. and Mrs. Cady Kenney, Or".
Walter Miller. Prof. O. M. Stewart and
Prof. G. 15. Colburn.
tiujjfij mk '
Frank fiotcli, Jake Stahl, Jess Manl
and Others Are Active.
ny United Tress.
SAX FIUNCISCO, Cal., April- 29.
Frank Gotch is scheduled to re-enter
the wrestling game today, meeting all
comers. The man who stays with him
fifteeen minutes is to get $100. or ?2."i0
if h stays thirty minutes. Goch will
tour eastward.
Miss Iielle Hunter, a student at
I.indenwood College. St. Charles,, is
a guest of Miss Frieda Stapel at
Christian College.
The last faculty "at home" for the year
at Christian College was held on Fri
day afternoon. The drawing rooms
were decorated with roses and baskets
of spring uowers. Assisting at the
tea table and in serving were: Mrs.
Moore Greer of Sikeston, an alumna,
and Misses Helen Ilobnett. Sybil
Whittle, Fiances Hyde and Huth
Friday was Christian College Day
for the Shakespeareana exhibit at the
University Library, and a large rep
resentation of the college visited the
exhibit. The academic students a
tejided by classes.
A iccial fcr graduation in piano
by Misses Lena Holland of Bi own
wood, Tex-., and Dorothy Schvvabe of
Columbia and in voice by .Miss Era
Lightner of Columbia will be given
Included in the art exhibit of the
Columbia public schools, which is be
ing shown in the Columbia High
School gymnasium, is the work of the
Saturday Morning Club, at which
about seventy-five pupils have been
drawing and painting all winter. The
main idea of the club was to plan a
house and furnishings. Three of
these pictures show the houses which
they planned and painted in water
colors, and the stencils to be used
inside. Another picture shows some
of the wash drawings of landscapes
made in the schools. All of this work
' was done by children in the fourth,
fifth and sixth grades. The exhibit
will be open to the public tomorrow
and Tuesday and may be continued
at 8:1.j o'clock Monday night in the
Christian College auditorium. The fol
lowing will be the program:
Sues for -Clothes He Hought Wife.
1S 1'nltiHl Press
CLEAR LAKE. S. D., April 29.
Th" suit of Hammond Dean to get
back the pretty filmy lace things he
bought for his mail-order bride was
to be heard in municipal court here
today. Dean hired two attorneys and
a detective. He alleged that immed
iately after the wedding his bride ran
back to Minneapolis.
Souvenir copies of
PommerV'Cupid in Arcady"
on sale at the CO-OP
firing ns your combings to nuke
Into snitches, transformations or
tliose fascinating curls. Our work
Is neat ami price reasonable. We
carry snitches In all colors.
1511 Windsor Street.
ST. LOUIS, April 29. A score of
runners from all parts of the Middle
West got away this afternoon on the
twelfth annual cross-country run of
the Missouri Atheltic Association.
The distance is six and one-half miles
through Forest Park, a gold medal
emblamatie of the Western A. A. V.
championship goes to the winner.
CHICAGO, April 29. The amateur
baseball craze struck Chicago today
with the meeting here of the executive
body of the national amateur baseball
organization, the National Baseball
Federation. Jake Stahl, former man
ager of the Boston Bed Sox and heart
of a local bank, headed a committee
which entertained the visiting amateur
officials. Chicago is making a bid for
the staging of the national amateur
championship games here this fall.
Fifteen local leagues have applied for
placings in the championship series.
FRESXO. Calif., April 29. Some of
the country's foremost automobile
drivers participated this afternoon in
the first annual Raisin Classic Boad
Hace run over a 300-mile course here.
A huge trophy said to be worth $1.
000 and prizes, aggregating $fi,r00
were the magnets attracting the speed
XEW YORK. April 29. The Bock
avvay Hunting Club, one of the earliest
promoters of cro.ss-country racing for
amateurs, opened its I9IC season to
day at Hewlett Bay Par, Long Islam:.
Other meets will follow, leading up to
the regular racing season, which will
be set in motion at Pamaiea on Mav
CHICAGO, April 29. Today is the
day Jess Willard starts out with a
circus at $2.tni0 a week for enough
weeks to net him JI.".,0H0. At least,
that's what his press agent says.
Editor of Farm Paper to lie Here.
John Thompson, the new editor of
the Farmer and Stcckman. will be the
guest of J O Rankin of the College
of Agriculture at the Commencement
Horse Show.
Because it is pure.
Because it is good.
Because it is the standard.
Because they know what
they are buying.
Exclusive Agent Phone 74.
Flowers For Columbia Beautiful
Everything for
the Porch
Wicker Furniture,
porch swings, rugs,
matting, and all
other numerous
conveniences that
will make your porch comfort
able and attractive.
See our exhibit at the floral show.
Parker Furniture Co.
16 N. 10th St.
Phone 53.
When You Have
Flowers in Your Home
npHEY should be displayed in a suit
able vast; or basket and a decorative
SEE our exhibit at the State Floral
Show at the Farmers Fair next
Campbell and Alexander
920 Broadway
Phone 356 Black
The State Floral
Flowers and Shrubbery certainly belong
with the clean-up campaigns to improve
the appearance of the Athens of Missouri.
The Missouri State Floral Show Fri
day will put Missouri and Columbia in the
front providing Columbians take part in their
usual progressive manner.
Amateur Florists of Columbia and vicinity are in
vited and urged to enter their flowers in this
show. The merchants represented on this page
are cooperating to make the exhibit a success.
See their exhibits at the show.
The following prizes are offered for leaders in
amateur floriculture:
Tulilr Itrmrations (lit I lonrrs. first frlzc "...VI, SissHlil prize
Wild I loners (In an s hool room), first prize "00 (siirilli
lT. i. Sn I prir $.'ik) (slirulilH-rj I
ColltMtloii lit iiiis- i-iiuits. nrst prize s.'IKi. So mill prize Slim.
spe.lni.-ii l'll:ii;e Plant, first prize .'ll(. Seomil prize SI IMI
oprihurn llloomini; Plant. first prize VSIKI, ! itinl prize l ll.
."-i iiut-n IVrn. first prize !. SihoihI prize SI no.
At Farmers Fair Friday, May 5
Don't fail to sec the Floricultural Exhibit
of the
at the State Flower Show at The Farmers'
Fair next Friday.
Florists and Gardeners Tools.
We are prepared to furnish you with all the
necessary tools for making a nice vegetable or
flower garden. We are showing a variety of
Spades, Forks, Rakes, Pruners, Saws, Garden
Trowels, Shovels, Wheelbarrows, Lawn
Weeders, Dock Cutters, Water Hose, Hose
Reels, Sprinklers, Lawn Fence and Steel Fence
Posts. Ferry's Seeds, American Seedtape.
Newman Hdw. & Stove Co.
Phone 234
904 Broadway Columbia, Mo.
Stark Bros. Nurseries and
Orchards Co.
Let our Landscape Department make FREE plans
of how to plant your place properly
Represented in Columbia by
MR. WELCH, Phone 1284.
MR. STARK, Phone 973.

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