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l'.WJE FOl'R
liiiMnlliui Planned for vniiual (.'atlicr
t3i of Alumni and Friends.
Twenty junior girls will grace Itotli
wcll (;mnabium as waitresses for the
annual alumni luncheon Thursday.
This is an Innovation. When the idea
was presented to the girls last week,
more than were needed oiunteered
their st rviees.
The girls who have been selected
to serve are: Misses Xeva Smith,
Thelma CJwinn. Mary Robertson, Hess
Colbert, Dora Dulanej, Anne Stewart,
Ceneva Dnnkwater. Jessie Hill, Hazel
Hoffman, Frame CorJew, Margaret j
.MtKlnney, l.ois Hodges, N'e-11 Mont-I
ginnery, Helen W-aphart, Jo .iemoel
ler. IMilh ('ewirad, Olg.i llungate. IN j
llier Thias, Carrie Crane and Carah ,
letters accepting invitations to
speak at the banquet have been re
ceived bj H. H. Kinvoii. .setretar.v of
the Alumni A-soiiatioii. from . 12 I
(lardner, '!i, of Clavloii; Ceorge II
Moore. '01, of St. I.oui-. and .1 j'm II
IJradley. '(.'. member of tlie Hoard of
Curators, of Kenuctt. 11. C -Mead stu
iliiit iiicsldciit. will represent the sen
ior men. and Miss Klcanor Hallev, a
graduate in rts .uid Sueme, will
respond with a toi-t r r t'ie - niar
women Several ctlu i iliimni have
In on askid to speak but hive- not as
Tuesday and Wednesday
Telephone 888.
10 Toilet paper, 4 rolls
2'i .slie d pineapple .:
Ill Oats, 2 lioes .. . .
.Vice large lemons, doen
2.-1 Coffee, lb
I." I'eadies, J cans
in K. C IS. Powdery ca
10 Corn, .! cans
...... .-
.01 Soap.
10 bars .-M !
.10 Iiried peaches, :: lbs.
.10 Olives, i bottles
.01 Salt, :: bags
.01 Matches, :; boxes
l'xtra good green beans, can
Sea Foam Washing Powder,
li cans
.10 Kraut, i cans
.10 Lav ton I! powders, i cans
;i.i '
.III '
.11.1 j
.1.1 '
.10 I Ionian, i can M
.'J.IItipe olives, can 1.1
When ou want nice fiesh meat,
boiled ham. cured ham or I're.ikfast
Ilacon call us We have the best
Every Shade Equipped
Vudor Safety Wind Device
Oeer 600.000 Vudor t in daily utc
6 It. wide x 7 ft. S in. long
8 ft. wide x 7 ft. 8 in. long
10 ft. wide x 7 ft. 8 in. long
Sold only by Fredendalls
We put up all Vudor Shades Free of Charge
The Only Sleeping Car
Service to St. Louis
You retire when it suitsyou
at IJ:
15 a. m. and
For Chicago
direct connections are made in St Louis with fast trains
leavmjr about 9:00 a. m. and you reach
Chicago about 5:00 p. m.
You make the journey with greater
comfort and convenience when you go
via The Katv
Ask Mr. Wilson.
jet notified the secretary of their ac
ceptance. "The impression seems to prevail
that the annual alumni banU(t is only
for alumni of the rnivcrsity." said Mr.
Kin en this morning. "That impres
sion is wrong, the bannuot is open to
all who aro interested in the Univer
sity, whether the have ever attended
the University or not. We hope a large
number of Columbia people attend the
banquet this year."
The banquet will start at 12:0
o'clock Thursdav Over 100 are c-
i rrcted to attend
( mm m:i: i.euen
rri-i'iit Kirnlor of Music Will
Home in .Minneapolis.
Cadv Kenncy. duoctor of music at
Chiistian College, has announced bis
(.nlj hemic.
fat ult of music for the last three
ears, succeeded Prof. II V Stearns
as director in I'M I. He will leave-with
his fauulv Wodiiesdiv for Minneapolis,
where lie will make Ins home.
His successor as dm (tor of music
at "10 t"11''
will be I i:. Xorris of
Miuleiit Is lined fur .speeding
Harr.v I! Steele, a student in
Universit was fined
$3 and costs
$10 7.1 in all, in
the police court to-
ela.v for exceeding the sjicctl limit on
Kollms street last Friila.v evening.
Chief J I, Whitesides took the num
ber of the car. He then called Jef
ferson Cit on the telephone to find
'Resignation Professor Kenney. who
has been connected with the college
oIIk HHHHbm-
the owner of the car Steele was cstments" which Innes was suppos
then informed of Ins offense Toda cil to be miking for her, with the
he went of his own volition to police nionc in question Weathers saS Mrs.
temrl pleaded guilt and paid his .Dennis told him that she had sent In-
the train leaves Cnlumhin
wake up in St. Louis.
Victor Innes and Wife Are
Again in Court Accused
of Embezzlement.
Mother of Girls Who Disap
peared to Keep Up Fight
on Atlanta Lawyer.
llv Pnlteel Press.
ATLANTA (la , Ma L'9 -Tried and
I acquitted in Texas on the i harge of
murdering the two daughter, of Mrs
John W. -Velms of Atlanta, law.ver Vic
tor 11. Innes and his wife, Ida May
Innes, went to trial here todnj for
robbing one of the girls of $ i.n'JT.
Mrs. Xelms' two prett voting
daughters disappeared in June, 1111,
and have never heeu found
' I am still convinced," said Mrs
Xelms todav. "that ni girls are dead
and that Innes knows how the died
and is responsible for it; but the Tex
as jurj acquitted him and we tan
onlv trv him for lart.cn "
l.ois Nelms was married to Walter
Pennis and lived liere In 1(1 US she
went to Carson. Xev . and eniploed
Innes to get her a divorce.
Uroni the first meeting of l.ois and
Innes. according to Mrs Xelms, dated
the beginning of the alleged swin
dling, insincere promises of marriage
and similar events which led to the
j alleged murders
second Daughter Ilisappears.
j Iieatrice Xelms. the other lost
(daughter, disappeared after she fol
lowed her sister, Lois, to Texas in
1914 to wean her aw a from Innes.
The onl person to whom Lois talk
ed much about her affairs was J. I'.
Weathers, a local real estate man,
who will be the principal witness for
the mother of the two lost girls.
One of the things Weathers is ex
pected to testit that Lois told him
is that she and Innes were to be mar
ried and, after a bone moon in In
dia, would return to this countr to
establish in Salt laike fit a new re
ligious cult, of which the were to be
the joint leaders.
Weathers asserts that Mrs. Dennis
often consulted him about the
lies monc to hiij a lot in Salt" l.ake
Citv and ranthes in Montana and in
Sonora. Mexico
Introduces a cu Aunt.
On the occasion of a visit b limes
and his wife to Atlanta in Ma, be
fore the disippearance of the girls in
June, Weathers declares Mrs. Dennis
introduced him to "Mrs. Margaret
Minis, aunt of .Mr. Innes" Weathers i
in the presence of numerous newspa
per men, identified Mrs Innes as the
I woman introduced as Airs Minis. He
also identified Innes as the man who
'met Mrs lois Dennis several times in
1 tlanta
Weathers sas he read several of
Innes' letters to Mrs Dennis, both on
the subject of their religious cult and I
the investment scheme. Airs Nelms i
declares Innes had Mrs. Dennis return ,
ever letter to him so he could ele
strov it, and Mrs Dennis, her mother
asserts, blindl and implicitl follow
ed the lawver's instructions. !
Airs. Nelms declares her daughter
was mndl) infatuated with Innes, and
that she entrusted him with practical-
1 all of the monc left her by her fa
ther, the late sheriff John W. Nelms,
about $14,000 in all
Mother Tells of Moiif) Sen).
The mother of the missing girls de
c lares that in June, 191.!. Lois began
to send monc to Innes She told her.
Mrs Xelms sas. that she was to be
married to Innes
Mrs Xelms and her son, Marshall,
have found ten receipts, either from a
inlft",nh tT miirnec nnmnnni f.
sums of monc it is alleged Mrs. Den
nis sent Innes, also copies of mes
sages alleged to have passed between
the two.
Statements made by Innes indicate
he will ilea any communication with
Mrs Dennis after ho secured her di
vorce for her, and that he will as
sert she did not leave here to meet
him in Texas or an where else.
Mrs Innes will assert she never
posed as Mrs Alargarct Xims and
has never known Mrs Dennis.
The beginning of the trial of the
Inncscs marks the climax of a fight
against them begun by Mrs. Nelms
and her son, Marshall, immediately
after the disappearance of her daugh
ters 'I ried on "Warder Charge.
The Inneses were arrested in Port
land, Ore , and extradited to Texas,
where they were tried in San An
tonio on a charge of murdering the
Nelms sisters. The state was unable
to prove the girls are dead, and the
cae was thrown out of court.
While the murder cae was pending
nine indictments charging miap-
IN, 3IO.MAY, MAY 20. 101C
propriation of funds from Mrs. Dennis
were returned here, and the fight to
extradite the Inncscs to Georgia be
gan when the Teas case was dis
missed. On technical grounds Innes
carried the case to the Supreme Court
of the United States, staving orf ex
tradition more than a ear.
His final card In the fight against
extradition was the plea to the gov
ernor of Texas that he had received
threatening letters from Georgia and
I feared that he would fall victim of
mob violence if extradited. This plea
did not avail.
I he Rev. . I Wills Delivers
culaiircnlc at Christian.
The annual baccalaureate services
of Christian College were bold in the
Christian Cliurth auditorium at 7:43
o'clot k last night A large audience
of friends and relatives of the oung
women graduates made necessary the
use of the annex to the auditorium.
The services were opened with a
pipe organ prelude. "Fantasia," by Ca
dv Keiiuev, director of the school of
music in the college The graduates.
in white caps and gowns, entered with
a large chorus of undergraduates,
singing. "Jerusalem the Golden"
I A relit. line and aria. "Cnuedi." liv
I'ccthovcn was presented b Miss
Avis Scott after the Scripture reading
and pra.ver
The baccalaureate sermon was de
livered b the I!ev Alvin Lamar Wills
of the Columbia Universit, who will
become a member of the
Collego facult next fall Mr Wills
siiel In part:
"A requisite to rising to the large
places is optimism Kver man is the
creator of his own mirth A man lives
in a world that is inhabited but b
one; a man makes his own world.
Happiness is not something; that a
man can bestow upon another; it
grows up from within, and is found
in the plain, commonplace things of
The sermon was followed b a duet,
"I Waited for the Lord," b Men
delssohn, sun; hi Misses Avis Scott
and IIi7el Davies The benediction
was pronounced b the Rev M A.
Tijjer Team Gets Second
Place in Valley Tourna
ment at Drake.
The Missouri tennis team, composed
of Fred Loomis and Freel Williams,
arrived in Columbia last night, having
defeated Kansas anil Ames in dual
meets and having finished second in
the Conference tournament at Drake
University. Des Moines.
Kansas won the Missouri Valle '
tournament Saturda afternoon, when!
Teac lienor defeated Williams of Mis-
souri in the singles Chatt and Kllis
of Nebraska won the doubles honors
from the Kansans bv taking three out
of five sets. Teachenor and Cow gill
represented Kansas
Kansas won the tournament with
seven points Alissouri was second
'and Nebraska third
I Teachenor's plaing was unbeata
ble He won the singles champion
ship of the Conference b eliminating
Loomis of Missouri in the semifinals
and Williams of Missouri in the fi
nals. Loomis put up a great battle
!and had five games to Teachenor's
two in the first set, but the Kans.ufs
great tleverness and experience pull
ed him out winner. Williams sprung
a surprise when lie defeated Gardnier
of Nebraska in the semifinals. Gard
nier was conceded a place in the fi
nals before the tournament.
Tlie Missouri team's defeat in the
doubles was parti the result of too
ninth pl.iing and the freshness of
their oimonents The Alissouri te.iiii
',,.,,, cnsv llcrMtwl le j
hawkcr team Tuesda.v at I.iwrencc.
The results of the conference fol-
I'l-rliinm ir lloiiml.
Ite'li ll. Vine s. drew i li.
e. ir hut r brisk i. l.te
'wkIII. Uiiisis licit "t:ilis. K S"
lit il. flilll.
Willi mi, Missniiri. Iit Clirk
it -. Pi s
I.'-iiuK Vli.siuiri, I.i-it Kimnlis,
V I'. I. J. T.-..
. I",
K. ?
Ami s,
vlil'riikeii. Iirike. Kit Vlirst
s ll 7 'i. It II
Te H In inir. K ins in. . re
t:ilis. .i l.rjsk i, Inc.
lirsl I!.. iiml.
iJirilniir. Ne brisk i, l it IVnli
r. .'. i, 1
'I ii humr. Kmsia, ,(-it Kllis, Nd.r.is
ki r. I. s i;
Willi mis Vlissimri. u-it t'.iuill. Kin
o i.
lie it Vii e'r.ii ki ti,
Iirike- I, I,
Si inifin tls.
To H lie nor. Kins i4 l.eit
smiri, S n. I! 1.
Willi mis Vliisoiiri, l, u
i, irilnie r.
nrisk i, i, i, e; i.
I in its.
Tell lienor e.f Kiiisis lK-lt VAl!ll1lll of
Vli-sotiri I, 1, 0 2. r. 1.
rrrliinln ir Koiinil.
Vliiriikeii mil I is. r. Iirike.
ilre-w i
I'e I'll finl Mir-tnn. .Vine"!, drew
emu inn i;iin. ti. risk i. ilrew .i l.w
Te H IhMiur net Cemlll. Kinsis. l,.-il
I.oi.inls .mil VV nil mi". Vlis-oiiri, e, I, c, 4
s mifin iu
Ti-iclienor iinl 1'i.will. Kuisi... it
VliC'riek.n niiil I'lslier, Iirike. e, e; 1
Cli lit mil i:ili. il,riski. l-it lie-nil
ml Vlirston, Ames, c; n, i;
I in lis.
I'll lit Iinl i:ilN of N. I.rlskl lw-lt Te-lih
nor .nnl e oHill of Kins i4. :: i: r. ::. 7 r.
o ik I. .". ......
ikces Aco.riKi.M.' of ronrwsK
Hie Itc-w F. I. Anderson Gives Ifcio
calaurcate for Stephens.
The Ucv. Frederick I, Anderson of
Xewtcn Theological Seminary, New
ton Center, .Mass., delivered the bac
calaureate sermon for the Stephens
College graduating class last night in
the First Ilaotist Church. Keverend
Mr. Anderson took the first vcise of the
Tweny-Sevcnth Psalm as his text:
"The I-ord is my light and my salva
tion, whom shall I fear? The Lord Is
the strength of my life; of whom shall
I be afraid?"
The sneaker impiessed upon the
students that the smooth path of life
was broke in by mountain peaks. He
urged that they acquire courage.
The Stephens College chorus sang
anthems. "Lift Thine lives," by Men
delssohn, and "I Waited for the Lord."
Miss Albeita Itragg sang "These Are
They Which Came," from "I he Hoi
Citv." Ikisil 1) G-iimtlett was at the
resilient of Iluin.i Sajs German
Must lie (Mercoiiic.
I! I'iiIIiiI I'ris.
PLTItOGKAD. May :!!. "The Rus
sians will fight for twenty .vears, ir
necessar, until Germany accepts the
terms of the Allies," said Michial
Itodianko, president of the Duma, in
a top righted interview to the United
Press this afternoon.
Itodi-ianko also said that the Czar,
the Duma and the peasants were all
united in the opinion that Germany
must be downed.
.Nluileiits Ma.v Gel Catalogues.
University students may obtain
copies of the new Universit catalogue
b.v calling at the mailing room, Itoom
2. basement of Academic Hail
Yiiinli't filter Would lie Coroner.
W. II. Vandev enter, an undertaker
with the Parker Furniture Company,
filed this, morning for the olhce of
coroner of I'oone Count".
We have moved into our new quarters
in the M Theatre Building
Yours For Service
Cash Meat Market
Phone 188
With the Coming of Warm Weather You
Feel the Need of Summer Apparel
We Arc Prepared to Supply Your Needs.
Vc have today received three doen wash skirts. We have over
1UU for your selection, including Fancy Striped Sport Skirts Gol
incs at $3. )5. Also Gaberdines-Piques repps, I'almbcachcs,
Kussian Cords and "olfines at SI. 50 to 6.00.
Over 100 wash waists to choose from Many new ones this week.
ri ,0mn ' l , Mash S'lks Gco'Cl and Crepe tie Chines.
Uvcr 100 wash dresses shown in a larEe assortment of styles, mater
ials and colors. S4.00 to SI2.00
I'alm Beach Suits - - .6.00 to 13.00
Wool Suits-many at one half price. White Net Dresses, in a
variety of styles and prices.
Millinery:- Sport and Dressy Hats. a specialty.
T7 rrr. ,
rojoiier isuuraniee unan UurtYam
Columbia A'cgro a Helcgnle.
H. L. Cox of Columbia was one of
the tvvent-six negroes appointed by
Governor Elliott W. Major to repre
sent Missouri in the Xegro Xational
Educational Congress at Washington,
I C, from August 3 to 2G.
Emits ami Harbors Kill Passes.
Ity Unlleil Press
ate this afternoon passed the annual
Rivers and Harbors Dili, c.irrjiiig be
tween $12,000,000 and $4.1,000 0(10, by
a vote of j2 to 33.
Good I'tuiiil Cows for ale.
You have your choke of js 0r IJoone
Count s richest and heaviest milking
herd at a low ligme. Owing to a
limited pasturo we must dispose 0f s
cows. Siuinv slope I arm. phone 802.
Dancing lessons taught privately at
709 Hitt St. 7oc per lesson Phone
1123-White. G. 147 tf.
For remt: House, two blocks from
Southwest corner of West campus.
Thorough! modern, built three eara
ago. Uirge lot, live rooms and sleep
ing porch. Available September 1.
Phone 1171 White C-22S.
Cor rent. Rooms for light-hoiise-keeping
for summer school, also next
ear Modern house, block from cam
pus CiiJ locust. Phone ".II White.
" 7Zi -zz tz
I Cash 1
For Second-Hand 1
Books III

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