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rMERSiTr yissoFRiAy, mommy, july 31. wic.
Preliminary Report Now Out
by Commission Appoint
ed bv Governor.
men who have been gradu-(who received his degree here in 1913.
poultry within the last few Mr. Crooks has recently puMished an
ears are making good, according to extension bulletin on "Farm Poultry.
H L Kempster. associate professor H. L. Shrader. B. S. in Agr. "13. is
of the poultry husbandry. E. H. an investigator te poultry and egg
KUCher. wno was an assistant in the handling for the Department of Ag
poultry department here last year. ' riculture. with his headquarters at
will be an instructor in poultry hus- Indianapolis. Ind. T V
bandry at the Massachusetts Agricul- vvhil those Missouri erarfuates are "
tural College next year. Several making a reputation for their col- . n ,
other men from this department will iege, they are making reasonable in- -angeS to Be Kecommend-
go imo leacmng immediately alter comes for themselves as well. Three ed to Legislature to I 111
""' """ luc" "urK Qere- of the five began work at $1,400 or
R. V. Mitchel, who was graduated for the year. Promotions have come
n 1913. began work as an assistant ', with encourazmg frequency.
professor in poultry husbandry in the
New Hampshire Agriculture College .Vim t t luirrh ('inientlii.
and is now head of that department. " The Rev. W M. Simmons. pastor of
In connection with his
college, he has organized the State
ceive pensions through the coun
ty boards of public welfare, so
that they can keep their children with
them at home. The pension is $12
a month for the first child under legal
working age. and JS a month for each B-T United Press.
additional child. This mothers' pen- WASHINGTON. July 31. Cintinu
sion plan is advocated in preference in 5 its advice on road-building, the
to separating the family and sending United States office of good roads to
the children to institutions. ' dar discussed brick as a building ma-
Would Change Illegitimacy, terial.
Other recommendations are to abol- Forty-four years ago the first brick !
prove Conditions.
: A complete new code of laws for
j Missouri children is emtjodied in the
. preliminary reixrt sent out through
out thi- siatp hv tht Missouri
work for the the local negro Christian Church, and ; Code rommlssIoa ai,p0inted by
two other debates will leave this n.,..-.r t,i,. in in iqi-. a final
Poultry Growers Association, a strong week for the annual state convention n wII, be submitted Vthe next
and successful organization. F. D. at Hannibal. The convention will hold isa:ure
Crooks, who was graduated in 1914. from Ausn: t3 6 inclusive The he preliminarv report advocates
is now head of the poultry depart- two delegates will be elected from j mMV changes ,n t'he preseat ,aw3 af.
ment at Pennsylvania State College the Sunday xhool and the Chri.-tian fect!n? chidrea in order to ilapTOve
and is assisted by u S. Kleinschmidt. , Women's Board of Missions. the!r heaIlh reCreat:on, education and
' protection in all parts of the state.
Half lent b ort a Day. Vboar 4i-
For Il-n : New four or five room
aiartnients in exclusive neighborhood,
opposite agricultural farm Heat and
ater furnished. Barn or zarage can
be furnished. $15 Colleze Ave. Phone
1179 Grttn. C. 255-311.
For rent: An eight-room house, fur
n.slied or unfurnished at .".10 S. .th
irwi Plione 44s Red. U 2s3-2s&
For rent: Furnished or unfurnished :
a modern S-room house, one block
from raiverity. Address J. S. D.
ore Missourian. H. 252-2S5.
. south of Sexton road on Oak Street. The PurPe of the not only to
; osi-v 'harmonize present laws for the wel-
f..a ftf .K I.1.n.nn l.t.4 n .,.,f.A. (hfi
For Tatting Work call 44 Black., best new methods in force in order to
1 289 j work out the plan best adapted to
Missouri. Missouri is the first state
The most essential factor in the
building of a good brick road is the
selecUon of a suitable brick. The
L'nited States road men recommend
bricks made from shales and fire
clays of the "lean" varieties. The
shales arp rH i-h;rA i :
ish the stigma of illegitimacy; licens- road in the United States was con- i nrodurp a li'.-i,,. .. l
Ing all institutions caring for children; strutted in Charleston. W. V. ibrick rwn ef,,H . ... " "f
prohibiUng the committment of des- "The experience of forty-four ' ami uniform ia size '
,!T ilh!en".-f: ...VJZZt a -fl-ie -Potion as
... ,..JUS luc Ju.cilut. ". cnureij ;i0 crushing strength Is not necessarv
S. ,TB f adUUS coa-'Pra:tlCal ; COastruct tisfactory.gooU pavine brick wllhstanda'
triDUtlnir to lhp iiAlinniinjH. er- Tav- nnrlr rnnrta .... a
,.. . v.j .--, -. -v;, . pressure of from 15.000
lect of children; providing in a thor- "These roads," say Uncle Sam's ex- pom, a SQuare inch
uv,-eu.us d mr an leeoie-minaea peris, now are giving general sails- for tne bj-jdj roa(j
t-cisuus m me siaie; regulating me taction, wnen properly constructed, ' cation is advisahip
employment of children In street and it Is probable that their mileage :rafric u light broken
trades; providing for medical exami-' will continue to increase rapidly." 0Iten suffice. Sh w JJ1
na ion of school children and for com- . The principal advantages of the.it shoud oa ZtZ me
pulsory school attendance during the brick road according to the Govern-' ,ars:es, st at ,h. v:" T
entire school year instead of three-' ment road service are: . , "" al.e bUOn Md
quarters as at present , a. Durability under practically all e,ehUt tCa lDCh"
--.. .....JC... nllI ,aiicuiaici.. iraiiic conauions.
Uke up the actual drafting of the laws, ' 2. Easy traction and good foothold,
after the submission of this prelimi- z. Maintenance.
to 20,000
a concrete foun
but where the
it is
to seven parts broken stone
or gravel. This should then be curv
ed to a depth of two inches with a
.figured by the low maintenance and cIean SMd epread 0n sand
,.uc.o. .iam.ua ui iuc roau. ,. ut- .i. i..v- - i-.-j -j
tu?uiwu iuc uatna aic idiu uu euge
Dancing lessons taught privately at j in the Union to undertake in a thor-
i T09 Hitt St. 5fc per lesson. Phone ough-co:ng way a complete revision
i 1125-White. G. 147 tf. , of all laws affectinc children, from
birth to maturity.
rK.U'HL'KS WAXTKH ; C..liiml.ianv on CnmiiiN-iin.
Superintendent of Consolidated ; The preliminary re;ort was drafted
High School: Superintendent of two ''' ' chairman of nine sub-commit-year
high school: Teacher Training i tees, who have been working on the
teacher. Missouri Teachers Agency, j problem for over a year, all the twen
Citizens Natonal Bank Building, j ty-four members of the Commission
Kirkvile. Mo. M. T. A. 2S1-2S3 ' glvins their time voluntarily The
: j committees and chairmen are:
j son. professor of law in the I'niver-
Woman of con-iderable experience ; sitJ":
TIONS. C. A. Ellwood. professor of
Phone SIC P.ed.
For Bent: A six room house, com
pletely modern, at 1305 Bass avenue.
Set- Prof. B. F. Hoffman. Phone 414
Red. H. 152 tf.
For Sale:
Jewel Also
Pluto Jewel.
Gas ranee. Number 101
a Number 12 heater.
1321 Keiser. Phone 1221.
McG. 255 tf.
For Rent: A ten room house at
403 Matthews street. Can be used ei
ther as a flat or dwelling. For par
ticulars phone 421. B-2".5-tf
Wanted: One furnished room and
kitchenette for fall term. Address
Mrs W. R. Morcan. Rolla, Mo.
V.'anted: Three or four .unfurnish
ed rooms for school year 1916-17.
all 167 Red. S. 25-255.
Wanted: Middle aged woman for
housework. Stephens, Second house
Xntice of Final Settlement.
N-.tii-e U lKTrby ;:iven tbat tbe urnler
f.ziini ailmiiil'trit'ir of Rlna Day Hrde
d---al. will male final ettlmvnt ol
tii a.-ciuutt n!th &altl etat a ncb ad
t.initratiT .it tu neit term of tbe I'ro
ti.it1 "oort of Ito-iuo Connty. Mionrl. to
t- ti'jll-ii at t'oiumbia In ai'l ConntT,
od tLe Utb 1jt of Absu A. D. 191C
sociology in the University:
I-oeb. professor of political economy
in the University;
N. Baldwin, secretary Civic League of
Sl Louis:
W. Wallin. director of psycho-eiuca-
tional clinic of St. Louis;
CHILDREN, Dr. George B. Mangold,
director of the Missouri School of
Social Economy. St. Louis;
A. S. Johnston, state factory inspect
or. St. Louis:
Phillip N. Moore. St. Louis:
EDUCATION. Howard A. Gass. state
superintendent or schools.
The State Medical Society has as
sisted in framing the recommendations
for public health laws, and Prof. J. D.
Elliff, director of the Summer Session,
chairman of the State Teachers' Fed
eration, in the recommendations on
school laws.
Would Enforce the Law?.
The commission is devoting as much
For Sale: Attractive six room , attention to eccrine effecUve enforce.
house, modern, excellently located at ment of the ,aws asto the ,awg
1319 Keyser. Reasonable terms. Pnone ; selves. 0ne of the most striking re-
The more satisfactory concrete base
may be a composition of one part
nary report A camnaiim of education ' tk i. j:..... .-,.... J """ ul, iu iarts saau
- -. .. . uv u.... uuauwuwsc aiinuuiea lo j ..
t?irnti?.rtiit tha ..o ...til - .1,'... . ... a"U live
-. ,v lc . ,,4CLCUC lucjmis type or road is the high initial
luirouucuoa oi tne coue m me uegis-)Cost. This is largely offset.
iaiure in January.
Law Belnir Drafted.
me orK oi craning me laws is- Th w. i f ,..vi. .u.
beine done under the direction of !... , .J. r. . ' . an(1 al risnt angles to the line of the
--iiiuiuii ui itie uuternmeni roaa ex-
Judge Rhodes E. Cave of the St. Louis , pens, ia a g00d brick laid on a sand rcad- ch alteraate row shoul(1 -Circu:t
Court, chairman of the com- cushion, with a substantial concrete ! Sin a ha" a bk - Ramming and
mission. Prof. Manlev o. Hudson of fn,,,! ... , .,
.. .. . , M ., . foundation. rolling complets the road,
the I niversity. and Roger N. Baldwin.
secretary of the Civic Ieacue of St. " " ttzi rz " ."z:
Ius The collection of data. laws,
reports and general secretarial work
is in the hands of Mrs. Maurice Lowen
stein of St. Louis, assistant secretary
The members of the commission are:
Roger N. Baldwin. Rhodes E. Cave.
Wear. M. Drumm and Hjde. Former o Call to Be Sent East Unless
KaoVetliall Men. Will Instruct. Actual Work I in Sight.
Three former members of the Tteer Hf United Pre.
basketball squad have coaching posi- TOPEKA, Kan.. July 31. Teh state
.Mrs. W. R. Chivvis. James F. Conran. ' t!oas recently John ("String") Wear, employment bureau announced today
Mrs. Harry c. January, a. Sidney
Johnston. Dr. George B. Mangold and
who captained the 19IG five and who that it won't call an army of eastern
played forward on the Black and Gold laborers to the Kansas harvest fields
Mrs. Phillip N. Moore, St. Louis; Jac- 1uintet for three years, has located next- summer until it has a job for
ob Billikopf. U A. Halbert. Edward
E. Porterfield, and William Volker,
Kansas City; Mrs. A. M. Clay-Ives,
Chillicothe; Robert C. Clark, Boon
ville; Prof. C. A. Ellwood. Prof. Man
ley O. Hudson. Dean Isidor Loeb and
at Collmsville. 111. Harley Hyde, every man called. The bureau win
guard, also a member .of the Tiger make a canvass of farmers in the
squad for the last three years, has ac- spring, asking each how many men
cepted a position doing athletic work he must have.
at Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. M. G. Under the present system harvest
Drumm, who played on the 1915 team, ers are sent to the farmers as calls
J. L. Wagner. Columbia: Howard A. ' wil1 aave charce of athletics at the are made for them. The result has
tor Kent: An eignt room nouse. ; For Sale: AH my household goods. !
firnished or unfurnished, at 510 S. Mrs Mollie E. Sanford. C04 S. S St '
oia Mret-i. rnone 4ts uea. Phone 633 Biacfc. s 2S3-2SS.
L-275-254. '
House for Sale: Seven room mod
ern house. Pleasant location: large
, garden; two and one half blocks from
. East Campus. .Part cash, time on
rest at reasonable interest. For in
. formation call at 1509 Anthony Street.
Columbia. Mo. L. 152-190.
For Sale: A cenuine Navajo Indian
.blanket. Cost SS5. will sell for $50.
Apply 111 Cousins St. F. 1S2 tf.
For Sale: High grade piano, select
ed dark oak case; a few pieces of
furniture; some choice Chinese ar
ticles brought from Peking. A. Heinz,
Dumas Apt. H. 2S1.
Gass. Jefferson City: D. E. Kennady,
Sedalia; Edward W. Moore, Lamar:
Mrs. J. B. MiBride. Springfield: Dr.
R. P. C Wilson, Marshall.
31. U. Man Will Co.OjKjrate In Work
Planned for Johnson County.
S. T. Simpson, extension assistant
professor, will co-operate with F. A.
Gougler. county agent of Johnson
County, in a campaign, to begin Au
gust 7. the punose being to improve
livestock. They will tour the county
in automobiles, visiting the farmers.
especially the breeders and owners of
good sires.
good and bad sires and offer general
suggestions that will aid the breeders
in improving their stcck.
high school at Freeport. III. been that generally there i3 an esti
The announcement of the appoint- mate given out far over the number
ment, of these three former Missouri ,of men actually needed. Men who
players follows that of the selection come from eastern places sometimes
of George Edwards, captain of the 1913 ( do not get sufficient work to pay
team, to handle athletics at Kansas them for their trip to the state.
Tennis Champions Are in Minnesota.
Ry United Prets.
31 William A. Johnson, tennis cham
pion of the United States, appeared .
here Saturday in the Northwestern
tourney at Deephaven. Johnson is en
route east to defend his title. His
home is at Portland, Ore. Other ex-
PHONE 600.
445 Green
0 S T E 0 1" A T II
Office Hours 9-12 a. rri.
2-5 p. m.
Pianos. PI aver-Pianos, and
Victor- Victroias
Best Records Made
l'irginia Hldg.
commendations is that for the creation
of a board of public welfare in each
county, to take charge of all the work
done for public health, the care of the
i poor and prevention of crime.
' This board is to be composed of five
members, the three judges of the coun
ty court, judge of the circuit court
5c Matches, 3 boxes l(Pe
11 Pounds Best Cane Suar, .. SI.IXI
19 Oz. Bottle Green Olives f5c
10c Corn Flakes, 4 for i'tc
... . TvApk T na n n n. j. n.s 11. 1 I Ij
They will pot out the Pert5 appearing on me courts today '-" '""""n' v" u ""-
' . .. v. . , 1 , l. I- Ittltnrr Wnn-rln. 1 .
were n. v. u. jones, uregon cnam- ""- " "" ".., ..
pion; Clarence Griffin. national 25c Sunkist Muskat Grapes, a can 1.V
r!onblps rhamninn. whn is Johnson's 5c Trilby Toilet Soap, G for 2Jc
. .. . . . .trt- 11 T.. T r . J'.
ThP nnstprs -fsP Pi,rp Rrwi irp - , aouDies partner, ana u. urant vwcKer- ,"- -iuj w jure r!, o uus
recently published by the agricultural ,
extension service will be used in this
campaign. Lectures and demonstra-
tions will be -given each day. ; Sam Jordan Keimrts Good Crops.
Mr. Simpson will also select farms jir. and jirS- sam Jordan returned
sham, former Pacific Northwest and
Oregon titleholder.
which will be used in the future in Saturday from a vacation trip in their
carrying on breeding and feeding motor car to St. Joseph. Kansas City
demonstrations. The owners of these and Albany. Mr. Jordan says the
and the superintendent of schools. It
may employ a trained worker to deal '
i with all these problems. In order to i
insure the employment of qualified per-
sons each worker must hold a certi
farms will be asked to co-operate in
this work.
I The cuts that were used in making r
the poster have been sent to the Star
j Journal at Warrensburg to be used
with articles as a forerunner to the '
crops they saw were on the average
very good. In some places, he said,
the corn was suffering from the
drought but unless hot winds set in
the crop will be safe for a week.
Missourian business office, phone 55.
Fresh Corn, per doz. ears 2ic
15c Kellogg Shreaded Wheat Bis
cuits, 2 for 25c
No. 10 Cans Roscdale Apricots . 15c
Fresh Eggs, per doz 2ir
Veal Loaf ana Minced Ham, per
lb. 20e
Boiled Ham, per lb. 40c
Cluck Steak, per lb 20c
Round and Loin Steak, per lb. .. 25c
Pork Chops and Steak, per lb. .. 20c
Beef Roast, per lb. 15c to 20c
10c Vienna Style Sausage, 3 cans 25c
During Fair Week Please Give Us
Your Orders Early
Tfce Mionrlan I autborized to an-
the offio? of constable ' for Columbia ' Ccate of fitness from the State Board
SSSeS&e'SiSr IVn.Yi V ' if Charities and Corrections, The great
1 advantage of this plan is that it will
I bring together under one directing
A Desirable Suburban Home For Sale.
I am offering my home at 1507 University avenue for sale. It is a
modern 7-room house with bath, furnace, hot and cold water, elec
tric lights, granitoid basement under entire house. The lot fronts 100
feet on University avenue and runs through to Cauthorn avenue 266
feet, giving two frontages room for three more houses. The lot con
tains a little over one-half acre. It is planted with all kinds of fruit
and berries and has a good garden spot. Also has an up-to-date
chicken house 14x16 feet and barn for horse and buggy.
This desirable home is only twelve blocks from the Court House and
only six blocks from the East Campus. This is a very desirable place
and the reason for sale is that we are leaving town. Easy terms.
Phone 120S White or call at 1S07 University Avenue. MRS. E. C.
Will Defcm Park and Fountain.
Prof. H. F. Major, landscape garden
er of the University, has been engaged
to design a park and memorial foun
tain for the Barkley cemetery at New
London, Mo. The cemetery is private
ly endowed and is one of the best kept
in the state, according to Professor
Daily Market Report
head all the welfare work of the en
tire county.
, Here Are Other Recommendations.
Among other chief recommendations
iare: (1) the extension of the juvenile I
court from the six largest counUes jRr vnlted Pres.
to every county in the state, so that I 'east ST. LOUIS, 111..
an cnnaren may get the same pro
j tection and care; f2) raising the age
j at which a child may go to work from
; 14 to 16, unless the child has pre
' viously completed the eighth -grade of
j school work, and also requiring physi
cal examination to determine what
; kind of work the child is fitted to do;
f3) in order to insure the successful
bringing up of families of children
in which the father is dead, in an in
stitution or a deserter for over
; three years, mothers mar
355 - PHONE - 355
Fancy Livery for Students, Picnics and
Pleasure Rides.
Single and double drivers, Waeonettes, Surreys, Phaetons
and Runabouts. THE BEST IN THE CITY- We do
heaw haulinc and can furnish teams for such work on 10
Your Patronage solicited. J.3 i. tin at.
minutes notice.
Books at
July 31.
CATTLE RECEIPTS 4,000, including
600 Southerns. Market prospects
lower. Native beef steers $7.00 $10.
25. Yearling steers and heifers $S.
503 $10.00. Cows $5.30 $5.00. Stock
ers and feeders $3.30$S.25. Calves
$6,00611.75. Texas steers $5.70fi$9.
10. Cows and heifers $9.00$9.10.
HOG RECEIPTS 1.500. Market 5
cents lower. Mixed and butchers $?.
95 $10.00. Good and heavy $9,900
$10.00. Rough $S.90$9.10. Light,
$9.70 $10.00. Pigs 4S.75S$9.60. Bulk
$9.70 $9.95.
i SHEEP RECEIPTS 1.200. Market
weak. Slaughter ewes 55.00 $7.25.
Breeding ewes $9.00 $10.00. Year-
. lings $5.00 $9.50. Spring lambs $7.
00 $10.00.
It's Now Your Alma Mater
Summer School Students, Old Mizzou
will always be a pleasant memory of
your college days.
Enhance that memory by taking with
you some souvenier of the old school.
Here's a list from which you may
make your choice:
Seal Scarf Pins
Gold Seal Watch Fobs
Sterling Silver Belt
Buckles With Belt
Gold Seal Knives
Hand Painted Uni
versity View Plates
Silver Seal Spoons
Gold Seal Rings
Silver Seal Bracelets
Gold Seal La Vallieres
Sew Hudson Sedan Arrives.
j The Hudson-Phillips Automobile
: Company has just received a new
1917 model Hudson Super Six Sedan.'
It is on display at the Company's ga
'rage 10S South Sth Street. Visitor:
Columbia Pictures and
University Views.
are welcome.

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