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not play on account of eligibility rules.
The team winning the class champ
ionship will receive numeral trophies.
A crippled band of jungaleers ill leave Columbia Friday on an in
ion of Manhattan, Kan., for the annual game with the Kansas Aggies
Sturday. Because of the numerous men on the shelf with injuries Coach
Schulte was forced to dispense with scrimmage Monday and yesterday.
Tonight the team will get their only real practice of the week. The reg
ulars will be pitted against the fresh
men who have been taught the Aggies'
The Tigers needed an easy game
last Saturday. They had faced Wash
ington, Ames and Oklahoma. No team
can go at top speed throughout the
season. An easy game Saturday would
have allowed Schulte to send in sec
ond string men toward the end and
rive his regulars a rest. As It was
the, team played through one of the
most strenuous games of the season.
They let up slightly which could not
be helped.
Another view of the Texas game tak
en by many rooters is that had Ditt
mar not been allowed to play the Tig
ers would have been able to let up a
little and some of the regulars would
have been given a rest. "Liz" Clay,
assistant coach at Texas, says Mis
souri would have won by three touch
downs had Dittmar not been In the
line up. Schulte says Missouri would
have had a walkaway with Dittmar
Tigers Were Due
For a let-Up.
To many it seems that allowing
Dittmar to play was a mistake, while
others take the view that it is Just that
more credit for the Tigers that they
were able to win with Dittmar in the
line up. But whether Dittmar is in
eligible or not or whether Missouri
would have won by a larger score had
he not played, it is certain that the
Tigers are in need of a rest. Count
ing the Aggie game, the Tigers face
five first class teams in a row. Few
teams can go this long without show
ing some signs of weakening. That
the Tigers showing was disappointing
to many Saturday should not be held
aganst the team or against the coach
ing. It was the natural let-up after
a strenuous season.
The Drake game may allow Schulte
to give his men a rest. But Drake
has been improving and may furnish
a real battle.
Aggies Are Strong
On Forward Pass.
The Aggies are reported to be
strong on the toward pass. But
Schulte's men no longer fear this style
of attack. Oklahoma gained little
with it and Texas- was a complete fail
ure at the passing game. What little
the Longhorns did gain at this style
of play was offset by the risk they
took. They used the lateral pass al
most entirely. When one of these
passes is intercepted it generally
means a touchdown.
Schnlte Is Shifting
Attack for Aggies.
Coach Schulte is shifting his at
tack to meet the Aggies. Just what
method of ground-gaining the "In
dian" will use against the Aggies Is
not known, but he has promised a
surprise. For several weeks the Tig
ers have been practicing new plays
which Schulte will not allow to be
used yet. Whether he has been sav
ing these for the Aggies or not, the
Tiger mechanic seems to have some
thing up his sleeve.
Loss of Marshall
JIurts the Tigers.
The Tigers lost a good prospect
when John Marshall was injured.
Built like a battering ram, Marshall
last year ripped the Varsity line to
pieces. This year he started oft like
a whirlwind and as one member of the
squad said "you couldn't keep him off
the team with a crow bar." Marshall
comes fom Southeast Missouri where
they make real football players. Stu
dents from the same partTof the state
as Marshall tell many tales of the
prowess of this youngster.
Nebraska Is Not
The Champion Yet
Despite the fact that many papers
throughout the state concede the
championship to Nebraska, there is
still some doubt as to whether the
Cornhuskers are the champs. The on
ly way they can figure themselves ,as
superior to Missouri is by comparative
scores and if the later scores in the
season show the Tigers have the edge
where can Nebraska claim the title
any more than the Tigers? One thing
is certain, the title is sure to be in a
muss. The only way it can be decid
ed is by comparative scores, which is
always poor and unsatisfactory. Why
shouldn't Missouri and Nebraska meet
a little oftener? It would certainly
belp at many times in clearing up the
"Among Those Injured"
Still Has Large Number.
Despite reports to the contrary the
Tigers are in a badly crippled condi
tion. The report that the bandage had
been removed from Wilder's nose led
many to believe the end was in good
condition. He is not His nose was
broken in two places and If he does
line up against the Aggies Saturday
Ms playing will undoubtedly be handi
capped. Gtltner is another who is
bunged up. Mike has a smashed hand
and other injuries. If he plays it will
mean that his tackling probably will
be below his usual high standard.
McAnaw is not in good shape and
Preston's leg is none too well. Col
lins, with his weak shoulder, Is not
at top form. White, Marshall, Haines,
and, of course, Mulr, are other men
who are Injured. Several of these
men are able to play if necessary. But
they are sure to be slowed up. The
whole team, individually and collec
tively, is in meed of a chance to let
up. Schulte, according to the general
system of coaches, has two alterna
tives. One is to drive his team at top
speed for the Aggie game and run the
risk of having them crack under the
strain later on. The other is to let up
a little this week and 'mprove the Ag
gie's chances of beating Missouri Sat
urday, which would rob the Tigers of
their only chance for the champion
ship of the Valley.
Seniors and Freshmen
to Piny for Championship.
The class football championship will
be. played off Saturday, November 11,
between the seniors and the freshmen.
Both teams have been working hard in 4
preparation for" the contest Seats
have been reserved in the bleachers so
that freshmen can be together to
cheer their fellow classmen on .to vic
tory. According to a few dopesters the
seniors have the edge on the fresh
men, as the seniors have Peterson at
quarter and Thomas at center, both of
whom are varsity material, but can-
Aggies and Tigers Each
Have 12 Letters on Squad.
Both Missouri and Kansas Aggies
have twelve letter men on the squad
this year and probably nine of each
will be in the first line-up on Sat
urday. In their game In Columbia
last season these teams played to a
scoreless tie and practically all of the
men who were in that game will get
another chance this week.
During the present season the Tig
ers and the Manhattanltes have been
putting up about the same brand of
football both with fair backflelds and
strong lines. Neither has shown any
great scoring ability, though their of
fense has been strong near the center
of the field. In their two conference
games to date the Kansas Aggies have
failed to score, while Kansas and Ne
braska, their opponents, have scored
only two touchdowns. Missouri has
done better with two touchdowns to
their credit two games against Wash
ington and Ames. No direct line on
their respective ability can be gleaned
from these games but the dope would
seem to favor Missouri by a shade,
while Clevenger's team will have the
advantage of the home grounds to off
set this. The fact that this game will
be the Aggies' home-coming game will
also help them.
Tigers' First Game
on Manhattan Field.
Although Missouri and the Aggies
have met on three occasions prior to
this year this is the firstvtime the Ti
gers have journeyed to Manhattan. In
1909 Missouri won out by a score of
3 to 0. The teams did not meet again
until 1914, the year following the ad
mission of the Kansas team into the
conference, and this time the Tigers
were victorious by 13 to 3. Last year
the teams again battled in Columbia
with a scoreless result
a conference game since their admis
sion In December 1912. They have
only had games with Kansas, Nebras
ka, and Missouri and, although two of
these were ties, they have never been
able to put over the winning points.
The Tigers will leave Columbia at
10:50 Friday morning, journeying to
McFarland, Kan., where they will
spend the night They will go on to
Manhattan, about 20 miles away, Sat
urday morning.
The officials for the game are as
follows: Referee, John Griffith of
Drake; Umpire, J. A. Rellly of K.C. A.
C; head linesman, Ed. Cochrane, for
merly of Kalamazoo, (Mich.) College
and now sporting editor of the Kansas
City Journal.
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