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' Men to Be Used in Filling
Second Increment of 63
for New Army.
Governor Gardner Writes to
Postpone Divinity Stu
dents' Examination.
Seven more men will be ordered,
next week to report September 20 to
the local dratt board as alternates in
the second increment ot 63 which will
leave Columbia September 21 for
Camp Funston for national army
training. This announcement was
made yesterday when it was learned
that some ot the men might not be
able to appear on the date set for en
training. The men will report at 9
o'clock Thursday morning, Septem
ber 20.
Post cards notifying the 63 that
they were ordered to report were sent
out Friday. Attached to these cards
were others which the drafted man
could sifnd back to the local board re
questing that he be allowed to return
home the night of September 20. Two
cards making this request were re
ceived yesterday. This saves the Gov
ernment from supplying food and
lodging to the drafted men.
The board received a letter from
Governor Gardner yesterday stating
that when a divinity student or a reg
ularly ordained minister of the gos
pel was drafted the board, if it was
convinced that he had a rightful
claim for discharge, could postpone
his physical examination, act on his
case and, if discharge was granted,
the physical examination could be dis
pensed with.
Only one notice of appeal to the dis
trict board was filed yesterday. The
applicant was Samuel E. Barnes,
Clark, It. F. D. 2.
Tomorrow the board will start
making duplicate copies of registra
tion cards and physical examination
dertificates for all the men who com
pose the second increment. Each man
will be given his registration card and
physical slip and the duplicates will
be sent to the adjutant of the camp
by mail.
C,.")00 Coaches 'eedcd for Army.
CHICAGO, Sept. 13. It will take
all of the 1,500 tourist sleeping cars
available and 5,000 coaches to trans
port the 194.S00 men who constitute
40 per cent of the citizen-soldiers se
lected for military service, and mho
mill travel from their homes to the
sixteen military cantonments of the
Government in the five-day period
beginning next Wednesdaf. Publica
tion Is prohibited of any routes or
schedules of military movements, but
it can be said that the Government
and the railroads have co-operated in
making every possible provision for
the safe, comfortable and prompt
transportation of the citizen-soldiers.
Generally speaking, the tourist
sleeping cars will be used by those
located farthest from the canton
ments, while the day coaches will be
used for the shorter trips. All ar
rangements are made for stops for
meals en route, wherever necessary.
Unlike movements of the regulars
or national guards, the citizen-soldiers
will not be accompanied by officers.
The various examining boards
throughout the country have notified
each man the exact date he is to
travel, where he is to take a train,
the number of the train and its time
of departure. These boards have also
designated one man who will be in
charge of each lot of men entraining
at each place during the five-day
period. The number of men to as
semble daily at each place of entrain-
ment ranges from two to several hun-
The men from the smaller places
will be carried on regular trains. Ex-
the country, to the fleet and to the
soldiers in France, and fostering other
forms of publicity, so that American
war activities may be properly ap
preciated. The membership ot the
committee is evenly divided between
Americans and British.
The first occasion for which the
committee furnished American speak
ers was American Day at Blackpool,
the great workers' pleasure resort of
the North. Dr. Wallace Butterick of
the General Education Board; J. Cal
vin Brown of Nebraska and Irving
Bacheller were the principal Ameri
can speakers. The streets were lined
with troops and American flags were
on all the public buildings for their
reception and thousands of holiday
makers at half a dozen meetings
heard what .America Is getting ready
to do.
Wheat and Rye Will Be Given Prefer
ence by Railroads.
Ry Associated Press
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 15. As a result 6f
the conference here today by mem
bers of the St. Louis Car Commission
of the Railway War Board, shipments
of wheat and rye in the nine states
under the St. Louis office and the
Federal Food Control Department will
have preferential treatment by the
Henceforth the requests of the Food
Administration for the rapid transit
of wheat and rye will be given the
same consideration as War Depart
ment requests for rapid transit.
Wheat and flour shipments will be
kept moving, even though this in
volves great shortage of cars for oth
er classes of freight.
St. Paul A. 31. E. Services.
Sunday School at the St. Paul A.
M. E. Church will be held at 9:30
o'clock today. J. B. Coleman is super
intendent. The Rev. G. M. Tillman
will preach. There will be addresses
at 3 o'clock by J. E. Jones, principal
of the Fred Douglass School, and J.
H. Renfro. There will be singing by
the old folks' choir, of which the Rev.
Mat Douglas is director. The Junior
League will be led by Mrs? Ella Wil
liams. The evening services will be
held at 8 o'clock. Prof. Charles I.
Brown of Topeka, Kan., will read a
Movement To Teach Telegraphy En-!
dorsed In Illinois.
By Associated Press
CHICAGO, Sept. 15. The Illinois
Manufacturers' Association and the
Chicago Association of Commerce to
day endorsed the movement to train
20,000 telepraphers for the signal
corps of the army. Telegraphy will
be taught to men of military age in
public schools of Chicago, as well as
universities, colleges and technical In
stitutions throughout the central de
partment of the army. It was announced.
Plans have been considered by the
University of Missouri authorities for
installing such a course here. No an
nouncement regarding the matter has
been made yet.
What do jou know about your Bible
or the Christian Teligion? It is not
enough for educated men to have
learned a few Bible stories in child
hood, to have acquired a few trite
quotations, or to depend on fragments
gleaned from the weekly sermon. The
educated man who ,is going to merit a
position' of leadership in the most
vital movements of his Community
must have some adequate knowledge
of the Bible and of religion. This re
quires study under competent teach
ers. The Bible College of Missouri
offers jou your opportunity. See an
nouncement elsewhere in these
columns. (adv)
National Livestock Market
Stephens College Announcement
Students from Columbia and from
the University who are planning to
take courses in any of thei departments
at Stephens College may now enroll.
The following departments are open
to special students: Conservatory of
Music; Expression Department; Art
Department; Physical Education De
partment; and Literary Department.
For information or for appointment I
with the head of the department in1
which you are interested.phone 263, or
call at the College office..
JAMES M. WOOD, President.
ST. LOUIS, III.. September 15, 1917.
The live stock market for Friday was
as follows:
Cattle reclpts S0O.
Market, Strong.
Native beef steers, $SS$17..
Yearllne steers and heifers, $7Q?16.
Cows, SC$10.
Stockers anil feeders, J 6JWfO 50.
Calves, &i.75?15.75
Texas Steers. ?G.75(ff$10 50.
Cons and heifers, $GS$10.
IIos receipts. 1.4O0.
Market, Steady.
Mixed and butcher. SISCrJISGO.
Oood and heavy. $18.40$18.65.
Went, $lSO$18 25.
Pics. $13 ri0a$17.50.
Hulk, $1S$1SC0.
Sheep receipts 150.
Market, Steady.
Sheep and ewes, $10 50Q$11.
I-unlis, ?HI$lSiH.
Wethers, SIO riOQ$12.50.
Tanners, $3(3$7.
The National Touch
Method and new Un
derwoods for stu
dent useat les than
regular rental cost
After six months
you get a credit re
fund for every cent paid. See our
agent, R. C. Crow, Y. M. C. A., 6:30 to
7:30 -daily.
tra coaches will be added as more de
tachments are picked up. When the
extra coaches reach a certain number
they will be detached from the regu
lar trains and made up into special
trains. Each tourist sleeping car
will carry forty men and the average
in each day coach will be fifty men.
From the larger cities the men vvilL
travel all the way in special trains,
as a rule.
No Law To Give Them Pay and Tower
of Militia Troops.
By Associated Press
torney General McAllister of Missouri
ruled today that there i3 no authority
in Missouri law for the organization
of home guard regiments with the
power and pay of National Guards,
and that any temporary organization
formed to take the place of the Na
tional Guard in emergencies while the
National Guard is in federal service
must ba disbanded as soon as the Na
tional Guards return to the state.
f jte( ji'teho-ns
flJtrtlU. B-tl UI,HT5W. KMEr" TEi-"
zWRLi&$r v s-
V3xui- '
American Speakers Explain to British
About America's Part In War.
(By Karl Walter)
LONDON, Sept. 15. England is,
opening hospitable doors to visiting
Americans these days. What Is no
less gratifying to Americans, is to
find an effective effort being made to
tell the British public about Amer
ica's part in the war. A recently or
ganized Anglo-American committee is
sending American speakers all over
Von can zlwavs
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