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Assembly at the Columbia High,
School Friday morning win oe given
over to football. The high school
team will play the Montgomery City
High School team Friday afternoon at
the Fair Grounds.
.Latest Jass Band music
October records John N.
in our
-, Our October Victor records include
f ' some splendid song and dance num-
berswohn N. Taylor. taavj
The Greatest Snob
in America
was what the
called the millionaire
girl ol
Enid Bennett
But she was really starving
for friends.
At college she is snubbed
by every one who has read
of her.
But the little girl who
brings the laundry introduces
her to a boy who takes in
washing to earn his way.
These three form the Soap
Suds Trust and The Trium
virate of
A Sparkling Comedy by
Produced byThos.H.Ince
with a typical Ince cast
Charles Giinn, Little Thelma
Salter, Gertrude Claire,
Andrew Arbuckle, Adele
Belgrade and Jack Gibert.
Hall Theatre
Matinee Daily 3:00 P. M.
4-5' Haden Bide;. Phone 498
.(Over Scott's Book SI ore.)
Hliampootnsr, 31anlcurlng, Masacc,
Complete line of trnnu an J powders
I'lione 20J 8-JOa IJrdy.
T Y T E IV It I T E It S
The National Touch
r Method and new Un
derwoods tor stu-
dent use at less than
regular rental cost.
After six months
you get a credit refund for every cent
paid. See our agent, R. C. Crow, Y.
M. C. A., C:30 to 7:30 daily.
Ladies' Shampoo Parlor
Specialize in Scalp and Mechano
Therapy Treatments. 18A South
Ninth Street, phone 1206.
Star Taxi Cab Co.
20c for one or two pas
sengers. 10c additional
for each passenger.
Country Trips Made
State Omnization Formed to Supply
War Data.
Funds Solicited to Buy Good
Reading Matter for the
University Professor is In
Charge of Canvass in Six
Missouri Counties.
Prof. L. M. Defoe, a member of the
State War Library Commission, will
have general charge of the work of
raising money to provide books for
soldiers in training in the United
States and abroad, in six counties.
Judge James of Andrew County,
chairman of the commission has divid
ed the state into districts. The dis
trict assigned to Mr. Defoe includes
Boone, Audrain, Adair, Randolph,
Chariton and Carroll. Thje work of
forming an organization in each of
these counties has already been start
Mayor J. E. Boggs has been made
chairman of the committee to carry on
the work in Boone County. He haB
not yet selected the members of the
Mr. Defoe has written letters to each
county in his district explaining a plan
to be followed in organizing the work.
The committee in eacfl will consist of
the following:
The mayor of each city the mayor
of the chief city of the county to be
chairman of the committee.
The county superintendent of
schools who shall be secretary of the
A representative of the Library
Board of each town having a public
A representative from each news
paper published in the county.
The superintendent of each city
school and the principal of each high
school in the county.
The teacher of each district school
in the county.
For the purpose of making the
canvas, the school district is to be
made the unit and a solicitation of
funds shall be made through the
teachers, the children In the schools,
and such other persons as shall be
designated by the county committee.
It is suggested that all men haying
sons either in the army or in the
training camps be requested to as
sist in the campaign.
The newspapers will be asked to
conduct a publicity campaign before
the day set for raising the funds. The
normal subscription to be asked for
per donor is $1 but smaller or larger
amounts may be received.
It Is the aim to get some contri
bution, however small, from every one.
It is suggested that the county super
intendent send a letter to each teach
er requesting that teacher to tell the
children In the school the objects and
purposes of the fund and to enlist the
assistance of every school child in
the county work.
The committee will designate a day
when the campaign for funds shall,
be made.
"Where the public library boards
have already taken some steps toward
raising funds it is suggested that
the library boards co-operate with
the committee in the wider campaign
that Is intended to reach every family
in the county.
A committee for historical service
of the Missouri Council for Defense
has been appointed by Dean F. B.
Mumford, chairman of the council.
The committee Is composed of Prof.
Jonas Vlles, chairman; Dr. R. J.
Kerner, secretary, both of the Univer
sity; Prof. E. C. Griffith, William
Jewell College, and Prof C. H. Mc
Clure, AVarrensburg Normal School.
Missouri is one of the first states
to start a state organizaUon for
historical service. The plans that
will be adopted by the local committee
will be patterned after that used by
the National Board for Historical
Service. Whenever the Council for
National Defense needs any historical
information, or wishes a public speak
er it applies to this board. The na
tional hoard is In rnnpTi wlh nnd
knows the specialists in the different
lietas or nistoncai research. These
men are "drafted" Into service. In
this way correct information is given
to the public through public speaking
and newspapers. It is the purpose of
the state committee to do the- same. It
will be in touch with the leading
history teachers of the state who will
be "drafted" by the committee to do
any work that the Missouri Council
for Defense may ask of them.
As the causes of the war are
historical, the history teachers of the
United States are naturally interest
ed In it for a pedagogical reason as
well as a patriotic one it Is set forth
by the council. They believe that they
know the fundamental reasons for the
war and can give the correct causes to
the public and thus mold public
opinion. They believe that they can
educate the pullic opinion of the war
through lectures and pamphlets and
newspapers. They desire to supply
the public with historical information.
The state committee, in order to
stimulate interest among the public
school teachers of Missouri is pre
paring a prize contest to them. The
prize will be offered to the best esaajd
on "Why the Nnlted States Is at War."
An appropriation of $300 has been
made by the Missouri Council for De
fense to pay for the prizes. The
prizes will be offered in two groups.
(A) To high school teachers, the first
prize will be $75 and four prizes
ranging from $30 to $10 each. (B)
To elementary school teachers', '''the
first prize will be $75, second prize
$25 and five prizes of $10 each. The
essays are to be sent to Dr. R. J.
Kerner, secretary of.the Committee for
Historical Service of the Missouri
Council for Defense, Columbia. The
contest will close March 1, 1918. The
word limit is 3,000 words. The minor
mditions will be announced later.
600 Acres of Rice In Missouri.
The only rice plantation in Missouri
is In Poplar Bluff. Over 600 acres of
this crop Is planted on the Begley
plantation. The crop which is being
cut runs from 75 to SO bushels to the
acre and the rice this year is selling
at $2 per bushel.
TV. R. Painter Here Yesterday.
W. R. Painter, chairman of the
State Prison Board, was in Columbia
yesterday afternoon to confer with a
group of farmers concerning pur
chasing binder twine from the state
prison factories.
Our October Victor records Include
some splendid song and dance nm.
bers John N. Taylor.
Latest Jass Band music
October records John N.
In our
Wm 1 1 1 As Wszt&ME&m m wH
M iPllMIl mM
Look at 'Em!
Here's the way they look
when they come from
Daily Bros.
Order today it's getting
I -"- Get Acquainted With-
3 3:
Your Teacher
iU ".'
I ,
Miss King Heads 31 Women.
The M Women's Association-'met
last night at the home of Miss Ruby
Cline, 707 Missouri avenue, and
elected Miss Katherine King presi
dent and Miss Dorothy Mumford, vice
president. Both are seniors in the
School of Education. Preliminary
plans for doing national service work
this year were made.
Latest Jass Band music in our
October records John N. Taylor.
Our October Victor records include
some splendid song and dance num
bers John N. Taylor. (adv)
Harrison Brown to New York.
Harrison Brown, who was gradu
ated from the School of Journalism
in 1914, and who has been business
manager of the Elpaso Democrat, a
weekly paper at Colorado Springs,
Colo., is visiting at his home In Mexl
co. Mr. Brown has accepted a posi
tion in New York.
Faculty members are coming into the
fold of the Missouri Union, too. The "drive" has
just begun. The student "drive" is unabated.
Students meet your teachers at the Mis
souri Union. You' 7 appreciate them better when
you have met them as man to man. In the ranks
of the Missouri Union, we're all privates, with
only one object a greater Missouri University.
Decides Cnstody of Negro Children
The habeas corpus suit oPMary
Brown, negro, Rosedale, Kan., against
her former husband, Henry Carter,
who lives near McBaine, for the re
covery of her two children was de
cided in the Circuit Court yesterday.
She was given the daughter while the
son was given to his father.
We allow you a dollar for
it on a new one
Peck Drug Company
804 Broadway
Extra Nice, per bushel - $2.75
Quart Tin Cans, a dozen - - - - 50c
Mason Jars
20 South Ninth St Phone 303
Books for Soldiers Increasing'.
H. 0. Severance, University librar
ian, is still receiving magazines and
books to be sent to the soldiers. A
supply of books was sent yesterday
morning by Prof. F. F. Stephens. 'The
demand seems to be for late period!
cals and for 'books.
The Missouri Union
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U. S. Lieutenant Killed In France.
Hy Associated Press
WASHINGTON, Oct. 3. Lieutenant
G. p. Howe of the Boston Medical
Corps was killed In action September
28 while on duty with British forces in
France, the adjutant general an
nounced today.
Daughter for Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs.
A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Fisher Gibbs of Hartsburg this
morning at the Parker Memorial Hos
Our October Victor records include
some splendid song and dance num
bersJohn N. Taylor. (adv)
National Llrestock Market
X'ATIftVlT. CTftpr i inno . on nn.
ixVrfs i i rw,. .o,-' 5?.?.x
-....., ... v(ulrc, , jn. uv live
stock market for today was as follows:
hoe receipts 7,000.
Market, Loner .
I.Ichts. SlS.NXffJlOM.
I'iKS, ?16Q?lSJO.
Mixed and butchery lS.75g$19
Oood heavy, S19.30S19.CO.
Hulk, S18.73gJ19.40 .
Cattle receipts 8,000.
Market, Strong.
Native beef steers, $S17.50
Yenrllnsr steers and heifers. '$7616.
Cows, e$io. ..
blockers and feeders. $050610.
Texas quarantine steers, $6.75(310.50.
Prime Southern beet steers. $9612.75.
Iteef cows and heifers, JCQflO
I'rlme yearling steers and heifers, $7.50
$10, t-
Native calves, $9,73811.73.
Sheep receipts 1,500.
.Market. Prospects Higher.
Lambs $1.1017.75. -
Kwe. 10.50811.
Wethers, 11J0Q12J0.
Canners and Choppers, S56JS.50.
A modern banking business must be a human
institution. " Adding machines, typewriters,
devices for counting and checking out money
are necessary to efficient business-to eliminate
the human error. It's easy, however, for a
bank to fall into a mechanical existence and
become a mere automaton..
The bank that is closest to the life of the com
munity is the one that retains and cultivates
. its personality.
To cultivate personality is ever the aim of
The Boone County Trust Company.
Our customers justly expect- and have our
personal interest. As advisers in borrowing
and lending money, investments; and as ad
ministrators, executors, or trustees, we serve .
in the most personal way.
Boone County Trust Co.
"A Bank For Every Purpose"
s v
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