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The Evening Missourian. (Columbia, Mo.) 1917-1920, November 29, 1917, Peerade Extra, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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pocket bulges, then In
till little rhapsody Is
a word of "Beware."
ih.ii Near
J. -. TflAt
tl 1 1. K
, ui loricrts
! i ,!"'e
""t, pro-
.kVtlT looking
idaibed UP to
H&'Zmin of the
?J ww,ved f.r
Kl. ...v from bis
aost J, the throng
., tiered
ULT 4 to bN
. iTsnd to
J,cr.d. and to ar
ri ft ST. none otb-
tbt e.fc well kno.n
i' uuiiy ,er
J -Gentlemen.
'""in you le think-
JaTJ au
". i. evidence
ttonti an,i
L thonWd P.1
l -Ms.t and.
k. ill he consumed
Gardner llefafcen to
Compete With
Columbia's smart
set nns shocked and
grieved thto morning
when the announce
ment was made from
Governor Gardner's
private car on a
switch near the Kappa
SIg house, that the
chief executive bad
cancelled bis encase
ment to tango at the
Iiu-igiuatlon Knitting
Tea to be given after
the game. The refusal
came a the result of
.in announcement
nude a xhort time pre
iuus that Elliot W.
Mijor bad decided aft
er wverai weeks con
sideration, to tango
between halves on Rol
lins Field this after
noon. It Is easy to
understand why Gov
ernor Gardner would
refuse to compete In
the tangoing business
with bis verv succest
fill tangoing predeces
xou say you sealed
her lips with yours?
Yes, she's never spo
ken to me since.
liable kissed me last
Well, did you kiss
her back?
No, she wasn't wear
ing that kind of a
gown. Punch Bowl.
Smart Youth.
History Prof Whv
nre the Middle Ages
known as the Dark
Wise Fresh Because
there were so many
Mr. Sapbead On
my army application
there Is a place to tell
the condition or my
mind. What would
you advise me to an
swer? .
Miss Kuttlng
Leave It blank.
brake. It is put on
very quickly In case
of an emergency."
Co-ed: "Ob, I see.
Something like a kimono."
Details Larking;.
Solicitous Old Gen
tlemanHello, Willie!
How is your grandpa
standing the beitt?
Smart William
Haven't beard from
him yet. He's only
been dead a week.
r ui . -. ,. . ?,
B .-ill be consumer - i ni.
",,. tfbetner we cheering face of Per
ttine or draw in', Kl.is alderman
.frrtble grid'0" t .Hid general man about
tr V? today, we ' . I town, from the throngs
"ivrlnk, drlnW' I i,o are viewing this
?rh& doctor pa"' parade? There is no
'J Swept. ,"ced to look for him
VhYn asked by on as i,-' ot on the
.i reporter Jst I htreet. As the parade
stirted he w.is seen, by
dn h.xtra reporter con
ferring with Mayor
I!ogg on how to get
into the game gratis.
He was beard to re
mark that unless be
receUed compllmen
tiry tiikets to the
r.inie be would see
th.it the flsitors got
no police protection.
;C7. be propoeu
""-. IJ Y,a
53? MDlaiu to these
M ffioT'J voice
"".Mrf T- "that ser
K,7 snakebites and
,jf cod alcoboll n
Zi that it would be
!. im to get blm
".rST-nresslon the
ln known friend of
, buttermilk and
Sruparllla t r us t
"d "Tber." he
JSi . "I shall get a
Srch warrant for the
S pockets of every
jj Graduate that bis
Starred. Pint bottles
4,11 warrant an ar
rt and quarts shall
result In a two.,nw'kR,
gt on buttermilk and
Ert" the float
wwd away, the doc
ZT had started for the
(BBrtbouse, determin
ed to have the Janitor
imnge 'of the blp
podet search warrant.
fie Extra has no com
BBit to make on Doc
jm Bole's threat, be
mlac as it does, that
ill cbarge Is ground
Hs. lint. If among
la readers there is
tm ooe wboe blp
Lawyer How lirge
were the boofs? Were
tbey as large as my
feet or hands?
Darky No. sab;
they was Jus' ordi-nary-slied
hooft, sab.
Manager: Hey, there!
Hun up tb.it curtain,
will you?
Stage Hand: Say!
I'm hired as a stage
band, not a squirrel.
Ed (In motor car):
"This controls the
V. Heads Warm Up.
Chancellor Strong of
Kansas and President
Hill were out In tbelr
trail, suits this morn
ing for a little sprint,
preparatory to the
track meet before the
big game. Each .con
testant made three
spurts around the
We've! go't juit
the CHAIR for
Suit Sale
Come in and take a Jem oj
our left overs off the shelves.
Broadcloth in Navy, (the
patriotic color. )
But you can't beetroot.
Robemsome &Foolwell
Wanted Tn old
wash boilers for Ford
gns tanks. E. C
For Sale The next
to the best railroad In
Columbia. Wabash It.
For Kent Shoes for
100 feet on Broadway.
Wnnted Twenty
four hours every day
in which to complete
my work. J. Hestes.
Lost One goat. Ap
ply Jaybawk Bond,
Kansas Training Quar
ters. For Sale Eleven
football suits In poor
condition. Address
Care Athletic ' Depart
ment, Kansas XI. ,
Suits Pressed Let
us do your work and
you will bring your
clothes back Dally.
Wanted We can use
several new customers
highest prices. V.
bUlnG vOur prlnT
InG to Tile HeltalD-
STatesMAN oFFlcE
wollk neatly u&d alt
TlsTlcAllY dONE IT
TemPts tbE oPTIc
neltve. hTateSman
If jok talk
and long tnough
jotr order will
be1 delnerrd
your funiral
You can't
monkey with
our prices.
They are out
of reach.
Kn,ntO,h Fill.rT,ft,
Ycu'llimtKtki Jiftttnct Alvaii colli' trier
1000 Times
and well get our white
fliver on the spot as soon
as we are able.
Hoax & Kidsome
Mr. Student
You are part ovzner in this
student-owned and man
aged store.
Our prices are as low as the
highest and we return ev
ery penny of Profit we don't
want, to you.
1 We haven't the heart to
take too much; 95 profit
is all we ask.
Buy here and try to forget
The Cop-All

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