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Flowerree Pauline F
Flynt Lillian J
Forbis Grace Beruetta
Foster Melton E
Fraher Genevieve J
Franklin Eulah B
Herrod Helen Mary
Herwig Wilhelimlna
Heyburn Pearl
Heydon Clayton O
Hibbard Edith
Hicks Netta
Below la the second Installment of the Summer Session directory con
taining the names Columbia addresses and telephone numbers of students
Additional Installments will be published daily in the Evening MIssourlan
till the list is completed
Doneghy Frances V 600 Rollins 685
Donoaoo Madeleine j s - 1603 Windsor 1273 White
Downing Myrtle 506Turner 1053 Black
Dritt Leila R 1014 University 871 Red
Drum Orpha V 300 Mow 1165
Drummond Jewel 1113 paquin 1294 Red
Duff Anna A 1004 Locust 1196 Green
Duncan Elizabeth L 7 Price
Duncan Finis A 722 Missouri 1010Green
Duncan Mason Nelll 7 Price
Dunham Dottie 402 Conley 1264 White
Dungy Flora Jame 509 Hltt -
Durbin Maggie A 603 Sanford 868
Dumin Mayme M 603 Sanford 868
Duval Hume B 605 South Fifth 448 Green
Eades RJose 103 Waugh
Barle George W Y MC A 223
Ecord Corinne a 506 Turner 1023 Black
Edwards Edmonia 705 Hitt 1129 Black
Elam Elma 206 College 834
Elliott R W Kappa Sigma House 271
Ellsworth Ida 605 South Fifth 448 Green
Ellsworth Willard 605 South Fifth 448 Green
Elwang Abbe Wanda Dumas Apartments 1016 White
Enright Helen- 511 Hitt 10S6
Esrey Mrs Mary E 203 South Sixth 974 Green
Etheridge Edith G Dumas Apartments
Evans Lettie 713 Gentry 551
Everding Berenice 407 Matthews
Everly Mildred 718 Missouri 761 Black
Ezell Nanah 511 Hitt 1066
Farley Belmont 605 South Fifth 448 Green
Feaater Florence D 603 Sanford 868
Fergerson Bertha E 506 South Fifth 763
Feurt Osia Belle 706 Missouri 937 White
Findlay Francis M Acacia House 277
Fraley Anna 1501 Anthony 1341 White
Finley Beatrice E Home Ec Practice House
Fisher Irene School of Journalism 274
Fisher Mary W 213 Thilly 117 Black
Fisher Mary McF Dumas Apartments 985 Green
Flowerree Ruth 1102 Hudson 1129 White
1102 Hudson 1129 White
500 Rollins 37
615 Lee 1194 Green
620 College 110
204 Hitt 610 Green
414 Hitt 1263
Franklin Llilie M 400 South Sixth
Frisaell Kate 1106 Paquin 1297
Fuhrer Percie Alma 212 South Fifth 835 White
Galbralth Marie S 509 South Sixth 702 Green
Gardner Mrs Alexine 1309 Bouchele 1194 White
Cart nan Stella D 601 Hitt 521 Green
Gentry William R Jr 1000 Maryland 805
George Nannie 805 Virginia 86
Gerber Ida L 708 Missouri 937 Green
GfbbsJ Winnie 212 South Fifth 835 White
Gibson Etolla 713 Hitt 988
Gibson Hazel -
Gillam Forrest Kappa Sigma 271
Giiliiand Mary L 707 Hitt 614 White
Gillam Levellen 719 Hitt 1125 Red
Glazier Annie Laura 511 Hitt 1066
Goad Mary Coral 302 College 103 Green
Goble L E Lowry Hall 784 Black
Ctodbey J C Missouri Union 157
Graham Earl B 400 College 1148 Green
Graham Ida E 614 North Eighth 1339 Red
Grant G Garrett 419 Hid
Gray Anna P 300 South Ninth 898 White
Greenlee Gracia 717 Missouri 761 Red
Greenlee Elsie May 717 Missouri 761 Red
Greer Marguerite E 1207 Paquin 1143 White
Gregor Darling K 300 McBaine
Gresham Minnie L 400 Matthews 464 Black
Griffith Esther M 705 South Fifth 1253
Griffith Lome D 705 South Fifth 1253J
Griggs Hattie Home Ec Practice House
Groce D U 1303 Keiser 1147 White
Gross Abraham Lowry Hall 784 Black
Grotewiel John B 632 Providence
Cuinn Ruth E 1113 Paquin 1294 Red
Gwinn Richard L T 722 Missouri 1010 Green
Gwinn Thelma 722 Missouri 1010 Green
Hackley Florence 907 Dowry 521 Black
Hackley Joda 907 Lowry v 521 Black
Hackley Nadine 907 JJowry 521 Black
Hallford Helen P 713 Missouri 665
Hamel John Philip 302 Waugh 1067 Green
Hamilton Iva L 513 South Fifth 448 Black
Hammond Thoma3 B Y M C A 223
Hardinger Clerc
Harper Constance 511 Hitt 1066
Harper Jessie M
Harrell J D 1001 Locust
Harrison Mary Re 602 Conley 1362 White
Harry Bertram 414 Williams 1033 White
Hackew Caleb A Athens Hotel 334
Hatler Catherine 512 Hockaday t 1283 Red
Hawkins Lucy Belle 502 Hockaday 1309 Green
Hawkins Margaret 715 Missouri 761 Green
Hawnran Trfa 509 Hltt 295
Harden Elizabeth 719 Missouri 1351 Green
Hayes Mary G 1312 Rosemary 1160 White
Haynes R C 605 Soutn turn mb ureen
Havnes Ruth H
Hays Molliero3e 1409 Anthony 1273 White
Helbel Acnes 1108 Walnut 1133 White
Helbel Beatrice 9 Melbourne 668
Henry Lucretia 713 Hltt 9
Herrinetton Fern 414 Hitt 1263
713 Gentry 553
11 Allen Place 774 Black
Daniel Boone Tavern 106
Y M C A 223
1101 University 517
706 Missouri 937 White
Hill Anna Lyle 1106 Locust
Hirrlinger Mrs Bettie 300 South Ninth
Hocker Margaret Naan 601 Hitt 521 Green
Hollmann Ella K Mrs 1117 University - 1292 Black
Hollmann Julius W 1117 University 1292 Black
Hollmann Theo A 1117 University 1292 Black
Hollmann Mrs Theo A 1117 University v 1292 Black
Hopkins Vergna W 400 South Fifth 552 Green
Hopkinson Ruth A 1312 Rosemary 1160 White
Horn Belle D 1106 Paquin -1297
Houghton Georgia E 300 South Ninth
Howell Roberta L 1712 Hinkson 863 White
Hudson Lora H 615 Turner 1002 Green
Hughes Anna 713 Hltt 1 988
Hughes Jewell C T13 Hitt V98
Hushes Mary Edna 300South Ninth 898 White
Huler Geneva 6 603 Washington 1243 Red
HunAerd Charles D 1406 Rosemary 1238 Green
Hungate Helen 820 Hillcrest 1007
Hurlbut Mrs Oren 315 Hitt 1113
Hurt Robert E 205 South Sixth - y
Hurt Mrs Robert E 205 South Sixth
Husted George W fyn V
HuUell Mary A 410 South Ninth 688 White
Ingold Byron 206 Thilly 1285 Red
Ingram Annie 509 Hitt -
Inloe3 Edith B 603 Sanford 868
Innea Frances 511 Hitt 1066
Snpersnbmarlne Captures Ship and
Uses It for a Tow Boat
Correspondence of the Associated Fresg
CHRISTIANA Norway May 29
Moving picture operators on German
supersubmarines at sea are late addi
tions to the U boat fleets Films are
made of merchant vessel sinkings and
taken home to be shown to the Ger
man populace to give an idea of the
dangers of the deep
Details of how a German submarine
of the larger type commandeered the
big Norwegian steamer Norefos and
used her as a tow boat for weeks at a
time in the Atlantic were related here
recently by members of her crew
The Norefos was overtaken by the
German submarine off the Canary Is
lands early this year Two German
naval officers and fourteen sailors
were sent board as a prize boat crew
Then the submarine departed on a
pirating expedition the Germans on
the Norefos adjusting the wireless ap
paratus so as to be able to keep in
communication with the undersea
boat On this trip the submarine was
gone eight days and upten her return
to the Norefos the sailors heard that
she had been in search of a British
fleet of merchantmen from the other
side of the Atlantic
The submarine then tied up to the
Norefos and for two weeks -the Nore
fos rtoamed the sea with the submarine
in tow as the U boat was short of fuel
The Norefos soon ran short of fuel
and an effort was made to utilize green
peanuts from the cargo but they soon
developed a gas which caused numer
ous small explosions in the fire boxes
and created such a stream of spearks
through the funnel that the ship near
ly caught fire So no more peanuts
were used and for several days the
Norefos wallowed along with the wind
and tide When other ships were
sighted the Germans unfurled the Nor
wegian flag
After another two weeks cruise the
U boat returned to her mother ship
After helping themselves to a part
of the cargo of rubber the prize crew
returned to the supersuhmarine the
Norwegians were ordered into life
boats and the Norefos was sunk by
three bombs exploded in her hold The
motion picture operator on the U boat
took film records of all the Important
events starting with the seizure and
the developments of the voyage with
each return of the U boat to the ship
The Norwegian sailors were in life
boats several days being picked up
by a French steamer and several
weeks ago they arrived In Christiania
after an ahsence of five months
Tolson Bran Mash Recommended as
Means of Controlling- Pest
Swarms of grasshoppers have been
reported as doing considerable damage
to field truck and garden crops in
Missouri They may continue to do in
jury to crops until late this fall un
less measures are adopted for their
The grasshoppers may be effectively
and cheaply destroyed by sowing poi
son bran mash over the infested
fields This poison mash is made as
follows Mix thoroughly in a tub or
half barrel 25 pounds of wheat brrn
and 1 pound of paris green In a
separate receptacle mix 3 gallons
of water 2 quarts of molasses or
syrup and the juice and finally ground
pulp and skin of oranges or lem
ons Add this mixture to the wheat
bran and paris green and mix
thoroughly A moist coarse crumbly
mixture is desired
It should not be sloppy and it should
be made up fresh for each sowing
The above proportions will sow four
or five acres
For the best results the poison bran
should be sown over the field
before sunrise in strips from 12 to 15
feet wide It is usually advisable to
sow the poison bran along the fence
rows or weed and grass grown ra
vines from which the hoppers emerge
during the eai ly morning hours If
It is sown broadcast there is no danger
of poisoning birds or live stock The
grasshoppers are usually killed In
from six to eight hours after eating
the poison The young Insects are
much easier killed than the old ones
hence the importance of applying the
poison bran now
Irby Conley Captured
Sheriff T Fred Whitesides left to
day for Colorado Springs Colo ft get
Irby Conley who escaped from the
county jail in February He had to
go to Jefferson City first to get a req
uisition frtom the governor which will
be honored by the governor of Colo
liams Dora 1308 Paris 873 Red
Jacks Mary M 400 Williams 1112 White
Jackson T W Y M C A- 223
Jarrell Pearl 814 Conley 742
Jeans Maurine 605 Sanford 584 Green
Johnson Isabell 1010 Walnut 434 White
Johnson Mary Elizabeth 507 South Fifth 1245 Green
Jolly Benjamin H 663 Elm-
Jones Mrs Abner 506 South Fifth - 763
Jones Ermine 201 South Sixth 974 Black
JVnes Ernest 1116 Locust
Jones J R 201 South Sixth 971 Black
Jones Lottie 201 South Sixth 974 Black
Jordan J J 900 Conley 1351 Black
Kane George O - Kappa Sigma House 271
Kavanagh Irene J 500 Rollins 37
Keith Mary E 713 Missouri 665
Keith Paulina R 1209 Walnut 459
Keller Amelia 315 Hitt 1113
Kemmerer Rose 717 Missouri 761 Red
Kemp Lavinia 911 Lowry 765
Kemper Jessie Vivian 1400 Paris 873 Green
Kemper Rena 1400 Paris 873 Green
Kendrlck Virginia Dumas Apartments 985 Red
Kennedy Minnie M 801 Elm 533 RedJ
Kenner Will Howard 1104 Paquin 1372 Green
hfiapmjj teaspoonuL
exved each meal for
rZOdffys each of tin
iOO 000 000 parsons
in iha United States
to supply tli ot annul
Sottas tJftg natoi
iftVr J tJi 1
UK i
I mm
4 5 Hadcn Bldj Phone 498
Up Stairs Otct Gillasples
Drug Store
I specialize on correcting de
fective vision with properly
ground and fitted lenses
Broken lenses duplicated while
you wait Why wait several
days by sending elsewhere
Oculist prescriptions filled
The best shoe repair shop in the city
Army Shoes a Specialty
24S9thSL Phone389Red
Miss Florence Berrie Improving
Miss Florence Berrie -who
was re
ported critically ill yesterday at the
Parker Memorial Hospital Is much
better today
Page Three
Te Practice Speaking of SpuJs
There will be a nteetlnff for practice
in conversational Spanish at 8 Oclock
Tuesday and Thursday evenings on
the campus north of Switzler Hall
i 1
Broadway Odeon
The Little House With the Big Show
The Dawn Maker
Also Good Triangle Komediet
COMING Monday and Tuesday a War Picture
at popular prices plus the war tax
Join he American Fighting
Forces Abroad The U 5
MARINES Are Calling for
All True Americans
This Means YOU
They have everything you want Cavalry
Infantry Artillery both light and heavy
Aviation Machine Gun Sea soldier
Sailor Etc He is everything combined
into one The recruiting office is in the
Virginia Building
you satisfied with looking
over the Missourian when it
is delivered to your landlady
Subscribe for it for yourself You
will want to keep a list of all the
Summer School Students when
published and you will want to make
clippings of some of the University
events Have a paper of your own
The cost is small only forty cents
per month in the city
The Evening Missourian
Downstairs in the Virginia Building

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