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London Daily Mail Hears
Former "All-Highest" Is
Confined In Dutch Cha
teau Near Utrecht.
Hindcnburg Said to Have
Placed Himself at Disposal
of New Government to
Prevent Chaos.
By United Trots.
PARIS, Nov. 12 (2:55 p. m.).
Unconfirmed dispatches from Ger
many received via Amsterdam to
day announce that German soldiers
arrested the former crown prince
as lie attempted to cross the fron
tier and shot him.
By United Tress.
LONDON, Nov. 12. Conflict
ing reports were received today re
garding the present whereabouts of
William Hohenzollern, the former
kaiser, and what 'disposition the
Dutch government would make of
this person. It was generally
agreed, however, that he would be
interned if such action had not al
ready been taken.
A special dispatch to the Daily
Mail declared the former kaiser
had been interned in a chateau be
tween Arnheim and Utrecht. A
Reuter dispatch from Amsterdam
quoted a high authority as saying
he would be interned.
Field Marshal von Hindenburg.
variously reported to have accom
panied the former kaiser into Hol
land and to have remained at mili
tary headquarters, is now said to
have placed himself at the disposal
of the new German government in
order to prevent chaos.
By United Tress.
AMSTERDAM, Nov. 12. The Grand
Duke of Hesse has been arrested, ac
cording to reports received here.
KarlS Abdlcatlon-l'roclalnied.
By United Tress.
LONDON, Xov. 12 (3:55 p. m.).
A Central News dispatch from Vienna
received today by way of Copenhagen,
declared that Emperor Karl's abdi
cation was proclaimed Monday.
She Mas 31 Ns lVIIIIe AVillis Formerly
of Columbia.
Word has been received here of the
death of Mrs. W. A. Ellis Monday
night at San Antonio, Texas. Mrs.
Ellis was formerly Miss Willie Wil
lis. She is the sister of Miss Mary
Willis, John Willis, and Mrs. Louis
Ingold all of Columbia.
Crowds Throng Broadway
Fire Roman Candles and
Shoot Pistols.
Crowds of people thronging Broad
way, a profusion of fireworks and
shooting of guns, impromptu serpen
tine dances and serenades marked
Columbia's victory celebration last
The crowd was thickest between
Eigth and Ninth streets. At the corn
ers showers of Roman candles were
sent up. Giant fire crackers, shot
guns and pistols added to the noise.
People wandered aimlessly up and
down laughing and shouting. The
streets were crowded with automo
biles honking their horns. Several
groups of serenaders rode around
town, one group of singers and an
other consisting of an orchestra. The
S. A. T. C. band-also paraded around
the streets playing.
A company of S. A. T. C. men con
tinued the victory celebration of yes
terday by visiting Christian College.
They arrived at the college about
" o'clock with a band and a supply of
fireworks. After they had serenaded
the college faculty and students, Mrs.
St. Clair-Moss, president of the col
lege. Invited the boys In for an in
formal reception.
Permission was obtained from Ma
jor C. M. Gordon for the boys to
break quarantine regulations and the
S. A. T. C. men remained until 9
o'clock when they had to go to their
barracks for taps.
Armistice Terms
WASHINGTON, Nov 12. Followlnz Is
the text of the nrmUtk-e terms:
Military Clauses on Western Front.
1. Cessation of operations by land and
In the air six hours after the signature of
the armistice.
2. Immediate evacn itlon of Inrr.ued
countries: Hcldlim, France, Alace-I.or-rjilne.
Luxemburg, so ordered ns to ?e
completed within fourteen days from the
signature of the nrmUtlci Cerium
troops nliiili hue not left the above
mentioned territories within the jieriod
fixed will become prisoners of war. Occu
IhHIiin by the allies a ml I'ulti-d States
forces Jointly v. Ill keep pace with et.icu.i
lion In thee areas All movements and
occupation -nlll be regulated In accordance
Willi a note annexed to the stated terms.
3 Itnpitriatlnn. Itesinnlnc at once, and
to be completed within fourteen days, of
all iulnbltants of the countries above men
tioned. Including liot.iges and persons
under trial or convicted.
4 Surrender In good condition by the
fierman armies of the following ojuip
HK'iit: The thousind gunsx (UTilM) heavy.
J,VX) field), 30,000 machine guns. 3,000 mln
nenwerfer. 2.000 airplanes (fighters, bomb
ers flrstlv n 73s and night bombing ma
chines). The above to be dclherol in situ
to the allies and the Fulled States troops
In accordance with the detailed conditions
laid down In the annexed note.
.". Evacuation by the Herman armies
of the countries on the left Itauk of the
These countries on the left bank of the
Ithlne shall lie administered bv the local
authorities under the control of the allied
and Fnited States armies of occupition.
The occupition of these territories will lie
determined by allied and Fnited States
Cirrlsons holding the principal crossings
of the Rhine. Ma veuve. C'oblenr, Cologne,
together with bridgeheads at these points
In tlilrtr-klloineter radius on the right
bank and by garrisons similar holding the
strategic points of tlie regions. A neutral
rono shall be rescnM on the right of the
Ithlne between the stream ami a line
Inn ii parallel to It forty kilometers to
the cast from the frontier of Holland to
the parallel of Cernshelm tiiul as far as
practicable a distance of thirty kilometers
frum the east of stream from this pirallel
upon Swiss frontier Evacuation by the
enemv of the Ithlne lands shall be so or
dered as to !e completed w lthlu a further .
period of eleven days, in all nineteen davs
arter the signature or the armistice. All
movements of evacuation and occupation
will ! regulited according to the note
0. In all territory evacuated by the
enemy there shall lie no cvacu itlon of In
habitants: no damage or harm slnll be
done to the iorsons or property of tb" In
habitants. No destruction of any kind to
! committed. Military establishments of
all kinds shall be delivered Intact ns well
as military stores of food, munitions,
equipment not removed during the periods
fixed for evacuation. Stores of food of all
kinds for the civil population, cattle, ete,
shall be left In situ. Industrlil establish
ment shall not le Impilred In any w-ar
and their personnel shall not le moved
Roads and means of communication of ev
cry kind, railroad waterwavs, main roads,
bridges, telegraphs, telephones, shall lte in
no manner Impaired.
7 All civil anil military personnel at
present employed on them shall remain.
Fle thousand locomotives, 50,000 wagons
and 10,000 motor lorries In good working
order, with all necessary spare parts and
fittings, shall lie delivered to the associat
ed powers within the period fixed, for the
eracuatlom of Relglnm and Luxemburg
The railways of Alsace-Lorraine shall lie
handed over within the sime period, to
gether with all prewar personnel and ma
terial Further material nocesstry for the
working of railwavs In the country on the
left bulk of the Rhine shall lie left in situ
All stores of coal ami material for the up
keep of permanent ways, sign lis and re
pilr shops left entire in situ and kept In
an efficient state by (iermany during the
period of armistice All barges taken
from the allies shall lie restored to them
A note appended regulates the details of
these measures
8. The Herman command shall he re
sponsible for revealing all mines or delay
acting fuses disposed on territory evacu
ated by the Herman troops and shall as
sist in their discovery and destruction
The Herman commwid shall also reveal
all destructive measures that may have
been taken (such as poisoning or pollut
Crowder Declares Void Or
der for Entrainment of 105
Men From Columbia.
The call for the 105 men who were
to have entrained today for San An
tonio, Tex., has been cancelled. H. S.
Jacks, scc-etary of the local draft
board, receiied a tele-gram last night
from Provost Marshal Ci-reral Crowd
er who ordered that -ell outstanding
calls be considered void.
This order Issjed ty Crowder does
not mean that the work cf the selec
tive draft will stop. Aside from the
sending out of nitn r.Uwork will con
tinue as usual, for the present; and
all registrants remain subject to call
as formerly.
The telegram received by Mr. Jacks
also states that those registrants who,
at this time, are defaulters and de
serters are not excused by the order.
It applies only to men who were to
have entrained later than yesterday.
Draft Board to Hold Those Not Yet
By United Tress.
(WASHINGTON, Nov. 12. No more
questionnaires will be sent out by the
draft boards it was explained at the
Provost Marshal General's office to
day. Those which have been sent,
however, it was added, must be filled
out and returned to the draft boards.
Word From Dean Wllkinr:.
Dean Walter Williams, who has
gone to the Orient on a government
mission, arrived in Honolulu. October
26, according to a letter received from
him yesterday. He was due to land
at Yokahama November 9. Dean Wil
liams says the voyage to Honolulu
was in unusually pleasant weather.
J. p. Jamleson, 3T. U. Architect, Here.
James P. Jamieson. of St. Louis. Uni
versity arcnitect, is here today to in
spect the construction of the addition
to the Manual Arts building.
ing of springs, wells, etc.), under penalty
of reprisals.
9. The right of requisition shall lie exyf
trraseu iiy me aiues anil tne united niaies
ii rmli-s In all occupied territory Tlie up-,
keep of the troops of occupition In the
Rhine laud (excluding Alsace-Lorraine)
shall lie charged to the Herman govern
ment. 10 An Immediate repatriation without
reciprocity according to detailed condi
tions which shall be fixed, of all allied anil
Flitted States prisoners of war. The allied
powers and the Fulled States shall lie able
to dispose of these prisoners as they wish.
11. Sick and wounded who cannot lie
returned from ei.ii-u.tted territory will lie
cared for by Herman iersonnel. who will
lie left on the snot with the medical ma
terial required.
II. Disposition Krlatlie to the Eastern
Frontiers of Germany.
12. All Herman troops at present In any
territory which before the war lielonged to
Russia, Rumania or Turkev shall with
draw within the frontiers of Germany ns
they existed on August 1. 1911.
13. Evacuation by Herman troops to
liogln at once and nil Herman Instructors,
prisoners and cUIIlans, as well as military
agents, now on the territory of Russia (as
defined before 1911) to 1m- recalled.
14 Herman troops to cease tit once all
requisitions and seizures nud itnv other
undertaking with a view to obtaining sup
plies Intended for Hcriiiany In Rumania
and Russia (as defined on August 1, 1914).
1." Abandonment of the treaties of
Iln barest and Itrest-I.ltovsk and of the
supplementary treaties
i JO. The allies shall hive free access
to the territories evaluated bv the Her
mans on their eastern frontier, either
through Danzig or by the VUtuli. In order
to convey supplies to the populations of
those territories or for any other pur
pose. HI. Clause Concerning East Africa.
17. Fiicoiidltlonal capitulation of all
Herman forces operating In East Africa
within one month.
IV. General Clause.
IS. Repatriation, without reciprocity
within a maximum period of one mouth.
In accordance with detailed conditions
hereafter to lie fixed of all civilians In
terned or deported who may be citizen of
other allied or nssixlatcd states than
those mentioned In Clause III, I'aragraph
19. with the reservation that any future
claims and demands of the allies and the
Fnited States of America remain unaf -fected.
19 The following financial conditions
are required: Reparation for damage
done. While such armistice lists no pub
lie securities shall be removed by the ene
mv which can sprve as a pledge to the
allies for the recovery or reparation for
war losses. Immediate restitution of the
cash deposit. In the National Hank of Eel
glum, and In general Immediate return of
all documents, stiecle, stock, shares, pa
pers, puier money tjgether with plint
for the Issue thereof, touching public or
private Interest In the Invaded countries.
Restitution of the Russian and Rumanian
gold yielded to Hermanv or taken by that
power, this go!,) to be delivered in trust to
the allies until the signature of pence.
V. Naial Conditions.
20 Imimillite cessation of all hostili
ties at sea and definite Information to lie
given as to the location and movements of
all Herman ships. Notification to lie giv
en to neutrals that freedom of navigation
In all territorial waters Is given to the
n ivnl and mercantile marines of all allied
and assoiljted powers, nil questions of
neutrality being waived.
21 All naval and mercantile marine
prisoners of war of the allied and asso
ciated powers In Herman hands to Iki re
turned without reciprocity.
22 Surrender to the allies and the Fnit
ed States of America of 100 Herm in sub
til irines iluiluding all submarine cruisers
and mine-laying submarines) with their
complete armament aud equipment In
ports which will lie specified by the allies
and the Fnited States of America All
other submarines to lie paid off and com
pletely disarmed and placed under the
superilslon of the allied powers nnd the
Fnited States of America.
23. The following Herman surface war
ships which shall lie designated by the
allies and the Fnited States of America
shall forthwith he disarmed and there
Fur Columbia and lclnlty:. Fair to
night, Wednrsilay anil Thursday with
moderate temperatures.
For Missouri: Fair tonight. Wednesday
ami Thursday with moderate tempera
tures. Weather Conditions.
No precipitation whatsoever his fallen
anywhere In the Fnited States during the
pist 24- hours. There Is a fine type of
weather prevailing In Columbia. Mo. The
same kind of weather extends from sev
eral hundred miles In the Pacific Ocean
dear across the Fnited States to several
hundred miles In Ihe Atlantic Ocean, and
from southern Canada to and Including
northern Mexico.
Along the northern border temperatures
are lietween 20 and 30, along the middle
latitudes lietnccn 10 and 30, and along
the southern seaboard they are lietween
30 and Co.
In Columbia f lir weather with moderate
temperatures will continue during the next
two or three days.
Local Data.
The highest! temperature In Columbia
yesterday was CI; and the lowest last
night w-as 39 Rainfall 0 00. Relative hu
mldity noon yesterday was GO per cent.
A year ago yesterday the highest temper
ature was 5S and the lowest was 43. Rain
tall out.
Navy Department Sends to
Congress Request for 600
Million for Ships.
By United Tress.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 12. Indicat
ing determination to go ahead with
the great naval program outlined re
cently by Secretary Daniels, the Navy
Department today sent to Congress a
request for $600,000,000 to be utilized
in building ten battleships, six battle
cruisers, and one-hundred and forty
smaller essels. The types of vessels
are to be determined later.
Will Make Final Tax Collections.
M. G. Proctor, deputy county treas
urer, left yesterday for the final
week of township tax collections. To
day and tomorrow he will collect at
Hallsville and three days following
that at Centralia. After Friday all
collecting will be done at the office
in the courthouse.
in Full
after Interned In neutral potts, or for the
want of them, in allied ports, to be des
ignated by the allies and the United States
oi America anil placed under tne sunreli
lance of the allies and the J'nlted States of
America, only caretakers lielng left on
board, namely: Six battle cruisers, ten
battleships, eight light cruisers. Including
two mine layers, fifty destroyers of the
most modem true. All other surface war
ships (Including river craft) lire to lie
concentrated In Herman naval bases to lie
designated bv the allies and the Fnited
States of America, and are to lie paid off
and completely disarmed and placed under
Ilie supervision or tne allies nun tlie 1 nlte.l
Mites of America. All vessels of the aux
HHry fleet (trawlers, motor vessels, etc)
are to tie disarmed.
21. The allies and the Fnited States of
America shall have the right to sweep up
all mine fields and obstructions laid by
iermany outside Herman territorial w.i
ters, and the positions of these are to lie
2.1. Freedom of access to and from the
Raltlc to lie given to the naval and mer
cantile marines of the allied and associat
ed powers. To secure this, the allies and
the Fnited States of America shall lie em
powered to occupy all Herman forts, for
tifications, batteries and defense works of
all kinds In all the entrances from the
Fategat Into the Italtlc. and to sweep up
all mines anil obstructions wiinin ami
without Herman territorial waters with
out any question of neutrality being raised.
and the positions or all sucii mines and
.instructions are to be indicated.
'XI. The existing blockade conditions
set up by the allies nnd associated tiowe-s
are to remilu unchanged and all Hermr.n
merchant ships found at sen are to remain
liable to capture.
27. All naval aircraft are to lie con
centrated and Immobilized In Herman lias.
es to be specified by the allies aud the
Fnited States or America.
2S. In evacuitlng the Relgian coasts
and ports, lierminy shall nlimdon all
merchant ships, tugs, lighters, cranes and
all other hirbor niiterlils. all materiils
for Inland navlgitlnn, all aircraft and all
materials nnd stores, nil arms and arma
mentrt, and all stores and apparatus of all
29. All Rlack Sea ports are to lie evac
uated by Germany: all Russian war ves
sels of all descriptions seized lir fiermany
In the Itlack Sea are to lie handed over to
the allies and the Fnited States of Amer
ica: all neutral merchant vessels seized
are to be released; all war-like and other
materials of all kinds seized In those ports
are to lie returned and Herman materials
as specified In clause 2S are to lie aban
doned. 30. All merchant vessels In German
hands belonging to the allied and asso
ciated powers are to lie restored In ports
to lie specified by the allies and the Fnit
ed States of America without reciprocity.
3L No destruction of ships or of ma
terials to be permitted before evacuation,
surrender or restoration.
32. The Herman government will notify
the neutral governments of the world, and
particularly the governments of Norway,
Sweden, Denmark and Holland, that all
restrictions placed on the trading of their
vessels with the allied and associated
countries, whether by the Herman govern
ment or by private Gernrin Interests and
whether In return for specific concessions
such as export of shipbuilding materials,
or not, are Immediately canceled.
33. No transfers of German merchant
shipping of any description to any neu
tral flag are to take place after signature
of the armistice.
Here the president Interrupted his read
ing to remark that there evidently had
Iic-en an error In transmission, as the
arithmetic was very bad. The further
perbil" of eleven davs is in addition to
the lonrteen clays allowed lor evacuaiion
of invaded countries, making twenty five
d lys given the Germans to get entirely
clear of the Rhine lands.
VI. Duration of Armistice.
31. The duration of the armistice Is to
be thirty iliys, with option to extend.
During this period, on failure of execu
tion of any of the above clauses, the ar
mistice may lie denounced by one of the
contracting parties on rortr-eignt nours
previous notice.
VII. Time Limit for Reply.
3.1. This armistice to he accepted or re
fused by Germany within seventy-two
hours or notification.
No Changes for the Present,
Says Telegram From
Ry United Tress.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 12. Plans for
disbanding the Students Army Train
ing Corps probably will be han
dled in conjunction with general
demobilization plans. It was stated
at the War Department today that no
changes would be made for the pres-
S. A. T. C. units will not be de
mobilized at once but will continue
under a plan already worked out by
the War department's committee on
education, it was indicated in a tele
gram received today by the University
from Washington.
The telegram follows: "S. A. T. C.
units will continue military and aca
demic work without Interruption re
gardless of armistice. Plans have
been prepared for the future of the
S. A. T. C under conditions brought
about by the armistice, which will be
sent to the college authorities as soon
as authorized."
No other information has been re
ceived here In regard to the future
of the S. A. T. C. Major Charles M.
Gordon said this afternoon.
Civilian application for the infan
try officer's training camp at Fremont.
Cal., will no longer be received, ac
cording to an order received at the
S. A. T. C. headquarters today. Those
civilian applications already in will
be returned.
Whether the camp, which was to
open December 1, Is closed to members
of the S. A. T. C. as well is prob
lematical. The 60 men chosen here last week
for the artillery school at Camp Zach
ary Taylor will leave Columbia in
time to arrive at the camp Thursday,
according to an order received late
this afternoon by Major Gordon.
Baby Democracies Which Are Rising From the
Wreck of the Hohenzollern-Hapsburg Feud
alism Will Require Time in Which to Be
Stabilized and Confederated.
President's Political Offensive Is Characterized As
Comparable to Military Successes of Marshal
Foch Armistice May Be Modified to Put
German Ships at Work.
(United Tress Staff Correspondent)
PARIS. Nov. 12. An early peace conference is not expected, a
it will take time for the Allies to Mtabilize and confederate the baby
democracies rising from the wreck of the HohenzolIern-lIapburg
Although none of the Allied conferees can be quoted, privately they
laud President Wilson's political offensive, characterizing it as compara
ble to Foch's military succc;cs.
The impre;sion is widespread that Wilson will play a most inijior
tant role in the democratization of the European nations whose aspira
tions he has godfathered.
(United Tress Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 12. America and the Allied nations now
face the-great problem of rebellion in Germany and the spread of Bol
shevism throughout Europe.
President Wilson, in his address to Congress announcing the armis
tice terms, made a direct appeal to the German people to strive quickly,
to gain self-control of their present situation. Countering this Doctor
Solf, the German foreign secretary, has sent the President an appeal to
soften the conditions imposed upon Germany by her enemies to assist
the new German government in preventing rebellion.
One modification in the armistice terms is believed likely in the
matter of freeing German ships now idle in their harbors.
The armistice terms would make these subject to seizure, but Presi
dent Wilson lias suggested "presently" they should be made available
for carrying needed food supplies to the Central Empires.
Dy United Tress.
LONDON, Nov. 12. A complete revolution throughout all of
Germany has practically been achieved with but little bloodshed, it was.
indicated today by rapidly increasing evidence.
The workmen's and soldier.' committees are in control of nearly
ever- important city.
The latest reported abdications arc the grand dukes of Mecklen
burg and Saxe-Weimar. Of twenty thrones, ten have been abandoned.
The remaining ten states are practically in the process of forming new
Ilr United Tress.
BERLIN (via London), Nov. 12. The German government has
requested the United States to arrange for the opening of peace nego
tiations. The government is anxious to begin negotiations immediately
because of a threatened famine.
By United Tress.
LONDON Nov. 12. The German
wireless has recommended that Ger
man merchantships run for the near
est ports.
By the terms of the armistice the
Allied blockade is still in effect and
all German merchant vessels at sea
will be seized. The wireless probably
refers chiefly to the Baltic and Black
seas, which the Allies had not been
able to penetrate before hostilities
I)r. I'. T. Christian Had Practiced Med-
lelne There for Sixty Years.
Dr. P. T. Christian, the last of the
pioneer settlers of Ashland and the
oldest nracticinK physician in Boone
County died at 2:30 o'clock yesterday
afternoon at his home In Ashland. He
had practiced medicine in Ashland
for the last sixty years.
Dr. Christian came to Ashland from
Madison County, Kentucky, In 1S54,
bringing with him one of the finest
string of race horses ever In this
county. Two years later he married
Julia Hubbard, the daughter of the
late George Hubbard of this county.
Dr. Christian Is survived by four
daughters: Mrs. John B. Kenney.
Ashland; Mrs. E. G. Hill, Houston,
Tex.; Mrs. H. W. Powers, St. Louis;
Mrs. G. L. Ellff. Colorado, and one
son. Tote Christian, Laddonla, N. Y.
The funeral services will be at 2:30
o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the
Salem cemetery.
President A. Ross Hill Notified Father-
In-Law Died at Halifax.
President A. Ross Hill received word
Sunday of the sudden death of his
father-in-law, Robert Baxter, at his
home In Halifax. Nova Scotia. The
cause of his death was not stated in
the telegram.
Mr. Baxter and his wife spent last
winter with President Hill and his
family In Columbia.
"Famine Is Mother of An
archy," Says Hoover as
He Starts for Europe. ,
By United Tress.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 12. Warning
against famine and anarchy In Eu
rope. Food Administrator Hoover to
day declared the American people
must conserve food along new lines
that Europe may be fed.
"Famine," he said, "Is the mother
of anarchy. If we value our own safe
ty and social organization itself, we
cannot sit Idly by and see the growth
of this cancer In the world's vitals."
He declared that there are condi
tions of famine in Europe that will -be
beyond our power to remedy.
"There are forty milion persons In
Northern Russia to whom I fear lit
tle access with food can be obtained
this winter," he said.
Hoover's discussion of the food sit-
uation in Europe was made on the
eve of his departure for Europe to
take up the work of food distribu
tion to the liberated peoples. Hit
appeal was for the necessity of con
tinued food conservation In the Unit
ed States.
Gathers at Station to Hid C'oodbr to
When Major C W. Greene arrived
at the station Sunday afternoon pre
paratory to leaving for Hazelhurst
Field. Long Island. N. Y., the entire
medical unit of the S. A. T. C. was
gathered at the train to say goddby
to him. Benjamin Putter, in behalf
of the Medical school made a short
Informal talk expressing to him their
appreciation of his work here and
their regret at his leaving. v
Major Greene went to take charge
of the physiology subdivision ofthe
Air Division of the Medical Research
Laboratory at MInneola, Long Island.
' ,

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