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Says Former Service Men Must
Help Train Incoming
i Z Foreigners.
Celebration Saturday by Form
er Soldiers Brought War
Day Thoughts.
Memories of Iwo years ago vwere re
T called to the minds of those who fought
on French fronu u serious Ueel young
men with the Iiisignia of their divisions
on the sleeves of their uniforms and
helmets or overseas ps ion their heads,
marched down Broadway it 1:30 o'clock
Saturday afternoon. And thoughts of war
days continued to come to those at the
reunion picnic of the members of the
America, legion ,oj Veterans of For
eign Wars, held In Stewart's pasture.
- .mey heard Congressman W, L
n vl tors distract and CoL Ruby D.
jiTeii forawrly of the 42nl Rainbow
Division praise the record of the soldiers
rr?-,1,ey itan" " battle
. which the Americana captured a Cer
man machine gun position.
R. L. Hill, chairman, introduced the
speakers and gave short outline of the
fifleenth amendment, relating to the
aaopiion 01 a new constitution, which be
urged people to support.
urea -aJMSBBanmition ststcx.
Congressman Nelson urged in his talk.
that a better system of training and
Americanizing foreigners who hare just
come to our country be introduced. He
! task ahead of the former iwvice
For GJombu and Vicinity: Unsettled
veaiber tonight and Tuesday with oe
casional thundersbowee; continued mild
For Missouri: l)nnll ,fk
night and Tuesday, probably thunder
showcn;tontinued mild temperature.
'An atmospheric disturbance f ,n.:.J.
enoie development is passing eastward
. t McAllister. Sai Tker Caaaet Act
Party Committee, -v-i,.
Women hare bo legal-right to 'act
members of the county, district &Zt state
Bernard Von Hoffman Has En- pr,r committees under a legal 'rating
tered His Balloon in Na- I !"Td Mtmw!' C? Uct"
, n 1 1 V. 'Saturday in a controversy from Varaon
tlonal Balloon Race. 'County otct filling a vacancy on' the
TtllRn TT AC T SOT vmn,, . . Z. .. T57-
iiiuiu iijh,d xViOa itviii lor county clerk, i ne women more tan-
across Western Canada, and the pressure I p. t-i ; tended that they had an equal soke jdth
reiaiively low over roost of the United I r,rM '"ree Winners Will Be,""
CoL Frederic H. Parkhurst is the Re
publican candidate for gpserasn He is
opposed by Bertrand G. Mclntyre, Demo-
craL rarkhurst defeated Oor. lari r-
Stales. As a result the weather is un
settled generally but rains of the past 24
hoars were confined to Missouri and the
western part ol Illinois.
Temperatures in the principal com
stale are seasonable and moderate con
ditions prevail elsewhere.
Rains bare been general n Missouri
and all roads are muddr. l.m m ;m..
sable places have been reported.
Occasional showers will be likely dur
ing the next 36 hours.
local Data: The M.h, .. .
. , - - -. iltUUlc
io-uiumou yesterday was at decrees;
and: the lowest last night was 66 decrees.'
Precipitation 0.47. A inr n ..
day the highest temperature was, 75 de
grees and the lowest was 52 degrees.
Precipitation 0.00.
Entered in International
men who were members of ibe county
committee in the matter of filling ate
vacancy. 4,
The attorney general holds that under
Bernard Von Hoffman, a senior in the' fT? ?- ?VjZ
School of Business and Public Adminis-'f" PI'tical committees must beheaen
ration, will leave neat week f, n iL7 l,,e l'"''" "' t ibe time o(.V
Ingham. Ala to enter his balloon in .be ".a": ?"""'. '"". At the (tee
national balloon jace to start September f ""'n ,he prlmarr ?fl1Mm w"
25. In the national race held in Si ("omen wrre no S1 ' PK
Louis last October. Von Hoffn i.l "?w expressly requires that members of
Falls Ontario. Canada .fir, ei.l,., 'e elected. . tv-. ". . proceed into Not
hours in the air. I While ibe opinion does not refer to
riueen entries have been mi.U in it . members of the slate committee. fot?it
national race to start from Birmingham i " not n ',ue on '" Vernon CoitSty
!.:... -PI r r .t r : . . f. ; l.t.;li- . t.j
n Maine's
Workmen Take Over Industrie 'augustx m, n. ..
. .rf Milan and Turin Hold i1,"UM"', of itT-ihree thousand
1- m - i " oi ine state are hi;J , k.
noon trains. Ii.lin. - .r .. ... " "icraL i-aruunt deleaied ww. ' -
r "", laking part in the hirnniil .!:..- rl.. ,. ... . .... !,.:...
Ithis ,., J,:,l. :. irrr ; r . . " e.pnmanes.
. . -.. uciuc neia lonar. ! k i.ii:l.. .a , sen.
d harvesting conditionvb The congressional races in I
nave kept the farmers 'four districts are as follows:
ritil af, . I - . an r tl W D I
inn ,-J in v , .. . I .i . . ' ro ""c " " rirsi ttepuwican, urrou a. neewi,
an and All European Rule, ?rUt,.to . he,,T itt 'P"" f !. The ' Portland; Democrat; Frank H. Haskell,
-..,..-.. immjuaners Has announced 'l'ortlahd.
t that they wul carrv th .,-. k - r c i d t.i: tvr.ti.. si .Vnti
. u.,.- ii...j ' "-" "' - - "r.uu.K.fcj--.- ;r."
Vnw; r - -i w-"j "wu voies. I Lewiston: Democrat. Wallace . fnce.
? j!""1"e "" cf MlIn- r 'h r,. " 'Richmond.
Alessandria amT manv ml... i i...- '.. TZT.JlT-. . i ti.;i d !. i.Ci a r..
S8."" -4 by VheW e,", . "'taV'TJSAaSS, 10
"oustoai workers. Twenlyix milU are hallni f, w P01" lMllr lo land.
rennriMt , i l .. '.u Ve I Da"l 'or governor, stale w.w.ji"? . ..
rr7 w " "vTn.iasen over hv ik.iM- i. . "" "
fW:.n Turin. Troop train, T'ha.; ZZT"' I 'TPT' "d
PLAN WORLD CONOIIFST Sla v'e.v',',itl,Jil bdns hrld feda'r- beaten by Milliken two years
I j nL" mftsjUhSTjCood I weather and Investing conditit The congrtssSnal races i
lo Attermvt In Ovrl... I. l 'r .i . . . Kfpt Ule "nners'four districts
h.lT. Vaii' rthn,W Ial-1 fron. (he election, but the vole is re- First-Rep.
uu hi curopcan t
Saye London Post.
awaded Ihe respect of all the younger
eneratkn present, as judged by the con
versation of a little boy and srirl. One
said, pointing at him. "He's a sergeant."
"Naw, said the, other, jle'a a gen-
If the remark made by a rookie, as Mr.
Garrett told it. is true, ihai Ur,...i
had lo know more and do more too, than-
a colonel, then Colonel Parker carried
away all honors.
Colonel Carrelt eiDressed his vmn
Ihy for the candidates for oKce on the
men was to Americanize the American I Kore ,n' U political subjects were
this year. The winners of the firfi three
places in this race will be entered in the
International Balloon race to be held in
Birmingham on October 23. En eland
France. Belgium and Italy will be enter
ed in the Uctober event.
i .l ...,
liTii u V l 7, m ,he nonh "re lrace- fct il for Ibe present caat-
should blow the balloons over ihe r.U.L .. -
f M-:. .. :. irj .!.:: .T, IM,e"-
... ....,-ti.v, ., , picidi.irq lost inis race i
controversy it is ujidoubteqly
enough to 'take in such organ iaalionsiv
As tht matter stands women an not sli-
gible to seats with the raeii on aary,
political commitlee recognraed hy tss?
ipnmary act. They will be eligible tss
r ,..,, nave ' lltical r. it... l.
- -" i,a
none 1 louihl .r
ny witnessed hree
t..rlL D,.LIrHa Tval IT ffanntaSv.
lo Mltle a io- ii-i r. i r r- n.w-
... nwiuiun; uzuKKm, i-ron is ,
"-. tm9 imiCTlT
in recent xi,e pnmt tUte ladilor. Roy I- Ward-
The contest i. M,i. i... i . TeU ''Augusta. Republican. M runninr
:., . .i. 7 -""".ioi reflection against lormer represeuM-
live James J. Neilson. Biddefordy
withiinusual interest throughout the rest
J- h '"7'. iu ". it is pre-1
t. aiTPATioi is cun
awtta ov
10NDQN, Swr-lMle Londn. r. ' J. win KlSn T TJfS. Tl vote of tbewly enfrancInVd wo-1
RBoBDnvt i!.. ,.. :.r s . , lion.l ,,. . , " "'. ". men will be watched with perhaps greal-
iL -: ,'.'. '. . '-""on nasi --,--i--. neavy oratorical bar- m!.i. PJ,. .Wn b,rr.
Belgian Government App
oi rranco-rielgian
League of Nations Law
Public Must Be Notifieal
of Items.
will develop a national interest." The i
capacities of the various
ihe same which leaves the
flights to the individual pilots.
This, no dotting w.0 -he" a severe Jolt
.l- . ,. a.i e -L
. ,1, ' i lo ihe women Jiba ard raeaibers of .(he
i balloons must be , . ... ' t i.l if - Jf
the sucec of the .Z"'"'. U.L-'TS:
a! Dilnis. Thm " ..., -vw. -p - - j
daj, supply of food Is bang carried b, KUW f" '" "' ""P"" "HT
Ihe pilots for this race. supposed to have equal power wwi .
At the present time. Von Hoffman has mtn wb '"""P"" ,be tUIe .-.
nation as a whole- Regarding the way
the war was conducted. Mr. Nelson prals
ed those who took active part in it and
the chief executive at the head as weB.
Dean F. B. Mumford of the College
. s.reuiiure spue oa -Soldiers as
Students . The. theme of bis talk' was
concerning, the problems of peace and
the service in solving these problems that
the former service men eould render. He
returned soldiers bad entered Into studies
which were in most instances strange and
oiiucnit tor them. Dean Mumlord noted
that out of 130 vocational student in
the Unitersily of Missouri, 101 are
enrolled in the College of Asrirulrure.
The second speaker on the program
was Hiram W. Lloyd of St. Louis, can
didale for Lieutenant Governor on the
Jtepublicaa ticket. Mr. Uoyd conjpli-
menlerthe- Legion vesabtw forfthe at-
- titude which they had taken toward the
problems of reconstruction and made the
fact dear that the problems at the future
rest in the hands of the men who won
the war. The policy el the "national
government in regard to the education of
tin disabled soldier has brought home to
the people of the slate that the Universi
ty of Missouri is not a local institution.
but one of statewide importance. Mr.
Lloyd particularly complimented Dean F.
B. Mumford and the College of Agricul
ture for the services; which were being
rendered in 'trsinnig the disabled sol.
diers, as a large per cent of the Federal
Board men are enrolled in the College
of Agriculture.
ixoto tau or nan utroms
The need of certain reforms for the
slate of Missouri were urged by Mr.
Lloyd, such as: Good roads and the $60,-
uuu.iaw Bond issue lor that purpose; a
new state constitution;, better general
educational restitutions and the Mention
of the teachers within the state.
An appeal waa made by Mr. Lloyd to
the Legion members to plact patriotism
before partisanship and for all time
be one hundred per cent American. '-
"Ceneraliiies for the Service Man" was
the subject of the address of Sidney
Roach, Republican, candidate for con
gressman from this district. Mr. Roach
explained the principle .for which the
American Legion aland and why il is
and will continue to be an important fac
tor la future politic. The principles of
the American Legion enumerated by
Mr. Roach were a follows: The pres
ervation of the Constitution; the uphold
ing of law and order; perpetuation of
one hundred per cent Americanism; the
safeguarding of ihe principle of free
dom, justice and democracy, and the
ranctincation of our land of freedom.
Mr. Roach warned against partisan
ship and the evils thereof, and urged the
retention of the sound principles now em
ployed by'' the American Legion.
Colonel Ruby D. Garrett formerly of
he 4Jnd. iiainbow Division, was one
of the popular speaker who spoke to
the member of the Legion. Mr. Gar.
rett's message to the 'Legion members
was to "carry on" In the future as glori
ously as they die) in France. The abilitv
of Mr. Garrett as a story teller was testi
fied to by the smiles of ma hearers.
Remlniscense of the trenches and bis
knowledge of war time conations were
the feature of fas address.
"Do you remember when we marched
out of Beaumont?" asked Col Ruby D.
Garrett, and a number of, men In khaki
who crowded around him after
evidently did. Colonel Garrett spoke
much of the redoubtable , Irishman and
hi narrow
if he should ever have hair, be hoped
it would oe reo. i
There was ait euually brie group of I
interested listener and talkers around
CoL John Henrr Parker, dw man whom
General Enoch Crowder said 'is so
braic lie' fonUslT. Cntoatl Parker cora-
berred from their talks.
"However." he said, "They asked pret
ty near thin ice at times."
The capture' of machine gun position
from Ibe Germans followed the speaking.
la this sham battle the Americans held
a position on the top of a slight elevation.
fust on the other side of a ravine."in a
thin scattering of trees, at the foot of
the mil, the supposed Germans
complimented the spirit with which thefulnI with two machine guns. With
ibe guns pop-nopninc around ihem and
the star shells shooting high in the, air.
the Americans, lying flat on the ground.
crept toward the objective befotv them.
keeptug well to the outskirts of the
woods. Then, with a final rush thev
captured "the position, the Germans yell
ed "kamerad" and surrendered their
In the evening automobiles' were nour.
ing "Ihlo the" gronnAj between 6 'and 7
o clock and the prospects of a good a!
tendance at the night e-ssion of the
reunion were promising in spite of the
threatening weather.
Lightning and thunder and a few drops
ol rain that ten now and then could not
drive the visitors away. They appeared
determined to stick it out. The Columbia
band strove to drive the storm away with
martial music. Colonel John Henrr
"(Machine Gun)" Parker arrived at the
park' at 7-30 o'clock He was introduced
by R. L Hill and spoke until the rain
ended the reunion at 8 o'clock.
nnf kernr.1 an n.!.!,.! fn ,! il 1 ICC8.
race. Efforts are being made to find I
some student of the University win has
had experience in air. crafts.
X. Ts Tralntn; School h 3,
opens soon. q
The Mi;souri School of Social te
ar, conducted by the University of
souri at St. Louis, will open, Its fall
Reds Claim Great Victory in the 'September 10. The object of the;
i ij 't:v .'.-."". a... t:::-,. ."."j
ti:.i.lZZ-Z: 7TT -T .-r r"" ' ,C .. . . "u T- '."" one ' contend the new votes will have no an-
aaaib anasasBimrsasT in - a sisowaniu sist sHaur in ina -"- -.
fm to m-T.t,raw .k I...:... sLU T Und II,nM;,.M V"""1 uT0Cto ! tfffct m the ouicoma
-- . -. --r --m r,uvnn- . -r --- -ciiuinz naiinnat)
rnfrrn. ucvuDllCJin aaifi -.? . .
T and Tfc -.1. iT "in known ."-lm:.j J"" -"r- Ihe suffrage question was submitted to
ITT - " ""Mimwn IIIC uiurr IliT. . vrv-simurial inin sntwrfi -.a a .
etmwniCof Europe in lum. ' Mule Maine is coeded , be . R, T re,CTf"du,m rT' ,Be1.,tt'e ltf,T
I nuM-r.n .... r" . Ke- I'twe ratified the Nineteenth Amend-
i .n ,hi. ;;. ssrjrr.?7 -""- " - "-
Biprw. eH of Better m .nTXV mrj!'r,rtl '.-' result, if adverse, would not, it
uVltfMn SptrM. . If" - '', ,fnc,B ?!9 ' i L affect the validity of national s
O'ear's Day of the orthodox I hZ, L ZSEJ??. 5S? ,'l,n,lin '" ,he P"1" "'
' JBetkft.!
Jewihegan yesterdav al sunset and will
last antrt" sunset this afternoon, Jewish'
SI 1 Tomer avenue; last evening and con- -' '-1UJL
datteorcligssiis semceK
Hughes carried the state in 1916.
era asked a test vote at the polls. The
in a similar situation in Ohio.
Crimea and Control of
Bug River.
B Lmttd Frtu.
LONDON, Sept. 13--sA BoUhevist offi.
cial bulletin received here todav. state.
that General Wrangel and his armv in the
Crimea have been practical! wiped out J
again, ihe role are remrted in lv
on Ihe retreat and the River Buis U
to be in complete possession of the Bol-
to fill 'the .need for trained
workers. Dr. Ccerae'eV Mangold,
lor of the schookhas ban calls Jot w
era from' all 'parts of'dte eouarrvL wbiab
b; has been unable to ffi btcauseugit
of the sehool"grduata '.ate jyready
placed. Doctor .Mangold; Mrs tM,fe
sitions are always waitiai foraaaaTor
women who are trained to7 become besids
of s philanthropic or relief
and welfare,
sanitation and reCTnliar
College graduates are preferred as
Calls for FabUe Support to Force
2ivr School- Lans.
Sam A. Baker, state superinlenden't of
schools, sends out a plea to the public for
support in urging upon Ibe Legislature
certain improvements in Missouri's
'schools '
He mentions the following things as
needing attention: "
1. Larger school units and a county
unit cf taxation.
2. Support of the proposed constitu
tional amendment providing that common
school dlsrticts may vote a levy of 100
cents on the JI00. i
3. A law providing for a physical di
rector for the rural schools of each coun
ty in the state.
4. A gradual eliminaion of the third-
grade county certificate and also requir
ing at least some high school training of
every- teacher.
5. A rBinimum wage law. -
HEDCKOSa'aaiynSa iEXGLAMiirlKWU. b" My-a-wh We
, T , . rtocui.worsxn JKsacrw-sujinrfV
asui.ricai acenes lo Be Eihlblled in ward it will be accepted. Applicants
. ., ' Amerlf a. mini be 21 years old, and mast xive
Br U.l.,4 mn. I r, ,, ,n .jjiir,. ,h,rlr. health.
LONDON, Aug. 30. (by mail!. The and sincerity of purpose. . l"-sT
XoTtaeat lo Provide' Vocational
Tralnlna; for DIsabM Workmea.
Nine stales have, already appropriated
'funds to give vocational training lo dis-
Fabted workmen under the same arrange
ment as disabled soldiers are now receiv
ing training. For such aid the federal
government gives an amount equal to that
Ajnwihnd ror maintaining ihe Jewish rteen Qub Will Divide Coun
spifltrf nationality amnnr tboorthodoi t ri C-i t
fi ews of.tbe University and the town, was ' J jl.
waicu it uioineeiing. vjirrent topics """ .-.
sjj taken up concerning the rebudd. i -, . " -
ing of Jodah and an Palestine, and the - ? "Ration or the Fifteen Oub,
bape-of every Jew of at some tune beiur 7 r Boone County voters workinr
J able ur return to his honw land. I T ,Bt,r fte constitution, will be com-
e&mteaafeer 22 will be devoted to the E."5p """ too neit ten days, R. L.r Missouri has not appropriated the
ram Kippur. or Day of Atlooemtnt. at "" C0U"T chairman of the New Const. ' money to begin such training, although
whseh mr a8 Jews feu ' I ln,J?B Asoei.iio, d today. there is a movement to provide it.
ne win &r a rh... " i ' . a
township In the county, and a further
wMiviaon in each rural school district.
The three members of the school board,
together with the teacher of it,. Li
"will compose the executive committee for
JS.5"- ---
JZ&ve " , 1
tntaa-WttBe Cbasca Toalfht
Vflr st Bswkea Tomorrow.
Vi in . ri nf Vm. fAlnmhta (Tnnnlrv
dub Trill'sseet tonight at 7:30 o'clock . eltn Khool district.
hv, the Commercial Qub rooms to decide
between two sets of plans which have
bee iiitaalllrd.for the .clubhouse. .
-Il is kwril ihsl ihr around lot ibe
bnSdng wisTbe-broken tomorrow. "Work-
mea nave neen eogagea, nu u ui&
weather permits, work will begin imme
diately. ;
omencan ned Uoss has rmh..lt i i i
the motion picture travlogue business in MAKES DOCTORS DRt, gPQ
England. Camera men are cranking' " . -4 ,'
away in picturesque old villages, in ' Jl'ew BB,f 0B EBforeemest of
Shakespeare's Warwickshire ,A i. ,l-! Eishtreatk AmeaalaMV
haonl, of Robert Burn, in Scotland. Holding that a physieili is n, better j- facm at Growers' Meeting
Alon frun that vf L .1 .1.1 t -j a I -- -l- f
. .. .., usaiij v. ,,,,; aicas inai i iiian anyone cic wo jx tuc biutiwita
Iwramc familiar to American soldiea .ur.i Amendment is concerneri phyafcUw
n tl-H satrap a- I .. t 1 - l'' ,
.-r .-. . iiC t uc picionzra, inciuii-.mar not prescnoe nqwor ior locar wn
Promioent tDeakm will mv .
. -. --- av m tout
of the county in behalf of the new const!
tntion. HiU said. The schedule for the
"We have, had an attendance of 13S"!
former soldiers receiving aid in training
here," said Prof. The Sexauer. "But
this number will gradually decrease un
less aid is given injured workmen as in
Ihe nine other states."
Twa "Jnbaaj" Veterans at Texas Re.
mj M rum. -
HOUSTON. Tex. sept, 13-The old
est and youngest veterans of ihe Coaled
ing Ibe island of Way off the coast of use, even if they are siclKwringV
Scotland. wh. .. a-.:.-' . i, '. . ' .' ... -f ?-"-'
. . . maciima ironnnip instructions seat out isst weex,io pro-
ril!Uter ommj .. .1 n, ..... . ." -
... ..,, UUJ,uK uw war. ine
American Red Cross recently erected on
slay a monument to the 500 Yanks who
lol their lives in torpedoed transports.
The Red Cross Tamera sonad ; nnM
the direction of Mai. C B. Mom. h.,.1
of the American Red. Cress Bureau of
Pictures in Paris. Major Morris declares
that the idea back of this1 exploit is lo
produce a series of representative film,
"whose exhibition in American schooli
hibition directors throughout the coun
try by Paul F. Myers, .Acting 'Commit
nioner of the Internal Revenue, r ,,
Pharmacists are instructed not to nil
any such prescriptions presented to tbemS
and are, further instructed to refuse to
any prescriptions for liquor if tbey have
reason to believe that physicians are
prescribing for other than medicinal
purposes, or where ihe palient'irobtain-
Tbe name. Fifteen rinh . .1
r? ' tvt-iTT; j r ' bwi"e e preposition to caH a state
FatwerSiWlil Demand 9o lor consuiutional convention appears fif.
leenth on the ballots which are to be us-d
r". T J... '" ,D0 general election November 2.-The
m Kansas City Today. e,b ; worl( ,. tST1 '
iarCriTHrrcw. . r- ..., AwaoaiHUI n WIS-
KANSAS CITY, Sept 13 The finan- "-" orgauuaion wim headquarters
cial bte of millions of bushels of the '" 5Jt ?mi- f-W- Stephens, and Wal.
1920 "wheat is with the representartves '" "' f Columbia are vice-presi-
of the Wheat Crowers Associalion and ' Da t0, ,ne renualion. and Mrv A.
iheiFarmet Association, in seion here , " "" "'" " nenioer 01 ibe executive
today. 'One-half million wheat growers ,' mmmc-
are. represented, and their delegates de.
"The object of the Fifteen Qub." Mr.
Hill nlUt . . L.r .
era of IW &;.thelp7rca of " "t.ard T" ? Ho5
a new, constitution and to wSSHZ,n 0cl?ber S ? . " get a free rfde
. . rs-vc, ..... - ""v :ji
j.uic iu on in; issue.
B L'Blf fn i&
. PARIS S.i fLTt.- n-i-.- (
. .':rr - irt uaaium am
isler or foreign affair has notiTiedisJ
French foreign office, that the Fraa
llelgian alliance has been accq
the Belgian goremmenL
If the terms of the alliance kJ&l
cepted by both countries Belrian'w.
tralily will be a thmg-of "tfce tsaasl
case r ranee- roes to war wlih Cira
the CemuuM will' have a nerscci
lo enter Belgium -in rder la'carry i
uieir operation against the FrearV
Under Ihe laws of 'the LeaaawV !
1 lions the terms ol Bus alSaace attsM
made publTe, but as yef that bm;
been tarried aiii ' -
A 43l
"Hello DafTbw Ftad Ai
Sew I'alvrnKr SptrH,'
The suggestion of having a'.
Day" made by Fred Udean, "
president of the University, at a
meeting ol upperclassmen and
meeting student aDDrovaL A
democratic spirit pervaded the 1
campus today. Cordiality Was
This lends encouragement to the
meat and promises success for the
k Day."
There is no reason why Ibe'i
plan should not succeed here. it. is
ed out. Two schools In the
Valley Conference bold mas
at the .beginning ol each" year for;
purpose, liie Grind and the
are some of the names given to
Clarence Miller Suffers
Broken Ribs WLea Ai
mobile h Upaet j
and churches will serve to cement the lnf J".""" on' or '.n,ore jbt'
for medicinal
Cases Would Probably Be Lighter,
Sajs Dr. Dan.G.'Stlae.
""A recurrence of influenza will find
medical science with only little more in
formation on ibe scourge than when il
first reaped its harvest in every corner
cf the globe," says a Washington report.
The cause of the influenza is still un
known." said Dr.. Dan G. Stine speaking
with regard to Ihe influenza situation
this year among the residents and stu
dent of Columbia. "Because of this no
specific cure has been found. The dis
ease is evidently getting milder aos the
friendship and assist the good understand. 1 quan"t"" of "I" ,"
ng ueiwcen ine two great AngU5aion " Mrv-.,
crare that all the farmers will' hold their I
wheal-for. the price of $3 per' bushel. Missouri
Production expenses were shown to be
little less than S3 per busheL The car
As Mich
in a racing airplane.
If the oldest and the youngest "John
ny" prefer lo stay on the ground, the
next in order of age get their chance to
This offer was made today br H." C.
Block and R. R. McCabe, pilots on the
staff of S. E. J. Cov, a Houston oil mag-
uaie. wno maintains his own Hying field
aajoining Herrmann rare, where the vet
erans will be encamped while in Hous
A roadster occuoied
smith, Uarence MHer.
In This Section Above
10-Year Averagr.
While the farmers in Missouri and
Kentucky who raised wheat in 1920, ob
tained a yield somewhat less than iht
10-year average, they rrhire than made
up for this on corn, whirli is rominW.
ably above the average. In ihe laiest
monthly statement oi the Federal lie.
serve Bank of St. Louis, it ! staled that
the wheat yield for Missouri this vear
is 115 bushels per cre as compare.!
with 14.3 for the 10-year average. Tho
Kentucky wheat yield 'his year is 1(12
per acre as compared with.lZ2 for the
10-ycar average. ,
Missouri's corn yicM this year is es
timated by the U. S. Iwrlnicnt of Ag
riculture at 200.159.000. of 81 n-r cent.
while the average for 10 years is T3 per
eeni. Arkansas com estimate is 9,.
232W0 bushels, 86 per cent for tin 10
year average. Kentucky yield is een
greater 90 per cent as against 80 per
cent lor the 10-year average, with an
f rawer
Tlie Would Favor Rcslrktloa
Br I'aiifi rim. '
JEFFERSON CITY., .. Sept. 13-A'
plank which would put the petnocratM?
party on record at against abase, of the
parol power was introduced ,loday ,at a
conventmn of Democratic candidates It
was submitted to John Alkinsipst, candi
date for governor. The terms of aheuew I
plank were not made publK . . Oij-telephone Friday.
saia .0 ..vor me resmcon o. xae. po. ,fn ; lhdr bu,,neM bo, ,-, ,,
lwrr .0 juages. munson sin .tsw.au lh.t ,. k. ,, - ,.-1, ,, Cmtt
would agree that the parole .powerjrarn- . . u . . .
-ot Pmdgelng
At It SbnM.
Missouri's corn production will he in.
shortage, is also causing the wheat to be creased 5 to 10 per cent without increas-
Jield involunlarilr. I reage when Ihe farmers uke ad.
William Hirth of Columbia is repre- Ie 01 what the University of Mis-
senting the farmers of that community. K"'n Collage ef Agriculture has deroon-
straled, says a circular from that division
TAILORS RECEIVE HURRY CALLS ,.! the University. The best producing
. . . ; . . . I variety ol corn in one region of Ibe state
Rate Iarreases BaslnessBat Doubles 'i, nol necessarily the best producing va-
- Time 0 SuK. rietv in all rerinn Thm fj.t nri. ,A
-HsIIj, is. this Ihe tailor shop?" I grow has been determined ihrouih ex-
Ye. neriments Aver a nerimi nf ea inr tk
'? .P U E5 ,uil nJ Mam " b,ack Pfirre of northwest Missouri, the
this evening
"Is it wet?"
"Then we can't return the woik
C-.L. ' .;
.?uin woe many conversations over 1 , . .
B. V U VCll IVWN WUUUt .flllC
Ha Wade Enough Bricks for Loral
soppir nw 1 lose In Wlnler.
The Edwards Brick Company of Col
umbia has been reopened. It will close
for winter in a few days having mannfac.
lured enough bricks to supply the local
The company obtains all its materials
from its own land in the cily. It has
a coal mine to get its foeL Its kilns
have a capacity of 60000 bricks a Jn
ine company uses ine press building
process In making brick, but it is phuv.
ning lo adopt the stiff mud process. I..
clay and shale supply from iu own held
is considered of good quality.
Falton gravel a msV eW r-i
last night. MiHer was the
injured. Three of has ribs ww'l
The car went thru a wbe feace'j
hollow, turning upside do--n afcnttf
teen feet from the road. Ibe fans Si
u.uaen. uk ol roliee J. L '
said the accident -was due I
driving! "
The car belonged to Paul I
the Columbia Ants Rm:,
It was taken out by Loren E. I
level prairies of northeast Missouri, the PLAXS CHURCH COXYEXTM
1 gray prairies of southwest Missouri, the . . ., . . -. ."
bottom lands of both north and south t Christian Charcfa Belegalr I Xeet
intended for first offenders only 1
nmhH nf f.M last vear was far less
than Ihe number of the year before. There I "'"''ed' Jila of 9611fl00 for I'js
will probably be a great reduction in the I ""
number of. case this winter." continued!
Doctor Stine. "But for the next few
year we shall still see a number of cases
of Influenzal pneumonia."
"During the winter of 1918-19. the
first' influenza epidemic, there were 1200
case among the students. Last year
there were something more than 300
case among the students. Of the second
eacapea in 0V,d frtSS
"The influenza will hardly reach epi
demic proportions this year among the
students. If the epidemic spreads amoifg
the townspeape it wit be among the un-
iiamirn7e individuals."
Win Represent CoHrg ef Africa!
tare at Stow air.
R. H. Emberton. State Boys and Girls
dob leader. F. L. Wright and Mjss Grace
Dulany, assistant slate leader, will rep
resent the College of Agriculture at the
Interstate Fair lo be held-at Sioux Cty,
naouuai ouruaers were nol meant to get 1 1 l
arlvantaf- nf tti- naml iw.f I !-.. .
. ... ..v. yv.. t vlMaafy
Another relorm plank was inispducetfj
which dealt with the tax sni
situation in the stale. Atkinsod
that this would end all assessment evns. f MenaliMesun km Tllwe
(his , Missouri, the lowlands of southeast Mis
j souri, and the Ozark center and border.
, .1 uiiiercnce in yieia as great as w Dusn
. . ,. . cis an acre us neen lounu among va
Tailors sayMhat ,. - ,, . r
uv aivnii v uiv cautv (Hic va atmuaaa
Missouri annually grows seven or more
million acres of corn. If planted to the
best producing varieties the results from
these test in one year alone would re-
be 'taken In drying damp clothes
them from losing their shape.
in, .ii, mn,t lj nreJ ,um "foM to the state the total ap-
itutAnrrA JS.J t. .S .it. j.l ', - propnalions for soils and crop experr-
crop experr-
Flads a Real SeMe. '
A Columbia man was cleaning out
his desk the other day. Among some
old papers be founf a receipt' from a
St Louis 6rm. dated 1915. After ex-'
amining it he decided to keep it is a
relic Here is the way it read:
"Two quarts Old Crow at tUOO per
quart i.'42X"
male and showing him the "relic.'
"Why. I can remember just, a abort
lime after 1 bought this "medicine" they.
at Hug September 2L
A. W. Taylor, of the Missouri Bible
unirgc is mating pians tor the annual
Christian Church convention whieh :. .-
be held at the Olivet Church in H.re
.:ntiuvc. uu 4. npons ol Q ho
cnurcn wore oi uoone County will be
A Sunday school round table led by
E. A. Logan and addresses by prominent
church and Sunday school worker from
all over the stale will make up part of
the program.
Artists Cubfe to Prnstote Jjmmh
, JtcvrptsnVte, &
PARIS, Aug. 2S.-(br mail)F.
anta a new issue of postage stamps j
mark the consummation of victory WrJ
",""" another golden age of ml
Artists were invited to rarrieioata tWal
competlve exposition held by the Imarf
er ef Posts. Of those submitted X
uraigneo were considered to be in i
lormation with reqniremenlt
placed on view for a aneelar
as well as the public
Not one'of the 32 designs was i
ceivedL 11 was suggested that
artist are stale on the subject of i
diose patriotic ideas because of the i
uiousanas oi drawings, painting,
pwers oi all descriptions they p
during the wr and the first
peace. The. 32 design are the
tmierenf artisrs. ,,
One "project." that was regarded
the most favor showed a somber h
t ground with a martial' fimre of Fn
crushing a serpent. On the borizea i
inscribed "Pour le droit," bat there i
no room reserved oa il,or,the prie i
ine stamp:
'SlBdeals Ffartt for Sidewalk Brivrar.
m . . r-i. ... . ....... v
Eaeml WtrrHthlwn. pim m rtinnar ' 1.111 larrv IM KaIIs Vahrftvvr faraara
thev Daniel Boone Tavern Saturday in 'each fined. II and costs in police court Two . Stawitar. OH Campaay
wwi oi toe nepuDiicsn canaiuaies. I iuib moiBina lot unnng a urjionue on
Hiram Lloyd, of St Louis and Sid c'lbe sidewalk yesterday. Frank Hodges
noacfc of Camden County. P. S. Woods. J was fined II and costs for speeding on
wwnij sicpttDlican cnairman, aciea as i tuegv aTcnue ccptcmocr 7.
toast master. About forty Booae County . .. .
mea were present ' '"'' " Tear Services Tetter.
Vletnr Vli-ln, lnlS fatitnnn. tw mA
. . ............ . - V-- .-.. ..w
Ran Makes Fartv.Tdal Hone Ran. &e sermon for the New Year services of
"Think what can happen in frrejBort,'!-T"' Jibe Jewish Students Congregation which
are," be mused, turning In 'lw kike k DETROIT. Sept 13 Bal Ruth'pgol ' were held in the, Y. M. C A. Auditor-
la, September 19 lo 23. A stock judg-1 r"d the price a dimeTor a quasjer.f
onstralion team from Livingston .county I Now, today"
will compete at the fair. The program' But what be
ing team from Holt county and a dem-' quart and .how I did roar about jt
(J In . .lZlk aL.
"""'" tw.viuiiui CVH.CSU. -JlIDMIit , BTKeni Wi tinl rftatisv -. I. t t-
tr arnn nrniMfe alawaatsasjlw . Lall Jl !. t a " -.
economics or garden projects, sewing
and other exhibits.
beard for be had turned away and was
carefully fding the receipt away again
iu a,p:cecn hole of hU desk. - T
hb forty-ninth home run here today 1 ium this morning. Adolpbus A. Berger,
against tike Detroit Tigers. The hit came J president of the congregation, conducted
in the third inning with one nun on the the service.
-. -i
,!, 1 -... n..t o m
. . y ; . av-Aitetta ajtj vtaw atwsnsvsnrs
, BrjM. sJH A. T. AaVericaa. j F. L. Wright, assistant State Boy' and
Walter G. Brfaa. one time a student Girls' Club leader, left todav for GiUara
In the 'Umverwry of Missouri, has re- to attend ihe Pig Qub roundup which
signed as publisher of the New York will be held there tomorrow. From there
American. He .will revive the W. B. be will co to Easton to attend the Pi
Bryaf niaaalntiin an advertising er-,Oub roundap to be bald there Wednes
Vcc j day, TLanday asd Fridar.
OfSctal ef Tbeaaaaa.
r t'aiwa rvu
'""-' "-" ,-Jn- J Iwo aato
bandlu here tht afternoon held no ...i
vi i d r i -..!.. . ." "P d
'" " - ichcii. tank suoerin
tendent of the StandariTOil CompaaT rf
a bag conuining from seven . J-" ?!
thousand dollars.
S-Trar-OM Bey Blex.
James Ham's McOrv. 3-ve..ia ..
home of his parents yesterdar .. u.m
bnrg. "
kVlecatea T Beet At St.
lantraaar aatt FrMr.
The camoaixn la ""lift Miawiail aaa i
lie mod" br the adoptioa of Ciinmiimlii
al Amendment No. 6, carrying with it I
ttemum Kate bond baoe to besM ki
reads in everv couatv. triH b ooeaattaaV
3t Umit Thursday and Friday. V ,?J
Aa honor flag will be uieseaud HM
unicresaionai msmci with tsts lanj
deleaatioaa' ,
Th meeting will be beld at the Aettr
canTbeater. - y
5ew MartUa CeHefe Heaa. "
C D. Henry of Kansas air of .!
firm of Swift 1 Henry, livestock ,
mistion merdunts, has accepted th. J3"
idener of the Hardin -colW C?.?1-
of C r. dark, new ptciZZZ
t Sake "HeBwV
The Student Council of ibe.TJatliniJj
out meet at 7:30 o'clock tomorrow i
to wnrolete nlanj for the oniiiif '
b day" when all men staaleat af.
L'nivertltv will sneak to xJ ihar;
use frieaoxy wsy once prevalent .
famous. II this it a sacrest a i
day wiH be observed by lie
-CMr ttwtiee at Cattarr I
Choir praceice vriR begia
o'clock-' Fridar aftentooa at"
Episcopal Church. '-The Res.
Geerae hat (anted the
taehats la sst a Epliaifnf i
e wiem aad riaaalm i
-mm. mrs. v j
if-fcse. - -
- -, vi
r, tta
, ' I

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