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The Columbia evening Missourian. (Columbia, Mo.) 1920-1923, November 01, 1920, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Republican Party Claims Big
Landslide Vote in Mis
souri Depends on .
l'rofcur Sues Dayton Journal
for 100,00 Libel in
Reference to Article
Against Harding.
nnctui. . I. Ine quailriciimaM.t,,. .,,,- Wisror.-in i- i...n.ullv a Re-1
wnkrr game is nw coming lo a close and
it .;.: ... -:.! ... I I., r. r
.access hate liecn ihiown into lite "(iol
and the bands are ready for the "call.
Victor llriiu fr t!ic Republicans has an
uueed that le has a count of 310 sure
o(es fr Harding. He jlo predicts 3
G. O. I. laniMide.
FraiikC I)"ifniH in iegi!eriPE a cbia
fer tl Dtnvntais deefcred that the Ues
Moines spen'h of Srnalor Ilardins" was
the- factor which caul the diiflini;
avay from him in tlir ihii!i central
stiSct and tliat it wns still continuiua.
Uoth parties admit tliat the women are
the vital factor in the election and that
ticy arc all fuessinR as to hal will lui
fca ia irjsvd to llicin.
wi.,soit.i o iir.
5r. Lons ur- 1"-Thc l)cniicrals in
llie rural districts of tta Mate arc llu
kpc of the Democrats for carrinK the
suie of Missouri, and the larje inaji'rily
if Ak fiepuhlican; in the city r M.
im lb tle luilic id thai nail!, it
irrn iii hiro this miiniiiz. Haiti i pie-1
uieiol for th' "tale lom-trow ami this ""
is iboufhl to be in favor ol the liepnWi
caas as tiie city folks can pe! to the poles
easier than cau tDc voters from the
ccastry. ll -was announced thst if the
wwn of the state split in direct ratio to
tie roea JIbsonri will go Itepnhlican.
r YfMtvr .ir. l.w.llii l)eRKiatic
a !?... 1.1 n !u...1.iii,Hjw. t.l ,. .sll., .
cim nv'uu;,ii ih.j-ii- , i.w ...Hbu
a statcmejit here today tlul any state-
Bents Muerl in repard to the article
abort Senator Harding's genealogy would
. rl be eUiroed hy cither plficr here. 11"
statement mhI that there would be no.re
pons isssol ill regard '"t6"lnchiatt?r""
jrott V. rur. a WT.ilicr of the' licpiib-
lieaii National Ounmiliee, made the only
natement in which he said tliat the cor.
respondent of a large Eastern Democrat
ir newsnaner seemed to be well acquaint.
ed with the facts of the case, ("coree I
Mhite of tlie Democratic commitlee
pneu lo ine feiaiciiieiu hmi !.-. ...-. ( ,
IVmoeraiic uarty responsible lor me
story. Governor t-ox, talking ny long
distauie from iatun, issued the state
ent tliat there was absolutely not one
word id .truth in the acctMtion. None
las iv-ucd no further staleiiieiiU and n"tli
im has come from the Dciuocralic head
tjuarteis. -
tlCO.OW uia sin iciest joitcal
Ej Caned Picu.
DatTON, Onto, Nor. I. A libel suit
for J100.WJ has been filed in the Mont
comcrv Counlv common pleas court Iiere
r ....! i.i:.i ..c ,!.. ii.
VT,r iT"" V,"L1.U.
ii-u j"uui u- . .v.v.-. - ..-,
Chancellor id Worcester College. Wor
ihcstcr. "Ihe iper printeil an article
which pointed the Worelicster professor
s trie article in regard to tlic geneologr
of Senator Warren C. Harding. It "?
nearol in tlie oren rulutnn id tliat pajier
and took up the family hi-.tory of llie lie-1
publican candidate for President.
tf t'auctt Pirrt.
Jcw Ynck. Nor. 1. As the prcvidee.
tial cam-iaign ends Intlt the candidates
arc to be found ill tiicir home Hate.
Twenty-nine million ballots are expected
to be cal tomorrow in the1 United Stales.
.Nine million of tlic-' ate to c'-rae. from
tlie women. 11 lr rtoitirn divide In di
rect ratio to the men it is prcdhtcd that
llie country will go Republican. If Cox's
rpeals for the Uague of Nations hare
been effective with the women it is said
that llie Democrats will win. An accurate
Icrccasl cannnt he jiver. owing lo the
strength of the otlir parties otlier than
the Republican and- Democratic parties.
Tlie Faitn ami Lalior Parly and al- the
&-riali.-ts are expected t" j11 h'a!)'
tl Vmlti Ptc. '
Ciutusn, Ohio. Nov. I. Tlie-Inf
nan" element is cxpccteil to tic now in
tfcc ttatc id Ohio as the time for the pres
idential election draws near. As Ohio
is sure to be the home state of tlie next
president of the United Slates the heav
iest vole in the IitrtorT of the state is ex-
pected to he. polled here tomorrow. Bad
trather is predicted for Ohio, but that
B not expected l affect the Totinr. lo any
marled degree. Two million voters arc
rcgi-fred in the state and the great par
ol them are expcleil to cast a vote to
Br Unite! Proi.
Lrrru. Rock. .k, Nov. I. As usual
ihe Di-mocran are chiming the state of
Arkansas it a announced here catly
tin K-ornrng.
WtSItK! SUlti fOB COI.
B Lnlted Ptcm.
Svn FcAXrtsCo, Nov. 1. No one not
western un.er for the Dcrnoeiats, said
tu pariiif""" " -" " iuu, jui Mftlins is report-i' to e ruing jju.
the "showdown." The Ivt claim? fori '
here todvv as to what is Koine tu hapDctj
tomorrow in the west in regard to the '
clectien.. Senator Pitman of Nends,
.icsunv manager gor the emKrals, said
tli3t Col would carry every stale liirt of
the Rockies with the exception nl lie
state i4 Washington, Oregon and Cali
f.trnia. tic- id that these -states were
ti'rely ilwhlful and that tliy were not
lonrcdcd to lite Republican.
spcrLiI I tfce iti.WMiiJ.3.
MiLttUKtr, Wis., Nov. 1. ct- of fi ,
o 1 are being; made "ncrr li local gamh -
ier llur the Itipublicaii ii.kct will sweep
't,.i1llcvK tale hut a lair.- cuniu.it of.'1" Mndrti. in Re Solicited by
. I
liirrns.Ns at jay hmt-hai.l
Tlic Colnruhia LVeiiins Missoiuian has
made arrangements 'to give 'tlie'people. of
this conimnnity and.tlit- county the hesf
posiblr service on flection re'.ums to
morrow night. i
A spciial
ll Y.'csicni Union IclcKrapli.virc
installed in. Jay II. Nelf'llaU.
' ' " . '
'ias Iiecii
Inst ason as Uie i.ns'.ciose iius.wire .
will lfin l-Htipin in !' mws of llie
. . r
!.. n llii- nittnl iirn?re--ies Ironi ev.-r
j ' "
section ol tfc country, me sertice'wiu ,j.i solicitors working under hiin. , cant
v cotitimieil until , the results of thei'"1 ? fcctnihsJe containinsUie'ranic,
. . , , . , , " 1 -I of c!er Ljnvtrsit) student and xach ro-
lection'arc ilcCmtely known.. The news hM,nt j, Acls.rf crr!ain pudcy, ,i
will also indicate the, vote in-thr city, sec. It' is eipected thai .every sludeilt
,,,- ,.,-t .. It'll be asked to tuy a Saritar eitlier"t.
. , ' . -
From Ja H. Neff 1111 these returns
' . . ,
will ll- thrown hy slcrplican lan'.rtn
M-i.111 .i.rtcd on tin- cainiu
,aecni to ie iuu. in ca-e ,nr wcaioer
does itut imit' this- they will he sh-jwn
in the L'nimsity Auditorium. The Un-1
Iversitv Band, under the direction of
Geor- Vcnable. will rhc a con-
hiring lle carl; part of the even. 1
Whcu the results .if the tlaliou.arc.no
t i. .1... : m . I
c -s
in cilra n2iii.ui fiiun5 Uie gcnrral trend ;
lt.tbAtlcHlvcsUytn4jiaUiie'taruvHo7ftir- umlcr Hifir
r--1 -jw
Evttj-hIj h invhed lo talc d'l.antjgc
of llif Mii.'S'.u nan's jnicc. We vant
)nu lo gr lire election news a wxn as
If 5u caniml come lo l he
re-carapus , rra, ,,,. jmit.ti, a, ,1CJ. ar.
rite, call bj Icleplione, No. 27 Mj e
will tell ibriefly the results.
Spencer Supporter AJitd hr Jocal v
, J!en In Evplntu.
That V. S. Hall, former Democratic
Congressman lrom .Missouri now ihe
head of Halls Weal Print and Annapolis .
Cosching School of this at), wrote an!
opcu icitci iawiiH equator iuou 1.
SoencerV re-tlectiou in an effort to ad
vance the intacst of his school is the
rancr ine
charge made hy Democrats today.
n,,...L I...I.I it,; ;;.... -,. .,,.-.1
hy J. IS. TI.mas t a Jliourian reporter I
this aftcfuoon. Tli-y call attention,- Mr. 1
Thorna aid, lo Hall's freiiucnt address
es tntl'Usiastically ;Uiortiu-; the Lcagne
c-f lVation and mention the fact "that the
Hall school is largely dependant for pat-1!
Mtnage on the recommendations of (.on-
,rcsmcn' and Senator
A group of Mr. Hall's former political i
fiierds called Hall ixfnrc them at an in-
formal inccling yesterday in an effort to
determine the reaMin for his support of
I'cnccr. Hall rcaturmcil all he had sid
in hi --falemcnt issued Friday. He lie-
tied be hail changed to the Republican
bcrainre for jicr-nl caons.
"Hall refuscil today lo make any state
ment lo the Mi-tcmriaii alimt liis open let
ter. He :aid be would issue a statement
mis. kaciiel valemim: diks
Hill He BnrW T-nmorrorr Mornlnir
in relhel Crintlcrr.
Mrs. Rachel Anna Valentine, 9!) years
old, died' at 9:oU o'cloei. this morning
it tbc home of her son, II M. Valentine,
on Highland avenue. She has, lived in
Columbia1 a number of years Funeral
services wilj be held at lOiTO o'clock to
morrow rn'miiig at the horn" and will
conducted hy. the Rev. 0, W. Hatihcr
of ill-- Raptisl rliutcli. Rorial will be
made in Uie Bethel cemetery , south of Co
lumbia. ' '
Three H'hcels of A. D.Donner's An-
Jomiihilc Broken.
Mrs. J: D. CilUspy- collided on Trice
Two cars, driven by A- D. Dormer and
avenue thn afternoon. Mr,.Donner was
coming into the street from Ida olive way
at 300 Price avenue wnen ,nrs. uniaspj e
car jammed iul" it- Three of the wheels
t-n Mr. Dormer car were urokeu, one oi
ticrn being lorn off, and the fenders Lent,
v-iil" Mr. Dormer nor Mrs. Gillasry
were injtiicd. Mrs. Oillajpr's car wajjCcnsiessiouil candidalca,
not hurt.
Cars Collide In Bain.
The lisht rain wliich fell last night was
responsible for the collision oi xwo mo
tor car. il Sixth and Conley street about
9:30 o'clock jst night,
j K.KJVL.U.UC UJOi 111
"How toil); would it take a voter to !
xotc if lie knew exactly- Iww Ire wihcd
to cast Iiis ballot?" This question was
asked a reporter by Judge John S.
Biekntll lids morning.
With the reoorler m the rl-ctiin hide.
and Judge Bicknell as the voter a trial
test was made. It was found tliat it
take, two minutes and twenty-seven
seconds from the timo tlic voter re -
ceiien his hallot until the vole is placed
in the hallot lx l, the eleetion judge.
It wuuhPbc well for all voters ioJjiow
how lliry wish to vole befere guiii" to
the polls a it vould greatly relieve the
congestion at the voting places.
tar(aicnl l'ranilllfe."
I .vimost m-e liunured savitars had hern
sold this afternoon duiiiw th- fir-t la)
of the campaign for n-Uins the l'il'I jcir
LtKjk. The corapaiyn was uartcd earl)
this raorninju and llw stalf nptct t!ut
orders for iOOO hcofa will Ije tat.cn to
day and lonerrow.
C The ho"ks arc hein" sold, under a new
plan tms year, the old system of clectincl
Jfticois and selling throuElitbV sororities)
,a'inS 'a !ujc away with at the aihiv-1
'"' facidty mem'jers. Sati'tars arc hcine!
. -!. '
wi,i tins t,ar throuch comtnitlces m each
; liutfn iij the 1'niteisitj. Eaeji commit.-!
iei is headed hy. the all dciwrlnrtprc-
I . . ... . '.. - ' j
iioent nt that school, who lias a number
i day ot t'nrrow, - j
. ' . , . . . , ,
tavls scliooUis jsifueil. a u'"la di
ilwoU Xa r sold, the eslimaie nrmihrsl
ml-!'"" xar f "'n" Ollcfe of Art audi
c.;,.M t- t..w tl
Srlwd nf Mcdi-
tinp iwi ytvhMr (ara ,tinB ,r ,. ur,
i p,t campaign in Academic Hall is in ' "'"ne as n ordeal, others as a creat ad-'
charge cf Joe Ailen. H has fottr lieu-; wa , VotinB for the firy time should
IT' "4 him-J3'1" C):.. Jl ,?.?!
Ceorne Williams. Janes Connate an.
oeorge Williams, James (Jorpage an.H
nnre tn"...r, rrl. f ,,. n-
1"""" 'en ctstar.!s votkinR under tlum. '
icaUnK a lolal cf forty-fuc in tliat kwL
iThc headquarters of the baut&r Iiard i
(in the corridor of Acad-aiic 11,11 ami i
!.!. . t . . 1 .... fc.' i. . l . !
ukw mtiims io uy cruiars mjj uu m
ihrrc. tioLg u'ltil 0 vcl-k in tlnocmup. rnmJ
Jt'. ,!. otlwWlvrwfiCem P fim lhcWwt wyJlft
tilcpartmeiit head. Then it much
jriralry lielwren the sclioids for the high -
est number of sub-criplions. The lcad-'iush
ers in llie campaign are: Agriculture,
williana Englc; Lngineennp, Ilerneit
Drapei-; Education, Isabel Nason; Jour
lalim, James MeCIain; Law, Qarcnce
Powell; Commerce, Kajmond Cremp;
Craduate. James luinu and Medicine.
Dnight Clark.
Woman's Missionary .Soclrlj ulUn;s ,
I ropraill for ItCl'k.
A Week of Prayer wdl Ik ..hserved!"'- an'J c -allot "tucn contains uie
.t.:. ,..i i. .1.. re - m;: i..nfteca proposed amcnihneuu lo the .Mis-
,:, ,.t ,i" r..-,,. M-.t,t:., n.,.i,
- fIInlr; .. KiU L-carried out .
duiing the ueek.
MendaT. 3 p. m. A Shephenlfess
Mission in Mcjico," Miss Bettic May
tiler, leader. .
luesday, .1 p. in. Aloliieiles. and
Hffitlc?s1. I't" H"- n"miK
""""V . - .
Wednesday,- tiM p.
m. "For the
F. Stephens
World TodayVMrs. . F.
Tluirsilay, 3 p. in. "Young
... I
' licetd."' Mr. Fanuie E. Miorc. leader.
Friday, llie siecial service for the day
will l- held at four o'ch-rk. "A Prajer
for llie rhildren." Mr. J. M. Rrossirl.
leader. -
Thursday the Young Pittple's Mission
sry Society will assi'l in the program.
rnuij an ail nay meeting win lie jr-io
end an intensive program lias lien pio
rideil for tlic entire dx). All of lit- meet
iugs will he held in the churcli.
Bnl Drmocrals Predict a Victory De
spile Rcpulilican Odd.
tf L'rutei Tits.
r. , ,. . , , .i ,
Sr. Lpvis, Mo- Mr. l.-ln the .trug-
fie for control of the next House of Rep.
rescntativrs, the odds are considerably
in favor cf the Ktpnblicans, owing lo
their majority in the present House ol I
fart) -six.
But, nolwillislanding this handicap.
Democratic managers, at the clcc of one
cf the hotlot Congressional campaigns
in rtecnt years, are confidently predicting
a Democratic margin of from ten to fif
teen rotes. On the other hand, Uie Ke
publicaoi are boring to increase their
lead to at least sixty and possibly seventy.
There has been very little Congres
sional courtesy in this campaign. The
Democrats hare put up -rigcrous fightj
in districts liithcrto ccn;ideicd safely Re
publican, and the C. O. P. managers hare
Uhlly invaded traditional Dboocratic
For example, some of the closest results
will likely I lecordcd'in the Republican
states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and
Pinnsvlvania. wliere the Democrats have
Jbecn especially active oil behalf of their
Iu .viassaeuu-
seiu iircy i"i- t-i"' " "' ,
t . . .-.: ; r..-nerlienl. ihev
.1 ...... i. inM.i:, loeie
ioui vuit iu -njm ...- . .
hope to elect four UcpresenuUres in
place of the one in the present House,
arid in: Pennsylvania to make it Iwehe in-
j'stcsd of seven.
All Balloting Mut Be Dpnc at
Courtliou. Polls Oicii
at 7 a. in. and Close'
at 6 p. :n.
I '
'Cro Out "No" and Leave
'"Yes" ftr Amendment
Vi.-Iied Do Not Sigti
Vr's ti Vr rrmrmlf'rftli
I. Call for a Mlut.
i.finTa ho-lh. ;
i'rliri )onr parlv hillot and
auicndment hallot.
-1. If you vote a straight ticker,
fold llie hallot face in without
nny marJ,-. On the amndmcnttial-I-t,
cros ont th- "ye or thcn"
in,frctit of each ariendment.
j. If you !ote a loixed ticket eroM
out the naree of the man, or the
naire of the ire:ideniial electors.
ou don't, ant to vote for and write
lon the line directly underneatliT tfic .
name of the candidate desired.
6. Return the hallot to the 'talile
from which it was taken, pile the
jiidjeour name ami hallot and jass
out. . J
f 7.Alc'Hrrjjlcn should he vte
that llie names of ail si juds'Sjir .
wliltcn on tlie'halons-in full. J
' S. Ahef:tee voters should cross Jfeut
tin- naiacs of the cunnty i9iccrs ap.
peariii on the ballot, and write-in
ihe-uaints of their r!sir cioiuty liin- :
!iiuiiliiiv will maik the rlctlion pro-.
it" at the p-dls Tucvlaj. A few women 1
"""""n iucoi a wof r1"- ,c'
luireil Vj ca-t a ballot.
All lotinp in (jolumiiia will le d-nw at
ihe courtlMusc. There are four pncincla
in tlic Columbia di-trtrx bet tucy arc
combined at a sinple meeting place. The
ll . ... t ... T l I t.. !.
noi air-oicu irwia r.ik iu ir
n a mre fjrcinc ua-i.
local lrly lead-r- iirre eerylrdy !
ote earl
rill rO
only prevent a :
lil cuard agamt
a Ia-t lwur con-
roIimii of inlers.
Mis or Mrs. or Mr. Average First-
Voter will ariso Tuesday and make an
call) start for tlic counliouse.. She may
take ler friends or she may go alone. In
the corridor id lh- courthouc will be
four tables side by -ide with si judges
sitlinp at e?cb.
The fnt twil turn .11 each tabic arc di
Iributin: judges, lfcfore llieru- lie sii
piles d balbls. fne for tlie iditical par
ilics wlucll liaie a camionie lor pioi-
soun constitution. All six ballots will be
?i"-a l rropectiveter.
Close to the
I tables arc steel booths design! 1o give i
priracy to the voter. She takes these six
ballots and enters a booth. Of course
after listening lo six weeks' campaign
ora'.orr. evervone Iu- fullv decided upon
bis or her pail). I-et us svy, for example, J
it is the farmer-Lab-'r parly, and we want
lo vote il "straight"; that i, to witc for
an aaicndmcnt cro?s out "No" and
Icaie "Yes" standing in flout of that
.........!....... ir . ..., .....I, .. ,nln :i .-iint
111,1111111, til. 11 ,.ll nin -. "!. ...-
., ,. -v- ,t
j inc iriivii"'i---i -5 -1 i'ui v - ..-.
Iiavr "No" standing. Fdil the hallt ,
similar to the fir-t one. The other four
ballot mm lie foblerl and returned to
llie judge.
Co baik l tire table where llie ballots
wire taken out and return them lo the
ijJzes gitins your name. The two judges
eh-) accipl the ballots Jou are voting are
called the receiving judgi-. They place
their initials on tlic folded ballots and
hand them to a clerk at llie same table
who enters the name of the voter and the
number of the ballot iu J tecording book.
Then the votine is complete.
j You liavc taken, an actiie pail iu the
great Amciiran game of fiolilics. You
vail JUJiiJ viaiiu mi iniriiv iu nit --
,. ' , ,'. ,. ,.r,r.,
- livu vi mv kiiuil a ii.i'i.iiu
In case the voter does not wi-h to viite
for every man on the hallot, draw a mark
through each name sou arc opiisiiig and
write the name of your choice im the dot
ted line dircctlv below.
The names of the pre-idcntial candi
dates ili not appear on ihe tickets, hut
only the electors win will latir deliver
llieir votes for an official count iu Wajh
ington. No matks need be made on the
ballot if a straight ticket is TOtcd.
Absentee voters, that is, those who do
not lire in Columbia but are eligible to
vote in the state and national election
and wish to have their votes sent to their
home towns, follow the same process the
other voters da with one exception. An
nounce to the judges that you want an
absentee ballot, vote your choice for na
tional and state oiiicers but cross off the
names of th' county candidates, and
write the names of your own county of
ficers on the ballot In returning the
ballot to the judges, insist that the name
of all the six judges arc written en your
ballot in full. Oiherwne, tlie vote
. CoiumoJaTfiirl eds. v
A marriage license was issued Satur
day to Milton Patricvk 21 of Hunt-dale,
and Miss Myrtle Sexton, 18, of Columbia.
0;'' 'XaH fl-1 fi Kyrtl .
ti -r-v i S D3. v i . j
, WffcMPU - : '
J .I V 'fVT CWW.ttW FI - " 'Ai.
I L3 WW , ft .
Kepulilicau senators Coiidetnip
ed Ju Resolutions at Dom-
oeralie Meeting Today.
When the Democratic women
lumbia met iu a mass meeting iu
M. C- A. Building this afternoon they
adopted a resolution, joining with the
pro-I-cagi!- Independent in condemning
the Republican senators who defeated ihel
tliat) in the Senate and specifically cu-
Ithifirtg Oix for president. Long for llie
Senate and Neb-on for Cougrcss. The rc-
sol.tilion sas:
We. the Democratic women of
Boone Count) and cf Columbia, join
with the Pro-League Independents in
their condemnation ,of the small
groDup of Republican senators who'
formed a conspiracy to defeat the rat
ideation of the League in llie United
States Stnate. Ils this group
which secured the signatures of 35
Senators' lo oppoy llie ratification he-
fore it had been finally prr-ented to
the Senate.
As a result of this conspiracy our .'
national honor is trailing in ihe dust;
our prestige, our national leadership
gone; international ?ot-d will disaii-l-raring;
we stand liefore the world
branded it quitters; trailors I" our
ullie in ihe fcarc settlement; un."
.faithful lo the promises made lo ojr
nin who fought and gave their lives
to end war.
Therefore, be il rcsolicd that it is
our patriotic duty to let no mailer
of rxpcd-ertCT; no prejudice or hate;
no n-rsnna! fricroViip; no selfish in
terests deter us from voting for Cox
and Roosevelt in this election. They
arc for soing into tlie League of Na
tions. Harding is for staying, out.
"Entrance into the League will restore
to the United States her natural po
sition in the world as the leading ad
vocate of liberty, justice and peace
for all men."
AIo, be it resolved that we will
vole for Ureckenridge Long for Unit
ed Stales Senator. He will support
the League of Nations and "a Dem
ocratic president.
Jk it irsolvrit thai wc support with
our vole W. I. Nelson for Congress
who has serr-d'lhis district faithfully
and efficiently Jor llie psst two jan.
Mrs. S. C Hunt, Mrs. Emily t.
Harshe. Mrs. W". S. Williams, Com
mittee. Monfagnc's Condition Improyd.
The condition of II. A. Montague, the
soldjer wlio" fell from the press box at
Rollins Field Saturday afternoon, is im
proved. Mr. .Montague is in the artil
lery unit of llie R. 0. T. C In attempt
lug lo leave Trie bleachers lie tried to go
down a tree in Lack of the press box, and
fell fifty feci. He was discharged from
Parker Memorial Hospital today.
Marriage License Issued. '
.;,.- it..... -. issued to T. A.
A marriage license, was bsued lo T. X
Smitlvof Midway and .Miss .Maggie
Merkle-'Salurday. Miss Merkle, who u
a reident of Columbia is 38 years ol.l.
Mr, Smith is 48.
For Columbia and
vicinity: 'Clearing
weather late this afternoon followed by
'generally fair tuniglit and Tuesday; much
i older tonight, continued cold Tuesday.
temperature tonight to about 25.
. For Jlisouri: Generally fair tonight
and Tuesday, preceded by unsettled
of Oi-r""Dri"t Pr!'on5 ruueh colder tonight
lc yi'with temperature considerable helow
jrccuoK; loiocr csircmc east iomon
TIi- Southwest low pressure has- trav
ilcd slowly, northeast, and at 7 a. m. this
morning was central in Iowa. An ex
tensive slteet of rain covers the eounlry
from the Culf coast north tu Canada, and
up tle Ohio tu Prmisylrania. There has
been a heavy snowfall in South Dakota.
Nebraska, western Kansas and Colorado
and some snow fell over Northwest Texas
and Oklahoma. The weather is cold in
most western sections.
Rain, has fallen over all of Missouri
and the roads are muddy. Skies will be
gin to clear oifr western and central
sections this afternoon and generally fair
cold weather will prevail over "Tuesday
ffnd Wednesday.
4 Local Data": Tlie highest temperature
in Columbia jesterday was 68 degrees;
and the lowest last night was 52 degrees.
Precipitation 0.14. A year ago yesterday
the luglrt temperature was 69 degrees
and tlic lowest was 4o degrees. Precipi
tation 0.50. Noon yesterday: dry bulbi
61 decrees: sit bulb. 56 degrees; rela
tive humidity, 57 per cent. 7 a.m. today;
dry bulb, 56 degrees; relalne humidity
93 urr'cenl. Sun rose today 6:37 a. m.
Sun sets 5:09 p. iu. .Moon 'rises IU:II
!. tu.
Student Band an.4 Cosmopolitan CInb
Hold fepw rroMr
A Hallowe'en pageant tn three acts
written br Newton D. Gotlschall was pre
sented at the Broadway Methodist Church
last night by members of the Student
Volunteer Band and Ihe Cosmopolitan
Club. Il was. preceded by a musical pro
gram under the direction of IL II. Lou
denhack. The situation in mission fields was
dimmed up by Dean Waller Miller, who
commented on facts, figures and gijo
graphical comparisons shown on llie
screen. Mi) Eliubelh Thompson, talked
on "It's Up to You," emphasirins the
necessity of missionary ertngrlitation be
ing done by young people with college ed
Fonr Columbia Sen T Attend Fax.
Biers' 5atloMl Congress.
E. A. Logan, J. L, HUT. WiI!U Hirth
and A. J. Meyer of Columbia have been,
appointed delegates lo the Farmers' Na
tional Congress which will conven eat
Columbus. Ohio. November 16 to 19. The
Mi.tnmi deleeatioii which numbers twen
(ty-feur "" " ?
cntor Gardner list Friday.
ty-font members was appointed by Got-
TI.. faen National Conrjeis it one
of the oldest farmers orraniiationt of the
newer IJTf, aernrding to Mr. Logan. Il
has been in existence about twenty years.
m -1
iCofrrighl 1920 by J. II. Donahtj)
fa enroll m
Expect Larger Enrollment in a
Few Days Many Remain
at Home to Vote.
One hundred and thirty-eight men and
women enrolled as Short Course students
in the. College of Agriculture this morning.
Sam B. Shirky in charge of the short
course work said today thai a much
larger enrollment was expected in the next
two days. A great many prospective stu.
dents are remaining at home in order that
tliey may vote in the election tomorrow.
Enroll for Ebrht-VTeeks Short Coarse
In Home Economies.
ivcgisiranon lor in; snort coursi- in
home economics, which i open lo all
girls and women of Columbia and Boone
County, as well as the rest of the ilate.
were held from 9 o'clock this morninc till
4 o'clock this afternoon at the Agricul
tural Building. Floriculture, which is a
new feature of the course, will be offered
this year. Besides learning the care of
flowers in the home, the students will be
laoghl how to raie Mowers for commer
cial purposes in their Iwmes.
The course, wliich covers eight weeks,
includes the following classes: Food pre
paration. Monday, Wednesday and Fri
day from 9 to 10 "o'clock, with labora
tory periods Tuesday Thursday and Sal.
urday from 8' to 10 o'clock at Schwciuer
Hall; meal planning, daily except Satur.
day from 8 to 10 o'clock at the practice
house; sewing, and dress problems, lab
oratory periods daily except Saturday,
from 1 to 3 o'clock. Room 201, Pliysics
Building; household management, recita
tions Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
at 3 o'clock and Saturday morning at 10
o'clock at the practice bouse with labor
atory periods to be arranged; millinery,
laboratory periods Monday, Wednesday
and Friday from 3 to 5 o'clock at Room
201, Physics Building; trade dressmak.
ing, laboratory periods daily from 8 to IU
o'clock and from 1 to 4 o'clock at Room
201. Ph)iics Building; home nursing, ree.
ilation period Tuesday afternoon from 4
lo 5 o'clock, al the practice houe; Mori.
culture, Monday, Wednesday ami Friday
from 3 to 5 o'clock at Room 11, Horti
cultural Building.
All the buildings are on the East
Campos except the practice house, which
is at 602 Ninth street.
Bnral Carrier to Retire.
ArnetlvG. Jacobs, a carrier on R. F. D.
4L will discontinue service November 1
and his place will be taken by Leon A.
Mitchell, temporary earner. Mr, Jacobs
reached the age of retirement September
20, but has been carrying mail since that
time as temporary earner.
Cantata L. E. Jones Promoted.
Captain L. E. Jones of the R. 0. T. C
Field Artillery is now Major Jones.' His
promotion came just as he started for
Des Moines, Iowa, where he is terriag on
ta army examination hnaro. He wuT
turn to CoUasbia soon.
Both Parties Will Hold Rallies
iii Courthousc To Give
Instructions in
Dcmocratie Headtiuartcrs in
Conley-Meyer Bank To
morrow Republican
South of Courthouse.
Several weeks of political campaigning
in Bocne County will be brought to a
harp close tonight, with Republican and
Democratic rallies at the Courthouse. Tlie
Democratic -rally, under the direction of
G. B. Sapp, will be held in the Circuit
Court room. The Republican meeting will
be also held in the courthouse. The room
has not been decided upon.
Both political party committees in the
county are busy with eleventh-hoar pre
parations. CiimuTitiecmcn tare arranged
In have a fleet of automobiles at their dis
posal, which vfill he used to convey dia
bled and aged voters to the polls in the
courthouse. The voting hours are from
sun up nntil sundown, and voters are be
ing urged to come to th. polls a early as
The Democratic women's headquarters
will be moved today from the courthouse
to the Kolumbia Kandy Kitchen, and the
Republican headquarters will be across
the street south from the courthouse. The
Democratic men's headquarters will be in
the Conley-Meyer Bank. Arrangements
have been made by committeewomen to
take care of babies at their headquarters
while the mothers are voting.
The rallies will be held at 8 o'clock
tonight, The Democratic rally will be
held especially for women, it was an
mnnr ed and full instructions on how to
use the voting machine will given. Pro
grams at both rallies will include talks
by mlitieal leaders in the county. Spe
cial music will probably be secured.
The Democratic women are making the
arrangements for their" mass 'miuigto
night and the sneeches will h. nnecuTt.
for the business women who haTe not been
awe to attend the daytime meetings. How.
ever, all the mm arc expected to come,
loo. Dr. A. W. Taylor will talk on the
"League of Nations;" Mrs. II. AL Hungate
will leach llie worue how to vote"; Dr.
J. It Cole will tell about the Cox-Rook-veil
club; and Mrs. S. C. Hunt, Sidney
Rollins, ami Rubey Hulen win talk on
the county organization. There will
also b. community singing.
iTIH Instruct Feminine Yoles at Kt.
Inmhla Kandy Kitchen.
The Democratic women of Colombia
township ai i,ave tm.ir h-aj,,,,,, ,
the Kolumbia Kandy Kitchen tomorrow.
The ward chairmen will be at that place
in case anyone wants lo receive instmc- -lion
or information in regard to Toting.
The ward cliairmen are as follows:
First ward: West part. Sirs. IS. II.
Brushwood; central part, MrsTKeot Ca
iron; eat part, Mrs. 1- B. Trnitt.
Secend ward: West half. Mrs. B. F.
Mode, east half, Mrs. J. II. Pringle.
Third ward: West half, Mrs. Floyd C
"shoemaker; east half, Mrs. Madge Dy.
Fourth ward: West half. .Mrs. H. A.
Collier. .Miss Laura Mattliews; east half,
Mrs. W. S. William.
Tlie automobile s.rviee will be in
rhargu of W. K. Bayless, assisted by
Mrs. George FTroxelL Mrs. IL M. Hun
gate and Mrs. Tlnmas King.
The headquarters for absentee Toiers
on election day will be in the rear of
Conley-Myera Bank. Mrs. C W. Creenc'
and W. II. ("Wood"! SaDO will haws
charge of instruction of women absentee
At 7:30 o'clock tonight there will be a
meeting especially for the business wom
en of Columbia There will be a short
program and a demonstration of voting.
Preceding the evening meeting Mrs..G.F,
Troxell will be in the rest room of lb
conrthouse to give any desired informa
tion to women voters.
Relatlies of Missouri Yonth UnaWe
to Confirm Death Message.
Mrs. Mildred Stewart. 1509 Windsor
street, has not yet heard from her grand-
"on, Joseph W. Stewart. A telegram le
eched by her last Friday stated tlut.be
had been murdered in California, Sep
tember 11. Mrs. Slewart had leteitea
several letters Horn her grandson i" ,
that lime and seas therefore confident
that a mistake had been made.
Mrs. Florence Kerne, a daughter of ;
Mrs. Stewart, said that in the last letter" ,,
received from Joseph Stewart he an!
tnera a new address and Ihe chances were
that there might have been some del-
in his receiving their message.
Hanaro Plnti r.Ttt llflcerv.
The annual orcting of the Hrirf,
Club of Colombia was held last Friday. j
The following officers were elected wr.
the ensuing year; President. A. C .
nier; vice-prtaldentf E, R. Hedrkk; -f
retary, J. W, Rankin. W. J. O'Brl aa
i- I. Sperling
. w a
. i. . A.

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