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Warren G. Harding s the Next President
rt 11 m TTT j A 1 X TT i
Middle vv est aiso drives Large v ore in i ; n
r . r ii Tj iv - t i . "l '
ravui ui lug jeuuuncan L,anaiaaies ?
. .. . .- . I'lit.
-Carries Ohio by Unexpected Vote. -
Flah: Governor James M. Cox has wired hi congratula
tions to Senator Warren G. Harding on the latter's election a-
t President of the United States.
DAYTON, OHIO, Nov. 2. The Dajton Daily News of which
Gmenwr James M. Cox is the proprietor has issued an extra edi-'
r tion conceding the election of Senator Warren G. allrding a-,
' Pnsideiit of the United States.
Sptcuil ta the Missoutian.
NEW YORK, Nov. 2. Senator Warren G. Harding will he
the next President of the United Stales.
Returns up to midnight here seem to have assured him more -than
enough electoral votes to win.
New York. Pennsylvania and Illinois, the states having the ,
brgc-t number of electoral votes went for Harding ocrhelm-
More surprising was the Senator's smashing victorjin Ohio, I te against 44.470 for Lewi Dcm.)
the home slate of both candidates, where the campaign had been 1 ohior 1836 precincts give llafdi
1 All mV-. l.ltto- llltn it, fltn rocl vP tlio nnlinn ' 001 7 I fiv 10.1 lrtT
.(III I11UII Jttll.1 IIIUII lit till. IVI Ik till IIUUUIIl .,... .- .-.,..
Returns from approximately one-fourth of the precincts in .... . ,rr . , . ..,. . , . Coi" 127'
, it i- ... r ,nnnn i, Illinois: 455 precincts of ji30 intlud-,,,y"v '
thathtate cave Hardinc a ma lontv of over 100.000 witli everv in- rn m ; ri r,nn. ir nni.n. ' 126
" - J ' I " -- . a- - r
dicatioji that this would be increased rather than decreased by 101.18. Cm 38J99.
urciauci muiia Michigan: 217 precincts out
Seniors Harding seems certain to hae carried cery state in (give Harding 43,157. Cox lfiji3.
new hnglanu. In the middle west, earlier returns gate him coin
wrsSf v- ?. v lit-- a aHftp. WggMmm
vi.i, o' ?si? Js jsb- ..ir 'vswwi4U
H. Vib'S5V .-V" "fc K. 4. .!.-Y4fI A.l-iiA .-SK5!fi-
It i.ii( . .X. .. I'F,' ...V4-.. trWri if t. dil . m MM II I I I
12:30 A. M.
Ilar.IinR SO,
llilr 30. .
1mR 127; lUnn"J27
Spcitccr 30. Roach
'1.200 COX LEAD
.f 27111
manding leads in Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa. In Michigan iiiiijnsira.coi "5.839" ""
the Harding viclorv was overwhlmin
Mi-ouri alone of the stale clashed as middle western seem-1
ed to have cone Democratic.
The first scattering returns fiom Minnesota gave Harding a
big lead.
Kansas which went for Wilson in 1916, went for Harding
tliis year.
Nebraska another Wilson slate in 1916 gae Harding a good ,
lead on the face of early returns.
The solid South remained unbroken according to all indica
tions. Tennessee which had been claimed by the Republicans,
had also seemed salcly Democratic. Kentucky which the nenuli- Uct ami 0 fit
licans had also claimed as doubtful territory gae the Democratic ' Nom1 iA,v .ov. 2-On.pleic re.
ticket a good lead on the face of early returns. mM i.rehofc lUnling -Kf), G.x -los
Oklahoma seemed to have gone for Cox although returns foe , r-ArrTAT ATrW0
thisstate were only scattering. ' J li(j lMliWb
1 t 1
Callop's Mill
IVmiKrralic: Cux 37: txns 37
ivc on 37; Teltn 39. '
IfrnuLIifan: IlsriiinE 8: i
I lltcle 8; I'.owh 8.
.VorrtJ. .
JVinnrntie: Cox 32. Lnns.82. Atlin
30.! Rtpulbran: "Hanhns IS, fimn IB. RoonC Count)' at 10:30 T. M.
jtirueiiKKoacn , Was (ioing Democratic
i Umirhon Township tiiurgron, RiggsJ By 1,200- VotCS. I
lkin-l nmftCral!r:'Cox 81B.Lonf; SIS. At
n!nuin fllft WIaii fill
pprnrn o, HtpubUcar: IlarJ.ni 230. Spmctr
Luuiiun: 436 precbet oul of 1137
, gite Ifarfing 428. Cox 9647.
AnKl"AS Cm, Ka. Nor. 2. -In a
count of 400 ballots lirrr, Ilanling re
cclveil a IU(1 of 21 and Govrur llcn
a lead of 10.
StUNE, Kan. .Nov. 2. Of the first 1 1
votes coun:c4 here, Ilariling riTeiiel 80
and Co 30.
Ptcrpoint ,
Democratic: Coi 53; Lon.35: Ankin.
son 51: rcUon 54. X
ItcpuMican: llardin; 51; Spencer 30;
Utile 1i2: Iloach 49.
230. Hjde 230. R.eh 2Wl
Democratic: Cx 63, Long 63. Atkin
son 63.el'on 63.
Republican: llardmi; 173, Spencer 171
H)de 173, Roach 171
CjiAItLtSTON, W. jti Not. 2.- In four
ptecinetj here. Hardipj rrcriied 195 .
Democratic: Cot 55; Lon;,55; AtLin
scn 53; NeNnn 16.
RcpuMican: llardinj: 63
civile fit; Roach C2.
Democratic: Cux 1J6; long 116;"At
Linton 116; Xelcn 116
' Republican: Hardin; 22; Speiicer'22;
IIdc 22; Roach 2l
! Possible County Indication May
i Be. Found in the Halls.
illc Returns.
021; for president, 191 districts
Ifardins 2220; Cox 3082.
Z ' Indiana: 5 precincH out of 3335 fr,T
Bows Not. 2. 170 di.tricu of 221 U. S. senate, Watson (Rep.). 19.569; R. 0. T. C. Brings News of the
this rit. -a.e Cox 49,103, Hardms 62..' Tagnert (Dem.). H.688. , Election From All Parts
New York: 1076 districts out of 4.-1
Bosiov, ot. 2. Reports indicate that 1 375 outside of New York City give Gov.r
Billinjiam. Rep. Iia suept Vermont for I ernor Smith Dcra.). 180.161. Miller!
i . enalor. Uiep., 2,iW. i
Ohio: 836precincl9 ie Harding 143,-
Nlw nrttr nt 9 ilric ia Re
publican headipjarters indicate that Ne'f6?9; Cox 86.998.
ltampslure lias gone oentielmingl for
Senator Ioe and Connecticut for Boston, Nov. 2. 205 of the 221 dist
Kraodcpee. A bitter fight vas made on ricts in tins city ce Cox 58J809, Hanl
bi'lh because of their opposition to the f ins 83.010.
Inue of Nations. 7
j Iona: i2 precincts sue llardinp 16.-
Ntw Yntik, i.. 2-Complete returns i18- U)l s-14-
Ilhnois: 229 precinct, including: 100
in Cook Counts. fie Hardens 48 OH,
Cox 17.681.
of Country,
By ?. 0. r. C. ITirrltv
Atkinson is leailins b 2.000 ith 200
precincts hr-ard frf-m.
Arkansas: Harding 22520; Cox. 20,.'
382. '
Ne York: llardinc 530.730; Cox.
2311576; Debs. .435. '
In Wisconsin Harding has a "plurahtv
uf 125,000 votes.
Harding SL Cox 163. Nelson
lloaeh 86. Out of j-,3 votes 2X nere
3it b viomen. ' &
Grcntl line
Democratic: Cox 83
n 83; Nelson 83.
Republican: Harding 20, Spencer 20
Hvde 20; Roach 20.
Democratic: Cox 137
kinson 137, ."son 161,
Republican: Harding
Il)de 62. Roach 50.
A 'piMible inilicalinn of the oRone
Court) attitude toarU the proposed
463, cntitntional amendments a found in
tbc returns from Hallssille hleh were
the fir-t to be received from anv precinct.
, The eoilntn amendments is usually post
Long 83;'Atkin- poncd until after the votes for the ean-
I'idates have been counted and in man)
cass ate not available until several ita)s
cfur the flection.
The IlalNvilIe results febaw the majority
a?amt each of the fifteen amendments
except No. 11 and No. 13.
Amendment No. 11 vias designed to
enable qualified voters of Missouri, who
areabsent from the state on account oft
, bmg 13S. At
62. Spencer 62.
om Rome, V . gave Cox 2.151, Hard
ing 4,i. Oimplete returns trom S)ra
tue gave On 17J23, Harding 36.632.
Nre Yok, Nov. 2. Early returns in
dicated that Harding had carried Con
necticut by 87,500.
Kansas: 12 districts in the state give
Harding 2532; Cox 1.060; for gowrnor.
Allen (Rep.), 373, Davis (Dem.), 115;
for L. S. benator. Curtis (Rep.). 1.582,
Hodge (Dim.). 803. '
Tenneee: 40 precincts in the
n.e Cox 3.100, Harding 1,787.
' precincts out of 1483 gic
Coi 473.
Harding 900.
Indiana: 223 districts give
80,790. Cox 56,701.
1,073 precincts nf
18.661, Cox 113,940.
'69 giv.-
By ti. O. T. C ITirelrsi
(Iix recciieil 19iV) votes and Harding
685 votes in Virginia.
By li. 0. T. C (TVeeu
Harding has carried Chicago b) 300
000 votes
Pra.rie Croif
Dcmocralic: Cox 124; Ing 12t; At
kins.ni 126; Nrlm 127.
Republican: Harding 11; spencer 11;
ljde41; Roach 39.
D-mocratie: Oix 168. Long 168. At
kinson 468. Nelson 168. '. C
Republican: Hanhng 83. Spencer 'Ui,
H)de 83, Roach 83.
By R. 0. T. C. rireesj t R,ox Station .o. 1
An extra edition of the .Nevi lork Democratic: Cox 51, Long'51
Times issud hort!) before midniglit n 51 rl,n 51.
(10 oclock in Columbia) saullliat Hard- Republican: Harding 36. Spencer 36,
ing had carried that city by 7,000. ' vtle 36. Roach 36.
militan service le cact their ballots.
j Amendment No. 13 is the bone-dry
I amendment de-igned to help enforce the
federal prohibition amndment.
! Jlallsville voted against all the pro
posed fonstitntional amendments except
No. 11. and ,N'o. 13. The figures were as
folloHs the "No vote being first: N
1. 273 to 8; No. 2. 215 to Illy No- 3.
1 219 to 93; No. . 229 to 136rNo. 5. 27a
to 64;".Noj 6. 105 to 69; No. 7, 223 to
1 103; Ne 0, 221 to 138; No. 9, 266 to 77;
No. 10. 233 to 71: No. 11. 106 to 133;
Atkin-(No. 12. 233 to,71; No. 13. 138 to 378; No.
1 1, 253 to 74; No. Is, ZIV to iih.
The Democratic ticket was leading in
Boone County by almost 2,100 votes at
11:30 o'clock. Returns Bad been receiv
ed from 21 of tie roujsry's 32 prftitiets:
no ColumEU balloU beiac lachldsy.
Conxressmaa W, L. Nelson was leading
the ticket at that hottr:with 3,087 votes.
urine- iijae naa receirea v.3 rotes or
mere than Harding.
. The vote follow: Cox 3JJ70, Kardinf
974. Long 3,074. Spencer 973. Atkinson
3071. Hide 975, Nelson 3JB87, Roach
Cox and Atkinson
Lead in Missouri
Democratic Ticket Slightly .Ahead on
Partial Returns From StateLong
Ahead of Spencer.
By R. 0. T. C. Wireless
At 11 o'clock a message waS intercepted at R. 0. T. C. head
quarters that gave Cox 39,86-1 to Harding's 38,129 votes in Mis
souri from the precincts reported at that hour.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 2. Early results from the state of Mis.
souri indicated that the Democratic would carry the state for
President, governor and senator. tA first Arthur M. Hyde, Re
publican candidate for governor, seemed to have a slight lead
over John M. Atkinson, Democratic, but later figures reversed
From the start Cox maintained a lead over Harding and
oreounnage Long over aeuien r. ipencer tor the U. 5. Senate.
J .
V. 11A rlfotrifla rii ITarfillitT 31.-
387, Cox 11,406.
Ctorpia: 101 districts out of 1639
tive for governor lUrdnicL (Dem.),
(."rwi I... iij fin. r li c ..
'w, imiici unu.;, yn tvt j ? owa-.
32,416, Edwards (Rep.). 1.919. For!
president 181 districts pie Cox 15,489,'
Harding 3,156. I
New York: 352 districts of 4.575 out
side of New York Gty give Hardms
621097, Cox 274.840.
Michigan: 88 districts out of 2781 five
Harding 2221, Cox 9.114.
Nebraska: 9 precinots out of 1800 Rave
Mlardinz 13.787 and Cox 7.VJ3; tor sov
TTwonsin. 30 precincts give Hardnig Mdleluc. Ken. a646. .Monliead,
6.k2. Cox. 1.633; Debs 579. j -43 Wra, Leairue-l'"armer, 5,1494'
By R. O. T. C. rudest Stra-cn School
3Ieage intercepted at 10:15 o'clock Democratic: On 233. Long 233, At
pive Cox 13:032 to Harding's 4657 in kinson 233, NeNon 235.
New .Mexico. Cook County, Illinoix, poll- Kepublican: Hatdins 69, Spencer 69,
ed the folloviinc vtte: Harding 37.334; Hyde 69, Roach 69.
Cox 14,096.
Broun Station Vo.
Democratic: Cox 41,
Long 41, Atkin-
Bt R. 0. T. C. Virtleu,
At 11 o'clock. 197 precincta in Wi-) II, Nelon 41,
conin were reported a pvyig Harding Kepublican: illarding 36. Spencer 36,
4Z345 voten to Lras B..UJ. in Illinois Hjde 36. Roach 36.
455 precincts outside of Oiicaao pave
Harding 101.182 and Cox 38399. , llarrisburg.
uemocrauc: uox 2ij,
Indiana. 114 precincts
48,149. Oix 33,186.
give Harding '
.Micbigan: 29 disltict
6917; Cox 1.911.
South Dakotaf 40 dwtrka give Hard-
tmg 6,104, Cox 281: for senator. Nor-
Harding P'P- i0U- aK'n- Dfm' ,61,
"aru,n,s.l Richard.. Ind. 385. Ajers non partan
league 910: for governor. McMmera.
Rhode Maud: 10 district out of 191 Rep. 653. Hov.es. Dem. HI. -Hate, nr-ti-pve
Harding 3.213, Cx 602. ' pamsa" 392.
w'ei -1r1anLl: 40 Dreeinct, gire lUrd- Oklahoma: 267 prednctj. gi-Cox 22,.
ing 6.252; Cox 4,741. 962. Harding I9.2S1. . - -
Kentucky: 165 di.tncu pve Erne-t Illinois: 105 precincts incloung.anf
(Rep.)., 20JHL, Beckham (Dem.), 2Sv Cook County give Small (Rep.), i8.t30
Long 245.
kinson 215. Nclcon 213.
Republican' Ilanling 26. jiencet
H de 26. Roach 26.
1 Democra'ic: Cox 135,
kinon 133. 'elon 127
A. Y. Slate Injured When He Slips
Through Hole in Barn Loft.
Arch Y. Slate, proprietor of a tadoring
hop at 812 East Broadway, broke his
right arm between the shoulder and elbow
lat night v. hen he fell from the hay loft
of hia barn at ,1500 Hinkson avenue.
He had gone into the loft to cut a bale
of hay for his horses when he slirped
'through a lvle in ihe loft. His arm
. 1. .L I.J ... I ? j1.mltt inlA
. iii rue k. inc lanarr utu iji um "
'ihe loft. In falling his foot caught be- kmeeling w m1W to 1 tbe a
'teen the rounds of the ladder and helfw the yj,, 'bjt. owjJ-to
tung neaa iiownwara unni no
to pull ldaiclf up it)i his left arm and
loosen lua fixit. Ife reeeiveil no other in
juiies of ronsequence
Long 135,
To Start Special Work on BeaMey
Hill Road.
The count) court appropriated $112
for tpecial road ork on Bealej Hill
yesterday. The ork is to be done un
der the supervision of H. C Gilpin and
I. W. Bennett.
, Another appropriation of W3 as alto
(made for work on a mile and a quarter
r , .1. I.!- T... .... ak. n.MM...... J... 1M
Tinn bchool. "" Bolh of these gifts were khron 102, kelson 102. vcrsity of Kansas. M.m Ruby CUne. wbo
Jn duplication .of similar sums raided bv, Kepublican: Harding 48. Spencer 43. lis turector 01 toe taatern uraui " "
President Hill Annousce Dtalnh4l
of All CLuMt'at 3 OVbek, Nor. 1L
'All classes in U UnlTtnity will be
duunUsed at 3 o'clock Notembrr II. ac
cording ta an ajinouncement trom rre4-
dent A. Rom-IUUs oCce this afternoon.
This is to allow former service men, in
the University aaJ the R. O. T. C to lake
part in the parade for the celebration of
Armi-tice Daft The parade will form it
Z o'clock. Most of the merchants have
agreed to clcs tbrij Mores during liie
Almost Complete Returns Give
Democrats. 3,385 and
Republicans 2,030.
The three toting precinct in Colara
bia combined returned a Democratic
plurality of approximately 1,300, accord
ing to the totals as compiled at 11:30
o'clock. TJie Democratic vote compiled
at that hour was 3J85 and the Republi
can vote was 2,030. Approximately 350
more votes were to be coasted.
The vote was Jnided among the three
precincts as follows! First, 1164 Demo
cratic, 783 Republican;-, second, 1266
Democratic, 427 Republican; third. 935
Democratic, 820 Republican.
The total vole of approximately 5X)
cast today is almost double the total vole
of approximate! $.000 cast lour years
ago. and the latter figure was a record
at that time. r " '
j .
, St. Lons. NW2. The first, 27 pre
cincts llh 3410 in this state give.
Hardini 2JI3. Cox 3AV)- for II. S. u-n.
a'toc,' Spencer (Ren.). 1.941. Long (Dem.)
12,040; for governor. Hyde (Rep.). 1.959.
Atkinson (Dem.), 1,901.
. St. LovtJ, Nor. 2. 123 precincts in
ibis state give Harding 14,910, Cox 7,102;
for If. S. senator, Spencer (Rep.). 12,-
999, Long (Dem.), 15508; for gover
nor, Hyde (Rep.), 12.923. Atkinson
(Dem.). 15,651
Cole County in four of forty-nine pre
cincts gave Cox 214, Harding 480, Long
222, Spencer 479. Atkinson 230, Hyde
429, Nelson 218, Roach 471
Miller County in seven precincts gave
Cox 744, Harding 959, Long 744. Spencer
959, Atkinson 730, Hyde 930, NeUn 787,
BY 3,375 VOTES
(Columbia and 22 County Pre-
gincts Uive Democrat
"Congressnlan Nelson has eariea
Boone County br 3.200 votes." R. I. lt.li
said at 11 JO tonight.
Nelson's rote in Columbia was 3J8S,
as he did not run ahead of his ticket
here. In 22 precincts outside of Cnlum.
bia he received 3.150 rotes to Roach's
1,130. At that liour his majority in tie
county was 3,375.
Monitesu County four precincts out ol
nineteen gave Cox S26. Harding 1,124,
Long 697, Spencer 1.020, Atkinson 697,
Hyde 1,020, Nelson 707. Roach 1,020.
I Senior Combat Chaplain of A. K. F,
win Talk on Battle of Verdun.
JIaj. Thomas J. Dickson, senior com
bat chaplain of the American Expedi
tionary Forces will speak here tomor
row night at 8 oclock at the University
Auditorium, on "America and the Battle
of Verdun."
Major Dickson is sponsored by the War
Department, which ordered him to de
liver his lecture over the country so that
the American public might have an au
thentic account of" the operations of the
American smtv !. ,1.. w..
1,000 PrecillCtS of 7,2j9 in That The St. Louis Globe-Democrat says f
State Give 69,000 Ma- ''he lecture .Major Dickson gave at Mc
:.:.. t r n n iKinley high school on .Monday: "With
jonty to G. O. P. jno ,,, lhatUc SU.J nKlwn
" bfOUfht nnt rlima. f.. .!... .UU
. j. .. ,, , .- - ,.. .... .HUM. .((.,
s-oliibls, u .vov. i. oovemoi
James M. Cox apparently has lost all
chance of 'carrying Ohiot The first 1X00
precincts of the ,269 in the state gave
Harding a majority of 69,000.
' Cox's strength has been conceded to bt
within the cities, where the returns would
naturally be earlier than in the normal
ly Repnblican fanning territory; so that
politicians believe there is little chance of
the Harding lead being overcome.
The loss of Ohio by Cox according to
pre-election forecasts would make it al.
most impossible for him to win in the
W. L.
.Mr. Lottie Cline Seriously I1L
Mrs. Lottie Cline is seriously ill al her
nn..i.i.r. 11..J. vin c. .. no home at .07 Missouri street sue rc-
H)de 110. Rwch 108." turaed fronJ .Laynce. Kan, Salurday.
accompanied by her daughter, -Miss It-
Prathrrsvdle i - sle" Cline. who is connected with -tne
At-home economics ilepartmenl of the Uni-
merT interested in the road work.
'.'lyile 48. R.urh 48.
(Dominion Ouulaufjui, is expected home.
Country Oub. .Of IcUts Postootsed
Action ra-nnnc.
Tork mbaUr'wiUibecia'oa-tBe dab.
house ot the UJJumnu umnay uuo nt;n
Monday morning. -TJus-was decided at
the meeting of the elub but night. The
coo tract
preliminary aetien.iiecesry, it win Dot
be let for several ojays. . v
Ohio Crowd Vote to, Tests.
Cotniirs, O, Not. i Ohio today east
the largest .rote la Its history, the total
being expected to approximate 2JX0JX0.
The percentage of sboia voting, to tie
number eligible probabry is tb greatest
evtrkaoTrtr.--ApjitolelT WOO elec
lion officials were taxed to handle the
crowds. In"miiy"eeiocts' of tbe larger
cities tents had -to b put up to accomo
date the prospectire Toters.
Oliver Discusses
Condition In City.
'Some sort of buildinz nrozram will
be argent if not necessary for next sum
mer, said . L. Oliver, superintendent
of city schools, at a meeting of the Par
ent Teachers Association last night,
"Perhaps an added grade school on
Sexton road, or other convenient locality,
and the removing of all the seventh
grades to, the Jefferson School would re
bere'tbe, situation temporarily. The most
desirable solution would be to organize
it junior high school and, if the sugges-
boo meets tbe approval of the community,
we shall direct our energies along that
first-grade at the Benton k1hkI
has fifty-eight students and the proper
number is forty: tbe Field .School cri-
tury class has fifty-two and it should
bare'oalyfotty. Basement. rooms are be
ing used and in Some cases tbe teachers
are taking care of two grades.
Senator Reed Votes Straight Ticket.
Kama Utt, Nor. Z-Senator James'
XI Heed cast a straight Democratic tick
et here today. At tbe polls, he said with
an Ironical smile, "Here It is; look it
dramatic effort, and took his bearers
close to thr battles of Soissons and the
esle-Chateau Thierry operations. San
Mihiel and the final fighting near Ver
dun. Graphically he pictured the final
lighting near Verdun. Graphically he
pictured the -final driving back of the
enemy to Ihe Sedan and the triumphant
march of the Americans acrow the River
Many Seek Congressional Officers) in
Election Today.
Five women candidates for the United
Slates Senate are to be voted upon todaj
as- follows:
Indiana Mrs. Culla J. Vayhinger. Pro-ibition.
JNciWa Miss Anne Martin, Independ
ent. A'eic Fort-Mrs. Ella T. Boole. Prohi
bition. Prnnsyltonia Mrs. Leah Cobb Marion.
Among the dozen or more women wbo
are running for membership in the na
tional House of Representatives, the fol
lowing are the most prominent:
Idaho Mrs. Nell K. Irions, Democrat,
1st District.
Michigan Mti. Vivian F. Zeller, Prohi
bition, 4th District.
Missouri V,m Marion E. Rhodes. Re-
publican, 13th District.
Picbraska Mrs. Marie WerU. Non-
Partisan League. 3d District
Oklahoma Mrs. Alice M. Robertson,
iicrmblicanv 2d District.
Vngtn Mrs. Esther Leveior. Dease-
crat. jd uutnet.
500 Get Return at Ontralia.
Between 500 and 600 mvini thered'
in the Knights of Pythias Halt at Cen
tralia this evening where they were given j
election returns furnished by tbe Evening -
Jiissoorian by telephone.
. -yt.
'JP -a AJS -SaifflL;

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