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-V v j"'
subtracting Democratic Chi
afford an interesting commentary on the
rrprctiV merit of the lo styles nf
rampaigmnp folio rd by i.ie randiiUles
of tli' major parti the rear 'platform
the front porch. During the cam
paign. Cox spent practically three.
lurtlis of Iu4 timr nn the, nun; Hani-
Ing tprnt three-four lli f hi at UU htnr
un Ml. ernm t, Marion, .As ImU-
hvm,,6 wcinocmiic UaimcatcI a.W the lnw-crai are counting
TOm Republican Claims .hwily n the result of Cox'n traeK
Leaves 1 00 in f? n parti?ulail in th wet, and have made
I c r " " a kaoJ deal of capital out of the fact that I
" U( I
the Republican managers abandoned I
0MAN VOTF UrVHTXm'lh"hag't Pt0Kled "lnp vNit to the
"""" M1" I Eat. claiming it was a fonfession of their
Results Will Show Which Cam
paign Method Is Best-
Rear-Platform vs.
n wwjiik national commiiice were a- ,i - 1 1 .. 1 1 . , ,
B mm-ll. --.I. . -it- ll' aninul hu-bamlry department, lrfi
If milteuiy without any nmu hope of tun-1 . , c, ' . . ,
II ,. .. . , ., 1 t 1 l) '"r Nirerenorr, La- to iu.lze
ft Ding on the national ticl.-t. In fact, the ' ' "
j candidates weakne a a louri-L The
1 explanation of the Kf-puhliian was that
llhi trip was not necessary, the slater of
New tttV. Connecticut and JVh Jersey,
which lie wa t have rear plalformed.
lliatine already be 11 cincheiL lint If
B Ed I Krrj G.nneciH ut or New Jersey, which Gn
(Unlird P sW V,..r,, i I""1"1 '" ''" lMn ,lj '' ll" --"n-
At YonK. .Nov. 2.-H prediction ' P'e. -'..uld ' IMnocralic-or any e.m
ere votes it would have been a waIo f -l.l-numW of the West, states I
time for anyone to so to the rolls toda - """ '.1.1 " ,'a''"1 ' 1"' manayer
Haring ould Ime been c!un b a " a '"-""" ,r,umI"' lnr "' ""plat-
majority of inXre than ItJO in the electoral
That i, if you tale the claim ( the '
Repuhliran managrr and tlio-e .f the ' ,
Derooeratie manazers (hoth of hnm i.f I -
course predict an electoral majority for! Loun I'inny nturnnl Sunday frum
their repeetie candidate) and ".ubtrart li.n..rl!i. lnre lie iit(d hi parents
the latter from the former, you will have (during the ferel-rnd. I
s majority predictoral ote of .melhin(! m, ,, Crov.Hliitc spent the ueel.
" ll) in 'avor of ,lard",f- .end Kith her patents .Mr. and Mr. II
The Democratic leaders have be n lon-'V,'. (jw.nhile ,.f Fullon.
enrnive preoiiteri in Inn campaien.
Democratic national committee ere ad-
. fo.i
IVof. I'. . Trohridee. hairmin of
CamtUliTn Unt tiwr tliin tialf ..ir lf..ra
Chairman White laid any daimi to pi- , ll1" r; '- "t ,u','-nl TSaniati..n at
rible victory. K.en then he v,a not o.er- I.'T. "'?.-' (i,I'"?,"" '' l'e,
ly emhusiastie ,'e,,, ""'' SiukIijt for Horace Feb
"It b a Uard'fifht. but he eipect to v.in j ,m an'1 U"al"T n-
la the enj." here the first ttonK of near-' C- Burrill. entenion entomologi.t.
heer that lie had uttered in, hi daily 1 1 turned Saturday from a Hrs.ian fl '
conference vtith the newspaper men.nil chinch bug campaign. He iwted
TIii ra? during Cur.'- strn tour and Hiwin-tille. Independence and Warrenv
oa bated on report b Deai-vcratic turg 011 the trip.
tcouu of the Coiernor'i favorable recep-J K. I. Wright, ai.tant .tate Rijs and
l""u Kill ("Juli leader returned Saturday from
'1.1 luiut ii iii Jll. Vcmon. M.1L. uliere lie h ln l..t
McCanse wiih a ,;R ,un
ihe tide lia et in our favor. amUiag Keith
victory i. a-.ured," via hi next pre-' roundun.
Aeon, made rtl, after Harding De . M. 0aiU ,; ,
Morne, speech f O... 7. in which the M rallIf. mnM lp j,,
Kepublican candidate ,Ve the entence Fair in Frctericktovvn. Iat weekend
Uiat were so widely interpreted a "wrap 1 here ,m exhibition by the home dera
ping the League." After that U hite be 1 on-tration and coenty f xrir agnts th-re.
came.increaMngI optimistic, and the ,L u Tljjrf- ,, fria,;8t in
rrarte leT '" , """- heep, was present at the meeting, held I
?1, , ? F""'r,!,' '.ri"" N" I-onJ"n- 1W1 Giunt,. for the'
forme.1 into energy and e enthuMa-m. pur f dlVu; j, ,, ;,..'
w ...rr n ..epuoi.can iieauquarter. 1 management, lat week,
only a few blocks dilant, a "pint of com. ..,,,.. 0 .
plete confidence prevailed from the. begin- .-',; .L- Bfh'";e -Vciety announces
ning of the campaign. Cluirman Hays L"? I,ln'e'"6 of a,fford Kens, lil,tl,e
in Ihe very firt month predicted "a land- J , r ,-IJohnIn- "V
dide ere,, rreater than that in the Kooe-i?"n;1; m'T "?"." 3l" ,'"'
veil elect!.... of 1901.- (Roosevelt got ? ' a"L,-ln""""n ' - Md
336 votes in ihe electoral college.) '" abU' ,V, wU
Curiouslv, Republican reports from the I ''"" Malutla 5aville, R. S. in Educa-
Co western trip were quite contrary to'1'"" "" rame Oolnmbia Saturday' to
those of the Democratic observers which
Impelled Ha) to raie hi pr-riJu ante
"We will carry everv state evcent ihe
old Confederacy" wis his next prediction
to tne newspaper men at lisadquarters.
Sfccr then he hasn't gone much further,
raeept to intimate that there was even a
chance of breaking into the old fjontn.
So ronfident were Republican leaders
generally of a sweeping Hardmg victory
that Hays had some difficultr In keenine
the party workers up to the lop notch of
endeavor. Alter the Maine election,
which resulted in such an unexpectedly
large Republican majority, Havs found
h necessary to send out thousands of let
ter to ditiict managers warning them
nf the dangers of over-confidence.
Other Republican leader, not quite so
enthusiastic by nature a the chairman
of the national committee, admit that the
Democtats may carry as many as eighteen
states but they concede only Virginia,
Kortb Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,
Florida, Alabama, ,Misis.ippi, yuiiana,
Tennessee, Arkansas. Oklahoma, Texas
end Arizona lout, 123 electoral votes.
Thi would give Harding a total of JOB.
NoW; here i how tlie Democratic lead
ers figure on electing Cox. without in
cluding Aew York which same forecater
have considered abolntclv essential fur
his success:
Marting with the state thus grudging
ly conceded by the Republicans, they add
in the ordr of probability Maryland,
West Virginia. Kentucky, Missouri. New
Mexico, Utah, Nebraska. Oregon. Gdo-
rado, Montana, Connecticut, Nevada,
Indiana, Ohio and California, a grand
total of 270 electoral vote, or four more
than the neceary Wk
Thejr have by no mean given up New
Yrttk nor Wi-nnin. from both of which
states they say the teports of local ob
ervers have been unexpectedlv favorable,
SOtwithtanding the claim of the op
position. They feel absolutely aured
of the border state of Kentucky. Mary
land and West Virginia, and almost
equally certain of Oliio and Indiana, and
with even California, which the Itrnuh
IScans have been claiming by 100.000, as
n probability.
'- .The Democrats lave .ecn banking
largely on the new woman vote through
out the coucy. Rut, how many of the
possible 17,000,000 are going to the polls
today, and how iliey are voting, is one of
the roost uncertain factors in the whole
ejection situation.
Alo thete is the posj.bihty 'of the
jopulai vole for Parley P. Chrivtetuen,
bead 01 the farmer Labor ticket, md tha'
for Eufne V. Debs, the Socialist candi
date, affecting the situation in certain
localities, even though neither has anyf
more cmnce oi capturing electoral votes
than has the Rev. Aaron S. Watkins.
ee the Missouri Oklahoma football game
end vi-it her three brothers. Miss
Saville is a teacher of English in the
Rrookfitld High School, :?
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tidd of Hutchin
son. Kan- announce the birth of a daugh
ter October 27, wliom they have named
Hilen Moore. Mr. Tidd is a graduate of
the University of Missouri and a former
track star.
R. T. Kirkpatrick, or the field crops
department will leave tonight for Boon
ville. Smithlown.and Green Ridgi when
he will visit vocational agricultural
rchools and give talks and illustrated
lectures on field crop project.
K. T. Kirkpatrick. extension instructor
in field crops, spent the first part of last
week in .Mound Gty, where he visited
the vocational agricultural schooL Mr.
Kirkpatrick gave demonstrations in iudr-
ing and talks on the improvement 6f field
crop, at tlie community fairs in Atchison
Count), Tuesday, Wednesday and Tliurs.
aay 01 last week.
The prizes awarded Friday night at
Ihe Uarnwarming werer Most countrified
dressed man, Tom Russell; most comitri
lied drsetl girl. Mit Madge Ij Force;
best jig ilancer, Dave Felle; lst danc
ing girl. Mis Carolyn Collins; best daue.
ing couple. Mis Annie Ruth Ruwlin and
Harold llenser. iiht countrified couple
Mi Helen lestaten and C A. McCanse.
Missouri will be represented by F. I
Filth of Linn Giunlv at a meeti'mr of
representatives of ihe American Farm
Dureau Federation from each of the wool
producing siaii-s wliich is to be held in
Chicago. Xovemher J. The purpose of
Ihe (onvention is to formulate plans for
the nurLiitm. nf .t..,.:An .. ..i
... .,,.,, al,dj( Lilian WlMtU
Mr. Fitrh was appointed to represent the
s...e oy ,ue umege 01 Agriculture and
the Mis-ouri Farm Rureau Federation.
Resolved, that the method of electing
the President of the United Stales should
! changed, substituting a system of
flection bv popular vote for the present
system of the electoral college, was the
subject of the debate at the Athenaean
neeimg la-t Saturday night. The af
Srmalive, supported hv Frank Rel.len ,nA
M. F. Morrison, won the decision,. Alpha
Lrown was elected All. en, em nn,J
scntalive on the Debating PimrH PI,-.
for Ihe annual Panegyric were alv ilis.1
Women Uear About Voting.
n mninc l.l llmrrar.
nmen was !
iie,. r " ":"7 v " .rrw &
lue rvsult in the rariins ohk .-.ll tum. i.- I r.m.
w. Rollins street, yesterday afternoon to
instruct Women in reenrrl In itie n.ett.A.1
of voting. E. A. Logan was the princi
pal speaker. Mrs. 11. if. Huntgate, by
means .f a sample ballot, told the women
usl how to vote, what 10 do and what
not to di so their'vote would be couAed.
29 -Married in October.
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Tiger Barber Shop
Will Shine Shoes on Sunday
Tiger Taxicab Company I i
I Dance and Party Calls a Specialty j JJ
III 111 rroin now n nc expect to slay oueii 011 bunflav J . - It
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ptaMlawjM ' w., i if w mwMMsmM;
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lllsssslssssssssslsssssssssssssssl Ml' II I I HI llll I II I I
J sSisssssssssssslBsss9HsssKfV7rBHBB' 'Wit Mi Mar ytfuim.
ims Amas
let it be a Furniture Aristocrat
Get this Xmas guide-
'book to Period
Ccme in and let us give
you 3 copy of "Edison
ur.d Mcstc". Tells nbout
the chief period designs
what they look like,
what they stand for.
Pithy descriptions.
Beautiful illustratinrw.
Just the irJbrrrution you
0cz ' -
Let us show you what an exquisite thing
I a phonograph cabinet can be.
Every New Edison on our floor no
matter what its price is encased in a
genuine period cabinet
Other Models:
I Elizabethan
Queen Anne
Louis XIV
Sheraton (without inlay) "J
XVIII Century English
Italian (Consol table)
Sheraton (Consol table)
French Gothic
(3 styles hand-carved)
Period Furniture is the world's most ex-
i - .
,qutsite development of furniture. It
originate in the 16th, 17th, and 18th Cen
turies. Europe was ruled by a Gorgeous
Aristocracy. Fine living was the ideal
of the day. An unparalleled race -of
artists, architects, and designers built
, palatial liying-placesor kings and nobles,
and furnished them. The palaces of the
nobility became treasure-houses. of fine
furniture. It was called the ''Golden Age
of Furniture."
So Mr. Edison had his designers go back
into the manor houses of England, the
chateaux of France and the castles 'Of
Italy. They adapted 17 designs from
historic' masterpieces. They preserved
entire "the character and feeling of the
best periods" in these superh phonograph
cases for the modern American home.
No matter which Edison cabinet you
choose, you get both the arts, that make
your house a cultured home music per
fectly Re-Created and furniture of pur
est period source. What finer gift for
all the family?
During October, twenty-nine marriage!
jicaisrs were i.sued by the Boone
Doy'ou know about our Budget Plan?
pw it brines your New Edison for
Chnatrnas? how it mates 1921 help pay
for it9 how it utilizes thrift and system
to stretch your dollar? Ask about :tl
- .. v-Jee
Jhe Phonograph with a 5pk7"
Th French Gothic
erille, the lone
posts, and lh ar
tistic ontward curve
oftheltg lend full
length graca and
liirJtT to tt; case.
WiWm nd Miry
Charmingly expres
sive of the crice
and delicicy of this
period. Takes na
back to King Wil
1j urn's tnarqotry
X (g) '
Shtrtton inltld
Embodies th graeefal taperincJef.nJ lbs
recungnlar treatment ao der lo jt,. ,it
HnjLsh desicr.
Parker Furniture Company
it Kt5??G
- -..w- --vmij iiiraiftirm wcrr iyiirn. smm
-AeJ-a- .f .i, i
-M&- 3t
Ski7 tssssssssssssssssssssssssssBsssssssssl
5 terwi;Xrti-
' " "- II) HI HMIMiJ
C&jjWp.: ' :.v,:r-

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