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TaonoS; Phone 55
HEAL ESTATE FOR SALE ' FOR RENT-Desirable front room fori
University avenue, CO by 233 feet. Price. t """"
ItlSOO- F A. Hearingcr. 41-tf FCfe KXT-Funuihrf rOcras. also
J!???,. Usht hulM?IiiZ. Phone
1150-bltct D6
FOR RENT Tko furnished rooms f
men students. Modern boose: hdf Work
In the Field of Sport
REAL r STATE 'Re Day, sell, rem
Bid exenange real tate ol all kinds. 11 j """ ""wan. -vioaern noose; bill Work
rta have property for sale or exchange (j0Ia West Campus, 1 flocks from
U might le lo your interest to see us. i Broadway, near-Y, SL C, A. 801 Lo
ir, have cash barm now for bouses trie irast street. Phone 1321. L-4Sif
t c cvw.1 iVA T :., .
(A IICU w WV-. f JLIU1 I'l"
nty with us. T. E. Wisdom R.-alty Co
Exchang e Bank Building, room 404, phone
FOR RENT Second-floor room across
the StrtCt SOu:h from Academic eamnnsJ
ipOlCorJev Are. B-SJtf
FOR SALE Two u:ed suits, sue ;
ane bhe serge: the two for J19 or $10
rjct. Information by addressing D, Mis-
saurian oKLc.
PORTION VANTED by a typist and
dictaphone operator. Phone Sil-black.
- F-filtf.
t -
Missouii 1$, Y. asrjngion 10.
Kansas 20, Nebraska 20.
Arses 17, Kansas. Aggies 0.
Oklahoma 35, Oklahoma Aggies a
Drake 7, Cre.thton. 0.
Crincell 81, Simpson 0.
Wisconsin 14, Illinois a
Michigan 14, Chicago 0.
Iowa 28, Minnesota .7,
Northwestern 11, Purdue 0.
Notre Dame 13, Indiana 10.
Marquette 49, St. Louis U. 1 V,
Drury 13, Roll 7.
Piincton 20, Yale 0.
Harvard 27, Brown- 0.
Cornll 34, Columbia 7.
Dartmouth 44, Pennsylvania 7.
Nsvy 63, South Carolina a
Army 90, Bowdoin 0.
Johns Hopkins 41, "St. Johns 0.
committee .-recommends that all plajers
be numbered."
ftaelieatly all of the major teams oreiconeern in St-'LojiK formed by theraerg-
numbering iheir plajers ibis season ex
cept Yalv Harvard and two or three ser-
vice acadamies
Princeton has been numbering
Tigers in every puce.
iXofia L. Johnston Chosen President
ot .o.oo(7,o()o st. Loula Concern.
John L. Johnston, son of Dr. J. f. M.
Johnston of Columbia, has' been chosen
president of the new J5vW,000 banking
mnMn in Q IT .mIX- C.1 I I .L L . -
ing of'the Libertv National Rink nmt il,
Central National Bank last Friday. COLUMBIA.
Neoiiaticn for tti .-,... v., , t, Dangerous to
ue 'under consideration for two months. This '?" " " ,ratute llIiCnon ' "
announcement followed 4 meeting of the ' -"?la Jcea:" ,ot tonignt ana to-
Tonight and Tuesday:
Men," starting Viola '
. iu tmi iui.c. jwuuu.ireai iuuowra a meeting or ice 1 V. , '
Commander Douglas llowird. of . the board of directors of the two banks the m"I0W- "ie- J"510" w" actT ot i
' ' I
were week-end sisitors in Columbia.
Miss Jennings came here Saturday tai
Prirate Lessons By Appointment Only
Phone 589
in the present quarters of the Central Na.
tional Bank and will probably take the
name of the Liberty National Bank.
TOR RENT One famished
dose in. Call 573-Creen.
WANTED A practical nunc fcr a
lady and to assist jn lijht housework ;
Call at 1500 Unircrsity Are. or phene
j;:i-blacL C63.
R F.
TWTER TO BUY A good kitchen
I ion 222. r
WVNi' ' i'rF wik a cop 41Me
pari t, . r-t ten cojc. oi i ne - u M
tioiin i. Missowiaii of Oct. l'J , '
lr8i.Z t i'"' Mi'SoutUn 'business office,
Jt JL flt Ilalh :
WANTED Reliable, ambition man
fir Moman as District-Manager. Umuai
pror-sition Vddrcss Nui'h American
. rid. nl Insurance Co. 3Mutal lUiOd-
Won Lost ' Tied Per
Iklahoraa 3 0 0 1.000
Misouii 4 ,1 0 JiOO
Xansa '......'.3 I 0 ..j0
'bn 1 2 0 .I0
Drake I 2 1 J33
S'aAiBfi.m ...I 1. 0 .200
Jrir-ncll 0 2 1 .000
vansas Aggies. 0 3 0 -OM
Frazcr is visiting
cxclaic proiosition, 04perstiBg wirr- (
ponltrr raisers of Boone conatf. Can t
proieithat our men a erase, SlOOiW a
LO r Uitcr ,f legal papers between , ! j Many make much tame, ShouW
'nh i-nt an e o carapoa and 71G Mary-, ha j'3'" "r ami SJJO00 espttal
Und. Riiurn to W. A JIurry,-T16 Mao- i n,is y" " ricll inetUg.iiou. Sn
,j " MJS. M" Carnts Saluniay etetunz Sun
" day, It-ne Tavern. C lStl
LO'T 5iil party ht took overcoat
fram lradmte Hall please return same
to dace taken cr 110 Hitt Si. 0-61 ! ACACIA LOCE. No. 602, A. F. & A. M.
"J L0DRE NO 11 l'ls
I0il One brown gauntlet between I
Crant .'.. t and Stephens College.
Finder please return t- Misjsoiirian Of
fice. . , B-61. -
SreLCV-l'eopIe-bo stole three On-, it LiV.ntostcr. W.
nai rugs trom n Beta f hi Jioi:seTnIl n,;, JimWin-
I'jiit r -r
return same at ence.
Stated Ccmavniotion
Tuesday Evening, No.
16 at 7:30 p. in. Scond
Visitors Welcome.
M. i. Si. Long. Ser
Ililt and Eroadna)
In scrae respeeis tle Missouii Tireis
,hnweJ belter form and and displaed a
better brand of football in tlic game
igaicsi Wahicgloii last Saturday than
Jicy did in the two nrfrnling atame
Ui Oklihflnoi and the Kansas Agir.
3ut this was cntlrel) nulliSnl by ac out
..ar.'Iing, seiious defect fumbling.
Never perhaps lias a Tig,T team lmie
so much fumbling a wa, -en on tlot
lira field Saturday. Fnmble raie
viashinon ten points and every vevi
crce of a victory until the last fie
Dur-.trs of pla. uning cold wratnc:
Naval academy, said that the midshipmen
would not be numbered in any game. If
the navy takes this attitude, it is certain
lhat llie Army mil An the same tning.
One of the objections is that "scouts
isn pick out star plajers and that trick
plays'are more eaily detected by num
lers. Howeier. this objection will be ovcrrul-
led if some action is taken by the rule
lormmttce. or the athletic bodies ot tile
big universities to discourage "scouting."
Princeton, the lone member pf tire "Big
Three" to show any progressive ideas,
ha come out against "scouting" with the
assertion that they will not do it fajh
future. A "lentleman's agreement" is
said to have been reached among the "Big
Three" to discontinue the practice.
Last sear after losing the annual game5
to the Naial Academy, the Army an
rouncod ilai it was going; out and get
fja.-r. The .iv bowln lhat the Cadet
maucgrment d'nl gn -ut and collect stars
1 5 a who'cwlc dilribu:i.m of app.SrJ.
Rutgers is ato Ijjulipg abcut the a.7se
ihing. Ivsfiig a sjood team mined bv wdt.
scriin." Nine ttar plajers left ami went
to other universities, where thry ere star
ling ibis ear. French and Sto:k went
i.i Wi Point. Ktllv to Yale. Alexander
and Daffv lo FoAlham. Whitehill to Penn.inloed as eleik at the Daniel Buone
IMei'trell to Princeton, and HuxraVJ. to Tavern lef t today fnr Kansas Qtyl
Lalayelte. 1 Dr. and Mrs. E E. Eins returned to
. Soiii- cry interesting disclosures about ,,5 jfj. a .;, (,, v-ith his
.the indccemcnt bing offered to P' P j aiothi-r. Mrv tS. A. Evan.
' cbool stars is promised for ihe winter , u j0Har(1 trtarnnI , iJnur, (n.
meeting. . . today. He; his been connectol with
.Strrng's Bakery.
j W. S. Dorse of Oilman and Porscr
I drugstore left )etcrday for St. Loui
Ml hcinp.
preceding day when the action was voted ia 'I'1"5 orPns' wna " mt "Oi
on. . her; gaaTdian, but who is engaged to an j
The hankintr ennrrm il! ! LJ 'actlfss. The. actress is seen br the little iff.
ward in the antu cf another man and '
she decides to sate her guardian from
!hcr by charming the "other man."
Slipping Feel is the title of a Fox
Sunune corned)-, which will also be
j shown..
HALL, Fridcv and Satntrlayt Nail
R. It. Cray went to Mexico this'raorn- mova will be tlio next atttactlra at the
g on business. Hall Theatrr whcA she appears in one
at I of the best pictures nf the year,
Mrs. Robert
Browns today.
Mrs. Mattie J. Sapp left today
a Mtit in Moberly.
W. L. Dorgan made a business trip
to' Mexico tcida).
Mrs. John Howatt returned to her
home in Huntsville lodaj.
Mrs. Rkv Silimidu 212 llitt street, Jefi
here for Kansas. Gty today lo visit her
fUlcr, Mrs. Sophia Wolff.
J. G. Merideth, principal of Mexico
High School, spent the week-end here as .
ihe- guest of bis father, J. W. Merideth.
John N. Taylor of the Tajlar Musi'
Company went ! Iobcrly on b'esincs
J. . llimpv.n, wko lias been cm-
rr Than Death," whrrei this wonderful
actress Ukcs the role of Sigrid, the Dan
cer. Narimova, who is Russian by birth, '
has taken this ca-xilr)- by storm ever,
since she made such a success of the '
play" War Btldes? vhich she played all
over the country just before we rnteredi
U10 war. Iu addition lo the feature.'
there i!l he a Mack Senile! t cumcd,
"Thc'Sprak Ci '
Many topics of ital interest to L'ni
scisity tiomen will be discussed at the-
next ma's meeting. November 23. Tlic
matter i.f no mldveck datos-fr irador-'
classmen and amendment to the consti
lution .ni lie pa;d upon. The dec
tiuu of a cheer 1-ider will take place.
Further isfcrcati. a in regard la the wo
men's Luildin- t ill K riven.
Foiwanl paning, which is winning w
r .1 .11 .l; 1.11 a a iii iii?iii--.-t.
nWIIV lOOIUail Kimcs ini I3, nun ",..., . ilh var. t wk amumsI tm-k.
" ' -' " r.-- -rt ".---.-.-, . - , isrr-, u. ..:. i-.- . r c. t ?.; - - "- - - .v., ... i-.. .
due credit as a contributing cauvs for Ames or the Kana- Aggies Miaro , - . '""l. '---'' " ""' j ,--,,, with the Motor Transport Lorn-.,.!
urabies. foolbal! extwris 'classifi fumb I !'". Lumc "." "' ' "--" irirst Uivision.
j Colnmbian to Leave for Gc.many.
' D.n Mullen, s ho has enlisted in ths
lo!rt Traiitpcrt ( nrp', rra't to St. Ljuis !
friday. He Kill loin th- Eiyuh latasn
; ard go to Germany immediately. During
LOST Prhabh- in Academic Hall
brown I a-.cr-ccrercd diar), initials F. !
E w r ed with newspaper elippinss. !
Fiidcr return to Missonrian cfice. J5c-i
war-. - W-SStf.
FOR KENT Furnished .room In mod.
cm as- One block from Broadway, !
tvor block? frcm campus. A-R. Lyon, j
phofce 303. L-60tL j
No. Ill, A F. A. M 1
Slated Conm-Bieauot!
Second and Fourth Tacs A
davs in each in,vi a
7:30 p. ra. Members
iraed to atle-d. Vintine i
. w . . . - .
fE- brethren welcome. 1
Victoilc Sec. J. F. Oli.ef, W. M j
8 JP-Nowdjjajg. I
1- wv
J. 0?0. T. LOD.CE NO. 207 j
- - ' . Ti Initiatory decree 1
FOR RE NT-Room for MudenUril?!? , -v Monday night. No
E Broadway. Phone 589. J-Uit , (gJ-V; TemberJa. itor
WAVTED-One unfurnished room lorlH'St?&5' al'Ta welcome.
. .- r r.- v r- t t- r-i c
min student. Artdrr" 1. CJrr-' "" -j. " r. iser, jec.
ton KCsr A double room for ! ATJlf LEI ICS
vcang men. 606 sanford riace. ffconel
IS.-bUck. G-52.
Chicapo Profcssiora'.s to Play Ilcrc
fcr MMwctt Charapiortshipj.
ROOMMATE WANTED-Bc a chorti The? Colcaiia Atl'i-s, minus the
course sfidert. Legation near Ag Boild- j serv.ci o: the famoes Jfeetler" Brown.
n- Phsre "6"-thck. - rf-64 I overwhelmingly defeated the nesro team
, . ." , ,. 1 frocr . -fenon Citv yes'e'ilav en die fair 1
ystis-oaawer, at .1.. nui -(frAlul . br the Score cf 51 to 0. Jcffer
.15 to 8.30?oclock.
Ueatta-t rrai
'nic'iv evtnin dinner ened. Piece
2"Giern after 6 p. ra. C-3ltf
'FOR RENT One-half room for giil
teconu term. 615 Ltx St Phone 119-S
rreen. L62.
son CttT refused Xt take the field wrb
i TrifSKSXE i
IsKtH ci. sB
sei m .m
LCucrtJ-VH)7irCo.IriC.TroybQC. I
Baoilci Brown or Halfbici Tibbs in the
hnc-u; The captain of the Columbia
team stcr.a discussion with the Jcffcreoa
Ctr leader consented to remain out of
tlie garneaud ibe Iho teems look lli:
j field Ui wage battle for tne second time
this seasaiu
J' inrce minutes -iter me wiuc aicw
i Colnirlhia ccored their first touchdown.
By the-end of the first half, five sure had
been, aa-red: In the second part of the
game BooiIt sent in his substitutes and
from th.31 on the game was fairly intcr-
i csting.
Next Sunday the Chicago Athletics will
1 meet the local team. The windy city ag-
gregaiijn is a professional eleven and i
considered one of the best nejio teams
n th countrr. According to Brown,
Us players wil work all week to get in
good condition for the gsms. If the Co-1
1 lumbia team is victorious they will claim
the championship of the Middle West. (
iin; as poor football. It h considered
a pnase ot me game that can ne rcmedi'd
ty hard pracuce.'
The Tigers at overcoming the slump
.bat struck them hi raidcason and with
ten dajs ahead for prepaiaUon these is
lot a rooter in Cclunrbia bat who bo
ieves that ihey can take the measure cf
Kansas here on Thantsghins Day, des
itc tie 20 to 20 score of the Kansas
Nebraska game Saturday. Last Salur
.ay saw tl-c Tigers tacllia and cliaig
in; Ix'ter, sis- tbera breaking up and)
jsms tie lomard pass in bcucr foin;
saw thera fehoiin; increased speed and
best of all, san a rctival of the fighting
spirit that lenabfed thera to turn a de
feat into victory in tho final momenu of
llw ronlestT -
With rgal work ibelueen now and
Thanksgiving Missoari can bring siciorv
to Misss-ri over Kansas. Much of' thct
Tfork Will ccnist.in guarding against ard
averccraias fumbling.
The annual Missouri Vallev Confer
ence cros-cosntry championship was
won at Gricsen last Saturday -by Iowa
State Crlleae. Kansas was second,
Nebraska Tuird. Cornell foatth, Missouri
fifth and Crinnell sixth. 'loa State l.nk
the firs: five places.
The Big Drop In
Clothing Prices
Was anticipated by this store. Every sUjlcvcry overcoat,
has been marked down to confoiin to thi prices of today.
Suits from S15 to S60f and overcoats from 10 to $60.
While it means a great loss to us, it is a great savings to
our customers. Wc only carry standard merchandise and
enii'cquenlly wlicn you finygnod he.re you get quality
romliuicd with .low prices.
Tull line of sJicap-Hne coaLs, sweaters, undenvear, and
all winlcrapparel. ,
'We hold no Clearanci' Salcr. We are watching the
markets closely antl any reduction in any lines of mer
1 handise thai wo carry our customers can he assured that
lhe will reap the benefit.'
Eicry body's Store
b.ng pan, Vandcrloo in Byers. fiord
tddtd three point in ihe same period
iit!i a field goal from thc-25jard Lne.
The final touchdown came about in much
the same manner as the first. pass
Hibls to Higgins lock the ball to within j
scoring distance afier which Hibbs car- J
ried th- ball over. ! J
ni'rn in-. vr.ip'C nYn''
Mrs. Sallie ,Shaddrick wlm lives -four .
mi'cj wet of 0.iimbia c,n tlie ROcnc.
pert Gravel Road Is probably the oldest;
perwn bsing in Roone County. She is
I0 sears and 3 months old. She was
bom in Carrel Coucty Mrginla.'Julr'lX " '
1315. She ieare.1 a fasnly cf clcvcnf!
children. The youngest, .Mrs. Thursday ..
Roberts, with whom she lives is 52 years
old and her oldest child, Floyd Sheddrick
who lives in Benton County, Missouri is j .
85 vears old. ' 51
The haddrick familv cane-toBoane
County frras Virginia 45 years ago and
have livrd here ever since. , .,
. She is always glad for the old people, to
ri'it her and talk .iImU ihiiifs lhat hasrei,
taken place in ih- part u years, aniii
irorc cspeeiailv the chantes in Escne;
Countv sirx-o vh- has ben living here!
"ll only seems yesterday since I rcdcl
ihe old stasrf coach from Columbia t) 1
my borne, she said. nd if I were able J
ifftmi. amok
for Highest PtuncW Udlity at Lew ft PoisiHe Prir;
i i$
Eut two big games remain o he played J10 walk I would see the hovs parade ts
fa the Missouri Valley conference and j morrow" she continued. n,
both occur on Thaakssiving Day. I t
Tha Jayhasrkers will imadc the Tiger j -Trnsteesj Receive Commissions.
camp on Tmkcy Day, in whet promises' ComirissiAns were issued to. the hos,
' te the greatest battle in the hitory of ipiial trustees for the I'-ouiir County Hos-
i-rcainiciic relations rl ihe two instito if.iial bv C W. Davis counly cicrx, aat-
wtw havEnoh
benefited atonE
time or another
by reading ar ,
using the Want
Ads are few
lions. Indicalisiis roint lo ihe l-.r-.cet
crowd that lias ever assembled to itnes
the Kansas Missouri lilts.
The other battle of importance will be
!ycd at Dm Moines, when Oklahoma,
he only undefeated team in the Valley
'-cks ho:ni with the Drake eleven. While
nost Valley fans nre willing to concede
his game to .the Socners. ihere is 4 n&
ibility that DrslCe may prove someib'ng !
-f a siumbling block. It woull cf course
pleasjng from a Tiger standpoint 1 3 tee
-cr hoi Oklahoma, for by viouiag
from Kansas, Missouri cocld assert lh?7
ie champions of the Valley.
Vi'-oari' chaacc 5s based on the fart
t'ut lli- Timers are f byins mure conf--
'Cs games lid- season than anv other
;ec.i, clalliing wiih six of the oilur '.n
1 :cams-'in the Valify, Grinnill alone no!
nfie-rics on the Missourians' schedule
OUahoma on the other hand has Tijol
wl Wasliingion, Missouri and Kansas
6 c. By the same diagnoti.. a dsftat to
.be '-ooncs would alios Kansas the op
iu,1uoitv to p above the Oklahoma ag-
.trauon providin; a defeat is handed
lie TTgrs, as tlie JayhaHker Iiave ore
rare came on their schedule than $n
Owens tribe.
crilay morning. To were issued forf
four years each lo II. H. Banks and N.
T. Ontrv. and three fnr two years each
to W. O. Ellis. T. P. Rrown and Dennis
iptlman. These weic recorded sritli llwj
county -court and in the hospital leeoids.
City Council Meets Tonisht.' m
There will be a melting of the City
Council at the Gty Hall tonight. -:
T s fl :? -3 . 1.
WET, Blt.Tay woalhcr, ci- ,'
ffo-un, sniffiEi, end tbft p
hsi-vycoldlsor:. Dr. King's New'
Discovery break It up'quicily
td jleasantly. Head cUaaei
t;p, 1 oagii relieved and yon fed
better. At yoar druggists, COc 1
1 Xo ..IXIM !& '
NewDiscgregy" '
uwju,.,. MjisLIMeiMiij'ssa
Bovek Begging forHelp?
Dr. ?in-B Ptlk trill lrTr i-rrt tlhr? -J
Ing svstem" and the practice, becotsk, SirWneja-of cggl?V tirerraLlgiwtU
mo.e'ond more Prevalent, of coaxing star S 'K'S?3: J$& Sffi
nlavera awav from other collects and urb ?J ?? V'. T55
By lit.NEY -L. Factox
lUnited Prut Sutjj Corresponded)
Nnv Vork, Novn 17. Lesislatioa re
qtdriag all Tcsstball leasu to number play
ers may fisd iti way on the gridiron law
books when th-.rdes corazittee c-ets'
this winter. m
Nkuctous ctber reforna are als bit.
jifleii. .The rumnitttc is exreeted 'to
o on record with a censure of the "trout- ( Dr. lung's Piib will L'JJCE J"n. .tht
piayera away irom omcr colleges ana tr- .j,, tQ ta
Numbering players, as a concession to
the public, has' been the subject of agt-
titfoa for cercral yean. The "rules con-
' cittee had U trp latt winter and disposed
of the proposal with a resolution "The
Sti lint doun, loot Spurs art
mmmdnot vatted. You'll
see it in the seam, of erery Sj)cv
You'll find it mtans better tattfj
toiler drwting, tkvxr burning.
m -,v rn -r
&&&a JjLfh.
What Do We Mean
"Room at the Top"?
Wc put Spurs on the market with oip
eyes open. We knew "There was Room
'at the Top for highest possible quality
at lowest possible price" and we said so
in print.
And now Spurs are perched ai, the top
but ue didn't put them 'there. Smokers
did it Vicmscltes. You can't keep a good
thing down and it didn't kike smokers
loHg to discover that Spur had something
they wanted
"What was it? Just tliab good) old
tobacco taste that quality o jvgone
days. Spur's blend is choicest Turkish,
fine Burley and other Iiome-growntobac-cos
and it's sorn e blend.
Now bow about smoking a top-notch
, Liooett & Mtebs Tobacco Co.
I reUatic Sara: tii pnev, 25 txxt,-r
tv '
T Prompt Won't GripB
tiumui hi n II 1
. -w fctf
I -m-A a :
IlSsl I RKf"MW,sWsW "iiwH
, X
,.',..... -
-'s A
..a'3.A. -:
iigjkMbibkl VtjMMssftAssfcJJwistsia a;.
W .It .1-1 ... ,11111 I 1 J
1 iitWPViiiiMsTiilf"1111

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