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The Columbia evening Missourian. (Columbia, Mo.) 1920-1923, November 22, 1920, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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t22,..192Q- ZL'cinSu'r-1Tr:rBt-
KKSJttiV'tUliUMBiA ,,,
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PuMbfaA-BtBT.fiajj.wtir Sa-:
day, bj Mfiitijn 'EaSfcH?! AJ
aoctstion, me, Jay H."Keff Hall, Uoiasi.
bVMiwotfn& " ?,!, .
Gty: """eek. 10 tents: einsie copies.
WttJi'J,-,,.. Tw
e'jKSr' t BxvjflH, tt.73: 3 months, W
6f A Thigh ideals and unselfish seme of this
Not eol for what it has rlone", but for
tfijTtuture'of this great or-anfraiion. every .
American, should Pn0 a I"3"
on its membership roll. To have a
nlf'contnbution transformed into ,
mission of merer .to foreign lands slionUI
Tnts; nrrtfi' ", rn
; ,r.y""' ,
t" A irjs)J"l' .J .U t1 nt4.
-v-3ffrs)UBc.ior nauiioi rt ffpeejal'rate
OfifoajrpJvnam ir ursecnoa ssw.
Sg?-- 0eber,3,49irr authorized &p-
Mbr2SJ9ia.T i., '
$.50: 3
cents, ray-
jfiKgt;'Xnjit Bnreli- cs, CircnUtiwa
be an incentive lo every true American
-.TL- a a )rtil Xt-L.m flHAnKArhir'i
10 COIUTIOUIC wiai IU( uttumurm'
Let it become a privilege to be nura' i"
bered among the members of the Aroeri-.
ean Red Cross.
. : .
Headline,. "Girls Unnfc and smoi
Grarrtts To Study Effects." Now that
is undoubtedly a1rand new explanation.,
Adwrtisioj and'OrcuIaiiac ....,..?
'TIie'eaiabffitT -with which the chil
..' ?. -' . . 1 . . i. .
,cre4 ofteday mate: tse of the ballot
3-e f ftjw j , ,
Oiai. ttiM liuwn ufaK il lsfM OllC
4,K their training wlule m school. Cion-
?lsS I. 1-4
t-ship in this enunty is rot inbrrited; it
tasft-be taught aird attained by an Bin
r-e daiiaodinj of its obligations. The
fcnt&en Vhould' baye a Ino ledge of its
-." ,., z" . -.4 , .. .
(rarticai application in uic jnzwiu v
cthe rtnn.to bin public duties.
EV5.'. 11u f.ln.Ji.l!hn nt ttl rrtltrC 11
$-"... i. .-' -L- i.-. ;- :. . r...
niizencnip mw ine uoiTrrii) v "
card step in the tolution of the problesn
of better qujlilled cititens. Ery u.
dent fkould beL laughif the purposestof
msr Government, city, ite and national
sril in patticnlar the relation, of ibe-
rit'u'n to tne goTernmen.t." The extenMon
of the right of MiffraK t wonen opens
. iK wi,. fnr .a ffeiwrsJ ffv.teni of edifa.
aaswwfe-- j- s i
lion, in ruuejnip j-jiicBnr tu -u .-
dentk Few tof th toters who will Jbe
tbo guardian of the future bare p
i oppotrurati. of beriming aequalnled
' with the fundamental of riliienfhlpjni
. tbOjrnllrges. and uniretmtieA- ajford. j II
h tV-refore the, more prortr that eol-
I lge mep.and -oaen should uail then
p'selres of cituenship studief.
I "Tliere is 60 greater prrrileje on eank
ihTn Ameriean dtiietbicf. and yet that
pnrilege is -much 1 abused when q
idered from the intentions of thoe who
ifirst.defined it. Gliaep bare failedltol
rforni their obligation banse they
, did not know their duties as citizen
fntetest in tood eilhenslup and good
l-gortrimient. is needed to bnn( about
w&ulfvj-Ther8wiairtirettr reran than
, 1" vr V- -., -
he teaching w such conres in tne
oib,.v . ,
riw ---'--M
ii"nprriRlsie7TKan Concerts, .Says
- - . - wti. w 'yr!- TAXirtWAUT
Dantone wno Djngs neic iuuwuuw
Abroad M Missouri
1 MTo'r-nAXTnnitf ntPVi
juij wimwwiiwini.
Counim. Xt 1905: That the
whitt'face micht mitTale to Mars in
tho'nett fijy years to escape sul.mrrJnn
by, or further bleifljng with, the rolorr.1
faces, was the.wtoundins statement maib;
today by Dr. Thomas F. Andrnis In Jm
address to the members of Sigma Xi
honorary chemical fraternity, in the audi
ttrinm of fchlundt Kali. . j
Doctor Andrew" statement, k not !,
be dismissed liabtly, according to mem i
ber of Jhe local fraternity..
"Dtor Andretis, it sum le reuiem-r
hVred." said Profesror E. V. Larwn, is
bs man who invented the famous An
drews ,motor, the Grt machine to utilise
(he principle of .perp-tual motion. V. t
anil bear in mind lhat It was l)ict.if
Andrews who interned the racuiira lath
or chamber.
sCfii&Mfjtfieri5i,J-5 cS"Tj.'3riaaaHrJiS
MsrluT 1 1 ' rt 'iTMft"Tf''3lJVg!y'-lli'tr" f'lTTlT
Jewell Majc. 'reiar of Hk- Mis. f Mtwiim Memorial, Hall In the State
ouri Slate Hoard of Agriculture, in com- Building, received $9000 for Ins wort
menting on the nerd of the state for wool- f ,tfSm4,a C
. . . f
en factories Wis the. story 01 an om iac- abouL lha, )n.
torr. dcerted.in the moving of the woolen lu,e "ia""'i. ". ..... ,, !., ,
-The hotel
lie rviilcnil
crcaw in the pay of slat1 legiMators rr-
'""" ----- - - rrftifl in the 0Y Ol Hair irgJsiaior- it-
mills to the en-en. coast. It ..and, '". dependence Examiner. The
sonihet of Lawon. and a one of the J ' ' , .
.1.. -!.. f.,..: : .1. I1.1. "": "":" """r -
Vaie ia room rent.
largest o-i
die West a half ccnturv ago.
Erecled in lWil the building is still -i;fInp Military Academy at Boon
fn pood cooitition. alihougli il lias been in .je ha CT?c)f, A memorial ublet lo its
dl,ne since 1KS0. iblrteen graduates ho died in the World
'There are three floors all fillcl with Waf j, dedted this week when
idle roachinerv. sluppeil by a of the I )l(1 jumnj returned for Homecoming.
Miwouri Riicr to Miun Gtj and(
hauled in varon ilrawn by oxen. Out JH) hundred bojs are planning ,10 at
(lie second floor are ie'nly.lhree ma. tend ibe yighth annual coniention of
chines hich are a curiosity at (he pres. tlir Older l!os of Missouri Surday
ent lime. Ferlhiiig in the factor 11 Schools a SedaUa, November 2S-21.
jut as it wa left nlien business was r
unended. The stale committee for Near Eat
"fn this factor are large and mall lirliel lor the tatem vii-iiri uisinsi.
..v, 1. !,.! niirrnTr f.f ihe lime announce that the quota for Si. Louis I
Mhen the orL va done b lian.f. Jeans snd the 74 couniiesof tle ili-trict pr-
lindes blankets raim-re aod other vide for the adoption of 1,000 orphans
skoolrn goods ere manufactured in for the enrirt territory, 4,000 for the
large quantities. counties amf 1,000 for St. Louis
T'lie- owner of the factory before hit "The adoption," a)s the Moberly Dero
death in 1881 Shut the factory d.n, ocnt-iH lo be on the ba-i of support of
kilhout even clearing llie floors rcmoiing cacli orplian for a period of one jear at
the thread from the looms or laling tlw V per montli. ohicli furnihe food for
11 t f (.. -: : M.k:nM il trnh.-in. Tliere are two other cla-asco
Ullldl Mi iiiuii iiii; riuiiii 1.. i.i.i. r. " --.,.. - -- . .
nd thus the factor stands" of support; $10 per month. hieh pro-,
viiie tooii. ciotnes ano nciirr, aim ,
flic fairground buddings at SiLeston rer month, jirouding food, shelter and
are practical! a total wreck as the result vlr?oling.
i of a ii.000 Crc there lat week. A con- , , . : . , . .
in, . . , i i .1 A freak election bet was paid in Mo
fidcrahle Ios i represented b) Hie death, . , """
., ., i ' .i-.i. . ' i i ' frftlv one da lar week when Mrs. U.
ni inriv racriutrscs which were uuxuru. . ,; . ,. ,, ,., .. . . i
Th fc;i.i;. u,r ,n cml l ;,. ' aler gave W. II. Holder a ndeln aj
.. ... ....it. i.nli.. ,. . ... wheelbarrow before a large audience ol
nutans , tssivs, is nisi ss mi i--h n -
. .. a t-i r w-j'-1 "-
University Auaitonum
. . . ?5
Single' Admission
RctnM Ttttfnrath
The vacuum bath nullifies tho pull of j .i. -,;(. f Il,i Mil Vll'lia.
iraritT on half llie flwh-srt of a motor, '.l,,..!.;,,,. t'rii ! .;,,. an Oiiuonttuitv
The vacuum is maintained in tho cham -,n yint a r,rtn. ulu.m ilie 'Net. ork
ber, which fits over tfe moiing vneci i.;,,:,,, (V-t ralU "one i.f the grealect
by raeans of a patented airprno. co-e- lrtU 4 WH jf,.-,(,, ..uMS-."- He
In ihc concert to lie ghcn Ik-re lo- verse i mote than tmc: evpenescc as
morrow nichu by KelnaM Wetie-itatb a conrett arti-t is imalu.il.ie in openu
build all or thcuu Plans hate already
licen made for rebuilding.
. '
-i - - .a i
Balcon), Students Unreserved ..i.O
Balcony, unreserved .
Lower Floor. 'Reserved
, : Season-Tickets
I.oer Floor, -'Re'ened
Ralcony, Unreserved
Tickets On.Sale
Fnurtirenlh Season
" Mason frHamlin Piano ,
i' ... , . -r, r. cj T ..?.
K Conrlej ol Kieclliprar fiano j-o., si. wmi
, . T.-!. 2 -J ' "J -
'Ibe program follu:
Trrloguc" to Pagliacci.
. i
1. Vlfi inM
neighbors and friends. Mrs Baker hart
wagered a wheelbarrow ride -with "Daif
lloler lhat Cn would win over Harding;
"Daif Wongs in the lieav) -weight class
m . it. c... i,.. i. . -. , but Mrs 1'aker was equal to the lak and
tur iiiMiiili -lair I uiiuii aociauun ' , , , ( . t g . !.., '
-" ' .-... ....... . ..-.. , , .
f,uen 3 pi! "ii
lU-W" r-l ,
Hoilie. DocrmJicr 1MSI
fom Ti-r Intlepemlrnre Eiamtnrr.
nound. While perpetual molion. Sicily ,n , ,.;,. ,wr, .l..nt Anvr- " ' 'J'1 ,0ia . , . Fatn" arr. W"S '" ' " '
Jpeaklng, i not achieved c. et b lb. ,,.,, , ,,;, fony. ,;,; ln(I (,r - air. b, Deema)U Ik, rather than se II at pnpepl stck.
r. due to the conn, Ulnnaile, M opera.' Oier ,he ...lis and Fa, JJ. ? .'
arr. u iu. mi' imu, - -s-v ." u. ...
Sf iTif vWl dntinz the tim-s It i full i 1. 1..; ... i :n.t..M. .1 M r lnhl .
... . iu rf 11.1 Mill ' liigistuiHl. ivmiis, m . I .L- .
jreted 10 Jbe vacuum batk vhich mal ,;.. an.i K If,lo Mr. ffct,, h Va " m n JjfWB,lr"r. ' ,. .
It necesarv to remove inc vacuum ai in- i .J r..,.,il, L.il. ,.. . .1 a.:--'.aaiiCT.-Ti""
A newspaper ihe other U, in speak
ing of lUfrctiVe flues being llie canar of
many lire, headed ihe .lory, ""Flues
Sidl Sparking."
According to arm) oficers in Kansas
Gil. onh abrut one out of every five vet-
Catlos G, ananri. a Kan-a Gly ar-' crans of tlie TVorld War has applieil for(
5. ' ..1... . t. 1 . 1 . , ., ..... .. i. ,- i,-j-i .1. -ir.;i ..f.l.Mt
frtvals mentis., and practical mrchanKs --.- ,.,. 'un. k 'A.ft.!-fa!4Wn ... 1 7. ' .'2. "ST!T. '"f '7- i T. -r. .i-l'r. .""ri ZT
i I V .......l . ...!- ---'"- - ,.-... - - ... --,.. ..r....... ... I... .-...... a.... ..... ;i.m u, .... ................ ...
il I.
niTc uj . .-......."." ..iagftl i..r li.urteeii app.taiiees with ,' ,ii
fessor Andrews has discovered the lic ,,,, j,;ea) (,rclietras Trr tlic fniled'Two piano solos b Harry Spier, Mr,.;
laws of nnetiding motion.
Hal- this -s-ajon- four with the New
VerrcnralUs accompani.t:
bns lean.
The speaker pointed out that, follow vi. ja--!.. an',i ,tMPii will. lUlfliflels .bns lc
in; lhesoh.rj: ot the .Martian cooc t,J o,..-Pi.na,wa.V fJiiih, .'.... fuisi Flude in.a fiat. on. 2... . I.... I U.n vouM KCCD
salrano in ivoi, tne wniie race 01 ii.e; r,r.:, ,r,i.: ni imn.
orld(baslieen learning lhat its culture ,,,5. Urt ,tf j oA jurin. ,h(. minn 1 . ;Jn p,,.;,;,- f,., erMlia.k.
and the cullure of Vlars nujlit be blend- 1919.192O. ' " Ma
e- w.u. lppy result, lie cieii tne n nu ,; ,rarni , m)v
.?... .1 fVl lui.1 ..!. Til. vnflm i . . .' . .. " .
tfll-IW9 U. wr...l, n.n.. - ,h.uv j
Ihe1 first mp to Mars three years a;
lo prove his contention lhat Mars mi;
prove to" be a hippie r pUce for the w-fiit.
I fa
Immigranti. Out
Congested Cities.
A Uurcau of linmigranl l).-triliuii..ii
.4. 111H lias ocrii eiaiiiiieii ai r.ins iianu irv ' ,
Gimmii-ioner Freilcrirk IS. Wall!.. H ier. Tare U'uallv ol short
ln.Aln. ill., i,ii.l.ir,l.l. .nm..... ...
lace than iKe Vorld in the future. The , ,,rI);n, ,f j.,, .j
ua'.was bom in rtrooUyn. and while still, h. iTlirco Sail Water Ilalla.J-. , ictes that un.lciraWe -rgrrgali..n in
"Flfhigb.scWt I belJ aJrhurehW-Jr rftfSTJ.ihrr Macfiel..'..:....Freileiick l.ee.1 '" ", I""""-1 l a great ev-
'ff'lion;A"fler:hi. fafliei-rdra.b,,'V"cifen'. P..r-of Many Siir-.' . 'f" ,'' S"1. ? Tf.J1" r."nS k'
' raib look up bi.,vocal work'tm.lrf tlie Trad; W .n.l , """' fnr '.'e-iraWe immigrant, in farm-
Duft, mean Mntlier I'j'rr.
suiude ot uurnneus Drine, a .vianiaiu .hde cnlering New Wk riuicr.itv. I
two najs atier sue na.i come ,n inefrom vhirh , -RuIuateH in 1WI6. The fJ..lli of Heiven (W 1! cais -TVorld
ltilh her husband, showed, acrord. 1. r..ii., 1 i ,1,. -i -,.y. ,,i , -n...m l n.ml..ll
ing to Pr.fes.or Andrew that, ina-mach .j,. 11 r,..,1.,..;,71 . ., , Ti. n.;. . lM1.!lnur.
t.f scenery, Co- Ilobetl Ci.nningM.v Clarke
AA 1. . h r.M i... vr.... it.. v':nl:nai
his bride there and the br.de, so unfav-1 ,Um of pr(s.!(n ,,a, , rxpfti. Arthur Whiting
orably affected by the TTorM and us ,.,. rr . - , iltafraek-l!.-.ra.
- iT
t.re--'rui cwt t -j-rei, n-
STrlstriCrf tbe."
I ,T ' Couactt ofi the League of Nat-oa. It
V ?T yJrnfefeesluO-S-lfniyfilEed by our failnr.
to til this cbajr.
"Thobalr trouble has been that
A-ericaa rlrUenwe-e for BOBlhs
gtiiag all their thoughts to Clliog the
eialrj U"JMiMiua. They coaJd tot
u-e tha emnrr .teat at Gncn for lool-
fSV ao imnrui ,t the, one to becoia
i riopty in tbeiJ-ite House. Nov tat
;L-. ..f.S,4 Kfi 'Vil. fAr.lhe) crft.41.
'sX-entiu cbaif the enly-crueo' bow
t . Jjn' ltfrilln..occuriint.n; the po-
.!flc.',t'Js,'!. .. -Ai
.,. . ..-..,. . ..-., - ,n no si.iall rcpulalion s
!5v0Tr?neI1 v" M fa"""r 'ntpresl -;, ,Iie .,,...,
mlh lar. and its people that he ehoe ,unMA nr(.1P.,ra. wlt.n
dwellers thai She killed herself; Mars i
sa WliiIe the operalic -lage is no 1 Dann) Dccver (Ilillailsi
... .. w. .... . V"-
nri'rnni in in v,nnn. ami inar. laivn .. r .. .
i.V . . ' . j - preparation lor tne concert slage, llie re-
thls fact begins t make headHa) agamsi
historic superstition, migrations 10 Msr '
IwiU become every day occurrence iTTnifrirmor! PMllllo. irn WoVO ATalC
Once lhe.e migrations begin, said vimtui xivVJL X UJJUItlUull A-tv-i V muiHj
SuLitT: ""o" SSEaST ' Town Appear as Militaiy Center
IKe tno-t Jarinr and the younger gener 1 . . . . . . .
atioos vcill co first. The conservatives. "" ?nu P'ciure Mioun being in- ere.1 the war, ami ihe amount 01 militaiy
.t,-.-4,. r. .,-f1 m iv5nir si liome 1 '"., ") a foreign army and all
FAHMS co-eil licfore slie lia had lime to apply
rouge. lipMick and powder, while lie him-
f felf las not giien the morning coat of
liapiloline In his own wasy locks
"University love affairs"" sa)s Dr. B111-
iuration do
caue the cirl and the man meet lo fre-
iiuently in the cla-r..ora-s The roulinel
cour-- of eirrv da) essiors seein lo
lug and mining .burins 'throughout the. rut a damper on romantic feelmg. Thc(
roorlry Nirh imluslrial cilirs as lie. man lears to be evreiie.1 in in- acanemis
i troit and Akron haie recently sent re-,rt. and the girl, ti. feels hers-If'
prcentatuc. In G.inini.-io,irr Wolhs t lMmlM lf ihr. fa-lU-
urge liai lie innuence ininunranis t ..... ,. , ,
find place, elscwbire. '"" M ''' tf
Official jeenrds show that 430,00 im
migrants arrived in the fi-cal year end-
I "ft IIWI I- .1 .IOMA ..
1112 jure .,, ly-J. r.u.u llie iuw u. .. . i . .
. i- ii -.11. among in. lower cia-'K- ai i um.rrMij.
mials in New I oik alone in the lat s " "
months besinoin- in AoriL it has becu reehnr is haed upon some purely
!! Profeswir P.mder d. uot repaid
lh-s fickler-es. f the pamg farr as
an unn.ise.1 eiL It I a cure for pupn
'vie Iv savSs which is not uncoimnn!
Waller Plmro-eli t ,;,,! ,Ka, a,"all ports in half a year external feiurr ver often, soh .v -on.il
the-number was AIIJD00. Laborers and loots cieveme-s repanee. 1 remciuucr
vtianls are the two large-l occupational oung woman in one of m) classes wlio 1
groups says A mlhrop D Lane, in the told me lhat she carol fnr a certain uni
New York Fiening Post. Out of 81iXXJ 'er-iti man liecaue li raue.1 his hair
laborers 17.000 went to Vew .ork,an.l h. nicrjy. '
1SJXK) 10 Texas Mo't of lh.se going t.,'" " '
Tcvas were Me-icans. MawachusCtls.-" " ,
.1.. ,,;,.,, : rr,l ilm . r-,l,M i. Pcnpshania. Ohio ( jldorma am!
Cm The K. O. T. C las 900 rifles and a Michigan recei.edll.e next larger num.
(naui4, IAJJ
nrpr-t num-
... . s....
JL -T ""-r t S.' W - -"? - V
The Stuffing Hn;ihe
r f -
A Tl.ank.gi. ihg table loaded ivith all
the good things tltat make 'Thanksgiving
Mrnncr north iliilc,"the hunch around the
tahlcjiappy in anircTpation 6F"iIic Tcat
before them and the Jay ha.ikcrs, down
fall to come, the turkey, brown and crisp
and earning, with lillle hrbwn potatoo
and jireciKparglcv on the side, and then
no d rest
itiiil.-a nntlmift
I llM UU -jrll-"s
in l.lfTj.ltf
ll.F l,...l,.;
empline. "Can you imagine
t emuline. "L-an vou
1 .,
Yet tlmt'sju whaUou do exerytime
m vnd ou! an envefop'"fromfiiir: of
ficc with jii-t a li'ill I nit. "Ybu reave
out the part that make the envelop
bring return. And, n in the turkey,
ou might ai well utilize that space, it
doesn't co-t jqu anything. "'Envelop
-tufler",'are our Thanksgiving specialty.
I iVgmf B .., Domntairs Phone 97
. j.t t r .- n
I lalAhhonk ,! - - 1 ..
i f .t i-i i r -i it istviiiuiir iiki if-ir-iaiiii iiiirn nil
run nrrn.nf.r tiw fiu wnri; ni ninrrK. Mill .-" ---- .
- ,r..T. . . . i i.i 6a Mcmre ihi invriHIn"- atmv at iw -titfllriffli -uni.U of lie other snull arm fre- 'ul m -""
.k. T, .TISL ZZrZnll1 ?,( U, we? wrm -l b tbe infantry. TfTe ' w V,'rU , ""'
them, tha. the pepbrwho defended themj,f u . i ,lie M,,. 'i ' f it.e artillerv enuipment is est',. be going t Ma-ai liuti.
against Uieir -enemies, againt iainin.i. . , . ., .... i.i. .v j .. -mnnn it... -r . ti. r .. .i,.. t.
thirst; cold.
nnviii ,. al 1 lb
heat, against all tlie eic- f,.,!;,,. j, J0U' vj tav -,1, Cninmb;j , f , mcluding a complete battery of 3- ad.isory onlv. It is propo-cd lo i-o-oper-hese
persons lave migrated,!,. rr ,, .i. ,. ,, ;,,ir -u. ... .. ... ,.,it n... ..,,,n ... ..i. .(, r.Unl -....I t mnh.v.
to Mars, the promised land ol Ibe lnw Jn, ol, c;iJ. in ,. tlatf , nu or motorcvcle. field radio apparatus nient bureaus in dwlAping llicrIicy andr.,'
icriai ncvi'ssai i'
ihe essential of
jy first Centutj!,
Columbii would .lw. defr-nded hv lr?f)n iiml oilier material necrssarv for ciiine s.stpm nf ihe ner bureau in the inter
r- , ... .... . . .. .r. ..ii : -- -,-. ... - . - - .--.--
-llie uourty commumcauoo Kiwrenun,fona-ed ldirtsTn.- oilier towvis of ftbi. student.
lilfcaf pa-tr that pla
I r " , . P VfV-
J lift uj hdt eje and
daced bim in it will
ose th necessity
k of joltl-ig the teigne of Nti6ns
. . . w Mv. . t . ,
We 4rni 'in as a peacc-tovjog
2JJ fple and' we ought. W ..be in it, in
!tl vle'w-VVtraajtion a.jt
: fa4S &SL&&- ' f?"
nr trr
X ja-rViytffl-jr fibi-. a"lish. cream to
adarl. brown diTlayet. as uin oia
but riot an "inch of rearOld Col.L
The- Univer-ity of Missouri has onl
H-.-V.-t ir?.!.!, mT.rll1, "onr. few tradition, tliat are" still kepi aliie;
gb&y-Tfc ttie-triditron-of the Unhersily colors
?ML iSsi4t "tlJer-alV.recl lo pass away br.uerub--)iJ.lioreiaTs-fsilve3ct
ucA that t urates am-easier, to get and cheaper?
.! --- T-.'sT a ssriT. .l i . .- s-V-. s sii jt 1 rtl.I 1I . -en-
".s-jfr fiib tiivtfcj.iK ..w; r:r
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Maee-lovu! Baboo. 1
teroalinal rolangl etoent Sato which vie
'hare fallen 'ftefe is iw other war
the H.rld-and Mars which has been
fact for the last four years
the people a. great desire to emigra'
Inst new norm, il we may can
WBrfe there Ts no money, no labor, no I through The Tl. O.T-j'C; wireless station, ReS-CTOMjto Extend W
wars'and where, I say it solemnlv, where iwlulaoiricn''toton5wolijlii5igj!r3ntvot-" - - Tbrongbout' Divi
Cod Is not guesswork." fwlut wVgoinon in iherrcst oflheo.irt- Througlvthc-lsale of
- V , j.lr. " '' , . roufrli'-IJfes condu
' - . -r -f m i.kltiml.sl TJ fT 1jMSmTn- ntr4rvl !llr' "iafvir-t "tasSCiir ftf
i. idiiunibia k-iar,ljecoraing a. milirarrti"sf v service
I renter. Therei? few towns in1he Uiif?.t,lUff jCrpsj,,
-' d
renter. TheVe i?e few towns incite
J C... .U,.J'l-.-'' .Jt i u. , ,j'
i.i-s uw. lull 9,jji;ir 9i.iivr in vraiw,
...1..? ;,.. .f. . .1. ' . .r .a- . .
:. .1.. iMiTr r .1 7T. k.,.- .r vf.. -, ,
,-. -,.r ,,.v..... ..Kj V..V-1J . M?-Tiri-
lefl vxc-Ai4roi us at Ceaeva.
v;j-s.- -
.i t.. . ..
V -If ibe World tttJ MTOJW w .Old Cold bunting
la-.l-od thing, iLaikttTJfoBCuteti easicini get'off
-f the front? the the pWt 99 n be made
iJJf "f - . - . .. c ,"jt; is" '' Are we going lo
IS'-enlastloaor tie ueiunw saner- . hi
m..vi-.Si4.nBon. Ibe aunl,.acnsiciaii ipii .tL K ai
f: vViVi'KtiadVo,K
Are Not Missouri Colors, (population iiiti'oporUon to' the 'sice of iluring i &j-9Ul
r o ter.ijssourji: iuc uni-i" ..;-. ijiiiEi. i"vr;iw-TO-'
colors' " are KOI.D GOLD and Three separate Argahiratton- licrrwodC. -Si-,02sflimfi
ev-,1 l irtv-iK.-nuirnlnir ' "C" " " " c'i invcii4q in ca-cr. S Tt."u.1 6?iiSiWIf
1 of these c. ''it' vTiii-'."c
" ". yn,nwmnrB
elfare Work
clothing and
ucled bv aux-
of the American
icrwise it
r them to
many lied
their wil-
arm c!olh.
artillerv et bolli of tlie special needs of each
region and of the newcomer.
Farm labor is needed in all pans of
beicountl). sajs the Washington Herald,
iarticu!ari) in soulliern sections ll will
be-the task ol ihe nev: iiistnouiion nut
jau to make the rewards of farm labor j
ailractiie Ihau tliose ot 7
bird In gei'on accoust of the carcirj:
of dves hut Old Cold is available, now
(and etlief institnlinns- wiib lhat color
lave plenty of it.
Kot a merchant in town nas any reai
or crepe paper; "iUis,
colors and perhaps moreH
on them.
allow our traditional")
lor. for instance, want
ed fSaVEnndras-ot yarrWoPOld Cold
beaUnefoc,;sleeoritIng Ttollins "Field
aod not jard of real Old Cold bunt-
V Ing in .Columbia, f'tverf y' hunitrerts
" J. IJ . ..J .J -..,- -. vtw-rc
- . I.I. 1 VA Ji--'--v-.T I " Ml II II I I .fl
uuu, ! ir-w s4j i-i, m . 'uirz.tl- 'PlAiifTBrmtiiiBmMLnl.i A...
are freshmen 'UIM parenu ek, f To begin will, quill pens wilt, the
a,ermirenwntof,botr,,4errana .j c(Iorc4 arp nfce,wr.(
. - . J - -.-l . 1 iL-r r,os-tr.s --.l il,-- l.:tJr---i I.-,.--. ..-. V-T.lOt-l.
missionnl. officers receie,Ta HnJll.tej: uv --..-.... ....-,.-.-,,-.-;-
muneradnn for (heir ser'iices lrrstrucr't" 1'1 "f0" lle American Ke.l Cro as -Tliertfare blotter, of a liul lo match-
Irul) being -still the (.reatcsr Mother of ir liarmonize wih tne-coier or-ine qniu.r -
'iinnear more
vmlusiriai work.
5talionery, Quilb, Calendari. .Made ;
. in iiarmonious Shades.
ltoo, or. S3, -Just now every,
bod) is striving lo keep a cheerful face
.here in spite of,lhe labor and .political c "
crisos which are assailing the govern-if i
menC Dusincsj.folk here have respond.
tiou'ls -iven in iofintnr tactics for one
group and in artJMcr) tactics for anolher.-Thrm AIL"
A special .cla'ss lias been arranged for Crane is tlio firl town in Miwouri
the sophomores who have agfeeil to take where a salvage" Jiop has been opened
ihe full four yeais' "work. At present 'by the Ked Cross Through tho, simps
!-! OlSSd T -?1Sldlw BH-V trla-V I-trUtVn1-V- SWVSdl i IIiASI.hJ -.f JaII-,-- k- i1k r fcl.?.
tun va9 in piuujiiij, iiiw, s-i-vMiiiei am' an.'u?w tuts ,it stisiijii ntsitll vt llUilV .
tli"iSf-nl.M3-inrh lrmrtrir-' TL rla iill fis.ksrf-lt nw -ir. ilimu-n -mit- l,.-.:nt
stud all the Special weapons used b ihefouilivcd ihrir usefulncs'will Ce reclaim-1 HoD'. i1'1 now raD"0-
imanirvv u incniucu win rrwiic ic- e,t and made in do dun for neonle who I . V r. , ... .n i-nr.
hen the, complete fcl), fr ,W , he ,hem. Wli.t.BJ.a .vvjjv ri. ..
-The- moner realized from sales held I Omfstw S.-iv Men and Women
Tl-e second, orgsnUaiiou consists of ' b the saliagc shops Is spent again in j Are Ton Much'Togethcr.
llm-e from 100" regular army who are nhe community, for various kmdv'nf w-l- f ou want to marfvthe object of'
here drilling, the !. 0. T. C. and looking . f. Wlt )our afftjon,, rf t g. ,tr) TOurk oV
after ihe eVpirpment used by them. This. M;4 Katherfne nurbngame, director , her or him before the wedding. iVlhi
class consists f commiiimicl nffieers h, ..::. !- .u. c....i ':i:-j l.u-. f fh- . Rn'.lnlnl. f Rm.
... u,. ..j , ...r tu i..c 3uuiliwfiein ...i'.n. ..... ..- -. -.
sene commissions
the course. "
iSiatloncn anl eien scratch paper, desk
calendars, eni elope slilters and papi3"r
eighls aUo appear in tlie color series
Mtn and women in offices are follow. , J" .
ing'.suit bv wearing their merriest at-i
tire. "imiic, even if it hurts'" is Lon-'
1 s . J siisai j emvr m tlic JUUIUROiriO f nn'iti s-. - - 1-- -- 1
"W 3irl4fi frwJ ?f-Ba 01r f- of. yard ere vcd and rwry wo years rxw emi-ici men Diniow,said,lheshrfpsrrarliially wdl belder, pn.fesnr of sociologj at New "lotk ,-r -4
-likieW-sirlwB JVtv-Jl? s-nrralbrinfrred.Taore. ' .The other" organization a ut.il of iti$4&t!&l5jj, division, which L'niversit, in an article in the Washing-' ' V "
-frVS -ai.greaw 'Ji-n-oT " banting and in wk Mi-souri Naiional Cnard r -jhH"IKde, M.-sonfi. of !" T"' nn"- " "-"' "" fK,'
fl jSfesWW310" "?"- Imitationa of Uie Old Cold that makes ed personel of fift) file men who.sre paid, vl "X'Ui' C- i "" Famibanly brccls cunlempl. whereas.i !s
rf.!.:.j: t'oaU tyaiilc'lBail'fu ua-feef sicUv ourselves. for the lime iheyaspend In acinjl.drilling. Dr. Jonas Vilcn In noipitaL di-tanee Jends enchanimeni, , -which jV
! .. for the United Suies J-crhaps ihere are juniors in ihe Uni. lu . comm.s..oe.l officers are icteran Dr, Jonas Yilcs, of the Univjisity facnl the lender flower of love i, not apt 10 p
aStitfJ hSsJl'iJ" ?:J . 'rrVsirrwho-bavel nertr yrtjss-u lb- real -"- "f the A. F-F. j, underwent an orraiionr the re- wiiher as il doe, in ll cUsooim f coM '
ii' te'M WrttcfTBay ntwn, QW jj that -is-so- dear-to the hearts, Tbe uniformed population of Columbia moral of hi, tonsils at Pajter .Memorial leges where, after llie ru-li to an eatly,
111 FIrcorttrto-ied ranch to tbe --,-. m6 Cni - ,, "A. J. ,I about twice whaTit was when wrent. Hospital Ssturdar. class the enamored ouUi sets his fair . -r,.
g IS!!!'-"1 " "rr-k -- - . .... -- " " " "T" - -. . "r"
Howdy Jrom-New Orleana.'PETE! '?'-
z'il "(" c!ock- yu'c 20t,the time maybe you'd "
lihe tb hecr this one!. As ive,yere ro'linj; iiitb New
Orleans ytsl&rdtLy dne-ol'the metf irf tljc'clulTcaf -
ve j . J
was recountmg ms-xijarctttntiperreftceS; IjoW lift
finilly pullcsl-irt ricb-onrhci Iuekaha"Ept setVifiht f
"VVclI, iVc.had mv-ctffarettev lesson1 cn'ir;n.ir..l
the traveller. "I went- up and down tlie line on "
cigarfcttcs until I got j0ld of Camels and otdeen
into their quality and mildness and' deliglitftvt
flavor! There never was a blend sucH as CameU
" combination of cfiotCcr-Tiirltisli .4h ei,f.!h.nrv..
.tic tobaccos! 1'Hs.ay it Camch'lauvht tzewhat a
U-T.IV .1. - . ,
' NovC Pete, .list's the. Hnd.of Camel thnw.
C'vingtiiff jrou ger North. East, South, West and
ti:roi!i,l the middle! That'.; all as true as. that tittfe
sheep'tvill Wag their tails!
I )li'd some talltfitnkins as r browsed throuplt.
Ill rtii.f l,t UmnaK ..-A.l. J! s S
how uni'.'ersartrle arjpeal-of tJdmel cipa-'
rcttcsrcalry iM- Fiure the travillinj- I'yC
done and the pionJeTvc'rnct.s esch -iI
differcm frorn the othei1 AND Ccme"U-
lte'btcn the" ONti ci.-faretfe to be founS
everywhere snif the V'arette moii"
smoked zt eich point! Petcold backston'
it b wonderful the waystio!:cri are sliding
--.heme to Ctmcls! " "
Dallas. Tcsas, for me!
1 1
t .t t
- i
a .hcnv.
i3 is-'.r V- -,-Ot
'IV MtsftK
1 1 rs c .. r- .' i
,.J li s, 1 - T - f t
t, t
' t I
sl I'Ij1s-.
I iH"i lift-
s1-m( YourSj.
S. 23 'r,5 ,i i f O 1 T
m s-
j si - j
SM ,. fM

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