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fJBBg?THE COT.TTMRTA the nations during the great conflict. ' V V 71 T
IIIENINGMISSOURISN Knnnt U a .jucstidcnmdins AOfOCld Ifl MlSSOUTl
- ImmCUiaiC SClU.C.CiaL. lUUlUt UUIUUTC- '
. , X
5? Pnhlishe,! -, J '.
" - j- , "J iriunB bcp( uu
qj5. u, e ausaourtan Publishing As-
Clty: Week, lo cents; single copies.
3y il la B. Ci!tT- Yf.
tf-A2S; 6 months, $XS; 3 months, 50
,. ..M, uiumui, jo cents.
-Outsid the county: Year, iS0: 3
-. nooiM. 1L2.V mnt.il. jic .. p..
fl in, advance.
a- '
;ltemhr Audit Bureau o tjrcnUtionj
Entered as teasd-chus mil natter.
Acceptance for milling at special rate
ijpostage provided fof In Section 1103,
Act October 3. 1917, authorized Sep-
lemrjcx 20, 1918.
tLe nations during the great conflict.
Disarmament i a. ipjesdonf demanding
immediate settlement. Internal improve
menls are being deprived of financial
support because of the tut sura of mon
ey that U put into building national arm
ies. Should the nations continue to arm
themselves, they will lite every agency
of science In war preparation. Should
this energy be rmplo) cd in productive
indoitry. the world trill t much belter
and eiviHration will be further advanced.
news ,........,.......... ...... 7 J
Advertising- and Grculalioe 5."
The time to begin on next j ear's pa
den is now. The gardes should be clean
ed up by the latter part of this month.
As soon as this is done, the ground
should be spread with manure from two
tofoar inches deep and turned illi a
plow or fort. Tliere need bo no effort
10 break up the clods or male the ground
.niooth. During the winter frerxii.g and
tliawing, it -will disintegrate. Spring yU
find the area fair! well levclwL
One of the main advantages of fall
manuring and digging is that the rough
Mexico now has one of tho most mod
ern and complete hospitals in Missouri.
It was completed recently at a cost of
J 125.000, but at the present pries of ma
lerials it may be valued at closo to $330,.
fn the basement are the laundry, boil
er rooms, kltclirn, .lining room, morgue.
detention ward and x-ray room. On tlw
first floAr ire Jh offices, a reception hall,
diet kitchen, a sun parlor and private
rooms, and ward. On the second floor
ire the wards, anntlier sun parlor, operat
ing rooms, drug rooms, s Irriluing rooms
and washrooms for the doctors and
nurses. The third door contains -Tooras
for the ten to fifteen nurses lio will lie
Monroe county now 1m 1.03 mrmliers
n it" farm bureau.
The mrmlicrs of the Conaregationa J
uiurru ei j.epunuc nave sutisrrtxieff xj,-
000 toHard a new liith e!iool building
for that Inun.
There are no walls around the grotmds
and there is no armed guard to prevent
the escape of the boys, as is popularly
supposed of tlie Missouri Reformatory,
which is organized as a military school
oith industrial education 'added.
At the time of its ctablLJiment. tli?
school uas called tlie Stale Reform
School. Then the name vas changed lo
the Mi ouri Training .School for Dojs
and doling Governor Major's term, the
name, Missouri Reformatory va adopt-ed.
The school opened In January 1C3J,
the 'same jears of the establishment of
the Miseouxi fndu-trial Horn' for girls
at Chlllicotlie. Tlie cituens of the vicin
ity of iloonertlle donate! to the t.fate.
163 acres of land upon hie a three
story home for the boys a erected.
The li) have alvtavs been taught tol,fr erint out It is thought a tobbcry
off. This morning the beams of the roof
sagged so it looked as If'tueVhole house
ou!d fall apart. It may get to its ini
tiation, but many are speculating.
Ttenton RrpabHctin.
Andrew County has 9,178 horses, &S97
mul..-s, 27JM head of cattle, lo,202
sheep and 57x3 head of svrlneyaecord
ing to the 1920 census. The" county Tiis
Z3,1f farms, the total acreage ot,if)iicn
is Stlfln acres. Of this total 2iij606
acres are improved land. n
Someone pried open the door of the
rJlice In the depot Monday night and got
20 cents and a ticket. Nothing else was
f taken, though thing were scattered
about a bitv CuBotd Times.
According to the LoeLwood Uiminary,
quail arc unu-ually plentiful near there
tnis season.
Ihe ducts are beginning to fly. Manr
01 ll lovers ot the rod and gun are max.
ing efforts to lure the highflying Unci
to the ponds, talcs and rivers by imita
tion calls, decovs and the like, and some
are having fajr success. .The recent cold
snap sent the ducks south in large nom
ber s. Karnati Pulletin.
j After serving the comunity of McFall
tor tlurty years, the .Mirroi lias supeud-
W. Johnson. Crocker no-mustcr. was I I'ubljcation because of lack of natron-
awakened the other mornin" bv a noi.e!5?''- Mrs. Kathryri Sims lias been editor
at the door of his combination pttofficsfor ,,ie ,M ",0 Jears.
and home. Thinking that it vvas the! ji... cilm-"Tn 1 ,.
r.-, . ... . ... Iliaman J-chlcicher of Dekalb Countv
ramilys j-tt kitten, iv aroc to let ir in.'- , ... ., ,, . ., J". ""'"'J
t .j 't .,,.... , 1 ' levins considerable trouble wiih four
111-icjii t.i mr kinen ne lounu a man .,j ,. v. t.. ... ,- .j
.1. j. . unit 1- 1111 feee he has at is farm. Everrl
at Ine door, who Peel hen the notraa-1,.. 1 . .1 t , ,' I
HCtk, in. the --.hool garden, some, id tai
tie the farm. Others ork under tlie
rann-ter. In the laundry, kitchen, din
uf tie prstoliicc was thus preventeit
traulicrrv- l'-tcr Cluh lias Urn
- ...I .1. , . i. . Arnnitr.1 nl CM.Aiir (I.a ..Iiu k.n .
nin. laiKi-nnp ana incEl'iiur rr." - -!' - pi rniB -,,- -!,u
night t!ic raie a racket and ruJi to the
far side of the nature. It is exvlained
thai now that geese are beginning to fly home in W'averley thU morning.
fcotbitt-teanr,-cane ta Colombia Vid-tfTEPIIENS COLLEGE
Btsdi) to visit her son and secL'-e-JHs-j jDr;c It: llfPUVZT
touri-Kisusaj game. She returned to, her . LdMrUa IS IUUnc.31
& 5 "a. . w ' GROUND m COLUMBIA
visiting Misses Margaret and Amy Cam- The highest ground In Columbia, ae
cron at the Alpha Delta Pi boase. ilt-, cor(liiig to Prof. W. S. Williams of the
Bogart returned to his home- In, Hatni- syi f Engineering, is right in front
bal yesterday. Mrs. Bogart remained, to tIle tntrlnce to . main parlors of
attthd dance at the Alpha Delta Pi o-1 sh(ns crj-j, At th place the
rority house but night- (, b :fa fwt abovr lc,rf.
7 I Ine top ol tie dome on Acancmic iisu
f M AtWT.V AnnttT VVCWl.V. i h the hialiest place in or near Columbia
'. ' ll.a. An xn rMtl llu,llt the aid Of Ell I
.- f 1..11 . Tl. ,An tt lKr '
UirjIiaiKT U( IMIHlllk -"I'
dome is approximately '923 feet above the s
sea level. Tlie average ground level in
Columbia is about "30 feet.
As one looks north from tho top of ihe
Tiger Taxicb Company
Dance and Party Calls a Specialty
Phone 1199
Day and Night Service All Big New Cars
AJIen Reid went io St louls Way;
Mrs. E. M, Carter went Centralia
Mi Olive Thorne ent to adllieothe
mis morning. ( . ..,.. ir.ii ,i., , ,m,nT.
Hitty Combnnk left this morning for I .mokciacks of tlie
iiSaJi bn i. i""?"" "";". ,w "r. ?
the week-end here.
Verne Cornelius of MaysvUIe is spend-
ine the week-end here.
Miss Clarhsa Patterson is spending
the" weekend, at her home in La Crange.
MU E. Moultnn of -St Joseph is visit
ing Miss Mary Haul
F. E. Cros went to Molerl) on.laii
ness this morning.
Mrs. Mary A. Scotf went to Mexico
this morning to spend the week-end. '.
Jliss M. V. Dover went to Si. Louis
this morning on business-
JfriC Roy Drum of Fort Smith, ArL,:
who has been vi-iiing Mis Juliet Hol-
of the hog cholera serum plant sevrral
miles north of the city. Tlie small frame
houses in the northwest, section of the
city seem to have been built without any
regard to ihe block system which most
citie carry out
Turning to tlie wct one sees that the
bonus are orderly arranged hut llirre
are not as many of them as there arc" on
the north side. The Columbia graveyard
attracts the attention for a moment and
then as one looks towards the south lie
i- instantly attracted by the well planned
plots of the University farm. Bejond
this there is nothing but open country.
In the sunshine the autumn leaves re-
Is Near
iitff returned home todav?
Miss Jane Shanleish. Mr. and Mrs. I fleet a nieture more beautiful than anv
Tom K. Smith and R. D. hxreheval went I made by an arti-t
to StvLouis today. The average ground Ievl of Boon? t
Miss Marcella Fletcher, who has been I County is about 60 feet but, in places
vi'iling in Columbia, returned to her near Ashland, Centralia and Stephens,
the contour lines on the topography map
ipartmcnt the bojs work for f.ne Is -If '" promote thcu'livaiion- of strawberrie.
lav and arc in school a half dav. ln uu' ""viniiy. two Hundred acres of
ouuiwaru lor the winter these birds Pjrl P'rm. rri.,m..l il.tj mm!iri, J !,. N...I - m ssn Ui- !.,,.
.want to jom the aerial procession' to a Lawrence. Kan, where he is a Hudtol the sea leveL These places "-are the
in tha (jniveuity of Kansas
"X'eatheib people are starting an agi-i.
Mrs. R. G. Pierce, who has becen vbit-1
ilu'ghot spots in llie-counlv.
ground, exposing a greater area for cvap-' Twentvonc trades are lauht. Some l""1'" J HI. mean about $200,000 fr the-tat,,,,, for a curfew law
oration lo tho wind and son than level, of the doparlnicnts are: printiui, bjk c"n"nM";''--" ' "ul- - liv home at night.
ing her laughtcf, Mis Rowena Pierce.
racked mml. drlr. ,,. nn:Alr. "& ntgi nemna tadormg, sonletiint.
Tond thn
-iing. With
v- comes in
garden will
work to
with a scnSe-hoe, which when properly , were S0j tas in the institution at ,the
used makes a perfect seedbed. Oa the '" of hT' fWU aI""'-l half of
... , ,, , iwlmu arc cvlorin. Many bojs bavi-
oUier land, manure should not be -prcad , brfr p frora ,h(. kW k
on the ground and left there all winter j figures for the years 1915 and 1916 are
if an early start is dWred.. It acts as . follows.
49 78
C30 539
27 .V.
went to Oregon, .Mo, Uns morning. ii
Mi-J Lena Plummer. who. has been
Stephens College Notes
-. ....! ; I --1 !-. !- -" 4V""r I'll l-l illtll. WIUCJI 13-H-lW ( IllOUItll UL1 VearA OW! .Vlu. l'r.,lv .f - wv.v, ..kmlvi. tin, ikuiii.
is in condidon for earlier plant. !,,' JiiB- uu2n '.Wrvn "H". I!u,fc,, 'ard Main street, is in i Qifton Gty still manages two large '"'? l0, ter m,e 1 IIaIf' I College lias as week-end guots ihe fob
Ihe warm period that usually ..aching horticulture. lh.riculwrr. Jjri- i nua """ nL"ic ,0P P2" ,uu '"!" "' that town. ' "" a. i.mcmus, wuo .vas ocrn u.e lowing:- JudSC- anJ Mr. N. .. Franklin
to.!!.!-- - - ,. ca,'"Vyth
1 found in condition to '??" YT ". "Rnff IpR" FmA OO QrOLr- ' iW Ka.o Crosswhi.e. wb., lu, be.-n ,Cin f -"s 7, " ",. ., V"
. J.u s . ,,... :.. '" r- r7 " "--.""' - - u.v. M11 vMUng Miss Juaniu Vocls. went to . F -h.il.. r t.t" fi. " .. .
- -,.. ,. ibiu .. ,0 ,uo scn,xi since us tounoinc jncre
Began by Accident in 1900jsS
urgron Uu morning.
Ilillix left for hli home in ttV-
T..m, ,.. a. a ma,s meeting speak. , ly succeeJing vcar. his rrece ... ,.,, ' ?m " a" a " '"
a mulch in the spring and holds the'
moisturrv keeping the ground too eoggyl
.for early planting
It is better to catch tini by th head
thin by" the tail.
Paroh . . .
F'eape ..:
Deatl. ...
The am. I) plan of living is practiced.
Means, and Edith Crown-of Kansas Glv.
Nell Adam of Clarence, Marie Ktihns of
Chicago, Hulda Tajlor of Krvle-ville.
Louise Holly of fjt St. bi-. Ill, and
Agnes Smith of Marcelim.
.Uways rcscrvo the. tljht t rliange
your mind, and preserve youth and
All breweries will be sealed which hivo
been making raoro than one-half of 1
per cent beer, official, announce. Possi
bly these breweries will try thst old
"stall' ab;ut never exactly understanding
"'frictions when they vent through the
A review of the international situation
of tlie world two years after the World
'War discloses the fact that with the ex
ception of the vanquished countries, the
powers recently in the war are making
war preparations on scales greater than
those previous to 1911. This is bring
done despite tlie fact that the signatories
of the Treaty of Versailles declared them
celves in favor of the. reduction of arma
ment Thus while the League Assem
bly at 'Geneva is erecting the keystone
of the, world peace, the national govern
ments -are busy constructing their war
This is the result of approaching in
tcrnativnal ruicslions from an angle that
is not entirely to the point of bringing
jirace and reconciliation. No amount et
disinterestedness or altruim will secure
a condition tliat is not more cr less color
ed by nationalistic or sclfiih motives. But
we are aware that agreement
r w ,1... ..W.....1 1,M I.. VI I. I.C , , ., -e .
. .; .-v. .,. nu U) i,. ... uuijmp.rtMM.r3 putiorm evoke! no unusual rp n r l!,:l u i.t i, .-.-.
of Kansa, Gty. far fame, as -IMtles,-i joy. 1, w inunction of pep meet' -Jte 2t T ICuTm rt
Lvrry year -ince 19U0, ilw program of at ings which ushered -flnltles" into iv.nu. ! I . i I t i, , , ,
lea. ..rx- Midori m. meeting lias in- laTr,. For, in It of ever fau . wTh ifv lit? I '' .
cirM amoue the. .talr,. th, n,- f ... r', .- ' i , " " .. C- Gi Hum, who lias lx-en veiling
ll..-ll. r. -p .: 7" T . onevc;'n, ""-y'Dr. C W. Newman, went lo Kansas Glv
ti.. ..- v.. .v , ., '. r.. u!c'7 -" -.i as- tMUy.
.. u ,,u. uu. u janiao, ..ir. set, uu lengUi ol wind is remarkable. in;, pi , . t- i. . 'twine, ivan -inancne raiman and
Ilunus anreacd his nickname he beran 1. -,. IM. .1... t. C - I .U!u .I-'-ln rrturBwl " K T I Loui-e Helman of M..l-lr. sl.rv tt .
his caieer a ma-s meeting speaker. Ha famous a. a ma. miin. ,l., -n.jV " " a S"il",t m r-er Mj , !! ,.f Fnllon. Ethel rf.lr .
ms --.. ." .- .. ..-HHW. ure ihiwti". ....".. ' '
Ea.-h company of l..JS live, in a Anita. 7" " J1, ""l ,'"," a '?,'.'" vU ,,ial a vellLnown alumnus of, TIlrou ,,- M,M ,, ,,,.,. ..U. Julia b.wa.cr, of Liber,,.
"'v "'".""i uuc a 'pnviinne rmrfw v mt mhvimI i .-! .,!.-, ,. .... ' . ..iuiii si-irai m imsa. tunn iirman
.' ....... w.uuu... l.lulJU-,1 IU UI4 Iklllllt. IU . -r. - II . w . .,......
. . i- im ijnrmunn r r ,.e,n a. ...m....... .
t - ,-- -......, ... -..w .., .taiifinii.
TIx litta Sigma Omiiron rornritv of
Steidiens College has for weik-end suests
the following: Mrs. John Welch of Cpp
1 persville, Kan -lUanche Paiinan and
Thank-ghing and all its cxcitcmcnl i
over, and now is ihe time lo think of
Chrilma sift.
Socks, tie, handkerchief-, hat?, cap,
'hirts and the ike are the standard gifts
fpr men.
- - .And think at what price- we are -ell-ing.theni.
Vou arc aware that our closing out
?ale is on and all our Men's Furnishing
goo'ds'go at cost.
For Father, JJroiher, or any man mem
her of the family'voti can find somethins;
, here.
Kememher we are celling out on men's
furnishing goods at cost.
flUI till VSfetallll Jt iirtllClMIII sllaU V i
Here he learns Ieons of ! .
rafsnmt lint r-v J a ? I. To a I
iiiiivuiiw iiu i ir JU- " iu "M j . , 1 i .
j iv uK-tujJF, m.i in3i time w-i
1 I M ... ij nn a--V-ilU IU HLH-flk ai lint in 0
Ih a oamn The mc.lmg it whicj, (a ccrub mass meeUiu several jears ago, ' I i,
I-ke that year was a Abating fut.v , Rai il... wabash branch from Centralia. J, ,ta hi
r-n nw linns ilit ! !.:- .. .!.. i .. .. . JKJima
'If-llMi-llTi Vltinlov nt r'V.1l...t t.. A
r.t.u. - ...... t .. " '" -"-' """'" -
"-"'""J. u tunrui in llEttvAl T?i.I r t . 1
vironinen, lore he came to the .. . , , .TFrida, nigh, wn Fred ' h "ker JM Ti ?? "", I phrt a""ft mnrnta ' '- "' ' " - '
.So hoy is permitted to leave ihe insti ! Pi j -i nini, wn.n rrea , the spjker did not arrive. In desper- Hamilton io.Lit '
tution until he can read and write. Ig- If ' , -,r"T-i; nnounfcd j ':"" ihe chairman of the meeting started Mt Mai Leler l. 1 ... ;1"Jurnalhf, May- Allend'ScWin.
nna.ee and Mltnrwi arc r-eognire.1 a, ' "T 2? f "" Bat ' - '" a substitute, and found Iguof her l"ohe7j MTwt ' J--" have ihcir fir
the forces which send the incorrigii les r:1,,V ." " ' "-0." Needless M- -BW J tlTnL 'i' ," .nUl'm ''"' W lh' S
to the schooL lw clrfci.BE which waHkw cpi. rspeecli was the mo, ,uccc4ful of the Mta5r ?! ,"i f r I "f'' ll,r null.K ni give December
,., '. c i ill minted even barren Uanling. or Ring evening, and. a. a result, he ha. ho,n .. ' fw L P,f Fa5"Ct'' ion!fl"ok nn''e- The- journalist .
JZtet. " s T"' r"rC Ijrdncr' nu' !,ra W'' r" B""' " since. T " J?? I?"1 f M' W' E ,bn,"k ' ll3Tf bn " 'a Hih"ik
committed M memory. A Smuby after-airo.lirl i ilu.ilft.:,. ...u:. . ..-.., ... . South &xth street. ,m ,i- ,;,v, i.r. -in v.- u .. .v.. I
! : - ...--..j i'uui. inui. . none i ran oounio thi rvw ,- ,,. . . . . . . - -"-v.- ... .... . un. M. .uf.
noon picture show is held in the Afrfa-
bly building each Wfek.
The following guests registered at the
Daniel D.one Tavern yesterday: A V.
Ward, Columbus, Ohio; A. I!. Craig,
Wichita; .Mrs. VanDan, St Louis; G. S.
Kleronvdion, Washington. D. C: Mrs.
L. T. Chield, Richmond, Mo.; E.. C
?pratt It. Harp, Mr. T. J. Beaumoct
and daughter, T. J. Beaumont, St Jos
eph; Mrs. W. E. Slaltox, Nevada, Mo.;
Miw Byrde. Price, Nevada. Mo.; El anor
Comber, St. Louis; Alice Durrett, Mar
shall, Me.; L. D. Barns and wife, Ne
vada, Mo.; W. T. Brown, tK-nisin. Tea.;
Jits. W. II. Clark, Kansas City-, J. W.
Hawk, Oklahoma Gty; M. rlelctier; Mrs.
Z. E. Levens, Nevada, Mo.; Mrs T. M.
Ivn-ig, Springfield; Myra Shannon, Mi
ami, Okla.; L. W. Lingilon, St Louis;
Mrs. A. E. Abury, Mi's Janett Asbury,
tdgar Atbury Jr HigginsviIIe; W. A.
51., Toledo; E. II. Thoone. St Louis:
IATU I ....n ...l.li. .1.. . 1 . .
, .. . .V. . ' ..r. . . T " """"- '"V r.-wm. ion.
,..., . ..j,-..- a, o cnmuia -lijtnni- said je.lerdaj. "I'm a Tiger
To the contrary.; there was a sound which I supporter, and nolhing give me more
resembled a s,gh, according to .Mr. Bur. (picture than arouse pep and enthu-"-P."?!
- . " ... s!lsmfef'Vr'cam. Which reminds
titles second alt.'mrt, during his me of a story
r....... ,. .n i- university, was cjual-, .nd you know when -Bottles'
1) di-islrou and even in the immediate-, slatted en a story!
I - ' ,ae f harpo of hi-i farm.
JhrsUU IVdee went ,o Kansas G 'i
22 S.w9th St. C. W. MARTIN, AIGR.
Morion Pemberton left for Centralia
Jack Davis returned lo his home at
Macon yesterday.
MWs Helen Sunday went to Paris tlus
looming to pcnd tlie week-en.L
Mi-s Virginia Ball of Kirksvillc is the
week-end guest of Miss Effic Ciles, 707
Maryland place.
Dr. E, If. Kohtfing, St. Louis returned
home yotcrdar. He was a homecoming
vi-ilur at the Kappa Alpha house.
f. L. Jones, a, Uiankgivini
lard, returned to their home
nah this morning.
Mis Agnes Casaway returned lo Kan
sas Gty yesterday. Mis Casaway has
been sibling Miss Gertrude Martin at
i.eau iiau.
MannV- Ik Marshall, Kansas Gty; E. L., ,,.'e Delta Tau Delta house, returned lo rr. and
J komruis fVriu .. 1 .
i nil ii rf'"' iuucni president in
Wil-i., was a homecoming viitor. at the'
Kappa Alpha home, lie returned, to hi
home in Kansas Gty yesterday.
Edwahl Tliornlon. TuIvl flit. .
turned Iioroe yesterday. He lua !
, visiting hi parent. Dr. and Ut t r
,..,,nr -., TI-
..-..v. ... jiwirnnn-.
Sf.A. I,nAMA 1..t..T.. ..L . 1 ,- ... .
...-..... uuisujii, mi nas i-cniiri pre-journaiists-wno aprly. lor llicm. ,
visiting- Mrs. A. M. Roa. returned' to j Tickets m.y be obtained Jrom any raenv '
her homo in Ashland yesterday. ' her of the Finance enmmittee which con
fr. and Mrs. Jolm II. Reed of Well- icH of; aiairrnan. Joe "TJ. Ilimer; Emil j
ville, Mo.wcre vi-itors to see the Kan- Nathan. Sloan MeCaulcv. 1 fieileCroa
,,. - i i r-. - ...
sas .vnrouri game, aim rajc jonannc.
Mrs. J, W. Hiock of Centralia is vilit
ing tier father. M. T. Robinson,
South Sixth slreet.
Richard Powell arrived from Odessa
yesterday to mVi his sister. Miss Cladjs
Powell, at Christian College.
Miss Marv Macker of Garknille and
MUs Ceorgia Fowler of Jefferson Cil)
'. lllWIIli; ll" Mll--CIHI ai 1IM- I.I1I
Omega house.
1 , -M
13 ' "
A. Norborne; r. E.
D. Kanig Jr, Tula; SI. J. Glass, Kaasa.
Gty; L. J. Klen, St Louis; G. Bennett;
G. J. Giiger, Quincy; I. G. Sarlo.i, St'.
Luuls) F. W. Crump. Kansas City; ej
. ..... A....H..I.. sf.,:nA n t rr r
oa tb ir ;r"" r;:" rcr.
quesuon of tin- reducuon of armament ' Kttv JcVctma C,iy; R F. frevsch-(
could be reached without diSeelry should t lay, Kan-as City; W. . Riddle, Cow.,
the scotUnent of the bulk of the popuh.P'u, -; L. Seicll. St. Joseph;
ii.i . f w f ir rtr iii iuimi n w in,a- at.v .au.. .
v.it, u ijiuis; uary iv. .lines; iitten'--;- r. ""'' i1-"!- turned to Clarence v,rrdw .V.
VT :... . I-... .. .VIIS I au me IVilir amtrd .Ml.r.hv .;.:. .L ,, . ' ' ..
n,:.. wum; - -.-""-'"
Mrs. J. SI. itidgeway
cv arrived .estcrdav ,;.;, :,!. T. 7" ,, ?'X' "m a
I., visit .Mioses Vera Taylor and Romaine 1 .101 vZl." xtu ....' '" "'""T.
U v" "p ft'Ti'T" 9H?6, ... M!" C"""! Casner. a student at Kan-
Sji" Ruth. Hale, win. has been vi-il ngl &, Univmiiv ,,! i . i
.Miss France, Hale. 512 South nf.hl "1 ..J'"",,tl' '?"rnl. I" .Pawnee
W-n-J MUddonia yo.erda,. &VX: '-
Mr-, fc. h. 1'KLctt returned to Kiiks. irnf r. tr -.j" v- .
UHf yptcrday af.er a ,H, will. J. E J. VS 5fl
K.-nncJv, 9 Pt.ce avenue. ,,,. ... , ., , '".' cienia, Jo
M Garissa Patterson left yeMcrda, po.i.ion. fch or. T fSJtl
I sit - . . .. f --
tion of each nation be Permitted to' es. lfln ""h l"t-.: UtL
- - r:rn u.r.iM.;ii i.. i.'An si ir.. j
'afteruopn for La Grange u. spend llw
ercispressure upon u outcome o( ilirj, Kansas Gly.- Hejcn 11., Gumbjnan
pjeslion. Great armies and great navies i Kanas Cify: II. C Water. Jr, Kansas
in the' bands of unscrupulous statesmen,
are bke fires; -while national ignorance
and "resentment are oftentimes riot slow
to resort to their Uses.
-Should disarmament not to be effected,
the world w see not only Europe an
armed camp but America and tho Orient
unwell. America is spending 63 per
cent ot its 1920-21 budget for u army
sad, navy. 'EngUrsd has not stopped 'In
creasing its navy and Is showing cossidr
I Starts "College Widow" Campaign.
"A million dollar smile" truck Broad-
enble actjviry" In the organiiatlon of its way yesterday vbrn sit gills from Chris-
Itnd force. Italy, France and Jtpac are
doing the same. A world just recovering
from Wat" is not only confronled by the
problem of psjine its war debu but us
if ssdSed withpieptrtBon oT war on a
xaagnuuae wiucn- eapenence naa ungnl
" .ft
The guret-at tlie Athes -Hotel yes
terday were: John W. Sloan, Tubal M.
Boyce; F. E. Graham, Coffeyv,ille, Kan
hi; W, A. Turner, Huatsdale; T. E.
Cress, .Monett, Slo.; F. B. lferchlerger,
Kansis Gry. LMie L. Allen, J. W.
Crigan. W E. Crook, AshlamI; C. A.
Vcnable," St Louis; G. F. Gro-sman,
Bosworth, to.; A. B. Whitoldc. ,E- B.
Morgan Emmett Roberts. Garctt Cole.
Vtaller 0. Ildiman of St Louis is vfc-it-
Jttl?. his- tistyj Miss Henrietta IJ..Innan,
J a ludmt in. Mm University.
rrans. i Nirlley, 5t Joseph, was a
tian College began the annual campaign
for the College Widow, the school'a year
book. After a htlf-day' work they se
cured MOO worth of bo-Jness from down.
town men-hants.
posiuon. wiiKU opens in Chicago today.
Ilarrv A Barlow. Ti-er irarl r.n,.:
t year, u sending the weekend at
uir rarm House. .Mr. Uirlow I, tea-cl
ing vocational aariculture ..i tnn
1). C. Peleron, halfback on la- year
.TOiooji mm. is visitiui! at ihe I&rin.,
Homecoming visitor at tlie Kappa Alpha igma lioue. Feterron was coach if
'Sf'ii' "Iunlet,'home yesterday. I the high school team at Richmond this
jliss Dorris Hogcboom. who has been J fall,
visiting at the Kappa Kappa Camma Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Novinger returned
house, returned to Pitbburg. Kans, yes. lo Kirksville yesterday. They hate Wen
iniSyU ,. sailing their son George I Novinger, a
,E. P. I..vgan, It who has been vis- member of the Tiger -football team,
iting his brotltrr. Dr. A. G. Hogan of Dean E. J. SIcCaustland will retire
tlie animal husbandry denartment. -re. lo St. Louis Mondsv m h uM, tt. If.
turned to his home at Bevicr yesterday. , who entered the '.Missouri Baptist SanK
Mrv Robert Limerick, who lias been ' tatium for treatment earlir ihi vv
siiiting her son Paul Stewart, since Wed Prof. C A. Helm, of the agronomy de
nesdav, relumiil to her home in Sa- partment went to Chicago yesterday
vannah, this morning. where he will be one of the five1 judges
Col. .George H. English, 199, who hai' who will award the prires at tie Hay
been visiting Dean Jones and the Pf; t and Crain Show held in connection with
Delta Theta fraternity, returned to Kin- James C Ilieger and Chalmers ,G
sas Gty yesterday. Wood went to Kansas Gty yetterday.
. IL 0 Coleman, a senior In tbe Col- Sir. Rieger has been visiting Sir. Wood,
lege ot Agriculture, returned Thursday his Erandson. at th If.! V,. r.:
The follow ine are oiiieers ol tne annual ::irom ivansas utr wnere lie attended a house.
editotto-chief.'-MissiBettr Jane Hughes; sale rf stock. Coleman bought several Mrs. M. t Ruth, Poplar Blaff. molner) OJnmbb hut fall for Hannibal, where
kn;n2 mnsfpr-Mnur' Edna CentrT. I tundred dollars worth of live stock and of Georire Rnih M, ....t .. .v. nrr... !i . i . r .i. ...
Dr. IL SL Bunch of Washington Uni
versity, who has been the guest of iriss
Opal Simmons, left thlsjooming for Ft
Louis. k
Mis Helen Ncwmyer, wlul has been
the guest of Sliss Opal Simmons at
Stephens College, left this morning for
V, V. Church and Roy Pringlo re
turned this morning to Lawrence, KarL,
where they are attending the University
ol Kansas.
Sirs. Bertha Hughes and son. Leo..
left this, morning for Reniek where tliey
will visit Sirs. Hughes mother, Mrs.
Sfary Roberts.
Mrs. II. E. Roberls and son. Cola 11.
Roberts, returned to their home in Fort
Scott Kan. yesterday after vWting Sliss
Sara Roberts at Christian College.
Sfis. O. H. King went to Slobetly
Thnrday rooming- lo spend the week-end
with her parenl, Mr. and Mrs. G. S.
, Mr. am Sirs. Rut'nlge returned to
theJntrrnational Live Stock Exposition.
Kansas Gty yesterday after visiting' It.
(r. and Sirs. C E. Broui, who hare '
been the guests of Sirs. C E. Spalding.
315 Hit street, returned to their liomr'
in Jenerson Gty this rooming.
Sfr. and Sirs. Russell Wayland, who
have been visiting Sir. Wayland's par
cuts, went In Kansas Gty today to visit
his uncle. They will then go to New
Wilson, Okla.
A. Jeffries returned Thursday higl.t to
his home in Bartlettsville, Okb. He has
been visiting friends in Columbia for
about three weeks. Sir. Jeffrie formerly
bred in Columbia, but moved to Bart-
lettsville two, years ago.
The Rev. 5. W. Havno, former rastor
of the Broadway Sletbodist Church, has
been transferred from the. SlUsouri Con
ference to the Northwest Texas Confer-
eic&-and i now pastor of the Sfcthodist
Uiorch in Vernon. Tex. Sir. Havne left
vOL. 1
NO. 9
The Church '
Jcr. T. IT. loung. Pastor. i
. The every member canvass of Ihe
church membership to ecure
pledges for the financial budget of
the church for the neat ralcndaryear
will be made tomorrow afternoon.
committee composed of Sir.. L.
D. ifaigh and Sir. Allan Sapp has
charge of the arrangements for the
canvass. Fifty men with tw., men
to the team will canva the church J
meml)crliip. Tlie city lias been I
divided inlo districts. About ten
automobiles will be used by ihe j
teams wtoare to canvass the out-l
lying districts. Members of fhe j
vliurch who have been appointed to
a'sisl in the canvass are to meet at,'
the church at 1 ;30. It is expected
tliat.jbe canvass will be completed
in less than two hours. The budget )
adopted by the church Wednesday
evening provides for an expenditure '
of S8J0i during the .calendar year.)
Do Your Duty
To Your Church.
Tomorrow fifty men from our
church will conduct an every
member canvas In providoi for
the financial budget for the
church for neat year. Church
membership brings rcpvnMbilily
finarciall)- and morally. A ju-t
portion of your money shauld be
consecrated through the church
In the promotion of Christ's
Kingdom. Stay at .home toraor,
row until these representatives
of the church call npon you.
Slake a liberal pledge, and -if
.m liave not atiemlrd church
services regularly, at ihe fame
time rededi-alc yourself lo a
more active interest Jn ,ur
church and in its work
j partments the Intermediate Depart".
j raent, and of the combined classes of
Uoung people.
The French Orphan.
The Christmas offering from our
Sunday School last Sunday for our
little French orphan amounted to
, S1&35. Every member of the Sun
1 day School who did not contriboi'
'at that time, and wfw wishes to
make a contribution may hand thf
' ame to Sir. L. a Haigh. or .Mrs. II.
O. Severance at the service tomorrow.
Women" Missionary Society-.
f Mrs. T. J. Hoihoutr. President.
The regular meeiing of the Slfs
j sionary Society will be held Friday.
i Drc- 3. 2:30 p. m. with Slesdamej,
jHarstic. Branham and Somerville.
; ; I WO S. 6Ui In addition to the
c.,. u ... , . ' ,cSu,ar missionary program, tho an-
.- .... .Jrs.er, i.o. nlu, r,i(
Solo, Sliss Smith,
Anthem,, Choir, -f). IJird,
Hvm N.fc 10. "
lion of officers will be held.
ta ,.....
--JK o. I.U1IU
Mrs. W. I. Xyster. 1403 Anthony
i St wa riviHT.!. rt , !...
Sunday evening by letter, from CVrt.
land. N. Y.
Song Service
There will be no preaching svriice
Sunday evening. However, at the
church Iwur on that evening begin
ning at 7:30 tlie church choir, under
the direction of Sliss Rulh Smith,
will give ibe following musical pro
gram: "Hymn, No. 107.
Anthem. Choir. -(), Ta.lc and'm"": & ear Junior bovs. Sir.
.o, m, shy: ,LrE1j2ri7 ,he a u,e of
.7 . ' .. ..rmisicaiL j food, anJ fancy w k t .1 ,
J "W - -i' - made ,,, Sunday (Aid a, T.yW, mJ trt
' ' "' ,'" Beginners and Primary De-J December' if."
The Snnday School -Attendance,
lat Sumlay 83.
Tlie following new teacher, have a member of Uie church for many - !
lieen appointed in the Junior depart- years, passed away.
Mr. ALVr Uutrher, mIv. Ilu Urn
- " .-- s I l 12' lirc ucvu .v. uic Si icar. i
rvv..vfeA: t...lafe?i
,. , f ?-!,. -i,..is.: .t, , .
;&fr,l-.s.;dg ;

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