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PS'P f VI -.-'
B.w!"ew5' Dr." -, - - . ,
- -r 7 rwz&'Vr2ez
5.V. ,.-.. -
"? -- -,
ilNfdvrkln niw n..,.,,!,,,- A
Inomc Places This
2Ji?Daleand Qiristmas
KVrTBoth Observed.
raifig-- ,.
Saint LUcd in.Lyca in Fourth
jjCenlury Was Adopted
7 Ifir Kiiffin A
'-- Matron.
! ! -
Tom E. WardeH left Thursday for a
twit to his heme In Macon,
D. L Itathlun left Icr "Kansas Gty
Thurday for a than hiu
Terrenee ClarL left Thursday for his
home in Kanai City.
Miss Jennie Jonea v (Kansas Gty is
the weel-end guest of Mls Birth Spang..
berg, 1014 University.
Jli-a Allene Smith 'and Mi-
:&anti Qaua cornea but once a year.
lacjtjVhiBt to some persons the food
wa comes mice.
i;a8t&Caus. is the Dutch name siren
fcj'fct- AicUuUs, who has long been Inovtn
S2 dipmcr of rifts. St. MchoW
Daw is December 6, nineteen days before
,Ggaisttnas. It has become the cu'tum to
,1iate bt, Nicholas appear at Qiirstmas
Iwjth hit fills while his own feast is en
itSrly neglected.
'Spue people, principally inhabitants.
v,iSouuVern Cermany and small octllo
rmstt in tlie United States, have him
pj(jh "times, the first appearance bona a
Ttounder to the children to be goou.
Iff Eafttrrn MlKnilri mml ftmnn ill nm.
Iiw) throughout the Hate, St. Nicholas'
uy is quite generally observed, Neck
ings are Lung up, and the ceremony is
lidd December 5. the evening beore St.
lYJ&boIas' Day. Just after supper, the
dotrbell rings and fat, jovial 'Su Nick
'Wt his merry round face, cottony hair
anil? beard, does not sneak in through
tljjcbioine), lut boldly present himself,
LrannjnTiis'TiacTc a Lag slufled with
thtflgs Colli good'and bad. lie calls each
' child's -earned and asks for an account of
h4l actions. If the child ha been good,
S$ta is mightily pleased and gives him I
sdmejruit or cakes and promises further
vcjjjcmhrance on Christmas Day.
BL Nicholas, or Sams Claus, as made
JSingham left yesterday mornin,
Hiss A. B. Satie, 'who lias been in to.
Inmbia addressing the heads of the
various omrn nrganiutioiis left
Tlifuvlay for lininVick.
V. 1!. Wilkinson, who has been in
Columbia the pasa Meek, left Thursday
lor at. ixiua xif. Hilkuinm is a mem.
ber of llm State Irwrd of lUncuIliirr.
and T.a graduarxil from the Cmrtrsiiy
in liii-K
Jlrs. C W. Toel of Little llock Ark.
left Jhurwlay lor baTannab, Mo. Jlrs.
Tod. a farmer student of the Uohcrity,
has been Tiiting her sister, Jliss Diro-
thy Ltmencl. at the Kappa Alpha Thcta
Tlie Linn County Ooh held a meetin
ii'the Y. M. C A. Auditorium Thursday
evening. A program concerning the his.
tory of the county and the organization
was given. ,. report of the club's activ.
ities in the Ad Club parade Teas heard.
The reit meeting of the dob will be Jan
uary 6.
The M. U Cobs Club at a smoker at
tlie Y. 11. d. A. BuJding last night made
plans for a membership campaign to be
gin immediately. Arrangements for a
series of social events were also made
A constitution lias been adopted ami by
laws have been prepared. This is the
only organization of former "navy men in
the University and efforts, wdl be made
to include -every- formersailor on the
ranster sheet. ' " "
Judge James C. Gillespy Tells
of Pitiable Deadi That Oc
curred Near Here 47
' Years Ago.
Smallpox Epidemic Swept
Boone County No Woman
Could Be Found to Care
for Sick Girl.
Iliad the umallpox and was willing to help
, Wilvra bury the girl. .
' Tlftm th mm hsd Huff' the crave on 1
the eat side of the railroad track they
were unable to get a wagon to haul the
body to it, so they carried her to her
grave on their shoulders. After the bar.
ial the men burned their garments and
put on neir ones that the sheriff had sent
to them. Then they came back to Col
"When Wilson came bacb to Columbia,
he told me that he had been through tome
featful dajs in the cabin along the rail
road right of way" said Judge Gillespj.
lie told me that the unfortunate girl
was about to become a mother. "Through
those lone Marih nights and murky da)?
t watched that poor girl puncr. I was
Dealers Accept Loss at Once
Hoping to Reach Stable
Basis Quickly.
"Pnee Jirr down," said a local lumber
dcalir. "The- drop in jie la't ninety
dajs lias been from 30 to 50 per cent in
many lines." "
Another dealer Mid that the great ih
-Jine had come jn the last thirty ibys.
September was the high point in the lum
ber market, and since then there has
powerless to do much for her. No one!-" a "T '" ''." Ud.c tum-
came near us. It tile ilavs nail been' - ' C-" '" -.-.-- r-"-T
sunshiny, it would not haic been so bad.
It is awful to die in March," V, ilfcn said.
He told me that he would not sit bende
Tlie white man and the negro pick-1 such another bed for anything.
ed up the dead body of lhe arl from the
bed in a pathetic, red shack along th
right of way"; of the railroad, and carried
it toward a small mound of newly due
earth on tbr east side or the tracks. "jof that girl. For the first J car nothing
, hid icatt njiAnj iuc wniic man,
the back of the girl's neck restinc on ha
shoulder; the negro following him, sup
porting the body bv holding the girla
ankleJnpon his shoulders. Neither the
wlutt.man nor tlie negro spoke. Upon
reaching the grate the)- laid the. body
in a ptneV and lowered it until it rest
ed on ihe'bottom of tlie grave. Nothing
was heard but the thud of earth upon
wood. Soon the hole, was filled and
in oblong mound marked the bleak
landscape alung.ibo Wabash tracks at
1'ersinger, three and a half miles out of
Columbia, wliere it can be seen today.
This burial took place In Marchl 1873,
usdet the direction of Judge James C
Cillespy, then slieriff of Boone County.
nrulh Dure, but sometimes it is I Mm I? P .Smnr fnfrm;nI it, mvn..
cruel and sadrand tlie death of that poor jbers of the Christian Endeavor Thursday
Mrs. J. W. Stuart left this mornins to
visit relatives at Montgomery Cty.
I-.,.,. : A i,. i .1- rwi. .-..i. I,lr!- "r ' anaaaugnier icit lius
"i ji r M l morning for a ntt at Drowns Station.
I rt RYr,dilnl!f A'Y Among the i j ,Icnrr of .Keytesville. who lias
I "B Ph burf: 'New Y't N , been visiting Mrs. O. D. Meyers ro
Ws Eve was the date on which the) ,urnfti i,ome I0i.
I fajjand -oily St. Jfich made his appear- j jis. K. H. Cray went to Ckrkesvdle
) aoqe; sometimes with his good natured mHay to spend the week-end with Mrs.
i wife; Molly Crietje. The children would ' Milton Dutall.
ghcr around the fireplace singing even- j Mrs. K. K. Peterson and baby left
inafjiyma m the good saint. Here is an Friday for Tarkio where she will riit
rumple of the songs.' 'until over the Chrisunai holidajs.
mianu tjaus. goou noiy man; Mlsscs HtIen and Francl$ jiilcleTl
"l',r"r ". fn:m Amsterdlni- . ' went to Kansas Gty Friday to vuit
Mtid bring the little children toys. friend.
Although, the gifts were supposed to' . D . , k ,'
Mvl n tl- .w. ..t .! ,liU. it "'" "- " ""vt, who nas ween vuit.
Kldom happened that
liijxpiltiiy-ly( prrtsitai
rr widi nolhlnc at all. It mieht lead to
keptic5n,Ja.the infant mind.. - 4 j'i55 .Margaret Sanders, who has been
of the child, at, -",". rJrU'-- ??u -
St. Nic). risked."8 s . JJ "f ,lrs- J"1"! in a red-cabin on the wet bank of the! The Centralia Panthers went toTTrll.
nBSiVraMa.rlK.l'aa-atiB'XJVfiirVi,U at PersingVr:"Vltn "him t "He Jodar to" play the basketball
It m.,1 1,1 . """ '"J. -
M. Nicholas lived durin? thf rsrlv turf
of lite, fourth century A. D., and was
a'chbi'hop of the church at Myra, in
Lyria, Asia Minor. He was persecuted
nadir Diocletian and suffered imprison
ment. After his death in 326 A. D. bis
hones were preserved as relics at "MyTa
until the end of the eleventh century,
when certain merchants of Ban on the
visiting her sister. Miss Ruth Sanders,
at Stephens College returned to her home
in Breckenridge Friday.
girl and the circumstance!" surrounding it
makes it-the most forlorn happening I
Iiaic experienced in all my life," said
Judge Cdlespy in speaking of the trag.
f rail -well remember how that poor
girl died. Wilson, the man whom I
sent to care for her, told me all about
it," continued the judge. "I was eletted
sheriff of Boone County October 6. 1863,
and was sheriff when the smallpox scare
came to Columbia in 1873. In those
days folks were deathly afraid of the dis
ease. They did not have scientific
methods to fight it as they have now.
Vaccination was unknown. With few ex
ceptions, people who contracted small
pox died."
This is the -s lury of llie-happeniugs
which- preceeded the burial told of above
as related, by Judge Cillespy,
A section hand named Noonan lived
jsith nis daughttr who was 17 years old,
"I am an old man now" the Judge
went on, "but whenever I ride the Wa
bash I always sit on the east side of
the coach o that I can .sec the grave
marked tlie grave but the mound of
earth. Then one day, I noticed a small
cross at the head of it. Later someone
built a lmTe picket fence around it.
"I have never been able to find out
"sh placed the cross on the grave or
who built the fence and I don't tlunk
anyone Tn the county know?"
Was it Nooian or another.'
duclion, increasing necessity for build-1
ing in tne- unitea uiesv ne iaci inai
we are using our forests five time faster
than they are grown, and the increasing
unwillingness of timEer owners to sell
below uw cost of replacement.
The Vcrda Roberts Mission Circle met
in "the"parloTB of jhc'ChrUla'n'CuurcIi
Thursday cening.
Warren Yarington of Colorado is vis
iting his parents here.
Mr. and Mrs. David ,NcaIc of Kirks
tille are visiting Mr, Neale's mother.
Carl Bodkin has returned to work.as
clerk in the Model Grocery store after
a brief illness.
J If. Plocscr entertained a number
of friends at a party Thursday evening.
Mits Susie Seymour of Columbia
visiting her parents here.
lomparing; tlie present level with the re
cent high mark:
Shingle ... . $9.00 I 6.50
La'Ja 22J0 ILOO
Doaids, .... aas fl00
Dimension lumber . 8.25 0.C0
The price has not dropped equally in
all lines, some being affected only slight
ly, wlule others have been cut in lialf.
One estimate of the change in lumber
prices as a wludr was 35 per cent.
Another yard had reduced the frive of
shingles to one half the September price.
Whdc the reduvtions .on different ilenw
varied, in the wards investigated, the gen- J
eral decline is approximately the -a me.
In spite cf this drop in price little Iuin
her is being used. December is generally I
a slack 'season in the lumber trade, but)
litis year the amount of buuie is much
less than in former sears.
Local dealers say they uo not believe'
tLal ttto- price uf lumber is delaying the t
-rnnstruclion -of buildings, but, in their
opinion, interest rate", tight money and
lie high tfages demanded, by labor arc
hampering building as well as other in-,
dustries. Estimates on the cost of a six- j
room frame bouse fn August showed that
the lumber hill was less than 20 per cent
of the total cost of the building. Now
the cost of lumber is the same building
would be about 15 per cent cf the total,
tn a brick, and concrete building tlie
lumber cost is much less.
There is an acute shortage of houe
all ovcr-the-United States. Work on the
ncr Christian College dormitory, was
stopped for a time this fall by the lack
3f stceL Tlie house shortage has been
especially "severe in Columbia this year,
because construction has not kept pace
with the city's needs.
Tiie explanation given for the marked
decline in lumber is tha: the mill and
lumber industry in general harp agreed
to accept loss at occe. hoping to rtyli
Branch of Better Farming Associa
tion Established Here.
A m-aneli of tho-Better Farming Asfo
ciatlon Iia- recently been established
here. The local office has Irs headquart
ers In the Elvira "Building. Harey R.
Kruc. a former student of the Univer
sity of Kansas is in cliargo of the Col.
umbia division. .
The purpwe.df the association i Jo
promote farming and to atsiM. the farm
cr in eliminating the Urge amount of
money watted each year on account of
inefficient methods. Data is obtained by
ranvassinir the country. This informa-
I lien i compiled and reviewed Jy lead
ing agricultural expertSL It is th-n pub
lishcd and distributed through agerts.
- - - .- .a ttaLIe. basis rruioklv on which therxcan
IU Esie Seymore entertained a . build up. The pieent prices are only a
fiiend from Oklahoma the first of tlic Utile above the pre war prices when the
week. incrraae'in freight ralea and other inci-
. i il-nt1 rn.l are iteilurtp,!.
Mdls and wholesale lumbermen pre-
tmratdici a recovery in prices in ihestiring.
lived a young girl who kept his house u,r-- basing their opinion on tne curtailed pro-
end took care of his daughter. In the!
winter of 133 Noonan's daughter be-!
came ill with smallpox and died.
OEceA of the local National CuariL
Adnane. moved by pious indignation, I Bf.1rw " Rr" s,lwoori JMd ArtUlcrr,
nan bnried her at Antioch, three miles 'I
from Columbia onsjhe-Mejico road.
After Noonan buried his daughter, be
rliannruiaratfl ft mntuJ lt-.t lair, lsft
Major, Ramsey May Lead the First ,he eountn. News was bro-ught to Sher-
iff Cillespy that the housekeeper in Noo
nan's cabin was alone, and to find a wo-
made an expedition to Lycia and broke
open; the coffin containing the bones and
earned them to Italy. On that dar, it
Tt said, thirty persons were cured of
various distempers, so that since then a
celebration of his festival has been held
Today the nocturnal procession at Bar!
with the flashing torches, the rockets,
decp-lonedfhtany, the hum and surge of
people through the ancient archways, and
tlra tboosands of jnigrirav, s character!!'
ed by deepcarniwtnf-. An cH writer
describes the scene: "The. stars look down
calm and solemn un their time-honored
rite, and a deep bass o their litany rolla
in from the waves of the Adriatie."
St. Nicholas attained an extended sop.
ularity as a saint and was adopted by
Russia as its patron saint. In England
there are 372 churches named in his
honor. .He js, honored aa the guardian
virjiDschildreir, sailors and scholars.
will go to Sedalia tomorrow for the Dor.
pose of electing battalion commander for
the First Battalion.
in St, Louis and one in Sedalia and Co
lumbia. Majs Horace Rawey of St.
Lsuia formerly in command of First
Battalion. 12ft II. . FiM s.n;u-. Tl,;,.
1 ly-fifty; Division, and who commanded
this rfgiment during the Meuse-Argonne
i-ffensive. is the moi probable candidate
for battalion commander.
The "Pilgrim Pageant" will be given
at the Christian College Auditorium
Monday night Dec. 6 at 7:30 nnder
auspices of the Christian College Club.
Tickets, adults 35c; jrade school pupils,
5. adv.
:$ay It
. -i
a2. z
Bf -
zThis battalion comprises two batteries fhetsfinally located a man named Wilson,
man in the county who would go to the
cabin and nure the tick girt There
was. no place lo take her for there was
-co coufcry hospital here, then. Hon ever,
vtfio had had the smallpox. He consented
to -tare" for Noonan's housekeeper and
unaccepted as a last resort Wilson j
went jo inc. cauin ana did all that he)
touiu ior me gin unm sne mca. Alter
Iicr death the sheriff bought a coffin
and wart, it out to Wilson in care of a '
negro named Rube Banyan. Banyan had
F5 $(MUMbia
DemandiM Best
Are you securing llio ll bread ob
tainable? Do you requests-known brand?
In demanding Columbia Maid bread
jou are protected by out guarantee.
rltris nwde, utidervpcrfcct sanitary
venditions, urTdcr'our personal super
.vision. .
. Wo cordially invite "you to inspect
our bakcr We kiiow we will secure
your confidence after going through
our plant. ,
All leading grocery handle Colum
bia Miia. ' ,
Insist on-this brand, ijade by
Columbia Baking Co.
-" AWNeiNirith'
Ul l
Misk v --y 4-i, H
Open to. the
Inspection of our plant and methods is invited
ALWAYS. We like lo ha.e people ask to sec our
plant. Jio special time come any time and eee
Iio"w tf pasteurizoniillc; the churn that turns out
a half ton of butler at a churning; the brine ice
cream freezers; the hardening room, where tlie
-temperature gets 26 below zero.
White Eagle
Dairy Company ,
Absent From Midway School.
Tlirce chddren have been reported for
thirteen days continuous absence from
the Midway echooL All come from tire
same family. IL IL King, county attend
ance officer, is investigating.
Make the Best Trimmings for
Dresses. We make them for yon on
the premises la all Styles and Sizes
the-same day you order.
I. lTOLrsOX," La4Ic TaTidJ.
Miller Building Phone SU
Johnston Bros.
Johnston Bros.
Phone 375
III I ' 1 1
g i $ ft . " i - a
' 't ntii mm m
l yP p.:
. i w u "
1 Will Make An Ideal Xmas Gift I ,
i nui i jfc.ViTP'.- '" iaw
Quality Store -Costs No More
9 North 9th Street
Phone 179
- - -4r
It's ajact, but it seems just like it can't
snow, yet they say that prices are sliding
down hill.
- I, ,.. t
jji n i BDsUar I I
SP v:
Every ounce of HP Hour is real-flour rich in food
rake, and uniform in quality.
Our selection of only the best wheat raised in. Boone
County and our system of milling makes possible the manu
facture of this supremely satisfactory flour.
"HP Satisfaction' for sale by all grqeers or call No. 9
Boone tduiity Mllingand ElevatbrTtf.
Makers of Red Ring Feeds.
With Christmas coming on and that d&
termination- lo do your Christmas shopping I
early you ve been wondering what you can
give for presents. We've got a suggestion.
Maybe" you won't like it any too welland
again maybe it's just the tiling lhattyou're
looking for.
One thing more before wc shove the
typewriter back in the corner. You'll be
needing all kind$ of groceries by this time.
Like as not you were nearly eat out o house
4 and home last week. Richelieu products
arc still on the job. .
Our suggestion is Chinaware. We have
the largest stock of fine chinaware-suitable
for Christmas gifts in Boorie County and
we feel reasonably sure that we will have
something that will please you. Beauty J
and service are the things that make this
ware so atlrtdhtL We arc always glad to
have you .corns in and look it over.
You know that slock of groceries that we"
are carrying up hereon Ninth street con-
tains about every Hung that you could wish
for. . . r
As specialties for this week Ave suggest;
Virginia Sweet Polafoes, California Cauli. '
flower, fresh celerv. cranberries. Irnfoorted
Smyrna figs, California "grapes and good
Did Virginia Fruit Cake'.
Now that Thanksgiving has (passed and
Vou'are recovermc from the effects of that
dinner you should be about ready to eat -I
again. A man cant go McSwmnying'
very long at a lime and not feel the "effects
of it.
For breakfast there's Richelieu coffee.
It's roasted right.
One more Vord before wjrbring this to
an end. And thal's about CToriana flour.
Better pastry and better bread if you use
Glorianal Try it on your lauibaSd.
kiu Si!Sfv. Jioie.,JasiJl ' -ifci,taii!i. 5-.,2

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