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,'lrL", :,"' ' "';
!'r "i'f? "'''? tteJ'Murtca tf appreciate U ,f y0o iott
.., Tt- oj .e?one, no. ..
Tlie dinner puesls at the Phi, Kappa
Psi house Wednesday evening were:
Miss Alice Jarsailles and Mi Laura
Frances llecdon.
The members of the Phi Kappa Psi
fraternity will entertain from 2 to 5
o'clock tcnorrow afternoon with an infor
mal tea dance at the chapter houses
Mis FJiraheth Ranson, ihaperon at
the Beta Tl eta Pi ltouse. will leave Sun
da), Der. 19 for Kansas Cjty to pend
the Christmas holidays at frame. llss
Florence Potert, chaperon at tlie Plii
Gamma Delta hocse will leave Wednes
day Dec. 22 for Kansas Gtv to spend
Christmas at home. Mrs. Elizabeth
llush, chaperon at the Phi Mu house. Kill
spend the holidays at Iter home it Mex
ico. Mrs. Charles Hale, Mis Virginia Hale
and Hrrmlon Hale, S15 Hilt street, will
leave Dec 22 for CarreUs.m to siecd the!
Christmas Imlidavs with Mr. Hales
mother, Mh. J. B. Hale.
Mt. Isidor Loeb. Providence road, en
rrtained yesterday afternoon with a
bridge part) for lier house guests. Mist
Ftetta Lengsficld of New Orleans, La.
and Mis Limine llechinftv: of New York
The house was decorateil with rlinsaq;
lhemums. Four sefll) sludnl candles
formed a square on the dining reom
serving table, which liad a centerpiece of
cut Cowers. Mrs. Staalev Smith won
the first1 prize, a Sheffield dish, and Mrs.
Sanfonl C Hunt wen
There were foil) guests.
dorine bor.1
The seminary class of twelve students
will meet at the home of Prof. J. L.
Miriam, 201 Edsewuod avenue, at 7:30
o'clock this evemnp. John Mueller will
give several piano selection. Prof, and
Mrs. Grcfjuno Borres Quiapero will be
quests. Processor Quinpero iuamam
ber of the faculty in the National Xni
versity of Mexico at Aleiieo CityjMex
ico. -
Airs. F. P. Spalding. 901 Virginia
avenue, entertained informal!) from 4
to 6 o'clock this afternoon at tea for
Mrs. F. W. ltobbins of Williamsport. IV,
who is tlie guest of her son ProL W". J.
Kobbins, 110 Dorse) street. There, were
twelve guests.
Mr. Stralford L. Morton of St. Louis
end Mr. Jake Van D)ke of Webster
Groves, Mo will arrite tonight to at
tend tlie ri'trict reunion of the Beta
ThetaPi fralemit).
The Beta Theta Pi fralerruty will hold
its annual district- reunion tomorrow.
Guests from Washington Imiversity and
Westminster College will attend.
Prof. W. .K. Tarr and Prof. O. M.
Stewart will be guests for lanch tomor
row at the. Beta Theta. Pi hous.
Prof, and ilrs. E. F. llepLiro. 808 llHI
crest avenue, will entertain Mrs. F. W.
ltobbins of Williamsport. Pa, and Prof,
and Mrs. W. J. ltobbins at dinner to
morrow evening.
Alpha Kappa Psi. profcsiunal Com
merce fraternity. Jield initiation erviees
at the Dankl Booae Tavern Sunda aft
ernoon for the following: J. IL Rlllard
of Maplewood, O. L. Weber of Kansas
Gt), E. A. Crowe of Sikestun, C. F.
Kerr of Marshall, N. F. Heitman of
Kansas Gtv, F. B. MrDonald of Webster
Groves. J W. McCregor of Carthage,
J. C Fans of Bentonvill. Ark, L. T
Ivoel of Tarkio, S. F T. Paikwood of
St. Joseph, W. E. Tvuliams of Butler
:r. r n.--.l..-,
N( CV?3 i TT -i "Tii t 'j "-. & w IssT"! "saa"y K H i f I
The particular woman' loves a beautiful toilet s-et
Bu n by flic set or by the piece Large s-lock tp
W.C. KNIGHT, Prop.
Drastic Millinery Reductions
Saturday and Monday
One lot stylish fall and. winter hats, including
many novelties and feature patterns Saturday and
Monda. Choice from lot . sS4.9i
One small lot this -eas-on . fall and winter
Hats, Tarns and Caps choice Sl-0
All Ostrich Feather Tips and Bands and Fancy
Feathers at Half Price.
John H.
7, i '. ' ' fishirut fioat, birds of all bright colors
'(a ha" " ?' "cw "'"" ""Hand the black d white scenes so char-
eeraeen it oaoc aid noon, each dor..
and M. M. Henderson of Coffenille,
Dean and Mr. Waller Miller. 1315
Wilson avenue, wfn entertain Sunday ev.
ening with an inftnsal buffet supper for
Dr. Louis E. Lord of Olierlin, Ohio, who
is their house.guest. The guests will be:
President aiui Mrs. A. Bos 1IJJ, .Miss
Eva Johnston, Mis Emma Cauthqrn and
Prof, and Mrs. W. C. Manlv.
Mrs. C. I. Montgomery and danger.
Miss Ludle gave an informal part) at
their home 715 Mis-ouri ave. last night
for Misses Helen and Frances Ware,.stu
dents in the University. Mi's Helen and
Miss Frances Ware will leave Columbia
December 18 for San Francisco and on
January 8 will sail for their home in
Giina by war of Hawaiian I'l.iml. anJ
Japan. Thsc mesent at iIm. nnnv n
Missert Luvdc Ch-velier. Ilariett Jolm-I ne uarung nine siik nag wiucn is
ston, Ubbve CjiIIi... iniye Harris, llen.i'00 sraa" lo ' " 'or '"ine articles
rieue Bokman, Jeie Hunhc. May Pen- am' ,no l"c for a ,anity ease; the oi-
nntgton. June, and Madeline dough.
Anna LFienst and Josepluce Stewart.
Mrs. Frank L. Martin, Stewarr road,
will enierum at 1 o'clock luncheon Wed
nesday far Miss Louise Hechinger of
New yik. and Miss Ketta Leng-field of
New Orleans, La-, who arc the house
guests of Mrs. Idr Loeb. Providence
load. The dining table wilt hate a cen
terpiece of cut flowers in a low bowl.
Besides the guests of honor and lheir
haatess the guests will be: Mrs. Dan G
Stlne, Mrs.J.-r. JfeBaine, Mrs. Charles
Dieees, Mis. Guy L. Xoyes, Mrs George
U(.ne-u.l illrs. Isadora Danh.
The Phi Mu sorority announces the
pledging of Mis Doroth) StevLiHin ol
Columbia anJ Miss Beatrice Robinson
H S-ansas.Cltj . ,
. i , ,
Dean Walter Miller. 1516 WiNon ave
nue, will entertam at 1 o'clock luncheon
tonwrniw hi Or. luis E. Lord, profeaf
r of Komance Languages at Obeihn
College. Obcrlin, Ohio, who is the house
guest of Dean and Mr. Miller. Besides
tV- gaet of honor and tlie ho-t will be
. ff.,- - "- ... - . .-- r . -.... ...
Dean J C Jones. Dean Ridor Loeb, Dr.
Pfckard. Prof J. E. Wrench, Dr. A. II
IL Fairehsld, Hesiry O. Severance, Prof
E. B. Branson and Dean J. II. Cour
The Alpha Gamma Bho fraternity held
inhjalion last nialit for Glenn Cuy Davis
of Columhix
The dinner jguests last evening at the!
Alpha Gamma Rho Iwuse werer Mi-ses
Mary Fiancee Daw-on. Modelle Whit
Ray Miller. Florence Han, Maomi Knt
ley, Frances Hale). Dannie Pratt, Lor
eua FihrtHT dd Mix Cilbert.
Japanese Bazaar Novelties Bring
- j Croud ot Eager Buyers.
The Yf Vv: C A. room in Academic
Halt itsiisllr milnfininer a dh.tinctlv
,Jnm.fwmal 'fiimxiiW. eioerienccd an.
entire change Wednesday with the epen-filferi
ing of the Japanese lzaac
Immediately upon the beginning of the
sale at 9 o'clock, row upon row of girls
llfiumj over me another's shoaldets be-
fore ; the three weIIstocLl tables kept
the air busy with nuestions and evclaraa.
(ions. f
."Oh. those darling bedroom slippers!"
"Did yoj say they were $130!"
"What is in that long box?" brought
forth revelation of a prosaic mouth harp. In discussing the matter of family pres
And even the cash desk came in for a ' ents with her sisters, one girl decided to
share of the bilarty. ' dispense with small gifts and buy an easy
Novelties were -.mo-t popular card chair, which would be of practical ben
cases intense burners incense, sachet, cfit to alL s
T.rv i n rnmnlinient to the good
all "kinds of charms and place cards. The
art of the Japanese for reproducing nat
ure was eiidaiccd in the place card?,
which featured Fujiyama, a Japanese
.cerfctic of Japans aml'
The bazaar, schedule.! to cover three.
! ' v? practically pver the nrtt day.
ine tale opened at v o clock wiln tnree
tables and a small reserve supply of art'
ides. Ivy noon the same day, the sup
pi) was sufficient for only one table. The
order this jcar was a considerable in
create over the amount ordered for the
bazaar lat vear. The articles ranged
from the tiniest of coin purees to lunch-
leon sets and Umonos.
' W 15 U 1 iiUO
Christmas Shoppers Pass Up
Jumping-Jacks and
Woolly Dogs.
zarene noiuer inr iiau vwno uoesn i
moke cigarettes); the pictures of scenes
for small siter, and even the bow tie
Hated bv brother, will not be in evidence
this Christmas in Columbia. Many buy
ers and most of the merchants say that
people are getting only practical things
for gifts.
"PvopIe are hu);ng more practical
ihing-," said a clerk in Strawn-Neate's
dry goods store. "Many are bu)ing only
the things they absolutely need and
j on" e Iiolding oil in hopes of a still
further drop in prices.
IV arc i-elling less of the foolish, im
practical things this )car," said an em-'
ploye in Fredendall's dry goods store.
To) s are bought onl) for the small tot,
and tlie sales are heaviest in waists furs)
and the like.
The, crice for being practical lias ex.
tended even to children's to)s. The most
i popular of the articles dipla)cd at the
eounters of the 10-cent stores of Colum
bia are miniature chairs and library ta
cables while the jumping-jacks and trick
animals nourish their charms to no avaiL
'eihaps the fond parents are lt)ing to
instill tlie spirit of frugality into their
llll UK -fill, . ItuSH. a...u ,...a
' children, with the hopes of making the
I'rades to come less extravagant. The
lerk at the toy counter of Woolorth'
10-cent store reports fewer toys are be
ing wld this year than previously.
-Giristmas shopping has hardly be
eun tt," said II. L. Elliott, manager at
ttiKlwortli's. "In other years Christmas
bu)ing began much earlier."
" ',,e j;P'na anu y mais
wits they certainly have not among the
clulilrun themselves. A group of about
twenty five cluldren from the University
Elemental) School on a sight-seeing tour
of stores recently testified to unanimous
approval of Mr. Jumpihg-Jacfc-and Mr.
Woolly Dog while the)' did not so ranch
&4C0UCC the dull brown library table of
ciinnuure size. "
Regarding the presents for older peo-
..,. ." . .,.. ... -. - .j . ,
pf. one buyer said: "JI friends are
.rrins to give more to'the starving chil
in Europe and are remembering
,-rtch otlwr.b) cards. They are bu)ing
for their immediate family what they
think they would need."
j ;! know you must have been Chris:-
mas snopping. exciaimea one women m
. a fuend she met on iintn street.
"Yes I have," answered the other.
"And I lave just about finished, I think.
All 1 bought was Christmas cards and
Red Gos seals"
tatte of your friend.
in her room.
select from.
815 Broadway
'r JtT fP'
Product Blasted Out of Hills
Around Here and Used in
Buildings All Over
the State.
Machinery Now Run by Electri
city Pulverizer Makes
Limestone Used by
Many Farmers.
Do yon know that more than 30,000
tons of rock has been blasted out of
the hills around Columbia and used in
buildings all over the state? That per
haps the stone foundations of your own
home "grew" here? That the rock .jlust
from these quarries is used by farmers as
Two quarries are now operating here.
One of them, owned by the Spencer Whit.
fnti PAwin4nir lAistAl sift flsA nsl. Shi
Edgcwood avenue near the Katy tracks.
The other in the south of town on'the ex
tension of College avenue, and is under
the direction of John N. Fellows. Work
in the quarries goes on at all times ex
cept when there is snow on the ground,
or when rain falls. Cold weather lias no
had effects on the rock "crop."
The machiner) ,used in quarries is run
by electricity now. although steam was
formerly used. After the rock is blasted,
it is put into cars, carried to the top of
the quarry and dumped into the crusher.
It is crushed into smaljer pieces and rais
ed in elevators to the screens, where it
is graded by a separating process into
different sizes. Rock is sold in one
inch, two and two and one-half inch
ftizes. ' "v
Agricultural limestone, or rock dut
is produced by another machine, the pul
tcrizer. The demand for this kind of
fertilizer is growing each year, as its
ment is-dcm5nstrated to the farmers of
the state. Orders for it come in from
ihe county agents who buy it in carloads
for their districts
Thirty, forty and fifty-ton lots are pre
pared at the quarry, and el! at $2 a ton,.
L o. b. Columbia.
All the buildings on the East Campus
made of Burlington limestone are built
of native Boone County rock. The stone j
in the West Campns buildings was blast i
Columbia Theatre
"What Happened to Jones"
It all was caused by his helping out a friend tho lived
in a bone dry town. He tried to sneak him a nip of his
favorite Brand and was caught at it. Its funny. ,Also
mnvn.tv ai.tt
luvsiiiiia myu
"Alias Jimmy Valentine"
' Secret
"When an unusual
from the annals of international diplo
macy, everyone whispers, "Secret Ser
vice." Slowly and imperceptably jhe in
dividual workers bring the points togeth
er that show the world the. truth Not
the work of any one individualjnot the
work of one moment, but the polonged
effort of a united system to sftow the
, truth. if
v And so you have, at your fingertips:
tlie opportunity to serve your cjstomers.
Constantly, each month, you fend out
envelopes. Those envelopes conain bills.
Thcy.could contain helpful bins, oppor
tunities for your clients, without an extra
postageccst. You have a helpful Se
cret Service" under jour cjilrol that
could bring business help an truths to
your world and business tolou. Are
yott using it
Virginia Bldg., Dpunstairs Phone 97
ed here. Koadbeda are also- made from
the small sizes of rock, and sand for ce
ment i, another by-product of the quar
and vI'layw rights'
ntth ApprovaL
"Plots end PhtKrlxhts." a "47 Fori.
shop" play, presented by the Vniieratj
Dramatic Club a the lm'rmiry Audi
torium last night under the direction of
Mrsi E. R, Clark, triiA the assistaice of
Robert M. Deuey, Mrs. C. W. Perky, J.
E. French, Mrs, Margaret R. Chamber
tain, and T. R. Brenton.
As a whimsical glimpse at life as it
is and as it isn't "Plots and Playwrights"
as presented .by tlie University Dramatic
Gub Wednesday night, was a success.
It pictured the drama of every day as it
goes on in a. New York boarding hou-e.
The Dramatic Gub's presentation of j
this emotiona.1 hodge-podge was skillful,
although in some places the actors show
ed indecision and hesitanc).
. The work of several of. the members
is unusual for an amateur p-rformance.
Harry Schwimmcr, as Camper Gay, the
playwright in search of an inspiration.
opened the prologue with a well thought
out characterization of tlie arrogant and
successful author. Wth him in excel
lence of performance ma) be ranked
Miss Frank Robertson, who took the nart
of the vaudeville actress flashy Lut with'
perhaps a trace of too much "culture" I
for the part; Miss Cyril E. Me)er, as
Bessie Dodge, believer in a good time;
Miss Harriet Wanton as Edna Jackes the
joungster whom everyone except the vd
ban is trying to protect, and Leu Kinkle
stcin's Bob Douglas, the jovial and in
toxicated friend
Several parts !owever were undr
pla)ed and weakened.
Ideal Gifts
Pyralin and
Itory Toilet
- i Ttircniv
luiuni i
success flashes out
J nfmr' ' degree of intimacy that is desired to a J? p .ND FELT W .
j VjB boa of candy. Its adaptability, and the Sli e3v '
p 5S b?" variety of fancy packages in which jaf lp" " '
I ' SB Christmas candicsandChocnlates are 3l " -s- nlu u1 j- J-Jli J
! ; M3 ' .-packed males it easy-'to select the one U)3fllwlrsw
SL . box- that will eapros your individuality. SsgijT ffi) BErii.'(r! I Jt$&
sSmsV making an early selection sou avoid VsP,nu!)pu!t$F TtiiSJi '
vtyx&fr the rush of Christmas week when )ou sSypD?.-J!f )l? ItxSyl vfS r$
t-SSKT ar'Mi.it,! vr M,mt nnn n!trkini- fnr T ItwW .'
Tree Hid Bullets and Bottles
Another Era. -
Shot full of lead and used as a sub
i stitute for the old corner saloon, that
! may be the birlory of a tree that stood
at the corner of North boulevard aud
Garth avenue.
When P. S. Ouinn was cuttins down
the tree recently he found in it fifteen j
copper-jacketed bullets, embedded about
eight inches in the wood. The copper
Jacketed bullet was a forerunner of the
present steel-nosed bullet, and is no long,
er manufactured. "hen, or why, the
tree became a target, no one can say.
The tree was hollow with an opening
abojt thirty feet from the ground, that
was accessible. At the bottom of this
hollow there was a pile of old whiskey
bonis. .Mr. Quinn supposes that when
foot-rails vanished from Columbia, drink
ers would climb the tree and imbibe.
The women of the Baptist Church will
lave a window sale 0f fancy articles for
i-hristmas and good things to eat at
lolui N. Taylor's Music Store, Saturday.
P. p)fn - mkLwmm
Mm fM Mm. m CI,niSTUAS P
AiRT? C&zS ;UJ ism WV Jrafffi suggestions
ft6rir It, v I
wfrfiKI1 1 mw I m JoeJa"OIISek
Robes and Negligees , S '"
For Gifts, j ? J:
are certain to please because of their ! EXCRAVED j
beauty- quel utility. There are the j GREETING J, i
quilted silk ones for children and jj 5 CARDS wTTH "S ,
adults and the heavy batlirobcs with (Vy BFnimFUL nj ? -i
their rare warmtli. Then there are the I $ W
golftne robes, loely cotton kinionas, 1 SENTIMENTS p(ftt .
' and the beautiful silk negligees and j g ii ' -j
breakfast coats. These are all to be I CS
found "priced most modetly. riiiy"V!sL&s4"' Pifc
I ' MCI A comp,-ete "
0- 9 ;H LINE "OF THE
I ' iiUm vfrv nrcr i
IF The Christmas-Gift 3 -tr
i jgg of Greater .Pleasure M SeI
S$ Every year eandy is found to be the ly U P
' 0Ile 'orm ' Christmas remembrance y" MISSOURI AiJ '
' i M$2' which is certain to provide a larger de- , . iVig
i W&Zgr' gr of pleasure, both to the giver and VI flLLOW TOPS -Kfe , j J
I WxfrKt. IO,th! ne rK"'rins !L . L iffi IN LEATHER Mj lt ',
J) Wi'&iVk.- It is s easy to give just the eaact all E jf If .1
bS s, the holidavs. f5w "
m SI -
.-mk Harris I r I'-;,
$MSt5'&T 2iff SEALS 2jMS -t it
"'JZW-' Perfection in Confection RS? I " T
Mk MiUard & Sisson M ' C0LLECE J I
i c3SE9LaBfBlBaRs9.iJs $z '5
1 i lilWMriirirMfiBMIr i fountain m ,1
I yZf80i'-1m&eJJ&Kr'f iflSs KODAKS AND 5CBt, 3
' 4TO4 aswsss-W V" i Tlifssir .Tttfe KODAK BOOKS 3) ! ' X
Hm - - in m ;
FOR RENT Apartment; strictly mod
ern; gas range and gas water heater fur
nished; heat furnished; Conley avenue;
one block from West Campus. Phone
1317 or call at 501 Conley avenue.
Ideal Gifted
j Waldemar Chains, ,.
Gold Knives and Cigar- C"
cue noiaers. vVd
Henninger's IB
.BSsssssssssBaG sasssssssssssssssV
' n I aaBEmSRClUS'S'aB
sssPeSruS)!i?lr va
' J ! . B B B Mi - 1 T- r-i in"im.iBi Mm

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