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It-if i Cent a-TTonT Dj.
I'lione 55
FOR SALE Dining room table; good
condition. Call 37. P-83
I Oil SLE Wood-and Coal at north-j
east corner Sixth and Walnut. E. T. i
Kile, phone 373-BIack. K 90
FOR SALE-Six cylinder Oakland it
din at a sacrifice. Beaaley, 569 red.
FOR SLE Wood, cut any length!
Call 1009, F It. Guitar. 82lf
FOR SALE Fine extracted honey at
jl a quart. Phone 1020-black or call at
617 Lee street. M-87
FOR RENT Four room apartment,
ith bath; newly papered, hardwood
aoors, south exposure. Apply 100 Col
lege Ave. L-80tf.
fOIND A strange motorcj-clc left
at 501 South Sixth St. The owner in
identifing tie machine may tare it by
paing for this ad. JI
LOST Notebook containing complete
ik'cs in General Economies; alio few
notes in Chemistry. Reward if retum'd
:o 1321 AntLeny. W 87
LOST Iloj's overcoat on Rosemary
Lane near Mpha Phi houe Wednesday
evening, December 8. Reward. Please
ni'tify Mis-oarian off'ce. S-88
ATED hepair work on rubber
ti'es for go-carts and baby carriages.
Tc.ep'i ne '314-BlacL. N 66;f
T. "M)-r.,e cmiIs each will Ik
13 ! fo a few cop ! of the Columbia
hierjig Missot-run cf Ortober 30.
WANTED Rocai for two gcnilrmer:
m a p:i a.e home near the campus
n e and state all particulars. Address
P; care Jlissounan. P-87
WANTED TO RENT-One room or
two roorps rear University campus for
"ij mar Call OTTfki'e. M--S9
10" i.T One nit rourrin Nowill
i.-..jrr ! t and coM wcter; Uram heat
a - t ii I Hct. Plane 74 N-83
, ri KrNT On. rm frt-ut rcsjta en
r. to.. Ppti'f rocn for man "n
'uro fioor. One Week fren campus and
-j blocks fron E-ad-ay, 115 S. 6th
St. PlioncryWljie. C-87.
FOR RENT For next semester; two
well furnished rooms in modern house
for men students. Private shower and
teller. Sirgle beds. No children and
m other roomers. One block, from west
campus. Call S84-White. T-86tf
FOR RENT Rooms for boys second
semester; across street from academie
campus. 604 Conley avenue. B-86tf
Slate of Jlissuun.)
County of Buone, )
In the Grcuit Court, In vacation be
fore January Term. 1921.
JL Jl. Tandy nd Crace Tandy, Execut.
rix of the last will and testament ol
II. H. Tandy, deceased, plaintiffs.
against (26445'
Tlie unknown heirs, consort, devisees.
donees, alienees or Immediate, mesne
cr remote, voluntary or involuntary
grantees of Louis Ltrdoise, deceased,
of Joseph Story, deceased, of Lharles
Lucas, deceased, of Abraham Barnes,
deceased, of Joseph Jtagee, deceased,
of William JL Citt deceased, and of
Truman Roberts, deceased, and the
unknown consort of Jesse Copher, de
ceased, and of each of them respective
ly, aud all persona claiming, or who
might claim by, through or under tbem
or either of them, defendants.
above named unknown lefendants.
You are hereby notified that an action
lias been commenced against you in tlie
Grcuit Court of Boone County, JILouri.
affecting the title to the following de
scribed lands and tenements lying, be
ing and situate in Boone County, JUs
soun. to-wit:
Tne west half of the -sjutheast quar
ter of sction eight t3, the east part nf
'i east h3if jI tho i-outhwett quirler cf
Mid tec-mil titht IS), that part nf Uv
est half of the north-tst quarter "f
. lP- Ttrrn '17) that lies mrth
,4 u c i'r '' th CMunbta and Fay-si-
Ie ' J h est part rf that psr
u. -s 1 alf of the nsrtlrvet qr
er of said section sentten (17) that
lies north, of the center of said read -al)
in township forty-nine (19) North, Range
fourteen (14) West of the Fifth Prin
cipal Jleridian, beginning -a! a point (1)
in the center of the Columbia and Fayette
Read, north 64U degrees west 927 feet
from a ttone (A) in the eeWer of said
mad, and in line with a division fence
tkii to li "n the nrth an south mh
sj ' wn I V I t' nstlheast luatt-r -f
f-xn 11 seir-ntei 17. tlwfl"'
n-ih t defeto Ii minutes rt 47Bf
' 3. v im-epest im. nk-n f-'
.Li -eir.t Irti-' the center c4
ud se .ri ;ht and the qiarter see
rnr ot the east side thereof;
timer iwirnt ?v o-jrees west (Sorter
No ZV 2457 feet to a point (2) ca
IV t - - et 'zbi i:cn line of said
MTtion ii.!it 8: il-ewr "utli I) de
grees 15 minutes east 3a4 feet to a point
Phone 45
FOR KENT-One-half room: 705 Hitt
St. Telephone 1129-Black. IUff
FOR RENT Desirable rooms for mar
ried couples; also liglit housekeeping.
1217 E, Broadway. Pbone 589. J-iWitf
FDR RENT Furnished room for see
lond semester. 1104 Paquin. Phone
U72-hite. P-Mif f
FOR RENT Two fllrr.ihifl rutirH finft
.sleeping porch for second semester. 1315
Kosenary Lane. Phone 571-Red. R-87
GIRLS Room and board; hot water i
neatea nouse and l(ot water at all times;
bath on each floor. 715 Hitt St. Call
any time after 6 p. ra. C83tf
FOR REST Large room with south,
and east windows; large bath just across
hau; private home; no cluldrcu in bouse.
Will rent cheap if taken at once. App!)
1409 Windsor Street A173.
week and expenses to a man or woman
with tig to introduce Eureka Egg Pro
ducer. Eureka Jlfe. Co. East St. Lorn-
'in. E34
ard bank check covers; pass Looks;
twehe sheets roll top, art calendar;
leather goods and advertising specialties.
t oianusnca nousc, good comnn?ei'jii: i
l references required. Banters Suiifli '
. Co Iowa Gt), la. 3G. I
GIRL WANTED- For housework; noj
cooking. Colored girl preferred. Tel- j
epuone raoa-oiacx. n-oou i
loik; :oncit "k
ACACIA IODCE. No. 602, A F& A. M.
Spcial communication
Monday evening, Decem
ber 13, at 7 o'clock. 3rd J
Visitors Welccme.
s'jr-. I
it r t.,nnt, r t t s rnn o
jThdo Building. Hitt and Broadway j
No. 114. A. F. & A. JL '
Regular meetings second
snd fourth Tuesdays of
each movh. Annual
IcctioT second Tuesday
in DecLinb-r.
1 victor Victor, S. J. r. Oliver, W. JI I
Novell B'dt. '
L O. O.' F. LODGE 0. 207
j-vs Regular jaetting, j
tSSoA. Mondav. Dec. 13.
1J3j4 Third Degree. Mrju-
i-a ssC5 Kr ttri.i-rl f.i alleml. )
Visiting brethren welcome.
Roy Fowler, N. C. B, F. Baker, See.
Regular Meeting, every Wednesdav
7:30 p. m. Acacia Lodge Room, corner
Hitt and Broadway. Visitors Welcome
Kaer Vanice, Scribe, Benton JL Lee. JL
(3) the center of the Columbia and
Fayette Road: thence, with the center o!
aid road; south 70S degrees east 54Ls
feet to a point (4), south 70 degrees
east 133S feet to a point (5), south 65
I degrees 40 minutes east 737 feet to the
beginning, nnd containing two hunurea
and forty acres; which said action is re
tumable on the first day of the next rcg
ular term of this court to be held at the
court house in the Gty of Columbia
Boone County, Jlissouri. on JIONDAi
JANUARY 3, 1921 when and where you '
may appear and answer or otherwise
defend such action; otherwise plaintiffs
petition will be taken as confess and
judgment rendered accordingly.
A true copy from the record:
WITNESS my hand as clerk of the
Circuit Coort of Boone County, JBs
souri, and the seal of said court. Done
at oKce in Columbia, Jlissouri, this 18th
day of November, 1920.
(Seal.) B, S. POLLARD, Clerk.
Jas. E. Boggs,
Atty. for PlSs.
(Last insertion December 19.)
State cf Missouri)
) sa.
County cf Boons )
In the Circuit-Court, in vacation be
tore January Term, 1921.
F. R. Cunningham, plaintiff.
against '26462
The unknown consorts, heirs, den: s
donees, alienees, inraediatr, mesne or
remote, voluntary or involuntary gran
tees of Zebulon Wigpn. deceased.
Georg A Johnson, deceased: and cf
lirk,'! Rcbls -ieceased; aad cf Gar
laed -Colvm, dea5ed and cf Rich
ard Cohm. deceajed, and of Martellus '
Colvin, deceased; and cf Jorhua Mils,
' deceased; and of Joshua Jlue, de
ceased; and ef Luanda F. Jfils, de-i
ceased; and of Lucinda F. Jiize, de-
ceased; and nf Savannoh Sapp, de-1
ceaed, and ef Soiana Sapp, deceased;
and f Wililarii Sspp, de
ceased; and of J. W. Sapp. deceased;
, d of Sallie CnWvn. draseil; and oft
(a"nFe Ohm, drreased: and Dora
fin ecejsed; and of Bevevrr Col
vti, deceased; and of Jfary Wells, de
cased: and ef Jessie T. Colnn. de
cead.van1 cf Carol.ne M Colvin.
deceased; and of Nancy C Colrin,
deceasd; Frank Foeter, deceased; andf
cf Titsnis Cclria. deceased, Nora,
Belle JlcCarty. des-e3ed; and cf
Daniel Lonis (rr Lewj1 M-Cart, dc-,
eeasM; and nf Michael Senior, dw-1
ceased; and each of them respectively j
t X Y W
I ?V.
f B
ifAai, i
and all persons under whom they claim,
Sn3 all persons "claiming "by, through
or under them or either of thera"and I
Boone County. Missouri, defendants.
above named unknown defendants,
You are hereby notified that an action
has been commenced, against jou In the
Circuit Court of Bxrae County, Jlissouri,
affectiiig the title to the following de
scribed lands and tenements lying, being
and situate In Eoonc County, Missouri.
The South Thirty (30) acres, of the
Southeast Quarter of the Southeast aar-,
ier of Section Twenly-seven 127) ; and
liree (3) acres, more cr less being all
hat part of the Northeast Quarter of the
Northeast Quarter of Section Thirty-foui
i34), that lies North and East of center
f the old Nashville Road, and all ol
die above described land in Townshii
ortv-seven (47). Range Thirteen (13)
thicb said action is returnable on the
irst day of the next regular term of thit
ourt to be held at the Court House ii
he Gty of Columbia. Boone Count)
Missouri, on MONDAY, JANUARY 3
1921. when and where you may appeal
ind answer or otherwise defend such
action; otherwise plaintiiTa petition will
be taken as confessed and judgment
tendered accordingly.
true copy from the record:
T1TNESS my hand as clerk of ill.
ircuit court of Boone County. Missouri
and the sal of said court Dorc a
Ere in Columila. Missouri, this 27t!
day of November. 1920.
(SeaL) R. S. POLLARD, Clerk
W. J. Dinwiddie, ,
Last Insertion Dec. 27, 1920
State of Missouri, )
County of Boone. ) ss.
In the '"rcu-.t Court, in vacation bctoie
lanuar Term. 1921.
LOLA P. BERRY. Plaintiff.
against (26439)
foe unknown bciis, conorts. devisees ) yitf, ,!,e basketball season nearly a
donees, alienees or immediate, mesne month tay, "biir ftorit" are begin
or remote , voluntary or involuntary , n:nc t0 make their eppearaice. From
ceased, of Beajamin Sharp, deceased i
cf John W. Yeldell deceased, of Alex-,
ander Douglass, deceased, of Edward
P. Roger deceased, of John Lampton, I
deceased, of Turner R. Haden, de-,
cearcd. uf Henry T. Rainey, deceased.
cf Felix G. Laforce, deceased, of Leon j
idas E. Brown, deceased, of Edar Fin- j
Icy, deceased, of Jro JI. Saicicl, Trus
tec, deceased, cf Jno. E. Johnson, de
ceated. tf W. A. Stewart, deceased, o
Ambrose oung. deceased, of Jno. M.
i1T. ud aU penoas claiininK. or ho
.1.... . ..
Samuel, deceased, of Thos. Uoianu de- bwn CTmm;pctj anJ1 -m lhe J; on sUd of lbs japan A(ir
rrvw'rfirnfT'r s-lrcuit Court otBoo.c County. JIsouri.,tiser. arvording to Alfonn, John-on,
Frank Vdcox, deceased, of Jine. C T 5 fjlowimt de-1 formerly of that paper and now business
Orr. deceased, and lol J--B. IMcLc 'S' f u !n"lf 11 'manager of the Columbia Evening JIis-
might claim by, through or unUer U.e.3, lormenj to " s.uiuiui.i, .u
or eittei cf them, defendants. uri, and in Boone County, .Missouri,
above named unknown defendants,
You are hereby notified that an action
has been commenced againt you in the
Circuit Court of Boone County. Jlissouri,
affecting the title to the following de
scribed lands and tenements lying, be
ing and situate in Boone County, Jlissou
ri, towit: A part of Lots Number three
hundred and forty nine (343) and three
hundred and fifty (350), in the original
town, now city, of Columbia, Jlissouri.
described as follows; Ecaiuning at a
point twertv f.e (25) feet north of the
er "west corner of Lot Number 349.
thence uuii 64 fret, thence east to the
right of way of the Wabash railroao.
thence southwardly along said right-ef-
way to a point 23 feet north of the south I
R" nf lot nrnnber 349. thence west to
it,, nnlnt of be-innins: which said ae-1
tion is returnable en the first day of the i
next regular term of this court to be held
at the Court House in the Gty of Colum
bia, Boone Count), Jlissouri, on JfON
DAY, JANUARY 3, 1921, when and
where yon may appear and answer or
otherwae defend such action; otherwise
plaintiff's petition will be taken as con
fessed and judgment rendered according
ly. A true copy from tho record:
WITNESS' my hand as clerk of the Cir
cuit Court of Boone County, Jlissouri,
and the seal of said court. Done at of
fice in Columbia, Jlissoi i, this 13ih da)
N-vi.-' er. 19?).
icritt n ;. POLLARD. Clerk ,
..i-r ... . I
By JIarjorie Vuinn, ueputy.
J F Boggs.
Attr for I'HL (Last insertion Dee 14)
" . " " .
Slate cf Jlissouri,)
-- f '
fore January Term. 192L
VirgU M. Harris Jane H. Rogers, Mat-
... u if A.t.i. .A tVn w Jl.rria.
I iaimiiTs.
agafnsl - (2M50T
c. trrtr- lohr, H. JleClure. WilUam
V. McQure, John F. McOwe. .Sallie
F. McCture, Carrie JL Shakelford,
lames W.. JlcClurf, Daisy M. Grew.
Ccrtrude JI. McDonald. Fannie M.
Jlatthews, Virdl MeQuitty. LientxiMe-
fiinitv. Rhmehe L. Palmer. Jtontgom-
ely JlcCullough, William A. Lienrj.ruant to tlie request of said If gal bolder
and the unknown bars, consorts, d-'of said promissory note, I will on Fri-vj-ers.
donees, alienees and immediate, ) day, lhe Slst da'ef Dceabe", 193),
Pirsne. remote, vt vluntsrv and invol- between the hours of nine" .o'clock in
t li. W Iss
deceased, and of SL P. Lwntz.
Smlthuin and 'thu Gty of Columbia,
Jlissouri. defendants.
above namM unknown defendants, and
nonresident defendants, John n. JIc
- tt ' - r'j-fiferV.i--Ti 1 ...
ceased, and ot .Monigociery r. uenti. joor oi muu ooi.e, in ice mi i li TilCVLXttaUJOU
deceased. F. J. JlcOure nd The Co- Columbia, county ef Bopae, and state! ,,71,, . ., aL,
b-U. CemetW .seciarion. , eorpe- of JL-scuri. rell the al "described real' "!' fjgjTS J
ration, llie inisrecs 01 inc lown -aaic ci vuw- Mni"n ia inc .i&ui 1
In th& Field 'of 'Sfeoit
Someone asked C E. JIcBride, sport
editor of the Kansas Cty Star and an
eininenfauthority on sport natters, what,
in his opinion, was the greatest play
be saw in football during the season just
finished. In his personal column he re
plies as follows:
"So manv nlavs came under our obser
vance during the season just dosed that
,s u,j , ,-,,, jmpoM;ne , pick
nn , .,., i.,
As the mind wanders through the
1920 season there looms large the seventy-yard
ran of Harlcy Little in the Kansas-Ames
game. That run won the game
for Kanta. The credit was not all Lit'
u ui ,uptrb terfmnce, hut
for brilliance and the value of the play
to "his team that dash of Little's prob
ably was the finot play w-saw In a
season of wonderful plays."
Further in the article he mentions the
sixty ard dash of "Chuck" Lewis
through the Ames broken field and the
sprint of "Dutch" LonbergV down the
side line during the Kansas-Jlissouri
While we do not wish to rehash an
M stor. still we wonder if Mr. McBride
ner heard of "Chuck" Lewis' eighty
ive yard run for a touchdown against
he Soonm? Whi'e Lewis didnt hare
ie "superb interference" lliat aided Lit-
Je's cVIl still he was intcrjere.1 with
considerably by reaon cf having three
i broken ribs and a bad leg. Alo ins
j long sprint failed to give Missouri the
game, but it did save thu disgrace of a
Tiger fans who witnessed the Mis
souri Cap'am as be twisted, turned, lid
and sifted through the Oklahoma ecomt-
ary ilff nse and finally staggered across
the goal line, will probably be witting
to place that run against any that was
raade in the Valley the put season.
aAZKmut.r. r.uASc.ES
Cure. William V. Mfdure, John F.
..i c ii- r x!,t r,:- M
i. cClure. SaU.e F. McClu Carrie JL
JL Grtcr, Certrude JL -McDonald,
Fannie JI. Jlarthe Virgil JlcQuitty,
Lientz JlcQuitty. Blanche L. Palmer,
Montgumery JlcCullougli, William A.I JIany Journalism Graduates.
Lientz, TLe Trustees of the Town of ; When James JlcQain and Morris Har
milhton and F. J. JlcUure, I fis graduates of the School of Journal-
KET1NG: I31"- arrive in Tokio in February, the
Vn.. trm. t-Mvm- nAtif, tt-t -.n Minn I mtcrsitv of Alt'SOllri will hjiiH ntnn
ap d a"e e Qor of LolunAia.
t. .L r.- .f .si. .!.:. si:.
.nil known as Lou Nov. 207r203. 213.
.4. 215.216, 221, 222. 223 dud 224 In the
fluntbia Cemetery In said city; which
-aid action Is returuble on the first day
I the next regular term of this court
o be held at the Court House is the
Jily of Columbia, Boone County, Mi-'
)uri, on .MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 1S2L
hen and where you may appear and
mswer or otherwise defend such action;
therwue plaintiffs' petition will be taken
is confessed and judgment rendered ac
cordingly. V true copy from the record: '
WITNESS my band as clerk of the
-ircuit Court ol Boone County, JIis
louri, and the seal of said court. Done
" "Ece in Columbia. Jlissouri. this 20tb
i ovember, 1920.
. (SeaL)
n. a. ruuvro;, uen
. T. Ccntry,
Vtty. for PUT.
(Last insertion December 19.)
Whereas by their deed of trust dated
the 24th day of July 1914, and recorded
in mortgage book 125 at page 151 in
he office of the recorder of deeds for
Boone County, Missouri, Hugh T, Wil
liams and Gertrude Williams, his wife,
onveyed to the undersigned trustee the
following described real estate, lying
eing and situate in the city of Colum
ia, county of Boone, and State of Mis
louri, to-wit:
Let narrber eighty-eight 493) in Con-
I n 1.; s. ,,--.. . .f
-" cun jaiMiuuin oi piii oi
r'' J" Pstkwell Farm, an Addition to
the Gty of Columbia, .Missouri, as per
he recorded plat thereof. Wed in the
-fn r .T. f .e J I. ....L:
JS-MUC U til? fnjluef VI UCCUS muilil
and for IVtone County, JIieouri, and re
corded in plat number 2 at page number
1 24, in trut to fcure the rayrr.ent of a
"ensia promissory note ln'saia oeeo oi
J? ' .bn lde ' J1" f? c.f
" rrom-.sory note both ptmcipal -ard
Jifrest, both principal and interest have
Peccrar du acco'ding to the,l"it(is of thet
." - ,
Whereas, I have been requested by the
legal holder cf said note to exercise the
power of sale in me vetted by said deed
of trit't;
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given
thai, in pursuance to the power invested
in me by said deed of trust, and pur
lw TJW mm rih"jstatfklV th flf ,
de-ttenioon cf sajd day. at the sonth front,
bidder, to satisfy said note, Interest and
rps's of eieceling tLs tru.t.
Lai inerlion December 30.
Aitoi - a - iijfcs - A Jkti'&foUJL
Lawrence comes the word that K. U.
Is up against one of the hardest sched
ules ever played by a Kansas squad.
In addition to this, the ditpatch adds,
Kansas faces an even harder proposition
in that ail the other big schools of the
Valley have practically their last season's
teams back, while Dr. Forest C Allen,
basketball mentor at LKrencet must
build a fighting aggregation around one
regular from lat year. Captain Uhrlab,
center. There are four letter men out
for the team Lut none were regulars last
season and none are experienced.
The Missouri coaching staff is given
considerable credit in this story. It sajs
in part:
Misottri main advantage this year
is in its coaching tuff and to appreci
ate this advantage, history it necessary.
When Meanwelt coached Missouri sever
al years ago, that tehool got the Valley
championship Libit and the Kansas Ag
gies under Clevoigcrs tutelage, were
runners up for a few seasons. When
Meanwcll went to war, Johnny Jliller
took tlie mentor position; and Clevengtr
defeated him for the championship. On
Meanwell "t return, the Aggies were again
forced to tabd second place.
"This year, however, Missouri has
Johnny Miller, Qevenger, who has been
cacning the most dangerous maL an
"as practically the tuU advantage ot
'Meanwell s work through Coach Ruby
' wno pl)ed for three years under .Mean
well, and who has been coneccdeJ to be
one of the brainiest players in the Vol.'
But Organization Wants Cigarette
Laws Enforced.
The W. C T. U. has no definite plan
tor reducing or preventing cigarette
smoking among the students. When ask-
ed about the matter this morning, Mrs.
J. N. Taylor said that she had not heard
of the girls moking until a recent meet
ing of the W. C T. U.. and that then
it was merely stated that something
shoidd be done to stop it.
The report of so much smoking lieing
' done, some of it by girls in Columbia, has
! " "I1, "' V""""1 lheu ' tad
al ,1,r University and among the people
' j,ApER j,AS N,NE FR0M JL v
, Japan Advertiser at Uokio Uses
Columbia Restaurant
Lafe Hathman and Son
We wish to notify our friends and
customers we have moved our res
taurant in 807 Ash St, just east of
where we were. Quick meals and
prompt service.
Phone 238-Green.
Suits and Top
Coats Now Being
Made for As Low
As $50.
Materials are of our choicest pat
terns. Good fit' and excellent workman
ship guaranteed.
I. Wolfson
The Only Ladies' Tailor Between
St. Louis and "Kansas Gty.
Miller Bldg.
Phone 831
1 I
C3K't 1
then quick relief, trsica. fwfjft;
fwfu's-eumulatlne and scattos
congestion. The boy tise ilt ttx
ti nmsclsSS. ana jr. oerps ouy o
hackachee. too." SSc,70e,!
1 -sB-sii 1 1 , ,-jJBg
r" - ' - - J- --jH
Mfr cMJtiffiiTi ff-yffisssteaMMrar iimaHmim-it I i iiiiibiiwhiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i-i fTTfniriTi1siiniTl ii wiii'i' "
hory Pyralia and
French hory Toilet
I VJtil !! II 'I
Once 011 trj-,-you'll always buy f
Wltcn you-call your cr oceryman for Lreacl.be sure you say
f I. . . .1.. ri. . '
kjii aie ai tne loiiowing
Van Hom
V. H. Murray
J. A. Douglas
Crumb & Turner
J. K. Strode
Turley & McCammon
14-18 N. 9th St.
At V
Our showing
ssssT '
lamps is complete.
A lamp adds that finishing touch to af
home-rahd will be a constant rerriinder 6&
Purchases Made Now Will Be Held Until Christmas ii
Come in and See Our Large Assortment
i&2irf v5ls.
p.. wa
""' .. !... .-j
Ideal Gifts
Cold and Silver Mesk
Dags. The best line at
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stores: ,
Baker, Schaefer, ScoU
Johnson & Johnson
Lyons' Store
Forbes & Freeman
F. T. Leebricks
The Alabama
Wabash Market
i Katy Market
SLIMUM XxM. i . Hume 1164
k LAMPS .if3lt
of floor lamps and stand
PH01NE 53
Ideal Gifts
Hand-Tooled Calf and1
Steer-Hide Leather Bags
and Purses at -jf.
' Henninger's v
"Mother's Bread." , "1m
,. '1
1r ..
McvVdam & Berkebile -"1
LliarroHons t -''A
Hord Mayo
J. F. Challis
John H. McHarg
W. H. McCrews
0. W. Boutwell Merc Co.
West End Grocery x
Robert Rocers ?
. Li
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