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fcr PACT, rvrn
a ui
- In the Field of Spot t
m Editor the Missouium As an example
of the ftlraits to hjch metropolitan sport-
ing wiiiois are dnren in getting enoupli
material in the oS-scason, al'ow roe to
eile the column long argument put up in
a kan&as til) rar b L- L. Mt-lt
ta the dfeu eh-t Iu pae ipiu-
Letwccn Missouri and Kanai He
ha Lerfi "panned a hale by Misou
y nans Utel, and it lias made him pee
.j-1 C E. WclL lake to ta-k a recent
artlfle in the Missounan tliat pointed
out as worthy of mention alongside a
spectacular run of Liitle of Kansas in
r e Ames game, the great run b Cap-
mix -Chuck" Lew of Missouri against
OUahonia He describes the Mioumn
writer xs fellows, -leproachfully bitin
cat Bpbraiding making light of the opin
i irf a nobpaiUsaQ critic and trumpm
fa wi&i his on narrow partisanship.
In a previous article of much the same
irt, C E. McB. referred to hi own
opinion proud' as being that of a neu
trap critic
Mebbc so, tnehbe .
Unfairness in editorial treatment is a
hard thirg to put jour finger on. Often
ou feci it is there, but )uu can't juM
point out where it is. Many lime the
. unfairncw lies merely in the genial ira
predion gnen, when the fact staged are
beond contiidiction. Sometimes it is
merely the em of omi-Mon Voters wlio
had to read opposition papers in the re
cent political campaign can appreciate
what I mean.
M. U. followers as a rale are pretty
well conunced that the Unnertat) does
not get sjrnpathetic treatment in the
city press of Miwun. St. Louis has two
urmrrsities of her own. and jou can
mc pretty cloe to seeing Mount Orrad
from Kansas Gty on a clear da). Out
in the middle of the state is an "orphanl"
intliution that doesn't belong to any.
bod) but the people of Mi-oun. Heaven
help her!
It might do C H Melt 3rd others a
world of good to t-it in at a -fanning
be of iseoiin oliuaiii me unic aw
brin Tf ibe tfttbftxt oi liuti.r$u of
Hwtowi &e m the larger lLun
rftvpapcra The writer had an expert
am 01 the tori last spring, jut after
At Timers Itad won three alley chain
ftokip od it tmght wujt. (. I
McB to Irani that in rupr -Vwn't lii
mSjji t . vwy ov imi Trrm vri iuk, o3JS.
gT "" ewe, 1 example, there are V
I vias to leok at a football game. If
the wiuer hadn't held down a bleacher
seal, at the recent Missouri Kansas game.
be would hate finished the Star's account
of it llie next da with a feeling of ge'n
Line grablude. He woJd have -wonder-
fed how eaU) the Kansas rooter look
posCfHaa of the town and put-lted the
'Missourians into the background. He,
loo. wuld hate been sarprUed that Mts
swtri won in a fairly played came He
' ' ouM Ue felt Iuek that the score was
what it wa. ittead of brine dt?tHd
twi h wasn't 3 to 0, or something rep-"
haentatm A.I1 m dL their a 1 -a
darn own In u it iu diir
to cattt- Ka: s fel - od was "sticking 1
MissMiri has in Brutus Hamilton. te
i,-f!T fiTeatcst all TLnd track and field athlee
in the United States of America. That
was settled in the Olympic tr)-outs last
summer Hamilton also did fairly well
at Antwerp, as many will recall, excell
ing all the other Americans in the heart
breaking ten-eient competition. But be
hold how this beemingl) apparent supre
macy goes unrccognizfnl in Missouri's
neighbor btates according to two stories
i m recent sport pates of the Star.
Lawrence, Kai, Dec 17 With the
football season relegated to history and
basketball well on its wa) toward the
firt games here January 7 and 8, fport
fans are beginning to turn their alien
twit to track prospects. The net results
of cogitations over the field and cinder
situation is this, under the leadership of
Captain Eerett Bradley, OI)rapic star.
heralded as "American premier athlete,
Kansas is m a fair way to pull out of
the underdog position wie lias occupied
tin track in tlte immediate past and forge
to the front of the alle.
(.Parenthetical!), it might be remarked
that the middle of December is always
a good time for a track tory from Kan
sas; there usually isn't a great deal to
be written after that.)
Observe also thse extracts from a
fctory dated at Urbana, UL, Dec 6, de
scribing the mailing out of imitations to
(he University of Illinois frlay carnaral
March 5. The Missouri alley draw
mention like thi:
"Individual invitation have been ent
to the stars of the Olympic games to
enter the ind-wr all round a hampionhip
competition. Bradley of Kansas tli?
highest Vmencan in llie all round at Ant
werp, 1 a hkelv entry
nd the ier next paragraph, speaking
of last year's results, closes as follows:
"Missouri alley teams, Kansas and
Missouri, captured the all-around when
Hamilton of Missouri took first and
Bradley of Kansas, who later starred at
Antwerp, came m third.
Poor Hamilton! He did get his name
in, but no honey for him.
These are just scattering examples.
Maybe the correspondents wrote the
tones that way. If so, the job of edit
ing was either carelessly, or too care
fully, done Nobody is sa)ing C E. Mcli.
did it. But it appeared as news on bis
page, and I haven't seen an apology to
Missouri or Missourians as yet. Wonder
if it made the Star anv more popular
out around Harribonville, Mo., where
Hamilton lives?
What Missouri needs is a vigilance
committee-composed of every. one of her
friends. Missouri's followers haven't
been obnoxious enough in calling atten
tion to slights and oversights. A word
in time at the proper place might work
wonders. The fact that recent criticisms
Iiave becu deemed worthy of notice by
C E. Mca proves this."
James Moscow Proprietor of
Confectionery Store fn
Columbia, Tells of
Greeks Thirteen Days Behind
This Country m Time Due
to Use of Julian
'You can't sleep on ChrKtmas Eve in
Greece," Jim-nie told a visitor. "All
night Iftng, he continued ""croups f
)oung folLs go about the btreets singing
and pa)ing on mandolins and guitar.
Iot of tre2i are bojs, for bo)s and
girls do not go' out together in Greece
until they are engaged. They go from
house to hnue serenading- AftT the
serenade, jhe people in the Iiouses throw
them money, which is given to charily
the next day,"
The holidavs, lontmued James Mos
cow, best known as "Jiramic proprietor
cf a confectionary store mi Broadway,
-lasts for a whole week. Business comes
lo a comnlele slop for three davs while
ever)body wits everybxly ele. Jf ou
visit before dinner, you are served
brandy. After dinner the) usually serve
wine cr champagne. It U the custom to
serve drinks at social vi-its all the year
long, but during the Chritmas Iiiliday
the hoM does not limit the amount of
liquor. .
Prcsens are given to the chdjrrci,
hut the old folks lo not excliange gifts.
The cluldren do. not git Mieir presents
until New Years" Day Girwmas trees
are known but few of them are used.
Another custom carried out in every
home in Greece n New jears Djy is
the dividing of a homemade pie araonf
ihe memliers of the famdy. A gold com
is put in the pie while it is being made,
and it is believed that the one who re
ceives the coin when the pe is cut, will
be lucky throughout the whole year.
There are Jots of other holidays in
Greece besides these. Persons do not
have birthdays. There are 365 Saint's
days. Each dav is named after some
saint, such as Sairt John's Day, Saint
James Day and Saint George's Dav.
At hen Saint George's Day comes uround,
even one who has George for his first
ncme stavs at home and receirs his
friends. About twenty cf these saint's
days are celebrated by everyone, similar
to the way we celebrae Washington's
Birthday tn tills country.
Giristmas, in Creece, does not come
until thirteen das after it is celebrated
in this country because Greece sldl ues
the Julian calendar. There are no Greek
fables about Santa Gau because to the
children of Creece he is known as St.
-How are ou going to celebrate
Gmtmaf Jimrcie was asked.
"ln the American way," was the quick
Ihrbert Blumer is not the only man to
etimhine athletic prowess and class-room
brain. Wesley G. Brocker, one of the
Harvard mainsta)s against Yale, lias
done the same thing. A a result of his
work in the ale game Brocker obtained
lus "IT; since that time he has been
elected to Phi Beta Kappa, honorary
scholastic fratermt). Blumer, Missouri's
captain-elect, Iia for two ears been an
M man. and wa this fall designated for
Pin Beta kappa.
, Municipal Tree
! u;.0,! "..and
"; -vj .
Ghristmas Festival
j 10? rr-
Christmas Night 6 p. m.
Agricultural Campus
Everybody Welcome
- Ivory Pyralin
A gift as lasting as friendship and as beautiful as the spirit of Christmas.
Made in eiery conceivable acce-orj for th dressing tabic. Complete sets
or single pieces alwajs easily matched-Plain, DuBarrj and La Belle patterns
The Drug Shop
W. C. KN1GUT, Prop.
Make your Xmas gift$
both useful and lasting
As all people writs
why not give a Conklin?
The Home of the ConUin
iV '
To Make a Merry
Christmas Merrier
Be sure and have a Victrola
in your homeXmas morning
Do not delay longer. Call
today and select yours.
7p iWfc
THE first thing you
want in 'foods and the
tall important thing is purity. Cost
taste everything else is of
minor consideration.
Foods should be nourishing.
Thaf s what they are for to build
up strong, sturdy bodies.
Calumet Baking Powder is
pure in the can. It is made in the
tergest, cleanest, most modern
Baking Powder Factories n earth
only of such ingredients as have
been officially endorsed by United
States Food Authorities.
U 11CJC gosts down arH
If s pure in the baking. Cal
umet never fails to produce the
sweetest and most palatable of
nourishing foods.
It has more than the ordinary
leavening strength. You use less
of it That's one reason it is the
most economical of all leaveners.
Another reason is it is sold
at a moderate price you save
when you buy it
A pound can of Calumet contains full
16 oz. Some baking powders come in
12 oz. cans instead of 16 oz. cans. Be
sure you get a pound when you want it.
Efficiency ai
fhe Ttirottlei
Cahmct Wifila
213 cups sifted past
ry flour, 3 level tea
spoons Calumet
Baking Powder, H
teaspoon salt, 1VS
cups milk, 1 Ubl--rpoon
susar,2 teVe.
spoons melted but
ter, 2 eggs beaten
sepirsWy. Then
mix in tie isrUr
1 1 'HE automobilist appreciates good ga-.'
line mor,t when he steps on the throttle
and notes the efficiency in performance,
of his engine blueprint efficiency alone
means little to him. , t
IOiowing this, tlie Standard Oil Company "
(Indiana) has devoted much of its energy to
the development of a motor gasoline which ;
not only stands the grueling test of research
laboratories, but which has proved effi
ciency in thousands of cars operated under ,
every-day road and weather conditions. J ,
The Company has studied the needs of the
motorist, at first hand, and has developed Red
Crown, its motor gasoline, to a point where it
meets ezzzziy tne nceas or the automobile enr
R'ne, operating under conditions obtaininirin the
ivuuaie wesi.
The efficiency of Red Crown symbolizes' the''
.x . . v.a..aH4M., but. VUllipailJF 113 1W.
in its endeavor to rerder an intelligent, efficient
stfrrvite 10 me puouc generally.
The tremendous increase in tlie number of auto ,J
mobiles and trucks from 1,253,000 in 1914H5
7,459,507 in August, 1920, has made morcajf'
parent than ever the absolute necessity of a coit t
prehensive, dependable system of thstributio
llie development of such a system has channel '
from something merely desirable to somethinj ' .
-rf -" j- -vMgiMuuiiuuiLUbnuinim
useless if you cannot get it when you want it j
Every, step from refining to final delivery keif "-
(Indiana) that its interest never abates until its.
gasoline is delivering maximum motor mileage;
until its lubricating oils are helping do tMj
work of the world to the satisfaction'of the-
ultimate consumer. " " "?
T!, m.11., : J ..!.IJ - i! t.:jC''t
V ;"a i-Atuit.u juaa or gasoline wbhjx
true lYkmnrtnv h-io Kn V1n . -... if. w
the crude obtainable has been accomplishe11
viinout. sncruice ot quality.
Red Crown andPorarine nerformanrjfPthftf9t i
proofsof Standard OdCranpany(Indianasemberi:
.910 So. Michigan Ave.,, Chicaggf
"- --i - j,
-' V

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