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The Columbia evening Missourian. [volume] (Columbia, Mo.) 1920-1923, December 29, 1922, Last Edition, Image 1

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Tor Columbia and vicinity: Centrally
i ttv T"1 1 t-t tt-i-w-v --""" .u. ...... aiuruay cloudy
A I I I V t KIVIH K '""""" rain; roU at night. Lowest
J ill-' J -'J-vlTJUJlli Jltfmnrratur tumulo ,.1.,..- r..:
i - --. w si., iicriiiik:.
For Missouri: Fair tonight; warmer
east and south portions. Saturday prob-
auiy rain; colder northwest portion.
In Spile of Small Appropria
tion From Stale, Work
I". Exceptionally
Her Name's .Mrs. Miller Noxv.
William Marion .Miller, instruc
tor in French in the Unixer-ity of
-Missouri, was married while sjiend
ing the holidays at hi home in Sha-
ronxille, Ohio. There's no
iCT"s' 824WDRIVE
MASA?as,s,sa,osB: conference is
T PPTCT AT'TTDT? ronxille, Ohio. There' no secret
Llil'ljltjJjl 1 UillY ah"nt '"- hut l,e f3'1"1 '" eH his " ,"P P"urinR ' Columbia. Be-
I friends here the name of the girl. I "-" of the high price offered b deal-
ONLY S 10,000
Shippers forecast? Wiil.ln -,,1;.,.,
,of 200 miles of Columbia the lowest tem
perature during the next 36 hours Mill be
above freezing.
ANNUALLY) . urrure covers most of
"c i urn ami eastern Kocky .Mounta
It Is Expected to Be Similar to (J- OGDEN AltMUUU MAY
n n,;,,i : r I retire fkom pos
er. Hie hrl tinny davs' urodu.iion his
cipiaien iiiat t Hi
Turnover in Personnel to Be the
Largest in Several Years
This Time.
ew Year's day will see the l.iirje-t '
'turnover of )rars in the personnel at the!
Hog-Cholera Serum Distributed ,s!,,pe ,n" mornin- It is central in Col-
"1 ( illllltiix. in Yinr ' ""' '" Kl,n" noH ,n "" north
., - . - "id itraiiirr over lexas and
-i (.nip-, lor Civen Kansas. ve.t f ,he Slis-is-ipPi the
SoiN Found. weather is warmer generally. In all ea-t-
ern sections it is colder, but the onl
One Organized in Con
gress, According to
Farm Bureau.
Payment in Merger Deal Includes
$30,000,000 Stock to Morris
Pledges Fortune.
OSITION t ordinary season,
t hla-s.
Boland Says Organization Will
Fight for Tax Reduction
and Economy in Gov
9.-I!ctiremcnt of J., rat are next, with a few mini Fif.v ,, ' AVfc DZO I "N eight as a deputy in the office of the ' ALLIES STAND TOGETHER
By I'tuud Prut.
Jhfikmin Cm, Der. 29. Organiza
tion of a farm bloc in the Missouri Leg.
islature, similar to that organized at
Washington, was predicted here loda
By Vattrd Prrtt.
Ciiiialo, Dec,
Ogden Armour from the presidency of cent of the first hatch of furs
I tlie packing compan) with the mmplelion every ) ear, said one
'of the purcluse of Morris & Co., is fun--,
'cat in financial cirilr- here. Accord- PIONEER RESIDENT OF
ing to thce rciiorls. Armour would' BOONE COUNTY IS DEAD
I become chairman of the lioaril of direc-' ... ,
tors and F. Ed-.n White, at present vice-, "' "' "Kt Learns of Father's
president of the .ompany, will become I l,,alh Yesterday in Visalia,
president. i Cat.
I Trading in the $C0,009,000 preferred , w. II. Voet. f ihe S.,r H.,I .
- ' T - --"s-m J.i'M.
ne orst fixt) ,ia)s ot an 172 r p J iwjli r . ....- courthouv.- when the newly elected c,.un- i, , p , ,
.. according to IVrc , ' ! U f A .- " '-r tale their pber-. lMI1Ct PaS,U ' KlnTV AllSWCf
jui iiiuiuiiieiit ior r.iniii i i a o, ii....,.i r-
A Mai firm has .hipped $6,000 worth ' Parker's Domestic - , ? c,alXi ". .er'.re" ' ".""'" ""' '"'
-f Hi, alrcud, this year. The greater ' c """ "P"'" fanr,"f "e R- A- V. PaJey., International
part of the pelts brought to fJumbia t Science Work". 'Mr. ller ,s leaving the courthouse af-! Court.
are -kunU and 'n,m T i .. i .. ... Irr 'eni)-iour )ears M-n-ice there. th
Fifty per '
'county rlcrl, then eight as count) clerk,
Do )oii know that giing a cow a cold real cold is on the bonier from Michigan
bath in h..t weather inrrea-es the per-least. A leniierature of' 38 degrees' at
centage i.f lat iii the mill in the night ' Jaclsontille, Fla, i rather cold for so
nulling? This is .i.u- of the man ex- far south. In Missouri the w eel-end will
penments the Agricultural Experiment probably 'be unsettled ami rather cold.
billion lus mail.- iluring the last ear Highwas: Koails are in good cond
awl wiiicii ua- in-eii injile puijiic ly Dean north, west, and east to Warrenton
F. 15. Mumford in hi, annual report In roads going siuth are muddy.
the sile ol me Work lit th- ,nnni fi,r llili fr rT. .!.:.. II- 1 . slICIl ., l,l,u- ,nn r nm.
-pin.iiuiai u.u i wiuuiuia. iiignesi leraper-. ..-- ...... F,u,v iv- .- means . . rr I I ri
staticn for the la-t ear. aiure etpr,l,. mi- 1.. i... :.!.. on. I of effecting nassa-re nf ih farm l.;.t,. i ixpecien nail)
. -- j. ,..,u. r. iiinf,. 0-1 llllll. 7, I " ' " "" -"- ..... .V, "- -
"The woik fevered b) the Agricultural precipitation, 0.00. One jcar ago, high-("on-Eircnment
'station has lieen rli.-irctr. 'est, 35; lowest. 21: nrccinitaiion. 0 00. I Uoland
hed b) rxcrplionall) fruitful artml)," ?
s Dean Mumfor.l in the report. The ' T-kTkT-iTTTrr-i-r-. t-i -s. -r T, economy
.1 f .1 .... - li . . . m-f l J IflVl,'fJ l.'J II llllt . oniAramAnt
or. ... ...e .,a....n is an inc more s,gnl. )X y Ji 11 II I 1 1 V M "" u... . ,u.. .axes. ,.,,,. rJcrs
iion ,; perhaps ,i,; 7m "n;;, H( ) ( ) HA H . C0MING ,NT0 ITS 0WN r1-'-"-'"":, ""!."'? rr'"-:"." i,h -. K"L v-g.. vis.
dealer " " fi"M 'Ulti Organizations Gllltrillllted'an.l fi'mlly eight more in his present of-'lj.
f ' Check to Be Sent lo fir'; H"" expects to open an office in the,
National Treasurer
r "' ! ,.f a. ... 9 .- ..r M..I . rr "7 -..... .."j',
it;on The forecast, made 1.) John L. n..land.'"". , "".' , V ',, '?",', "' refene,! a telegram ihis morning telling
mo-t ' President ot the .Mis.s.,uri rami Bureau." . . . . ",", " 7 "" l" " su.Ideii death or Ins father. Her-
Federation, indicated the bureau belief f,arl, "" ''"" C,'"'J"" ?,mrk rfnl"-,manii Vogl, jesterday in Visalia, Cal.
a iiid ..d .., j- - j- - - ........ iitrm.in vni m i. i....nA r ..
. . , --K4 iiisM mil uuu r IJIUII1I
IDT aiMltlf (etrtv.&fx-n oir.s on. I .... -
Wi.:.- I.,, l. ...... s n.. . ----.--" j-" -
"'"" " ,.","" ""'"ul " Y" ',amiI,ar "ure in Columbia. II
e va
said the bloc would demote it-l ." 5 .... "" .. 'V':c,.kn"wn " "s'born in Cerman and came to this coun-
.!. a , . i . r i r eiiinR auilit). During me war tie dc- tr. . frt..i.i,, , ,,
chiefly to a determined fight for , ' , ... , "i a""t Iort)ight years ago. He
. le.ime Limun ns tht- i.,irlil & (rfif,s,l il,.s. I I ,... .
in the operation of the stale I . ,....?. . . . ,nt" '" -' Louis tor alout a iear and
... ' n. lit. Iwfli..p i,f 1.14 liniiilliiif ,t ttiflM .1 ... . . .
m. i .-...i. .: : i . i- ...... n lorn rame ., .u,n. I mm.u .i,a. i.
made his home until the death of hi
Mr. Armour, with $J),000,000 in his J. wife almut two jfars ago. He lus been
Hate appropriation of an 'tJii.m in the
Middle West The aerage state appro, trr-ll- t i t t . ..
Fr;atin for .xiH-rimciii s,al!llI), in rlN " H'am J. Lemp Is Third Mem-
part of the omnlr) averages $138.000. ,
while SW.000 is all the Missouri Experi
men! Elation reieiie. i
her of Family to Meet
tolent End.
Uniiersity Will Foster
Courts Have Ileen Iluilt for
llav fleriKMin Willi Kiluaril nml Iselsi.ii ! .iii, cin ili..n llu .. , n . ..1. .
iiame y i.,rr;fc itiinniKt. .,. si,,., .l, r: .1 itm.r, . it... t:... ..r l: .i..i.
-. ,- ." ." - .. I,- ,- I,,, iiiiiu hi ins iiraio.
for transfer of the Morris fading Co. to ' Mr Vn-. ;, ,. ., -, ,;i.i.
...c .iUu... , tt ,, N , Columbia: Ernest
Ilorsefhoes haie rome into their own Armour has raised tl.c ca-h from a j Marion, Inil.; .Mrs.
George Chambers,
Cuilar lliiilding, wherr he will write fire
and tornado insurance for seeral old
line ttimpanies and life in-uranie for the J
Connecticut Mutual Co. He will also,
sell .en! mi-h- Bt VmluJ P,i.
S. Lends Supnort Against
Turk-; - Britain Rushes
Fleet to Constantinople.
0.e of the most valuable te-ls made Sj,St"''lous"'I
V iti- -lanoii .,is uic icsiing OI .US.
.this year in Missouri and to further the "indicate of banlcrs, pledging as secur-, Los Angeles; Franl Yogt, Vialia, Cal.;
port the athletic department of the
Dec. 29. William J. I University has this winter built nine
to death in his office today.
souri -oil for their need of lime. Tests
ere made throughout the ear and there
.,i.-.aaU.c,,U,,a,,ro,rlulr. , , . . , , , .
ly 3,500. such tests repre-enlmg mos, of,famous ,,rewer.s ,,., , mect lio,
tnecoumu-softheMate. The le-ts not drJIl ,,,,, 1)een ,, (H;ce nfar hf.
only furnish the farmers and count ilfart. A re,oK founj a, ,,-,
asenl. the mformalion desired regarding (rfU Tlier(. W38 no notf of planation.
the genera nee,I ,n lime of imli.idual , jju.inees a.wiales said Lemp ,1
K,ils but the are -upprjing the s,aiin.been worrxing oxer the passing of the
with a considerable amount of data . brrwerx xalued at $4,000,000. The pro
riiowins the amxunt of acid in the -oils ,,erlir. are nm) ;n ,1(. rrn(.f of ,; ;da.
in the diflirent parts of the state. Ap-tion.
yrcximatelj 1,500 le-ts were made during'
the ear.
Lemp, 5 president of the brewing com- 'courts for the benefit of those here who!
pan bearing his name, was found shotjarc interested in the game and will isue
a "first call' soon for all "barnjanl
golfers" to report at the gmnasium fori
shoes. I
The cojrt are located jut south of the .
gymnasium on the old tennis courts I
which luxe been abandoned. The posts ,
haxe been s-t and horseshoes hate been
bought. j
As jet no one has asled for the use!
of the courts but with the coming of
spring, games will lie scheduled and I
"pitchin"'" will come into its own he
Lemp's father, founder of the brew-
it a portion of his personal fortune, ' H. C ogt, St. Louis; and Paul Vot,
according to rejiorts from clo'e finan- Gilurabia.
cial ad.iscrs handling the deal. (
Final rejKirts were that the deal, be-, PfpT AR TT T TT?T7
sides the ca-h, would include .ament 1 vl lailll j)Aj"Uf i
of $30,000,000 in -toil of Armour & Co.
lo the Morris inleresis.
AGAINST UNEMl'I.OYMENTl75 pcr Cent of Loans Unse
cured Business Men May
Be Involved.
Labor Legislation Association Also
Recommended Old Arc Pen
sion Laxxs
J United Pretu
Poi'LXR IlLlir, M'o,
b, 1'iuird r,m. I'oi'Lxn HLi i r, .Mo, Dec ZV. With
Liiicalii, Dec. JJ. A drive to obtain , approximately 75 per cent of the loans
The experiment in the production and , previously met death in a similar wax.
distribution of anli hng-cholcra scrum.
under the direction of 0. S. Crislcr and , LOWEST DEATH RATE IN 1921
F. D. Ciishn lias been of great aid not on- ti. l". rCZ t ti- i. n.u
, ,i , .-. i ii .That Irom Cancer Is Higher Than
lydi the sHme raiser' but it lias alro beeni ,.. , n- i. i
. . i r i r . , 1 m 19213 Less Tuberculosis,
a helimil means of carring on research'
orl in sinc ailni-nl-s and has gixen I ' W-'"crV Dec. 29. The Depart-
material helji in other lines of research I m"u "l C"""rce announces that the
xvorl. During the vear the -erum labor-' c"n",!,i"ins maJe h1 "" Bureju of lht
itory sup,.he.l n. fanner-, either direct-1 C7s s,10v, lllat --2,009 deaths occur-
ly or through x.-lerinary agents, 2.043,675 ml ,nf1921 "'" ' h registration
cuhic enti.net.rs ,.f anti-liop-fliolera se- ar,'a."f eonl'nental United Stales, repre-
ram whi.l, were .l..lril.utr.l in 1.SI9 or- """S.a ' 'c "', H-6 per 1,000
ders to 71 counties. During the last 5ear ! ?'p"Ut'"" a" r"mP" "h, - '"
rkileri. I.,. I . m ,..!,.. .!,. :."" '" raie ior iv.-i is me lowest
,(,.,.- ...... i ,i i . i r rate recorded in an year since the he
me nrevious tear ami sn Hie ilemaml tnr '
1,. i , ' ginning of the annual compilations in
serum lijs hiii greater. r
Since 1912 the College ..r Agriculture, '
has been engaged in various t)pes or e. Tllc ,1,a,n registration area, exclusive
tension worl, .the purpose f which has",f ,llc 'ritor of Hawaii, in 1921 com-
bffn lo bring to the farmer the Inowl- l,ri"l 3l I:llc,s lI,e Ditrict of Colum-
fdje resulting from its worl. When the uia- aml 16 ci,ie3 !n nonregistration
extension servi.,- was ..rganired the staff ,-. ilh a total estimated population
ronsi-te.1 ..r 17 persons, I, the worl has " J"- 1 of 33,667,602, or 32 per
rrown until the services of 102 persons cen.' "f lhe e-'a'l population of the
rc required now. I!ehirts for the last Cnited States.
foar ears' worl in home economics The death rate from cancer increased
dions lhat IA2 women have received from 334 per 100,000 in 1920 to 36 in
instruction in one or more lines of worl. 1921. Some of lhe other diseases for
Inslmction in canning resulted in the which the rates increased are diph-
uving of $1,281,079 worth of products tberia, typhoid fever, appendicitis, scar
er, anil s sister, Mrs. Elsa Lemp Wright, j among the studeqts and townspeopfe. The! legi-lation for unemplo)inent insurance j of the Farmers Savings Bank of tliis city
courts are open to the public and hor-e I was opened here fsterday at the annual unsecured and with cash shortages to-
shoes will he given anyone who applies convention of the American xssociation taling more than $5,000, the banl is in
at the office in lhe gymnasium. for Labor Igi-lation. virtually as bad a condition as the Night
Wcslev C Mitchell, director ..f the Na. I and Day Hani of St. Louis according to
The Dollir Day Campaign, which was
belli in Columbia December for the , . ' Lxisxnne, Dec. 29. Europe today
siven Union Christian Colleges fori , ,. , LN '','1 ' '"e rounly court. t0o,I at the fross-road-. one palh lead
Uomen in the Orient neil,, ,,r cm. f . II", t'hce '" V , B' I,ickman af" ing to war in the Near Kast. ,K. ,.r t,',
mittee $321. according to the reix.rt of I '" ", em a" c,e,k aml ht """i ' peace.
Mrs. D. x. Itobnctt, chairman of the . "er'"u. leuly clerk. Heliasal.. The Lausanne conference was su-iH-nd.
l.-al fund. Mrs. Jonas Viles, treasurer,,1';' ,irp"l '" ,he "rc" nf ,Iw "rcuit',,) hi,P Umrl vha, ,,,;,.f llf (,,e
vas to sen.1 a check for lhat amount to- C!"? amI ,he co.un, rr'ler. Mr. Da- Turkish delegations prepared "S reply
day to Mi., Hilda Ol-on. national trtas- ' Vl I,a' T1 et ,c,l,e'1 tt,,al ,le J'!lo the Allied demand that the Turks
urer, in lloston. vvnen he Ieairs oSicf- permit an international c.-ut in which
The following ..rganijjlion- cljntrib- J" T" llarT' '" succml Searcy Pol- ca-cs involving foreigners would Ik? tried,
uted to this fund: Methodist Women's . !n ,!,e office of circuil cetl" -"o'lard There was an obvious effort on the
organization. $."2; Episcopal Women, $6; ' "'" at,en'1 '" h,s '""rests in the Hop-J part of the Allies to make it appear that
Presbyterian Women. $3J"iO; Christian ' Pcr-,"Jr,l Drug Co. J. li. Jordan, dep- Turkish .ib-tinacy on this .int is res
Church through the Woman's Council, t "ly circ";' clerl' '" con,;nue t work 'ponsiblc for the impending disruption of
$133; Oakland Chri-tian Church ffum' ' '" llli: e ''"""S110"1 ""T- .the confereme, while lmet desires the
en's Council, $11; Christian College Y. T,,e no Giunty Oiurt will undergo j world to believe that British greed for
W. C. A. $25; lniversity Y. W. (I. , a eomplete change of personnel. J. T. ,rM" r'c'' Mosul oil ba-in in Mesnimiamia
Fortnightly Club, $V: gifts not des-' "'Oland, presiding judge, will give his ' "e real rea-on. Imet reply proba-
hly will try to throw tht- blame on Brit
ain. Meanwhile the British cabinet met os
question of hostilities in the Near East
qucsii.iii of hostilities in the Near East
p.obably was taken up al-o.
The United Mates supported the Al
lies against the Turls yesterday as the
conference neared the brealing point.
Open defiance of Marquis Cunon's
warning that further efforts on lhe part
of Turley lo secure the Moul oil fields
would lead to a brealdown of the narlev.
'was voiced by l-met Pasha when the
conference .qieneil.
i .... ... . I . . . ..I . 11' 1- f I r. r
ignaieii, jlil.A); jmi a. .. U. V., $5. i"-"c ." . .. jonnsou alter lour years
The amount of $171. rai-ed by the Co- l,n "le "";e "' raiding ju.lge and eight
lumbia Christian Church. Oallan.
Cliristian Cliurch and Chri-lian Colle:
q. j - " s . 'ii-iuni& juojtU JIIU Cllll
id iJcars as ae uf lne somhern district.
re I James T. Stocllon, judge of the northern
district for the last six year, will be sue
ceeded by Franl C. Pralhcr; and J. S,
Pauley, judge of the southern district
Y. W. C A. was designated lo go to the
Women's Union Chri-lian College at
Tr.Lin t.innn Xfisj F,I,I. P..I ,.. -
lumbia girl, has recently lei appointed j f"r f"u!' ears' wi" "eeded by C
head of the domestic science depart- ".
men! in lhat acliuol. This money will I - lioberta Winn will tale the
help Miss Parker equip her department, j P'ace " James Schwabe as county
Two dollar was designated for schools lrM-Mr-r.
in India, ellore, and Luclnow. The . TvnTnmn i mnm
remainder was sent lo lhe general fund. I BAPTISTS MEET
I This was followed by an announce
'ment that the Turks would not give
(ground on capitulations, and thai they
mu-cd to have judges, apisiinted by
lional Bureau of Ku.nomi.- licscar.h,- Ixiuiianii, stale Mr spector in-chargc
New York, gave -ome of the re-uhs of a I of the hank's failure.
Lawrence De.Muth Lost Coat at
Razzer Dance Identified it
on Campus Today.
survey in 1921
of unemployment mndi-
In the la-t three ears
let fever, diabetes, and puerperal
ra one season.
$114,312.75 ha- been saved in millinery fexer. The fatalities caused by automo
rl clolhin" alone. bile accidenls and injuries show an in-
n- .i i . .i i .i crea-e from 104 per 100,000 in 1920 to
IJunng the last three. years under the ,' " . ,"';.
direction of the agricultural extension n-5 ,n 1921-
rvice. 121 live stock shipping asocia-J A marked decrease is shown m the
lions, 48 cooperative farmers' elevators j Jfath rate from tuberculosis, which was
and 51 miscellaneous commodity mar- 9- in 1921 as compared with 114.2 in
leling a-sociaMons have been organized. 1920; also in the death rate from mflu-
Ia 1921 thee associations did a total enza and pneumonia which was 99.3 in
business of S10.79S.813 and saved $816.- 121 against 2083 in 1920. The rates
925 for the producers for meashs, bronchitis, nephritis, whoop-
Through the advantages of the exten
"on service ...ilia larmers became uers
An overcoat was stolen from Ijwrence
W. De.Muth, 809 Rollins street, on IV.
ceraber 1, while he was at a Ilazzcr I .Mitchell
uance. mis morning ue.xiuin saw lus.
overcoat and identified it as there were'
only thr.e like it in town and he knew
who ownul the two others.
The police werp called and llip su
dent wearing the coat told lliem be had
bouglK it for $12 just before the holi
days hut refused to give the name of
the person he got it from. The )olice
tool him lo lhe station and returned
the coat to its owner.
No information could be obtained this
afternoon at the police station about
whether the student had been held or
Methods nf stabilizing production lo
avoid oxerexpansion in times of great de.
livily and finding uurkels in times of
repr.'ssiitti were rcoiuint
Niemann declared some of the bank's
directors bad borrowed much more of its
funds lhan is permitted by law.
The condition of the banl is so bail,
lhe implication of old. r business men in
I,, .riinneclion with lhe failure is expected
(when Hit- pn.lie is concluued according
r -iiit I" Niemann.
In- -slid, should gov-1
rn its pimhas.., and expenditure, for, T() C0NVENE NEXT QCT0I1ER
public works to lime- ni depression.
Cost of unemployment insurance I First Assembly of Business Men's
should Ik- plated on lhe employers, be I Christian Club in Detruit.
recommended, by j sy-ti f premium- , Sa man can worship a Cod he nnder-
graduatcd with reference lo the volume stands," said former Congressman W. D.
Will flnpn ITn in Xf isism.: Cln.nu
Co.'s Ruilding About Middle . Columllians Join ill Annual Pro- tlle "al-ue fort. il with Tu.lish judges
of January. I ... ,.r I :.ii i where foreign litigation was involved.
,, , , I gram Of LltUe Bonne France bacUl Britain in this mailer.
John laul Alien, son of Mrs E. A. remme District. 'Minister Barrere declaring he was
Allen, 900 Conley avenue, will own a .numl it I.mn P..!,.'. .UIimi;. 1I..1
confectionery about lhe middle of Jan- .The fitfl. Sunday Convention of Ut..u, : rf tr;mn,U were worse ih.n
uary m the space provided for such ani,le i",nne remme Association will open ur-.;n,i i.,iiI1i.1inn. 11, w. ltl
taken up imsition "on
ground where lhe Allies could not meet
I hem."
mery about lhe middle of Jan- lne mill Sunday Convention of Lit-'ucn mi.j trj!lul
the space provided for sucli an!,Ie -"'""e Fcmme Association will open original capilulatii
ment 'on the west 'side of the'3' 7 ,ti)uigbt.at lhe Centralis Baptist j Turls" they bad I
Iding of the Missouri Stores Ci. J iurcli. The convention will be in ses. eroumj Kn ,t. '
new buildin;
on Lowry strct. The name of the new
place will lie "Johnny Paul's.'
Allen is noted as lhe inventor of the
"John Paul," a drinl served at all the
soda fountains in the city.
The fixtures for lhe establishment, an
eighteen-foot fountain, the !ongt in the
of unemployment.
Women worlers are esnnially hard hit
during the (M-riods of depression and spe
lial means for their relief were urged
by Miss Mary Anderson, director of the
woman's bureau of the Detriment of
. ' inr cough, heart disease and diarrhea
I and enteritis alo declined.
any cliarge placed againt him. Chief 1 Lalior.
Rowland could not be reached, as he j 0l'""r measures, recommended included
was said to be out of town on a hunt- '"',' aSp Ieiiioii laws. Henry K. Sager,
ing trip. -xew lurk, r. tiring president, iiecian
lhat lederal legislation that will ircxirlt
sjriles is needed immediately
Llo.xd Whitlock Will He Here Jan. 1
in Picture "Kissed."
n - f" j A former student in the University
1 rojieny IamageU 10 E-XteiU 01 i appear in lhe motion picture lhat is gre-sive,
75,000 No One Was coming to the Cozy Theater New Year's desire for Inowledge leads man lo the
Da). Llo)! Whitlock, who pla)s the' first cause, and it 13 here that science
Yandiver at a melting of the Business
Men's Christian Club lat night. "It is
imiHis.iblr to revereme the thing we com
pass. "Religion is the most universal thing
in the world," he added. "Wherever )ou
g.ou will liml lhat the greatest things
e done for religion."' He cited as ex
amples the Pyramids, the temples of
Alliens and Rome, and the more modern
Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Ca
thedral in London.
"Faith begins where knowledge ends;
it is here that we find Cod," said Mr.
Vandiver. "Science, pursued to its lim
its, leads to God."
He pointed out lhat religion i ag-
lile science is passive. The
sion unlit Sunday night.
The program follows: t
TOMCIIT j By I'litrJ PitM.
Sermon, The Rev. W. L. Dorgan. Lonuov, Dec. 29. Britain is rushing
Toxioiikow mormnc j3 "fl '" Constantinople "to inlluenrr
Devotional. ''" Turks toward ieare."
Topic. "The Church of Jesus Christ." t Te Admiralty announced llial Ad
1. "The Church a Light House" The ' m!ral Brock's squadron was steaming:
I from Malta, the British naval base in the
.- j Mediterranean, full si-ed for Couslan
I linople.
3. "The Church a Training Camp"! ''' aclion was taken al a lime when
The Rev. S. S. Keilh. Il"' Turks at the lusjnne conference
part of an ultra-refined villain, was born fails, he said.
of commercial fertilizers in 1920 and in
1921 the number reached 11.812.
The most important worl in crop im- Officials Obtain Warrant for AI-
provement has been improving, selecting., leged "Prisoner."
testing and certification of seed, as well g, imtlrj p,t.
" treatment for smut, anil the introduc- Waimiia, Wis Dec 29. Officials
ion of varieties best suited to different yesterday obtained a John Doe warrant
localities. The work has licen carried on for the arrest of a "poisoner." alleged
mainly by t ibli.hing demon-trations to have attempted to kill two school
The experiment station found through children with carbolic acid.
'Is demonstration field al Cuba lhat thel Dr. Benjamin Levine declared that an
Virginia xanelv ..f soy bean is the lies! 'analysis of contents of a dinner pail
for hay and seed on the thin Ozark up-'carried by Norma Olsen, 11, showed that
lands. The application of this test lias poi-on had been ured oxer the food.
been made in the last year in ten coun- Mittens worn by Rose Waclioxx, 11, al-o
ties in the 0arls by the extension de- came in contact with the acid.
Parttnent ' The Wachow girl claimed that Evelyn,
Janovial wore the mittens part of the'
HELD FOR CHILD DESERTION J3). Testimony at a preliminary in-
n . -. .,, .. . 1 vestigalion before Judge Thomas, showed
Depot Sheriff (Joe. to St. Lou.s .j pf hrfe .. ,ia(
.u we. unnie ..rucc. quarreIcl.
Wilson Hall, deputx- sheriff, went to Af. iuing the. John Doe warrant.
si. iiuis tin
Br VatJ F1.1t ln Snrincfield. Mo and received bis The meeting opened with the Lords
Zhclfji, III., Dec. 29. A roaring ,,). .,,; : ,. .i,! ,i, Praver and a somr. J. 11. Thomas made
blaze swept by a swift wind wiped oul , (,;., , ,i,e Urmersity later be tool! a short tall on the applicalion of lhe
lhe greater jiart nf the busine-s di- up chn eni-in,rrirl, ,u, ef, h 1. Colden Rule to business,
trict of this city toda. fore ,ie ImUnl bu ,,ere am, cn ,, The Bu-incss Men's Chri-lian Club
lhe t.enzergers Furniture Building, a ,ilp sae as organizeI in Kansas City in Odo-
shoe shop, a furnishing store, two soft ' ti. "... .1... 1.- ..1... : .1.:. : Ir lis firl n.nlional convention will
. 111 . " I'Jii llial lie inuys 111 IIIls 1MI.IUH. '- - - - --
dr.nl stores a barber shop, a pool room -K- . - ,.;. M.r- plncl ;s r l,e held in Detroit next October. The fob
of highl 'polisho! dexillr. according lo' lowing officers have been elected by lhe
the rexiews or lhe picture. local branch: President, J. G.Long;
Mr. Whillock's director. King Baggot.l xicc-president, John II. Estes; secretary,
wa Iwrn in St. Louis and was educated T. 15. Buckner; treasurer, M. A. Larey.
at Chri-lian Brothers' College there. The club meets the second and fourth
j lliursoays 01 eacu moniu.
city, sixteen tables and fiflv chairs, have
already arrived. The tables and chairs lex. J. t. .11 00 re.
were imported from Czecho-Slovalia. I 2. the (Jiurrh a Publishin
lhe walls and all the fixtures will be'llie bev. J. S. Denlon.
decoralrd in two inturs. iion nml
French urav. The Rev. S. S. Keilh. '"" Turls at
On the day of his up. iiing. Alltn will j 4. "The Church the Body of Chrit"tlie ,,rn" -leflinp the British and demanding
give awhy samples of his brands of. Rev. Sam Frank Taylor. , l,lat '"" 'icl' -M.huI oil basin he sur-
candy in sp,s-jal lioxes. j General discussion. .rendered. In announcing the fleet had
The Missouri Store ilself will not. t.ixiokkoic aftckmion I be. n dtspatcbol. the Admiral!) slated
open for bu-iness in lhe nw building' Devotional. I1'13' it a9 le'ng sent as a "prccau-
until sometime in February. Moving) 1. "The Church and Politics" W. I , lionary measure, a sort of moral inllu-
has been going on for s.me time, am! Neb-on. 1 ente toward peace."
all of the bools have been moved from 2. "The Church and Society" Mrs. W.
lhe stacl rooms in the building on Ninth j E. llarshe.
street to the no stacl rooms. The re- 3. "The Church and Amusements" The
tail stocl, however, still remains in he Rev. C P. Walters.
old building.
Report Says Boat Needs Assis
tance Is South of
Fire Island.
the fire,
The blaze starling in a defective flue
caused property damage estimated at
The fire was under control at 2:30
p. m. No one was injured.
in Chi-
Dr. J
Unidentified Robber Killed
cago Yesterday.
Ciiicaco, Dec. 29. An unidentificl I mfnl . ,or llle l,ou,r Ann" K"es
robber was shot and killed yesterday
by Policeman Maurice Cronin. The man
W. Hudson Will Speak
sical Selections Also. Bomb in Christmas Wrapper Kills
The Rotar Club of Columbia will ( Wife and .Mangles Husband.
lie Us Uinstmas dinner and entertain-. tjimatt Pint.
of I
By Vntted Pi-mi.
Boston, Dec. 29. lhe sjeamcr (..orti,
believed to he soulh of Fire Island, is
reported damaged and in need of im
mediate assistance, according lo wireless
messages received here today.
I. "The Churih and Prohibition" L. D.
I high.
5. "The a.-r.l. and Religion" B. F.
General discussion.
Sermon The Ilex. II. P. Cheavens.
Sunday School,
lhe pastor.
Rebel Prisoners Were Charged
With Being in Possesion
of Arms.
By Veiled Pretu
Diblin, D.T. 29 Two more Irish rebel
Preacher to be selected byipr'oners were executed today in Kil
kenny jail.
The men. who gave the names of Mur-
Devotional: P"l" anJ helan, were charged with be-
1. "Duly of the Church to her Youm ' lnR ,n PoeHn of arms.
Figures on Entire Enrollment Not
Available Lines Are Long as
Entrants Wait Turn.
Attorney-General Hands Down
Opinion Concerning Working
Time for Women.
.Maumihild, Wis, Dec. 29. Mrs.
t. ; . - i. r. ,.. i l.imes l. IJianman .ilea xeieruax as
iiixanans, loniglll. ur. J. vx. Iluil-on " .... - i 'let.
will speak on Rotary and lhe Christ-'" re"'1' of injuries received when al
By I ntted Preit.
Jlhuison Cm, Dec. 29. Women
who act as clerks and judges in elec
tion booths do not violate the 9 hour-day .Master" The Ii
law. according to an opinion hamlei
People." Fred Dixon
2. "Duly of Young People lo Their
Church," Miss Ruth Edwards.
General iliscuion.
Topic: "1922-1923."
1. "Looking Backward, or Banlist
Victory." the Rev. W. 11. Burnham. ! Thirty-four new students hail regis
2. "Looking Forward, or The Task ' Itred for work in the University at 3
Ahead," Earle Dysart. o'clock this afternoon. Most of these
3."Looking Upward, or Divine Cuid-,are frehmen. Definite figures on the
ance." I entire enrollment arr not available let
4.-Reaching the Goal, or Our Wealth. but many old students were entering
Our Numliers, Our Meage, and Our ,ol,a'- from 10 o'clock this morning
J. A. Brvson. ...ere was a sirauy stream oi slucienis in
1 the Library, where cla- cards were ob-
mnrninr? to brine hack ' . ...i. Ti.nn,,. I,M 1, u. nnn until
urTiHe l.ruce. xiho is wanted here lor . ....: .... ..r ,i,. c.i..,1 ,9i,0r n.l
He desertion of bis four children. a far ham, C(,uIj le ,
"" is In-mg held in St. Louis and
flll is cxiwii-d lo brim him to Colum- A. F. Neate Is 111 in Paris, JIo.
bia tonight , A. F. Neate of the Strawn-Neate Dry gcans phone Boo
According in an affidatit filed by Goods Co. is ill in Paris, Mo., where . ......
Kly M. Hulen, prosecuting attorney, he accompanid Mrs. Neate and their, West Haxiptos;, N. YM Dec. 29. Mi-s
Bruce i .barred with deserting four sons. Sidney and William, for a holiday , Eloi.e Poundinr. was scanninu the lele-
was fleeing with a companion aftor
breaking into a beauty shop. No mark
'of identification was found on the slain
man. His companion escaped.
The bandit had entered an elevated
station and was about to board a train
when the bullet from the officer's gun
killed him.
mas spirit.
Barton Robneit is in charge of the
program, which includes xocal selec
tions by Mrs. J. W. Hudson anil Miss
Elinor Ilul-lt, and a distribution of in
teresting gifts by Santa Claus in person.
bomb, wrapped as a Christmas present. ' l"-"e "'"""'
explode.!. Her husband is not ,,.! ro'e the attorney."
ed to live due lo injuries from he" lla'1 '" "j"'
down from the office of the attorney- DATE OF PARTY IS CHANGED ained after fees bad been paid.
general today. Registration for the day closed at 3
The ruling was given in reply to a Cosmopolitan Club Will Entertain o'clock this afternoon. At noon, one
leler from Mrs. Alice Curtice .Meyer- Sunday. Not Slonday. The fifth Sunday Convention of Lit-
ing, stale indusllial inspector, who The Cosmopolitan Club party which of Journalism.
:cneral lhat the ques- "as lo I held at Hie home ol I'rol.
St. Louis. ami .Mrs. Jes-e Wrench .Monday night ,- "--' Hfcl.M. -XIA1IK UP
tin honor of Miss Earano Bedroian. Y.
DIES V. C. A. worker in Kansas Gty. has ,
Finds Sister.
blast. I sins. THOMAS POTTS DIES W r A .....r : I.-,-.,, r:..- i. "atlery 11 Is Paid Every 3 .Months
Chapman, chairman of the town of h dianee.1 to 8 o'clocl undav even-' hy ew Sy"--ra-
Cameron and head of the Wood Count, Body Will Be Brought to Columbia t Change was nLes-ary by ' T,,e """'"'i- ',Al hr ""r
Iward, receixtd the paclage late We.1- for Burial the" inability of .Mi., Bedro-ian to stav " no" "'n ra;",c. ".'" 1'U '" llle "-
n-s.lay. He unwrapped it, and his wile, .Xlr. I nomas I is men esier.iay ai uni! Jay n;ght payroll in l'JZi and the second one since
Banquet Held for Bank Officials. I eager lo fc lhe content', was nearby, ilur home in Fulton, where 'he has lixed Mi- iJeilrosian is a native of Armenia llw 'I"3""1' rairoll sy-lcm went int..
Twelxe diretlors, officers and em- The machine exploded when the wrap-1 for about six years. Before movi.ig to ' effrci.
ployes ,f the Columbia Savings Banl ping paper was removed, the rclcae of ( Fulton Mrs. Potts lived in Cer.tralia. Eight Killed in Explosion. ' "'lle na' r"mM a little late owing to
last night attended a banquet in the a rubber band contrivance setting off lhe Funeral services will lie held lomor-. Sj c,rd r ' tw change from paying cxery six months
Daniel Boone Taxem. It wa-the thirty-1 blast. row at her Home. Hie iiony win ix irent, Uec. ?J. S-even workers ami ; lo paying every three months. .Mem-
ehildren: Jes.ie 11, 1 year old, Kcn-jxi-it. Mr. Neate was not feeling well j phone bool when she saw the name of fifth annual banquet the lonl has held The full charge of the explosion was 'brought here for burial in the Columbia one soldier were lilled when a number, hers receiving ay must be present at
"rth, T years old. Dorothy, 9 years old, when he left Columbia and after arm- Sirs. .Mildred Schmitterman. A tele- .since it was first foundeil. The board ' received bv .Mrs. Qianman in the abdo-, Cemetery.
"d Ca,l ; ,P3r, l,. It U alleged ing at Paris be became ill. Sir. Neate ,)none call proved lhe latter to be .Miss of directors will me.l tomorrow lo de- men. Chapman's left arm was so badly I Sirs. Potts is (be si.ler
that he deserted lliem on November 25. ,,.s a touch of influenza and pleuri. Founding's long lost sister. iclare dividends on its capital stock. Imanglcd lhat it was amputated. iCilla'nie of Columbia.
of Aii-trian-made bomb. Iieinr trans-' least CO ner rent of the drill niehts.
Turner ferre.1 from the war zone, blew up at t .Members of the balt.ry are urged In
! Fort Larocchelta, near Slczzolomzardo. j lie present at all drill-.

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