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The Columbia evening Missourian. [volume] (Columbia, Mo.) 1920-1923, December 30, 1922, Last Edition, Image 1

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' tmjwmj' "Tr-M -s.
t ) i
Show of Boone County Associa
tion Will Be Held Here in
Conjunction With Far
mcrs. Week.
Judging ill Be Made by Com-
J b . r -r -'
parwiii Lmronn Coops
Ate to Be FuniiIl-
ed Free.
The catalog, for thr sixteenth show of
lie limine ( nunt I'nullr ssociation,
h"ch hill lie held January 16 20 in con-
junction with Farmer-" Week, have heenJCit), and 48 above at Jacksonville, Fla.
prinled, and will lie mailed out toda, ac- ll is getting colder in the Northwest but
curding to Dr irgil I.lakemnre, prrsj.
dent .! Il' as-n. ijuon. i
Inquiries hate couii- in from all parts j Highway: ltoads are rough s,,uth of 3 thirt)-foot embankment I. the edge of
of the -tale ami -ome from out of the ; the river, good north, except in the ea-t- the river. Tliree of the bo). cscaieil in
state, one coming from Pennsjlvania. i ern pail. ' jury but ihe fourth received a -evcre cut
About TOO catalog- will lie maileil out to I Data fur Columbia: Higbe-t temper- j on the leg, supposed) from broken glass,
poultr) hri-t ders and fanciers. jalure jesterda. 54; lowest last night.' The students in the accident were:
Then will be lwenl-six cash prizes 42; precipiialinu, 000 One jear ago, j George N. Sprague. Kmporia, Kan.; A.
and fie otlnr-. A feature of the show i highe-t, 5..; lowest, 28; precipitation, I Cu-lin, Jr.. M. Kegis Hotel, Kansas
will be the inenlianN' ca-li special-, the 10 (XI. i Ctt J Thiuna- Ileal., 617 Wt-t Thirl)-
Boone County (jiurt special- and the j . ' ' ninth street. Kan-as City: and John Hrv-
sweep-take up sp,.cial-. I "rlT'T( T T 1 ' an' A,cl""un- A fr'"Se uf 'l'' "" ''" "
The merihants- (a-h special- iiuludr: I Is; H. Ui ( ' A V er held the car up long enough so the
15 Inr lie-! soini coloied pen in -how;
$5 fur l-t iiarti-cnlored pen in 4iou;
$10 for Ijr?ft -Ii-.b. mil lc- that fif
teen litnl- tutereil; Ihu eiinjK'titir re
quireil The I.Hine Giiint) Court HeiaH are:
$5 fr Iie-t -miImI rulitreil male; $1 fur
he solid itdtired female; $ for el
parti -colo rrtl male; and $j for let parti-colored
Tlie urrMake cup apccial- are: Sil
er cuji fir het pen in the 'iow, h
Lind-e- itueln -lore; handme man
tel ch-tk for Iw-t male, h 1. C Adam;
$2 for the lie-t di-play of eggs h F. A.
Henninger; and a fountain pen Co exhibi
tor making fir-t exhibit, b C. 11. Ceer.
Peck Drug Gi. offer- Si for Ikt-4 dozen
hhe egg-, and the White Eagle Uairj
offer $5 fur the be-t dozen brown egg.
judging vull be made b compari-on.
The ItMnc fount Poultr) Ae-ociation
is a member of the merlcan Poultr -
focialiun and i governed b it rule-.
Uniform coop will be furnished free In J
the a ciJtiun. ,
Tlie judge- will be Thoma !(. Wood-j
of Fartte, Mo. and A. I). Walker, of
Memphis Mo. Mr. Walker i- a tnrkev
judge of national repute.
Police Have Been Notified But No
Trace of Robbers. Has Been
Found S20 Taken.
Jack's '-hack wa- entered between 2
and 5 o'clock this morning and all (he
cj-h, about S20 was taken. The intrud
ers entered the back door of the shark
which wa not locked.
LA MONTAGNES ARE INDICTED t) has been definite!) engaged by the
State Board of Agriculture. This band
Four Brothers Accused of iolating j is Mii, ,0 ,me u i,ndnxanta a, a
olstead Act. countrj store nine miles from the rail
IrVtardrrm. I . ., ,. . .. ,..;
r Inn II. in lrn I -i M.ln.
tagne, international!) known as a polo
pla)er, and his three brother", Mon
taigu. William and Morgan, are among
thirteen men accu-ed in two indictments
for violation of the Volstead act re
turned lij a Federal Grand Jury- here
The jur) has been investigating the
alleged up.l) of liquors to members of
Ihe Racquet and Tenni- Club.
Tlie indictment, relumed alleged that
the 1j Montague brothers have been I
instrumental in furnishing liquor
" i
man) New lork clubmen
The indictment- accuse all of the de
fendants of con-piracy lo violate the
olstead and lulemal I!evi-nuc laws.
v ..... i- .. .:.. . n-i.:i
..u .sew ie.ir ivt-ce'inioii ut i.i.nv
it ,i it j- . in
House Mrs. Harding III.
B, r.-j ..
Wsshivcton. Dec. 30. A long e-tah-
lihed New "tear's Day custom of the!
White llou-e will lie nroken mis jear.
There will be no public reception lij tlie
President and Mrs. Hardinc.
The annual function, which alwa)s at -
.... ,.
tracts hundred- into the line which files
pa-t tlie I're-ident anil in- wne lor a
7ew lears gn-eting, has wen can
celled this year on account of the illne-s M
of Mrs. Harding.
Apparently No Casualties Slight
Tremor Telt in Home.
By Imlrd Prei.
""";;" ,ft . ,. , , .,rli,i.
iome, IW 30.-A .light earthquake
ck was fell here jesterda). It wa-
lost imperceptible.
By tuned Pre
Lnnn. Dee. 30. A violent earth
t 1. 1 Itl.
. .. --..i v..
dispatch. Chimneys collapsed ami
' ' r ..
t.... .. .1.
fiaudins were damaged, xpparenti)
there were no casualties.
Price Potts
Rocheport Mayor, III. ' '
rrice rolls, may
or of Rocheport, who
is ill in Fave-tte. is reported no better lo-
da). He is in a very weakened condi-
Hon. Mr. Potts wa. taken m wn.ic
Fayette and has had several
.... t
riou hemorrhages.
6 PAGES, 48
For Columbia and yicinity: Somewhat
un'-llled and colder tonizht and Sunday.
DrOUablv Tain. TsiUrt lmivrihlrn In. I
night about 38; freezing Sunday night.
For Missouri: Generally fair tonight
and Sunday, except probably rain south
cast portion tonight; colder Sunda, and
west and north portion tonight.
Shippers' forecast: Within a radius of
200 miles of Culumbia the lowest tem
perature during the next 36 hours will
be near freezing west and north, above
east and south.
. A'" ."-- covers the counto 1-
ling lietween the Mississippi and ISockv
, Muul.uin It , piWns 0H ; he up.
Iper Missouri and Mis-i.-iniii Valleys:
Iper Miouri and Mississippi Valleys;
land cloud), threatening and warmer'
, Heathen in the lower Plains and Valley
talc. East f the Mississippi it i, clear i
ami mid, parlicularl) along the Atlantic
i. is it aoove zero at .ew mik
there i, no zero temperature there et. In
Missouri it will lie colder over Sunda.
" -
'eniyelo- Urge-. Sending'of lit-
inforeenients to Army
in Tlirace.
Jy Vntted Preiu
I.(isno, Dec.
30. Resumption of
war neiweeu i.reece anil turkey is con-
. , . . . , , , . ' .
sulered inevitable in the former coun- f
tr), according to a cable from Athens to
the Dai!) Ijupre jesterday.
Former Premier Venizelo, visioning a
I breakdown of the Lausanne conference.
ha- telegraphed the Greek revolution
ar) government urging that reinforce
ments be ru-hed to the Greek arm) in
Thrace and that the 1920 and 1922 mil
itar) clas-es be called to the colors, the
Express correspondent cabled.
Vcnizelo- declared that the entire
Greek arm) should be sent to Thrace
leaving nnl) one regiment in Athens, i
The same advices report that General
Pjngalo-, Greek commander in Thrace,
has entrained sccretl) for Saloniki.
Real Farm Band to Play President
of State Hoard of Agriculture
Will Speak.
Tbe opening event for Farmers' Week
which will begin here Monday evening.
I Januar) 15, will be a 100 per cent farm-
I er'- program. Even the music will be fur-
1 nished b) a farm band.
As part of the evening program the
! Shell.) (j.mmunily Band of Linn Coun-
loan am. nus u.wv.. .. -
throughout the community. Its leader.
Theodore Steele, was comeli-t on the U.
S. battle-hip Mi-si-ippi during the '
World War.
Tlie speakers who will participate in
Monda) night's program are President J.
C Jones, Dean F. B. Mumford and John
F. Ca-e, president of the State Board of
Agricullure. All three of these men own
and operate Mi-ouri farms.
Oscar Franklin to Haye Charge of
New Store in Fulton.
Mrs. 0car Franklin, who leaves next
week for Fulton, where Mr. Franklin
will lake charge of the new Wolff-Ber-
gcr store, was entertained last night b)
the White Shrine and Boone Count)
r-i ..r .!. r,.i.. .,, Mr. Fr-ml.
e..ia.ir. m hit .-..... . .-..-
.- tt-.iI.. u;ni, i.r;sisM ..f iltn
Jin is Worth) High l rifstr-ts i.i me
'White Shrine and Past Matron of llie!
r. . c,,r rlniPr
Tiereere $;xty guels present and
,aflw a pr,)gram. Mrs. Franklin was pre-
senf j wilh a ror,aFei 3n electric toast-
i .. .i.P ct ns nirta nf thi tun
!' - .;, rr,ii: uill !, in I
,fl, jiiu a i.ai... -., J ..
cnarg(. f il,e read)-to-wear department
-n lje s,ore a, FuiIon.
i.. -.M p:,j ,:at Mnn
' Found Wearing DeMuth's Coat.
I ti.. it..:.-.;.. i.iwlni .-irrpstp,) -.e.
ierJaj .j. ror;nE an 0ercoat !e-
n - - : - tn l,urpnrp IVMiiih. ROQ KM-
i - . ...
lins street, was relea-ed this morning.
.n , him
p rf .
. i
Mrs. Annie Cook Dies today. '
Mrs. Annie Cook, wife of A. L. Cook,
tl . ...!... ct nf f rttuml.i i1iil
. -.tft --ii .i.: MA-:- k -.
33 ears old. llie iunerai win oe neiu
at aliev springs eomoiion iiiouuug.
,.ii c- - . ..... .
the services being conducted b) the Rev.
A. W.
,. p. Neate's Condition Improving. I
,. F. Neate of the Slrawn-Neate Dry
Good - Co., who is ill in Pari, Mo, is
,eprteel much w-iier ..ma, i.e w... no.
- s I 1 . .!
. aiiie to return to usiumoia until nexi
iweek. I
M K l 1 1 M I I II I K I
Cadillac Touring Car Runs Off
30-Foot Embankment to
River's Edge Slop
ped liy Ice.
were c0:., ii,
I " Lre UOI"o "'
j mas Vacali
Tnnl- Wi
lome for Christ-
acalions Driver
Took Wrong Turn
of Road.
Four University students narrowly es.
caped drowning in the Missouri river last
Tuevil.ii eveninc at
noinl fur miles
southwest nf llmn-wick ;
report in a newspaper of
according to a
that til). The
automobile, a Cadillac louring car,
which the students were riding, ran off
men could cut their way
ut from the
, ide ttirtains.
At the place where the automobile
went oyer the tmhankineut ihere is an
old road that runs dircitl) into llie river
, and is not guarded. Instead of following
the main road In llie approach of llie
bridge, llie timer turned on the yyrong
road and before he could notice hi- mis
take the car skidded down to the rier.
J Only two of the loys, George N.
c . . . ,. . i: . i :..
Sprague and A. t, Cu-tin, are liste.1 ill
. . , . ,. .. ..... n ......
the student directory an.t the Missourian
could not get in touch Willi either of
them lliis morning. They bad not re
turned from their Christmas vacations.
according to a member of the I'hi Dilla
Theta fraternit), to which the two I
S. Woods Issues Statement With
Instructions From Wash
ington. The delivery of mail to residences no!
I provided with mail receptacles, either a
slot in tlie door or a box ot suital.le
' 'ize, will be di-continued after December
31, accordin;
to a statement issued to
la) b) P. . Wood, local po-tma-lcr,
and W. E. Powell, superintendent of
mails. This order was issued in com
pliance with instructions from the Post
office Department at Washington.
Tlip f-amniiin for the enrol. rairempnt
of residences to have proper receptacles
began last summer. At that time 20 to
30 per cent of the local residences were
unprovided wilh any kind of mail recep
tacle. Since that lime the number has
decreased to 10 per cent.
Property Damage in Ardmore Blaze
Estimated at $150,000 Body
By Vrtittd Prut.
Aromore. Okla., Dec. 30. One person
was burned to death in a fire which
wiped out two business blocks here earl)
Propert) damage yvas estimated at
The charred bod) of an tinidenlified
man was removed from a rooming house
in ihe fire-swept area.
Orville Bruce Pleads Not Guilty
Coose Admits Guilt.
The preliminar) bearing of Mrs. Curtis
Johnson, charged, with -ttaling S'm, was
held before Ju-lice Bicknell in the -her-
in s ollire this alternoon. llie case wa-
liounil over to the Circuit Court ami llie
I'0" J a fixed at $100.
Urville bruce pleaded not guilt)
charge of child abandonment, and hi
eiaminaiion wassei u.r nexi
aljege.1 offen-.- occurred on
Vincil Coose pleaded guilty
to the
cliarPe "f forging a check for $30 on the
i"" ... iiau-tinc on .nugu-i t
Representative Will Not Say If He
Payors Agricultural Illoc.
Sidney Rollins, representative from
lhi; dMrict in the Stale LegMature, is
non-committal on the prospect of his
joining an agricultural bloc, which is
be rallerneiI me n .
jng0I1 bt ,. M)J ha ;, ,,, 1)loc ,.
promote good agricultural legislalin he
joining an agricultural bloc, which is
;. for it. He has received no informa
lion on the -ubj'ect except a letter from .
t. I . r" ... !?.... nnn
.;: i r :. .
. ..
upinion vanes a to tlie ultimate pur
r .1. it.. 1.. i..i. .. 1 .
rose 01 ine 1110c, nut nine is Known
about it outside of the members
m rli - t 1 1 irtrtAif in if nrrtmnttsin
Billy Whitestdes Has Diphtheria.
liilly vvtiileside. son 01 .yir. and .virs.
" ""'" lul . .
n .. . . . . ... 1
Francis Whitesides
HW . josepn
.n. e.. 1
Si. I.isenl.
. .....
street, is reported 10 nave .iipn.i.eiia,
.. . I. I .
according to the attending pii)sician,
Dr. 0. 5. Trimble.
No Missourian Monday
There will be no issue
of the Columbia Evening
Missourian Monday,
New Year's Day.
Life, noise and action marked the
Christmas dinner celebration given b)
the Iiotarians to their wive-, the Rotar)
Ann-. INerjbody danceil, exiept the
first dance, whith wa- a bride - ami -
groiim affair willi only Mr. and .Mrs.
I r. . ... ... .
i-:lul" nonius ami ir. ami vir-. u. liar -
i '"n "oiinett on the lloor.
I ,,l-' selling was the Danii I lloone Taw
i ern ilining nmni, Willi small tallies
i ar' uni' "" wjIn ''iiilosiiig j ilanung
spate arniiiul the (Jiri-tinas tree. A lour
cour-e dinner wa- -ened.
.... ,..... .....
President Frank Kolhn, pre-,de.l. .Mrs.
J. V llu.l-on sang , wn.s e ,
l.unil gae iwii yoci! s, leciion-, lol -
ii - ... ..
hi.. . . . .
lowei iv a hi j nn mn liy ytrs. yv. I.in-
, '. ' , , ' ' ...
nult mltll and thyme- by Mr-. I!. 1
., ., , ,, , , '
inn ami yir. rinn-niv Klein.
Dr. J. tt. Ilu.l-.ii gaie an addri . on
-(.hri-tmas and Kotary." after w hit h lln -
I . -
n-lriliulii.n ot gill- t.,ls place. Lyer
li'olaiy nii ami yi-iting lady rcceiml a c,"llls """ "(tuuin.n siaie -eciiinirs
pieie of jewelr). yahieil at not oyer 25 al"' "C"I''- i-ued b jmlitical Mih
t.nts. Eyer I'olarian rereiyed a gift '" ' governmental agencies.
tharaileii-iir of his business or .ri.f.-s.
sioii. f!aili gift wa- atcoiupauied by
bit of nielr, read h) Sanla Clans uhn '
The roll call was nude I,) first names.
An) one failing to rr-Himl wa- fined 10
cents, the third fine automatically chang-
ing his or her name. Will Howling, rr-
geanl-al-arnis i.illccicl the fim-s, but
would maki
repnil on the amount ml -
letted. ,
llie aiinuunoinent of the election of a
new inendier, C ( llowlin,
$1,000,000 DEFENSE 15EING
Friends of McKoin, Former Major
of .Mer I'ouge, .Make Up
Fund of $20,000.
' '
...... ...,.lt ., .,. s.u. " -
dollar defense i- being organized to fight
the -tale's efforls to rid
Pari-h of terrorit band-.
I mo-t noted criminal attorney
. .1
cnuntr) have received overtures
in behalf of those implicated.
Tbe source of fund- for this gigantic
defense vas being traced by Department
of Justice operatives a- a clew to oilier
' members of llie hoodet! mob which
flogged and murdered Watt Daniels and
i Thomas Richards last Augu-t.
Friend- of Dr. B. M. McKoin, former
e a!-n' raising a fund of S20,-
event hi- return here from
ma) or, were
000 to pre
Baltimore, where he is held, clwrge'd
with two murder-.
Federal agents refu-cd lo announce
detail- of confess ions of two members
of the terrorist mob implicating forl)
five other prominent members of the
Stale officials announced tt
read) lo niake whole-ale arrests of per-
mplicateel in confessions of two
members of the black masked mob
which killed Walt Daniels and Thomas
Richards la-t August after atrocities.
.Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Walker Have
Nineteen Guests.
Mr. and Mr-. II. It. Walker enlerlain -
id al It oVIock jeMerdj) evening wilh'jcsterda).
a mu-.cale al Ihur home, lUi Aiatlliew-.
Mi-e- Mar) su.an E-ti-s and Linda
Walker sa,,g wilh a violin ohligalo. Mrs.
Agnes Emlierson Filler give yinlin num -
. ... v ..
bers, assisted by George e liable. Mr-.
(Teorge Venable tccompanieil ihem.
The guesls were: Misses Iura Mai
ll.ews. Knima (.jnllnnii. Mar) fauthorn.
Jewel Palmer, Emma Crawford, Queen
Smith, Mellie Holmhs, Ijura S-arc) and
Thela Seair). Mr-. Hartley Banks, ir -
and his!TI"'la t,ra,r M'-- "ar"'',ank;',,,r -
week Hi- an'' Mr"- "enr lW'na, Mr- ""' Mr
November I E'1 ('"i,ar' Mr', an'!, Mr'' Tal,M'"' Mr':
L. I l.enie, K. II. Eml.er-on and
Nattr IlllUCllllfe.
Succeeds McChord as Head of Inter -
State Commerce Commission.
"' "" '"' .... ..
tsiiir.-rii Dee. SO. '..ll.asar II.
Me)cr of Wi
-....., .....
l-consin was apinnieti ena.i-
linleil chair-
man of the Interstate Commerce Gun-';,
mission for the coming jear.
Meyer succeeds Cliarle- C .McChord.
, served this year.
r. T. A. Council Has .Meeting. ,MO Columbia white women, will be ar
The Boone Count) Count il of the Par- ;! .Monda) on a charge of di-turb- ,cr'""''' .',"''
cnl-Teachcr Association held it" regular
- - ... ...
meeting in the Probate Court room ot the
PiylirltmM.A ll iflnminn ll Pill
n..Mu -..-.i. ...... i - ,i-:ti :- .orimpni.irv-i
. m .
proceeding- ami ine makinc 01 a m ...on.
ii....b. .. .. 1 . 1.. .... .. .1 i.d
.01- oc uircuog .n mc inumn nm ."
.... .. . c. I.. r I ..!.. ,1..
ine ij-s s7a.uii.ay 01 jani.a.y mien 11. c
social side of P. T. A. will be discussed. I
I? I. rnwhnll . Mother Dies.
11 . t 1. 1 r. .er' r..
n. i- eseDon leu mi. moiuuig .m
... ....
.Mam. Jo. to atlen. Ihe lunera ol lu
ii. . i ... 1 .t r 1 ..r ..:.
.inami, .110., 10 attend ine mneiai 01 ."-
...... . 1. 1 .
nio.oer, ...... .annau -....-.... ...e..
I , . II. -II .
.yir. U-etiolI wns ,0 jears
idd. Mie was born in tin- sale.
, Registration of Salesmen and
I Dealers Is Provided For
j More Seere Penal
ties Suggested.
'Exemption Gred to Is.ue of
State, Political Sub-Diw-
s0 aJ Governmental
' er (,,. jVh."
i. Lolis, Dec. 30. Dealers in fraud-
..f . ... ........ ...
rn m -n-urmi-s win iinu meir activities
... ....--.. cio-eiy guaroe.1 ,1 a Mil
drawn up here yesterday succeeds ...
passing the Stale Leg.slature which con-
rncs Jantioi ,t.
,,.,, . .. ,
I lie lull iirut tiling nrnre eere iH-nal
. t ! 1 . , .
lit under Hie Itlutr tky law wa draftetl
. tt , . . . .
It Tt r r 1 , t
' I'V Tl.oma, N. D,art, chairman of the
)I'"'-IM'' Valley group of t he Inyesj-
. i :..i.. . i. .? r .. i . ....
' ,,," aiiiuau in inc ie;iMaiitc i"i..J, i
i -.. r .. - .- tt n it Tiiiu sacred
.. . . i t it
"""" " "lr a-soc.aiion; ii. i. nur
' -, -. . . ,. . .
i wl, a i-tant -late finance comrni ion
i l- . ii ,
i"-' - ulnlluMi inaiisigrri-uinisri in
'" '""r Ihisiinss Hureau.
1 Kcgi-tralion of dealers and salesmen
: m..i r . r.. .... .... i.
' J""'""i mr ... me mea-uie. n e-
.,,...., ..,, . i,.iiimic
i ormai isjiiiicaiwn Hill i.e Jiaoc
at -Meetings of Stockholders
by .March 16.
By , j ,.,,.
Chicago, Dee. 30. Details for the
$103,000000 merger of five railroads in
1 be known as the New York, Chicago
& St. laiuis, have been comnlrteil. it
' was announced )t-terda).
' The railroads which will make up the
combine are llie New link, Chicago &
St. Paul; the Iiike Erie & tt'eslcrn; the
Fort Wayne, Cincinnati & Loui-ville;
! T..W.., St. Loui, 4 Wc-tcrn, and the .,l noc f j(lUr ).-
Chicago & i-tate lane. The Imu-ewue- come out wilh white
Formal ratification of the merger 03t ca,cs baked especiall) .for the chit-
I will be voted at meetings of the stock.jjren jwho take them and go on to the
j holders of the various roads to be held , loue w;,, ,le;r ,(..
, ben,.-,, arc. 12 aud 16.
.Moorehoux- he cla;rmail f rhe board of "cfTrfeJura
Some of the'..,, 1 l;,r, rimel.in.l. nresMent.
mis I. oweringen. oi v.ieveianu, w.u
1 '" " " - s...w., w , ,
The five railroads. were controlled by
'Sweringen and his brothers.
Can't .Make Constitution Conform
to Regulations of Other Coun
tries Is Reply.
Bj iMleti nru.
V'iiin'cton, Dec. 30. Declaring that
the Constitution of the United States
"cannot be made to conform to the
shipping regulations of ihe foreign na-
lions," the government today filed, in
ihe Supreme Court, its answer to the
suit brought by the foreign shipping
lines to .. aside the Daughert) rulin
.prohibiting transportation of liquor in-
- .
side the three-mile limit of America.
. .. , . .. ..
Is Reported Better, However Hen-
rietta Rogers to Take Part.
n0 I i..f Prll.
Paris, Dec. JO. arah uerniiarui, ai -
""-'"- 1 I
though rciiortcd as "belter' by attend
! ant. has civen up hoive of appearing in
, Sacha Quilrj's new pla), is was learned
- ....... ... iin.it inn I nin
, neni.eiia i...;c.s .. -..,... ...s ,....
that Bernlrardt was to have taken, ac
Hording In a letter from Cuitry lo Ihe
1 Figaro.
.,..!..... r f-.nii:.i Hies.
Henry Roberts of Centralia Dies.
ll...,n i-llink I Kolierts ol Cen -
K. .!:..! ......r.liv of double nneu-
' ....
"- ' ' : . .
ia after an illness ol ahout a week.
, I? was a afH oj anj i,a, ;ej jn stating that he will he a giu-l at the
, Centralia all of his life. Be Eighteenth Annual Farmir.' Banquet
ii at a y,;(f anJ six children, four'which will be ln-ld hi-re Friday evening,
j leaves a wife and six children, four'which will I,
- irl, and two I.)S all of whom live January 19.
near Centralia except one dauglrfer, Mrs. JUr ,
, &rI Kohrnt ( Colorado Si-rings, Colo. Utmn; lion
I l-.... ,n.impnlt have not betn
j Funeral arrangements
1. Mrs. M. C. Hughes Reported Better.lI(. ,,; ,., ,ilat can K .!
Mr-. M. C Hughes mother ol J. .vi.
tit lo. S V1ntn.it .irn.1 tsl.n ItaS
i iiupne-, 1.1- ....u. ..-s -
I. .... .:t .m 7lnirs.ii morninc.
iik'iii ir.i -tvs -in... ... . . ..
l-cn yerj
- r,.,mrie.l muc
I, iH-tter. Her trouble
,nuslit to be blood pres-ure on the
I Eugene Logan, negro, former convict, (
'who is in ihe county jail for insulting
I. ,i . r.eace. He will be tried during
will De ineti ""!
of the Circuit Court.
le ,.,;- es,i0n
."P '
Vow ear raceant to le oiven.
i a . .f ill tnitp uiii ii i vrri
f'B' '- .".. -
... ii.inr mpni.rii u. ihe ..mi-.." -
uj 1 "- . .
.lA.t nririmr.ttiiin at thl
utru s.lt.-...s-. ...,,,
Church Sunday evening. This will take
the place ol the regular eycn.og
r..:.. 1 .nG in 11. uanmsici.
.iohimsi: .s...s - .
. j ,t..i . r.
Ihe count) rerome. t.a...... ....
t..e i..u...j -
. ,. ...:. ........ in . rrpii
to UrCell
,up:,- .. - r
t .t
iiann.-ier am uu ........ , -
I. T . 1 I.II.4 l.ttaL.nS. IK.I11 nC-
groe, 01 ui.umuiu. 4
tEach Nation Has Own New Year
"Tlie 01 J Year and the New Year
, mw,
Anil one goet Laik to Cm again.
' 4ml unH .l,IG nn fi.r .( ..r .il.n
S) mi. the poet. The world's eople,
though, think not of the pain that tbe
New Year may bring, hut of its joy. and
o it is the world oyer, a Joyful welcome
that the New lear receiie-.
Most Christian countries telehrale
New Year's da January 1. lloweyer,
l.u-ia an.1 t.reece -nil u-e the Julian
calendar, an, llwv rrM.rnl ll.-Ir W
- - 3
Year on what to n- i, January 13.
, England formirly nb,eryed New Year-
tlay .yiarcn 1 as tin! many oilier coun-
ries but since 1732. January 1 ha- been
New Year- day in that muntiy.
The 1,'urilans of New Knglaml looked
.. v,. V... .-11.,.:..... .. :.l. r
irii.iin urn - irniNiiiuni. .1111 4 iiunn.
j One- of ll.em wrote in hi- diary of the
j -W(. , HorL ,.,;.,:- T,
,,,,,,,, ,,,.,, .,,. .,,,,,( wa. c).
i-ti.it t
rrrtnl Hilh the luatlit-ii pnl, Jjuu.
n wi r -r, , ,
'"n cxcitance l sills wa- the imM
' i i .. .t n
common a) i reienrauii" me .ew
Ym fmmt am, Ila ti ,in.
Th(. .. eIla , ,,
JUf egp. The DruiiN jae liraiulies of
Tiitc Nauru iiiiMini.
j.i... . t . .1... ...
- i ,, , . . . .r , , . .
.M lurch- demanded gift-ol Iheir -tih-
- jr. . , . ., , ...
r'jetts until the in-toni bi-canie iuo-1 bur-
densome to ihe ikmrer iKsmles. It i& said
that New Year- gift- reieive.l by Oueen
Flizabetli helpeil her to maintain herself
and her court in its well kiunvii splendor.
Iius-ian chddien on New icar's da)
decorate the callle and other animals
wilh evergrwii and mar. h in -..hum pa-
rade i.a-t ihe hoii,e of the ....1.1. man of
COMI'l.ETEDilhat district. The must humorous part
of the proce--ion is the old womni driv-
. ,. .,lrnlnr,i f,11. i,;,.., ,. w, .
Ij, fcih nertmt ,,,,, ,,,r) ,l)t(L
U jj,, m;n )U.lr,.
I Scolland the last da) of the jear
U called b) the imgraci fill name of
Hogmanay. Tin- children, on this even-
ing, dress llicm-ilvc- in -heels, folded
'si as to nrovide "enerou- ik kets. Then.
hke a group o( animatisl miinimies the)
p, fmm door In door singing:
Give us white bread
Nolcd Auhor Arranses ,0 Be
Present Jan. 18 for Fann
ers' Week.
Dr. Libert) II) de Hail), famous author
and teacher, has definite') agreed to
rl. on the evening of Januar) 18 of
farmer- Week, it wa. announced l.-la)
B ' agricuiiurai ticpanmeni,
uocior iiai ) wa at one nme dean oi
ioe .orf.i uiinn-iii t oiirge oi .tgii-
cultuie and was also thairman ol Uoose-
yell- uiuntr) tale u.mmis-ion. lie is
-1 .i r i, .i t ,. .
'" auinor oi uauy s r.nc)c'opcina ot
I norm-uiiure ami man) inner worn
honirttlliiri- and botany. Doctor tt.tilv
distinguished himself in ihe eail) "SO's by
.-ing apiminted asi-tant lo Dr.
appointed a-si-tant lo Dr. Asa
Cray of Harvard, who at that time was
' . . ' . .
Doctor Daily was professor of horti
culture at Cornell Universil) from 1888
., 1903 aml ,Iean of the College of gri-
cullure at Cornell from 1903 to 1913.
He was reared on a farm in Mithigan
and was one ot the fir-t graduate- of the
Michigan Agricultural College. He ha
t t .t
l)frn nw OI Ilir. It.a,iers m tne ueielop-
n(.n, of i,-,,,, aprirullural colleges
mj )N jjeas were :-pr,jn, ;n frmu-
rating llie early plans of teaching agricul-
' Iur'-
i vvor.1 lias necn rereiven ny uean 1.
i ! r 1 r .1 ..11 r i - i
B. Mumford of the (.ill.-ge'of grii ul-
, s. . ., ,..,,.
lure irom e,mi-iii..r .vriiiur .vi. ii).ie,
Iianquet will be altcnde.1 by 9i0
memakers anil others inter.
...! fin. I ni-livi in -inrii nl.itr ilvinr-f.
ment. Tlie attendance will lie limited to
j thi number, due to the fact that ttiis is
jn ;ot1Hri C)mnasium. the largest place
.... ., ,.
a,aiial)C , uiiumnia.
Were Returning From Party Near
South Bend, Ind., When Acci
dent Occurred.
SoLTII BiD, Dec. 30. Three persons
Kere tjej ',0Jay wlen 3 taxicab in
. riding was -truck by a
New lork Central freight train at
nea- here.
The three were returnin-from a party
at a madhouse near the cit) when the
- -
1 1
accident occurred.
urer an(J M;ss Riggi Gel i.icense.
marriage license was issued )ester-
, .. . 1 . ri:.
tin at the rounlv recorder . ollice to
--, ----- - , ,. ,
. . ., 1.. i.t. ,.!
James vyauer lui.xi. i.uiuiiiiii nt
I3inrs l.dllCI lUIIIII. ...riullllfi. U.K.
St: . XI. ..t. ll... lt.ni... rVitlltnltlt
...- .HOIErc flU ..., .-,.....-,
Traditions and Celebrations
For !j before Xew Year- the motli-
ers and maiden junN vt Ireland are
busy luLing gift cakes hicli are ex-
i.h.n..l fin a A.I.. I. ll...... .. ...... t.t..
the door to keep hunger out during the
following jear.
0n the Me of .Man, llie la-t thing the
lllUM.I10I,l ,lK;, lK(ute r.,;tlng .ew j
r,, ,. ; i.. .in,l .l. fn,m it,, I
fireplace oyer the floor of the kitchen. In
,)r morning if an print resembling that
f a f(Kl ,, foun(! pointing ,ottarJ the
...... r. r. . .- .... . ,
noor, . i- a sipn inai some memner oi
,Ile fJm;j ii ,ie ttj,h;n ,he year. If j
,, pt;M ;s ,inln ;n tvm ,(le ,,wr i, ;, (
a goml omen.
In Scotland firt fonting is ycy poj
ular on New Year's. niost lordial
ttehome i- given to lln- person who is the
fir-t to cross the thre-hol.l afler the
clmk strikes 12 on New Year- eve. Tlie
oung man who is the "fir-t-footcr" ma)
, kiss the girl who meet him at the dour.
.However, he i oflen met by the grand
mother or the maiden aunt, in-tead of the
'girl, and imhtenev- bid- him e-cort her
into ihe house where the rest of the fami
ly is a-semhled, wilh all the courtli
ness he would liave li-ed had -he been
the one he wanted.
It was in Scotland that llie lial.il of
playing New tear's vi-its reaihed a cli-
nL,x- A" "ur Kurorw. there was a ru-
1"m ,,f '-'''S "ii the dav. Cvcryone
-''r.ied everyone el-.-. It was ihe usual
,,,!n f"r F3ch l,er-"n ' '-'' ! "
w"" "" a ll!i:'''r "x"' '"'I: '"
W''m. I"me a nuisance, loung men
w"1' ,,l,-,r lj"I'"B iu" ' "rriages
",r ,ln"" om" '"'u '" anotlur, ta)ing
nl) long in. mgli to drink a gla-s of
punch and -hake hands around, appear
ing at the door in an incredibly short
length of time, read) to go to the next
In Paris the beggars may beg, unmo
lested, on New Year's day. Frankfort-
on-Main has j happ) wa) of saluting it-J
m-ii. ni me -iri.ke ot muinigm on iew
Year- eve, ever) window is thrown open;
young and old hold forth their brimming
glasses into the night, and drink a toa-t
to the city.
Perhaps it is Giina and Japan, afler
all, that have the ImM celebration.
Though the) have on!) tliree legal holi.
da)s for the New Year, they often take
a fortnight. And on New Year's day, ev
eryone pa) what he owes.
! inrneil by the -pee-ial war fraud grand
U. S. CAN BE HEARD AT ' ,l,r" '"rB ,oda'r "f3"' Inrrr high of-
BRUSSELS CONFERENCE ficl'aN .of '"" War department and repre-
eentatives of prominent contractors.
France Sajs President. Harding Th. contracls involved hundreds of
Need Not Call Another millions the indictment stales.
f" I It w9 stated that the alleged conspir-
By Vmted Pre. acy resulted in an unnecessary exiense
PAR1-, Dec. 30. France, through to the United States of more than $800,-semi-official
channels, advanced a sug- 000 through contract- without the suh
gestion whereby the proposal that Pres-' mission of detailed estimate-. The jury
ident Harding call a world economic con- said it could not e-limate either lo-se. re
ference can be given effect without the suiting from the allege.! overt acl.
American President taking any further, Among those indicted wa. Benedict
initiative. Crowell, former A isiant Seerelar) uf
It was pointed nut that (he plan of W'ar.
Senator Iorah apparently, is identical
;,,, (, A;ej p,M for a f;nancia c
ence at lirussels next month, to which
the United States has been invited.
T. ... ranf. .. ri.
sa presents an unequalled opportunity
for the United States to make its voice
heard in a world economic gathering.
Author and St. Aulaire Escape
Death When Airplane Is
Caught in Tempest.
ir UUed Pren.
U)uo, Dec. .(U. II. Ii. Wells am
Ambas-ador Si. Aulaire had a narrow
e-caiie from death )esterda) when the
airplane in which the) were crossing
tle English Channel was caught in a
umiH-st. The plane earning the cele-
,rated author and French Ambassador
l rea Britain was -ceding from Kng-
lanii 10 rrance wnen me iorm came up.
T. ;. . ....-. .1.. I...
The pilot, controlling ll
r.i .. ...r;. ..... i .
who gn.i ...uituii), inanagtii 10 .uii. i
baek and head back toward the Kngli-h '
coa-t. Finall) the pilot made a landing
at L)mpne on the English coast.
Suggests That President Enter Nc
gotiations for Disarmament
Br wnt;rd Prr.
Wasimm:to. Dec. 30. The naval ais.
""". -.-..--.
nn.nr.at.on In . carTvin? a surrrtion to
Prr-ident Harding to enter into nego-
, - - , .-.- -.-.. .
lia!ins for a disarmament agreement for
aircraft, submarines and auxiliary naval
af,, was pa-sed today b) the Senate.
Appropriations specified in the meaure
amount lo $333,000,000.
Bank Holds Election January 3.
The board of directors of the Colum-
bia Savings Ihnk will hold its annual
election ol oncers January J. ine
board voted its usual 10 per cent elivi-
dend on capital slock at a m-eting
.'ir-. ty unites uauKiiei i.e-i.
,, ., , , ,
Mrs. C. M. Akerrtan, daughter of
Mrs. S. J. Wilhite of Columbia, died
. r . r- 1 -. .
at her home in Fruita. Colo.. Christmas
. : . .. '
morning, ..I l)Ui.o.u iniruinoniu. tun-
...I ....Ix.. nn.l l.ii.tsl bur. I..1.I
,l s,;c and burial were I,
. . .
cJi .ri.nr. lu null.. "t.l. iiisi
Jan'CS II. llOWjnl (jlCS ARMII5
to Solie Agricultural
Problem-, of the
" rvo
'Finn RnriMii Prii?..iil iv-i
r'lntl "Urtatl t TejlUtlU 3.1 1
Tliere Is Not Any Over
production in United
By f.il-7 freu.
Ciiicam., Dec. ."(). I.Va.ljii-lmi-nt of
prices to meet present toin!t!ii.ns will
.-olve the agricultural problem uf the
world, James. . Howard, former presi
dent of the American Farm lliireau Fed
eration, dei tared in an addirss Ik fore
the Ameriian Ktoiiomie As-m iation here
"It is a question of pre-vvar prices
being paid for afler-war product," he
"The price of the farmers produtl-
jmu-t be judged at tin- rxtr.me ratio of
In- coin, Ins rje and his nal-. It ilaii
imt be fixed in dollar- and tints."
Howard bitterly a ailnl the theory
that the pre-ent ilfpressiun in agrii ultuie
was due to over production.
"There is rertainl) nut oyer production
on the f jim when there are hungry
ictnlhs and uutlail in all parts of the
world," be said. "Hurt- may lie over
production in trauspoitation or in othi-r
industries but nut on the- farm."
.Mure than lr")IH) economists from all
parts of the United States are here at
tending the annual convention.
Special War Fraud Grand Jury
KqMirK Ag.tin-t High
Ztjr Viut'J Pr.
Wasuincton, Dec. 30. Indictments,
charging a tonspiracy to defraud the fed
eral government in letting 500 construc
tion contracts durine tin war were re-
,, . , , . , . .
,wu """T. trV. ' W ""
uenis in .11. u.
There w-as a stead) stream of stu
dents enrolling loelaj, and at 2:30 o'clock
this afternoon they continued to file into,
'the University Librar). No accurate
I statement has been given out but it is
elimaI' 'ha' '" tniversit) rniollment
I will be about the same as it was the
winter term of la-t )ear.
J Two hundred and eighty students
pas-ed through the auditorium filling out
registration blanks )estrda) and toda).
. Eighty of the-e- y,ere freshmen. Threti
. 1 1....1 1 ...i.i . .... ...
..ut.i.ieii iiatr roi.n.e.i 10 uaie in 1.11-
School of Engineering, 211 in the Sehool
of Kducation, and about 350 tiperi la,
men in Arts and Science. Other sthools
are exprcled to have enrollments equal
to those of last )ears winter Z.rm.
Boy's Leg Broken by Truck.
Lillle J. T. v hitr-ldes. mhi uf Mr. and
Mrs. VeliNi Whiteside-. l(n Wilkes
. . . . . . -
iHiuieyarn, )e-lenia) wniie pia).ng at
lr PriM-lor I umber Co. whrie his
father is employnl, was struck by a liurk
backing .ut of a slml. One of his legs
I was broken, inr tmy was carne.1 to ine
J!K,nc Count) Jli.-pilal wheie his leg
wa, .u e - taUn to his home la-t
! night, and i irnirtcd to be recovering
In Partnership With Father.
A letter from J. Harold Curtis, B. J.
. "y "a- " "" P'"- '"" partner-
, . . . , , , .
r"'r "'" "- '"" "
Plainde-aler, in Si. Jaim--, Minn. The
I'ln-r.l.ip will I,e eiiert.yr i-ginning
January '
n)ot,e- Uau; "Set, ,tlm "Afire;.
g. r,'ji Pmt.
IIosion, Dec. 30. Samuel Roen took
a drink of booth g and then turned in
a f,fr alarm. 'Ibr firemen found him
sitting in a snowdrift. Turn the ho-c
on me; I'm afire," he "aid.
Harding Commutes 8 Sentences.
By Vntted Pitri. '
Wahio, Dec. 30. President
Harding toda) rtimmuled th- sentences
of eight political pri-oners. Attorney
n t ... , . ,
(.eneral Daugherty announced.
Mrs. Tow's Funeral Tuesday.
Mrs. Thomas Tow died je-trrday
morning at her home about tight miles
nnrtluast of town. She will be. buried
Wnn-. In. .

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