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The Columbia evening Missourian. [volume] (Columbia, Mo.) 1920-1923, December 30, 1922, Last Edition, Image 3

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Neius of Columbia Society
Those present were: Mr and Mrs. Turner
Fellon, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Blackburn,
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Long. Mr. 'and Mrs.
Criner Lanhan and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Itoberts, Mr. and Mrs F. Stutman
and famil), Mrt. Jeie McBaine, Mrs.
Maude Bamr, Miss Opal Smarr, Miss
N'etlie Blackburn, Miss Bertha Black
burn, Miss Opal Roberts, Henry Pepper,
and Meltin Blackburn.
Prof, and .Mrs. II. S. BUI entertained
o7iv editor's telephone, 320. Please
,Jl bemeen 9 and 12 o'clock,
fl,e marriage of lis Inez Marie
joderlinJen- of Springfield, to Donald
c UM) of Lenlralia lias been an
nounced. "'y wl'rc lnarr'C1' December
H in Spnuffield by the Rev. C. M.
Hmkins uf the M. Paul Melhodi-t Epis
copal Church. The ceremony vas mil- .1. V. ALUMM MARRY
.1 b Mi- Ruth Goodwin and John UURIG HOLIDAYS
Austin Holland, both of the Urury Col- The marriage of .Miss Ruilt Warren to Thuay at their home, 701 Marjland
!. facult. Carroll Cray McCorLle on Mnndav. He- nlirr uitli Iiridce in honor of Judge and
Mrs- Ubbe i a graduate of Drury cember 18, is announced. Both Mr. and 'Mrs. O. V,'. Newman of Columbus Ohio,
College. She ha- been cmplojrd there Mrs. McCorkle are former students of who are in Columbia a the guets of
wcbing mu-ic. She is the daughter of ( the. School of Journalism. Mr. McCorkle Capt. and Mrs Paul V. Kellogg.
Jr. and Mrs W. 0. Beiderlinden, of i- now- cmplo)cd on the St. Louis Times. ! 1 , ..
"SpringfieU- Mrs. McCorkle has a degree in Domestic! Hoffman arrived .n Columb.a
Jlr. Libbev is al-o connected with Science from the Uniier-ily and lias been iwiV '" 'I1"1 a fcw ,1s ""i1 P""
r. fnllrn' Mi- i- now IicaJ of tie inrhi.. :.. r....... r-..n : v i- tnts.' Mr. and -Mr. b. r. iionman.
1tUiJ -- "-- - - .-. ...... ... vuihj v-uiitj:c ill itctdud. ' ,,
Jtparttnent ol rural lite there. He i a They will be at the home in St. Louis af- ""e? aenue.
paJuate of the Lnicrsit) of Missouri . ter June 1.
hre he obtained both a B. S. degree '
.od.nM. degree. He is a member of COUNTRY CLUB PLANS
at the Methodic Church for an important
business meeting. The organisation has
become almost too large to be handled
as one body, and the question of dividing
it into four sections with a president or
chairman for each section will be dis
cussed at the meeting.
f-u-.-.. f ! twwinl vmlv dub .
will entertain their husbands at a buffet
supper at 6:30 o'clock this eening at I
lh- home of Mrs. S. T. bimpson, 3Uj
College avenue. About thirt-ix are
expected to attend. A play will be read
b the men.
of Engineering, returned to Columbia ,sor in the Joplin public schools who has f
Thursday eenmg after spending the been visiting Mr. and Mrs. 1!. J. Bur
holidajs with her friends in Kansas City.jges returned home this morning.
cuiiii namiaacs rciuiucu muisuaj
The Rollins Street Bridge Club
after a isi with her parents in Flat meet Tuesday evening with Mr.
River, Mo. Miss Ilammack is emplojid Mrs. John L. Sjkcs, 511 Rollins strei
in the registrars office in the Univer-l
The West Mount Bridge Club will
meet at the home of Mrs W. K. Freuden
berger, 116 Weslwood av-enue, at 7:30
o'clock Tuesday night.
Mrs. Frank Rollins, Miss Helen
Mitchell, Miss Lura Lewis and Miss
Eulalie Pate will be hostesses at the
Country Club Tuesday.
John McKenzie, 615 Oak trcct, wa
dismissed jeslerday afternoon.
Mr. Hoffman is employ
ed with the Missouri in-pection bureau
at St. Louis
,y Sigma Phi Ep-ilon fraternity, ihe.AW YEAR PARTY
Camma Ngma Delta, honorary agricultur-j llie Country Club will entertain with
J fratcrmiv. and Gamma Sigma Xu. a formal dance at 8:30 o'clock New
-fsinnal commerce fraternitv. Year's night. Dr. C W. Dices will be
1 .. i t i .1 i . .? ?. i - i- : l r -L w- . tm , , furci 311 Hill street.
Jllr. anu ur-. uuw) i-ueu in rsan- m toargc oi ine cance. ine eiuu nousc -", .
MsGtyand N. b.uUand then went to, will he decorated appropriately for the' Mr-i j-, Krance Grant entertained
Crntralia to spend Christmas at Mr. Lib- ton, and serpentine and "noise- 'i,v e,.:z ;, a dinner at her
Midshipman A. A. Laforce returned to
day to the Naval Academy at Annapolis,
Md after spending the holidavs with
hi parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. La-
lev's home The will be at home in makers" will be in evidence. Refresh
5pringfichl afitr the first of Januar)
home. 1401 Ilinkson avenue, for Mises
men.s vvm oe servea anou. mm-nign . , EBuKlh K0,u Gena K5e, Frances
(The Quadrangle orchestra will furnish am, . ylitMl
Mi Hazel Hoffman entertained in-
Announcements have been received, Edward B. Cauthorn is spending the , forrn3ly lerday afternoon in honor of
here of the marriage of Mis Lmilv bolidajs with his parents Mr. and Mrs.' Mis, Ru Kei'h, who is spending the
Harn-.IV 31111 llLllJril Ulrilll IVCllIII. h 11 I niiTliorn 111 I l'rif m nn llr '
lnl:.lit, in fitiimlii.i Misn Keith is
both graduates ul tile University ol .Mis- Cauthorn is a graduate of the University. Icac,inp j St. Louis this jcar.
soori, at the home of the bride's parent-, ' holding a degree from the School of En- " '
Jlr. and Mr-. Medley Shelton Hardest), j gincering of the class of 1895, and one Miss Ruth Vandiver, of Orrick, Mo,
ja Weston, Mo. The marriage tookjfrom the School of Education in 1915. enrolled jeterday in the University.
place Wedne-day morning of this week. e ;, now asitant superintendent of She N a graduate of Stephen College
Only relatives and a few close friends ' choo!s in charge of high chools in and will enter the School of Education
attended. Mr. and Mrs. Kenagy left Dallas Te. Mr. Cauthorn wis at one in the Universit).
Wednesdav altcrnoon lor .New Orleans ,jme principal of the Columbia High
Ix, where they will spend their honej- School.
moon. The) will be at home after)
January 10 at 258 North Dithridge JIr. and Mrs. James Douglas left to'
street, Pittsburgh, Pa. . da) for Shelbina, Mo., to visit Mr. Dou
Miss Leta Fairbairn entertained with a
luncheon today at the Broadmore Inn for
Misses Jewel Palmer, Rath Higginbot
tern, and Anna Rhodes.
MNs Jane Peyton has returned to
continue her work in the Universit).
She has been at her home in St. Louis
for the holida)?.
Miss Anna Bell has returned to Co
lumbia after soendine the holidavs at
her home in Lexington, Mo.
Mrs. John A. Estis left Thursday
night for Clinton, Okla, to visit her
mother and sister for several da).
Mrs. Julia Haverstick, music supcrvi-
Miss Ruth Chambers was dismissed
l)csterday afternoon and Richard E.
i Fitzgerald this morning. Miss irginia
Oliver was admitted this morning.
( Save Something Each
Saving money does not mean self
denial. It is the best known method of
getting what )ou want. Let me explain
the Farm and Home Savings anil Loan
j plan before )ou start )our New Year's
Mrs. O. J. Weathers, Ap;t.
904A Broadway
f Wishing: ,-JS
Prosperous , 1 1
New J
Year. ;
Mrs. Kenagy received her A. 11. and' da.' parents before returning to their
her B. S. in Education here. She was ,0mc in Marshaltown, Iowa. Mr.
a member of the Chi Omega sororit) , Douglas is a graduate of the Collcg- of
and prominent in s-tudent activities in Agriculture here. He and Mrs. Douglas
tcW. Her sister, Miss Kathleen liar-'were here to visit Mr. and Mrs. T. 11.
desty, an attendant at the wedding, was Douglas of near McBaine. The latter
a student here last )car. .Mrs. Kenagy j entertained at dinner last night for their
taught in the Tul-a, Okla., high school j house gue-s and Mr. and Mrs. S, T.
several )ears. For the la't two )cars,Simpon and little Margaret Simpson of
Mrs. F. II. Hoberecht, 401 South Fifth
street, returned to Columbia last night
after spending the ho!ida)S with her
daughter, Mr. II. A. Speer, in St. Louis.
Miss Alhina KorKnik, secretary to i
Dean E. J. McCaustland of the School
she has Iiccn woiking with Dr. W. W.
Chatters in educational research in Pitts
burgh. Mr. Kenagy is an efficicne) ex
otrt with the Carnegie Institute of
Technologv in Pittsburgh.
Miss Mane Goff entertained Thursday
I afternoon with a parly at her home, 701
i Range Line road. The guests were:
f Mies Ifallie Ford. Ora Lee Johnston.
PROF. AI MRS. ITRE.XCll yUr Lea i;0binson. Mar)- McCammon,
TILL EXTERTA1X Frances Miller, Lucille Whitesides, Fran-
Prof, and Mrs Jes-e E. Wrench iU ' ces Benning. Ida Turner, Frances Rum
entertain at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening, mc joro,hy Fay, Juliet Jordan, Mabel
it their home for tne Cosmopolitan Club. Fit.vjeni jary Gibbon-, Doris Cox. and
Jli-s Garana Rcdrosian. of Kan-as Cit), , yaraje Montague.
tneir hoti-e gue-t, will be the gue-t of ,
bonor. Mi-s BcdroMan will arrive in Ed. Maves, who was graduatol from
Colombia today and will leave Monday the University in 1921, is a guest at the
for Kansas Gtv where she is in Y. W. Kappa Alpha bouse for the week-end.
C A. work. Mi-s Bednteian is an Ar- He has been spending the bolida)S at his
meniar, having been born in Hadjin, home in Warrensburg. and is on his wav
Armenia, but 'be ha- been in America Ea-t to resume his studies at Harvard,
for several )car-. She is a graduate of where he will receive a degree in com
Bmira College in New York. merce in June. Mr. Ma)es has a B. S.
degree from the College of Agriculture.
W. F. Cravilt celebrated hi" fift)-
Ktcnth birthday Thursday evening with The W. C T. U. will meet at 2:30
I number of his friends at his home, j Monday afternoon in the pastor's stud)
I- ''I
The Birth of a
" Anolher bubble has burst on the swimming surface of tbc'Cobltl of Time! We hated to
tpe ;, pobut it was out of our power to hold it longer. Where did it go? Who on earth knows
where bubbles go when they burst?
Vc hated to see it go because it carried with it smc lost opportunities of ours, which we
do not now know-how to replace; it carried friendships which we might have made; it carried
kindly feelings and heartfelt empathies which we might have had.
"-till it gave us much. Its iridescent surface wa alwa)s alive with a kaleidoscopic play of
life and colors a plav of roseate dawns majestic, lowering storm clouds and gorgco'us sunsets
of blossom' and snowflakes, of sunshine and laughter. It was always mirroring-was never blank.
Sometimes it mirrored shadows-but it was never blank. Somehow it seemed the play of colors
was never so brilliant as immediately after the shadows were dispelled.
It brou-ht us a livelihood, more new friendships and mellower old ones; it gave us a realiza
lion of the debt we owe to' our neighbors, our employs and to the citizens of Columbia; it gave
us a keener sense of responsibility in the public service we are attempting to render. Still
we wi-h that we might have secured some of the wotth-while opportunities it carried away.
Another bubble is slowly rising from the beady depths. Its surface is already alive with
the dance of colors It is the successor to the bubble jut departed. It will alwa)S mirror-sometime-
will mirror shadows-but it will never be blank. It will I constant only in it,
chan-es Who knows what a bubble will mirror? Ma)be in it we will find our Iot oppor
Unities' the friendships we might have made, the services we might have performed, the smiles
we might have bestowed, the standards we might have raised higher. For that reason we are
happy in the arrival of lh little new-comer. We hope that in it )0U and )ours will find every,
thing that 5ou might have had and the opportunities you thought lo-t in the bubble that went
Wc wi'h for you and alb Columbia a Happy and Fruitful 1923.
Dorn-Cloney Laundry and
Dry-Cleaning Company
1 nl III
Take Your Sunday and
New Year's Dinner j
at the
Jiroadmore inn t 1 1 ,p
Turkc), Duck, Chicken and jfijjyflRliNG
dumpling-, baked ham, roast II 'II tSujSf FOR
prime ribs of beef, roast loin of II ll'i il! vTilWAWrV
pork and Bu-y Bee English toast II 'I kJiXinll
Reservations for families and II II vl UU
parties should be made now to l iSrYSfSBr
insure accommodations. Ill II t; fSfcSk
10th and Broadway U 111
Phone 2151 j
Stupendous Removal Sale
Owing to the absolute necessity of reducing and clearing out our entire stock before we move to our new store
on Lowry, opposite the Library, we are giving our friends and customers this opportunity.
Ten Days Only-Jan. 1 to Jan. 10
Our complete stock
of fictioh and gift
books best sellers,
such as Jurgen, Up
stream. Nothing
. i
All Loose-Leaf Leather Notebooks 1-3 Off!
$5.70 Notebooks, sale price $2.80
$3.40 Notebooks, sale price $2.27
$2.10 Notebooks, sale price $1.40
$1.50 Notebooks, sale price $1.00
You need sta
tionery. This
Is your chance.
Ever y t h i n g
from gift boxes
to pound paper.
Second Semester Text Books
Reduced 10 Per Cent
Law Books Excluded
An unprecedented offering of absolutely necCssary books at unheard-of bargains. You
are required to buy texts. It means money in your pocket if you will buy them here
now. Don't wait. Come in the minute the sale starts.
Entire stock of fountain pens, in
cluding Schaefer and Dunn brands.
An unheard-of opportunity.
College Jewelry
Everything goes. We are dis
continuing this line which
means a clean sweep.
(Column pins excepted)
Reduced 50 Per Cent.
Pencils, medical supplies, engineer's
equipment. The whole range of Uni
versity school supplies.
Come In Early Monday Morning
Rebate checks will add an additional 5 per cent reduction to all purchases.
Reductions on Cash Purchases Only.
The Missouri Store
' x '5fc?
. Sri V-iV "
'VviiT-'Sir j. y,
" t t""

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